Set in the East End of London, the show focuses on the tensions between love and family with stories ranging from hard-hitting social issues, to personal, human tragedies. And there's plenty of funny moments too. Classic characters old and new across thousands of episodes have shared a drink in The Queen Vic, shed tears of despair or joy, sat on Arthur's bench in the Square... and at some point or other they probably crossed paths with Ian Beale. Add to my shows

season 37

26/02/2021 37x33
Stacey is unable to contain her frustrations and an argument ensues. Kheerat finds himself out of his depth. Despite a set-back, Kim continues with her new business 
25/02/2021 37x32
Martin gives Ruby some good news, but Stacey isn't happy. Fed up of Sheree taking control, Isaac stands up for himself. Dotty has an idea to make some cash.
23/02/2021 37x31
Sharon puts her heart on the line, Ruby panics when Martin starts asking questions, and an overprotective Sheree issues a warning.
22/02/2021 37x30
Kat steps up for Phil, Kathy suggests a brothers night out for Peter and Bobby, and Isaac is set up on a date, but things don't go as planned. 
19/02/2021 37x29
Max makes a life-changing decision, and Stacey is on a mission to prove Ruby's lies. 
18/02/2021 37x28
With the evidence stacked against him, Phil is running out of options.Martin doesn't know what to believe, so seeks advice from Kush.
16/02/2021 37x27
Peter puts on a show for the square, and Max is determined to get Linda back at any cost.
15/02/2021 37x26
Max offers an olive branch to Linda, and Ash drowns her sorrows with Peter.
12/02/2021 - Part 2 37x25
Whitney gets a Valentine's Day kiss, Keegan is determined to make a change, and Phil looks out for Sharon on a tough day.
12/02/2021 - Part 1 37x24
Kathy takes action against Sharon, and the truth comes out for Chelsea and Lucas.
10/02/2021 37x23
Struggling to cope, Max reaches out to an unlikely source. A desperate Shirley and Mick take matters into their own hands.
08/02/2021 37x22
Chelsea fears the worst, and Big Mo lands a new job.
05/02/2021 37x21
Jack fears for Denise, Gray battles to keep his secrets hidden, and Billy struggles with his new venture. Ruby is desperate and uses an opportunity to her advantage.
04/02/2021 37x20
Mick is determined to find Tina, Denise confronts Lucas, and Billy goes on a desperate job hunt.
02/02/2021 37x19
Linda's suspicions grow, and she becomes determined to get to the truth. Denise is upset when Chelsea chooses her father over her, and fed up with Billy, Honey snaps.
01/02/2021 37x18
Max drops a bombshell in The Vic, Billy vents his anger at Jay, and Chelsea is more determined than ever to make things work.
29/01/2021 37x17
Lola's actions leave her in Billy's bad books, and Gray is left reeling after his proposition is turned down.
28/01/2021 37x16
Lexi takes charge of Ben's love life. Jack comes up with a risky plan but will Denise agree?
26/01/2021 37x15
A close call for Honey and Jay leads them to a big decision, and a desperate Kathy pushes Sharon for more answers.
25/01/2021 37x14
Alarm bells ring for Linda, and Chelsea finds herself in hot water.
22/01/2021 37x13
Sharon learns that revenge is a dish best served cold, and Mick is put in an impossible position.
21/01/2021 37x12
Sharon is wavering, but a voice from the past spurs her on. Bitterly disappointed, Iqra makes a difficult decision.
19/01/2021 37x11
Denise has a change of heart, but at what price? Suki's vicious tongue strikes again.
18/01/2021 37x10
Jay seizes an opportunity that could help Billy, and Frankie considers her future.
15/01/2021 37x09
When Denise hears the truth, she fears the worst. Gray struggles with Karen's new role, and Kathy is distraught and at a loss for what to do next.
14/01/2021 37x08
Jean forges ahead with her plan and offers some words of wisdom to a struggling Sheree. Shirley is determined to put her family first and wants answers. Martin finally realises what he wants.
12/01/2021 37x07
Jean is determined to do things her way, and Frankie spirals, leaving Callum worried. Ash and Iqra are drifting apart whilst an unlikely pair get closer.
11/01/2021 37x06
Shirley is stunned when she learns the truth and takes matters into her own hands. Denise is left questioning who she should believe.
08/01/2021 37x05
Martin gives Sonia some words of encouragement. Ben finds himself in a tricky situation with the police.
07/01/2021 37x04
Patrick tries too hard to please everyone. Ruby makes a snap decision in an attempt to keep Martin close. Gray tells Karen that he wants his kids back for good.
05/01/2021 37x03
Jack negotiates a deal with one person in mind and sparks fly with Denise. Whitney has a choice to make.
04/01/2021 37x02
A desperate Stacey turns on Ruby. Sonia struggles to cope and the cracks start to show. Callum's luck has ran out as Jack delivers bad news
01/01/2021 37x01
Memories once lost are bubbling at the surface. Will they break through? The Slaters worry about Kush, and Stuart finds himself in very hot water.

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