Set in the East End of London, the show focuses on the tensions between love and family with stories ranging from hard-hitting social issues, to personal, human tragedies. And there's plenty of funny moments too. Classic characters old and new across thousands of episodes have shared a drink in The Queen Vic, shed tears of despair or joy, sat on Arthur's bench in the Square... and at some point or other they probably crossed paths with Ian Beale. Add to my shows

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Tuesday 26th March 35x50
Whitney and Sonia learn a horrifying truth. Denise and Kim prepare to go into competition with Mitch. Phil realises the level of trouble he's in and resorts to desperate measures.

season 35

Monday 25th March 35x49
Keanu returns to Walford and quickly gets down to business. Bernadette tries to help Tiffany. Patrick sets Denise, Kim and Mitch a challenge.
Friday 22nd March 35x48
Mitch comes up with a business idea. Stacey makes a worrying discovery.
Thursday 21st March 35x47
Ruby takes matters into her own hands. Whitney and Halfway think to the future. Kim gives Denise the encouragement she needs.
Tuesday 19th March 35x46
Ruby plays with fire. Kush finds himself in a tricky situation. Denise hatches a plan to help Patrick.
Monday 18th March 35x45
Ruby tries to call in a favour from Phil. Kush comes to the wrong conclusion. Mitch feels the pressure to provide for Bailey.
Thursday 14th March 35x44
Mitch pushes Karen to let him move in, Stuart is surprised by Rainie's behaviour toward him, and Billy tries to bring Jay and Ruby back together.
Thursday 14th March 35x43
The Slaters desperately try to get Jean to leave her caravan, Karen gives Keegan a reality check and Rainie gets closer to Stuart. Honey is out to impress Habiba in front of Adam.
Tuesday 12th march 35x42
Stacey thinks she might know where Jean has disappeared to, Rainie realises Max is seeing someone else, and Mitch begs Karen to allow him and Bailey to move in.
Monday 11th March 35x41
Stacey enlists Shirley to find Jean before her hospital appointment. Mel is desperate for cash to pay for Hunter's solicitor. Mitch tries to tell Bailey the truth about her mother.
Friday 8th March 35x40
Tiffany sneaks home after being out all night but is not prepared for Whitney's fury. Karen realises Bailey knows the true extent of her mother's illness.
Thursday 7th March 35x39
Kat poses as Jean and visits the surgery in the hope of getting her test results. Whitney tries to get Tiffany to open up, while Karen issues Keegan with a few home truths.
Tuesday 5th March 35x38
A furious Karen wants answers about the drugs, but Keegan covers for Tiffany. Rainie decides to play Stuart at his own game. Iqra tries to sabotage the Vic's pancake race.
Monday 4th March 35x37
Keegan demands drugs from Tiffany, and Stacey takes desperate measures to make the police try harder in their search for Jean. Iqra and Habiba try to strike up a deal with Shirley.
Friday 1st March 35x36
Thursday 28th February 35x35
Stacey learns a worrying truth, Rainie taunts Stuart, and Mitch has a heart-to-heart with Patrick.
Tuesday 26th February 35x34
Monday 25th February 35x33
Friday 22nd Febraury 35x32
Mel hatches a new plan. Iqra and Habiba prove they are willing to do everything they can to stay in Walford. Bernadette's day goes from bad to worse.
Thursday 21st February 35x31
Tiffany gives Bernadette the confidence she needs. Past events continue to haunt Mel.
Tuesday 19th February 35x30
The residents of Walford pay their final respects to Doctor Legg. Masood's nieces Iqra and Habiba quickly make an impact. Sharon feels the pressure to get information from Phil.
Friday 15th February 35x29
Dot does everything she can for Doctor Legg. Meanwhile, Dennis is keen to impress Tiffany.
Thursday 14th February 35x28
Mitch tries to build bridges with Keegan and Bailey, Kathy contemplates her options and Dot enlists Stuart's to change Dr Legg's mind about returning home.
Thursday 14th February 35x27
Jack helps Mel and Hunter as they prepare to flee Walford, the Slaters celebrate Valentine's Day and Sonia tells Dot that Dr Legg is refusing to leave hospital for his final weeks.
Tuesday 12th February 35x26
Mel is taken in for questioning by the police, Shirley senses all is not well with Jean and Masood gives Kathy food for thought. A game of football ends badly for Bailey.
Monday 11th February 35x25
Hunter finds Ray's hidden stash of money and takes Louise shopping by way of an apology. Jean learns she needs further tests. Masood invites Kathy to Australia for the wedding.
Friday 8th February 35x24
Hunter notices the lack of knives in the house, leaving Mel with no choice but to admit her concerns. Kat realises she can no longer look after Cherry as well as her own kids.
Thursday 7th February 35x23
Mo uses Tommy in one of her money-making schemes - only to end up losing him. Mel takes desperate action to prevent Hunter harming himself, and Kathy has a proposition for Masood.
Tuesday 5th February 35x22
The police pay Mel a visit, Shirley encourages Jean to confront Ian, and Keanu takes the opportunity to say his piece to Sharon. Kat considers giving up her taxi driving dreams.
Monday 4th February 35x21
Mel struggles to cope and decides to tell the police everything that happened on New Year's Day. Ruby worries that Jay is using her, and Ian has something on his mind.
Thursday 31st January 35x20
Keanu mopes over Sharon. Ruby and Jay attempt another date. Mel makes a huge decision.
Thursday 31st January 35x19
Mel fears she is losing control as she worries about Hunter's behaviour. Keanu struggles to keep up appearances with Louise. Mitch tries to put things right.
Tuesday 29th January 35x18
Jack checks in on Mel and grows concerned about what is going on. Sharon confronts Keanu about his relationship with Louise. Billy tries to put things right with Jay.
Monday 28th January 35x17
Mel does her best to put on a brave face. Billy goes to great lengths to meddle with Jay and Ruby's date. Mitch leads Mick astray.
Thursday 24th January 35x16
Louise finds a new lease of life. Mitch makes a shocking discovery. The Slaters are thrown into panic.
Thursday 24th January 35x15
Kat receives some shocking news. Keegan struggles and makes a bad decision. Sonia issues a warning to Stuart to stay away.
Tuesday 22nd January 35x14
Alfie feels the pressure from all angles. Phil has a surprising offer for Keanu. Mick works his magic on Mitch.
Monday 21st January 35x13
Stuart finds himself in an impossible situation. Hayley comes to a big decision about her future. Mick gets a wake-up call from an unlikely source.
Friday 18th January 35x12
Mick sets his sights on a new goal. Louise and Keanu grow closer.
Thursday 17th January 35x11
Mick and Linda reach breaking point. Stuart's plan backfires.
Tuesday 15th January 35x10
Mick struggles with his demons. Rainie tries to win Max's trust. Tiffany finds herself in a dilemma.
Monday 14th January 35x09
Tiffany tries to get back in Evie's good books. Mitch offers Mick a new opportunity.
Friday 11th January 35x08
Mitch and Mick take on more than they can handle. Max steps up to the plate.
Friday 11th January 35x07
Tiffany and Bernadette are in over their heads. Tensions rise between Max and Rainie.
Thursday 10th January 35x06
An unexpected guest arrives at the Slaters. Tiffany makes a surprising discovery. Karen calls in a favour from a familiar face.
Tuesday 8th January 35x05
Tiffany feels uncomfortable around Evie. Linda tries to support Mick. Max's idea to make Abi's birthday special does not go to plan.
Friday 4th January 35x04
One family is left to deal with the consequences of recent events, while Tiffany is given food for thought.
Thursday 3rd January 35x03
As things look up for one family, another is torn apart.
Thursday 3rd January 35x02
As Mel and Ray's wedding day continues, tensions reach breaking point. Karen worries about Bernadette and tries to get to the bottom of what is happening.
Tuesday 1st January 35x01
The new year kicks off in dramatic style for Mel and Ray as their wedding day arrives - but what does Mel have in store for her deceitful groom?

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