Emmerdale is a British soap focusing on the lives of several families and locals living around an estate, a farm and the nearby village in the Yorkshire Dales. It is the second longest British soap in television history since airing its first episode on ITV in 1972, as 'Emmerdale Farm', the show was renamed in 1989. Add to my shows

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Wednesday 8th July 51x117

season 42

December 31, 2013 42x299
Declan and Charity end up being be a dangerous alliance. Moira looks forward to a romantic proposal. The villagers wear fancy dress to see in the New Year.
December 30, 2013 42x298
Declan realises just how far Charity will go to gain revenge. Robbie's efforts to get a confession out of Declan does not work.
December 27, 2013 42x297
Sam's feeling of guilt gets worse after he's questioned by the police. Charity takes some drastic measures to try and cover Declan's tracks.
December 26, 2013 42x296
Megan becomes trapped as the Home Farm fire gets out of control. Charity offers Declan an alibi but wants something in return.
December 25, 2013 42x295
David and Alicia's wedding day is filled with many disasters. Declan manages to hit rock bottom. Sam has a surprise for Rachel.
December 24, 2013 42x294
Val warns Priya against trying to ruin Alicia's wedding day. Rachel and Sam get even with Declan and Megan. Ashley hurts himself whilst attempting to save Arthur's Christmas.
December 23, 2013 42x293
Paddy accidently manages to spoil Arthur's Christmas beliefs. Sam receives a nasty shock after he goes to pick up his wages. Charity's not impressed by Jai's Christmas invite for Noah.
December 20, 2013 42x292
Declan has gone missing with a shot gun. Moira feeling fed up. Paddy's conned into dressing up as Father Christmas.
December 19, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x291
Jai's furious Charity's stunt but refuses to play her game. Val and Kerry make a truce. Robbie and Katie see just how bad Declan's troubles are.
December 19, 2013 42x290
Val and Kerry battle it out. Cain causes problems between Ross and James. Charity goes to extreme lengths to try and get even with Jai.
December 18, 2013 42x289
Zak is concerned about James's intentions towards Moira. Jai's latest demand surprises Charity. Eric's shocked by Val's attempt to get one over on Kerry.
December 17, 2013 42x288
Moira's left feeling stunned after a load of visitors show up at Butler's. Priya's left feeling upset after David and Alicia's engagement is made public. Harriet's faces hostility.
December 16, 2013 42x287
Jai's left feeling devastated by Charity's warning about Noah. Priya misjudges David's feelings. Harriet faces a dilemma as she gets ready to leave Emmerdale.
December 13, 2013 42x286
As Archie’s celebrates his birthday there is confusion in the air. Jude names who the new vicar is. Priya's looking forward to her scan, clueless to David and Alicia's news.
December 12, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x285
Charity waits to hear Jai's decision. Ashley starts to see Harriet in a whole new light. Katie admits her feelings to Adam.
December 12, 2013 42x284
Charity comes close to running down Rachel and Archie. David's not happy to to see Priya out on a date. Katie and Vanessa end up forming an unlikely friendship.
December 11, 2013 42x283
Declan's left feeling stunned after Megan comes to a drastic decision. Charity's determined to make a point as she gets ready for Archie's party.
December 10, 2013 42x282
Ross's bet with Adam disgusts Katie. Zak shares his concerns with Megan about Declan.
December 9, 2013 42x281
Declan gambles everything away at the casino night. Harriet is determined to do whatever it takes to stop Ali from complaining to the bishop.
December 6, 2013 42x280
Cain and Moira's relationship could be over. Megan's tempted following an offer from Gil. Harriet is confronted by Ali.
December 5, 2013 42x279
Ross's problems cause other issues. Rodney's furious after Val and Eric get their revenge through a prank.
December 4, 2013 42x278
Ross's departure is jeopardised following a near death experience. Charity finds it hard to deal with the family visit to Santa's grotto. Eric and Rodney cause a scene forcing Bob to step in.
December 3, 2013 42x277
Moira's left feeling torn as she agrees to allow an unwelcome guest to stay. A surprising decision is made by Charity.
December 2, 2013 42x276
Jai gives Charity a lavish gift. Laurel's day in court results in an unnerving encounter. David and Alicia choose an unlikely date to get married on.
November 29, 2013 42x275
Jai's efforts to reconcile with Charity end with a terrifying accident. David's efforts to tell Priya his news doesn't go to plan.
November 28, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x274
Cain efforts to comfort Charity don't go to plan. Jacob's pleased by Alicia and David's news but Erics left feeling shocked.
November 28, 2013 42x273
Charity goes to some extreme measures to get even with Jai. David attempts to reconcile with Jacob. Ashley's confidence increases after he finds out who's on the panel.
November 27, 2013 42x272
Charity's efforts at a reconciliation with Jai fail. Harriet's determined to win Jude's first task.
November 26, 2013 42x271
Megan is unable to convince Robbie that the bruise she has was caused by an accident. Eric warns David about what he's letting himself in for with Priya.
November 25, 2013 42x270
Declan's fury manages to reach a new level. Edna and Ashley feel wary about their new house guest. David's pleased by Priya's news, but Alicia's left feeling heartbroken.
November 22, 2013 42x269
Charity is determined to get even with Jai. Declan attempts to deceive Katie and save his business. Ashley has a fight on his hands if he wants to become Vicar once again.
November 21, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x268
Jai attempts to save his marriage. Rodney attempts to convince Georgia that he’s not cheated.
November 21, 2013 42x267
Jai and Rachel are confronted by Charity. Rodney considers taking his escorting up a notch. Ashley’s given up about his future with the church.
November 20, 2013 42x266
With Rishi’s life hanging in the balance, Charity finally learns Jai’s long kept secret. Paddy is concerned as Rhona’s condition wgets worse. Alicia’s doubts that Priya’s been trurthful about her abortion.
November 19, 2013 42x265
Rhona refuses to accept some help that could save her life. Sam’s strange behaviour causes Charity concern. Bernice is shocked to learn of her father's escorting career.
November 18, 2013 42x264
Marlon believes that Rhona could be back on drugs after she acts oddly. Val and Eric take some steps towards repairing their relationship. Declan and Megan have a make or break meeting with the bank.
November 15, 2013 42x263
Amy's difficult decision leaves many people feeling the effects. Laurel decides what to do about the court case. Ashley receives a surprise from Sandy.
November 14, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x262
Kerry attempts to create some confusion to give Amy the time she needs. Ali and Ruby's plan does not go the way they had hoped. Marlon attempts to convince Laurel to lie in court.
November 14, 2013 42x261
Everybody is left in chaos after they find out Amy's plan. Laurel and Marlon are left feeling stunned after finding out about her possible punishment. Ruby and Ali attempt to discourage Amelia from taking part in the pageant.
November 13, 2013 42x260
Amy isdetermined to press ahead with her life-changing plan. Marlon's efforts to hide some bad news from Laurel does not go to plan. Ashley's feeling excited about a potential new job.
November 12, 2013 42x259
Kerry has to deal with a massive dilemma after Amy asks her for help. Ruby and Ali receive some very disappointing news.
November 11, 2013 42x258
Amy comes to an important decision about Kyle. Priya is feeling torn about her upcoming abortion. Rodney's left feeling by Georgia's suggestion about his escort career.
November 8, 2013 42x257
Charity breaks some shocking news to both David and Alicia. Kerry's plan to improve relations between Amy and Joanie ends in chaos.
November 7, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x256
Priya informs David that she's not pregnant. Jimmy informs Bernice that she has to leave. Amy's efforts to make amends with Joanie backfire.
November 7, 2013 42x255
David ends up making a shocking discovery that could turn his world upside down. Gabby's prank sees Jimmy and Bernice at loggerheads. Rodney's career as an escort ends up being revealed.
November 6, 2013 42x254
Sam is warned against revealing his secret to Charity. Gabby wants revenge against Nicola. Rodney decides to restart his escorting career.
November 5, 2013 42x253
An accident leads to a shock confession from Rachel. Brenda's shocked by Gabby's offensive actions.
November 4, 2013 42x252
Alicia and David are shocked to find out that Jacob has run away. Rachel thinks about revealing the truth about Archie's real father. Moira's family loyalty causes friction in Emmerdale.
November 1, 2013 42x251
Alicia admits a long-kept secret to Jacob. Moira finds out the details behind Cain's recent scam. Kerry attempts to sort things out between Amy and Joanie.
October 31, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x250
Cain hopes that illicit scheme will be a success. Amy's meeting with social services does not go the way she hopes. A vandal targets Alicia and David.
October 31, 2013 42x249
Cain's plan to try and raise some money is put into action. Amy attends her meeting with social services. Edna does not approve of Ashley's plans to become a vicar once again.
October 30, 2013 42x248
There are suprises as the villagers attend Alan Turner's funeral. Cain is tempted by a plan to try and save Moira's farm.
October 29, 2013 42x247
Laurel has to deal with some unexpected consequences in her effortsto gain justice. Victoria finds it hard to organise Alan's funeral.
October 28, 2013 42x246
Moira's houseguest manages to freak Laurel out. Declan remains pessimistic about the future despite Megan's efforts to make him see otherwise.
October 25, 2013 42x245
A shocking discovery is made by Moira. Kerry realises that she can work Dan’s new arrangement to her own advantage. Betty finds it difficult to try and fulfil Alan’s last requests.
October 24, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x244
Alan Turner passes away. Vanessa is asked to help a human patient at the farm. Kerry has some second thoughts.
October 24, 2013 42x243
A criminal opportunity manages to tempt Cain. Ali ruins Dan and Kerry’s plans for a romantic getaway together. Betty and Victoria get ready to throw a party to celebrate Alan’s return to the village.
October 23, 2013 42x242
Cain has a surprising proposition for Moira. Vanessa is upset after Rhona decides to keep her distance.
October 22, 2013 42x241
Somebody considers the idea of ruining one of the villager’s lives. Cain’s not happy after he finds out about Moira’s plans to sell the farm.
October 21, 2013 42x240
The fallout from the siege continues after somebody is torn from their lover. Paddy decides to go to see Rhona. Andy is concerned about Amy as she continues to make a play for Kyle.
October 18, 2013 42x239
The victims of the siege are concerned that life inthe village will never be the same. Joanie comes to a decision regarding Amy’s relationship with Kyle.
October 17, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x238
Cameron’s hostages make one last attempt to escape. The police get ready to make their move but it could be too late.
October 17, 2013 42x237
Cameron gives a couple of his hostages with an impossible choice. Declan attempts to put aside his differences with Moira.
October 16, 2013 42x236
Cameron has the pub under siege and one of the villagers ends up being shot. Marlon lies lifelessly in the flooded cellar as the water rises. Sean tells Ali about Ruby’s plan to leave.
October 15, 2013 42x235
Cameron puts his plan for Debbie into motion. Alicia ends up admitting to David her true feelings. Lindy has a tempting proposition for Ruby.
October 14, 2013 42x234
After Sarah goes missing, Debbie is scared that Cameron is responsible for her disappearance. Ruby has some shocking news to give to her mother. Alicia attempts to get through Priya’s hen night without cracking up.
October 11, 2013 42x233
Paddy feels torn over whether to admit what happened to Rhona. A face from Ruby’s past shows up in Emmerdale.
October 10, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x232
Debbie realises that her recent troubles are not over yet. Paddy is scared that Vanessa has revealed his secret.
October 10, 2013 42x231
Cameron manages to escape. Marlon’s shocked to find out about Paddy’s recent indiscretion. Belle is encouraged to give Sean another chance.
October 9, 2013 42x230
Amy makes a mistake that she might regret forever. Chas is furious to see Debbie back in the arms of the Dingle family. Paddy seeks comfort from a former flame.
October 8, 2013 42x229
Amy nearly lose Kyle forever. Rishi confronts Rodney about his secret activities. Ruby is concerned that Ali could be getting cold feet over trying for a baby.
October 7, 2013 42x228
Amy's upset to find out about Joanie's true feelings towards her. Edna is concerned that Ashley could return to his bad habits following his recent rejection. Rodney finds it hard to keep his secret life from Georgia.
October 4, 2013 42x227
Eric is scared that his relationship with Amy has been spolit. Laurel and Marlon’s news fails to please everyone. Georgia unwittingly ends up enjoying the fruits of Rodney’s labour.
October 3, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x226
Ashley gets ready to tell Laurel how he really feels. Rodney takes on his first client. Amy’s family dinner ends up being an overwhelming experience for Joanie.
October 3, 2013 42x225
Laurel finds out about Marlon’s secret plans. Rodney makes a strange career decision. Amy ends up being in over her head as she creates a meal for Joanie.
October 2, 2013 42x224
Marlon is planning a surprise for Laurel. Kerry’s concerned after she finds out about Andy and Amy’s relationship. Nicola is determined to save her marriage.
October 1, 2013 42x223
The police attempt to find out the truth behind Jimmy’s accident. Amy is given surprising news from Joanie.
September 30, 2013 42x222
Nicola’s upser to find out about Jimmy’s accident. Val and Victoria’s efforts to distract Amy are unsuccessful. Laurel has a strange proposition for Marlon.
September 27, 2013 42x221
Jimmy's tiredness ends up having some dangerous consequences. Moira continues with her plans to sell the farm.
September 26, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x220
Amy thinks about taking some drastic action to be with Kyle. Jimmy's upset to learn the true extent of Nicola’s betrayal. Dom confronts Alicia about her feelings for David.
September 26, 2013 42x219
Amy finds it hard to remedy Eric's blunder. David is concerned that he’s hurting Alicia. Marlon’s shocked to learn Paddy and Rhona have broken up.
September 25, 2013 42x218
Eric ends up making an inexcusable mistake. Rhona attempts to save her marriage. Nicola manages to ruffle a few feathers at her new job at the factory.
September 24, 2013 42x217
Paddy and Rhona’s relationship implodes even further. Amy is concerned that she’ll be unable to hide her secret. Nicola's first day at the factory doesn't go the way she hoped it would.
September 23, 2013 42x216
Cameron has his day in court. Rhona ends up betraying Paddy’s trust again. Amy feels uneasy over Val’s excitement over Kyle.
September 20, 2013 42x215
Cameron faces the consequences of what he has done. Brenda gets ready to make a difficult phone call to Nikhil.
September 19, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x214
Cameron is confronted by Debbie about his lies. Dom is concerned that Alicia still has feelings for David. Rhona and Vanessa attempt to sort out their differences.
September 19, 2013 42x213
Debbie makes one last effort to expose Cameron. Alicia finds it hard to keep up a brave face as she plans David’s wedding. Eric is not happy to discover that the B&B is off the market.
September 18, 2013 42x212
Cameron is suspicious about Debbie's behaviour. Megan learns the truth from Alicia about her feelings for David. Amy and Kerry grow closer.
September 17, 2013 42x211
Debbie finds it hard to get a confession out of Cameron. Alicia’s gets confirmation of her and David’s annulment. Kyle is introduced to Amy's family.
September 16, 2013 42x210
After Cameron proposes, Debbie is shocked. Moira’s morals end up being tested after Cain offer her a lifeline. Ali and Ruby receive a surprisong offer from Dan.
September 13, 2013 42x209
Debbie’s accepts a dangerous proposition. Charity and Cain's plan is under threat. Ruby’s is concerned her dreams of being a mother are never going to happen.
September 12, 2012 [Episode 2] 42x208
Chas attempts to convince Debbie to talk to the police. Charity and Cain’s plans see an unexpected spanner being thrown in the works. Ruby and Ali are upet by Sean’s reaction to their baby plans.
September 12, 2013 42x207
Chas is shocked as Debbie fills her in about Cameron. Nicola attempts to deals with the fall out of her fling with Steve. Cain gets Charity’s help working on a new venture.
September 11, 2013 42x206
Debbie’s shocked after she listens to the voice recorder. Nicola makes a confession. Dan faces the prospect of Bob leaving.
September 10, 2013 42x205
Nicola needs to decide whether to accept Steve's proposal. Zak attempts to talk some sense into Amy. Ali realises just how serious Ruby is about wanting to have a baby.
September 9, 2013 42x204
With Adam on the run, Moira’s corncerned what will happen to him. Steve makes a move on Nicola. Zak finds out the secrets that Amy has been hiding.
September 6, 2013 42x203
Adam thinks that Declan has set him up. Cameron’s shocked to find out the true identities of his blackmailers. Steve manages to charm Nicola once again.
September 5, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x202
Adam’s upset after those closest to him believe that he is guilty. Cameron’s blackmailer steps things up another level. Amy is reunited with her son.
September 5, 2013 42x201
Adam's protests manage to fall on deaf ears. Amy comes up with a plan to try and get closer to Kyle.
September 4, 2013 42x200
An innocent man ends up being arrested for Cameron’s actions. Paddy’s forced to call for help in dealing with Rhona. Amy is warned by Victoria to stay away from Kyle.
September 3, 2013 42x199
Rhona suffers has to deal with some withdrawal symptoms as she attempts to go cold turkey. Cameron works to frame somebody else for Alex’s murder.
September 2, 2013 42x198
Cameron believes that he’s found the identity of his blackmailer. Rhona is concerned that she will lose Paddy in her battle against the addiction.
August 30, 2013 42x197
Cameron receives some anonymous messages from a blackmailer. Rhona and Paddy get ready to try and fight her addiction together. Charity and Jai decide to try and make things work betwwen them for Noah’s sake.
August 29, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x196
Paddy is not sure whether he’ll be able to forgive Rhona. Sandy and Sean’s scheme against Eric doesn not go to plan. Charity’s upset to find out the reason behind Noah’s disappearance.
August 29, 2013 42x195
Rhona is shocked as she finds out the long term effects of her drug overdose. Charity and Alicia begin to panic after their sons disappear. Sandy and Sean plot to right one of Eric’s wrongs.
August 28, 2013 42x194
Rhona’s life hangs in the balance as more secrets are revealed. Cameron fcomes up with a plan to pin his crimes on somebody else. Amy bonds with Zak over her feelings for Kyle.
August 27, 2013 42x193
Rhona’s affair sees her on a dangerous downward spiral. Cameron is worried as he is questioned by the police.
August 26, 2013 42x192
Paddy is shocked to discover Rhona and Vanessa in a compromising situation together. The police make door to door enquires. Everybody is left feeling stunned as news of Alex’ murder spreads around the village.
August 23, 2013 42x191
Cameron is stunned to hear that Alex’s body has been discovered. Things go from bad to worse for Declan. Val and Eric confront Amy about her feelings for Kyle.
August 22, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x190
Megan’s got even more bad news for Declan. Rhona attempts to sort things out with Paddy but it could be too late. Dan uses Kerry’s jealousy to his advantage.
August 22, 2013 42x189
Declan feels the pressure after the the police uncover the truth about his duplicitous behaviour. Rhona is confronted by Paddy. Kerry is upset after she witnesses a tender moment between Chas and Dan.
August 21, 2013 42x188
Home Farm is under lockdown as the police step up up their investigation. Paddy discovers some proof that Rhona has been lying to him.
August 20, 2013 42x187
Nihkil and Molly say goodbye to the village. The police make a shocking discovery on Declan’s land. Paddy shares his suspicions about Rhona with Marlon.
August 19, 2013 42x186
After the police arrive to dig the site, Declan is left feeling o edge. Brenda is upset afyer she finds out about Nikhil’s plans to leave the village with Molly. Cain’s upsets as he watches Cameron and Debbie grow closer.
August 16, 2013 42x185
Cain takes some dangerous steps to keep Cameron out of his daughter's life. Nikhil gets ready to leave the village but Jai throws a spanner in the works.
August 15, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x184
Chas is shocked after Cameron makes a stunning confession. Nicola’s forced to ask Steve for financial help once again. Nikhil continues with his plan to move away in secret.
August 15, 2013 42x183
The villagers come together to attend Gennie’s funeral. Chas begins to grow suspicious of Debbie and Cameron. Bob and Rodney are worried after they are unable to find Brenda.
August 14, 2013 42x182
Declan has to deal with the repercussions of Katie’s actions. Cameron stays away from Chas and unsettles her in the process. Debbie is not looking forward to attending Gennie’s funeral.
August 13, 2013 42x181
Katie makes a difficult decision about the body at Home Farm. Brenda is forced to takes drastic action in an effort to force Nikhil to deal with his grief. Amy finds it hard to move on after seeing Kyle.
August 12, 2013 42x180
After Amy sees Kyle again she feels maternal. Katie needs to decide whether to expose Declan or not. Nikhil makes plans to leave the village for good.
August 9, 2013 42x179
Amy comes to an important decision concerning her son. Vanessa informs Paddy that Rhona could be seeing somebody else. Nihkil decides not to go to Gennie’s funeral.
August 8, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x178
Marlon attempts stop Laurel from taking revenge. Amy’s shocked to learn that her son’s adoptive parents have passed away. Alicia finds her her new living situation difficult.
August 8, 2013 42x177
Laurel confronts the carjacker. Eric makes a stunning discovering about Amy’s son. Gemma attempts to sort things out with Belle.
August 7, 2013 42x176
Laurel manages to get her hands on the carjacker’s address. Paddy wants to try and save his marriage. Val and Eric wait as the press come to view the B&B.
August 6, 2013 42x175
Rhona begins to recover in hospital folowing an adverse reaction to ther drugs she took. Laurel believes that she has found her carjacker. Jacob notices Alicia’s reluctance to move in with Dom.
August 5, 2013 42x174
Rhona tries a new drug that has some severe consequences. Nicola’s attempts to deal with her mother’s suspicions of Steve.
August 2, 2013 42x173
David attempts to get through to Nihkil. Steve uses Bernice to play mind games on her sister.
August 1, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x172
The Sharma family attempt to help Nihkil. Val and Eric’s efforts to dell the B&B are dashed.
August 1, 2013 42x171
Nikhil learns some news. Cain lets to be known that he knows a secret. Nicola threatens to expose the truth about Steve.
July 31, 2013 42x170
Cameron is worried as Debbie suggests it's time for the truthto come out. Steve lets Nicola know that he has no intentions of leaving. Rhona’s addiction gets worse.
July 30, 2013 42x169
Nihkil causes concern after he distances himself from the baby. Nicola’s worried as Steve and Jimmy bond.
July 29, 2013 42x168
Cameron and Debbie are on tenderhooks. Debbie finds it hard to deal with her guilt over what has happened recently.
July 26, 2013 42x167
Debbie’s shocked by the consequences of Gennie listening in on her conversation. Dan attempts to make amends with Kerry. Nikhil is upset as he is unable to find Gennie.
July 25, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x166
Cameron and Debbie realise Gennie has overheard everything that they have been discussing. An admission is made by Sean. Nikhil is worried about Gennie.
July 25, 2013 42x165
Gennie continues to listen in as Debbie and Cameron talk. Kerry comes to Sean’s rescue. Rhona feels betrayed after she discovers that Vanessa hasn’t kept her secret.
July 24, 2013 42x164
Cameron makes a confession to Debbie, unaware that Gennie can hear everything. Sean accuses Kerry of stealing money from the fundraiser.
July 23, 2013 42x163
Debbie makes a confession which stuns Cameron. Victoria’s efforts to sort things out with Betty don't go to plan. Kerry continues to try and find it hard to win over Sean.
July 22, 2013 42x162
Gennie is determined to stop Chas from going ahead and marrying Cameron. Victoria and Betty's realtionship takes a turn for the worse. Kerry is able to convince Declan to host a charity table football tournament.
July 19, 2013 42x161
Debbie’s not happy after she fnds out that Chas and Cameron plan to get married. Dan and Kerry show off their matching tattoos. Brenda asks Bob move in with her.
July 18, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x160
Brenda and Bob finally commit to each other. Gennie feels suspicious about Debbie and Cameron. Sean lets Dan know that he doesn’t approve of Kerry.
July 18, 2013 42x159
Bob asks Brenda to marry him, clueless of just how soon the wedding will be. Laurel’s efforts to get over her carjacking leads her to act erratically. Amy and Victoria return from holiday to discover that they now have a new boss.
July 17, 2013 42x158
Nihkil’s left feeling surprised after Gennie encourages him to purchase the B&B. Marlon’s left feeling shocked after he learns that Laurel pursued her carjacker. Dan finds it hard to keep Brenda and Dan’s secrets from one another.
July 16, 2013 42x157
Laurel ends up getting Paddy’s help to find her carjacker. Vanessa’s pleased after Rhona agrees to go away with her. Val and Eric come up with a plan to try and scam Nihkil.
July 15, 2013 42x156
Vanessa manages to manipulate Rhona into cancelling a trip away with Paddy. Marlon is concerned that Laurel is unable to get over the carjacking. Bob decides he’ll propose to Brenda.
July 12, 2013 42x155
Rhona ends up being caught out after Vanessa confronts her about her lies. Brenda is encouraged by Bob not to be ashamed of her shaven head.
July 11, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x154
Gennie's stunned after Brenda wants to shave off all her hair. Rhona lets Pearl take the blame for the fake break in.
July 11, 2013 42x153
Rhona ends up sinking to a new low after she stages a break in at the vets. Laurel is unable to help the police find her carjacker. Brenda determines to hold a ceremony before her hair falls out.
July 10, 2013 42x152
Sandy attempts to make things up with Edna. Val and Eric attempt to get Bernice and Steve to invest in the B&B.
July 9, 2013 42x151
Rhona's addiction ends up putting Laurel and Leo in real danger. Cameron promises Debbie that he’ll back off. Edna and Sandy clash over his behaviour.
July 8, 2013 42x150
Debbie warns Cameron to stay away despite having shared a kiss with him. Rhona is scared that she has been caught out. Nicola and Steve come close to shaing an intimate moment.
July 5, 2013 42x149
Diane confronts Nicola. Rhona finds it hard to hide the true state of her addiction.
July 4, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x148
Debbie tries to leave the country with her children. Katie has had enough and decides she wants a divorce.
July 4, 2013 42x147
Cameron and Debbie find themselves feeling too close for comfort. Declan attempts to make Katie feel jealous. Nicola’s surprised to find out that Steve’s paid off a debt for her.
July 3, 2013 42x146
Declan becomes aware of his wife’s duplicity. Gennie starts to like the idea of owning the B&B.
July 2, 2013 42x145
Katie gets back together with Declan but is she really ready to forgive and forget. Nikhil’s left feeling upset by Gennie’s reaction to his new business idea. Andy informs Cain that Debbie night not be getting the children back.
July 1, 2013 42x144
Debbie finds it hard to deal with life without her children. Katie’s revenge on Declan has some huge consequences for Andy. Nikhil surprises his family after announcing his plans to purchase the B&B.
June 28, 2013 42x143
Declan’s furious to discover that Adam and Katie have slept with each other. Brenda feels deflated after she realises a surprise wedding isn’t possible. Andy finds it hard to work and take care of the children at the same time.
June 27, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x142
Debbie is shocked after Andy takes the children. Katie’s plans to report Declan are scuppered. Dan thinks the worst after he discovers that Kerry’s taken his van.
June 27, 2013 42x141
Robbie causes problems for Debbie. Brenda makes a decision that surprises Gennie. Kerry's hurt as she hears Dan playing down their relationship.
June 26, 2013 42x140
As Belle lies unconscious in a hospital bed, Debbie feels repsonsible. Nihkil’s intrigued to find out about Val and Eric’s plans to sell the B&B. Brenda’s shocked to discover that her hair is falling out.
June 25, 2013 42x139
Belle’s taken to hospital after she drinks Debbie’s vodka. Dan denies that he and Kerry are together even though they have shared a kiss.
June 24, 2013 42x138
Katie lets Chas know about her plans to report Declan to the police. Debbie gets rid of her dodgy alcohol, unaware she’s left a case behind. Charity’s furious to find out that Chas has betrayed her confidence.
June 21, 2013 42x137
Katie manages to get her revenge in front of everyone. Debbie blackmails Dominic into helping her get rid of the dodgy alcohol.
June 20, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x136
Katie realises that she has found the perfect way to get even with Declan. Dan and Kerry give in to their feelings for each other.
June 20, 2013 42x135
Katie discovers Declan’s cover-up and has to deal with a dilemma. Kerry realises that whoever ran her over, knows her.
June 19, 2013 42x134
Declan is forced into action after a body is discovered at the Glamping site. Kerry attempts to remember details of the hit and run. Rhona manages to get her hands on a new set of pills.
June 18, 2013 42x133
Rhona’s first session with her support group doesn’t go the way she hoped. The Sharma family attempt to win Nikhil round but he’s determined to find a new job. Dan’s feelings for Kerry could be more than just friendship.
June 17, 2013 42x132
Jai’s plan to sort things out with with Nihkil do not go to plan. Rhona’s odd behaviour causes Paddy concern.
June 14, 2013 42x131
Nikhil finds it hard to reconnect with his family. Adam feels guilty about what happened. Kerry finds herself with nowhere to stay.
June 13, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x130
Andy finds out the truth about Kerry’s ‘pregnancy’. Cain helps Adam to try and conceal the truth about what happened.
June 13, 2013 42x129
Adam begins to panic as Kerry lies in hospital on a life support machine. Moira jumps to conclusions after she sees Cain’s bloodied car. Gennie makes a deal with Nikhil.
June 12, 2013 42x128
Adam is involved in a hit and run after getting drunk. Gemma’s makes an important decision concerning her pregnancy.
June 11, 2013 42x127
Gemma and Sean’s big secret is revealed by Dominic. Gennie continues to hide the fact that she is having secret driving lessons. Kerry’s surprised after Amy announces that she’s moving to Portugal.
June 10, 2013 42x126
Sean and Bell take a massive step in their relationship. Dominic hears a surprising confession from Gemma. Brenda starts to feel smothered by everybody.
June 7, 2013 42x125
Alicia lies to Dom to try and cover for Gemma. Debbie’s on edge as she gets ready for a visit from Social Services.
June 6, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x124
Debbie is determined to discover who’s reported her. Rhona agrees to go to ‘Addiction Support’. Amy attempts to hide her concerns about moving to Portugal.
June 6, 2013 42x123
Debbie’s upset after she receives a call from social services. Cameron attempts to save his relationships with both his children and Chas. Rhona finally tells Vanessa that she needs help.
June 5, 2013 42x122
Robbie finds out that Debbie turned him in and becomes determined to get her back. Rhona’s more worried about with her pills than baby Leo taking his first steps.
June 4, 2013 42x121
Vanessa finds out how far Rhona will go to feed her addiction. Debbie decides to get even with Robbie. Dan tries to fight his feelings for Kerry.
June 3, 2013 42x120
Rhona reaches a new low to feed her addiction. Robbie has no clue that Debbie is on to him. Andy offers Kerry his support.
May 31, 2013 42x119
Tension between Adam and Cain increases. Vanessa encourages Rhona to be honest about her addiction.
May 30, 2013 42x118
Adam is determined to prove that Cain will cheat on Moira at some point. Dan offers Kerry a lifeline after she is rejected by Andy. Rhona’s drug addiction gets worse.
May 29, 2013 42x117
Kerry is determined to keep her lie going. Nicola secretly accepts the offer from Steve. Robbie’s lies have some serious consequences for Debbie.
May 28, 2013 42x116
Kerry interrupts Andy and Amy as they share a kiss with a stunning revelation. Nicola receives an offer from Steve that she finds hard to resist. Robbie’s hold on Debbie increases.
May 27, 2013 42x115
Robbie is able to manipulate Debbie into making him feel her protector. Nicola feels nervous as Angel takes her test. Andy’s encouraged to make a play for Amy.
May 24, 2013 42x114
Debbie ends up being out of her depth with Kirk. Chas has to decide whether she can forgive Cameron after last night’s events. Nicola hopes that Angel will get a scholarship.
May 23, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x113
Cameron is determined to stop Chas from discovering the truth. Robbie is jealous when Debbie goes out on a date.
May 23, 2013 42x112
Chas feels suspicious as Cameron prepares himself for a grim undertaking. Rhona is not happy when Vanessa checks up on her. Debbie ignores a warning from her mother.
May 22, 2013 42x111
Rhona ends up admitting to Vanessa that she needs her help. Cameron has to do something fast after work begins on the burial site. Jai feels frustrated by Rachel’s big decision.
May 21, 2013 42x110
When Vanessa attempts to help Rhona it does not go down well. Sam and Rachel have to make a difficult decision after Samson runs away. Gennie is not happy when she has to spend time with Cameron.
May 20, 2013 42x109
Rhona some takes drastic action in an effort to try and deal with her cravings. Rishi tries to build some bridges with Priya. Ali is shocked by Megan's admission.
May 17, 2013 42x108
Alicia decides to air her true feelings. Rhona finds it hard to cope with her cravings. Tensions increasee as Megan becomes fed up with Robbie’s attitude towards her.
May 16, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x107
Things are looking bad for Sean as Megan and Dan attempt to save his life. Debbie makes sure Cain pays for his decision to turn his back on her. Alicia is surprised to learn David was responsible for her date with Dom.
May 16, 2013 42x106
Sean ends up in a dangerous situation. Charity finds out that Cain has turned his back on their daughter. Alicia has misgivings about her first date with Dominic.
May 14, 2013 42x105
Andy’s kids are in danger because of Kerry's actions. Debbie is determined to seal the deal but ends up pushing Cain too far. David attempts to come to terms with losing two women while Priya wonders if she’s misjudged him.
May 13, 2013 42x104
Kerry is irresponsible as she babysits Sarah and Jack. Debbie feels a connection with a new client. Alicia accepts a dinner invitation, determined to try and forget about David.
May 10, 2013 42x103
David attempts to make a move on Alicia. Kerry goes too far as she argues with Amy.
May 9, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x102
David is left feeling upset after Priya makes a decision about their wedding. Rhona attempts to cover her concerns when Dr Abbott reduces her painkiller dosage.
May 9, 2013 42x101
A scared Brenda goes to the hospital for her results. Cameron attempts to make amends with Gennie.
May 8, 2013 42x100
Cameron comes up with a lie to stop Chas from discovering the truth. Val is not happy after she learns about Amy and Andy's kiss. Priya gives David an ultimatum after she sees him holding Archie.
May 7, 2013 42x99
Cameron is furious with Gennie for dripping poison into Chas's ear. Vanessa and Paddy are concerned about Rhona's whereabouts. Rishi is shocked after Priya asks him to take a paternity test.
May 6, 2013 42x98
Cameron attempts to move the body. Andy attempts to discover the truth from Sarah. Rhona leaves the party after she finds it hard to cope without her painkillers.
May 3, 2013 42x97
Chas follows Cameron as he prepares to move the body. Andy feels bad about lying and causing problems between Amy and Kerry. Vanessa reluctantly agreese to move in to Brook.
May 2, 2013 42x96
Kerry is shocked after Amy informs her what happened with her and Andy. Cameron gets ready to move Alex’s body. Paddy organises a party to celebrate the new Vet’s partnership.
May 1, 2013 42x95
Amy finds out that Kerry has left Andy’s children by themselves. Declan enjoys his hold over Jai. Megan's plans are thwarted after Robbie sticks to his guns and refuses to move in to Brook.
April 30, 2013 42x94
Gossip spreads around the village and Nikhil’s upset as he seems to be the last to know. Amy meets a new man in her attempt to forget aboutr Andy.
April 29, 2013 42x93
Rachel goes to the factory to face the fallout. Priya is surprised to discover about Archie’s father. Declan’s not happy to find out that Steve’s managed to get one over on him.
April 26, 2013 42x92
Charity decides to confront Jai. Steve looks forward to getting even with an unsuspecting Declan.
April 25, 2013 42x91
Rachel attempts to help her sister but manages to make things worse. Brenda finds it hard to put a brave face on as she gets ready for her surgery.
April 24, 2013 42x90
Cameron returns to the village. Cain and Charity are concerned that their daughter is out of control. Brenda gets ready for her operation. Megan makes an inspection.
April 23, 2013 42x89
Chas attempts to escape Debbie’s clutches. Vanessa becomes a partner at the Vets.
April 22, 2013 42x88
Robbie refuses to have anything to do with Debbie's plan. Jimmy is surprised after Jude exposes Nicola's lies to the education authority. Paddy is reluctant to sign the partnership paperwork.
April 19, 2013 42x87
Moira’s concerned that Cain blames his daughter for his loss. Lisa’s determined to try and make Chas and Debbie see sense.
April 18, 2013 42x86
Cameron and Chas begin to panic after the children go missing. Amy’s upset by Andy’s behavior in front of Kerry. Cain attempts to convince Moira to change her mind.
April 17, 2013 42x85
Andy and Amy share an unexpected moment. Brenda's family support her as she makes a brave step. Chas is provoked by Debbie to loose it in front of Cameron’s children.
April 16, 2013 42x84
Brenda comes to a decision. Cameron confronts Debbie about using his children. Cain is concerned that Moira’s made a life changing decision without him.
April 15, 2013 42x83
Things end up going from bad to worse for Gennie and Nikhil on their wedding day. Debbie manages to get to Chas by using Cameron’s children. Moira’s revelation surprises Cain.
April 12, 2013 42x82
Gennie finds it hard to be enthusiastic about her wedding. Moira’s concerns are confirmed. Ali lets Sean keep his dog.
April 11, 2013 42x81
David confronts Dom in the pub about Alicia. Debbie hates seeing Chas with Cameron’s children. There is plenty of tension at Nikhil and Gennie’s stag and hen parties.
April 10, 2013 42x80
Kerry becomes scared after Amy confronts her about leaving Sarah home alone. Alicia warms to Dom. Bernice uses her sister to dig for information on Declan.
April 9, 2013 42x79
Kerry leaves Sarah home alone. Steve attempts to settle the score with Declan. Jimmy’s upset that he has failed Thomas.
April 8, 2013 42x78
Declan and Steve clash about the racehorse. Belle’s upset to discover that Thomas has left without saying goodbye first. Chas warns Cameron to deal with his temper.
April 5, 2013 42x77
Lisa is left feeling shaken by her daughter’s betrayal. Declan comes up with a plan to try and undermine Steve. Sean gets a new best friend.
April 4, 2013 42x76
The village is left feeling shocked by Belle and Thomas bid for freedom. Nikhil and Gennie efforts to include Brenda in their wedding does not go to plan. Ali comes up with some underhand tactics to try to get the workers a pay raise.
April 3, 2013 42x75
Bob is left shocked after the reality of Brenda’s situation hits him. Thomas uses Sean to help him come up with a plan. Paddy is unnerved by the new dynamic at the vets.
April 2, 2013 42x74
Brenda is determined to get her family to listen to her. Paddy is shocked after Vanessa makes him and Rhona an offer. Thomas and Belle are upset about their parents’ efforts to keep them apart.
April 1, 2013 42x73
Belle is concerned that Thomas will finish with her over the photos. Gennie is cynical about Brenda’s efforts to find an alternative to surgery. Tensions increase between Ali and Lisa.
March 29, 2013 42x72
Belle’s shocked to find out that her racy photo’s been circulated around. Megan pressures Declan to confront Cameron.
March 28, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x71
Cameron decides to try and teach Robbie a lesson he’ll never forget. Gemma has a massive falling out with Belle.
March 28, 2013 42x70
Jai attempts to take a harder line with Rachel. David becomes a reluctant babysitter as Alicia goes out on a date.
March 27, 2013 42x69
Rachel’s under pressure as Jai becomes more demanding. Alicia’s determined to save her career. Robbie and Debbie enjoy annoying Cameron.
March 26, 2013 42x68
Sam’s left lost for words after Rachel asks him to move in with her. Katie’s determined to discover what’s going on between Declan and Jai.
March 25, 2013 42x67
Jai is determined to gain revenge on Declan. Chas is not happy to discover that Cameron blackmailed Charity. Belle’s pleased to be making some progress with Thomas.
March 22, 2013 42x66
Charity is worried that she has lost Jai for good as he makes a huge decision. Alicia jeopardises her career to help save David’s relationship.
March 21, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x65
Declan is concerned after Jai returns to the house. Alicia’s feels torn David asks her for a favour. Declan lies to stop Katie’s suspicions.
March 21, 2013 42x64
Charity feels torn whether to admit to Jai about her fling with Declan. Alicia and David end up being thrown together after the photoshoot does not go to plan. Declan’s under pressure as he attempts to keep the truth from Katie.
March 20, 2013 42x63
Cameron has managed to get Charity over a barrel, just as Jai is about to return home. Laurel and Ashley are shocked to discover that Sandy is moving out. Kerry is determined to find work to get her out of babysitting duty.
March 19, 2013 42x62
Cameron manages to get one over Charity. Edna is surprised to find herself with a potential lodger. Gennie attempts to convince Bob to talk to Brenda about the operation.
March 18, 2013 42x61
Bob finds out the truth. Kerry’s finds it hard with Amy moving out. Edna feels anxious as she returns home alone.
March 15, 2013 42x60
Bob confronts Dan. Katie gives Paddy her final demands. Sandy is feeling down after learning that he doesn’t qualify for sheltered housing.
March 14, 2013 42x59
Cain’s increasingly concerned about his daughter's behaviour. Bob’s upset to see Brenda and Dan together and decides to confront Dan. Vanessa goes to extreme lengths to try and reconcile Paddy and Rhona.
March 13, 2013 42x58
Knowing that Cain is covering for Debbie, Moira decides to confront her. Realising that Robbie is the real thief, Cain gets what is owed to him. Rhona and Paddy clash about what to do about Vanessa.
March 12, 2013 42x57
Robbie ends up taking matters into his own hands. Katie increases her demands after Paddy drops Vanessa in it. Brenda tells Dan why she can't confide in Bob.
March 11, 2013 42x56
After Katie’s horse needs a vet things go wrong for Vanessa. Debbie gives her father an ultimatum after he stands up to her over Moira. Dan discovers Brenda's secret.
March 8, 2013 42x55
Brenda makes a heartbreaking choice. Rhona continues to work, hiding her back pain. Debbie begins to utilize Robbie’s affections for her.
March 7, 2013 42x54
Brenda’s biopsy results leave her with a difficult decision to make. Ashley puts himself on the line in an effort to help Sandy. Cameron does a u-turn aftern he finds Thomas upset.
March 6, 2013 42x53
Sandy’s upset to lose his secret hideaway. Bob’s confused as Brenda continues to push him away. Paddy’s not happy with Rhona and Vanessa’s drunken behaviour.
March 5, 2013 42x52
Brenda’s determined to make sure sure that Bob doesn't learn the truth. Sandy’s behavior worries both Ashley and Laurel. Paddy believes that he can pull off his catering project.
March 4, 2013 42x51
Gennie feels frustrated after Brenda leaves the hospital. Cameron’s frustrated after Chas puts her foot down about Thomas. Laurel’s suspicions increase after Sandy goes walkabout.
March 1, 2013 42x50
Brenda’s in denial after she receives bad news. Cameron’s still struggling with Thomas working at the pub. Sandy’s left feeling upset after Sean lets him down.
February 28, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x49
Gennie’s scared after Brenda suffers with a seizure. Cameron’s forced to play agony uncle to Thomas.
February 28, 2013 42x48
Brenda’s condition ends up leading to a near miss. Sam and Rachel take the first few steps with their fledgling relationship. Edna feels humiliated at being the centre of local gossip.
February 27, 2013 42x47
Sam and Rachel are forced to admit their feelings. Edna finds it hard to accept help. Brenda hides her concerns that something’s seriously wrong with her.
February 26, 2013 42x46
Jimmy finds an unconscious Edna. Georgia accuses of Brenda being drunk whilst in charge of Molly. Rachel’s not happy after Ruby attempts to get involved with her and Sam.
February 25, 2013 42x45
Edna makes one last attempt to get her life back on track. Declan will do anything keep the truth from Katie. Bob finds the courage to tell Brenda how he feels.
February 22, 2013 42x44
Edna manages to hits rock bottom. Katie’s determined to save her marriage to Declan. Bob hides his true feelings as Brenda goes on a date.
February 21, 2013 42x43
Charity and Declan end up playing with fire. Bob becomes more and more smitten with Brenda. Debbie’s not happy when Moira defends Chas.
February 20, 2013 42x42
Moira finally decides to give Cain another chance. Declan becomes the focus of Charity’s attention. Zak falls for his daughter's act much to Lisa'a annoyance.
February 19, 2013 42x41
Cain attempts to tell Moira how he really feels. Lisa and Zak find it hard to deal with Belle. Sandy ends up finding an unexpected friend in Sean.
February 18, 2013 42x40
Lisa and Zak receive a shock as they attempt to discipline Bell. Chas dares to believe that she’s finally getting somewhere with Cain. Ruby’s upset to see Sandy looking so low.
February 15, 2013 42x39
Chas pleads with Cain to stop hating her. Rachel is concerned that she’s lost her best friend.
February 14, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x38
Rachel’s left feeling upset after she makes a fool of herself in front of Sam. Cain humiliates Moira for flirting in the pub. Priya’s not haapy after she is forced to share her Valentine’s date.
February 14, 2013 42x37
David grabs a chance to sort out his issues with Jacob. Rachel agrees to tell Sam how she feels. Ashley finds it hard to adjust to his new living arrangements.
February 13, 2013 42x36
Alicia attempts to remain upbeat about planning David and Priya’s wedding. Laurel’s surprised after Ashley and Gabby move in with Bernice. Lisa warns Rachel not to hurt Sam.
February 12, 2013 42x35
Ashley feels at a loss after Gabby’s caught drinking at school. David asks Priya to move in with him. Ali begins to think that there could be more to Sam and Rachel’s friendship.
February 11, 2013 42x34
Katie comes to a massive decision about her future with Declan. Gabby lies that her stolen money was a present from Bernice. Debbie takes advantage of the crush that Robbie has on her.
February 8, 2013 42x33
Debbie puts herself in really a dangerous position. Declan pushes Katie to breaking point. Ashley feels powerless to protect his family.
February 7, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x32
Debbie’s furious after her father attempts to fight her battles for her. Declan’s adamant that Katie’s been avoiding him. Sean feels guilty after he sees the impact of the prank he played on Sandy.
February 7, 2013 42x31
Debbie feels tempted to take her business into a darker area. Thomas encourages Sean to cause some mischief at Sandy’s expense. Ashley is feeling sidelined by Steve.
February 5, 2013 42x30
Gennie and Nikhil find themselves being pushed to the limits on Molly’s Christening day. Moira’s certain taht she’s made the right decision about Cain. Paddy begins to notice the gulf widen between him and Rhona.
February 4, 2013 42x29
Cain has no choice but to open up to Moira, but is it could be too much for her to handle. Chas has second thoughts about her engagement to Cameron.
February 1, 2013 42x28
Cain and Cameron clash over the engagement. Moira’s shocked to witness the extent of Cain’s hatred. Lisa and Dom become involved in Belle and Gemma’s argument.
January 31, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x27
Cameron attempts to prove that he’s serious about Chas. Lisa’s upset to find out that Belle’s giving into peer pressure.
January 31, 2013 42x26
Cameron finally returns to Emmerdale. Lisa decides it’s time to teach her daughter a valuable lesson. Eric is worried about David’s wedding plans.
January 30, 2013 42x25
Chas become a victim to Thomas’ manipulation of Sean. David feels conflicted after Alicia heads off to Scotland. Zak and Lisa continue to battle with their daughter.
January 29, 2013 42x24
Lisa discovers her daughter in a compromising situation. Chas begins to feel concerned that Cameron might never come back. Alicia wants to escape everything that is going on around her.
January 28, 2013 42x23
Alicia’s upset to learn about David and Priya’s engagement. Belle feels nervous as Luke comes round for tea. Chas feels more and more isolated without Cameron.
January 25, 2013 42x22
David accidentally ends up asking Priya to marry him. Rishi feels awkward after Charity insists there’s no future for her and Jai. Thomas attempts to poison Sean’s mind against Chas.
January 24, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x21
Charity refuses to go away with Jai after becoming unhappy with his erratic behavior. Priya and Alicia battle it out for the job at Home Farm.
January 24, 2013 42x20
Rachel confronts Jai after his jealousy increases. Belle is out of her depth, not sure what Luke expects of her. Megan’s not impressed after Robbie refuses to carry on working for her.
January 22, 2013 42x19
Rachel starts to panic after the time arrives to finally bring Archie home. Dominic attempts to play hardball with Debbie to get what he wants. Alicia and Priya both go after the same job at Home Farm.
January 21, 2013 42x18
Debbie is isssued with an ultimatum from Dominic after he discovers her plan. Moira is able to get Cain to open up to her. Charity takes a risk to try and help Debbie.
January 18, 2013 42x17
Debbie takes some extreme measures to get what she wants from Dominic. Alicia admits her true feelings for David to Val. Edna’s left alone and isolated after turning down help from Paddy.
January 17, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x16
Debbie attempts to assure Cain that she’s in control after things end up going too far with Dominic. Priya’s not happy with David for attempting to keep everybody happy. Edna’s furious after Vanessa manages to overstep the mark.
January 17, 2013 42x15
Charity’s concerned about her daughter’s plan to use Dominic to help her business. Priya confronts Alicia. Vanessa’s concerned that something’s wrong with Edna.
January 16, 2013 42x14
Alicia is forced to make a difficult decision about her and David. Priya ends up being branded a scarlet woman after the village learns that she’s with David. Debbie comes up with an idea for a new business.
January 15, 2013 42x13
Declan’s upset to find out the full extent of Megan’s lies. Jacob takes some extreme lengths to try and get his mother and David back together. Vanessa continues to try and win Edna around.
January 14, 2013 42x12
Robbie feels betrayed after Megan promises Declan that she’ll stay to help him. David returns from holiday with Priya, upset by the fact that Jacob hates him. Bob’s not sure what to do after Dan attempts to convince him to make a move on Brenda.
January 11, 2013 42x11
Jimmy has to make a difficult decision. Katie opens up to Andy, unsure whether her marriage is over. Bob begins to realise that he’s developing feelings for Brenda.
January 10, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x10
Chas is left feeling shocked after her stalker’s identity is revealed. Bob’s attention ends up being drawn elsewhere as he vyies with Dan for Vanessa’s affection. Declan and Katie are involved in a confrontation.
January 10, 2013 42x09
Chas fears for her life after her stalker starts to become violent. Moira sees a confrontation between Chas and Cain. Dan and Bob go to some big lengths to try and snare a woman.
January 9, 2013 42x08
Chas begins to feel concerned after she receives some disturbing pictures of her and Carl. Moira feels frustrated after Cain avoids her calls. Nicola’s supportive of Jimmy after Carl’s headstone shows up.
January 8, 2013 42x07
Jai’s left feeling devastated after Charity comes to a decision about their marriage. Nicola’s not happy about Jimmy’s efforts to protect and help Chas. Chas feels touched afterGennie asks her to be Molly’s godmother.
January 7, 2013 42x06
After witnessing Jai’s behavior spiral out of control, Nikhil is forced to act quickly to protect the business. Bernice continues to try and manipulate Chas into selling. Rachel’s pleased to discover that Archie’s well enough to be allowed home.
January 4, 2013 42x05
Jai attempts to hide the truth, but unconvinced Charity insists they stay apart. Rachel feels unnerved after Charity begins asking questions. Cameron gets ready to leave for Jersey.
January 3, 2013 [Episode 2] 42x04
Charity’s hand ends up forced after an argument between Jai and Rishi. Cameron considers leaving the village. Katie finds it hard to deal with her feelings of helplessness.
January 3, 2013 42x03
Rachel and Rishi are concerned that Jai is struggling to cope with not being able to see Archie. Cameron’s not pleased after a stranger shows up asking difficult questions.
January 2, 2013 42x02
Katie thinks about leaving Declan. Zak and Lisa are concerned about Belle’s behaviour. Nicola struggles to keep Jimmy focused following the trial.
January 1, 2013 42x01
Katie feels hurt after Megan reveals Declan’s true feelings. Worried for Moira, Zak confronts Cain about his intentions towards her. Edna is an unexpected new co-worker at the factory.

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