Days of our Lives is set in the fictitious Midwestern town of Salem. The core families are the Bradys, the Hortons and the DiMeras, and the multi-layered storylines involve elements of romance, adventure, mystery, comedy and drama. Add to my shows

season 52

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Ep. #13186 52x266
Lucas receives shocking news; Brady numbs his guilt by sneaking a shot; Justin informs Sonny and Paul about a legal issue; Eli and Gabi share a kiss.
Ep. #13185 52x265
One couple finally ties the knot; JJ faces serious consequences for his actions; Hope and Rafe work together to uncover the truth; Paul comes up with a way for Sonny to get answers.
Ep. #13184 52x264
The mystery guest stonewalls Sonny; Paul receives disappointing news; JJ is pushed to the edge; Abe names the new police commissioner.
Ep. #13183 52x263
A mystery guest interrupts the double wedding; a stunning revelation rocks Salem; Abigail takes matters into her own hands.
Ep. #13182 52x262
The double wedding is in peril; Salem's citizens gather as the wedding begins; Julie gives Doug a romantic surprise; Gabi struggles with her recent heartbreak.
Ep. #13181 52x261
Andre and Kate set new ground rules for their fake marriage; Abigail gets ready at the church with Jennifer and JJ; Paul asks John and Marlena for advice about his vows; a mysterious figure escapes from Bayview.
Ep. #13180 52x260
Andre throws Chad an unusual bachelor party; Kayla and Hope confide in one another about their respective relationships; Justin gives Abigail good news; Paul get propositioned at his bachelor party.
Ep. #13179 52x259
Nicole tells Brady that Eric left Salem; Marlena visits Eric and questions him about his feelings for Nicole; Chad and Abigail desperately try to track down Dario; Bonnie gets major dirt on Victor.
Ep. #13178 52x258
Sonny has a painfully honest discussion with Paul about Will; Hope and Rafe learn they both expressed interest in the commissioner job; Eli runs into someone from his past; Bonnie tries to seduce Victor.
Ep. #13177 52x257
Eric makes a surprising move; Abigail and Chad's wedding plans hit a snag; Sonny is disturbed by a dream he has about Will; Brady indicates to Sonny he may not be willing to give up the CEO position.
Ep. #13176 52x256
Chloe warns Eric of the mistake she made; Hope and Rafe find themselves in a tricky position; Abigail throws Chad for a loop with her pre-wedding decision; Gabi realizes why Eli was fired.
Ep. #13175 52x255
Chloe and Julie form an unlikely partnership; Lucas' loved ones confront him about his drinking; Brady stuns Eric with his demand; Nicole makes a confession to Abe.
Ep. #13174 52x254
Nicole finds herself drawn to Eric; Brady learns Eric has feelings for Nicole; Chloe and Julie themselves at odds; Abe begins a search for a new commissioner.
Ep. #13210 52x253
Eve has another unexpected revelation for Victor and Brady; Eric and Brady have a tense run-in; Kate presents Gabi with a lucrative opportunity; Eli and Rafe clash on their first day as partners at the police department.
Ep. #13209 52x252
Sami, Marlena and John demand to know whether Will is alive; Paul makes a surprising decision about Will; Chad offers Abigail a job; Tripp interrupts a secretive meeting between Kate and Theo.
Ep. #13208 52x251
Pressure mounts as Kate tries to find the person who is sabotaging DiMera; Sami, John and Marlena get details on Will; Paul makes a discovery; Adrienne and Justin recommit to each other.
Ep. #13207 52x250
John, Marlena and Sami come face to face with someone from the past; Adrienne explains the truth to Lucas; Eve learns about Will; Lani defends JJ to Abe.
Ep. #13206 52x249
Paul tells John he is afraid he is losing Sonny; Justin, Adrienne and Lucas arrive in Memphis; Sami refuses to give up her search for Will; Eli bonds with Gabi and Arianna.
Ep. #13205 52x248
Tricks and treats abound in Salem on Halloween night; Chad and Abigail find out Ben has escaped again; Rafe and Hope learn about an evil plot; Steve gets devastating news about Kayla.
Ep. #13204 52x247
A mysterious person is questioned about Will; Sami gets into trouble; Eve drops a bombshell on Brady and Victor; Theo helps Kate figure out who is sabotaging DiMera.
Ep. #13203 52x246
Sami, Paul, Sonny, John and Marlena go to Memphis; Victor and Brady are stunned when Eve returns to Salem; Sami locks horns with Hope; Justin tells Lucas that Bonnie switched places with Adrienne.
Ep. #13202 52x245
Eric confronts Brady about Nicole's decision to leave town with Holly; Rafe and Hope clash over Sami; Kate and Chad realize someone is sabotaging the company; Hope gets a lead on the Will mystery.
Ep. #13201 52x244
Justin, Steve and Kayla work to free Adrienne; Eli confides in Gabi about a regretful decision from his past; Hope enlists JJ and Lani to uncover secrets regarding Will; Bonnie and Sheila prepare to flee Salem.
Ep. #13200 52x243
The walls close in on Bonnie; Adrienne manages to call Lucas from prison; Hope arrests Sami; Sheila turns to Eli for help.
Ep. #13199 52x242
Maggie and Justin interrupt Bonnie and Victor's wedding; Kayla and Steve try to figure out what's causing Adrienne's bizarre behavior; Hope and Sami demand answers about Will from an old foe: Jennifer urges Eric to come back to Salem.
Ep. #13198 52x241
Nicole bids an emotional farewell to Salem; Sami and Eric share a bittersweet birthday reunion; Hope confronts a familiar face from the past; Bonnie and Victor's wedding begins.
Ep. #13197 52x240
Abigail walks in on Sami kissing Chad; Justin corners Bonnie; Steve visits Hattie at Statesville and demands to know what she did to Adrienne; Theo learns Claire and Tripp will be working together.
Ep. #13196 52x239
Sami seeks comfort from Marlena; Bonnie has a fantasy while visiting Mickey's grave; Justin updates Steve and Kayla about Adrienne; Sonny turns to Chad and Andre for help.
Ep. #13195 52x238
Sami and Lucas have an emotionally intense reunion; Nicole breaks Eric's heart; Paul and Sonny deal with the Will situation; Victor stuns Justin and Maggie with his announcement.
Ep. #13194 52x237
Nicole tries to reason with Brady; Hope and Rafe argue over how she's handling her new position; Gabi makes a plea on Eli's behalf; Sami clashes with Paul and John.
Ep. #13193 52x236
Sami Brady returns to Salem; Brady turns the tables on Nicole; Paul and John engage in illegal activity; Lani talks to Hope about lifting JJ's suspension.
Ep. #13192 52x235
Nicole comes clean with Brady; Kate tells John, Marlena and Roman the truth about Clyde; Bonnie blackmails Victor; Chloe and Julie clash over the club.
Ep. #13191 52x234
Nicole and Eric make plans for the future; Brady realizes Nicole lied to him; Kate meets with Clyde to get to the truth; Adrienne runs into Hattie in prison.
Ep. #13190 52x233
Nicole tells Eric that she loves him; Brady suspect that Chloe is hiding something; Sonny has a request for Kate; Lucas talks with Will.
Ep. #13189 52x232
Nicole confronts Eric about why he left Salem; Hope gets information out of Ben; Theo questions Tripp about Claire; Kayla finds out that Steve asked Tripp for a favor.
Ep. #13188 52x231
Chloe drops a bombshell on Nicole about Eric; Sonny and Brady demand Victor make a hard decision; Marlena is recruited to get answers; Chad and Abigail have a romantic night.
Ep. #13187 52x230
Lucas receives shocking news; Brady numbs his guilt by sneaking a shot; Justin informs Sonny and Paul about a legal issue; Eli and Gabi share a kiss.
Ep. #13186 52x229
One couple finally ties the knot; JJ faces serious consequences for his actions; Hope and Rafe work together to uncover the truth; Paul comes up with a way for Sonny to get answers.
Ep. #13185 52x228
The mystery guest stonewalls Sonny; Paul receives disappointing news; JJ is pushed to the edge; Abe names the new police commissioner.
Ep. #13184 52x227
A mystery guest interrupts the double wedding; a stunning revelation rocks Salem; Abigail takes matters into her own hands.
Ep. #13183 52x226
The double wedding is in peril; Salem's citizens gather as the wedding begins; Julie gives Doug a romantic surprise; Gabi struggles with her recent heartbreak.
Ep. #13182 52x225
Andre and Kate set new ground rules for their fake marriage; Abigail gets ready at the church with Jennifer and JJ; Paul asks John and Marlena for advice about his vows; a mysterious figure escapes from Bayview.
Ep. #13181 52x224
Andre throws Chad an unusual bachelor party; Kayla and Hope confide in one another about their respective relationships; Justin gives Abigail good news; Paul get propositioned at his bachelor party.
Ep. #13180 52x223
Nicole tells Brady that Eric left Salem; Marlena visits Eric and questions him about his feelings for Nicole; Chad and Abigail desperately try to track down Dario; Bonnie gets major dirt on Victor.
Ep. #13179 52x222
Sonny has a painfully honest discussion with Paul about Will; Hope and Rafe learn they both expressed interest in the commissioner job; Eli runs into someone from his past; Bonnie tries to seduce Victor.
Ep. #13178 52x221
Eric makes a surprising move; Abigail and Chad's wedding plans hit a snag; Sonny is disturbed by a dream he has about Will; Brady indicates to Sonny he may not be willing to give up the CEO position.
Ep. #13177 52x220
Chloe warns Eric of the mistake she made; Hope and Rafe find themselves in a tricky position; Abigail throws Chad for a loop with her pre-wedding decision; Gabi realizes why Eli was fired.
Ep. #13176 52x219
Chloe and Julie form an unlikely partnership; Lucas' loved ones confront him about his drinking; Brady stuns Eric with his demand; Nicole makes a confession to Abe.
Ep. #13175 52x218
Nicole finds herself drawn to Eric; Brady learns Eric has feelings for Nicole; Chloe and Julie themselves at odds; Abe begins a search for a new commissioner.
Ep. #13174 52x217
Lucas pours his heart out to Will; Kate and Jennifer comfort each other over Lucas' downward spiral; Abigail empathizes with Gabi; Sonny confides in Chad.
Ep. #13173 52x216
Lucas makes a scene in front of Chad, Abigail, Paul and Sonny; Marlena tells John her theory about Adrienne; Eli tells Abe he was fired from the FBI.
Ep. #13172 52x215
Bonnie begs Hattie not to expose her; Sheila gives Adrienne disappointing news; Eric tells Marlena about Hattie's strange therapy session with Adrienne; Theo admits he wants to get back together with Claire.
Ep. #13171 52x214
Marlena confronts Hattie, who reveals she was working with an accomplice; Maggie confronts Bonnie about Sheila; John advises Brady about Nicole; Tripp helps Claire make Theo jealous.
Ep. #13170 52x213
Nicole makes a sacrifice for Brady; Chad, Andre and Kate clash over DiMera; Julie catches Eli and Gabi in a compromising position; Rafe questions Hope about her reluctance to get married right away.
Ep. #13169 52x212
John and Marlena fear they will meet a shocking fate; Hope confronts Hattie; Sheila threatens to blow Bonnie out of the water; the chaos at Bayview has unforeseen consequences.
Ep. #13168 52x211
Andre is stunned when he encounters John and Marlena; Paul seeks help from Hope about his dad and Marlena; Adrienne finds an unlikely ally; Bonnie makes a bold move.
Ep. #13167 52x210
Andre holds a press conference to make a shocking announcement; Chad and Abigail share their big news with Jennifer and JJ; Paul starts to catch on to Hattie's deception; Abe and Theo have a heartwarming reunion.
Ep. #13166 52x209
John and Marlena make their move to escape; Eric and Nicole share a close moment; Rafe, Hope and Eli race against time to save Gabi; Hattie struggles to maintain her charade with Brady.
Ep. #13165 52x208
Tripp tries to make things right with Kayla; Theo is jealous when Claire says she wants to invite Tripp to move in with them; Hope questions Bonnie about Anjelica; Gabi finds herself in a dangerous situation.
Ep. #13164 52x207
Gabi finds herself in a dangerous situation; Rafe learns evidence from Dario is on its way; Maggie and Bonnie clash; Hattie, posing as Marlena, has a therapy session with Andre.
Ep. #13163 52x206
Brady plays dirty on Nicole's behalf; Kayla opens up to Valerie about her issues with Steve; JJ and Lani take time out for a little romance; Claire helps Theo deal with his frustration towards Abe.
Ep. #13162 52x205
John and Marlena develop an escape plan; Paul grills Hattie; Nicole gets alarming news at her custody hearing; Rafe and Hope put pressure on Myron.
Ep. #13161 52x204
Chad and Abigail, and Sonny and Paul decide to have a double wedding; John and Marlena try to find a way out of their predicament; Andre asks for Marlena's help; Lucas gets a horrible shock and turns to Chloe.
Ep. #13160 52x203
Hattie and Bonnie panic over their situation; Hope and Rafe conspire with Abe; Eli tries to stop Lani and JJ from blowing up his plan; Maggie isn't thrilled when she learns Adrienne is moving into the mansion.
Ep. #13159 52x202
Marlena and John realize Hattie must be working with someone; un unexpected death shakes things up; Gabi learns Chad and Abigail are getting married; Chad and Abigail, and Paul and Sonny realize they may be in direct conflict.
Ep. #13158 52x201
Brady shares a huge secret with Victor; Nicole wants to confide in Eric; Lucas and Bonnie make love; Marlena frets over John's fate.
Ep. #13157 52x200
Eric struggles with his feelings for Nicole; Jennifer and Abigail are concerned when Lucas shows up drunk; Andre confronts Kate with knowledge of her kissing another man; Chad and Sonny realize they have the same idea.
Ep. #13156 52x199
Joey says goodbye to his loved ones; Bonnie grows nervous when Steve pays Adrienne a visit; Theo is jealous when he sees Tripp and Claire share a hug; a twist is revealed in Abe's case.
Ep. #13155 52x198
Nicole has a stunning realization; Chad proposes to Abigail; Sonny takes a huge step with Paul; John demands to know why Marlena kissed Roman.
Ep. #13154 52x197
Brady and Nicole have a confrontation; Chloe wonders if Eric still has feelings for Nicole; Chad and Sonny's fate is decided; when John learns what Marlena has been up to, he punches Roman.
Ep. #13153 52x196
Chloe confronts Brady about his drinking; Bonnie finds herself drawn to Lucas; Adrienne desperately tries to convince everyone at the prison she is not Bonnie; Hattie, posing as Marlena, attempts to win over Roman.
Ep. #13152 52x195
Rafe and Hope make a shocking arrest; Claire sees an upsetting photo on her tablet; Kayla urges Joey not to turn himself in for Ava's murder; Lani tells JJ about her unexpected decision.
Ep. #13151 52x194
Tripp shocks Kayla by offering an apology for everything he's done; Steve talks to Roman about Joey's need to atone for killing Ava; Hope, Rafe and Raines fret about their inability to identify Dario's partner; Abe confronts Theo.
Ep. #13150 52x193
Marlena finally connects with John and pleads for help; Brady ransacks Eric's room and makes a surprising discovery; Eric interrupts Hattie and Bonnie's party; Sonny recalls a key memory from the night Deimos was killed.
Ep. #13149 52x192
Bonnie breaks Lucas's heart; Marlena finds herself trapped; Brady makes a shocking discovery in Eric's room; Chad and Sonny discuss the night of Deimos's murder.
Ep. #13148 52x191
Chad and Abigail's reunion takes an unexpected turn; Tripp decides to leave town; Anjelica meets with Bonnie; Lani is put in a tough position.
Ep. #13147 52x190
Steve and Kayla clash over Tripp and Joey's situation; Brady gets the wrong idea about Nicole and Eric; Justin confesses to Sonny; Hattie breaks Bonnie out of Statesville.
Ep. #13146 52x189
Marlena breaks up with John; Anjelica traps Adrienne; Brady's jealousy may push him over the edge; Nicole takes a risk to be near Holly.
Ep. #13145 52x188
Joey risks his own safety to save Kayla; Brady interrogates Victor; Gabi makes a decision regarding Chad; Paul's news stuns Sonny.
Ep. #13144 52x187
Eric comforts Jennifer; Chad declares his love for Abigail; Tripp accuses Kayla of killing Ava; Brady is upset by Nicole's lies.
Ep. #13143 52x186
Abigail makes it through surgery; Chad considers turning himself in to the police; Tripp vows to make Kayla pay; Brady is convinced that Nicole and Eric have rekindled their romance.
Ep. #13142 52x185
Gabi tells Chad that Abigail and Dario's marriage was for green card purposes; Jennifer and JJ wait for news about Abigail; Anjelica can't keep her cohort in check; Marlena finds herself in a familiar place.
Ep. #13141 52x184
Chad, Jennifer and JJ hold vigil for Abigail; Hope and Rafe hunt for Dario; Roman thinks Eric may have feelings for Nicole; Brady overhears a conversation between Nicole and Maggie.
Ep. #13140 52x183
Abigail saves Chad's life but gets seriously hurt; Marlena ends up in deep trouble; John and Paul devise a strategy to suss out Victor; Steve suspects Tripp set up Kayla at the hospital.
Ep. #13139 52x182
Steve has a startling realization about Tripp; Chad demands that Abigail tell him the real reason she is leaving town with Dario; Marlena's plans take a surprising turn; an attempt is made on someone's life.
Ep. #13138 52x181
Abigail and Andre are desperate to get their hands on the Theo's laptop to save Chad; Gabi is surprised to learn her brother has been arrested; Steve helps Kayla pack up her office; Chad, Abigail and Dario face off.
Ep. #13137 52x180
A fight erupts between Chad and Gabi; Abe is furious when he finds out Theo is working for DiMera Enterprises; Dario lays the gauntlet down with Abigail; Steve distracts Kayla from her problems at the hospital with a romantic evening.
Ep. #13136 52x179
Abigail and Theo race against the clock to protect Chad; Chad admits he lied to Gabi about Abigail; Nicole comes to a decision about Eric; Jennifer confronts Brady about using her to try to keep Nicole and Eric apart.
Ep. #13135 52x178
A pair of mischief-makers devise plans for revenge; John and Paul interrogate Xander further; Eric alerts Jennifer to Brady's ulterior motive; Nicole discovers Eric's secret.
Ep. #13134 52x177
Kate drops a bomb on Abigail; John and Paul's investigation yields a new suspect in Deimos' murder; Hope tells Rafe the truth about Dario; Anjelica draws someone else into her plan.
Ep. #13133 52x176
Kate and Andre clash; Abigail and Chad's feelings resurface; Hope, Lani and Eli close in on Dario; JJ warns Chad not to hurt his sister anymore.
Ep. #13132 52x175
Dario turns the tables on Abigail; Anjelica makes an unexpected alliance; Lucas finds Justin comforting Adrienne; Paul has a request for John.
Ep. #13131 52x174
Abigail discovers Dario's secret; Adrienne and Jennifer make a final effort to save the paper; Angelica gets a surprise visitor; Steve gets closer to proving someone is setting Kayla up.
Ep. #13130 52x173
Marlena hypnotizes Sonny in an effort to jog his memory; Hope and Rafe get DNA results back; Abigail asks Andre to help her find out more about Dario's illegal dealings; Eli has an offer for Lani.
Ep. #13129 52x172
Brady finds Eric and Nicole together; Abigail plants a listening device in Dario's office; Steve tells Kayla of his suspicions; Jade considers stirring up trouble before she leaves.
Ep. #13128 52x171
Nicole and Eric are unsettled by a memory from the Martin House party; Abigail spies on Dario and learns stunning information; Tripp has second thoughts about what he's done to Kayla.
Ep. #13127 52x170
Rafe, Hope, Lani and J.J.'s investigation leads to a new suspect; Victor pays Sonny a visit; Chad offers Theo a new opportunity; Abigail's suspicion over Dario continues to grow.
Ep. #13126 52x169
Lani discovers a piece of evidence; Lucas spies Justin comforting Adrienne; Paul stands by Sonny; Kayla, Marlena, Valerie and Kate have a girls' night out.
Ep. #13125 52x168
A witness backs up Sonny's confession; Hope and Rafe celebrate their engagement; Steve and Kayla break into Anjelica's hotel room; Hope warns Abigail about Dario.
Ep. #13124 52x167
Sonny faces a tough decision; Gabi and Chad try to reconnect; Gabi supports JJ during his ordeal; Lucas confronts Kate about her marriage.
Ep. #13123 52x166
Rafe is taken aback by Hope's response to his big question; Marlena hypnotizes Lani, hoping to trigger Lani's memories of the night of Deimos's murder; Sonny confesses to Paul; Eric and Nicole remember details of the party.
Ep. #13122 52x165
Kayla lands in hot water at work; Rafe plans a surprise for Hope; Claire wants to get back together with Theo; Maggie advises Theo about his future.
Ep. #13121 52x164
Chad and Gabi are witness to Abigail and Dario's wedding; Nicole is caught in a lie; Joey makes a confession to Tripp; Tripp makes trouble for Kayla.
Ep. #13120 52x163
JJ faces a murder charge; Sonny is startled by a memory; Jennifer pleads with Chad to stop her daughter from getting married; Dario asks Abigail to marry him.
Ep. #13119 52x162
The fallout from the party at the Martin House continues; Marlena is brought in to hypnotize JJ; Lani feels awful after implicating JJ; Chad meets with Abigail to talk about what happened to them while they were under the influence.
Ep. #13118 52x161
The party guests wake from their drug-induced sleep to find themselves with strange bedfellows; Gabi stumbles upon a dead body; Hope has a potentially life-threatening reaction to the drug.
Ep. #13117 52x160
Deimos drugs the drinks at the Martin house party; under the effect of the drug, Chad and Abigail imagine that they are renewing their wedding vows; Nicole and Eric share a kiss; Rafe proposes to Hope.
Ep. #13116 52x159
Salem residents celebrate the rescue from the Greek island; Paul discovers Sonny has the cursed amulet; Chad and Abigail learn their divorce is final; Nicole and Eric work together to promote the Horton Center.
Ep. #13115 52x158
Nicole starts her community service; Tripp makes his first move to get revenge against Kayla; Theo comes to a big decision about Claire; Anjelica and Adrienne get into a heated argument.
Ep. #13114 52x157
Nicole & Brady's family bliss with Holly is short-lived; Eric confides in Marlena about Jennifer & Nicole; Sonny makes a big—and unpopular—move at Titan; Deimos formulates a plan to get revenge.
Ep. #13113 52x156
Gabi & André have a tense confrontation; Victor hands over the reins to Sonny; after a heart-to-heart with Marlena, Claire returns Ciara's letter to Theo; Julie presents Eli with a lavish gift.
Ep. #13112 52x155
Nicole & Brady are stunned by Chloe's decision; Chad learns Abigail is planning to marry Dario; Hope and Rafe get a huge break in their case; Deimos & Sonny have a physical altercation.
Ep. #13111 52x154
Nicole learns Chloe is moving to New York; Steve confronts Jade and Tripp; Jennifer discovers Eric's letters to Nicole; Hope and Rafe close in on Deimos.
Ep. #13110 52x153
Steve has news for Adrienne; Tripp gains Kayla's trust; JJ and Lani find Chad and Gabi in a compromising position; Paul gets Eli to agree to something extreme.
Ep. #13109 52x152
Gabi and Chad cling to each other; Dario presses Abigail to file for divorce; news regarding community service upsets Nicole; Eric and Jennifer's date doesn't go as planned.
Ep. #13108 52x151
Sonny tries to get through to Paul; Lani admits that she's not sure where she and JJ stand; Steve learns that Angelica is out of revenge; Jade is forced to make a confession.
Ep. #13107 52x150
Gabi and Chad talk about where they're headed romantically; JJ warns Sonny that extreme measures may be used to take down Paul; Everyone assumes the worst of Claire; Steve encounters a face from the past.
Ep. #13106 52x149
Nicole's fate is decided; Hope and Abe make a shocking discovery; Hope's advice causes Claire to rethink her future; an unlikely couple gets married.
Ep. #13105 52x148
Steve uncovers information regarding Adrienne's competitor; Tripp starts formulating his plan to punish Kayla; Chloe makes a surprise appearance at Nicole's hearing; Nicole blasts Deimos for his role in her kidnapping.
Ep. #13104 52x147
Sonny fears for Paul's safety; Claire learns what Jade has done; Julie lashes out at Valerie; Justin tells Adrienne that Sonny's plane is missing.
Ep. #13103 52x146
The castaways panic when they realize Eli is missing; Gabi is knocked unconscious; Hope questions Myron and grows more suspicious of Dario; John must return to his ISA mission.
Ep. #13102 52x145
Chad and Gabi grow closer; JJ and Lani learn disturbing news; Abigail asks Raines to look into Dario's story; Kate makes an unexpected move.
Ep. #13101 52x144
Eli helps Gabi come to terms with her feelings for Chad; Paul and Sonny have an argument over Sonny's obsession with Titan; Victor backs up Justin and the board's decision to kick Deimos out of Titan; Jade secretly decides to help Claire.
Ep. #13100 52x143
Chad gets caught in his lies; Abigail realizes helping Dario may be more complicated than she originally thought; Nicole is taken into police custody; Lani and JJ have a picnic on the island.
Ep. #13099 52x142
Nicole makes a heartfelt plea to Brady to live; Eric tries to stall Chloe; Steve investigates a new threat against his sister; Adrienne opens up to Kayla about her fear of being intimate with Lucas.
Ep. #13098 52x141
Nicole and Eric return to Salem; Justin's news infuriates Deimos; John is upset abut the orders on Brady's door; Chloe visits an unconscious Brady.
Ep. #13097 52x140
Sonny, Paul, Chad, Gabi, JJ, Lani and Eli find themselves stranded on an island; Hope returns to Salem with Deimos in tow; Rafe gets bad news from Greece; Ciara says goodbye to Salem.
Ep. #13096 52x139
Sonny, Chad, Gabi, Lani, JJ and Eli search for the villa; Sonny makes an appeal for Victor's support; Kayla tells Joey that Jade sabotaged him; Steve pampers Kayla.
Ep. #13095 52x138
Deimos' rescue of Nicole fails; Lani, JJ, Eli and Hope converge on the villa; Nicole and Eric learn Brady is dying; Brady falls unconscious.
Ep. #13094 52x137
JJ and Lani pressure Guy into confirming what everyone suspects; Nicole dreads falling back into Deimos' clutches; a group sets out to raid Xander's compound; Brady says a heartfelt goodbye to Tate and John.
Ep. #13093 52x136
Nicole and Eric work together; Deimos is angry to learn he's been tricked; Sonny and Paul deliver Guy to JJ's custody; Ciara learns of Theo and Wyatt's lie.
Ep. #13092 52x135
A thief holds Chad and Gabi at knifepoint; Eli makes a difficult decision; Theo tells Ciara the truth; Kate is suspicious of Dario.
Ep. #13091 52x134
Abigail considers Dario's proposal; Gabi confides in Chad; Lani urges Eli to fight for Gabi; Chloe gets a job opportunity.
Ep. #13090 52x133
Nicole escapes to Eric's jet and reunites with Holly; Xander & Eric go over their past as Xander makes plans to find Nicole; Kayla informs Brady that his condition is getting worse; Marlena shares an emotional reunion with John.
Ep. #13089 52x132
Deimos' plans begin to fall apart; Gabi and Chad run into each other in Greece; Eric and Nicole team up to escape; Dario gets unexpected news.
Ep. #13088 52x131
Chad gets upsetting news from Abigail; Abigail tries to explain her decision to Jennifer; Adrienne talks to Tripp on Steve's behalf; Jade talks to Tripp about Kayla.
Ep. #13087 52x130
Sonny and Paul plan to fly to Greece; Chloe visits Brady; Theo talks to Wyatt about Ciara; Nicole tears into Eric.
Ep. #13086 52x129
Eric tries to help Nicole escape; Hope and Andre try to prevent Chad from getting the amulet; Theo worries Wyatt is using Ciara.
Ep. #13085 52x128
Sonny and Paul track Deimos; a surprise arrival at the villa throws Nicole; Brady's condition worsens; Gabi and Abe trick Eli and Valerie.
Ep. #13084 52x127
Chad prepares to go pick up the stolen amulet; Lani conceals her withdrawal symptoms; Tripp helps Joey; Kayla tells Jade she's no longer going to help her financially.
Ep. #13083 52x126
Deimos vows to get Nicole back; Eric gets a lead on Nicole's whereabouts; Dario asks Abigail out to dinner; Chad sees Abigail, Dario and Thomas together.
Ep. #13082 52x125
Brady pushes Eric to go on a mission to find Nicole; Rafe arrives to arrest Brady; Ciara introduces Hope to Wyatt; Claire's music career hits another snag.
Ep. #13081 52x124
Brady asks Eric for a favor; Marlena gets unsettling news; Nicole attempts to escape with Holly; Tripp questions Kayla about the day Ava was killed.
Ep. #13080 52x123
Eric asks Jennifer on a date; JJ rushes to save Lani from a dangerous situation; Rafe brings Hope to the Hernandez family lunch; Julie and Gabi butts heads.
Ep. #13079 52x122
Lani meets with a drug dealer; Chad tells Abigail he's not giving up on her; Tripp suspects Steve didn't kill Ava; Chad and Kate scheme to steal an antiquity.
Ep. #13078 52x121
Nicole and Holly face a dangerous situation; Sonny and Paul find an injured Brady; Kate tries to get Chad to see Abigail is moving on; Eli and Gabi get closer.
Ep. #13077 52x120
Brady and Nicole's happiness is interrupted; Sonny and Paul pursue Deimos; Steve and Kayla try to get close to Tripp; Jade slips up; Gabi encourages Abigail to make her marriage work.
Ep. #13076 52x119
Someone breaks into Nicole and Brady's home; JJ turns to Steve for information; Gabi and Eli kiss; Tripp helps Kayla.
Ep. #13075 52x118
Abigail learns her mother and Eric share a past; Steve and Tripp bond; Lani wants to continue working under cover; Jennifer confronts Anne.
Ep. #13074 52x117
Brady and Nicole make love; Abigail interviews for a job at the police station; Paul asks Sonny to move in with him; Lani and JJ get a dangerous new assignment.
Ep. #13073 52x116
Gabi confronts Deimos; Brady and Nicole share a day of romance; Deimos gets a lead on Nicole's whereabouts; Wyatt's secret comes to light.
Ep. #13072 52x115
Abigail works toward independence; Eric offers Jennifer reassurance; Chad goes all out to win Abigail back; Kate sees Dario and Abigail together; Eli remains upset with Gabi.
Ep. #13071 52x114
Kayla helps Tripp; Tripp offers Jade a place to stay; Steve tells Adrienne about his newfound son; Gabi and Julie have a confrontation.
Ep. #13070 52x113
Steve asks Tripp not to take money from the Vitali family; Kayla exposes Jade's plot; Marlena and John reunite; Paul gives Sonny information about Deimos.
Ep. #13069 52x112
Chad tells Gabi what happened at the vow renewal ceremony; Dario comforts Abigail; Nicole makes a confession to Brady; Jade talks to Claire about Theo and Wyatt.
Ep. #13068 52x111
Abigail makes a major decision; tensions between Kate, Jennifer and Andre escalate; Eric urges Chloe to make peace with Nicole; Brady realizes Nicole may be in trouble.
Ep. #13067 52x110
Scooter pressures Nicole; Gabi and Eli get closer; Julie tells Eli to stay away from Gabi; Abigail and Chad's vow renewal takes an unexpected turn.
Ep. #13066 52x109
Abigail has a revelation; Kate encourages Gabi to pursue Chad; Rafe and Dario butt heads over Eduardo; Chad and Lucas get bad news.
Ep. #13065 52x108
Chad learns Dario is in love with Abigail; Gabi walks in on Abigail and Chad's celebration; Ciara feels Wyatt is more than he seems; Claire and Theo share a romantic evening; Paul and Sony declare their love for each other.
Ep. #13064 52x107
Nicole considers how to deal with Scooter; Jade tries to intervene with Tripp for the Johnsons; Marlena confronts Victor; Eric has a dream about Nicole.
Ep. #13063 52x106
Rafe faces a tough decision; Dario vows to retaliate against Deimos; Tripp condemns Steve and Kayla; Joey prepares to tell Trip who really killed Ava.
Ep. #13062 52x105
Hope and Rafe prepare to take down Deimos; Eduardo hopes he and Kate can work things out; Paul worries about Sonny's obsession with Deimos; Nicole and Scooter face off.
Ep. #13061 52x104
Abigail and Kate have a confrontation; Eduardo and Dario discuss a new revenue stream; Deimos demotes Sonny; Rafe and Hope eavesdrop on Deimos.
Ep. #13060 52x103
Nicole panics over Scooter recognizing her; Abigail confides in JJ; Gabi goes out with Eli; Ciara meets Wyatt.
Ep. #13059 52x102
Nicole and Brady have their neighbors over for dinner; Tripp learns more about Ava; Rafe discovers Hope planted a bud on someone; Theo feels he and and Claire are moving to fast.
Ep. #13058 52x101
Gabi learns of Abigail and Chad's vow renewal plans; Paul and Sonny make love; Marlena and Kate have a night out; Marlena has a fantasy about John.
Ep. #13057 52x100
Nicole fears a threat from her and Brady's neighbor; Deimos learns Brady went on the run with Nicole; Abigail asks Chad about Deimos' beating; Eric and Jennifer's date doesn't go as planned.
Ep. #13056 52x99
Brady returns and confesses his love to Nicole; Eric decides to move forward with Jennifer; Abigail's decision string Dario; Kate sees Eduardo and Chloe kiss.
Ep. #13055 52x98
Adrienne makes a decision; Steve and Kayla worry about Joey's ability to keep Ava's secret; Tripp makes a mysterious call; Eli and Gabi get to know each other.
Ep. #13054 52x97
Chad gives Deimos a taste of his own medicine; Jade gets rushed to the hospital; Steve has news for Tripp; Abe tries to talk to Eli for Valerie.
Ep. #13053 52x96
Jade's manipulation of Joey goes awry; Brady seeks Marlena's advice; Steve and Tripp submit to a DNA test; Dario makes a confession.
Ep. #13052 52x95
Nicole worries her neighbor will find out that she and Holly are on the run; Brady and Eric reunite; Adrienne's loved ones support her; Hope stops Rafe from attacking Deimos.
Ep. #13051 52x94
Chad must make a choice between Abigail and Gabi; JJ, Paul and Dario search for Chad, Abigail and Gabi; Steve and Kayla trace his son to Arizona; Joey cares for Jade.
Ep. #13050 52x93
Chad and Dario realize Abigail is missing; Deimos reveals his plan for Chad; Sonny realizes Chad is in danger; Abe asks as favor of Lani.
Ep. #13049 52x92
Chloe kisses someone; Brady gets Nicole settled in her home; Abigail is put in danger; Chad tells Gabi he can never see her again.
Ep. #13048 52x91
Chad makes a confession; Gabi and Dario talk about their inability to be with their loved ones; Eric pushes Jennifer away; Claire makes a devious move.
Ep. #13047 52x90
Brady is ready to take Nicole and Holly to Canada; Kate sees Chloe and Eduardo together; Jennifer and Eric kiss; Julie suggests Ciara be honest with Theo about her feelings.
Ep. #13046 52x89
Hope gets a surprise; Abigail finds Chad and Gabi in an awkward moment; Steve and Kayla get information on Ava's son; Joey tries to let Jade down easy.
Ep. #13045 52x88
Abigail and Chad hold a press conference; Chad can't stop thinking about Gabi; Julie organizes a gathering to welcome Eli; Ciara talks to Claire about Theo.
Ep. #13044 52x87
Nicole hides with Holly; Victor is angry about Brady's relationship with Nicole; Kate commends Chad; Sonny tells Paul he needs evidence against Deimos; Justin and Lucas treat Adrienne to pampering.
Ep. #13043 52x86
Deimos pleads with Nicole; Eric plans his return to Salem; Chad and Gabi reminisce about high school; Dario becomes increasingly drawn to Abigail.
Ep. #13042 52x85
Steve relays his discovery to Kayla and Joey; Brady offers his help to Nicole; Chloe gains an unexpected ally; Kate rebuffs Eduardo's affections.
Ep. #13041 52x84
Steve tries to save Kayla; Chad moves to dismantle Deimos' empire; Sonny and Paul try to find out what can be done about Deimos' connection to the stolen antiquities; Eli pushes Valerie to tell Julie the truth about his father.
Ep. #13040 52x83
Steve learns a truth about his past; Kayla's life is put in danger; Dario continues to fall for Abigail; Chad asks Gabi for help again.
Ep. #13039 52x82
Brady looks for Nicole; Joey offers Jade support before her surgery; Steve gets a mysterious call; Adrienne and Justin share a tender moment.
Ep. #13038 52x81
Nicole hides with Holly; Brady talks to Dr. Lee about Nicole; Eric tells Jennifer he won't take a job at the Horton Center; Ciara opens up to Hope about Theo.
Ep. #13037 52x80
Chad and Abigail have an awkward encounter with Gabi; Rafe and Hope learn about changes at the police department; Brady and Deimos butt heads over how to help Nicole; Eduardo promises not to give up on Kate.
Ep. #13036 52x79
Nicole makes a move; tension builds between Sonny and Paul; Chad and Abigail get closer; Sonny tells Brady about his plans to take on Deimos.
Ep. #13035 52x78
Deimos sets a kidnapping plan into motion; Brady gives Nicole an update about Eric; Dario makes a confession to Gabi; Chad offers Abigail a job.
Ep. #13034 52x77
Rafe and Hope share a romantic evening; Nicole pleads with Chloe to giver her baby back; Joey and Jade get unexpected news from Kayla; Sonny wants to be Deimos' successor.
Ep. #13033 52x76
Nicole makes sure Deimos knows she is done with him; Deimos accuses Brady of being in love with Nicole; Jennifer and Eric share a moment; Gabi overhears JJ and Lani agreeing to a date.
Ep. #13032 52x75
Chad promises to do what is right when it comes to Abigail and Gabi; Valerie tries to keep Eli's identity a secret; Chloe's news shakes Brady; JJ asks Lani out.
Ep. #13031 52x74
Chad tells Abigail what happened while he was captive; Dario comforts a distressed Abigail; Kate criticizes Eduardo's actions; Lani and Theo offer Abe encouragement.
Ep. #13030 52x73
Hope fears Andre will destroy her future; Rafe overhears a conversation between Chad and Gabi; Marlena reunites with Eric.
Ep. #13029 52x72
Sonny gets beaten for trying to escape his captor; Deimos, Eduardo and Andre negotiate for their loved ones' release; Drew asks Shane for help; Abigail gets Dario's assistance looking for Gabi and Chad.
Ep. #13028 52x71
Chloe and Nicole learn who gets custody of Holly; Nicole breaks up with Deimos; Eduardo and Andre reach out to Deimos to arrange an exchange; Abigail and J.J. work together to find Gabi and Chad.
Ep. #13027 52x70
Chloe and Nicole's hearing starts, Julie learns David is dead, and Adrienne finds Paul bloodied in an alley.
Ep. #13026 52x69
Steve and Kayle remarry; Valerie tells Abe she's leaving town; Julie gets devastating news; Anna confronts Andre.
Ep. #13025 52x68
Rafe goes to the judge to overturn Hope's conviction; Stephanie arrives for her parents' wedding; Kate thinks Andrew should prepare for Hope's getting out.
Ep. #13024 52x67
Chad and Gabi's situation devolves; Eduardo, Kate, Dario and Abigail talk about how to rescue Chad and Gabi; Victor tells Deimos to clean up his act; Adrienne, Jennifer and Anne work to destroy the Orwell device.
Ep. #13023 52x66
Hope asks Eric about Jennifer; Shane and Steve make a discovery; Dario opens up to Abigail; Jennifer asks Adrienne for help.
Ep. #13022 52x65
Chad admits he has feelings for Gabi; Abigail faces telling Dario that Gabi was kidnapped, and Eduardo and Andre decide to kidnap Sonny.
Ep. #13021 52x64
Raines promises to continue pursuing Hope; Paul and Sonny steal a moment alone; Steve and Kayla invite Carrie and Austin to their wedding; Brady warns Nicole about Chloe.
Ep. #13020 52x63
Everyone fears Stefano has taken Marlena; Raines loses Hope in pursuit; Abigail panics over Chad and Gabi's kidnapping; Andre and Eduardo come to a truce.
Ep. #13019 52x62
Raines almost catches Hope; Rafe, Marlena, Steve, Kayla, Paul and Sonny get to the masquerade; Deimos sees Brady and Nicole's strengthening relationship; Deimos tries to prove his value to Nicole.
Ep. #13018 52x61
Rafe, Marlena, Steve and Kayla discuss their strategy for capturing Stefano; Hope begs Eric to contact Hattie; Ciara reads Jennifer's story about Hope; Paul finds Sonny at his door.
Ep. #13017 52x60
Deimos threatens to shoot Gabi; Kate comforts a distraught Eduardo; Jennifer tries to destroy the Orwell device; Nicole lashes out at Chloe.
Ep. #13016 52x59
Deimos' victims are in danger; Abigail and Chad consider how to retrieve the hard drive from the Kiriakis' mansion; Nicole worries that everyone was right about Deimos; Belle disapproves of Chloe's move regarding Holly.
Ep. #13015 52x58
Deimos strikes against his enemies; intel about Titan proves intriguing; Abigail and Gabi try to bring their families together; Jennifer makes a discovery while investigating the docks.
Ep. #13014 52x57
Hope's fever makes her delusional; Eric sees a familiar face in Salem; Marlena and the others lure Stefano out of hiding; police hunt for Hope.
Ep. #13013 52x56
Nicole urges Chloe to return the baby; Deimos makes threats to help Nicole; Jennifer and Valerie meet for lunch; Gabi and Chad drift apart.
Ep. #13012 52x55
Nicole waits for Justin to post her bail; Maggie and Victor are surprised by Deimos' news; Shane has a possible lead about Stefano for Steve, Rafe, Kayla and Marlena.
Ep. #13011 52x54
In Prague, Steve and Kayla reaffirm their love for each other; Hope fights for her life as Eric tries to save her; Chad and Abigail share a special night; Lucas advocates for Anne with Adrienne.
Ep. #13010 52x53
Brady and Deimos rally around Nicole; Gabi and Abigail plan to put an end to the family war; Chloe convinces Belle to represent her; Sonny attempts to make a deal with Chad.
Ep. #13009 52x52
Nicole receives shocking news; Gabi and Chad share an awkward moment; Claire, Theo, Ciara, Jade and Joey begin a new adventure; Belle returns to visit Claire.
Ep. #13008 52x51
Chloe admits the truth to Brady; Nicole realizes Deimos' life is in danger; Eric cares for Hope as she battles for her life; Kayla arrives in Europe to check on Steve.
Ep. #13007 52x50
Abigail and Gabi decide to work together; Dario goes to extremes; Brady talks to Chloe; Eduardo tries to fix things with Kate.
Ep. #13006 52x49
Hope must hide from the police; Jennifer learns JJ is looking into the docks; Abigail and Gabi each realize something big is happening; Chad calls a meeting with Sonny and Dario.
Ep. #13005 52x48
Carrie and Austin search for Anna; Hope receives care from a familiar face; Rafe, Steve and Paul get ready to confront Stefano; after a call about Steve, Kayla decides to go to Prague.
Ep. #13004 52x47
Nicole and Chloe overhear Deimos making a threat; Sonny tries to get control over Deimos; Valerie offers Claire and Theo advice; Justin offers Adrienne help.
Ep. #13003 52x46
Chloe regains consciousness; Deimos and Andre threaten each other; Chad finds Abigail and Dario together; Gabi tells JJ what she knows about the family business; Chad reaches out to Gabi.
Ep. #13002 52x45
Eduardo tells Dario about the missing device; Andre and Deimos butt heads; JJ tells Gabi it's important for the two of them to meet; Brady reacts unexpectedly to news.
Ep. #13001 52x44
Hope battles for her life; Rafe, Steve and Paul prepare for a meeting with a man they think is Stefano; Kayla, Shawn and Ciara find out Hope escaped prison; Carrie and Austin help Marlena and Anna; Deimos romances Nicole.
Ep. #13000 52x43
The search for Stefano continues; Hattie, increasingly fearful for Hope's safety, makes a bold move; Jennifer tells Thomas stories about the Horton family; Chad & Abigail attempt to reconnect during a night out.
Ep. #12999 52x42
Hope shirks Hattie's advice on handling Coco and Sheila; Steve, Marlena, Rafe and Paul land in Prague; Marlena runs into someone she knows; Joey offers Jade comfort.
Ep. #12998 52x41
Chad and Abigail run into Gabi while on a family outing; Gabi and JJ have a tense moment; Theo and Valerie butt heads; Claire sees Theo and Ciara bonding.
Ep. #12997 52x40
Nicole gives a heartbreaking goodbye to the baby; Kate debates whether to betray Eduardo; Theo and Claire overhear a suspicious conversation; Brady gets the test results.
Ep. #12996 52x39
Rafe gets word Stefano has been spotted; Nancy keeps the baby away from Nicole; Kayla and Steve offer Joey comfort; Brady looks for proof the Nicole is Chloe's baby's biological mother.
Ep. #12995 52x38
Chad and Abigail's kiss progresses; Gabi and JJ handle the fallout of a revelation; Joey receives difficult news; Rafe gets to the prison to tell Hope Stefano is alive.
Ep. #12994 52x37
Gabi helps Abigail with her anxiety; JJ gets a shock; relationships face defining moments; Chad scolds Andre.
Ep. #12993 52x36
Jennifer asks Chad to be understanding about Abigail; Kate and Eduardo make plans; Justin and Lucas try to be there for Adrienne; Kate learns troubling news.
Ep. #12992 52x35
Brady and Deimos think Nancy knows the truth; Rafe's request stuns Andre and Kate; Marlena, Steve and Kayla think about the past; Joey and Jade forward to parenthood.
Ep. #12991 52x34
Deimos work to prove Chloe's baby's parentage; Kate accuses Andre of theft; Hope makes plans to fight her enemies; Rafe, Marlena, Roman, Steve and Kayla reel from developments.
Ep. #12990 52x33
Chad continues to process Abigail's return the best way he can; Abigail confronts Gabi over her budding relationship with Chad; Hope realizes her days are numbered; several Salem residents help feed the homeless.
Ep. #12988 52x32
Abigail and Jennifer say goodbye; Chad and Gabi exchange gifts; Brady finds Nicole and Chloe; Rafe visits Hope; The Hortons honor a family tradition;
Ep. #12989 52x31
Kayla, Steve, Roman and Joey hang out at the pub; Gabi, Dario and Sonny get ready for the hospital Christmas party; Chad makes a discovery; Justin takes care of Adrienne.
Ep. #12987 52x30
Deimos and Brady worry about Nicole's whereabouts; Gabi ends things with JJ; Andre pushes Abigail to reveal she's alive; Dario catches Paul snooping around the dock.
Ep. #12986 52x29
Chloe worries Nicole knows the baby's paternity; Philip confronts Deimos; Kate goest with Adrienne to her chemo appointment; Joey hears Jade in a moment of vulnerability.
Ep. #12985 52x28
Chad and Gabi realize someone saw them kiss; JJ worries about keeping a secret from Gabi; Lani spends time with her family; Brady tells Deimos not to hurt Chloe.
Ep. #12984 52x27
Abigail plans to regain Chad and Thomas; Gabi tests JJ; Theo wonders if Ciara has feelings for him; Theo sees an intimate moment between Abe and Valerie.
Ep. #12983 52x26
Abigail is ready to let Chad know she's alive; Andre tells Chad about his venture; Gabi is surprised when she overhears JJ's talk with Jennifer; Coco and Sheila want to take Hope down.
Ep. #12982 52x25
Nicole admits she's finally ready to move on with Deimos; Kate supports Adrienne through her ordeal; Deimos privately fills Brady in that he's getting closer to uncovering the truth; an argument escalates between Jade & Joey.
Ep. #12981 52x24
Deimos lays out his theory about Chloe to a skeptical Brady; Steve & Paul meet with Sonny to update him on the Hernandez case; Steve & Kayla share some romance as he gives her an early Christmas gift; Derrick asks Paul if he has feelings for Sonny.
Ep. #12980 52x23
Nicole & Eve catch up and discuss the hardships they've faced; Chad tells Rafe important news about Stefano; Roman & Hope meet with Hattie; Philip, under the influence of truth serum, is questioned by Deimos about Chloe.
Ep. #12979 52x22
Abigail resorts to blackmail to keep her secret; Gabi comforts Chad, who has just learned unsettling news about Stefano; Eduardo & Dario discuss their secret plan; Brady is surprised when Eve returns for a visit
Ep. #12978 52x21
Dario's business-expansion plan is foiled by Gabi; Rafe goes to Hope and shares news about Stefano; Abigail is discovered; Philip is tied up and injected on Deimos' orders.
Ep. #12977 52x20
Adrienne finds support from an unlikely ally; Philip makes a confession to Nancy; Justin & Sonny discuss this new revelation about Adrienne; Nicole returns home from Europe and reunites with Deimos.
Ep. #12976 52x19
Adrienne receives devastating news; André tries to convince Gabi she shouldn't be working for Chad; JJ appeals to Abigail to let Chad & Thomas know she's alive; Jade makes herself comfortable at Kayla's house.
Ep. #12975 52x18
Ciara is taken aback when she meets her online date; Hope receives help from an unexpected source; Hattie & Hope continue to bond; Shawn & Rafe enlist Kate's help to investigate a lead; Theo invites Valerie to go Christmas-tree shopping.
Ep. #12974 52x17
Sonny tries to break up an argument between Justin & Lucas; Kayla receives Adrienne's test results; JJ & Gabi meet up to share a romantic night; Jennifer once again tries to convince Abigail to let Chad know she's alive.
Ep. #12973 52x16
Adrienne is rushed to the hospital; Justin's & Lucas' tempers flare; Jennifer is furious when she realizes Laura knew about Abigail; JJ worries that Gabi & Chad are more than friends.
Ep. #12972 52x15
Adrienne makes a decision; Rafe asks Steve for help; Hope makes an unlikely alliance; Claire and Theo advance their relationship.
Ep. #12971 52x14
Jennifer sees Gabi and Chad sharing a moment; Victor and Maggie worry about Brady; Marlena talks to Brady; Eduardo and Kate spend the holiday together.
Ep. #12970 52x13
Chad celebrates Thanksgiving and Thomas' birthday with the Hortons; JJ makes a discovery in the attic; Kayla, Kimberly and Roman visit Bo's grave; Abe brings Valerie to dinner; Shawn, Ciara and Rafe try to cheer Hope up.
Ep. #12969 52x12
Gabi tells Chad her decision; Abigail tries to contact Chad; Paul and Steve look into the Hernandez family shipments; Theo tells lies to Abe about Valerie.
Ep. #12968 52x11
Sonny offers Adrienne comfort; JJ tells Rafe a secret; Abigail tells Jennifer she doesn't believe Chad still loves her; Kate urges Chad to move on with Gabi.
Ep. #12967 52x10
Abigail insists to Jennifer that she remain hidden; Gabi and Chad talk about their relationship; Adrienne and Lucas' wedding stops short; Joey's news upsets Kayla.
Ep. #12966 52x09
Theresa has her last day in Salem; Lucas and Adrienne's wedding day; Sonny advises Justin; Joey tells Steve news about Jade.
Ep. #12965 52x08
Theresa goes to extremes to alienate Brady; JJ asks for advice about Gabi; Abigail reveals herself to someone; Philip considers confiding in Nicole.
Ep. #12964 52x07
Chad and Andre speak during Hope's sentencing; Justin pleads for leniency from the court; the judge sentences Hope; Brady catches Theresa in a compromising situation.
Jan 9 2017 52x06
Friends and family gather around Hope; Adrienne lends Justin support; Eduardo asks Kate out; Dario and Eduardo talk about their new business venture.
Jan 06 2017 52x05
Justin tries to make last-minute legal maneuvers before Hope's sentencing; Abigail is found; JJ's news crushes Gabi; Theresa must be taken to the hospital.
Jan 05 2017 52x04
Brady hopes Kimberly can help him deal with Theresa; Gabi finds out a shocking truth; Jade's surprising news blindsides Joey; Theresa and JJ's unexpected encounter.
Jan 04 2017 52x03
Brady and Theresa confront each other; Gabi arranges a welcome home party for JJ; mysterious woman visits Salem; Theo overhears Valerie lie.
Jan 03 2017 52x02
Hope and Andre make a deal; Brady's disturbing discovery about Theresa; Sonny hires Paul to investigate the docks; Joey tells Steve about Jade.
Jan 02 2017 52x01
Theresa's behavior surprises Brady; Gabi rescues Chad; Laura's unsettling news; Steve proposes to Kayla.

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