Welcome to the Dragon Ball Z (US) guide on TV Rage A sequel to the wildly popular Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z made its premiere in Japan and Hong Kong in 1989 and ended in 1996 (It premiered in the USA in 1996 and ended 2003). Unlike Dragon Ball, which follows Goku as a child, Dragon Ball Z follows Goku as an adult, along with his family and friends. Together they defend the Earth from many evils. Dragon Ball Z release 13 movies, 2 TV specials, and is later followed by series Dragon Ball GT. Sagas Saiyan Saga (Episodes 1 - 26) Namek Saga (Episodes 27 - 53) Captain Ginyu Saga (Episodes 54 - 60) Frieza Saga (Episodes 61 - 92) Garlic Jr. Saga (Episodes 93 - 102) Trunks Saga (Episodes 103 - 110) Androids Saga (Episodes 111 - 124) Imperfect Cell Saga (Episodes 125 - 137) Perfect Cell Saga (Episodes 138 - 150) Cell Games Saga (Episodes 151 - 179) Great Saiyaman Saga (Episodes 180 - 194) World Tournament Saga (Episodes 195 - 204) Babidi Saga (Episodes 205 - 216) Majin Buu Saga (Episodes 217 - 238) Fusion Saga (Episodes 239 - 260) Kid Buu Saga (Episodes 261 - 276) Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Goku's Next Journey 16x17
Uub, growing stronger as the battle rages, is able to learn to fight during his match with Goku, soon becoming the Saiyan's equal! Neither warrior gives an inch in this fast paced, destructive battle. But before the match is decided, Goku makes a startling offer to Uub. With his plan revealed, Goku and Uub depart the arena leaving a stunned crowd in their wake.
Buu's Reincarnation 16x16
Goku has Mr. Buu magically rig the drawings so Goku can fight Uub in the first round of the World Martial Arts Tournament. Uub, a ten year-old human boy, is the reborn, purely good version of Kid Buu! But first Pan must face off against Wild Tiger in her first match. How will the energetic young Pan fare against her first opponent? And what does Goku have up his sleeve?
Grandaughter Pan 16x15
Ten years have passed since the evil Majin Buu was destroyed, and the Earth is enjoying a time of peace! Gohan has become a scholar and is happily married to Videl. Trunks and Goten have become strong, young teenagers! Vegeta and Bulma have a new daughter named Bulla! And, oh yes!, Goku's a grandfather!
He's Always Late 16x14
Chi-Chi, Gohan, and Goten prepare to go to Bulma's house for a barbeque, but Goku is nowhere to be found. As Chi-Chi's anger rises, Goku is having troubles of his own. While waiting to witness the hatching of four dragon eggs, troubles arise casting him into the role of the egg protector. Goku must do his best to guard the fragile eggs not knowing that he will soon face another danger, an angry Chi-Chi!
Celebrations With Majin Buu 16x13
When Goku and his companions return to Earth after defeating Majin Buu, they are welcomed with open arms. But nobody is happy to see the good Buu! Can the Champ's pink pal manage to fit into society? Or is he destined to become an outcast?
Spirit Bomb Triumphant 16x12
When the good Buu and Hercule free Vegeta from Majin Buu's grasp, Goku launches the Spirit Bomb! But the weary Saiyan doesn't have enough power to deliver the blast, and Buu sends it right back at him! Will Goku be destroyed by his own attack or can a last second wish to the Dragon save the day?
People of Earth Unite 16x11
When the people of Earth ignore even Goku's cry for help, it looks like defeat is imminent. But when the World Champion steps in and asks, the skeptical humans have a change of heart. Will their outpouring of energy arrive in time? Goku can only wait and watch in horror as Vegeta, his last defense, crumbles under the might of Majin Buu!
Call to Action 16x10
With time running out, Goku desperately awaits the arrival of the Earthlings' collective energy to vitalize the Spirit Bomb. But the energy isn't coming! Why have the people of the Earth turned a deaf ear to Vegeta's plea for help at this most critical hour?
Earth Reborn 16x09
As the good Majin Buu wages an all out war against his evil counterpart, Vegeta has Dende summon the Dragon on the new Planet Namek. Through the miraculous power of the Dragon Balls, the Earth and its inhabitants are restored to life! But with the good Buu's power rapidly decreasing, will Vegeta have enough time to carry out the final phase of his plan?
Old Buu Emerges 16x08
Just as Vegeta is about to breathe his last breath in his heroic but failing effort against Majin Buu, the Champ steps in to take up the challenge! It seems that the would-be-hero has signed his death warrant, but when Buu tries to attack him he becomes crippled with agony! The wicked Buu soon discovers the source of his pain, and it turns out to be a big, pink surprise!

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