Emmerdale is a British soap focusing on the lives of several families and locals living around an estate, a farm and the nearby village in the Yorkshire Dales. It is the second longest British soap in television history since airing its first episode on ITV in 1972, as 'Emmerdale Farm', the show was renamed in 1989. Add to my shows

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Wednesday 8th July 51x117

season 51

Monday 6th July 51x116
Friday 3rd July 51x115
Wednesday 1st July 51x114
Monday 29th June 51x113
Wednesday 24th June 51x112
Lockdown is a trial for Marlon who is living in another house due to plumbing issues while his kids are residing in other properties. Matters are made worse when he discovers Ellis has invited his father Al to live with them as he has nowhere else to go.
Monday 22nd June 51x111
With the pub shut, Chas feels like she is cut off from her old life, while Paddy is keen to get things back on track between them. Before long he has plans for them both, but will Chas allow him to carry her away with his dreams?
Wednesday 17th June 51x110
Monday 15th June 51x109
Wednesday 10th June 51x108
Monday 8th June 51x107
Friday 5th June 51x106
Wednesday 3rd June 51x105
Monday 1st June 51x104
Friday 29th May 51x103
Wednesday 27th May 51x102
Monday 25th May 51x101
Friday 22nd May 51x100
Wednesday 20th May 51x99
Monday 18th May 51x98
Friday 15th May 51x97
Wednesday 13th May 51x96
Monday 11th May 51x95
Friday 8th May 51x94
Harriet is angry as Will continues to try to make excuses, while matters between Arthur and Archie get out of hand at Rishi's party, and Vanessa continues with her plans. Wendy is enthusiastic when Victoria leaves her alone with Harry for a brief period, and Dan reveals his fall yesterday has put him back further.
Wednesday 6th May 51x93
Monday 4th May 51x92
Friday 1st May 51x91
Will is startled to see the scale of the drug order he is being told to courier and even more shocked when he realises Billy and Cain are being used as decoys to draw police attention away from him. Chas is shocked at how much Paddy has been struggling with Eve, and Andrea struggles to keep a cool demeanour in front of Jamie and Millie.
Wednesday 29th April 51x90
Belle implores Jamie to forget about their affair and fix things with Andrea, while DI Malone explains a new dangerous job to Cain, Will and Billy - who cannot help but feel apprehensive. Leanna is pleased to cause a rift between Liam and Leyla, and Paddy struggles to hide his anxiety.
Monday 27th April 51x89
Dawn is shocked when the foster parents arrive and accuse Will of threatening them, while Jamie secretly plans to meet up with Belle, and Vanessa asks Rhona to be Johnny's guardian in the event of her death.
Friday 24th April 51x88
Vanessa asks a big question of Charity, but the answer fails to help the situation, while Billy suggests to Dawn that she reaches out to Manpreet for some support. Will hears that Carol and Ted's visit upset Dawn, and Belle is horrified to realise that her salon appointment is at the same time as Andrea's.
Wednesday 22nd April 51x87
Charity hopes to claw her relationship with Vanessa back from the brink, but Vanessa remains angered by her behaviour the day before and plans a birthday night out for Rhona as she tries to escape the reality of her condition. Dawn is crestfallen to see how well the foster parents seem to get on with Lucas and is no longer sure having custody is the best thing for them, while Moira wonders what's going on with Cain.
Monday 20th April 51x86
Vanessa has a run-in with someone at chemo.
Friday 17th April 51x85
Mandy lies to Paul. Jamie confesses all to Belle. Paddy attempts to put on a brave face.
Wednesday 15th April 51x84
Lydia goes missing just before the wedding. Vanessa feels vulnerable.
Monday 13th April 51x83
Ellis gets dumped. Sam's stag party receive an unexpected visitor.
Friday 10th April 51x82
Paddy agrees to Jamie's plan. Rodney struggles running the cafe.
Wednesday 8th April 51x81
Malone puts Billy in a difficult position. Belle and Jamie have an awkward moment.
Monday 6th April 51x80
Malone seethes over Cain's betrayal. Bob puts his match making plan into action.
Friday 3rd April 51x79
Will steals off Cain. Jai interrupts Priya and Al. Bob comes up with a plan.
Wednesday 1st April 51x78
Rhona and Moira go into business together. Will is forced to pick a side.
Monday 30th March 51x77
Brenda gets rid of some evidence. Rhona and Moira open up to each other.
Friday 27th March 51x76
Brenda starts to panic. Lucas starts to play up with Dawn. Will is anxious.
Thursday 26th March 51x75
Brenda is nervous. Paddy feels anxious. Dawn plays happy families with Lucas.
Thursday 26th March 51x74
Jamie deals with the consequences. Dan comes into serious danger.
Wednesday 25th March 51x73
Jamie feels guilty. Paddy and Chas worry over the impending visit.
Tuesday 24th March 51x72
Chas fumes at Paddy. Victoria feels awkward towards Luke. Belle feels distant from Ellis.
Monday 23rd March 51x71
There's an underlying tension between Paddy and Chas.
Friday 20th March 51x70
Thursday 19th March 51x69
Thursday 19th March 51x68
Wednesday 18th March 51x67
Tuesday 17th March 51x66
Monday 16th March 51x65
Friday 13th March 51x64
Jimmy is surprised by what he learns, Samson comes clean to a shocked Vinny, and Andrea is given an idea on how to set up Kim.
Thursday 12th March 51x63
Samson finds a way to fund his trip, Laurel fights for her relationship with Jai, and Jamie is rattled by Andrea's custody intentions.
Thursday 12th March 51x62
Laurel is forced to reveal all to Jai, Malone exerts his authority over Cain, and Mandy and Dan decide to go on a date together.
Wednesday 11th March 51x61
Cain faces up to Malone and soon realises he is not to be messed with, Vanessa feels it is time to tell everyone about her diagnosis. Samson is over the moon when Sam asks him to do an important job.
Tuesday 10th March 51x60
Will is relieved when he tells Cain everything about Malone, Laurel is torn when Jai thinks they should move in together, and Victoria decides to get Harry christened.
Monday 9th March 51x59
Vanessa is betrayed by Charity, Arthur is relieved when Laurel agrees to keep their secret from Jai, and Malone traps Will.
Friday 6th March 51x58
Will is forced to go back to his old ways, Vanessa receives a date for her surgery, and Victoria makes a huge decision for her and Luke.
Thursday 5th March 51x57
Al has to work hard to get Ellis back onside, Will comes face to face with his past, and Cara is disappointed but supports Nate's decision.
Thursday 5th March 51x56
Dawn receives news about the custody of Lucas, Marlon makes a huge decision regarding his family, and Will reveals some information from his past.
Wednesday 4th March 51x55
Marlon feels betrayed by the Dingles, Harriet is annoyed when Will breaks his promise, and Kim finds herself in deep water.
Tuesday 3rd March 51x54
Marlon finds himself guilty over April's recent bullying, Billy is forced to keep the truth from Dawn over Will and Harriet's arguing, and Charity struggles to bite her tongue over Vanessa's illness.
Monday 2nd March 51x53
April receives an unwelcome message regarding her dad, and Tracy finds herself clashing with Cara. Meanwhile, Billy is offered a new job by someone unexpected.
Friday 28th February 51x52
Chas becomes suspicious that something is not right, Mandy finds herself seeking forgiveness and planning begins for Graham's funeral.
Thursday 27th February 51x51
Charity struggles to process everything, Marlon is overwhelmed and Arthur still feels betrayed.
Thursday 27th February 51x50
Charity receives some life-changing news, Laurel comforts her son Arthur, and Marlon has hope at last.
Wednesday 26th February 51x49
Marlon sobs in his prison cell, Doug makes a decision and Arthur feels betrayed, while Jai is happy when Laurel moves in for a kiss.
Tuesday 25th February 51x48
Vinny comes up with a cunning plan for the campaign. Moira makes a huge decision as she realises her future lies without Cain, and Kim makes a brave move in order to try to help.
Monday 24th February 51x47
Rhona becomes frustrated when she is not taken seriously, Al and Kim receive some shocking news and Cain has disposed of the gun.
Friday 21st February 51x46
Rhona is terrified, Leanna is suspicious, and Vanessa pleads for information.
Thursday 20th February 51x45
Cain is in shock, Paddy stays strong, and Leyla makes a move.
Thursday 20th February 51x44
Marlon loses faith, Cain and Moira brace themselves, and Liam and Leyla are thwarted.
Wednesday 19th February 51x43
Mandy continues her campaign, Will feels guilty, and Harriet asks for assistance.
Tuesday 18th February 51x42
Billy contains his panic. Moira feels outcast, and Vanessa loses hope.
Monday 17th February 51x41
Vanessa is left desperate, Charity is disheartened, and Dawn hides her worries.
Friday 14th February 51x40
Brenda starts a raffle, Dawn prepares herself for a visit, and Moira receives a shock when Cain visits.
Thursday 13th February 51x39
Vanessa is worried, Ryan is forced to get Dawn to keep his secret, and she makes a discovery.
Thursday 13th February 51x38
Vanessa argues with Charity over the secret, Dawn encourages Will to think outside the box, and Liam and Leyla find themselves in an awkward moment.
Wednesday 12th February 51x37
Rhona blurts out a theory while visiting Marlon, Vanessa feels trapped by Charity's lie, and Matty finds himself in danger at the farm.
Tuesday 11th February 51x36
Marlon gets an unexpected visitor, Matty refuses Cain's help, and Belle makes a decision.
Monday 10th February 51x35
A custody battle begins, Victoria takes back control of her life, and Pete leaves the village.
Friday 7th February 51x34
Belle is intrigued to learn something, Wendy is tempted after a discovery, and Laurel makes a decision.
Thursday 6th February 51x33
Arthur has some explaining to do, Victoria overhears something that excites her, and Pete makes a decision about his future.
Thursday 6th February 51x32
Pete reflects on old memories, Arthur makes a shocking confession, and Rhona takes matters into her own hands.
Wednesday 5th February 51x31
Laurel receives some shocking news, Luke gets himself a new job, and Vanessa stops Rhona from going too far.
Tuesday 4th February 51x30
A search gets underway, Wendy is left surprised by Victoria, and Jamie and Andrea do their best for Millie.
Monday 3rd February 51x29
Rhona is determined to uncover the truth, David is left worried, and Tracy goes on a date.
Friday 31st January 51x28
Amy is concerned by what she sees, and is unimpressed with Victoria, while someone is in court.
Thursday 30th January 51x27
Vanessa warns Rhona over something, Luke finds himself in an awkward position with Victoria, and a secret is revealed.
Thursday 30th January 51x26
Victoria is concerned when she learns Wendy has been off work, Rhona is intrigued by something she finds. and Kim is shocked by painful news.
Wednesday 29th January 51x25
Sarah is shocked when confronted by Charity, who struggles to process everything. A decision is made regarding the future.
Tuesday 28th January 51x24
Jai is alarmed by what he hears, while Charity is floored by what she learns and wants answers.
Monday 27th January 51x23
Graham's body is discovered, the police tell Rhona about his murder, and Rishi fears for someone close.
Friday 24th January 51x22
In the final instalment set during the opening of Hawkford Outdoor Pursuits, Graham's day unfolds, and a series of flashbacks reveal the truth.
Thursday 23rd January 51x21
It is the opening day of Hawksford Outdoor Pursuits, and while Rhona surprises Marlon, he is left determined.
Thursday 23rd January 51x20
As more drama unfolds during the opening day of Hawkford Outdoor Pursuits, Andrea makes a discovery, and Belle is left confused.
Wednesday 22nd January 51x19
During the opening day of Hawkford Outdoor Pursuits, Charity and Vanessa have plans, while Ryan makes a decision.
Tuesday 21st January 51x18
During the opening day of Hawkford Outdoor Pursuits, Jai is stressed and exhausted, while Laurel is left horrified.
Monday 20th January 51x17
It is the opening day of Hawkford Outdoor Pursuits, and the first of a week-long storyline told from different perspectives. Kim summons Graham, and she and Al concoct a plan.
Friday 17th January 51x16
Rhona shocks Vanessa, Kim learns some troubling news and Jai has a plan.
Thursday 16th January 51x15
Jai begins to unravel, Kim and Jamie unite and Rhona confronts Marlon.
Thursday 16th January 51x14
Jai fights temptation, Rhona makes a discovery and Jamie confronts the truth.
Wednesday 15th January 51x13
Aaron is full of remorse, Jamie blindsides Kim and Andrea, and Jai is on the edge.
Tuesday 14th January 51x12
Aaron gives Liv cause for concern, Cain is surprised by Moira, and Jai's stress levels rise.
Monday 13th january 51x11
Ryan confronts Graham, Aaron receives troubling news and Jai is feeling the pressure.
Friday 10th January 51x10
Diane returns with some news, Noah and Sarah unite, and Graham hides the truth.
Thursday 9th January 51x09
Dawn is blind-sided, Moira receives some harsh truths, and Sarah has a plan.
Thursday 9th January 51x08
Pete is frustrated by Moira's behaviour, Graham receives a troubling call, and David and Leyla are troubled.
Wednesday 8th January 51x07
Charity sees red, Matty worries about what Moira is up to, and Sarah feels conflicted.
Tuesday 7th January 51x06
Dawn prepares for Lucas' arrival, Harriet makes a shocking discovery, and Danny asks for Sarah's help.
Monday 6th January 51x05
Will is stunned by some news, and Harriet worries about the future. Meanwhile, Matty struggles to get through to Moira.
Friday 3rd january 51x04
Harriet is nervous ahead of a visit, Moira is confident about her plan, and Liam has a big decision to make.
Thursday 2nd January 51x03
Jai catches Al in the act, Leyla is unsure where she stands, and Moira is thrown into panic.
Thursday 2nd January 51x02
While Diane worries about what lies in store, Leyla's attraction to Liam grows, and Kim is glad of a distraction.
Wednesday 1st January 51x01
While Victoria is full of love for her new baby, Aaron is downbeat about the year ahead, and Liam is in denial.

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