Emmerdale is a British soap focusing on the lives of several families and locals living around an estate, a farm and the nearby village in the Yorkshire Dales. It is the second longest British soap in television history since airing its first episode on ITV in 1972, as 'Emmerdale Farm', the show was renamed in 1989. Add to my shows

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Friday 19th April 50x95
Amelia makes an alarming discovery. Billy considers a risky venture. Dawn is shaken by an appearance. Kim's request worries Rhona.

Latest episodes

Thursday 18th April 50x94
Priya attempts to make amends. Kerry finds a distraction. Paddy reaches the end of his tether.
Thursday 18th April 50x93
Moira shares her worries. Priya vents her frustrations. Kerry's deception takes its toll.
Wednesday 17th April 50x92
Moira oversteps the mark. Priya feels pushed out by Aiesha. Harriet makes another disturbing discovery.
Tuesday 16th April 50x91
Faith's attempts to help go awry. Matty confides in Victoria. An incident leaves Harriet terrified.
Tuesday 16th April 50x90
Aaron and Robert are given hope. David offers Jacob a respite. Victoria and Moira are forced together.
Monday 15th April 50x89
Jacob is driven to desperate measures. Robert offers encouragement to Aaron. The finger of suspicion is pointed at Dawn.
Friday 12th April 50x88
Billy's rattled by a phone call. Kerry blocks Dan's attempts to reconnect. Kim's request worries Rhona.
Thursday 11th April 50x87
Bob is convinced he's on to a winner. Ellis and Victoria reconnect. Paddy and Vanessa weigh up their options.
Thursday 11th April 50x86
Victoria and Ellis's plan backfires. Rhona gives an ultimatum. Kim admits her true motivations.
Wednesday 10th April 50x85
Maya makes a plan. Rhona relays a surprising offer. Jai calls a truce with Manpreet.

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