With roadside diners, vintage drive-ins and out-of-the-way "dives" enjoying a resurgence of hipness among foodies, host Guy Fieri travels across America in search of some of the best "greasy spoon" eateries. The restaurants that Guy visits are usually well-known among locals and other people in the region. While at each location, Fieri talks to the staff as well as the customers to get their thoughts on the food. Many episodes feature eateries that are connected by a common thread, such as burgers or comfort foods but its all here on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Add to my shows

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Far East Flavorfest 28x25
Guy Fieri cruises the States to check out some Far-East flavors. In Seattle, a funky chicken spot puts an Asian spin on poultry; a family-run gem dishes out righteous Thai specialties on the big island of Hawaii; and in Chicago, a modern Korean joint spices up wings and puts a unique twist on poutine.

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Tasty Traditions 28x24
This trip, Guy Fieri dives into dishes steeped in tasty tradition. In Seattle, a funky spot makes their name with scratch-made Russian piroshki. A tucked-away joint in Kona serves up a bite of culture with their authentic Hawaiian cuisine. And in Chicago, an old-school Jewish deli dishes out their specialties cafeteria-style the same way they have since the 1940s.
Fusion of Flavors 28x23
On this trip, Guy Fieri digs into a fusion of flavors across the country. In Chicago, a saucy spot mashes up Latin and Asian, putting a unique spin on paella and posole. A comfort food joint in Seattle fires things up with Nashville hot chicken. And a place in Kona, Hawaii, puts out a mix of island and mainland with their guava ribs and tropical pizza.
On the Hook and In the Bun 28x22
Guy Fieri is reeling in off-the-hook seafood and digging into some serious sandwiches on this trip. In Seattle, there's a beer-lover's spot serving fantastic fish and chips and the bomb beef dip. On the big island of Hawaii, Guy stops at a local gem dishing out fresh-catch curry and a primo poke burger. And in San Francisco, he stops at a Chinese emporium cooking up lobster, pork buns and even dim sum chicken feet.
Playin' Chicken 28x21
On this trip, Guy Fieri is playing a tasty game of chicken all over the country. In Alameda, California, a joint is cooking it Nashville hot-style and putting a gourmet twist on a burger. In Lansing, Michigan, the bird is served French-style at a funky pizza-pasta place. And, in Kona, Hawaii, it's stuffed at a spot dishing out Southern comfort with island flair.
Fish, Fritters and Feet 28x20
A legit Irish pub in Syracuse, N.Y., puts an Emerald Isle spin on meatloaf; a Southern spot in Des Moines, Iowa, cooks up ribs, catfish cakes and collards; a duo serves soul food standouts like turkey chops and pig's feet in Atlantic City, N.J.
Italian, Hawaiian and Colombian 28x19
On this trip, Guy Fieri is digging into a multicultural flavorfest. In Hawaii, he stops at a poke place knocking it out of the park with their island specialties. In San Carlos, California, Guy visits a crazy Italian spot putting tasty twists on their homemade pasta. Plus, in Miami, there's a Latin joint serving up killer Colombian specialties.
East Coast, West Coast 28x18
This trip, Guy Fieri isdiving into delicious dishes on both coasts. In Palo Alto, California, there's a funky joint putting out fresh California cooking, like spicy pork and knockout gnocchi. In Wilmington, North Carolina, there's a bakery-restaurant making major meatloaf and frying up French toast with a fantastic twist. And in Oakland, California, Guy visits a Puerto Rican party spot mixing it up with mofongo and a fully loaded plantain..
BBQ Bites and Southern Flavor 28x17
This trip, Guy Fieri is grabbing some barbecue and Southern comfort. In Seattle, there's a funky joint smoking up ribs and dishing out brisket chili. In Wilmington, North Carolina, he visits a breakfast-brunch spot getting dirty with their biscuits and living large with their meatloaf. Plus, in Oakland, California, there's a real-deal Southern spot getting serious with their fried chicken, oxtails and collards.
Primetime Pork 28x16
On this trip, Guy Fieri is piling plates with all kinds of pork, all over the nation. He's digging into everything from barbecue to chops and sausage to sandwiches, plus Mexican favorites and other savory specialties. Get ready to pig out on this porkapalooza.
Grab and Grub 28x15
Guy Fieri is diving into joints where you can literally grab all kinds of grub, starting with a Chicago-style spot in Tucson, Arizona, firing up deep-dish pie and twisted-up breadsticks. A funky pub in Wilmington, North Carolina, is spicing up duck wings and popping bite-size beef Wellington. Plus, in Miami, NFL Coach Jon Gruden's riding shotgun with Guy to a place with out-of-the-box Cuban.

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