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The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos 11x10
The Doctor and her companions respond to nine separate distress signals all originating from the same planet: Ranskoor Av Kolos. There they discover a stranded ship, an amnesiac pilot... and an old foe.
It Takes You Away 11x09
The TARDIS group materialize in Norway in 2018, and soon find themselves involved with a blind girl and her missing father.
The Witchfinders 11x08
The Doctor and her companions materialize in 17th century England and soon find themselves embroiled in local witchcraft... which is the prelude to an alien invasion.
Kerblam! 11x07
After receiving an anonymous request for help, the Doctor and her companions travel to a moon of Kandoka to investigate the universe's large retailer: Kerblam.
Demons of the Punjab 11x06
Yasmin asks the Doctor to travel back to 1947 India to find out the secret of her grandmother's watch, and discovers more than she wanted to know.
The Tsuranga Conundrum 11x05
After a sonic mine detonates, injuring them, the TARDIS crew wake up on a medical ship. They soon discover that they're trapped with an omnivore that threatens the ship's integrity... and the authorities will blow up the ship rather than let the creature endanger thousands of patients.
Arachnids in the UK 11x04
The Doctor and her companions return to Earth and find a homegrown menace in the apartment complex where Yasmin's family live... and at the hotel where her mother Najia works.
Rosa 11x03
The TARDIS takes the group to 1955, where they discover that a criminal from the future is trying to alter time and make sure that Rosa Parks is never forced to stand on the bus.
The Ghost Monument 11x02
The Doctor and her new friends are rescued by two separate spaceships on a mysterious quest, and at the end of the quest lies... the Ghost Monument.
The Woman Who Fell to Earth 11x01
A mysterious pod appears in the forest and Ryan Sinclair stumbles across it. Soon a series of strange occurrences happen in Sheffield, and a mysterious woman who can't remember her name sets out to solve them.

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