Emmerdale is a British soap focusing on the lives of several families and locals living around an estate, a farm and the nearby village in the Yorkshire Dales. It is the second longest British soap in television history since airing its first episode on ITV in 1972, as 'Emmerdale Farm', the show was renamed in 1989. Add to my shows

season 47

Friday 30th December 47x306
Finn makes a grand gesture. Joanie makes a bad decision. Rebecca takes her revenge.
Thursday 29th December 47x305
Joanie defends her friend. Emma intervenes. Chrissie is left seething.
Wednesday 28th December 47x304
Nicola and Jimmy are forced to reconcile. Kerry flashes the cash. Cain's patience wears thin.
Tuesday 27th December 47x303
Will Lisa talk Joanie round? Jimmy learns the truth. Chrissie interferes.
Monday 26th December 47x302
Joanie makes a decision. Chrissie grows suspicious. Jimmy is mystified.
Sunday 25th December 47x301
Joanie has a realisation. It is bittersweet for Laurel. Cain wonders if there is still hope with Moira.
Friday 23rd December 47x300
Tensions are high between Cain and Moira. Zak opens up to Lisa. Will Jimmy win Nicola round?
Thursday 22nd December 47x299
Will Jacob be okay? Gabby tries to make amends. Finn cannot believe his luck.
Thursday 22nd December 47x298
Leyla discovers Pete's secret. Laurel breaks the news to her family. Will Zak be caught out?
Wednesday 21st December 47x297
Moira hits self-destruct. Laurel makes a decision. Nicola feels unappreciated.
Tuesday 20th December 47x296
Special episode offering a unique insight into how Ashley - who suffers from dementia - now sees and experiences the world.
Monday 19th December 47x295
Laurel struggles to reassure Ashley. David tries to make amends with Tracy. Lisa helps Zak find a job.
Friday 16th December 47x294
There is more heartbreak for Laurel. Leyla drops a bombshell. Paddy is left disappointed.
Thursday 15th December 47x293
Will Aaron and Rebecca sort their differences? Leyla and Pete get their wires crossed. Rhona saves Paddy from his date.
Thursday 15th December 47x292
Aaron takes drastic action. Paddy and Lydia go on a date. Zak is conflicted.
Wednesday 14th December 47x291
Liv begs Aaron for help. Moira makes a big decision. Lisa is nervous about her date.
Tuesday 13th December 47x290
Emma seeks revenge. Laurel sees things in a new light. Leyla seizes an opportunity.
Monday 12th December 47x289
Laurel's plan backfires. Zak and Emma come to blows. Leyla is on the warpath.
Friday 9th December 47x288
Laurel takes desperate action. Gabby's problems worsen. Zak grows suspicious of Emma.
Thursday 8th December 47x287
Laurel struggles with Ashley's actions. Liv worries she has gone too far. Finn hopes for a second chance.
Thursday 8th December 47x286
Gabby bites off more than she can chew. Pete tries to reason with Finn. Rhona plays cupid.
Wednesday 7th December 47x285
Finn prepares to come clean. Belle says an emotional goodbye. Gabby takes Laurel's advice.
Tuesday 6th December 47x284
The Dingles put a plan into action. Finn gets a surprise. Laurel is frustrated with Gabby.
Monday 5th December 47x283
Belle finds an unexpected ally. Nicola is shocked by Jimmy's decision. Finn is left distraught.
Friday 2nd December 47x282
Nicola gets revenge. Belle and Bailey break the news. Chrissie is left reeling.
Thursday 1st December 47x281
Nicola makes a discovery. Will Lawrence persuade Ronnie to stay? Robert gets an idea.
Thursday 1st December 47x280
Jimmy gets an unexpected visitor. Lawrence makes a faux pas. Belle looks to her future.
Wednesday 30th November 47x279
Aaron is shocked by Rebecca's confession. Emma vows to help Finn. Lawrence admits his feelings.
Tuesday 29th November 47x278
Will Rebecca and Robert's plan succeed? Finn's secret is revealed. Tracy struggles with Frank's betrayal.
Monday 28th November 47x277
Battle lines are drawn between Emma and Cain. Time runs out for Frank. Lawrence makes a decision.
Friday 25th November 47x276
Time is running out for Frank. Cain grows suspicious of Emma. Finn is desperate.
Thursday 24th November 47x275
The Bartons are left reeling. Will Tracy learn Frank's secret? Marlon is panicked over April's revelation.
Thursday 24th November 47x274
Will James's inquest reveal the truth? Zak and Joanie make a decision. Frank's past arrives in the village.
Wednesday 23rd November 47x273
Belle is accused. Leyla makes a discovery. Rhona tries to help Pierce.
Tuesday 22nd November 47x272
Jai's plan backfires. Paddy tries to help Rhona. Emma struggles with her guilt.
Monday 21st November 47x271
Pierce hits boiling point. Brenda begs Carly for help. Has Belle let the cat out the bag?
Friday 18th November 47x270
Rhona is shocked by Paddy's actions. Chrissie is desperate to help Lachlan. Megan is left reeling.
Thursday 17th November 47x269
Will Lachlan confess everything? Liv hatches a plan. Frank's past comes back to haunt him.
Thursday 17th November 47x268
Rebecca seizes an opportunity. Megan sets Frank a challenge. Kerry plays hardball with Jai.
Wednesday 16th November 47x267
Diane takes drastic action against the Whites. Dan gives Kerry food for thought. Will Megan give Frank a chance?
Tuesday 15th November 47x266
Will Kerry be caught red-handed? Aaron grows jealous over Rebecca. Megan confronts Frank about his past.
Monday 14th November 47x265
Kerry is on the warpath. Nicola makes a discovery. Rebecca tries to help Diane.
Friday 11th November 47x264
Diane's problems go from bad to worse. Will Kerry's negotiations backfire? Adam tries to hide his doubts.
Thursday 10th November 47x263
Finn worries about Victoria's plan. Belle compromises with Zak. Robert tries to reassure Diane.
Thursday 10th November 47x262
Victoria drops a bombshell. Belle is left reeling. Diane takes action.
Wednesday 9th November 47x261
Will the police find any evidence? Ross senses an opportunity. Rishi makes a decision.
Tuesday 8th November 47x260
Chrissie's world falls apart. Diane is hellbent on revenge. The Bartons are left reeling.
Monday 7th November 47x259
Rebecca puts her plan into action. Laurel feels uneasy. Emma finds James's will.
Friday 4th November 47x258
They gather for the funeral, Rebecca winds Chrissie up, Megan is suspicious
Thursday 3rd November 47x257
Rakesh is given a lifeline, Bernice tries to reason with Laurel, Jai has a change of heart
Thursday 3rd November 47x256
Rishi is concerned, Priya makes a decision, Liv gets an idea to help Lisa
Wednesday 2nd November 47x255
Lisa is in turmoil over Zak, Priya makes a heartbreaking discovery, Dan storms out
Tuesday 1st November 47x254
Zak gets the wrong end of the stick, Dan struggles with last night's revelation, Laurel refuses help
Monday 31st October 47x253
Dan's world is rocked, Zak grows suspicious, Priya feels frustrated
Friday 28th October 47x252
Zak is surprised. Kerry is determined. Marlon is confided in.
Thursday 27th October 47x251
Cain makes his decision. Things between Zak and Joanie start to sour. Chrissie steps up her deviousness.
Thursday 27th October 47x250
Charity and Cain prepare to leave. Chrissie feels pushed out. Kerry loses friends and alienates people.
Wednesday 26th October 47x249
It is a big day for Lawrence. Charity is floored by Noah's announcement. Frank blows it with Vanessa.
Tuesday 25th October 47x248
Chrissie plots against Rebecca. Cain makes a proposition. Frank takes charge.
Monday 24th October 47x247
Rebecca awaits the truth. Chrissie and Lawrence arrange Rebecca's birthday. Cain is incriminated.
Friday 21st October 47x246
Devastation at the scene. Sadness abounds. Three villagers fight for their lives
Thursday 20h October 47x245
It all becomes apparent. Carnage and devastation. Life will not be the same again
Thursday 20th October 47x244
It's the Christening. Ashley is confused. Events converge
Wednesday 19th October 47x243
A special week of episodes. A funeral but whose? James attempts to escape
Tuesday 18th October 47x242
A special week of episodes. A funeral but whose? Pierce has blood on his hands?
Monday 17th October 47x241
A special week of episodes. A funeral but whose? What lies ahead for Aaron?
Friday 14th October 2016 47x240
Desperate James tries to escapeWill Robert give in to temptation?Pierce feels betrayed
Thursday 13th October 2016 47x239
James's situation goes from bad to worseRebecca plays the long game with LachlanCharity tries to get Cain alone
Thursday 13th October 2016 47x238
James makes a disturbing discoveryJai and Rishi learn the truthCain watches from a distance
Wednesday 12th October 2016 47x237
Rakesh takes drastic actionEmma hatches a planRobert schemes with the new arrival
Tuesday 11th October 2016 47x236
Rakesh makes a big decisionChrissie gets a surprise guestEmma simmers over James's betrayal
Monday 10th October 2016 47x235
Ross confronts JamesPriya makes a heartbreaking discoveryBernice takes pity on Kerry
Friday 7th October 2016 47x234
Kerry's world falls apartRoss is angered by a drunken revelationPriya jumps to conclusions
Thursday 6th October 2016 47x233
Dan demands the truthRoss is thrown at Charity's newsMarlon's insecure over Carly
Thursday 6th October 2016 47x232
Moira's thrown by Cain's planKerry makes a big decisionDoug reassures an anxious Laurel
Wednesday 5th October 2016 47x231
Charity's delighted by Cain's suggestionJoanie comforts KerryRhona's impressed by Pierce
Tuesday 4th October 2016 47x230
Jai makes a confessionPaddy's upset that no one believes him.Charity dreads telling Cain her news
Monday 3rd October 2016 47x229
Pierce forms a planNoah puts Charity straightJai plays things down
Friday 30th September 2016 47x228
Frank sweet talks MeganPierce gives Paddy a warningJai confides in Priya
Thursday 29th September 2016 47x227
Adam spreads the newsRhona and Pierce return to a surpriseJai is excited about his trip with Holly
Thursday 29th September 2016 47x226
Cain and Charity go publicChas is furious with CharityJai is optimistic
Wednesday 28th September 2016 47x225
Cain's got some explaining to doKerry struggles to hold it togetherHolly is smitten
Tuesday 27th September 2016 47x224
Charity and Ross's plan is thwartedKerry makes a difficult decisionNicola catches Jimmy out
Monday 26th September 2016 47x223
Kerry is in denialMegan feels humiliatedCharity is on a mission
Friday 23rd September 2016 47x222
Kerry's still guiltyMegan won't listen to Leyla's warningCharity contemplates her future
Thursday 22nd September 2016 47x221
David nervously waitsJai's surprised by an offerRoss isn't impressed by Finn's mistake
Thursday 22nd September 2016 47x220
Vanessa comes to Tracy's rescueDavid begins to worryThings remain tense between Dan and Jimmy
Wednesday 21st September 2016 47x219
David receives some newsFrank tries to make things up to TracyVictoria's set on revenge
Tuesday 20th September 2016 47x218
Robert needs Victoria's helpPaddy's touched by Chas' supportTracy's not impressed by Frank's present
Monday 19th September 2016 47x217
Chas thinks Paddy's gone too farRobert gets an ideaJimmy opens up to some new friends
Friday 16th September 2016 47x216
Paddy makes a standLiv discovers Chas's secretRobert is frustrated by Chrissie
Thursday 15th September 2016 47x215
Charity is aghast at Lisa's planPriya confides in LeylaDavid and Tracy look to the future
Thursday 15th September 2016 47x214
Lisa is desperateTracy struggles with her guiltPriya's troubles escalate
Wednesday 14th September 2016 47x213
Tracy takes drastic actionDan confronts KerryThe Dingles fight for Belle
Tuesday 13th September 2016 47x212
Tracy gets a shockThe Dingles are horrified by some newsDan becomes suspicious
Monday 12th September 2016 47x211
Lisa is left heartbrokenTracy makes a blunderRobert's plans are thwarted
Friday 9th September 2016 47x210
The Dingles get some news about BelleTracy's birthday party doesn't quite go to planPriya's left feeling alone
Thursday 8th September 2016 47x209
Belle is desperateMoira is in turmoilPriya's worries go from bad to worse
Thursday 8th September 2016 47x208
Moira drops a bombshellThe search for Belle takes a turnPriya battles to save her marriage
Wednesday 7th September 2016 47x207
Ross confronts JamesKerry struggles with her guiltPriya becomes suspicious
Tuesday 6th September 2016 47x206
Kerry is on the warpathJames comforts MoiraPaddy makes a choice
Monday 5th September 2016 47x205
Nicola's secret is revealedMarlon begs Rhona to stop Paddy leavingJames is concerned about Moira
Friday 2nd September 2016 47x204
Laurel and Ashley face a family emergency. Rhona and Paddy contemplate their future. Dan feels neglected.
Thursday 1st September 2016 47x203
Laurel worries about Ashley. Charity puts her plan into action. Lachlan lashes out.
Thursday 1st September 2016 47x202
Lachlan's world comes crashing down around him. Laurel receives a surprise. Charity digs in her claws.
Wednesday 31st August 2016 47x201
Robert pushes Lachlan to confess. Paddy has a plan. Ashley fears he is letting Laurel down.
Tuesday 30th August 2016 47x200
Pierce and Rhona receive an unexpected visitor. Bernice takes drastic action. Lachlan is consumed by guilt.
Monday 29th August 2016 47x199
Lisa and Zak face their darkest hour. Rhona struggles with her jealousy. Bernice demands answers.
Friday 26th August 2016 47x198
Zak and Lisa receive devastating news. Can Holly escape her past? Rakesh tries to cover his tracks.
Thursday 25th August 2016 47x197
Dan feels neglected. Rakesh is at breaking point. Zak and Lisa continue their search for Belle.
Wednesday 24th August 2016 47x196
Cain makes a choice. Chrissie has a proposal for Rakesh. Tracy and Vanessa struggle with the fallout.
Tuesday 23rd August 2016 47x195
Charity is in danger. Tracy and Vanessa learn a startling truth. Rakesh is under pressure.
Monday 22nd August 2016 47x194
Charity faces the consequences of her actions. Carly and Marlon suffer a setback. Lawrence confronts Ronnie.
Friday 19th August 2016 47x193
Zak and Lisa fear for Belle. Carly admits her feelings. Lawrence wants answers.
Thursday 18th August 2016 47x192
The Dingles reel from a shocking revelation. Charity sets her sights on her prize. Carly tries to get over Marlon.
Thursday 18th August 2016 47x191
Belle struggles under mounting pressure. Moira confronts Cain. Carly and Vanessa head out.
Wednesday 17th August 2016 47x190
Robert plays dirty. Belle struggles with her secret. Tracy faces her past.
Tuesday 16th August 2016 47x189
Bernice faces a decision. David and Tracy consider their future. April goes too far.
Monday 15th August 2016 47x188
Marlon and April are disappointed. Cain reels from Moira's bombshell. Tracy receives bad news.
Friday 12th August 2016 47x187
Chrissie is in too deep.David tries to calm Tracy's fears.Moira has news for Cain.
Thursday 11th August 2016 47x186
Rakesh resorts to drastic measures.Tracy is upset by David's actions.Bailey is concerned about Belle.
Thursday 11th August 2016 47x185
Andy has his day in court.David plans to surprise Tracy.Belle struggles with change.
Wednesday 10th August 2016 47x184
Chrissie spots an opportunity.Lisa makes a decision.Rhona takes a big step.
Tuesday 9th August 2016 47x183
Zak and Joanie's wedding doesn't go to plan.Andy receives an unexpected visitor.David gets some good news.
Monday 8th August 2016 47x182
Joanie's day goes from bad to worse.Ross takes matters into his own hands.Lachlan worries about the future.
Friday 5th August 2016 47x181
Belle struggles with a secret.Moira is at breaking point.James makes a decision.
Thursday 4th August 2016 47x180
Cain takes matters into his own hands.Belle is feeling pressured.Emma's suspicions are raised.
Thursday 4th August 2016 47x179
Cain is pushed to the limitDan struggles with his guiltBelle receives an unexpected offer
Wednesday 3rd August 2016 47x178
Charity puts her plan into actionGabby takes a big stepNicola is fearful for the future
Tuesday 2nd August 2016 47x177
Cain takes drastic actionAshley fears for GabbyNicola feels neglected
Monday 1st August 2016 47x176
Ashley's actions have a devastating resultMoira's allegiances are dividedCharity has a plan
Fri 29th July 47x175
Ashley and Laurel learn a devastating truth. Chrissie's lies escalate. Victoria receives help from an unexpected source.
Thurs 28th July 2016 Part 2 47x174
Lawrence is forced to make a choice. Victoria is vulnerable. Marlon worries for the future.
Thurs 28th July 2016 Part 1 47x173
Andy is under pressure. Gabby's actions escalate. Carly puts on a brave face.
Wed 27th July 2016 47x172
Chrissie makes a choice. Marlon and Carly fear for their friendship. Gabby is troubled.
Tues 26th July 2016 47x171
Lachlan takes drastic action. Andy tries to make amends. Marlon distances himself from Carly.
Mon 25th July 2016 47x170
Chrissie demands answers. Rishi's loyalties are tested. Aaron faces a choice.
Fri 22nd July 47x169
Rakesh takes a gamble. Lawrence plays dirty. Aaron is shocked by Robert's confession.
Thurs 21st July 2016 - Pt. 2 47x168
Moira struggles to hold it together. Rakesh and Pierce go head to head. Zak and Joanie make an announcement.
Thurs 21st July 2016 - Pt. 1 47x167
Moira's concern for Holly escalates. Belle lies to Charity. Rakesh refuses help.
Wed 20th July 2016 47x166
Belle comes to a decision. Tracy is frustrated by David's attitude. Adam worries about Holly.
Tues 19th July 2016 47x165
Charity and Belle's plan is thwarted. Tracy makes a difficult decision. Liv asks Finn for advice.
Mon 18th July 2016 47x164
Will David stop Tracy leaving? Robert realises he is being watched. Lachlan pleads with Lawrence.
Fri 15th July 2016 47x163
Chrissie fears for her father. Tracy makes a choice. Robert returns to form.
Thurs 14th July 2016 Part 2 47x162
Lawrence is forced into a corner. Robert receives an unexpected visit. Nicola gets help from an unlikely source.
Thurs 14th July 2016 Part 1 47x161
Chrissie demands answers. Nicola refuses to help. David aims to impress.
Wed 13th July 2016 47x160
Lawrence's romantic evening does not go to plan. Nicola is in denial. Moira has a secret.
Tues 12th July 2016 47x159
Charity grows concerned for Belle. Lawrence desperately tries to prove himself. Nicola struggles with new challenges.
Mon 11th July 2016 47x158
Moira is forced to make a decision. Diane has a plan. Belle's pressures mount.
Fri 8th July 2016 47x157
Holly plays dirty to save her own skin. Tracy's day goes from bad to worse. Megan takes a big step.
Thurs 7th July 2016 Part 2 47x156
Holly strikes up an unlikely friendship. Rakesh gets some bad news. Tracy tries to get over David.
Thurs 7th July 2016 Part 1 47x155
Priya's surprise birthday party does not quite go to plan. Belle is under pressure. Adam lashes out.
Wed 6th July 2016 47x154
The Dingles reel from Belle's news. Priya's suspicions are raised. Ashley has an idea.
Tues 5th July 2016 47x153
Belle tries to stop Bailey from leaving for good. Laurel takes drastic action. Rhona must make a choice
Mon 4th July 2016 47x152
Laurel confides in Marlon.Pearl gets the wrong end of the stick.Charity tries to keep a secret from Belle
Fri 1st July 2016 47x151
Ashley slips up. Nicola is determined to come home. Laurel confides in Harriet.
Thur 30th June 2016 47x150
Jimmy begins to panic about Nicola. Ronnie confronts Rakesh. Laurel worries about Ashley.
Wed 29th June 2016 47x149
Rakesh feels guilty. Lawrence visits Ronnie. Gabby and Jacob reconnect.
Tues 28th June 2016 47x148
Rakesh puts his plan into action. Lawrence returns home. Victoria's anxiety causes problems for Finn.
Fri 24th June 2016 - Pt. 2 47x147
Rakesh comes up with a drastic idea. Holly has a near miss. Nicola and Jimmy plan a night of passion.
Fri 24th June 2016 - Pt. 1 47x146
Holly panics and makes a decision. Pete and Finn beg Harriet's forgiveness. Rakesh's worries multiply.
Thur 23rd June 2016 - Pt. 2 47x145
Holly's plan leaves Victoria in danger. Pete is suspicious of Ross. Rakesh is anxious about Vanessa.
Thurs 23rd June 2016 - Pt. 1 47x144
Holly is desperate. Ross takes matters into his own hands. Cain confronts Belle.
Wed 22nd June 2016 47x143
Holly is under pressure. Belle is defiant over her decision. Finn gets some good news.
Tues 21st June 2016 47x142
Belle takes drastic action. Holly faces a choice. Emma is upset when Pete wants to move out.
Mon 20th June 2016 47x141
Will Doctor Bailey admit the truth to save Belle? Pierce confronts Marlon. Laurel worries Ashley will not forgive her.
Sun 19th June 2016 47x140
Belle is in too deep. Ashley feels betrayed. Marlon's plan backfires.
Fri 17th June 2016 47x139
Lachlan lands Belle in trouble. Holly resorts to desperate measures. Doug and Rodney plot together.
Mon 13th June 2016 47x138
Holly battles with temptation. Belle is put in a difficult situation. Unexpected guests arrive at Ashley's poker night.
Sun 12th June 2016 47x137
Bernice confides in Andy. Moira tries to hide her fears over Holly. Tracy offers to help Belle.
Fri 10th June 2016 47x136
Bernice spots an opportunity; Moira is frustrated by Cain's attitude; Belle is upset.
Thurs 9th June 2016 47x135
The Barton's make a decision about Emma; Bernice discovers a shocking secret; Chas puts on a brave face.
Wed 8th June 2016 47x134
James discovers a secret; Lawrence has something to prove; David struggles with his new look.
Tues 7th June 2016 47x133
Chas faces her fears; Emma is suspicious; David makes a decision.
Mon 6th June 2016 47x132
Jacob proves a point to David; Chas is tormented by her past; Belle pays the Bailey's a visit.
Fri 3rd June 2016 - Pt. 2 47x131
Belle makes a choice; Jacob worries over David; Chas tries to escape her past.
Fri 3rd June 2016 - Pt. 1 47x130
Cain confronts Dr. Bailey; Marlon refuses to lie for Rhona; Robert finds Liv's bully.
Thurs 2nd June 2016 47x129
Lachlan makes a decision; Robert searches for Liv; Will Marlon discover a secret?
Wed 1st June 2016 47x128
Belle takes a risk; Liv is horrified by the consequences of her actions; Pierce turns on the charm.
Tues 31st May 2016 47x127
Liv hatches a plan; Belle is faced with a choice; Cain lays down the law.
Mon 30th May 2016 47x126
Moira is left reeling from Cain's actions; Liv throws a party; Finn makes progress with his brothers.
Fri 27th May 2016 47x125
Holly's life hangs in the balance; Nicola toys with Jimmy; Liv focuses on her plan.
Thurs 26th May 2016 47x124
Moira makes a heartbreaking decision; Ross winds up Pete; Liv gets an idea.
Wed 25th May 2016 47x123
Sam is in turmoil; Holly seeks revenge; Nicola thwarts Jimmy's plans.
Tues 24th May 2016 47x122
Lawrence takes drastic action; Moira is suspicious; Jimmy spots an opportunity.
Mon 23rd May 2016 47x121
Lawrence needs to face his past; Laurel refuses help; Vanessa is unimpressed.
Fri 19th May 2016 - Pt 2. 47x120
Ashley's world is rocked; Bernice feels guilty; Pollard is conflicted.
Thurs 19th May 2016 - Pt. 2 47x119
Laurel panics; Jai is excited for his date; Andy worries about Chrissie.
Thurs 19th May 2016 - Pt. 1 47x118
Rhona faces a difficult decision; Ashley struggles to cope; Lawrence feels optimistic.
Wed 18th May 2016 47x117
Vanessa gets a shock; Jacob's fears grow; Rishi gets Jai a date.
Tues 17th May 2016 47x116
Rhona is torn; David puts on a brave face; Robert helps Aaron make a decision.
Mon 16th May 2016 47x115
Chas supports Aaron; Jacob is left feeling disappointed; Vanessa confronts Rhona.
Fri 13th May 2016 47x114
The village says goodbye to Edna; Liv takes actions; Holly is jealous.
Thurs 12th May 2016 - Pt. 2 47x113
Liv overhears a conversation; Jai makes a request; Finn has an idea.
Thurs 12th May 2016 - Pt. 1 47x112
Aaron gets some news; Emma is anxious over her lie; Jimmy and Nicola plot.
Wed 11th May 2016 - Pt. 1 47x111
Emma schemes; Gordon receives his sentences; All change at the Woolpack.
Tues 10th May 2016 47x110
Cain traps Rakesh; Finn is suspicious; Liv forms a plan.
Mon 9th May 2016 47x109
Cain is out for blood; Laurel feels guilty; Pete makes a decision.
Fri 6th May 2016 47x108
Holly causes trouble; Andy is frustrated; Lisa makes a discovery.
Thurs 5th May 2016 - Pt. 2 47x107
Lawrence comes face to face with his past; Robert makes a decision; Belle is smitten.
Thurs 5th May 2016 - Pt. 1 47x106
Chrissie makes a decision; Pete returns with some news; Ashley reflects on his choice.
Wed 4th May 2016 47x105
Lawrence drops a bombshell; Tracy feels guilty; Aaron worries about Liv.
Tues 3rd May 2016 47x104
Lawrence is furious; Ashley breaks some sad news; Tracy calls Jacob's bluff
Mon 2nd May 2016 47x103
David takes drastic action; Ashley feels burdened; Bernice feels the pressure.
Fri 29th April 2016 47x102
David puts on a brave face; Lisa gives Belle food for thought; Harriet worries about Ashley.
Thurs 28th April 2016 - Pt. 2 47x101
Belle plays a dangerous game; Ross feels guilty; David makes a decision.
Thurs 28th April 2016 - Pt. 1 47x100
Marlon is unimpressed; Tracy worries about David; Megan's fundraiser gets underway.
Wed 27th April 2016 47x99
The stakes are high for Lisa; Finn plays hardball; Jai feels hopeful.
Tues 26th April 2016 47x98
It's a big day for Finn; David lashes out; Belle gets some news.
Mon 25th April 2016 47x97
Tracy discovers a secret; Holly covers for Cain; Finn gets an idea
Fri 22nd April 2016 47x96
Belle faces a choice; David gets some news; Finn takes a chance.
Thurs 21st April 2016 - Pt. 2 47x95
Belle is put on the spot; Pierce discovers a secret; Andy gets a surprise.
Thurs 21st April 2016 - Pt. 1 47x94
Zak takes drastic action; Chrissie is determined to help Andy; David puts on a brave face.
Wed 20th April 2016 47x93
Holly Schemes; Marlon worries for his friend; Tracy puts her foot in it with Davi
Tues 19th April 2016 47x92
Pierce takes action; Desperate measures for Andy; Liv makes a decision.
Mon 18th April 2016 47x91
Rhona and Paddy are set to leave; Aaron worries about Liv; Belle causes trouble.
Fri 15 April 2016 47x90
Aaron awaits news from court; Rhona gives Paddy an ultimatum; Lisa is horrified.
Thurs 14 April 2016 - Pt. 2 47x89
Liv makes a decision; Rhona is determined; Dan is left frustrated.
Thurs 14 April 2016 47x88
Liv faces a dilemma; Chrissie plays with fire; Vanessa gives Rhona some home truths.
Wed 13 April 2016 47x87
Gordon's trial continues; Leyla worries about David; Megan feels overwhelmed.
Tues 12 April 2016 47x86
Chas supports Aaron; Megan frets over Eliza's Christening; David hides his fears.
Mon 11 April 2016 47x85
David gets some news; Megan refuses help; Lisa confides in Marlon.
Fri 8 April 2016 47x84
Zak makes a decision; Gabby drops a bombshell; Jai makes progress with Megan.
Thurs 7 April 2016 - Pt. 2 47x83
Chrissie is on a mission; Joanie gives Zak an ultimatum; Belle is torn.
Thurs 7 April 2016 - Pt. 1 47x82
Robert schemes; Chrissie gets a shock; Belle discovers a secret.
Wed 6 April 2016 47x81
The stakes are high for Andy; Aaron is left frustrated; Gabby's guilt grows.
Tues 5 April 2016 47x80
Lawrence takes drastic action; Liv causes trouble; Gabby and Lachlan scheme.
Mon 4 April 2016 47x79
Liv drops a bombshell; Lawrence's suspicions grow; Lisa feels let down.
Fri 1 April 2016 47x78
Gordon manipulates Liv; Bernice uncovers a secret; Zak is worried about Belle.
Thurs 31 March 2016 Pt. 2 47x77
The stakes are high for Holly; Belle is out to impress; Chas makes a decision.
Thurs 31 March 2016 Pt.1 47x76
The pressure is on for Cain; Belle becomes smitten; David faces his fears.
Wed 30 March 2016 47x75
David asks Leyla for help; Belle is on a mission; Moira makes an unlikely ally.
Tues 29 March 2016 47x74
David gets some news; Moira makes a decision; Megan sees a business opportunity.
Mon 28 March 2016 47x73
Ashley drops a bombshell; Holly's plan is thwarted; David worries about Eric.
Fri 25th March 2016 47x72
Megan brings Eliza home. Holly finds an ally in Charity. Meanwhile Marlon lays down the law.
Thurs 24th March 2016 Pt. 2 47x71
Cain is suspicious. Meanwhile, Rhona gives Paddy an ultimatum.
Thurs 24th March 2016 Pt. 1 47x70
Rhona is determined to go ahead with the adoption with or without Paddy. Cain's car has disappeared. Val's headstone arrives.
Wed 23rd March 2016 47x69
Paddy's world is turned upside down. Cain is on to Charity. Lisa makes a plan.
Tues 22nd March 2016 47x68
Paddy panics as Rhona talks to Pierce. Ashley decides to ask for help. Charity and Ross go into business.
Mon 21st March 2016 47x67
The guests await the bride and groom at the reception. Lisa decides to take desperate measures. Liv is conspiring.
Fri 18th March 2016 47x66
It is the day of Lauren and Ashley's wedding. Robert grows suspicious of Liv. Chrissie makes a mistake.
Thurs 17th March 2016 47x65
Doug cannot hide his true feelings. Gordon decides to deny everything to Liv. Sandra makes an admission.
Thurs 17th March 2016 47x64
Liv causes more trouble for Aaron. Laurel holds her hen do. Ross wants Debbie's number.
Wed 16th March 2016 47x63
It is judgement day for Gordon. Ross is tempted by Charity's scheming plan. Laurel gives Doug food for thought.
Tues 15 March 2016 47x62
Charity has an offer for Ross, will he accept? Chrissie and Andy grow closer. Megan takes out her frustrations on Jai.
Mon 14 March 2016 47x61
Charity drops a bombshell. Megan is left in denial. Doug decides to confess his fears.
Fri 11 March 2016 47x60
Charity causes further trouble; Chrissie is starting to look to the future. Could there be heartache on the horizon for Megan?
Thurs 10 March 2016 Pt.2 47x59
A decision is made by Priya - will she decide to marry Rakesh? Charity begins to form a plan; Megan confides in Vanessa.
Thurs 10 March 2016 Pt.1 47x58
Charity is back with the police; Rakesh sparks suspicion in Priya; Doug plays a prank on Finn.
Wed 9 March 2016 47x57
Trouble begins to worsen for Rakesh; Marlon learns about Paddy's secret; Moira and Cain search for missing Charity.
Tues 8 March 2016 47x56
Social services pay a visit to Marlon; Guilt begins to consume Paddy; Charity is released from prison.
Mon 7 March 2016 47x55
Rakesh finds himself over his head; Carly has no choice but to defend herself; Sam's hopes are crushed.
Fri 4 Mar 2016 47x54
Megan is landed in hospital. Emma is a bit weary of April's sudden injuries. Zak hopes he can rectify the situation.
Thur 3 Mar 2016 Pt2 47x53
Megan realises how high the stakes are. Sam faces a shocking dilemma. Lawrence is concerned about the future.
Thur 3 Mar 2016 Pt1 47x52
Chrissie unearths something from the past. Aaron is torn between two posts. Megan is shocked.
Wed 2 Mar 2016 47x51
Chrissie calls for a white flag. Robert decides to cut a deal. Jai makes progress with Megan.
Tue 1 Mar 2016 47x50
Chrissie discovers a secret in the family. Zak feels under pressure. Aaron receives an update.
Mon 29 Feb 2016 47x49
Chas has a visitor who she isn't happy about seeing. Paddy is struggling to settle. Lawrence discovers something.
Fri 26 Feb 2016 47x48
Aaron is shocked by the advice he receives from Cain. Ashley makes a decision. Pearl is concerned.
Thur 25 Feb 2016 Pt2 47x47
Gabby and Lachlan find themselves landed in a spot of trouble. Robert is concerned about Aaron. Rakesh has a warning for Jimmy and Nicola.
Thur 25 Feb 2016 Pt1 47x46
Jacob learns what's going on when he goes on his date. Chrissie hopes her plan works. Aaron is surprised.
Wed 24 Feb 2016 47x45
Aaron receives some information that he finds useful. Andy is offered a new job. Rhona feels ready to talk.
Tue 23 Feb 2016 47x44
Chas makes her apology to Aaron. Chrissie is ever so suspicious. Jacob is flustered by his infatuation.
Mon 22 Feb 2016 47x43
Chas lashes out at those close to her. Paddy ignores a warning sign. Jai is surprised by Priya.
Fri 19 Feb 2016 47x42
Leyla can't hide her doubts. Rhona wants to carry on as if nothing has happened. Chas approaches Robert.
Thur 18 Feb 2016 Pt2 47x41
Megan doesn't know whether or not to trust Leyla. Rhona wants answers. Chas needs Cain's help.
Thur 18 Feb 2016 Pt1 47x40
Rhona is devastated. Nikhil believes he may be doing the right thing. Robert reaches out to Aaron.
Wed 17 Feb 2016 47x39
Paddy's deceit continues, behind Rhona's back. Leyla acts on advice she received from David. Zak is surprised.
Tue 16 Feb 2016 47x38
Laurel has an update for Ashley. Rishi is concerned about Jai. Zak tries to get back in with his family.
Mon 15 Feb 2016 47x37
Ashley discovers something that disturbs him. Zak learns the truth. David wants Leyla to move in.
Fri 12 Feb 2016 47x36
Sam discovers something. Ashley steps in to help a situation. Gabby raises some concerns.
Thur 11 Feb 2016 Pt2 47x35
Tess makes a call to Rhona. Kirin gets emotional. Gabby is angry when she overhears something.
Thur 11 Feb 2016 Pt1 47x34
Leyla is worried about her next encounter with Nikhil. Rakesh is concerned as he see's Kirin in turmoil. Paddy upsets Tess.
Wed 10 Feb 2016 47x33
Vanessa finally gets the truth from Carly. Rhona has some advice for Tess. Nikhil is surprised.
Tue 9 Feb 2016 47x32
Carly grows alarmed of Kirin's behaviour. Aaron thinks he wants to leave. Leyla's seduction doesn't go how she intended.
Mon 8 Feb 2016 47x31
Chas is proud of Aaron showing courage. Kirin finds he's out of his depth. Carly trips herself up with Nikhil.
Fri 5 Feb 2016 47x30
Aaron receives a wake-up call. Nicola suggests a new job for Jimmy. Kirin is struggling to cope.
Thur 4 Feb 2016 Pt2 47x29
Cain is seeking revenge. Eric needs help. Jimmy acts quickly.
Thur 4 Feb 2016 Pt1 47x28
Chas is shaken by a confrontation. Charity feels like she has power over Emma. Eric's plan backfires.
Wed 3 Feb 2016 47x27
Chas receives some shocking news. Moira warns Charity. Eric thinks there's an opportunity for him to make some money.
Tue 2 Feb 2016 47x26
Chas is concerned about Aaron. Charity receives a visitor. Tracey has a plan.
Mon 1 Feb 2016 47x25
Emma hides Noah away from Cain and Moira. Aaron isn't happy with what Chas decides. Jimmy makes a touching decision to Nicola.
Fri 29 Jan 2016 47x24
Nicola has second thoughts about her plan. Tess takes Marlon aback. Cain puts some rules in place for Charity.
Thur 28 Jan 2016 Pt2 47x23
Laurel fears what she thinks may of happened. Nicola has got some explaining to do. Paddy is caught out with nowhere to hide.
Thur 28 Jan 2016 Pt1 47x22
Kerry manages to put her foot in it by accident. Paddy receives a surprise. Ashley fights his religious conviction.
Wed 27 Jan 2016 47x21
Zak and Joanie are taught a lesson by Lisa. Paddy plans a night away. Laurel has to make a difficult decision.
Tue 26 Jan 2016 47x20
Ashley and Laurel move in together. Paddy is shocked when he hears who Marlon has a crush on. Chas decides to take her future in her own hands.
Mon 25 Jan 2016 47x19
Gordon has shocking news for Chas. Ross can't move on from the past. Kirin finds that all gets a bit too much.
Fri 22 Jan 2016 47x18
Carly realises her date isn't all that they are cracked up to be. Robert makes a show of were his loyalties really lie. Kirin is desperate.
Thur 21 Jan 2016 Pt2 47x17
Robert realises he is out of his depth. Ashley admits his mistake. Nikhil has some unexpected luck.
Thur 21 Jan 2016 Pt1 47x16
Tracy heads off on a date. Aaron and Robert catch up. Nikhil reveals the truth.
Tue 19 Jan 2016 47x15
Aaron finds that things go from bad to worse. Carly thinks she may run into some money with her new scheme. Rakesh has a run-in with the police.
Mon 18 Jan 2016 47x14
Chas's past catches up with her. Diane holds an open day at the pub. Kirin feels pushed to the side.
Fri 15 Jan 2016 47x13
Pearl gives a confession. Adam has some advice for Kirin. Chrissie wants Rakesh to make his move.
Thur 14 Jan 2016 Pt2 47x12
Aaron feels betrayed and so lashes out. Chrissie offers an olive branch to Diane. Belle makes a realisation about what she's done.
Thur 14 Jan 2016 Pt1 47x11
Rhona prepares herself for a interview. Jimmy finds himself left. Kerry's plan backfires.
Wed 13 Jan 47x10
Zak feels like he may of made some progress with Belle. Tess feels like the walls are closing in on her. Jimmy has a surprise for someone.
Tue 12 Jan 2016 47x09
Rakesh's world falls apart around him. Moira braces herself for the fallout. Chas thinks she knows what may cheer Lisa up.
Mon 11 Jan 2016 47x08
Zak tries to show Belle how much he cares. Pete can't fight his feelings no more. Adam is feeling vengeful.
Fri 8 Jan 2016 47x07
Victoria hopes that Adam will see sense. Kirin learns what's really going on. Jai decides to leave his past behind him.
Thur 7 Jan 2016 Pt2 47x06
Vanessa begins to panic. Priya leaves Rakesh with an ultimatum. Leyla finds that she gets more then she bargains for with her latest lie.
Thur 7 Jan 2016 Pt1 47x05
Ashley calls the family together for a meeting. Leyla finds herself in the middle. Adam doesn't take some news well.
Wed 6 Jan 2016 47x04
Sandy can't quite believe Ashley's news. Vanessa gets some results through. Moira breaks some bad news to Noah.
Tue 5 Jan 2016 47x03
Aaron reaches breaking point whilst trying to celebrate his birthday. Ross finds himself out of his depth. Ashley and Laurel make a decision about their future.
Mon 4 Jan 2016 47x02
Cain has some news to break. Vanessa carries on her investigation. Aaron gets emotional and it gets the better of him.
Fri 1 Jan 2016 47x01
Debbie has a heart-to-heart with Charity. Vanessa grows concerned about Johnny. Chas rekindles with a old flame.

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