Escaping Polygamy follows the work of three sisters who left the Kingston clan, a secretive polygamist group based in Salt Lake City, Utah known as the Order, as they help both loved ones and strangers break free of polygamy. The series follows three sisters – Andrea, Jessica and Shanell – who, over 10 years ago, bravely escaped polygamy. Now, their mission in life is to help other young men, women and children escape the abusive polygamous lifestyle into which they were born and raised, and manage their new lives on the outside. Add to my shows

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Top Ten Escapes 05x14

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Sister From The Same Mister 05x03
Mommy Dearest 05x02
My Cousin, My Lover 05x01
Sister From The Same Mister 04x13
Mommy Dearest 04x12
My Cousin, My Lover 04x11
A Daughter's Revolt 04x10
MaryAnn, a rule-breaking FLDS woman, reaches out to Jessica and Amanda about leaving the polygamous group. When MaryAnn's family receives word of her plan to escape, the girls must take action sooner than expected. After an emotional confrontation with her mother, MaryAnn refuses to leave until she says goodbye to her siblings in a dangerous polygamous town nearby.
Confronting The Faith 04x09
A Father's Secret 04x08
Jessica and Andrea receive word from Jesse, a father desperate to escape the AUB polygamous group. As Jesse and his family try to escape, an explosive secret about Jesse's dark past is revealed and puts the entire team in danger. Meanwhile, former FLDS members, Megan and Chris, discuss the highs and lows of a life outside the group.
Forbidden Love 04x07
Jessica and Amanda receive a vague message from Megan, a young girl who recently escaped the FLDS polygamist cult, asking for help getting her boyfriend out. Megan tries to convince him to choose her over the harsh religion that has torn them apart.

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