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Episode 2 16x02

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Episode 1 16x01
In the first show of the series, a musician with a singer-for-hire service is taken aback when the Dragons decide to showcase some of their own musical talents.
Episode 15 15x15
Episode 14 15x14
First up are a trio who are mixing practicality and fun with their gadget to transform kids' toothbrushes into mobile game controllers. Next, a duo hope to win the Dragons over with their revolutionary device for relieving back pain, and finally an entrepreneur from Aberdeen hopes his Scottish-inspired gin is to the Dragons' taste. Will his tipple be the perfect tonic and land him a life-changing investment?
Episode 13 15x13
In this episode, a baby-faced entrepreneur takes Peter Jones by surprise with his business which offers advertising space on the move, but will the surprise lead to an investment? Next up, a teacher from London enters the Den with her unique handwriting method which she claims can teach any child to write neater. And finally a bike enthusiast is looking for investment in his chain-tensioning products for motorcycles. Will it be a successful ride to a deal when it turns out there is a secret motorbike enthusiast amongst the Dragons?
Episode 12 15x12
A female entrepreneurial pair pitch a solution to pain caused from wearing halter neck straps, and another team make an impact with innovative skin care products made from hemp.
Episode 11 15x11
The Dragons get a good dose of healthy products forman and beast. A business duo hope to stand out from the crowd with their natural raw dog food, a doctor pitches his innovative date-based smoothie and a London entrepreneur wants to get the Dragons' hearts pumping with his unique free-running exercise regime. But will the adrenalin rush leave the Dragons fighting to invest?
Episode 10 15x10
Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Touker Suleyman, Jenny Campbell and Tej Lalvani take their seats to face the latest batch of entrepreneurs who dare to enter the Den. A former bricklayer is hoping his mortar board invention will help him to build a lucrative relationship with a Dragon, a mother of two enters the Den with a children's tracker device, and an entrepreneur pitches crisps inspired by astronauts. Finally, a 25-year-old brings a Paralympian to the Den to demo her product designed for wheelchair users. But will it be enough to win her an investment?
Episode 9 15x09
In this Christmas episode a serial entrepreneur pitches his online greeting card business, but the Dragons are thinking more commerce than Christmas as they express concerns over the future of physical cards.Also entering the Den is one of Santa's little helpers delivering personalised letters - but without the promise of meeting the main man will the Dragons keep the Christmas spirit alive and do a deal?A Surrey-based inventor is hoping his word game could become a family Christmas favourite, while two business partners bring their healthy breakfast and snacking products to the Den in the hope of some warm festive cheer. Finally, three brothers pitch for a stake in their men's grooming products: will the Dragons see it as the perfect stocking filler and make the brothers' Christmas by investing in their business?
Episode 8 15x08
Episode 7 15x07
In this week's episode, the Dragons are taking no prisoners - as the next set of entrepreneurs head into the Den hoping Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones, Touker Suleyman, Tej Lalvani and Jenny Campbell will breathe financial life into their businesses.This week, two friends hope their cycling navigation device will steer its way to some offers, while a 26 year-old yoga enthusiast thinks her social enterprise focus on her eco-friendly yoga mats will lead to some ethical investment.The Dragons come face to face with their synthetic equivalents as a pitcher brings his biodegradable mannequin business to the Den. And finally, a London-based entrepreneur hopes the Dragons will unleash their inner creatures to invest in her clip-on tail company.

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