Emmerdale is a British soap focusing on the lives of several families and locals living around an estate, a farm and the nearby village in the Yorkshire Dales. It is the second longest British soap in television history since airing its first episode on ITV in 1972, as 'Emmerdale Farm', the show was renamed in 1989. Add to my shows

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Monday 25th May 51x101

season 49

Monday 31st December 49x299
Matty suffers a cruel humiliation. Harriet is on a rescue mission. Charity marks a special occasion.
Friday 28th December 49x298
Bernice is on the warpath. Nicola seeks to make amends. Victoria feels a stab of jealousy.
Thursday 27th December 49x297
The police descend on the village. Bernice is in a state of denial. The pressure mounts on Bob.
Wednesday 26th December 49x296
It's the aftermath of the wedding. Robert consoles Aaron. Jacob endures heartbreak.
Tuesday 25th December 49x295
A surprise wedding is unveiled. Bernice and Nicola's tensions intensify. Bob devastates his children.
Monday 24th December 49x294
Rodney vows to break an impasse. Jessie is thrown into despair. Bob considers a shocking act.
Friday 21st December 49x293
A decision leaves Maya simmering. Bob suffers a setback. Frustrated Kerry takes action.
Thursday 20th December 49x292
Bob is handed an opportunity. Rodney receives surprising attention. Jacob's behaviour causes concern.
Thursday 20th December 49x291
Daz feels guilty. Bob despairs after a request. Jacob begins to struggle.
Wednesday 19th December 49x290
Jacob finds a confidant. Amelia is under scrutiny. Faith continues with a scheme.
Tuesday 18th December 49x289
Maya takes back control. Lydia lets a secret slip. Dan delivers bad news.
Monday 17th December 49x288
Debbie prepares for the future. Bernice's anger bubbles over. Kerry and Dan receive a shock.
Friday 14th December 49x287
Debbie steels herself. Vanessa experiences chaos. Harriet is being watched.
Thursday 13th December 49x286
Harriet's hopes are dashed. Debbie's determined to spend time with Sarah. Vanessa makes a big move.
Thursday 13th December 49x285
Dawn is mortified. Jessie receives some news. Anxious Debbie makes preparations.
Wednesday 12th December 49x284
Charity lashes out. Pete has a misunderstanding. Jessie is left thoughtful.
Tuesday 11th December 49x283
Daz has his plan scuppered. Kerry has a scare. Pete and Rhona make a discovery.
Monday 10th December 49x282
Ellis makes a discovery. Pete is less than thrilled. Daz reaches a decision.
Friday 7th December 49x281
Ellis fails to impress. Ryan offers to help. Marlon offers his advice.
Thursday 6th December 49x280
Doug offers an olive branch. Daz is left surprised. Paddy makes a gesture.
Thursday 6th December 49x279
Daz misreads a situation. Noah and Leanna team up. Chas continues to struggle.
Wednesday 5th December 49x278
Doug vents his frustration. Vanessa is distracted. Jacob makes an admission.
Tuesday 4th December 49x277
Bob makes an error in judgement. Daz gets some unexpected news. Maya issues a plea.
Monday 3rd December 49x276
Cain is faced with a dilemma. Doug feels disappointed. Liv goes on the warpath.
Friday 30th November 49x275
Noah takes a daring risk. Charity makes a commitment. Maya is plagued with jealousy.
Thursday 29th November 49x274
Cain teeters close to exposure. Charity tries to cover her tracks. Noah receives mixed signals.
Thursday 29th November 49x273
Graham is sent over the edge. Bernice and Liam are under threat. Charity is left to her own devices.
Wednesday 28th November 49x272
Bernice faces a crushing humiliation. Faith is backed into a corner. Nicola tries to seize control.
Tuesday 27th November 49x271
Megan makes a shock discovery. Jessie seeks closure. Faith delivers an ultimatum.
Monday 26th November 49x270
An audacious plan is enacted. Marlon has a flash of inspiration. Gabby unites with an enemy.
Friday 23rd November 49x269
Paddy searches his soul. An act of kindness causes friction. Clive's true colours emerge.
Thursday 22nd November 49x268
Chas receives food for thought. Pollard revisits his past. Frank confronts Clive.
Thursday 22nd November 49x267
Chas reaches breaking point. An intruder is revealed. Nicola considers her plan to work part time.
Wednesday 21st November 49x266
Nicola and Robert's plan goes ahead. Paddy fears for his relationship. Tracy seeks a new direction.
Tuesday 20th November 49x265
Leyla has a crisis of conscience. Nicola and Robert join forces. Chas confides her feelings.
Monday 19th November 49x264
Leyla suspects a deception. Jacob is consumed by jealousy. Bob struggles to stay afloat.
Friday 16th November 49x263
Frank faces a dilemma. The pressure mounts on Bob. Tracy encourages forgiveness.
Thursday 15th November 49x262
David acts as a confidante. Jacob manipulates the situation. Frank's suspicions resurface.
Wednesday 14th November 49x261
Robert leaps to the rescue. Debbie demands answers. Rishi acts on impulse.
Tuesday 13th November 49x260
Graham self-destructs. Ellis is set up for a fall. Jacob's resentment intensifies.
Monday 12th November 49x259
Graham confesses his deception. Bob receives a crushing blow. Rishi suffers a humiliation.
Friday 9th November 49x258
Bob faces a bleak prospect. Debbie receives a shocking message. Rishi's exploits go viral.
Thursday 8th November 49x257
Bob pleads for a final chance. Debbie fears for the future. Paddy admits his true feelings.
Thursday 8th November 49x256
Bob resorts to drastic measures. Robert's intentions are questioned. Chas takes the initiative.
Wednesday 7th November 49x255
Aaron has an unexpected proposition. Grief divides Chas and Paddy. Bob is thrust into panic.
Tuesday 6th November 49x254
Paddy ensures another loss. Marlon seeks to build bridges. Bob tries to prove his mettle.
Monday 5th November 49x253
Laurel reflects on her decision. Rhona delivers a financial blow. Jessie and Ellis' rift intensifies.
Friday 2nd November 49x252
Ross bids an emotional farewell. Someone has a crisis of conscience. Laurel confides in Harriet.
Thursday 1st November 49x251
Ross takes decisive action. Bob puts off job hunting. Bernice shares a romantic picnic with Liam.
Thursday 1st November 49x250
Rebecca and Ross reach an impasse. Gabby plays matchmaker. Frank questions his judgement.
Wednesday 31st October 49x249
Rebecca stands her ground. Rishi confides his fears. Leyla gets a shock.
Tuesday 30th October 49x248
Moira seeks assurance. Robert and Charity unite. Frank witnesses a suspicious act.
Monday 29th October 49x247
Cain is backed into a corner. Paddy reaches breaking point. A couple set their plan in motion.
Friday 26th October 49x246
Debbie receives a mixed blessing. Moira faces resistance. Chas struggles with normality.
Thursday 25th October 49x245
Ross has a surprising proposition. Sam demands answers. A heart-rending secret is revealed.
Thursday 25th October 49x244
Chas and Paddy bid a final farewell. Frank considers his options. Rebecca relives her trauma.
Wednesday 24th October 49x243
Leyla is thrown into flux. An act of kindness backfires. Kerry delivers a stark warning.
Tuesday 23rd October 49x242
A stranger stalks the village. Leyla is confronted by the past. Kerry issues an ultimatum.
Monday 22nd October 49x241
Kerry uncovers a deception. Marlon and Rhona are divided. Victoria clarifies her intentions.
Friday 19th October 49x240
Rhona is on the warpath. Bernice reaches a final decision. Jacob relishes Maya's attention.
Thursday 18th October 49x239
A frantic search is launched. Jacob plays peacemaker. Bernice and Liam risk exposure.
Thursday 18th October 49x238
The scales fall from Victoria's eyes. Leyla tries to salvage a relationship. Bernice puts a plan in motion.
Wednesday 17th October 49x237
Sarah continues to cause concern. Jacob defends Maya's honour. Aaron makes a shocking admission.
Tuesday 16th October 49x236
Faith and Charity are united in their concern. Victoria pursues the truth. Chas endures a difficult task.
Monday 15th October 49x235
Sarah is thrown into panic. Victoria resorts to criminality. Paddy is put under pressure.
Friday 12th October 49x234
An accusation leads to a confession. A villager's fate is sealed. Retribution is received.
Thursday 11th October 49x233
Lives are changed forever. The police launch an investigation. A prime suspect emerges.
Thursday 11th October 49x232
Events spiral out of control. Shocking truths are revealed. An enemy falls from grace.
Wednesday 10th October 49x231
A dangerous showdown ensues. A dawning realisation is faced. A shocking declaration is made.
Tuesday 9th October 49x230
The Masquerade Ball commences. A murderous mission begins. An impossible ultimatum is given.
Monday 8th October 49x229
Suspicions are intensified. A secret plan is enacted. A treacherous reunion occurs.
Friday 5th October 49x228
A special day is celebrated. Rebecca and Ross grow closer. Ross is left in a quandary.
Thursday 4th October 49x227
Joe is thrown into turmoil. Bernice succumbs to temptation. Bernice takes the moral high ground.
Thursday 4th October 49x226
Joe is on a race against time. Graham is staked out. Tracy battles an old enemy.
Wednesday 3rd October 49x225
David is confronted by the past. Joe bargains for his life. Victoria is consumed with bitterness.
Tuesday 2nd October 49x224
Moira breaks unexpected news. David shows his commitment. Joe makes an unsettling discovery.
Monday 1st October 49x223
A cruel countdown begins. Paddy is drawn into his own imagination. A heart-breaking loss is endured.
Friday 28th September 49x222
Chas and Paddy face reality. Debbie drops a bombshell. Faith stages an intervention.
Thursday 27th September 49x221
Chas has a heart-breaking admission. Marlon suffers a rejection. Liv struggles with an important task.
Thursday 27th September 49x220
Moira makes a shocking discovery. Paddy curbs his frustration. Marlon makes a monumental mistake.
Wednesday 26th September 49x219
Charity confronts her past. Victoria arranges a date. Daz fears for the future.
Tuesday 25th September 49x218
Charity reveals her intentions. Daz demands the truth. Jai comes to a realisation.
Monday 24th September 49x217
Charity reaches the end of her tether. Diane is drawn into a scheme. Priya strikes up a new friendship.
Friday 21st September 49x216
Matty interrogates Cain. Charity receives some home truths. Bernice is urged to take action.
Thursday 20th September 49x215
Moses is placed in danger. Jessie and Ellis are divided. Matty's suspicions are aroused.
Thursday 20th September 49x214
Ross struggles to function. A life hangs in the balance. Jessie fears for the future.
Wednesday 19th September 49x213
Ross spirals out of control. Jessie tries to salvage a relationship.
Tuesday 18th September 49x212
Graham is relieved. Jessie reveals a shocking secret. Cain is riled by Ross' presence.
Monday 17th September 49x211
A discovery leads to desperate measures. One resident feels the pressure. Will a secret be revealed?
Friday 14th September 49x210
The truth is revealed. Ross opens up to Tracy. Joe is furious.
Thursday 13th September 49x209
Ross feels lonely. Charity despairs. Debbie confronts Joe.
Thursday 13th September 49x208
Vanessa worries about Charity. Robert pushes himself. Debbie's bitter.
Wednesday 12th September 49x207
The verdict is announced. Robert lashes out. Ross struggles to cope.
Tuesday 11th September 49x206
Bails takes to the stand. Charity fears she's blown it. Marlon's frustrated over Jessie.
Monday 10th September 49x205
Bails shows his true colours. Charity worries about the trial. Ryan lashes out.
Friday 7th September 49x204
Ellis has questions for Jessie. A secret is buried. Victoria fights her feelings.
Thursday 6th September 49x203
Belle is in peril. Marlon has an offer for Ellis. Victoria makes her move.
Thursday 6th September 49x202
Belle fights for survival. Matty confides in Moira. Jessie reunites with her son.
Wednesday 5th September 49x201
Belle's fearful. Matty has a confrontation. Bernice's head is turned.
Tuesday 4th September 49x200
Belle makes a grim discovery. Matty steels himself. Bernice is grateful.
Monday 3rd September 49x199
Sam is in danger. Noah's concerned for Joe. Matty encourages Victoria to move on.
Friday 31st August 49x198
Zak takes charge. Bernice struggles. Lachlan is secretly panicked.
Thursday 30th August 49x197
Rishi's date goes awry. Bernice makes a decision. Joe seeks Sarah's approval.
Thursday 30th August 49x196
Joe has extravagant plans. Rishi's out to impress. Bernice gets flustered over Dr Cavanagh.
Wednesday 29th August 49x195
Charity gets worrying news. Ryan wants answers. Frank offers his support.
Tuesday 28th August 49x194
Tracy's suspicions are confirmed. Charity resolves to come clean. Aaron and Liv make preparations.
Monday 27th August 49x193
Bernice is forced to come clean. Aaron has a plan. Charity confides in Vanessa.
Friday 24th August 49x192
Speculation mounts ahead of the Rovers' re-launch. Henry has his eye on Rita's windfall. Gail forces Audrey to choose between Lewis and her family.
Thursday 23rd August 49x191
Nicola enacts sabotage. Lydia is confronted by her past. Liv makes a difficult admission.
Thursday 23rd August 49x190
Lachlan resorts to extreme measures. Nicola reaches the end of her tether. Lydia dreads her long-awaited news.
Wednesday 22nd August 49x189
Belle and Lachlan plan their future. Lachlan faces a race against time. Leanna takes her revenge.
Tuesday 21st August 49x188
Victoria jumps to conclusions. Pete tries to forge a connection. Jacob receives a stark warning.
Monday 20th August 49x187
Kerry is under suspicion. Matty confesses his fears. Belle shows her commitment.
Friday 17th August 49x186
Amelia's in a quandary. Matty's faced with an awkward situation. Rhona's excited for the future.
Thursday 16th August 49x185
Tracy receives shocking news. Pete and Rhona move forward. Amelia has a secret.
Thursday 16th August 49x184
Ross' behaviour worries Pete. Megan and Frank are in peril. Victoria gets jealous.
Wednesday 15th August 49x183
Faith delivers some harsh truths. Maya makes amends. Chas and Paddy reach out.
Tuesday 14th August 49x182
Faith has a plan. Maya spills a secret. Lydia and Zak are on a mission.
Monday 13th August 49x181
A discovery leaves Zak gutted. Sarah makes a shock decision. Frank is torn over Megan.
Friday 10th August 49x180
Debbie struggles with her fears. Megan makes a grand gesture. Sam pledges to help Zak.
Thursday 9th August 49x179
Lachlan's plan goes awry. Rebecca makes an escape. Matty plays matchmaker.
Thursday 9th August 49x178
A secret is close to exposure. Laurel and Nicola are deceived. Sarah's shocked by a sudden illness.
Wednesday 8th August 49x177
A secret pact is made. Rebecca's running out of time. David has a tempting offer for Matty.
Tuesday 7th August 49x176
A woodland search leads to mystery. Rebecca has a glimmer of hope. Bob admits the truth.
Monday 6th August 49x175
Rebecca fights for survival. Bob overhears a shocking admission. Rishi pleads his case to Jai.
Friday 3rd August 49x174
Chas and Paddy look to the future. Brenda reveals Bob's secret. Laurel is on the warpath.
Thursday 2nd August 49x173
Ross faces a race against time. Paddy admits his deception. Bob makes a monumental decision.
Thursday 2nd August 49x172
Ross has a breakthrough. Pete is embroiled in a criminal act. Police descend on the village.
Wednesday 1st August 49x171
A sad anniversary bonds Sam and Samson. Lydia arouses suspicion. Ross exerts his power over Cain.
Tuesday 31st July 49x170
Graham is plagued by his past. Chas is caught in the crossfire. Lydia receives terrifying news.
Monday 30th July 49x169
Lydia hears a shocking admission. Sam fears the consequences. Chas conspires with Liv.
Friday 27th July 49x168
Victoria and Chas are on a mission. Robert's plans go awry. Rodney feels weary.
Thursday 26th July 49x167
Robert's concerned. Aaron plans a surprise. Marlon tries to explain himself.
Thursday 26th July 49x166
Liv and Robert are anxious. Vanessa's meddling backfires. Aaron confides in Liv.
Wednesday 25th July 49x165
Lydia demands answers. Debbie feels helpless. Jessie opens up.
Tuesday 24th July 49x164
Ross and Ryan bond. Matty and Victoria join forces. Jessie feels jealous.
Monday 23rd July 49x163
Charity gets another chance. David gets defensive. Victoria is in turmoil.
Friday 20th July 49x162
Tracy feels betrayed. David is heartbroken. Matty takes a gamble.
Thursday 19th July 49x161
Frank puts his foot in it. Liv points the finger. Matty finds his feet.
Wednesday 18th July 49x160
Lachlan is alarmed. Pollard is sceptical. Kerry makes a breakthrough.
Tuesday 17th July 49x159
Ross can't believe his luck. Lachlan is on edge. Zak overreacts.
Monday 16th July 49x158
Soap set in the Yorkshire Dales. Lachlan takes extreme measures. Ross is optimistic. Matty revisits his past.
Friday 13th July 49x157
Thursday 12th July 49x156
Thursday 12th July 49x155
Tuesday 10th July 49x154
Monday 9th July 49x153
Friday 6th July 49x152
Paddy and Chas struggle to cope. Debbie receives devastating news. Bob and Laurel show a united front.
Thursday 5th July 49x151
Sarah struggles to cope. Jessie reveals her deepest fears. Chas hides her heartbreak.
Thursday 5th July 49x150
Debbie's hopes are dashed. Sarah resorts to a desperate act. Doug endures a crushing rejection.
Wednesday 4th July 49x149
Marlon's past threatens his future. Jessie is taken by surprise. David confides in a kindred spirit.
Monday 2nd July 49x148
Cain makes a sacrifice. Tracy discovers a painful truth. Daz resorts to desperate measures. Marlon has a breakthrough.
Friday 29th June 49x147
Kerry gets desperate. Rhona is contrite. Cain's plan backfires.
Tuesday 26th June 49x146
Moira reflects on the pain of her past. David gets his hopes up. Ross overreacts.
Monday 25th June 49x145
Cain gets some troubling news. Moira receives a surprise visitor. Bob and Laurel are anxious.
Friday 22nd June 49x144
Lachlan acts against a new threat. Charity faces her true feelings. Moira's suspicions are piqued.
Thursday 21st June 49x143
Doug is conflicted by his secret. Belle receives a tempting offer. Chas plans for the future.
Tuesday 19th June 49x142
The pressure mounts on Daz. Dan is rocked by a confession. Chas makes a difficult choice.
Friday 15th June 49x141
The Spencers speak out. Paddy breaks down. Brenda is supportive.
Thursday 14th June 49x140
Marlon worries for his friends. Daz is under pressure. Debbie is upset.
Thursday 14th June 49x139
Chas paints on a smile. Debbie is worried. Daz grows fearful.
Wednesday 13th June 49x138
Chas struggles to hold it together. Debbie faces a fresh blow. Liv's suspicions grow.
Tuesday 12th June 49x137
Liv accuses Lachlan. Sarah collapses. Chas is feeling anxious.
Monday 11th June 49x136
Doug lands himself in trouble. Joe faces a tough decision. Dan is frustrated.
Friday 8th Jun 49x135
The villagers say goodbye to Gerry. Diane becomes suspicious. Graham gains the upper hand.
Thursday 7th June 49x134
Doug confides in Lachlan. Sarah has a go at Joe. Chas is thrown into panic.
Wednesday 6th June 49x133
Doug tries to salve his conscience. Lachlan is worried. Debbie's upset.
Tuesday 5th June 49x132
Charity confronts her painful past. Ross has an unexpected encounter. Debbie makes a confession
Monday 4th June 49x131
Debbie's fearful. Chas holds out for a miracle. Victoria plays matchmaker.
Friday 1st June 49x130
Dan and Daz fall out. Paddy is confused. Charity feels frustrated.
Thursday 31st May 49x129
Charity is hopeful. Chas receives bad news. Vanessa is supportive.
Wednesday 30th May 49x128
Vanessa comforts Charity. Kerry's worried about Dan. Bob and Laurel put on a united front.
Tuesday 29th May 49x127
Harriet enlists Vanessa's help. Charity grapples with her difficult past.
Monday 28th May 49x126
Cain demands answers. Brenda sabotages Bob's night. Dan refuses Amelia's request.
Friday 25th May 49x125
Graham covers his tracks. Bob is optimistic about the future. Zak tries reasoning.
Thursday 24th May 49x124
Someone has been shot. Brenda is under suspicion. Belle makes a devastating confession.
Thursday 24th May 49x123
Ross plays a deadly game. Bob and Laurel are targeted. Zak has advice.
Wednesday 23rd May 49x122
Ross is on a mission. Diane reaches the end of her tether. Jacob struggles with his feelings.
Tuesday 22nd May 49x121
Debbie endures a race against time. Ross is shocked by a discovery. Gabby and Jacob are led astray.
Monday 21st May 49x120
Ross faces a dangerous dilemma. Noah holds Debbie ransom over spending time with Joe. Belle and Lachlan reach a decision.
Friday 18th May 49x119
The Police descend on the village. The community reels at devastating news. Ross' true intentions become clear.
Thursday 17th May 49x118
A horrifying outcome. Chas and Paddy celebrate their engagement. Moira demands answers.
Thursday 17th May 49x117
Aaron faces a tense reunion. Cain is unnerved by an interrogation. Misty stages an intervention.
Wednesday 16th May 49x116
Doug makes a startling discovery. Chas and Paddy make a pact. Amelia gets emotional.
Tuesday 15th May 49x115
Laurel feels isolated. The Spencer's make a painful choice. Doug uses his initiative.
Monday 14th May 49x114
Bernice's suspicions are roused. Vanessa is plunged into chaos. Gerry exposes a secret plan.
Friday 11th May 49x113
Pete is worried about Ross. Bernice makes an assumption. Nicola has birthday plans.
Thursday 10th May 49x112
Will Bob and Brenda's wedding go to plan? Bernice is suspicious. Charity gets support from an unlikely source.
Thursday 10th May 49x111
It's Bob and Brenda's big day. Ross asks questions about Simon. Doug talks to Laurel about Bob.
Wednesday 9th May 49x110
Charity opens up to Harriet. Brenda keeps up appearances. Bob talks to Ashley.
Tuesday 8th May 49x109
Can Charity move on? Noah knows a secret. Laurel tries to be strong.
Monday 7th May 49x108
Gerry's suspicion grows. Zak and Lisa brace themselves for the future. Charity receives an unwelcome visit.
Friday 4th May 49x107
Belle reaches breaking point, Priya sees an act of destruction, and Lachlan faces a shocking realisation.
Thursday 3rd May 49x106
A villager battles for survival, Belle is plagued by confusion, and Priya fears repercussions.
Thursday 3rd May 49x105
Joe is forced to confront his fears, an impulsive act leads to danger, and Belle conceals her inner torment.
Wednesday 2nd May 49x104
Megan tries to contain her secret, Liv reveals the extent of her denial, and Charity sabotages a secret meeting.
Tuesday 1st May 49x103
Megan makes a reckless decision, Frank shows his commitment, and Charity is driven to obsession.
Monday 30th April 49x102
Daz unburdens his past, Tracy confesses her feelings, and Frank helps a friend in need.
Friday 27th April 49x101
Daz struggles to contain his emotions, Vanessa pleads with Charity, and Rishi needs Frank's unique skills.
Thursday 26th April 49x100
Charity and Vanessa fear for Tracy's safety, Daz receives devastating news, and Debbie bites the bullet.
Thursday 26th April 49x99
Moira is stunned by a revelation, Charity struggles with her past, and Dan needs to up his game.
Wednesday 25th April 49x98
Nicola is not happy with Jimmy, Frank is on the job hunt, and Tracy makes a decision.
Tuesday 24th April 49x97
Ross hopes for justice, Jimmy is left red-faced, and Graham has a proposition.
Monday 23rd April 49x96
Ross spots an opportunity, Laurel comes clean, and Jimmy arouses suspicion.
Friday 20th April 49x95
Ross is winded at the hospital when the therapist explains he'll need to wear a conformer mask for one to two years. Marlon is chuffed when Jessie gives him hope by agreeing to go out with him but will there be romance on the cards for the pair? Elsewhere, Laurel is mortified when she is called into the school and sees Arthur's homework. Belle continues to struggle in the wake of Lisa's decision.
Thursday 19th April 49x94
Ross realises the full enormity of his addiction to pills and pledges to get his situation under control once and for all – but can he take the steps to making a recovery or will it be harder than he anticipates? Meanwhile, Bob's worries increase and Belle feels guilty.
Thursday 19th April 49x93
Brenda gives Arthur money for his school trip which incenses Laurel and causes her to storm round to the cafe to hand it back. As they have it out, Bob arrives and is worried to see them together and picks up on tension. Ross struggles with his painkiller addiction when Dr Cavanagh refuses to prescribe anymore and disaster threatens to strike when Moses gets a hold of a blister pack of pills.
Wednesday 18th April 49x92
Sam is delighted when Lydia suggests that she moves in with him but there's animosity elsewhere for the Dingles when Zak discovers the truth about Lisa's decision and angrily blames Belle for it. Meanwhile, Paddy suggests to Marlon that he asks Jessie out again while Bob is worried that Brenda's cancer has come back when he finds her cupboard stashed with purchases.
Tuesday 17th April 49x91
Lisa starts to feel unwell during an angry showdown with Zak and when she takes a worse turn, Belle calls an ambulance. At the hospital, the doctor tells her that she has suffered from an angina attack and needs to reduce her stress – so she makes a shocking decision. Brenda is glad that Laurel is keeping her word regarding Bob but she remains hurt when she sees how much it is affecting him. Laurel tells Bob that they need to keep their distance.
Monday 16th April 49x90
The day of Gabby and Liv's court appearance arrives and Aaron is worried when he sees that the replacement solicitor hasn't got it together and is making mistakes. When Gabby makes a full apology, anxious Liv is unable to follow suit but will she pay the price as the judge delivers the verdict. Rhona is guilty about keeping Ross' addiction a secret from Pete while Paddy tells Marlon that he is moving in with Chas and Jessie instructs Marlon to explain the truth about Arnold the gerbil to April's class. Meanwhile, a nauseous Chas is diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum.
Friday 13th April 49x89
Chas makes a choice, Aaron and Liv prepare for Liv's day in court, and Rhona tries to lend a hand.
Thursday 12th April 49x88
Rhona fears for her life, Megan makes a confrontation, and Paddy tries to make things right.
Thursday 12th April 49x87
Ross will not back down, Chas is at breaking point, and is it all over for Vanessa and Charity?
Wednesday 11th April 49x86
Vanessa takes matters into her own hands, Jimmy buries his head in the sand, and Ross grows desperate.
Tuesday 10th April 49x85
Charity confronts her past, Jimmy's lies catch up with him, and Laurel faces the consequences.
Monday 9th April 49x84
Bob and Laurel fear that the truth is out, Tracy gets some unexpected support, and Bernice and Nicola make a discovery.
Friday 6th April 49x83
Laurel faces an emotional day, Robert faces the fallout, and Rebecca needs to confess.
Thursday 5th April 49x82
Time is running out for Aaron, Bernice thinks that it is all over, and Lachlan fears that his secret will come out.
Thursday 5th April 49x81
Aaron and Robert take offence, Daz wakes up with regret, and Lachlan is thrown by unexpected news.
Wednesday 4th April 49x80
Brenda makes a rash decision, Aaron gets an unwanted visitor, and Megan makes a discovery.
Tuesday 3rd April 49x79
Bob and Laurel tell one lie too many, Priya's new job does not go to plan, and Ross makes an apology.
Monday 2nd April 49x78
Brenda struggles to contain her emotions, Joe's plan comes together, and Rebecca plans a meal.
Friday 30th March 49x77
Jimmy is embroiled in a power game, Laurel covers her true feelings, and Vanessa discovers her fate.
Thursday 29th March 49x76
Drama on the Yorkshire Dales with one of Britain's longest running and most beloved soaps.
Thursday 29th March 49x75
Pete starts a frantic search for Ross, Vanessa faces a day of judgement, and Joe puts his cards on the table.
Wednesday 28th March 49x74
Charity offers a helping hand, Vanessa worries about an impending visit, and Robert piles the pressure onto Jimmy.
Tuesday 27th March 49x73
Tracy is on the warpath, Ross is pushed to the limit, and Bernice clashes with Daz.
Monday 26th March 49x72
An offer rouses Debbie's suspicions, Jacob is given a devastating truth, and Ross is tested with a challenge.
Friday 23rd March 49x71
Liv battles with temptation, Liv endures a day in court, and Priya provokes a furious reaction.
Thursday 22nd March 49x70
Marlon makes a fatal error, David helps a friend in need, and Jacob is stunned by a sudden decision.
Thursday 22nd March 49x69
Liv continues to seek solace, Lisa faces the consequences of her actions, and Marlon tries to impress Jessie.
Wednesday 21st March 49x68
Joe makes another enemy, Liv receives life-changing news, and Brenda conspires against Bob and Laurel.
Tuesday 20th March 49x67
Debbie submits to Joe's demands, a shocking betrayal is revealed, and Marlon backs himself into a corner.
Monday 19th March 49x66
Bernice vows to expose the truth, Pete struggles to contain his anger, and Bob is unsettled by Brenda's plans.
Friday 16th March 49x65
Debbie is worried, Aaron is desperate to keep a secret contained, and Paddy and Chas have news.
Thursday 15th March 49x64
Debbie is backed into a corner, Chas makes a confession, and Aaron is stunned by a revelation.
Thursday 15th March 49x63
Chas and Paddy face a difficult day ahead, Joe is on the warpath, and Ross braces himself.
Wednesday 14th March 49x62
The Dingles face the fallout, Ross looks for support, and Chas needs a distraction.
Tuesday 13th March 49x61
Things get out of hand for Gabby and Liv, Joe wants answers, and Belle and Lachlan prepare for their big launch.
Monday 12th March 49x60
Rebecca faces the consequences, Gabby and Liv are up to no good, and Pollard fears his future with Faith.
Friday 9th March 49x59
Rebecca's in hot water, David faces the consequences, and Faith is desperate.
Thursday 8th March 49x58
Tracy's had enough, Joe gets an unwanted visit, and Rishi plays peacemaker.
Thursday 8th March 49x57
David struggles with his feelings, Faith needs a favour, and Joe grows suspicious.
Wednesday 7th March 49x56
Cain takes matters into his own hands, Tracy faces up to her past, and Priya feels the strain.
Tuesday 6th March 49x55
Ross struggles with his future, Jai and Megan fear the fallout, and David puts on a brave face.
Monday 5th March 49x54
Megan and Jai are desperate for answers, Pete tries to help Ross move on, and tensions run high between Cain and Faith.
Friday 2nd March 49x53
Victoria confides in Robert, Priya struggles under pressure, and Pollard and Faith make an embarrassing discovery.
Thursday 1st March 49x52
Chas suffers, Priya makes a mistake, and Joe is confident.
Thursday 1st March 49x51
Bob and Laurel get close, Jimmy causes an accident, and Priya faces a challenge.
Wednesday 28th February 49x50
Joe sets his sights on a new target, Zak confronts his feelings, and Laurel gets a surprise.
Tuesday 27th February 49x49
Chas makes a discovery, Harriet and Laurel are shocked, and Jimmy feels the pressure.
Monday 26th February 49x48
Chas and Paddy face their future, Jimmy is under strain, and Victoria worries about Rebecca.
Friday 23rd February 49x47
Celebration leads to concern for Chas, Liv is left torn, and Jimmy is rewarded.
Thursday 22nd February 49x46
Aaron is upset, Tracy makes a confession, and Charity is struck with jealousy.
Wednesday 21st February 49x45
Tracy is caught out, Ross vents his frustrations, and Aaron shows his commitment.
Tuesday 20th February 49x44
Tracy has to make a choice, Ross is on a mission, and Lachlan is consumed with guilt.
Monday 19th February 49x43
Tracy revisits her past, Ross descends into despair, and a villager bids a final farewell.
Friday 16th February 49x42
Ross faces his future, Gabby has a plan, and Laurel has an idea.
Thursday 15th February 49x41
Cain is on edge, Tracy is sheepish, and Robert is hopeful.
Thursday 15th February 49x40
Tracy is concerned, Aaron faces a decision, and Sandy has a decision to make.
Wednesday 14th February 49x39
Robert makes amends, Sandy makes a friend, and Jacob gets the wrong end of the stick.
Tuesday 13 February 49x38
Bob makes a choice, Aaron lies to Alex, and Pete is concerned.
Monday 12th February 49x37
Harriet demands answers, Robert is struggling, and Sandy gets a visitor.
Friday 9th February 49x36
Debbie grows paranoid, Gabby continues her blackmail, and Harriet demands answers.
Thursday 8th February 49x35
Graham springs into action, the villagers rally around a family in need, and Daz feels powerless.
Thursday 8th February 49x34
A villager faces an uncertain future, Daz tries to play peacemaker, and Joe takes a gamble.
Wednesday 7th February 49x33
Cain faces a difficult dilemma, the Dingles feel defeated, and Lachlan fears for the worst.
Tuesday 6th February 49x32
Charity confronts some uncomfortable truths, Joe receives a surprise visitor, and Harriet feels determined.
Monday 5th February 49x31
Lachlan is on edge, Cain is suspicious, and Jimmy receives some unsettling news.
Friday 2nd February 49x30
Jimmy and Nicola justify their actions, Lachlan jumps to conclusions, and Graham has concerns.
Thursday 1st February 49x29
Cain awaits a decision, Jimmy makes a job decision, and Tracy is irked by a new friendship.
Thursday 1st February 49x28
Faith delivers life-changing news, Zak advises on matters of the heart, and Moira is given an ultimatum.
Wednesday 31st January 49x27
Tracy acts on impulse, Moira is in turmoil, and Laurel feels conflicted.
Tuesday 30th January 49x26
Paddy is confused, Tracy makes a shocking discovery, and Moira faces a difficult proposition.
Monday 29th January 49x25
Rhona tries to move on, Brenda sets a plan in motion, and Vanessa is on tenterhooks.
Friday 26th January 49x24
Brenda makes a declaration and Pete struggles to cope alone.
Thursday 25th January 49x23
Lachlan fears exposure, Rhona finds an unexpected confidante, and Charity's plan backfires.
Thursday 25th January 49x22
Lachlan is on a mission, Charity is affronted, and Brenda is suspicious.
Wednesday 24th January 49x21
Lachlan has a shocking realisation, Faith takes matters into her own hands, and Lisa feels beaten by another setback.
Tuesday 23rd January 49x20
Joe is confronted, Lachlan is conflicted, and Zak and Lisa reach a difficult decision.
Monday 22nd January 49x19
Debbie enacts a dangerous plan, Faith calls a truce, and Lachlan faces an inevitable task.
Friday 19th January 49x18
The Dingles take stock, Jimmy feels conflicted, and Graham pressures Pollard.
Thursday 18th January 49x17
Pollard tries to do right, Cain's motives are exposed, and Marlon takes the plunge.
Thursday 18th January 49x16
The Dingles receive an offer, Harriet feels hurt, and Marlon is mortified.
Wednesday 17th January 49x15
The Dingles meet their new neighbour, Marlon turns on the charm, and a scheme takes shape.
Tuesday 16th January 49x14
Pete and Ross are at odds, Moira is anxious, and Zak and Lisa are concerned.
Monday 15th January 49x13
Robert struggles, Moira fears for the worst, and things are critical.
Friday 12th January 49x12
Cain is concerned. Laurel is worried. Harriet is full of self-doubt.
Thursday 11th January 49x11
Actions have consequences. Harriet confides. Ross makes a decision.
Thursday 11th January 49x10
Lachlan feels betrayed. Robert and Victoria hatch a plan. Moira makes Ross a generous offer.
Wednesday 10th January 49x09
Chrissie is frank with Belle. Brenda is uncertain. The Dingles rally around a family member.
Tuesday 9th January 49x08
Robert smells a rat. Someone is acting smug. Bob's attempt at romance goes awry.
Monday 8th January 49x07
Sarah demands answers. Bob sees Brenda with new eyes. Paddy is wary of Robert.
Friday 5th January 49x06
Reality hits home for one resident. Cain is livid. Alex receives some advice.
Thursday 4th january 49x05
Debbie is angry. Doug tries to cheer Bob up. Cain talks to Moira.
Thursday 4th january 49x04
Tom is hopeful. Charity discovers a secret. Alex plans a surprise.
Wednesday 3rd January 49x03
Moira reacts to Cain's words. Debbie feels torn. Questions are asked in the village.
Tuesday 2nd January 49x02
Moira tries to make amends. Harriet helps her. Debbie starts her new job.
Monday 1st January 49x01
Tom becomes evasive. Moira seeks out Harriet. Lachlan manipulates Chrissie.

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