Den Som Draeber follows a specialist police unit responsible for capturing Copenhagen's most dangerous killers. Inspector Katrine Jensen, criminal psychologist Thomas Schaeffer and chief Magnus Bisgaard lead the high pressure pursuits despite personal and professional peril. An intense, unsettling police procedural that explores the psychopathy of violent offenders. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

A Deadly Game (2) 01x10
A Deadly Game (1) 01x09
Jensen meets a man who seems the perfect partner until his secrets come to light. Meanwhile, a meticulous killer plays cat-and-mouse with the team.
An Eye for an Eye (2) 01x08
An Eye for an Eye (1) 01x07
Schaeffer risks everything to solve the murder of an undercover narcotics cop.
Bad Blood (2) 01x06
Bad Blood (1) 01x05
Katrina confronts past traumas when tracking down a serial killer victimising young prison inmates.
Utopia (2) 01x04
Utopia (1) 01x03
A family is slaughtered in their home for no apparent reason, and Thomas leads the investigation into their shocking attack. But even as the case proceeds, the suspect strikes again and another family could die if Katrine and Thomas can't reach them in time.
Corpse in the Woods (2) 01x02
Corpse in the Woods (1) 01x01
Police realise that four female skeletons unearthed in woods outside Copenhagen are the work of a single sadistic killer and that an unconventional approach is needed to trap him.

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