Taking place five years after the events of the original Dragon Ball series, Kai covers the later stories of Son Goku, Earth's Greatest Warrior. Having finally settled down and made a family of his own, Goku seems to be adjusting well to the times of peace. However, the peace is short-lived as an intergalactic visitor claiming to be Goku's brother makes a crash landing to the planet. With the fate of entire galaxies at hand, Goku and the rest of the warriors must reunite, confronting progressively stronger foes in the continuous fight between good and evil. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Peace for the Future! The Spirit of Goku is Forever! 03x20
Trunks returns to the future to settle unfinished business; Goku adjusts to his new surroundings.
Peace for the Future! The Spirit of Goku is Forever! 03x19
Trunks returns to the future to settle unfinished business; Goku adjusts to his new surroundings.
A Bittersweet Victory! Until We Meet Again! 03x18
In the aftermath of battle, Dende heals the injured heroes and summons the magic Dragon Balls in an attempt to resurrect those killed during Cell's rampage!
Combine Your Strength! The Final Kame-hame-ha! 03x17
Cell returns with intentions to wipe out planet Earth once and for all! Gohan is badly injured, but with help from his friends – and a pep talk from his fallen father – he summons a Kamehameha Wave that just might save the world!
A Hero's Sacrifice! Last Chance to Save the World! 03x16
In a desperate attempt to destroy Earth, Cell begins to self-destruct. With mere seconds left, Goku says goodbye to his son and teleports himself and Cell to King Kai's planet, the only safe place he could think of. Upon arrival, Cell finally explodes, destroying the planet and killing everyone there. As Gohan and the rest of the Z Fighters are left on Earth to grieve, Goku and King Kai realize that Cell hasn't accompanied them to the Other World, and therefore must have survived the explosion. Using Goku's Instant Transmission technique, Cell returns to Earth, where he kills Trunks with a single blast through the chest. He then reveals that not only did his nucleus survive the explosion, but he was able to regenerate into his perfect form - and thanks to his Saiyan genetics, he is far stronger than ever before. Enraged by the death of his son, Vegeta unleashes a furious barrage of ki blasts at Cell, but is easily defeated and is only saved from certain death when Gohan intercepts Cell's blast and takes the full force of the attack. With Gohan injured and nobody left to challenge him, Cell prepares one final Kamehameha to destroy Gohan and the Earth once and for all.
Perfection's End! A Fury, Beyond Super Saiyan! 03x15
Cell reveals the full force of his power; Gohan remains brave in the face of danger; Goku calls for his son to deliver the final blow.
Unleash the Warrior Within! Gohan Takes the Offensive! 03x14
Gohan's rage boils over as he races to rescue his friends; new powers are tested in a battle with the Cell Juniors.
Tears For An Android! Gohan's Inner Rage Bursts Forth! 03x13
In the battle against Gohan, Cell calls on reinforcements.
Get Angry, Gohan!; Release Your Hidden Power! 03x12
Gohan replaces his father in a match against Cell; Gohan must unleash his inner fury.
The Opening Round Is Concluded!; Goku's Moment of Decision! 03x11
Goku and Cell battle until both warriors are weary; Goku retires.

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