Some ancient engineers expose themselves to liability for endangering unsuspecting home owners with faulty building codes. Add to my shows

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Exploding Manhole Covers 01x08
On this episode, a modern jetliner crashes with 228 people on board. An oil refinery erupts in Utah, sending shockwaves through town and damaging over 100 homes. Manhole covers explode around the country, killing people and destroying property. A coal filled freight train derails, and buries two women sitting near the tracks. And, a routine elevator ride turns deadly.
Raging Rocket 01x07
This episode investigates a mudslide that swallows an entire neighborhood, leaving scientists baffled. A rocket on its way to the international space station suddenly bursts into flames just seconds after liftoff. What caused one of the busiest commuter train lines in the country to fly off the tracks twice in just six months? A West Virginia coal mine mysteriously ignites, killing 29 miners inside. And, could engineering be to blame for the death of more than two hundred thousand people in Haiti?
Trapped Under Seattle 01x06
Why did Asiana flight 214, packed with passengers, suddenly crash land and cartwheel across San Francisco International Airport's runway? Three families of the dead want answers. And, what triggered a massive explosion at a chemical plant outside Wichita, Kansas? Chemical engineers and investigators hunt for clues, and find the same danger exists throughout the entire country. Then, dangerous sinkholes exist in 20 percent of the United States. Isn't there anything that geotechnical engineers can do to protect property and lives? Also, next time you're on a cruise vacation, it helps to know what could go wrong, based on a disastrous fire at sea on the Carnival Triumph. But can mega-ship engineering be fixed to avoid another cruise from hell?
California Pipeline Catastrophe 01x05
On this episode, an explosion in a San Bruno, California neighborhood destroys homes and kills residents. An experienced captain and crew sail their ship into the path of Hurricane Sandy, leaving many asking why? A building full of 3,500 garment workers suddenly collapses and traps many of them inside. A warehouse full of fireworks goes off without any warning, causing evacuations and deaths. And trains arriving at the same place at the same time end up colliding... was it an engineering failure or human error?
Colorado Dam Disaster 01x04
On this episode, a storm of the century takes out nine dams in Colorado, flooding entire towns and leaving thousands stranded. A train carrying hazardous materials derails, releasing toxic vapors throughout a small NJ community. A natural gas line breaks and reduces a neighborhood to ashes and rubble. A cargo jet crashes seconds after take off in Afghanistan. And, a luxury cruise goes from smooth sailing to wrecked on the rocks.
Kentucky Sinkhole 01x03
Why did a 72 oil-car runaway train crash, killing 47 people and leveling half a town? Was it the brakes? Also, can engineers do anything to fix a gaping sinkhole at the National Corvette Museum, so car enthusiasts can safely return? And, what caused the Minneapolis Metrodome's iconic roof to collapse? Was it an engineering flaw or Mother Nature? Football fans want to know. Then, as 33 Chilean miners await their ultimate fate, trapped almost a half mile underground, mine drilling engineers scramble to dig a hole big enough to rescue them. Can a special drill make it though through earth harder than granite? And finally, JetBlue flight 194 started out like any other for 149 passengers. But just minutes into the journey, the airplane is almost crippled by a sudden hydraulic failure.
Freight Train Collision 01x02
This episode investigates a stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair that leaves seven concertgoers dead. Is a gas leak to blame for an explosion in New York City that levels two buildings and kills eight people in their homes? Disaster strikes on an airliner at 36,000 feet as a gaping hole suddenly rips open midflight. Engineers in Japan scramble to save the lives of millions as an epic radioactive release looms. And, how could a train crossing be the site of not one, but two disastrous auto collisions in a single year?
Heartland Explosion 01x01
On this episode, a massive explosion rocks a small Texas town killing 15 residents. A bridge in Washington collapses sending cars plunging into the river. Two construction cranes in New York City seem to fall from the sky leaving a path of destruction. A ferry full of passenger's encounters trouble and sinks. And a building demolition In Philadelphia goes horribly wrong killing innocent shoppers next door. What do all of these catastrophes have in common? They were caused by engineering failures that led to disasters of epic proportions.

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