Set in the East End of London, the show focuses on the tensions between love and family with stories ranging from hard-hitting social issues, to personal, human tragedies. And there's plenty of funny moments too. Classic characters old and new across thousands of episodes have shared a drink in The Queen Vic, shed tears of despair or joy, sat on Arthur's bench in the Square... and at some point or other they probably crossed paths with Ian Beale. Add to my shows

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Thursday 19th July 34x112
Mick and Linda grow concerned about Tina. Kandice's plan starts to fall apart. Hayley gets a shock and is forced to think about her actions.

Latest episodes

Tuesday 17th July 34x111
Sonia offers Tina some support. Karen tries her best to help her sister. Hayley confides in a stranger.
Monday 16th July 34x110
Tina struggles to deal with the past. Hayley and Mo strike a deal. Kandice returns needing her family's help.
Friday 13th July 34x109
Tina opens up about the past to Sonia. Ian remains besotted with Mel and comes up with a plan to win her over, while Martin's week goes from bad to worse.
Thursday 12th July 34x108
Rainie is torn over her options, while Stacey dreads the task ahead. Elsewhere, Masood grows tired of Ian's behaviour and sets him straight.
Tuesday 10th July 34x107
Max and Rainie get a surprise visitor. Martin puts Stacey in a difficult position, while Mick is furious to hear about Stuart's latest act.
Monday 9th July 34x106
Rainie is left feeling hopeless and resorts to desperate measures. Halfway learns an upsetting truth about his brother, and Martin struggles with the chaos at home.
Friday 6th July 34x105
It is the day of Shakil's funeral, and everyone prepares themselves for the emotional day ahead.
Thursday 5th July 34x104
Keegan and Carmel come to blows over everything that has happened. Robbie does his best to help Donna with her situation.
Thursday 5th July 34x103
Max gives Rainie a reality check. Carmel continues to distract herself. Jean thwarts Hayley's new plan.
Monday 2nd July 34x102
Kush breaks some difficult news to Carmel. Hayley begins her new money-making scheme. Rainie and Max struggle to keep up appearances.

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