Emmerdale is a British soap focusing on the lives of several families and locals living around an estate, a farm and the nearby village in the Yorkshire Dales. It is the second longest British soap in television history since airing its first episode on ITV in 1972, as 'Emmerdale Farm', the show was renamed in 1989. Add to my shows

season 50

Tuesday 31st December 50x322
While Victoria goes into labour, most of the locals enjoy New Year celebrations, but Moira is full of self-hatred.
Monday 30th December 50x321
David anxiously awaits some results, Marlon is worried by some news, and Charity makes a plan.
Friday 27th December 50x320
Kim tries to get Jamie on side, Rhona worries what people might think, and David's anxiety grows.
Thursday 26th December 50x319
Graham pleads his case to Rhona, David is determined to keep things quiet, and Nicola reaches out to Laurel.
Wednesday 25th December 50x318
While someone gets a Christmas morning doorstep surprise, Kim has malicious intent, and Graham's mood darkens.
Tuesday 24th December 50x317
While Graham receives some important results, Kim's blood runs cold and Nate feels isolated.
Monday 23rd December 50x316
As the locals prepare for Christmas Day, Leyla's hopes are raised, Rhona feels guilty about leaving, and Kim has a proposal for Marlon.
Friday 20th December 50x315
Tracy opens up to Vanessa, Aaron looks for a distraction, and Sam has an idea.
Thursday 19th December 50x314
Tracy's apology backfires, while Kim's actions leave everyone shocked.
Thursday 19th December 50x313
Aaron sinks into despair, and Liv suffers another seizure.
Wednesday 18th December 50x312
Charity plans to rile Cain, and Liv worries about Aaron.
Tuesday 17th December 50x311
Cain is infuriated by the actions of his family.
Monday 16th December 50x310
Dawn is devastated by some news, and Kim is triumphant when her plan works.
Friday 13th December 50x309
Rhona is shaken by Graham's actions, while Belle is annoyed with Ellis.
Thursday 12th December 50x308
Billy and Al square up to each other, while Aaron's anger gets out of control.
Thursday 12th December 50x307
Andrea puts on a front, and Jai makes Jimmy pay.
Wednesday 11th December 50x306
Jimmy is worried that he is under suspicion, and Luke's frustration builds.
Tuesday 10th December 50x305
Arthur continues to bully Archie, and Jai has a warning for Jimmy.
Monday 9th December 50x304
Graham is suspicious of Kim, Bob gets an exciting idea and Nicola is sympathetic.
Friday 6th December 50x303
Graham's plan is thwarted, Wendy is grateful, and Laurel and Jai are cautiously optimistic.
Thursday 5th December 50x302
Bob offers his support, Rhona rejects a plea for help, and Wendy oversteps the mark.
Thursday 5th December 50x301
Victoria worries the baby is coming, Charity is concerned by Vanessa's behaviour, and Rhona worries over Graham's decision.
Wednesday 4th December 50x300
A conflicted Chas attempts to keep the peace, Noah's suspicions are raised, and Kim makes an offer.
Tuesday 3rd December 50x299
Moira is left gutted by a decision, Kim snaps into protective mode, and Diane is stunned to learn Wendy is moving into the village, leaving Victoria devastated by the news.
Monday 2nd December 50x298
Pete is stunned by an offer, Diane makes a discovery, and Kim tries to remain composed.
Friday 29th November 50x297
Jimmy is happy to put the past behind him, Pete is concerned about Moira, and Kim is suspicious of Graham's motives.
Thursday 28th November 50x296
Cain has other plans for Kyle's birthday, Bernice makes a decision, and Mandy sees an opportunity.
Thursday 28th November 50x295
Dee Dee receives some shocking news, Charity's plan backfires, and Kyle asks Moira to come to his birthday party.
Wednesday 27th November 50x294
Bernice asks Leanna for help, Billy's furious with Al, and Andrea dreads the truth coming out.
Tuesday 26th November 50x293
Rhona struggles with a revelation, Bernice is overwhelmed by a gesture, and Jacob is hopeful about the future.
Monday 25th November 50x292
Dawn uncovers Al's secret, Jacob is determined to make things right, and Charity gives Tracy some advice.
Friday 22nd November 50x291
Liam is dismissive, Al asserts his authority, and Aaron relents on his stance.
Thursday 21st November 50x290
Jacob makes a rash decision, Billy remains unconvinced, and Marlon is unsettled by an exchange.
Thursday 21st November 50x289
Bernice is left conflicted over a request, Chas accepts help from a surprising source, and Dawn feels dejected.
Wednesday 20th November 50x288
A nervous Dawn enlists Billy's help, Charity is desperate to make amends, and Chas reveals her worries.
Tuesday 19th November 50x287
Hour-long episode. Noah is shocked by Sarah's behaviour, Dawn misreads a situation, and David is forced into a search.
Monday 18th November 50x286
Charity puts her foot down, Mandy takes decisive action, and Leyla struggles with some news.
Friday 15th November 50x285
Laurel attempts to broker peace, Gabby and Leanna offer a helping hand, and Chas is confronted with a new regime.
Wednesday 13th November 50x284
Charity is on the warpath, Jimmy is stunned by an accusation, and Mandy is determined to provide support for Lydia.
Tuesday 12th November 50x283
Aaron and Cain race against time, Arthur's feelings bubble over, and Liam delivers a surprise to Bernice.
Monday 11th November 50x282
Aaron and Cain receive a visitor, Vanessa tries to get the truth, and Amy encourages Kerry to open up.
Friday 8th November 50x281
Vanessa is suspicious of Charity, who soon finds herself with some explaining to do, but eventually she and Vanessa are hopeful for their future.
Thursday 7th November 50x280
Lydia has a decision to make, Dan is hurt by Kerry's actions, and Jai and Laurel share a moment.
Thursday 7th November 50x279
Mandy and Vinny enact their plan, Lydia is shocked by a discovery, and Kyle hears the truth.
Wednesday 6th November 50x278
Matty confronts Cain, Mandy and Vinny resolve to make amends, and Aaron is devastated.
Tuesday 5th November 50x277
Moira fights for her family, Aaron's hopes are raised, and Dan gives Kerry some advice.
Monday 4th November 50x276
Aaron tries to process things, and Laurel apologises to Jai, while Mandy puts pressure on Charity.
Friday 1st November 50x275
Someone receives some life changing news. Meanwhile, Rhona puts Marlon in his place.
Thursday 31st October 50x274
Kim is fixated on revenge, Doug comes clean to Laurel, and Leanna gets closer to Jacob.
Thursday 31st October 50x273
Kim is devastated by a revelation. Noah becomes jealous of Jacob, and Doug threatens to reveal a secret.
Wednesday 30th October 50x272
Jamie is shocked by a discovery. Meanwhile, Mandy and Vinny fear for their lives, and Leanna gives Jacob food for thought.
Tuesday 29th October 50x271
Mandy agrees to reveal all, and the truth unfolds. Meanwhile, Graham makes his feelings known.
Monday 28th October 50x270
Mandy is caught out by Lydia. A Dingle court is called, and Amy is shocked by a betrayal.
Friday 25th October 50x269
A stranger looms large, Mandy and Vinny prepare to run away together, and Faith refuses to give up.
Thursday 24th October 50x268
Faith is under pressure, Chas and Paddy agree on a name, and Lydia's suspicions are raised.
Thursday 24th October 50x267
Bear suggests a name for the baby, Victoria is thrown by a discovery, and a plan reaches fruition.
Wednesday 23rd October 50x266
The boat party are in jeopardy, Paddy races against the clock, and Charity arrives to chaos.
Tuesday 22nd October 50x265
Moira enjoys a sense of freedom, Cain makes preparations, and Chas puts on a brave face for the pub opening day.
Monday 21st October 50x264
Pete walks into a situation, Faith looks for guidance, and Nate is pleased to spend time with Moira.
Friday 18th October 50x263
Faith still has her convictions, Kim is concerned, while Chas and Paddy stay strong.
Thursday 17th October 50x262
Aaron and Robert reminisce, Graham opens up to Rhona, and Chas sobs on Paddy's shoulder.
Thursday 17th October 50x261
Chas and Paddy come under scrutiny, Robert records a goodbye message and Faith's suspicions deepen.
Wednesday 16th October 50x260
Liv is struck by a realisation, Mandy offers help in a moment of need and Faith quizzes Pete.
Tuesday 15th October 50x259
Aaron and Robert make a decision, Moira continues to evade Pete, and Victoria is the bearer of bad news.
Thursday 10th October 50x258
Robert and Victoria prepare for the future, Mandy capitalises on an opportunity, and Charity continues to tease Tracy.
Thursday 10th October 50x257
Aaron attempts to raise Robert's spirits, Moira's guilt continues to weigh on her, and Mandy receives a surprise visitor.
Wednesday 9th October 50x256
Dan's suspicions are raised, Al continues to rile Graham, and Liam provides Bernice with a distraction.
Tuesday 8th October 50x255
Liam has a moment of inspiration, Tracy misreads a situation, and Vanessa's anger bubbles over.
Monday 7th October 50x254
Kim is alarmed by a threat, Dan and Amelia anxiously await news, and Graham and Rhona make plans.
Friday 4th October 50x253
Leyla and Andrea lock horns, Tracy hears the worst news, and Graham attempts to make amends.
Thursday 3rd October 50x252
Pete finds himself caught up in a deception, Leyla gets Bernice and Liam's help with a task, and Vanessa is amused by Rhona's predicament.
Thursday 3rd October 50x251
Andrea offers Sam and Lydia an opportunity, Tracy decides to investigate further, and Moira makes a careless move.
Wednesday 2nd October 50x250
Moira is tempted by a plan, Tracy decides on a fresh start, and Manpreet makes a risky decision.
Tuesday 1st October 50x249
Jai is stunned by a betrayal, a turn of events leaves Sam horrified, and a new bond makes Moira uneasy.
Monday 30th September 50x248
Rishi is left feeling guilty and fearful, Nate engineers a situation, and Chas, Aaron and Paddy share a bittersweet moment.
Friday 27th September 50x247
Laurel urges Jai to do the right thing, Rodney and Pollard are on a mission and Cain is supportive of Moira.
Thursday 26th September 50x246
Cain begins to question Moira's actions, Chas admits her true feelings and Doug decides to come clean.
Thursday 26th September 50x245
Moira's shocked by a discovery, Graham forms a plan and Mandy decides to help Paddy.
Wednesday 25th September 50x244
Moira finds herself trapped and Harriet's secret is exposed, while Belle and Ellis open up about their feelings.
Tuesday 24th September 50x243
Andrea hides her secret dread, Dawn and Laurel plan a surprise and Ellis seeks advice from Billy.
Monday 23rd September 50x242
Jamie blames himself for an accident, Graham demands answers and Faith rejects Bear's advances.
Friday 20th September 50x241
Zak's stance frustrates Mandy, Kim is forced to let Jamie down, and Jai struggles to remain positive.
Thursday 19th September 50x240
Robert is confused by Aaron's behaviour, Jai tries to figure out his next step, and Kim's feelings begin to change.
Thursday 19th September 50x239
Chas discovers a secret, Jai is stunned by an arrival, and Aaron makes a surprising offer.
Wednesday 18th September 50x238
Mandy is rattled by a close call, Victoria's emotions bubble over, and Marlon makes a heartfelt plea.
Tuesday 17th September 50x237
Charity attempts to get answers, Robert and Aaron decide to help Marlon, and Harriet throws caution to the wind.
Monday 16th September 50x236
Chas tries to offer a fresh perspective, Dan finds himself with an admirer, and Will's situation leaves him frustrated.
Friday 13th September 50x235
Charity dreads what is to come, Moira has second thoughts, and Mandy catches up with the Dingles.
Thursday 12th September 50x234
Marlon admits his frustrations, Jessie gives in to temptation, and Mandy makes an appearance.
Thursday 12th September 50x233
Jessie and Al reminisce about their past, Moira and Nate's plans are thwarted, and Doug is caught red-handed.
Wednesday 11th September 50x232
Marlon catches Jessie out, Moira and Nate are interrupted, and Doug is riddled with guilt.
Monday 9th September 50x231
Tracy overhears a covert conversation, Rishi reveals his plans, and Al tempts Jessie with a job.
Friday 6th September 50x230
Tracy takes drastic action, Dawn is encouraged to make a move, and Chas resolves to reveal the truth.
Thursday 5th September 50x229
Tracy is frustrated by a rebuttal, Dan gives Will food for thought, and Jacob covers his true feelings.
Thursday 5th September 50x228
Victoria is rattled by a warning, Nicola takes on a mission, and Jacob makes a big decision.
Wednesday 4th September 50x227
Marlon is shocked by an admission, Robert is adamant in his stance, and Jimmy's duties leave him flustered.
Tuesday 3rd September 50x226
Kerry has a confrontation, Jacob begins to have second thoughts, and Leyla is apprehensive.
Monday 2nd September 50x225
Tracy is grateful for Pete's support, Liv plays down her worries, and Jamie offers Leyla a helping hand.
Friday 30th August 50x224
Jessie struggles to stay positive, Moira is hit by a pang of jealousy, and Jacob offers his support.
Thursday 29th August 50x223
Moira handles a tricky situation, Aaron tries to get some answers, and Nicola agrees to take action.
Thursday 29th August 50x222
Ellis is frustrated with Billy's stance, Will offers some reassurance, and Amy is hopeful of more time with Kyle.
Wednesday 28th August 50x221
Liv gives cause for worry, a furious Charity points the finger, and Tracy begins to ask questions.
Tuesday 27th August 50x220
Cain demands an explanation, Billy starts to feel pushed out, and Kerry seeks an escape.
Monday 26th August 50x219
Dawn and Nicola feel betrayed, and Jacob reveals his future plans. Meanwhile, Megan delivers some harsh truths.
Friday 23rd August 50x218
Tracy and Vanessa are at odds, Graham makes a discovery, and Charity is over the moon about an offer.
Thursday 22nd August 50x217
Priya is shocked by an accusation, Tracy is in denial, and Moira hides her rising panic.
Thursday 22nd August 50x216
Jacob prepares to receive his exam results, Kim makes secret plans, and Jai takes his frustrations out on Laurel.
Wednesday 21st August 50x215
Moira gives in to temptation with Nate, Kim offers to help Jamie, and Leyla and David confront Jacob.
Tuesday 20th August 50x214
Moira has a close call, David and Leyla are stunned by a discovery, and Harriet pleads Will's case.
Tuesday 20th August 50x213
Moira is determined to prove a point, Dawn has a plan, and Paddy tells Bear the truth.
Monday 19th August 50x212
Charity relays some bad news, Moira's resistance towards Nate weakens, and Harriet is glad when Will arrives back at the village.
Friday 16th August 50x211
Matty is determined to get revenge. Moira fears she's been caught out. Faith is grateful for Charity's offer.
Thursday 15th August 50x210
Faith reveals Bear's secret. Nate confronts Amy and Kerry. Cain is surprised by Matty's attitude.
Thursday 15th August 50x209
Zak tries to hide his emotions. Marlon covers his troubles. Kerry urges Amy to move forward.
Wednesday 14th August 50x208
Sam and Lydia have exciting news. Amy's thrilled to get another chance. Marlon makes amends.
Tuesday 13th August 50x207
Lydia worries about Samson's reaction. Charity makes an emotional plea. Laurel is uneasy about lying to Nicola.
Tuesday 13th August 50x206
Ellis is shocked by a blast from the past. Ryan tries to make Charity see sense. Doug conceals his secret from Brenda.
Monday 12th August 50x205
Jessie delivers some home truths. Charity is determined to scupper Faith's plan. Jai's hopeful for the future.
Friday 9th August 50x204
Jai blames Rishi and Manpreet. A triumphant Kim revels in her plans. Jai and Priya put pressure on Rishi.
Thursday 8th August 50x203
Kim taunts Jai but it remains to be seen whether her will cave in, Robert evades admitting the truth, and Amy worries over Kerry's plan.
Thursday 8th August 50x202
Robert makes a decision, Jai feigns confidence, and Kerry decides on a fundraiser.
Wednesday 7th August 50x201
Kerry is frozen with guilt, Amy tries to act normal, and Jai delivers some hard truths.
Tuesday 6th August 50x200
Cain reacts badly to Debbie's plans, Kim reiterates her intentions, and Manpreet packs to leave.
Tuesday 6th August 50x199
Robert tries to persuade Aaron, Jai is under pressure from the staff, and Kerry is called in by the police.
Monday 5th August 50x198
Priya and Jai's suspicions are raised, Cain begins to ask questions, and Nate is disappointed by a departure.
Friday 2nd August 50x197
Jai is determined to get the truth, Kerry reassures Amy, and Victoria struggles to hide her panic.
Thursday 1st August 50x196
Tracy is thrown into panic, Amy and Kerry cover their guilt, and Robert braces himself to come clean.
Thursday 1st August 50x195
Kerry takes drastic action, Tracy forms a plan and Amy is hopeful that her ordeal is over.
Wednesday 31st July 50x194
Victoria fears the worst, and Kerry promises to help Amy. Meanwhile, Tracy makes her intentions clear.
Tuesday 30th July 50x193
Amy is faced with a threat, Tracy and Billy continue their flirtation, and Bernice has a confession.
Tuesday 30th July 50x192
Bernice reveals her big plans, Amy and Kerry are forced together, and Megan makes amends.
Monday 29th July 50x191
Victoria is sickened by Lee's demands, and Matty is mortified about his behaviour. Elsewhere, Bernice confides in Nicola.
Friday 26th July 50x190
Andrea pledges her support, Billy and Ellis try to open Matty's eyes and Victoria decides to speed up her plans.
Thursday 25th July 50x189
Matty feels under pressure to impress, Laurel inspires Jai to change tack and Robert struggles to remain calm.
Thursday 25th July 50x188
Rhona intercepts an act of sabotage, Victoria is stunned by an arrival and Pete's behaviour frustrates Matty.
Wednesday 24th July 50x187
Jai is grilled by a surprising person, a determined Moira takes action and Kim is devastated after making an offer.
Tuesday 23rd July 50x186
Amy reveals her next move to Cain, Rishi makes a drastic step and Bernice goes into full planning mode.
Tuesday 23rd July 50x185
Cain is eager to prove himself to Moira, Billy gives Dawn food for thought and Jai fears he has been rumbled.
Monday 22nd July 50x184
Nate encourages Amy to take control, Harriet confides in Laurel about recent events and a reluctant Jimmy is enlisted to help with a plan.
Friday 19th July 50x183
Liam's secret is revealed, Jai and Laurel continue to hide the truth and Doug has a near miss.
Thursday 18th July 50x182
Doug and Liv share a secret, Nicola and Bernice are stunned by a discovery and Dawn confesses to Harriet.
Thursday 18th July 50x181
Pete and Rhona put on a united front, Harriet is concerned about Dawn, and Nicola is determined to help Bernice.
Wednesday 17th July 50x180
Pete has a romantic surprise, Doug is determined to stay in control and Bernice is suspicious of Liam.
Tuesday 16th July 50x179
Robert and Aaron are on a mission, Rhona feigns happiness and Lydia confronts Nicola.
Tuesday 16th July 50x178
Aaron is shocked by Robert's plan, Brenda gives Vanessa an idea and Debbie has a confession.
Monday 15th July 50x177
Victoria's excitement is short lived, Robert makes Dawn an offer and Lydia submits to her grief.
Friday 12th July 50x176
Debbie offers a second chance, Moira implores Cain to make amends, and a furious Pete demands an explanation.
Thursday 11th July 50x175
Andrea lends a sympathetic ear, Robert continues on his mission, and Will confronts Dawn over her actions.
Thursday 11th July 50x174
Robert is despondent following recent events, David is cagey about some news, and Andrea clocks some strange behaviour.
Wednesday 10th July 50x173
Nate makes an accusation, Diane reveals the full story to Pollard, and Kerry attempts to make amends.
Tuesday 9th July 50x172
Kerry is given the wrong impression, Diane and Victoria ramp up their plans, and Amy is unsettled by some advice and confides in Nate. Robert intercepts a potential discovery, and Dan delivers some home truths.
Monday 8th July 50x171
Robert attempts to influence Diane, Kerry is left feeling lonely, and Pollard decides to build bridges.
Friday 5th July 50x170
Jacob becomes suspicious, Doug reveals the extent of his injury, and Aaron has advice for Robert.
Thursday 4th July 50x169
The police investigate a mystery, Victoria makes a decision, and David is pleased when his plans work out.
Thursday 4th July 50x168
David gets an idea, the Dingles scatter Lisa's ashes, and Doug tries to make amends.
Wednesday 3rd July 50x167
Jessie reveals a grim discovery, Jacob reaches out to Maya, and Pollard gives Zak food for thought.
Tuesday 2nd July 50x166
The Dingles collect Lisa's ashes, Doug forgets his date with Brenda, and Will receives some unexpected support.
Tuesday 2nd July 50x165
Diane accidentally reveals a secret, Faith fights for her man, and Sam and Lydia throw caution to the wind.
Monday 1st July 50x164
Paddy jumps to the wrong conclusion, Victoria gets an unwelcome visitor, and Dawn overhears an admission.
Friday 28th June 50x163
Ryan reveals the truth to Cain, Faith is backed into a corner, and Harriet tries to make amends.
Thursday 27th June 50x162
Chas becomes suspicious over Faith, relief turns to anger, and Dawn's decision leaves Harriet devastated.
Thursday 27th June 50x161
Dawn tries to reconnect with her son, Faith is tempted by a discovery, and an ultimatum is delivered.
Wednesday 26th June 50x160
There is a wait at the hospital, Jai and Laurel have a close call, and Will pleads for forgiveness from Dawn.
Tuesday 25th June 50x159
Victoria confides in Amy, Billy enters a dangerous situation, and Paddy admits an act of sabotage.
Tuesday 25th June 50x158
Victoria attempts to hide her unease, Jessie is confronted with a demand, and the villagers turn out for a football match.
Monday 24th June 50x157
Paddy is eager to impress, Liv attempts to get through to Jacob, and an admission leaves Billy angry.
Friday 21st June 50x156
Rhona is hurt by Kim, Charity gives David an idea, and Jai and Laurel have a near miss.
Thursday 20th June 50x155
Jamie is suspicious of Kim, Rhona makes a false accusation, Amy realises she is running out of chances, and Laurel is conflicted.
Thursday 20th June 50x154
Maya receives her verdict, Jai is forced to cover, and Pete unburdens to Matty.
Wednesday 19th June 50x153
Jacob is angered by a discovery, Jai and Laurel's attraction grows, and Maya's facade cracks.
Tuesday 18th June 50x152
Moira jumps into action over Kyle, David is full of self-blame, and Robert reassures Victoria.
Tuesday 18th June 50x151
Amy is thrown into panic, Aaron resolves to fix things, and Megan puts on a front.
Monday 17th June 50x150
Victoria is furious with Robert, Amy agrees to a date, and Billy is alarmed to see Max.
Friday 14th June 50x149
Aaron agrees to Robert's plan. Dan offers Will a lifeline. Victoria encourages Amy to pursue Nate.
Thursday 13th June 50x148
Victoria confides in Amy. Ryan gives Dawn advice. Kim pleads her case.
Thursday 13th June 50x147
Ellis receives a threatening message. Billy's alarmed by a turn of events. Will confronts Jai.
Wednesday 12th June 50x146
Billy issues a warning. Harriet's resolve weakens. Bear gets some inspiration.
Tuesday 11th June 50x145
Ellis' anxiety peaks. Lydia and Zak reconcile. David admits he's struggling.
Tuesday 11th June 50x144
Andrea faces off against Graham. David makes matters worse. Jessie and Marlon worry about Ellis.
Monday 10th June 50x143
David confronts Maya. The Dingles make a discovery. Jacob reveals a secret.
Friday 7th June 50x142
Zak is annoyed at Lydia. Charity and Vanessa consider their options. David's behaviour arouses suspicion.
Thursday 6th June 50x141
Charity has a surprise. David's stung by some home truths. Bernice attempts to explain herself.
Thursday 6th June 50x140
Charity does her best. Bernice's paranoia begins to build. Lydia is forced into a search.
Wednesday 5th June 50x139
Pollard delivers an ultimatum. Liv questions Jacob on his future.
Tuesday 4th June 50x138
Victoria struggles to come clean. David's frustrations bubble over in the pub. Harriet comes under scrutiny.
Tuesday 4th June 50x137
The reality of Victoria's pregnancy hits home. Marlon is determined to get answers. Jacob vows to wait for Maya.
Monday 3rd June 50x136
Kim is floored by a stranger's identity. Robert and Victoria return to the village. Dawn is hopeful for the future.
Friday 31st May 50x135
Harriet reconsiders her decision. Laurel hatches a plan. Anxious Megan considers her future.
Thursday 30th May 50x134
Faith makes her feelings clear. Jai builds his hopes up. Harriet has a confrontation.
Wednesday 29th May 50x133
Frank's plea for help is rejected. Liv blames herself for a separation. Harriet is shocked by a return.
Tuesday 28th May 50x132
Paddy and Chas remain secretive. Megan is offered an olive branch. Debbie persuades Cain into a decision.
Monday 27th May 50x131
David is stunned by a development. Paddy misreads a situation. Rishi attempts to help Jai.
Friday 24th May 50x130
Aaron reassures Diane. Leyla confronts David. Rhona and Pete are strained.
Thursday 23rd May 50x129
Zak and Lisa celebrate their wedding. David's anger builds. Cain offers Debbie an olive branch.
Thursday 23rd May 50x128
Lisa and Zak are married. Diane struggles to cope. Jacob defends Maya.
Wednesday 22nd May 50x127
Nate tries to get Moira to open up. Lisa asks for Lydia's help. Sam has a secret plan.
Tuesday 21st May 50x126
Jacob is stunned by a development. Aaron is thrown to hear Liv's secret. Dawn offers an apology.
Tuesday 21st May 50x125
David confronts Maya. Frank comforts Megan. Lisa makes an exciting decision.
Monday 20th May 50x124
David turns to Ryan for help. Jacob makes a discovery. Megan is stunned by Jai's decision.
Friday 17th May 50x123
Kim is persuaded to extend an invitation. David's stance causes irritation. Cain learns the truth about recent events.
Thursday 16th May 50x122
Moira decides to come clean. The scales fall from Harriet's eyes. A turnaround leaves Belle surprised.
Thursday 16th May 50x121
Dawn's loyalties are tested. A reluctant Jamie offers an olive branch. Moira is caught in the middle.
Wednesday 15th May 50x120
Pollard is appalled by a revelation. Belle enjoys a distraction from her worries. Dawn's horrified by a discovery.
Tuesday 14th May 50x119
Robert offers Victoria a respite. Rhona has an awkward reunion. Harriet offers her support.
Tuesday 14th May 50x118
Priya urges David to make a decision. Conflicted Moira hides the truth. Aaron attempts to reassure Robert.
Monday 13th May 50x117
An excited Belle prepares for a party. Robert makes a misstep. Chas and Paddy receive some news.
Friday 10th May 50x116
Victoria is grateful for Moira's support. Rhona worries about her future. Charity is secretly alarmed.
Thursday 9th May 50x115
David struggles with the betrayal. Jessie and Marlon want answers. Pete is torn over Rhona.
Thursday 9th May 50x114
David is unsettled by the truth. Moira consoles Victoria. Billy fears he's lost Ellis for good.
Wednesday 8th May 50x113
Victoria opens up to Moira. Kerry witnesses a betrayal. Billy is tormented. Leyla is determined to block out events.
Tuesday 7th May 50x112
Leyla confesses all. Tracy and Priya join forces. Maya is under pressure.
Tuesday 7th May 50x111
Billy recalls the events of the fateful night out. Ellis makes a connection. Leyla insists on secrecy.
Monday 6th May 50x110
Ellis is determined to get justice. Moira realises something is wrong. Rhona has some explaining to do.
Friday 3rd May 50x109
Pollard makes an admission. Chas is left unconvinced by a promise. Harriet sticks to her guns.
Thursday 2nd May 50x108
Rodney reveals an ace up his sleeve. Paddy deliberates over a new addition. Dawn's loyalty comes under scrutiny.
Thursday 2nd May 50x107
Pete offers David a sympathetic ear. Faith confesses her secret to Chas. Dawn reels at a request.
Wednesday 1st May 50x106
An impressed Rhona makes a decision. Tracy and Leyla are rattled by a near miss. David struggles to maintain his facade.
Tuesday 30th April 50x105
Kim attempts a stalling tactic. Liv is forced to reveal the truth. Pollard takes another turn.
Tuesday 30th April 50x104
Faith makes an impulsive move. Liv is caught red-handed. A moment of recklessness leaves Pollard injured.
Monday 29th April 50x103
Kim is delighted by a development. Faith feels neglected. Leyla spins another lie to David.
Friday 26th April 50x102
Pete offers an olive branch. Marlon is left suspicious. David confides in Pollard.
Thursday 25th April 50x101
Kerry manages to cause chaos. A furious Maya lashes out. Ellis taunts Billy over his actions.
Thursday 25th April 50x100
Jessie demands answers. Pete's bemused by a surprising decision. Jacob shares his plans.
Wednesday 24th April 50x99
David decides on his next move. A threat leaves Liv fearful. Bernice attempts to bolster Kerry.
Tuesday 23rd April 50x98
Chas and Faith attempt to turn things around. Pete finds a new confidant. A guilty Maya accepts an offer.
Tuesday 23rd April 50x97
Aaron is forced into a confession. Ellis presses Billy for information. Amelia attempts to clear the air.
Monday 22nd April 50x96
Robert and Aaron's plans are scuppered. Billy begins to have second thoughts. Amelia takes decisive action.
Friday 19th April 50x95
Amelia makes an alarming discovery. Billy considers a risky venture. Dawn is shaken by an appearance. Kim's request worries Rhona.
Thursday 18th April 50x94
Priya attempts to make amends. Kerry finds a distraction. Paddy reaches the end of his tether.
Thursday 18th April 50x93
Moira shares her worries. Priya vents her frustrations. Kerry's deception takes its toll.
Wednesday 17th April 50x92
Moira oversteps the mark. Priya feels pushed out by Aiesha. Harriet makes another disturbing discovery.
Tuesday 16th April 50x91
Faith's attempts to help go awry. Matty confides in Victoria. An incident leaves Harriet terrified.
Tuesday 16th April 50x90
Aaron and Robert are given hope. David offers Jacob a respite. Victoria and Moira are forced together.
Monday 15th April 50x89
Jacob is driven to desperate measures. Robert offers encouragement to Aaron. The finger of suspicion is pointed at Dawn.
Friday 12th April 50x88
Billy's rattled by a phone call. Kerry blocks Dan's attempts to reconnect. Kim's request worries Rhona.
Thursday 11th April 50x87
Bob is convinced he's on to a winner. Ellis and Victoria reconnect. Paddy and Vanessa weigh up their options.
Thursday 11th April 50x86
Victoria and Ellis's plan backfires. Rhona gives an ultimatum. Kim admits her true motivations.
Wednesday 10th April 50x85
Maya makes a plan. Rhona relays a surprising offer. Jai calls a truce with Manpreet.
Tuesday 9th April 50x84
Rhona forges an unlikely friendship. Moira has words of advice for Pete. Maya and Jacob start to feel the pressure.
Tuesday 9th April 50x83
Pete's grand gesture falls flat. Harriet fears she's being targeted. Manpreet gets up to her old tricks.
Monday 8th April 50x82
Harriet's anxiety builds. Paddy has a change of heart. Jessie is suspicious of Maya.
Friday 5th April 50x81
Dawn's guilt is discovered. Paddy's good mood is short-lived. Harriet is left shaken.
Thursday 4th April 50x80
Dawn hatches a plan. Laurel is offered food for thought. Bear attempts to garner sympathy.
Thursday 4th April 50x79
Harriet ropes Laurel into her plans. Bear makes a chaotic return. Dawn overhears troubling news.
Wednesday 3rd April 50x78
Nicola's confidence is short-lived. Jacob is persuaded to make amends. Chas offers some reassurance.
Tuesday 2nd April 50x77
Chas is amused by a request. Jacob's bubble is burst by a surprise return. Paddy takes on a challenge.
Monday 1st April 50x76
Arthur's attitude sparks concern. Dan's jealousy is piqued. Moira makes a shock suggestion.
Friday 29th March 50x75
Laurel is furious with Arthur. Vanessa and Charity make amends. Billy finds a new lease of life.
Thursday 28th March 50x74
Cain confronts Kim. Amy's optimistic about the future. Billy tries to put things right.
Thursday 28th March 50x73
Vanessa overhears a secret plot. Cain plans for the worst. Laurel's thrown into a panic.
Wednesday 27th March 50x72
Tracy is shocked by Billy's behaviour. Vanessa is humiliated. Jacob and Maya enjoy their time alone.
Tuesday 26th March 50x71
Rishi and Manpreet return with exciting news. Billy faces suspicion. Charity spots an opportunity.
Thursday 21st March 50x70
Tracy's suspicions are raised. Aaron and Doug plan a gesture. Rishi hides a development.
Thursday 21st March 50x69
Rhona finds a confidant. Maya sparks an argument. Jai is left frustrated.
Wednesday 20th March 50x68
A plan leaves Graham perturbed. Rhona is dealt a blow. Maya attempts to win over Pollard.
Tuesday 19th March 50x67
Rhona hides the reality of her situation. Kim tries to gain the upper hand. Nicola spies an opportunity.
Monday 18th March 50x66
Kim finds a new opponent. Kerry is thrilled by a decision. Paddy and Chas decide to come clean.
Friday 15th March 50x65
Cain and Kim draw battle lines. Faith lands herself in trouble. Pollard's uneasy about Maya.
Thursday 14th March 50x64
Nicola is smug to be in Kim's favour. Maya tries to manipulate Liv. Cain's accusations leave someone gutted.
Thursday 14th March 50x63
Graham and Megan's plans are shattered. Kim returns to the village. Cain is angered by Charity's actions.
Wednesday 13th March 50x62
Moira worries about the farm's future. Liam's excited to move in with Bernice. Megan looks forward to her trip.
Tuesday 12th march 50x61
Jacob and Maya have a close call. David's suspicions are raised. Charity covers to Vanessa.
Monday 11th March 50x60
Rhona's anxiety builds. Jacob is jealous of David's romantic plans. Chas keeps a lid on her secret.
Friday 8th March 50x59
A secret is revealed in this all-female episode. Charity is called away from the village. April struggles with self-doubt. Rhona finds an unlikely confidante.
Thursday 7th March 50x58
Ellis and Billy are at odds. Aaron and Robert agree to refocus. Charity receives a shocking call.
Thursday 7th March 50x57
Kerry makes a surprising revelation. Marlon and Paddy begin their search. Ellis plans to make Victoria jealous.
Wednesday 6th March 50x56
Jessie and Marlon prepare for their honeymoon. Paddy decides to get answers. Tracy accepts an invitation from Ellis.
Tuesday 5th March 50x55
David promises to make amends. Aaron's on a mission. Graham makes a romantic gesture.
Monday 4th March 50x54
Jacob jeopardises David's plans. Kerry is grateful for Dawn's offer of help. Aaron attends a surrogacy meeting.
Friday 1st March 50x53
Thursday 28th February 50x52
Jacob's party ends in disaster. Aaron is given a boost. Pollard's concern is piqued.
Thursday 28th February 50x51
Jacob is forced to cover his tracks. Robert's hopes are dashed. Kerry is handed a lead.
Wednesday 27th February 50x50
Long-running soap following the ups and downs of village life amid the rolling scenery of the Yorkshire Dales.
Tuesday 26th February 50x49
Debbie fears the result of her actions, Maya offers some reassurance, and Kerry refuses to back down.
Monday 25th February 50x48
Kerry is rattled by a warning, Liv admits her worries, and Debbie's anger bubbles over.
Friday 22nd February 50x47
Jai and Priya reach a decision, Sarah attempts to intervene in Debbie's life, and Matty struggles to make amends.
Thursday 21st February (2) 50x46
A livid Pete points the finger, Debbie's behaviour raises suspicion, and Charity offers an apology.
Thursday 21st February (1) 50x45
Matty deliberately ignores a warning, Charity's efforts are rebuffed, and Rishi refuses to admit the truth.
Wednesday 20th February 50x44
Bernice is stunned by a revelation, Charity continues to meddle, and Cain and Matty are thrown together.
Tuesday 19th February 50x43
Ryan is put in an awkward situation. Paddy gives Marlon inspiration.
Monday 18th February 50x42
Dawn is confronted with her past. Billy and Tracy grow closer.
Friday 15th February 50x41
Nicola takes drastic action. Jessie lays down the law. Dawn fights with her feelings.
Thursday 14th February 50x40
Ellis and Billy's confrontation escalates. Nicola's luck gets worse. Ryan bonds with Dawn.
Thursday 14th February 50x39
Ellis plans a surprise for Victoria. Laurel is grateful for Doug's help. Dan and Kerry face eviction.
Wednesday 13th February 50x38
Laurel enlists Doug's help. Brenda's plans are scuppered. Moira urges Cain to fight for Kyle.
Tuesday 12th February 50x37
Paddy braces himself for an encounter. Chas takes matters into her own hands. Faith tries to repair a rift.
Monday 11th February 50x36
Graham tips off the police. Marlon encourages Paddy to get answers. Matty steels himself.
Friday 8th February 50x35
Manpreet gives into temptation. A line of questioning leaves Graham troubled. Marlon takes matters into his own hands.
Thursday 7th February 50x34
Jacob is left devastated. Cain is pressured into an admission. Manpreet accepts a helping hand.
Thursday 7th February 50x33
A new development rattles Cain. Maya is backed into a corner. Doug and Brenda are taken by surprise.
Wednesday 6th February 50x32
Nicola clarifies her intentions. Jacob discovers a betrayal. Manpreet suffers a humiliation.
Tuesday 5th February 50x31
Maya's scheming pays off. Robert attempts to bolster Nicola. Jai's suspicions are raised.
Monday 4th February 50x30
Dawn receives life-changing news. A disappearance motivates Nicola. Maya's jealousy begins to surface.
Friday 1st February 50x29
Nicola's betrayal is discovered. Harriet worries for Dawn. Jacob makes amends.
Thursday 31st January 50x28
Robert and Nicola's scheming backfires. Dan and Kerry are at breaking point. Harriet shows Dawn tough love.
Thursday 31st January 50x27
Robert looks to the future. Harriet takes matters into her own hands. Maya stirs up trouble.
Wednesday 30th January 50x26
Kerry and Dan are at odds over Amelia. Nicola is thrown into panic. Rishi makes Dawn a surprising offer.
Tuesday 29th January 50x25
Jessie has a dilemma. Amelia makes a shock decision. Nicola has good news for Robert.
Monday 28th January 50x24
Billy and Ellis' feud escalates. Robert's manipulation pays off. Faith tries to contain a secret.
Friday 25th January 50x23
Robert puts a plan into action. Ellis misreads a situation. Jai and Priya unite in their efforts.
Thursday 24th January 50x22
Frustrated Brenda lashes out. Manpreet sees another opportunity. Jessie makes an admission.
Thursday 24th January 50x21
Harriet makes an upsetting discovery. Victoria drops a bombshell. Manpreet attempts to secure her future.
Wednesday 23rd January 50x20
Bob runs out of options. Fraught Moira looks for answers. Victoria's plan backfires.
Tuesday 22nd January 50x19
Moira struggles with a choice. A disturbance leaves Vanessa uneasy. Aaron is forced into a search.
Monday 21st January 50x18
A brooding Cain makes an impulsive decision. Bob's act of kindness backfires. Aaron and Robert receive unexpected guests.
Friday 18th January 50x17
Diane issues a deadline. A rejection leaves Marlon deflated. Matty ignores a plea for help.
Thursday 17th January 50x16
Chas is feeling generous. Maya is floored by an ultimatum. Debbie offers an unlikely bargain.
Thursday 17th January 50x15
An opportunity presents itself up at Home Farm. Bob's debts catch up with him. Victoria makes a request.
Wednesday 16th January 50x14
Tracy decides to raise the stakes. Maya comes under scrutiny. Moira attempts to play peacemaker.
Tuesday 15th January 50x13
Lydia makes a confession. Graham has an unexpected visitor. Priya's suspicions are aroused.
Monday 14th January 50x12
Cain is backed into a corner. Debbie reels at the news. Sam's concerns lead to a surprising decision.
Friday 11th January 50x11
Cain plays matchmaker. Maya intensifies her manipulation. Jacob takes a risk.
Thursday 10th January 50x10
A fire takes hold in the village. Laurel forges an unexpected connection. Diane lay down the law.
Thursday 10th January 50x09
Belle is consumed by paranoia. A mystery figure stalks the village. Graham cracks under pressure.
Wednesday 9th January 50x08
Belle confronts an enemy. Graham is under suspicion. The net closes in on Cain.
Tuesday 8th January 50x07
Marlon is on a mission. Sam makes a gruesome discovery. Debbie receives an unsettling gift.
Monday 7th January 50x06
A wedding descends into chaos. Ryan's hopes are dashed. Faith delivers a stark warning.
Friday 4th January 50x05
Marty makes a profound decision, and Paddy faces an impossible choice.
Thursday 3rd January 50x04
Marty decides he needs to protect himself.
Thursday 3rd January 50x03
Nicola begins to worry about Bernice.
Wednesday 2nd Janiary 50x02
Bernice's vanity leads to danger, and Moira is thrown into a panic.
Tuesday 1st January 50x01
Cain seeks retribution. Harriet tries to heal the past. Bernice is plagued by insecurity.

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