Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, especially when she's on a mission to murder. Deadly Women investigates the motives and modus operandi of female murderers. While males are often driven by anger, impulse and destruction, women usually have more complex, long-term reasons to kill. Through dramatized reconstructions the series investigates the driving force behind female thrill killers. What turns love affairs into fatal attractions. How twisted minds and dark secrets send other women on murdering rampages. Deadly Women also investigates the most ruthless female killers of them all-predators. Tune in as experts sift forensic fact from fanciful fiction. Former FBI agent and profiler, Candice DeLong offers insights into the psychology of female killers, while Dr Janis Amatuzio, a Mid West forensic pathologist known as "The Compassionate Coroner", provides expert commentary on the tell-tale evidence that Deadly Women leave behind. They are history's most intriguing and horrifying women. A sisterhood whose crimes are written in blood on history's pages. Add to my shows

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Killer Intellect 14x08
These morally corrupt women think they can outsmart everyone - and they do.

Latest episodes

Ice Cold 14x07
Killing comes easily to those with hearts of ice.
Lethal Lies 14x06
These women don't let marriage get in the way of cold-blooded murder.
To Have And To Harm 14x05
These women don't let marriage get in the way of cold-blooded murder.
Kill Their Creators 14x04
Three women repay their parents' love with murderous betrayal.
Flash Point 14x03
When life becomes a powder keg, these devious women light the match.
Evil Spirits 14x02
When one deals with the devil, somebody's gonna get burned.
Tainted Love 14x01
When love morphs into obsession, these women treat lovers like possessions.
Loveless 13x10
Lisa Segotta, a seemingly caring wife living a life of ease, started an affair with a bodybuilder and together they formed a plan to brutally kill her doting husband.
Blood Money 13x09
Esther Beckley, a reformed criminal, was convinced by her violent boyfriend to carry out ‘the perfect robbery' which turned out to have deadly consequences.
Ditched and Desperate 13x08
Kathy Preston was a woman who took pleasure in dominating impressionable men. But, her need for control turned fatal after she married a man half her age.

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