Diff'rent Strokes is a sitcom that centered around millionaire widower Phillip Drummond, his two black adopted sons Arnold and Willis, and daughter Kimberly. Later seasons saw Drummond remarry and bring a new child, Sam, into the family. The show lasted eight seasons on two networks. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

The Front Page 08x19
Arnold's doing an article on the football players and makes a discovery: some school jocks are using steroids.
The Photo Club 08x18
Arnold and his obnoxious nemesis Lisa are trapped in the boiler room while working on a photography project.
The Big Bribe 08x17
Arnold is heartbroken that his heartthrob accepted a date with him only because Willis bribed her with concert tickets.
Lifestyles of the Poor and Unknown 08x16
Tired of a bullying classmate, Sam prepares for a fist fight---until he learns the reason for the kid's hostility.
Arnold's Tangled Web 08x15
Arnold hires Spider the Action Man to change an F to a B on his report card.
Sam's Big Brother 08x14
Arnold fumes when Sam begins spending all his time with Willis, and Sam blames himself for the discord between his brothers.
Bulimia 08x13
When massive quantities of food disappear, Arnold and Sam find out that Kimberly is suffering from bulimia.
Arnold's Initiation 08x12
Arnold plays a cruel trick to gain membership in the Squires Club, and the prank costs a friend his job.
It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To 08x11
Sam assumes none of his buddies will attend his party, but they all show up when they learn who the guest will be.
Arnold's Bad Rep 08x10
Arnold kisses and tells, bragging about his exploits with his girlfriend (Macki Burke) to enhance his reputation as a lady-killer.

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