Doctor Who is the longest-running science fiction TV series in history, airing initially from 1963 to 1989. Doctor Who is about ideas. It pioneered sophisticated mixed-level storytelling. Its format was the key to its longevity: the Doctor, a mysterious traveller in space and time, travels in his ship, the TARDIS. The TARDIS can take him and his companions anywhere in time and space. Inevitably he finds evil at work wherever he goes.. Add to my shows

season 10

The Green Death, Part Six 10x26
The Doctor attempts to destroy the giant maggots and cure Cliff but the real threat is BOSS, who is poised to take over all the world's computers.
The Green Death, Part Five 10x25
The Doctor manages to escape from BOSS with help from Yates and discovers Cliff has been infected by a giant maggot.
The Green Death, Part Four 10x24
The Brigadier calls in a full UNIT force to deal with the giant maggots while the Doctor infiltrates Global Chemicals to find out what is really going on.
The Green Death, Part Three 10x23
The Doctor and Jo manage to escape from the mine with a maggot egg but Stevens is determined to stop them analysing it.
The Green Death, Part Two 10x22
The Doctor and the Brigadier attempt to rescue Jo and Bert from the mine but Global Chemicals prove distinctly uncooperative.
The Green Death, Part One 10x21
While the Doctor plans a holiday to Metebelis Three, Jo and the Brigadier are intrigued by a mysterious death at a coal mine in Llanfairfach, which is being blamed on local company Global Chemicals.
Planet of the Daleks, Part Six 10x20
The Doctor and his friends prepare to refreeze the Dalek army but the Dalek Supreme has arrived on the planet determined to destroy them all.
Planet of the Daleks, Part Five 10x19
The Doctor and his friends ambush two Daleks as part of their planet to get back into the city but the Daleks are on the verge of unleashing their virus.
Planet of the Daleks, Part Four 10x18
The Doctor and his friends escape from the Dalek base, prompting the Daleks to devise a plan to wipe them out.
Planet of the Daleks, Part Three 10x17
The Doctor and Codal escape from their cell and meet up with the Thal commandos who are trying to get into the Dalek base.
Planet of the Daleks, Part Two 10x16
The Doctor is captured by the Daleks, while Jo is rescued by a friendly Spridon named Wester.
Planet of the Daleks, Part One 10x15
The TARDIS lands on the jungle planet Spiridon, where the Doctor has fallen into a coma, where The Doctor has requested the Time Lords to pilot the TARDIS, so he and Jo can follow the Daleks to their base. Where Jo learns the Dalek's base has been located on Spiridon where the Daleks are attempting to discover the secrets of Invisibilty and create a bacterial virus in their goal of universal conquest. Where The Doctor, recovered from his coma and Jo are joined by a task-force of Thals and a native Spiridon named Wester, Where they not only set out to stop The Daleks evil plot, they also discover a army of 12,000 Daleks are in suspended animation and are waiting to be revived to begin their universal conquest and claim themselves as the supreme rulers of the galaxy.
Frontier in Space, Part Six 10x14
The Doctor, Williams and the Draconian Prince head to the Ogrons' planet to find evidence of the Master's actions but the Master tricks Jo into leading them into a trap.
Frontier in Space, Part Five 10x13
The Doctor, Jo and the Master are taken to Draconia, where the Doctor tries to convince the Draconians of the truth. But then the Ogrons attack.
Frontier in Space, Part Four 10x12
The Master rescues the Doctor from the lunar penal colony, aiming to take him and Jo to the Ogrons' planet, and the Doctor's attempt to escape leaves him stranded in space.
Frontier in Space, Part Three 10x11
The Doctor is sentenced to life imprisonment at a lunar penal colony while Jo encounters an old enemy.
Frontier in Space, Part Two 10x10
The Doctor and Jo are taken to Earth, where both humans and Draconians believe them to be a spy for the other side.
Frontier in Space, Part One 10x09
The Doctor and Jo discover The Master and the Ogrons are the masterminds behind the Galactic war between the Earth Federation and the Reptillian Draconian Empire and the Master has framed The Doctor and Jo as spies working for the Draconians. Only to discover The Master is also working with the Doctor's greatest enemies, The Daleks, who are also behind the galactic war.
Carnival of Monsters, Part Four 10x08
The Doctor escapes from the Scope and joins forces with Vorg to try and save its inhabitants but Kalik is still determined to use the Drashigs to start a rebellion.
Carnival of Monsters, Part Three 10x07
The Doctor and Jo return to the Bernice to try and aid their escape but find themselves pursued by the Drashigs.
Carnival of Monsters, Part Two 10x06
The Doctor and Jo attempt to find a way out of the Scope but, when Vorg attempts to entertain the Minorans, the crew of the Bernice suddenly become a lot more dangerous.
Carnival of Monsters, Part One 10x05
The Doctor attempts to test his new dematerialisation circuit by taking Jo to Metebelis Three but instead the TARDIS arrives in the hold of a 1920s cargo ship.
The Three Doctors, Part Four 10x04
Omega reveals the purpose behind bringing the Doctor to his antimatter world, but the Doctor(s) discover a startling fact about Omega that he didn't know himself and eventually strike a bargain.
The Three Doctors, Part Three 10x03
The Time Lord Omega reveals himself to the third Doctor along with plans for vengeance against his own kind.
The Three Doctors, Part Two 10x02
The third Doctor and Jo find themselves on an artificial world inside the black hole while the second Doctor tries to find a way to control the organism.
The Three Doctors, Part One 10x01
The 10th Anniversary Serial has three incarnations of the Doctor meeting up to face the evil Omega in a universe of antimatter.

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