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Ep. #14028 2021x18

season 48

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Ep. #12204 48x248
Marlena finds the flash drive just as Kristen arrives at the office to talk to Daniel. The two bicker before Kristen eventually leaves unaware that Marlena has the flash drive. Later, Anne shows up and harps on Marlena about Daniel and his supposed ethics violation. Theresa continues to not remember what happened to her the night before. Nicole overhears everything and Daniel convinces her not to say anything. Nicole tells Daniel that Eric thinks she drugged him. Jennifer informs Brady about Daniel and Theresa.
Ep. #12203 48x247
Kristen realizes that Eric is blaming Nicole for what happened to him at the hotel. Marlena visits Daniel's office and ends up finding the flash drive. Theresa wakes up but has no idea what happened the night before which relieves Daniel. Nicole overhears JJ and Daniel discussing what happened with Theresa. Maggie is curious about Victor and Marlena's secret meetings and warns him about hurting someone.
Friday, October 25, 2013 48x246
Jennifer and Hope try to track down JJ by questioning Rory and Bev. At the same time, Theresa has OD'd and JJ, freaked, calls Daniel.
Ep. #12201 48x245
E.J. blackmails Lucas into returning Allie by taping him saying that he will leave the country with Allie if Sami doesn't move out of the mansion. Nicole confronts Martha about her telling Eric that she was the woman in disguise. Cameron tells Chad that Abigail is just as upset with him as she is with Chad. Later, Cameron tells Chad that if he hadn't backed off Abigail there is no way she would of slept with him just as Abigail returns to Chad's room.
Ep. #12200 48x244
Daniel covers for JJ at the expense of Jennifer thinking that he is sleeping with Theresa. JJ comes back home and apologizes for his behavior. Nick continues to work on surprising Gabi with a modeling gig. Jordan finds out that someone is asking questions about her past.
Ep. #12199 48x243
JJ turns to Daniel when Theresa OD's. Chad confesses to Abigail that he told Cameron he had a brain tumor to get him to back off. Abigail confronts Cameron about giving her up so easy. Sami and E.J. fight about Lucas and Allie. Sonny encourages Will to go to a writing program at Berkley.
Ep. #12198 48x242
Theresa wants JJ to take a drug called G that will enhance their sexual experience. JJ is reluctant to take it and when they are starting to have sex JJ realizes that Theresa is out cold and doesn't appear to be breathing. Jennifer catches Maxine with the picture of her and Daniel and thinks Daniel most of thrown it out. Lucas tells Sami that he will not bring Allie back to live at the DiMera mansion. Kayla informs E.J. that Chad will need to be transported to Boston for additional surgery. Kayla also learns that Chad has been lying about his brain tumor.
Ep. #12197 48x241
Jennifer ignores Abigail's pleas and calls Hope to have JJ arrested. Hope is able to talk Jennifer down and heads out to find JJ starting at Theresa's apartment. Theresa and JJ get high on pot and starting kissing. JJ pulls back and heads to the bathroom while Theresa calls Daniel. Hope shows up and Theresa tells her she has a guy over. Stefano arrives at Daniel's office to thank him for saving Chad's life. Eric accuses Nicole of raping him. Kristen goes off on a rant with Stefano after finding out Nicole told Brady about her sleeping with someone else.
Ep. #12196 48x240
Kristen gets the bad news that she cannot carry a child to term. Eric overhears Brady and Nicole arguing about her feelings for Eric. Eric thinks that when Nicole mentions doing things she regrets and being obsessed with him that she drugged him and slept with him. Jennifer threatens to call the police on JJ if he leaves with a bag of pot. Abigail tells Jennifer that if she calls the police she will never talk to her again. Daniel shows up at Theresa and warns her to stay away from JJ.
Ep. #12195 48x239
Jennifer threatens Theresa if she goes near JJ again. Daniel tries to get JJ to make up with Jennifer by never seeing Jennifer again. Jordan overhears Kate on the phone trying to get a background check on her. Gabi talks with Rafe about Cameron. Will gets invited to a writing program. Nick's jealousy continues when he finds out about Gabi and Cameron.
Ep. #12194 48x238
JJ walks out on Jennifer. Theresa continues to plant the idea that she is sleeping with Daniel in Karin's head. Later, Theresa has a run in with Jennifer who threatens her if she doesn't stay away from JJ. Sami tells E.J. that she is rethinking their wedding since Chad's shooting. Abigail nearly overhears Chad confessing to Cameron but lying about his brain tumor. Kate continues to be jealous about Jordan spending time with Rafe.
Ep. #12193 48x237
Brady doesn't believe Nicole when she says Kristen slept with someone else. Brady tells Nicole that their friendship is over. Marlena arrives at Daniel's office to find Kristen. Kristen nearly discovers the flash drive on Daniel's desk when she knocks over a bunch of papers. Martha tells Eric that she thinks Nicole may of resembled Fay Taylor. Justin is able to secure a plea bargain for JJ but the Judge only agrees if JJ moves back home with Jennifer. Sami tells E.J. she wants to postpone the wedding. Chad realizes that Cameron knows he was lying and asks if he told Abigail just as she arrives at Chad's room.
Ep. #12192 48x236
Kristen and Brady get a call that there has been a cancellation at the church and they get get married within days. Nicole tells Brady that Kristen cheated on him. Eric calls the hotel asking for more information and gets an in person visit from the desk clerk, Martha. Theresa drops Daniel's bracelet in front of Jennifer and Abigail to make it look like they have something going on. JJ is arraigned and the Judge denies bail.
Ep. #12191 48x235
Daniel refuses to give up on Chad and is able to get Chad's heart going again. Stefano pleads with God to not take his son and he will be a better man. Kristen is irate with Sami for telling off her father. Roman warns Sami about putting her children at risk by marrying E.J. again. Sonny tries to keep himself busy because he is worried about Chad.
Ep. #12190 48x234
Marge shoots at E.J. but both of her shots hit Chad instead. Chad is rushed to the hospital. Daniel is just about ready to look at the flash drive when he is called away to surgery. Sami tells Stefano that he set this all in motion and has no one to blame but himself. Cameron goes to warn Daniel about Chad's brain tumor and that the trail he is supposedly on might interfere with surgery. E.J. has to admit to Cameron that Chad has been lying. Daniel thinks he has saved Chad when Chad flatlines and someone announces that they have lost him. Eric decides to visit the hotel one last time.
Ep. #12189 48x233
Cameron confronts Chad about lying about his brain tumor. E.J. steps in and explains away the trial being only in L.A. and that E.J. paid for them to take Chad as a special exception. E.J. warns Cameron to keep his mouth shut or he will ruin his medical career. Rafe, Kate and Jordan head out on Rafe's first public outing and end up at the club unaware it is hosting Sami and E.J.'s party. Marge shows up at the club and begins shooting.
Ep. #12188 48x232
E.J. and Sami's engagement party gets under way. Marge writes what appears to be a suicide note than gets all dressed up and loads her gun. Cameron does more research on the the clinical trial Chad said he was in and finds out they are only doing the trial on the west coast. Marlena has to pretend that she doesn't know Kristen set her up to be mugged at the party. Eric makes the connection that Fay and Taylor is Nicole's mother's and sister's names.
Ep. #12187 48x231
Nicole helps Marlena fight off the mugger. They gather up all the items from Marlena's purse but the flash drive. At the police station, Marlena puts the pieces together and realizes Kristen must of set her up. Eric tells Brady and Kristen that he would be happy to marry them. Daniel gives Eric the letter the hotel sent with the woman's name that checked in alone, Fay Taylor. Daniel takes Parker to the park where Parker finds the flash drive. Sami tries to intervene on Rafe's therapy session when she sees him fall. JJ sits in prison refusing to forgive Jennifer for not telling him sooner about his father.
Ep. #12186 48x230
JJ destroys the town square during his rampage. Daniel is able to track JJ down. Kristen sets Marlena up to be mugged in order to get her flash drive back. Nicole gives her two weeks notice to Eric and begins interviewing replacements. Kayla feels terrible about confirming the rape to JJ.
Ep. #12185 48x229
After trying to trick Adrienne into telling him the truth about Jack, JJ uses the little information he got out of her to find the court deposition. Later, JJ goes to Kayla to hear the truth from her. Kayla admits that Jack raped her. JJ goes to the town square where he throws a chair throw a window display of Jack's book. Theresa plants ideas in a nurse head about her and Daniel. Marge confronts Sami in the park which leads to Sami comforting her when Marge breaks down. Later, Marge returns home and opens a box containing a gun. Jordan informs Rafe that he is close to being able to go on outings and jokes around with when Rafe can go home. Gabi breaks things off with Nick but he continues to think there is a way for them to get back together.
Ep. #12184 48x228
JJ is on the hunt for the truth. Kayla informs Jennifer that she let a comment slip about Jack. Jennifer tracks down Rory and Bev asking for their help in finding JJ. JJ asks Adrienne what horrible thing his father did. Will confronts Sami about living at the mansion with Stefano. Anne helps Theresa by getting Daniel's bracelet to help in making Jennifer think they slept together. Gabi decides to break things off with Nick. Nick scores Gabi a modeling gig.
Ep. #12183 48x227
JJ tries to press Kayla for information but she won't tell him about Jack raping her years ago. Sami tells E.J. that she will return to the mansion and attempts to lay down her own rules with Stefano. Daniel invites Maggie to go with him and Parker to visit Melanie for the holidays. Maggie knows that he just wants to avoid being in Salem since he cannot be with Jennifer. Abigail confronts Cameron about telling her that he didn't have time to be in a relationship but now he appears to have plenty. Theresa tries to get Jennifer to believe she slept with Daniel.
Ep. #12182 48x226
Sami is irate when E.J. insists that he will stay living in the mansion because he gave Stefano his word. Later, Sami talks to Caroline and begins to change her mind about leaving the mansion. Abigail and Chad grow closer over her father's book. Abigail sees Gabi and Cameron together. Kayla finds JJ in the park and when JJ rants on and on about what a good man his father was compared to Daniel, Kayla makes a comment about how that is not entirely true. Theresa and Anne announce to Jennifer that Theresa will still be working at the hospital. Anne and Theresa plot their revenge.
Ep. #12181 48x225
Sami is livid when she finds out that E.J. gave everything back to Stefano in order to secure her freedom. E.J. tells Rafe what Bernardi was really trying to cut off when Sami shot him. Marge confronts Rafe about his testimony. Eric begs Nicole to reconsider leaving the church. Kristen realizes that Marlena must have the flash drive. Justin tells Adrienne that he is moving back into the mansion.
Ep. #12180 48x224
After Eric's memory episode, he returns to Brady and Kristen's pre-cana session. Later, Kristen calls the woman who made the sex tape for her and asks her to destroy the flash drive. The woman informs her that the flash drive she has is not the same one she put the video on. Will and Sonny argue when E.J. steps in. Sonny tells Will that Gabi threatened to keep Arianna away from Will if Sonny told him about Nick. E.J. goes to Rafe's room to confront him about his testimony.
Ep. #12179 48x223
During his pre-cana meeting with Brady and Kristen, Eric has a sudden very strong memory flash. Nicole receives a job offer for an anchor position on a TV news station. Chad surprised Abigail with a copy of her father book plus glowing reviews from critics. Will is irate when he catches Nick and Gabi together. Nick tells Will that Sonny has known for awhile about the two of them. Meanwhile, Sonny tries to play matchmaker with Cameron and Gabi.
Ep. #12178 48x222
Daniel confronts JJ about breaking into his apartment. Daniel tries to connect with JJ by talking about how his mother used to talk about him but it just makes JJ more angry. Theresa vows revenge on Jennifer. E.J. finds the research Chad was doing about brain tumors and worries Chad has one. Chad confesses that he does not have one but was using the diagnosis to get Cameron to back off Abigail. Later, E.J. uses this information against Chad to blackmail him into moving back into the DiMera mansion. Will catches Nick with Kate and Kate admits Nick is doing freelance work for her. Later, Will catches Nick and Gabi making out. Kate is jealous of Rafe thinking about Jordan.
Ep. #12177 48x221
The building super nearly catches JJ and his friends in Daniel's apartment. JJ quickly had Bev pretend to be Melanie. Later, Daniel returns home and notices things out of place and when the super calls and tells him that Melanie had come in for a surprise visit Daniel quickly realizes someone was in his apartment. Roman books Theresa on a flight home. Kayla tells Jennifer that Theresa will be going to prison because she violated her probation but not being able to stay in Salem. Stefano lays out another demand to E.J., get Chad to move back into the mansion.
Ep. #12176 48x220
Eric refuses to tell Marlena what he remembered but later confesses to Father Matt that the woman had blond hair and he felt like he knew her. Theresa attempts to bargain with Jennifer to get her job back telling Jennifer that she can get JJ to come back home. Jennifer refuses Theresa's offer and later informs Kayla about the check. Daniel brings Parker to Chicago to visit Chloe. Chloe attempts to bring up Jennifer but Daniel avoids any of her questions. JJ and his friends make themselves at home in Daniel's apartment and are nearly caught by Abigail.
Ep. #12175 48x219
Marlena convinces Eric to undergo hypnosis but he is reluctant do to the nature of his memories. Marlena gets a colleague to do the session but he cannot get Eric to go under so Eric agrees to let Marlena do it. Kristen catches Victor and Nicole talking to one another and worries the two are up to something. Jennifer fires Theresa after finding the check. Theresa attempts one last thing to get Jennifer to reconsider. JJ and his friends break into Daniel's apartment after he leaves town.
Ep. #12174 48x218
Abe reveals that Bernardi was having an affair with a nurse that worked at the hospital. The nurse was on duty the night Bernardi died and she skipped town when she heard the police where re-interviewing everyone that worked that night. The police searched her apartment finding Bernardi's DNA and the razor. Abe also brings up the evidence Kayla found that Bernardi did not die from the gun shot would and it is believed the nurse had something to do with his death since Bernardi told her via e-mail that he would not leave his wife. Melinda is forced to drop all charges against Sami. Jennifer finds the check from the discretionary fund and when Theresa returns to the house Jennifer fires her. Victor considers bringing Nicole in on bringing down Kristen.
Ep. #12173 48x217
Abe and Hope rush to investigate the new evidence that has come to light. Melinda attempts to suppress the evidence but Justin is one step ahead by leaking the news to social media. Brady worries that Nicole may have a drinking problem. Eric and Daniel return to the hotel and Eric's memories become more clear. Jordan shows her lighter side by joking about Kate.
Ep. #12172 48x216
Roman has to admit on the stand that Sami lied previously under oath about Lucas hitting Will when he was a baby in order to get custody. E.J. grovels at Stefano's feet to get Stefano to hand over the razor. Stefano lays out his demands that E.J. and his family must live at the mansion until he allows them to leave. Cameron confronts Chad about sleeping with Abigail thinking that Chad is dying. Jordan continues to be cold and all business when it comes to Rafe's physical therapy.
Ep. #12171 48x215
E.J. offers up himself and his father in order to get the charges dropped against Sami. Melinda refuses saying that when Sami is convicted, E.J. will do something stupid and she can put him in prison along with his father. Later, E.J. goes to Stefano to beg him to turn over the evidence that Bernardi was dirty. Hope worries that Nick will revert to his old ways to get Gabi back. Chad and Abigail make love and later Chad tries to look for a way to make it look like his brain tumor was cured since he lied to Cameron about having one.
Ep. #12170 48x214
Melinda calls an FBI expert to the stand who tells the jury that the deposits were all made after the system had been hacked and after Bernardi had died. JJ is stuck with no place to go after Hope turns him down. Chad realizes that Kayla knows about his brain tumor and is upset but tells Kayla that she cannot mention anything to Abigail.
Ep. #12169 48x213
JJ tells Jennifer that he doesn't have to follow her rules when she demands his cell phone since he just turned 18. JJ storms out and tries to hit up Rory for a place to stay. Marlena is unable to get the device in Kristen's phone so she makes Nicole go after her again. Marlena again doesn't succeed but ends up grabbing Kristen's flash drive instead of Victor's since the two look alike. Eric asks Nicole to return to the hotel with him but she refuses. Nick gets on the stand and his testimony continues to spell doom for Sami. Melinda decides to call Marge to the stand. Justin is able to get Marge to admit to the large sum of money in Timmy's account.
Ep. #12168 48x212
Victor gives Marlena a device that will download all the information on Kristen's phone without needing a password. Nicole helps Marlena by distracting Kristen by pretending to be drunk. Justin is able to secure a deal to get JJ's charges reduced to a misdemeanor. Later, Rory attempts to take the blame and tries to place it on JJ needing money to replace Daniel's MP3 player. Theresa begins stealing discretionary funds for the P.R. account at the hospital.
Ep. #12167 48x211
Melinda is able to point out the times Rafe has willingly lied for Sami. Rafe is disappointed he wasn't able to better help Sami. Later, Sami slips a love letter into E.J.'s brief case that he reads at home. Will and Sonny track down Nick after learning about Sami pulling a gun on him. While they are trying to encourage Nick not to incriminate Sami he receives a subpoena to testify. Cameron encourages Chad to prepare his family by telling them his cancer news. When Cameron asks more questions about Chad's treatment, Chad is evasive. Abigail fills Gabi in on JJ's drug troubles.
Ep. #12166 48x210
Kate is called to the stand and asked about the gun she gave to Sami as a engagement gift. When Justin has a chance to question Kate he attempt to trip up the prosecution by asking about Stefano but Melinda catches herself before she can reveal the info about Timmy's account. Upon redirection, Melinda is able to find out that Sami threatened Nick with her gun. Rafe insists upon being in the court room to testify and not on closed circuit TV. Father Matt asks Nicole to help Eric put the night he got sick behind him. Later, when Eric asks Nicole questions about that night she evades his questions. Kristen stops by Daniel's and asks about two fertility doctors she has been referrals to see.
Ep. #12165 48x209
Eric refuses Kristen's idea to lie to Brady about not wanting to do their pre-cana counseling. Eric ends up convincing Kristen do go ahead with the counseling when he compliments Kristen on her skills working with children. At the same time, Nicole is laying into Brady about going back to Kristen and stressing Eric out by asking him to do their counseling. Sami's trial gets started and Will, Chad and Sonny have to take the stand. Chad overhears Cameron telling Abigail not to get to serious with anyone.
Ep. #12164 48x208
Jennifer calls JJ out on all of the things he has pulled over the last few months. Jennifer also realizes that some of JJ's pot ended up in her donut's at her book club. Kristen isn't thrilled about Brady's idea to get married in the church. Kristen goes to Eric and asks him to refuse to consul Brady and her. Justin confronts E.J. about being responsible for the money in Timmy's account. Later, Justin informs Sami that the continuance has been denied and her trial will be starting immediately.
Ep. #12163 48x207
Eric sees a bill from the hotel and has another memory flash of making love to a woman. Jennifer is excited when she sees that JJ passed his summer class final exam. Her excitement is crushed when Hope calls her to tell her that JJ has been arrested for selling drugs. JJ attempts to lie his way out of the situation saying it was his first time selling and he was upset because of Jennifer and Daniel. Sami finds out that Melinda has asked for a continuance. Justin reveals to her that they found out that Timmy Bernardi had over 100K in his bank account. E.J. worries that the FBI would be able to trace the deposits back to Stoller and convinces Justin to argue against Melinda's continuance. Kate rushes to Kayla after finding out Stefano had gotten into Rafe's room. Later, Jordan refuses to give Kate information about Rafe's physical therapy sessions.
Ep. #12162 48x206
Abigail nearly catches JJ with a bag of pot. Later, Abigail goes to Daniel's apartment after she hears that he broke up with Jennifer. Cole is still mad about JJ and Bev and when he sees that JJ and Rory are selling pot he turns them in. Adrienne runs into Marge and her son in the town square where Adrienne gets a look at Timmy's bank slip that shows a large balance. Adrienne realizes that this could help Sami's case and rushes to tell Abe. Kate is upset with Jordan not making progress quick enough with Rafe and complains to Kayla. Rafe is visited by Stefano who rubs his injuries in.
Ep. #12161 48x205
Brady announces his engagement to Kristen to Eric and Nicole. Marlena arrives at the DiMera mansion to do some digging under the guise that she still wants to burying the hatchet with Kristen. Marlena fakes a coughing spell to get Kristen out of the room so she can look at her call history. After Sonny finds the condom wrapper he and Gabi continue to argue about her and Nick. Gabi warns Sonny that if he tells Will she will move her and Ari out of the apartment. Nick follows Will to the Pub in hopes of talking to him but he ends up being confronted by Caroline. Chad takes Abigail on a romantic date.
Ep. #12160 48x204
Sami tells E.J. that she made a deal with Melinda for a lighter sentence in exchange for information on E.J. leaving him shocked. E.J. informs Sami that there is nothing on him that will stick. Later, when Melinda returns she asks Sami if they still have a deal and Sami has to tell her no. Eric finds a book of matches for the hotel which sparks more memories. Marlena and Victor continue their plan to bring down Kristen. Marlena seeks help from Roman to get Kristen's phone records to see who she called but Roman refuses. Sonny apologizes to Gabi but later finds a condom wrapper on the floor.
Ep. #12159 48x203
Sami makes a deal with Melinda for a shorter sentence that will be even shorter if she can get information on Stefano. Brady surprises Kristen with a Hawaiian getaway in the park and a new engagement ring. Eric informs Father Matt about his dream. Daniel shows Jennifer the birth certificate and tells her he understands that she has to do what is best for JJ. Abigail confronts Cameron and he makes up an excuse that he is really busy and will not be able to see her anymore.
Ep. #12158 48x202
Justin gives Sami the bad news that the jury expert believes that there is an 80 percent chance they will convict her. Later, Sami asks for Melinda Trask to be called and tells her she is ready for a deal. Daniel seeks advice from Eric. Brady asks Kristen to go on a vacation with him. Abigail returns to the club to find her necklace and runs into Chad. The two kiss and Cameron catches them. Later, Abigail chases after Cameron and tells him that Chad told her that Cameron said they should spend more time together. Nicole catches JJ and his friends in the park.
Ep. #12157 48x201
Eric is haunted by dreams of making love to a woman unaware it is memories of Kristen. Daniel demands to know what secret Kristen is talking about. Kristen is able to cover telling him that she talked with Jennifer about her fear of losing Brady again. Gabi becomes upset when Sonny and Will both tell her that she shouldn't see Nick. Jennifer confides in Brady about her troubles with JJ and Daniel. Later, Brady overhears Kristen telling Jennifer how much Brady means to her.
Ep. #12156 48x200
JJ catches Jennifer and Daniel kissing and proceeds to call his mother a slut. Daniel grabs JJ and Jennifer has to pull him off of JJ. Daniel is upset after Jennifer has chosen JJ yet again but he received the revised birth certificate for Parker with his name as the father. Later, Daniel calls Jennifer to tell her that he won't keep their relationship a secret just as Kristen arrives and thinks the conversation is about her pregnancy scare. Sami considers Melinda's deal and asks Justin if he could bargain her down to 5 years or even less. Sonny tells Gabi that he and Will cannot watch Ari because they have a meeting and she will have to miss her class. Nick gets his released from parole and overhears that Gabi is home alone. When Will shows up later he is not happy to see Nick with Gabi.
Ep. #12155 48x199
Jennifer attempts to skirt her job responsibilities for directing a photo shoot with Daniel until Anne calls her out on it. JJ overhears Maxine telling a nurse that Daniel and Jennifer are back together. Hope warns Theresa about being involved with Vargas and drugs. Rafe has his first physical therapy session with Jordan. Kate and Will stop by for a visit with Rafe and they are all issued subpoena to testify against Sami. E.J.'s accountant tells him that he was able to deposit several deposits into Timmy Bernardi's account. Melinda offers Sami a shortened sentence of 10 years if she is able to turn evidence on E.J. in hopes that Melinda can use E.J. to get Stefano.
Ep. #12154 48x198
The fight at Chad and Sonny's new club is broke up. Hope arrives just in time to see Vargas resisting arrest and finds drugs on him. Vargas insists they are not his and names Theresa. Hope tells Vargas that he violated his probation and will be sent back to jail. Cameron is concerned about Chad after Chad is punched in the face during the fight. E.J. hires a forensic accountant to figure out what happened to the money Bernardi got from Stefano. When the accountant comes up empty, E.J. pressures him to cook the books to make is look like Bernardi's was using his son's account to hid the money. Nick and Gabi make love but Gabi later regrets her actions while Nick is excited about the possibility of getting back together.
Ep. #12153 48x197
Gabi, Sonny and Will are ready for the club opening when Kayla has to cancel as babysitter for Ari. Gabi tells the two to head out and she will stay home with the baby. Victor tells Nick that when his parole expires he needs to move out of the mansion. Later, Nick returns some of Gabi's items to her. Marlena is set to expose Kristen but changes her mind and returns to the Kiriakis mansion to inform Victor of the news. Theresa attends the club opening with Vargas but ends up flirting with another guy which enrages Vargas and he starts a fight which Chad attempts to break up. Chad ends up being punched in the face and Abigail rushes to his rescue.
Ep. #12152 48x196
Kristen takes her pregnancy test and calls Jennifer over when she gets the results. Kristen tells Jennifer that she is not pregnant but clearly has mixed feelings. Victor asks Marlena to help him break up Kristen and Brady. Theresa shows up at Daniel's apartment to return a letter he dropped at the hospital and makes it clear that she is interest in him. Later, Theresa is shocked to find out that Jennifer and Daniel are a on and off thing. Chad asks Abigail to be his date to the opening of his new club telling her that Cameron encouraged him to spend more time with her. Cameron informs Kayla of Chad's diagnosis. Marlena overhears Kristen on the phone telling Jennifer not to tell anyone about her pregnancy scare and that she slept with someone else.
Ep. #12151 48x195
Nicole catches Kristen with her pregnancy test but Jennifer covers and says she bought it for a girl at the homeless shelter. Nicole doesn't buy it and tells Daniel that she thinks Jennifer might be pregnant. Theresa flirts with Vargas. Eric is left disappointed when he runs into Vargas and realizes he is probably back to his old tricks. Kate is surprised when she finds out that Jordan is a woman. Rafe has a physical evaluation and is left disappointed thinking he will never walk again.
Ep. #12150 48x194
E.J. wants Rafe's help to plant evidence of Bernardi being a dirty cop but Rafe refuses. Kate and Sami piece together the details of Bernardi's shooting and they soon realize that Stefano wasn't lying when he said he didn't send Bernardi to kill Rafe but that Bernardi was supposed to castrate Rafe. Later, Kate is surprised that Rafe's psychical therapist is a woman named Jordan. Jennifer, Abigail and JJ attend a memorial service marking the one year anniversary of the tunnel explosions and Jack's death. Brady nearly catches Kristen buying a pregnancy test but she is able to cover saying she was buying tissues. Later, Kristen runs into Jennifer who sees the pregnancy test.
Ep. #12149 48x193
At Sami's court hearing, Justin produces e-mails that show that members of the police force with the D.A.'s knowledge. The Judge agrees that the trial with be closed to the public but still denies bail. E.J. and Justin get the list of witness the D.A. is calling and notice that Marge Bernardi is missing from the list. Rafe is still upset that Kate thinks Stefano is telling the truth. A hospital employee enters Rafe's room but before she can say much, E.J. arrives asking to talk to Rafe. Kristen connects with a young girl who has lost her parents.
Ep. #12148 48x192
After a mother of one of the scholarship recipients tells Kristen and Eric about her surprise pregnancy, Kristen does the math and realizes that she may be pregnant. Daniel considers agreeing to Jennifer's plan to keep their relationship a secret but he sticks to his guns and refuses. Will confronts Brent about inviting Sonny on the trip. Abigail tells Jennifer about knowing about the video. Jennifer seeks legal advice for Abigail.
Ep. #12147 48x191
The ladies at Jennifer's book club get high on the donuts JJ made. JJ finally figures out that his mother and her friends must of got his pot laced donuts and rushes home. JJ calls all the women a cab to take them home realizing they are not fit to drive. E.J. is shocked when Abe tells him they did not find any evidence in Bernardi's home. Later, one of Stefano's men gives him the money E.J. had planted in the house. Rafe makes a video for Sami telling her that he supports her.
Ep. #12146 48x190
Sami receives a threatening letter with her dinner. E.J. hires someone to put a large some of money in the Bernardi house and then call the police with a tip. Hope is upset when Bo calls and tell her that he is still not coming home. Daniel catches Theresa in the park after she scalps the orchestra tickets for drug money. Jennifer hosts book club with Julie, Adrienne, Kayla and Nicole where she makes Alice's famous donuts. JJ cooks his weed stash into some left over dough and Adrienne unwittingly exchanges the donuts.
Ep. #12145 48x189
Victor warns Brady about reuniting with Kristen. Marlena and Kristen get into a fight when Kristen makes comments about being in bed with all the men in Marlena's life. Brady shows up and demands Marlena leave. When Brady questions Kristen actions in the fight, she tells him that he can just leave but he ends up grabbing her and passionately kissing her. Sonny visits Sami at the prison apologizing for indirectly giving the video to his mother. Sami doesn't blame him and tells Sonny to forgive his mother. Adrienne confronts Justin over how he was treating her. Later, Victor tells Justin that he doesn't agree with what E.J. did to Stefano even though the two are enemies. Chad receives the devastating news that he has a brain tumor and he later sees Chad and Abigail kissing in the park.
Ep. #12144 48x188
Kristen warns Nicole to stay away from Brady. Nicole does not like the idea that Kristen will be working at the church. Marlena finds out that Kristen and Brady are back together and she tracks Kristen down at the mansion. Rafe worries that he will never walk again. Adrienne tries to talk to Kayla who is not happy with her actions regarding Sami. Later, Adrienne is rebuffed but Justin and she worries their marriage is in trouble. Chad meets with a specialist for his possible brain tumor.
Ep. #12143 48x187
Eric confronts Nicole about sleeping with Brady. Nicole admits she did and uses it to through Eric off of her feelings for him. Kristen initially refuses to work with Eric on the scholarship program. After talking to Dr. Chyka who assures her Eric will not remember their night together she changes her mind and agrees. Brady informs a shocked Maggie that he is reuniting with Kristen. Daniel is excited about getting back together with Jennifer but soon learns that she wants to keep their relationship a secret so they don't upset JJ. Daniel refuses and tells Jennifer that he will not be with her in secret. Theresa is rude to Caroline but soon regrets it when she sees she has upset Caroline.
Ep. #12142 48x186
Kristen is able to cover when Eric finds her in his office looking for her bracelet. Eric is skeptical and Kristen tells him she was there to confront Nicole about sleeping with Brady which stuns Eric. When Kristen returns home she gets a surprise visit from Father Matt who asks her to help oversee the scholarship fund at the school. Jennifer and Daniel make love. Later, Jennifer returns to work and finds out she won a PR award. Theresa flirts with Nick thinking he is a stockbroker but after JJ fills her in on Nick's past Theresa rudely accuses Nick of misleading her. Marge informs Justin that her husband's body was not buried but cremated leaving Sami crushed upon hearing the news.
Ep. #12141 48x185
Daniel and Eric arrive to find out that a woman (Kristen disguised as Susan) has locked herself in Mason's bathroom and destroyed all his evidence from the hotel room. Daniel is able to pick the lock but they are surprised to find the woman left through the window. Eric tells them about the woman he saw in the hotel lobby but Mason says the descriptions definitely do not match. Theresa finally returns to work and gives Jennifer a bunch of excuses. Jennifer calls Anne up to her office to fire Theresa but Anne over hears the two arguing. After Jennifer rushes off, Anne and Theresa bond over their dislike for Jennifer. JJ decides to ask Bev out which upsets Cole. Marge is able to get into Sami's cell and harass her. Kayla arrives to present her findings to the judge in hopes of having Bernardi's body exhumed. Justin is able to secure a court order but Marge arrives and tells him there is no way she is going to allow it.
Ep. #12140 48x184
Theresa finds Daniel at the pub and flirts shamelessly with him. Kristen disguises herself as Susan to visit the private investigator where she is able to spill coffee and destroy all the evidence he collected on her from the hotel room. Before she is able to leave, Eric and Daniel show up at the office. Brady cannot help but suspect the Kristen is up to something yet again. Nicole and JJ have a run in at the park.
Ep. #12139 48x183
JJ manipulates Lucas into talking to Jennifer so he can get out of the house. Theresa spies on Daniel and asks a nurse his name. Nicole worries when he hears Eric on the phone with the bishop that he is being reassigned but Eric tells her the bishop doesn't blame him for what happened with Sami. Cameron consults with a specialist about Chad's results and calls Chad telling him it is important that he sees him right away. Hope warns Jennifer about making relationship decisions about her and Daniel without Daniel's input pointing out that it is the exact same thing Jack used to do. Later, Anne shows up at Jennifer office demanding to know where Theresa is since she has blown off her HR appointment again.
Ep. #12138 48x182
Kayla tells E.J. about her suspicion that Bernardi didn't die from the gun shot wound. Lucas and Will visit Sami in prison. Stefano tells Chad that he can ask him one thing and he will tell him the truth. Chad asks Stefano if he sent Bernardi to kill Rafe. Stefano is able to tell Chad the truth that he did not send Bernardi to kill Rafe but doesn't elaborate that he sent him to castrate him. Brent invites Sonny and Will to come on a hiking trip but Sonny turns him down telling him it is too soon after Ari's birth. When Will finds out about the invite he again feels bad about holding Sonny back. Cameron asks Kayla to look over Chad's CT scan. Rafe asks Gabi to bring Nick to the hospital so they can talk. Nick attempts to apologize but Rafe is upset with everything Nick has done.
Ep. #12137 48x181
Sami is hopeful that she will make a bail but the hearing spirals out of control when Melinda puts Abe on the stand and he has to admit to hearing E.J. tell Sami that he would do anything possible to get her out of trouble. Melinda also brings up when E.J. went on the run and Sami helped him last year. The Judge denies Sami bail. Kayla pulls Bernardi's medical file at Abe's request and makes a discovery that could help Sami's case. Abigail brings Chad to the hospital where Cameron runs some tests and is surprised at what he finds. Kate makes a request to Kayla to bring in her own physical therapist to work with Rafe.
Ep. #12136 48x180
Sonny is able to convince Justin to not quit Sami's case. E.J. cheers Sami up with a video of the kids. Chad admits to Justin that he taped the video of Sami. Chad gets another headache and Abigail convinces him to see a doctor. Marge shows up at Rafe's hospital room and begs him to tell everyone that her husband wasn't a dirty cop. Maggie confronts Nick about only seeing a therapist once to deal with what happened to him in prison.
Ep. #12135 48x179
Eric is surprised and not happy to find out that Brady and Kristen are back together. Kristen freaks out when she finds out that Daniel has involved an investigator to help find out how Eric was poisoned and heads to the church. Kristen is able to use the computer under the guise of helping one of the nuns insert some names in a document so she can find the name of the investigator. Rafe demands answers about Sami and Bernardi from Kate. Before Kate can give any answers, Gabi and Will arrive with Ari. Theresa clearly thinks Daniel is cute. Later, Kayla catches Theresa sitting at Jennifer's desk and chatting on her cell phone. Kayla warns Theresa not to screw this opportunity up. Theresa recommits herself to her job which surprises Jennifer.
Ep. #12134 48x178
Brady changes his mind and asks Kristen to accompany him to lunch in the square where they run into Nicole who is not happy to hear they are back together. Daniel introduces Eric to an expert in hopes of finding out what Eric was poisoned with. Later, Eric arrives at the Kiriakis mansion and informs Brady about Daniel's plan and Kristen overhears. Jennifer tells Theresa she better start doing her job or she will have to fire her. After Jennifer leaves, Theresa decides to quit in a huff but later returns to find Daniel in the office. JJ asks Rory for help in scoring some coke for Theresa. Rafe's memory begins to return and he asks for Kate. Later, an orderly brings Rafe a paper and Rafe sees that Sami has been arrested for killing Bernardi.
Ep. #12133 48x177
E.J. has to be restrained when he realizes that Adrienne turned in the video. Later, Justin angrily questions Adrienne and she realizes Justin had never seen the video or knew of it's existence. Justin tells E.J. that he will have to get Sami a new lawyer and quits. Sonny realizes that he was the one that gave Adrienne the video when he was sharing a video of Ari and Will. Chad calls Abigail when he hears about Sami and video and feels bad he dragged her into this mess. Justin shows up at Will and Sonny's and Will confesses that he had shot E.J. several years ago and Bernardi was getting the evidence to give to Stefano when Sami was attacking him in the park. Sonny decides that since Adrienne got him immunity for the video they will not involved Abigail and Chad. Kristen is still hesitant about rekindling her relationship with Brady and keeps the video of Eric. Theresa tries to give Jennifer dating advice which annoys Jennifer even more. JJ shows up at Jennifer's office when he knows she won't be there and is taken aback at Theresa's lack of concern for her cousin, Sami.
Ep. #12132 48x176
Sami is arrested and brought in to the station where the D.A. Melinda Trask asks her questions about her story. Justin feels she is fishing and Melinda pulls out her computer and shows Sami the video. Marge is brought into the room along with Adrienne when Melinda announces she is filing new charges against Sami. Justin, Will and Sonny all realize that Adrienne turned the video in to Melinda. Eric blames himself for not taking better care of Sami by being distracted by the school which causes Nicole to lash out at him for defending Sami. Brady tells Kristen that he wants to reconcile which causes her to question if this is him getting back at her.
Ep. #12131 48x175
Kristen is just about to show Bishop White her video when she is distracted by Brady. Brady tells her that John told him the truth about what happened in the hotel room. They return to the ceremony where Bishop White asks Kristen what she planned to tell him and Kristen changes her mind and announces she will be sponsoring 10 students at the school. Adrienne tries to talk to Sonny about the video of Sami but he doesn't listen. Adrienne decides to go to Abe and asks to see the D.A. but before she shows the video she asks for immunity for Sonny. The D.A. is able to get an arrest warrant for Sami and they arrest Sami at the school opening.
Ep. #12130 48x174
Brady attempts to tell Kristen that John told her the truth about what happened between them but Kristen refuses to listen only remembering that John told her the opposite of what he told Brady. Kristen tracks down Bishop White telling him she has something ever important to tell him. Sami tells Marlena that the wedding is set for two weeks and Marlena attempts to caution her. Jennifer runs into Daniel in the park and the two talk and decide to give it another shot. Later, Daniel shows up at Jennifer and JJ gives him the cold shoulder. JJ tells Jennifer that Daniel doesn't like him and never will. Jennifer again chooses JJ and Daniel tells her that he doesn't want to see her until she can make up her mind.
Ep. #12129 48x173
Eric prepares for the school opening when Theresa arrives with a gift that Kimberly sent, Grandpa Shawn's bible. Theresa throws major attitude towards Eric about attending church. Later, Abigail shows up at Jennifer's office and clearly smells the pot Theresa was smoking. E.J. notices how protective Nicole is of Eric showing she does when she has feelings for the person. Kristen tracks down Bishop White. Jennifer catches JJ with an expensive pair of shoes. JJ tells her that they are Rory's.
Ep. #12128 48x172
Eric tells Nicole that Daniel thinks he was poisoned on purpose. Later, Nicole overhears Eric talking to Maggie about the positive strides Nicole has made. Stefano summons Kristen for a meeting to question her loyalty but Kristen insists she has no plans to take a side. Stefano worries about Kristen's revenge plan involving Eric. Brady asks John to tell him the truth about everything that happened that night and Brady realizes that Kristen really does have true feelings for him. Adrienne goes tot the DiMera mansion to confront Sami and the two argue but Adrienne doesn't revel the video. E.J. offers Justin a job at DiMera. Sonny is able to get a liquor license of Common ground and asks Brent to do handle the makeover making Will feel like a third wheel.
Ep. #12127 48x171
Kristen returns to the lake area to retrieve her bracelet and runs into Brady who has just gone skinny dipping. Brady tries to accuses Kristen of setting it up so he overheard her talking to Jennifer. Kristen tells Brady that he should talk to John about what happened that night in her hotel room. Adrienne finally sees the video of Sami and Bernardi and heads to the mansion to confront Sami. Marlena and Will discuss Sonny and Will's worries that he is trapping him into settling down. Abe questions JJ about the possible drug activity at Salem High. Later, Theresa drops by to buy more pot from JJ.
Ep. #12126 48x170
Jennifer is upset with Kristen for talking to Daniel about her. Kristen warns Jennifer not to make the same mistakes she did with Brady. The two discuss Brady unaware that he is nearby listening. Kayla is able to stabilize Rafe and explains to Kate that Rafe is probably mixing up things since the shooting happened in his room. Gabi shows Rafe a picture of baby Arianna. Gabi gives Nick the annulment papers. Kate compliments Nick on a good job with the formula he got from E.J. and Sam.
Ep. #12125 48x169
In order to continue her plan, Kristen needs an invitation to the school opening. While visiting Eric to try and get an invite, she sees him with Ciara and another boy that will be attending the school and begins to have doubts. Lucas visits Will and Arianna when Brent returns Sonny's watch. Lucas worries about Sonny spending time out without Will but Will insists he doesn't care. Sonny tells Adrienne that he went out last night and Adrienne seems overly happy about it. Kate tells Kayla about Rafe thinking that Sami tried to kill him. Rafe continues to have the nightmare about Sami. Chad asks for Abigail and Cameron for advice about moving into the mansion.
Ep. #12124 48x168
Adrienne and Justin argue over his involvement in bringing down Stefano. Later, Adrienne nearly sees the video of Sami and Bernardi on her phone. Daniel catches Kristen by Eric's blood test results in his apartment but she is able to cover by saying she saw the letter from Jennifer. Jennifer warns Theresa to stay away from JJ. Sami is livid to find out that E.J. has been plotting against Stefano for months and is worried that Stefano could expose Will for shooting E.J. but E.J. tells her if he does he will have to expose that Bernardi was working for him.
Ep. #12123 48x167
Sami sneaks into Rafe's room again and he wakes up but has another negative reaction to seeing her. Later, Rafe asks Kate why Sami tried to kill him. E.J. begins redecorating the mansion and has Stefano's portrait removed and one of him and Sami put up instead. E.J. asks Chad to move into the mansion too. Kristen tries to get her hands on Eric's test results by visiting Daniel's apartment. Eric has a memory of seeing a woman in a wig (Kristen) at the hotel. Brady gets a letter from the adoption agency about continuing his adoption with Kristen. Nicole tries to get Brady to let her contact them to explain but Brady is hesitant.
Ep. #12122 48x166
Stefano promises revenge on E.J. for taking away DiMera Enterprises and the mansion. Theresa introduces herself as Jennifer's new assistant which leaves Jennifer confused until Kayla arrives and introduces Theresa as Shane and Kimberly's daughter, Jeannie who is now using her middle name. Jennifer agrees to hire Theresa as she promised. Kayla warns Theresa to be on her best behavior because this could be her last chance. Later, Theresa skips her HR appointment to head over to Jennifer's to score some drugs from JJ. Eric has another attack while talking to Sami. Kristen expresses worry to Dr. Chyka about the drug showing up in the blood test Daniel took on Eric.
Ep. #12121 48x165
Rafe is finally brought of out of his coma and has a negative reaction when he sees Sami. E.J. and Justin pull off their plan to overtake DiMera enterprises and as an added bonus Justin informs E.J. that he also owns the mansion since Stefano put the deed in the company name. Jennifer gets a call from the school that JJ skipped study hall and calls him and demands he show up at her office. JJ runs into the mysterious girl again and she gives her name as Theresa. Later, they are surprised to find Theresa in her office and she introduces herself as Jennifer's new assistant.
Ep. #12120 48x164
At Adrienne's suggestion, Jennifer agrees to let JJ go and celebrate the 4th of July with the family. Abigail joins Gabi at the lake and ends up in an awkward situation when both Cameron and Chad are there with Theo. Will continues to worry that Sonny doesn't want to be tied down with a baby. Jennifer is called away on a PR emergency at the hospital and JJ lies to Adrienne about being sick and heads off with his friends and runs into the mysterious older girl again. Adrienne tries to show Justin a video of Ari on her phone but they get called away by Ari doing something cute. Adrienne leaves her phone on the blanket and after the video of Will is done is goes to her next video of Sami and Bernardi fighting and then the phone's battery goes dead.
Ep. #12119 48x163
Eric has a relapse of his illness while in the shower by the time Daniel gets to the church Eric has recovered but allows Daniel to take a blood sample. JJ brings the girl he met at the park back to the house and Jennifer shows up demanding to know who is this new and obviously older friend. Gabi admits to Abigail that having a new baby is stressful. Cameron tells Chad he doesn't like being in competition with him.
Ep. #12118 48x162
Kristen is able to stop Eric before he sees her video and makes up an excuse when he notices a file with his name. Will only overhears part of Sonny's conversation with Brent and worries that he is infringing on his freedom. Jennifer lays down JJ's punishment but JJ still sneaks out to hang out with his friends and meets a new girl. Justin warns someone on the phone about messing with E.J. and his plan.
Ep. #12117 48x161
The grand jury does not indict Sami on murder charges. Marge promises to make Sami pay. Nick tries to make amends with Kate by giving her a flash drive. Kate feels bad about making a remark about Nick being raped. Eric visits Sami at the DiMera mansion after hearing the good news and Sami wants to show him video of Johnny and Allie. Kristen and Sami's tablets are mixed up and Eric may of found Kristen's footage of them together in bed. Victor questions Nicole's motives for working at the church.
Ep. #12116 48x160
Justin informs E.J. that there may be a problem with one of the board members agreeing to vote against Stefano. Marge pleads with Sami to change her story about her husband and not drag her husbands name through the mud. Later, Sami testifies at the grand jury hearing. Abigail still feels bad for not say anything about the video of Sami and Bernardi. Chad worries that he could be just like his father but Abigail reassures him and mentions that Jack's father was a horrible human being and Jack didn't turn out like him. JJ continues to try and breakup Jennifer and Daniel for good.
Ep. #12115 48x159
Chad puts things together and realizes that Bernardi must of been working for Stefano. Justin informs Sami that the D.A. is charging her with murder. Adrienne tries to get Justin to drop Sami's case citing conflict of interest because Adrienne served on a board with Bernardi's widow. Anne cannot help but inform Daniel of JJ's arrest.
Ep. #12114 48x158
Nicole is able to save the school project by calling a senator and posing as a Titan TV reporter and blaming him for Eric's illness. JJ and his friends steal a bunch of stuff from shops in the town square. One of JJ's friends, Cole, wants to ruin Tom and Alice's tree and JJ stops him but the two get into a fight broken up by police. A local shop owner notices a bunch of her stuff that JJ or Cole didn't pay for and has them arrested. Eric refuses when Daniel wants to run more tests.
Ep. #12113 48x157
Daniel tells Nicole that he thinks that Eric has been poisoned. Chad lets Cameron know that he told Abby that he was going to fight for her. Sonny finds out that Adrienne told Will to breakup with him and tells his mother that if he has to choose he will choose Will over her. Kristen warns Dr. Chyka that if Eric remembers anything he will pay.
Ep. #12112 48x156
Nicole has Eric rushed to Salem University hospital. Kristen is stopped by George the hotel clerk when he thinks she hasn't paid for the room. The other clerk shows up and says she paid her for the room but she didn't finish the paperwork. Chad tells Will and Sonny about his night with Abby and that he plans to fight for her. Gabi and Nick talk about her shows up at the apartment with a baby gift. Dr. Chyka tells Kristen that there may be a problem with the formula and Eric may end up remembering everything.
Ep. #12111 48x155
Nicole ends up walking in on a couple. Kristen carries out her plan and collects her cameras. Nicole is able to get the correct room number and finds Eric completely out of it in his room. Cameron accuses Abby of stringing him and Chad along so she doesn't have to get intimate with either of them. Sami realizes that Kate was legitimate feelings for Rafe. Will is intent on telling the whole truth about shooting E.J. but ends up changing his mind when he talks to Abe. Gabi, Will and Arianna are discharged from the hospital and head to their new home with Sonny.
Ep. #12110 48x154
Kristen's drugging of Eric is interrupted when Brady calls but he tells her he called her by mistake. Kristen finishes drugging Eric and beginning to kiss him and the two end up under the covers. Nicole tries in vain to get the hotel staff to deliver some notes that Eric wrote about the school project. Nicole eventually gets Eric's room number but when she arrives at the room she hears moaning. Daniel catches JJ stealing Cameron's prescription pad. Jennifer believes JJ's excuse that he just wanted to write Cameron a note. E.J. tells Sami about the video and that Sonny knows about and is going to tell Will. Sami rushes to stop Sonny but Sonny tells her that either she can tell Will or he will. Will figures out that the video was taken at the same time as when they got the evidence from police storage.
Ep. #12109 48x153
Jennifer tells Brady that Kristen really did have feelings for him and he begins to second guess himself. JJ returns to the hospital for more drug samples and Daniel walks into the room. Kate fires Nick telling him that he is the only one that could of let details but the anti-aging cream get out. Nick approaches Vargas about doing business together. Kristen sneaks into Eric's room and uses a tranquilizer gun to knock him out.
Ep. #12108 48x152
Sami worries that the jury may think she is just changing her story. Later, Sami gets a hearing for bail. E.J. gets Abby and Chad to agree to keep the video quiet. Sonny ends up seeing the video of Sami on his phone. Adrienne asks Will to stay away from Sonny and when he refuses she calls him selfish just like his mother. JJ steals some drugs from Cameron's pharmaceuticals stash but most end up being a bust. Kristen follows Eric to the capitol and demands a room next to his. Kristen is almost caught by Eric when she is trying to check-in.
Ep. #12107 48x151
Eric arrives at the Kiriakis' mansion interrupting Brady and Nicole. Nicole rushes to leave so Eric won't know she was ever there but realizes she forgot her purse. Kristen's revenge plan is revealed to involve a vile and Eric. Abe tells Roman that he is the new temporary police commissioner while Roman is on leave due to Sami's arrest. Marlena hypnotizes Sami who reveals it was a razor and not a knife in Bernardi's hand. Chad and Abby show E.J. the video Chad took of Sami fighting with Bernardi in the park.
Ep. #12106 48x150
Sami is attacked in prison. E.J. asks Justin to be Sami's lawyer and he hesitates at the job. Adrienne tells Sonny that he should stay away from Will because of Sami's new troubles. Sonny finds out that E.J. asked Justin to be Sami's lawyer and Sonny begs him to take the job and Justin finally agrees much to Adrienne's dismay. Nicole and Brady become friends with benefits. Kristen plots her revenge.
Ep. #12105 48x149
Jennifer gives a press briefing to some reporters and one reporter is particularly rude and accuses Jennifer of covering up things about the shooting. Turns out that reporter is being paid by Anne. Eric considers cancelling his trip to the capitol because of Sami. Nicole pressures him not to do that because it could hurt the school. JJ overhears Cameron talking about drug samples and gets an idea about how to make money. Jennifer realizes that Daniel still suspects JJ of vandalizing his car. Stefano makes a quick get away out of town. Kristen meets with a man to plot against Marlena.
Ep. #12104 48x148
Bernardi's wife, Marge demands to know how Sami knows her husband. Sami eventually admits she was the one that shot Bernardi. Will and Sonny ask Gabi to move in with them. Jennifer confronts JJ about being the one that vandalized Daniel's car and he denies it.
Ep. #12103 48x147
No one is able to find the knife that Sami said she saw Bernardi holding. In the hospital waiting room, Sami unknowingly befriends Bernardi's wife, Marge. Later, Roman has to deliver the news to Marge that her husband didn't make it. John tries to explain to Brady why he did what he did. Kate tells Will and Sonny that Sami shot a detective and she was the person who gave her the gun.
Ep. #12102 48x146
Kristen and Nicole get into a physical fight over Brady in the town square. Brady arrives and breaks the two up. Kristen attempts to talk to Brady but he tells her to stay away from him. Marlena tells John that she is through with him. Everyone rushes into Rafe's room when they here a gunshot. Sami explains that she shot Bernardi when she saw him raise a scalpel to hurt Rafe. Abe tells Hope that they didn't find any scalpel or knife on Bernardi.
Ep. #12101 48x145
Jennifer arrives at Daniel's apartment in time to see Daniel grabbing JJ. After Daniel explains, Jennifer sides with Daniel and lays into JJ was being irresponsible with Parker. Kristen and Nicole have a confrontation in the town square. John admits to Marlena that he has feelings for Kristen. Bernardi returns to Rafe's room to complete his assignment for Stefano. A gun shot goes off and Sami is holding a gun as Bernardi collapses.
Ep. #12100 48x144
JJ arrives at Daniel's apartment while Abby is babysitting Parker to try and con money out of her telling her it is to see a movie while it is really to buy drugs. Abby asks JJ to watch Parker while she gets the money. JJ puts on his music and doesn't even see Parker enter the room and get on a chair to try and get a plane on the bookcase. Daniel arrives back at the apartment to see Parker on a chair and grabs him before he is hurt but grabs JJ and starts screaming at him. Will and Gabi sign Arianna's birth certificate. Gabi tells Nick that when she is released from the hospital she won't be returning to the Kiriakis mansion. E.J. eavesdrops at Kate points out to Sami that she obviously still has feeling for Rafe. Stefano tells Bernardi to take care of Rafe. Chad sends a video of Sami to Sonny's phone and the video is also accidentally sent to Adrienne when Sonny wants to send her a video of Arianna.
Ep. #12099 48x143
Daniel's car is vandalized again and Daniel begins to suspect JJ but he doesn't tell Jennifer about his suspicion. Jennifer confronts JJ about not giving the money she gave him to Daniel for breaking his MP3 player and Parker's train set. Later, Jennifer also begins to suspect JJ when Maggie tells her she saw JJ in the hospital parking garage. Kate is irate and accuses Sami and E.J. of stealing MadWorld's anti-aging formula. Kate also realizes that Sami is jealous of her relationship with Rafe. Stefano commissions Bernardi to make sure Rafe doesn't wake-up from his coma. Gabi visits Will in his room and Will tells her to give Nick a chance. Abby tells Cameron that she has plans with Chad but that it isn't a date. Chad is touched when he finds out that Arianna's middle name is Grace after his daughter.
Ep. #12098 48x142
Sami goes to Hope to demand answers about how Jensen was released and no one was notified. Hope tells Sami that a letter was sent to her and Ciara hid it. As Sami lays into Hope for leaving her daughter alone in her office, Hope has to inform her that she left Ciara with Sami that day and Sami was the one that left Ciara alone. Sami blames herself but Hope comforts her and insists that she is not to blame. Kate visits Rafe unaware that Stefano is lurking in the shadows and was the one that silenced Rafe's alarms. Brady wakes up to find Kristen in the Kiriakis living room. Kristen is set on getting Brady back but he tells her she ruined everything and demands she leave. Cameron asks Abby on a date but she tells him she already has plans with Chad.
Ep. #12097 48x141
JJ cons Jennifer into giving him money. Later, Daniel almost overhears JJ talking to his friend about buying weed to get their business going. Nicole stays with Brady all night in the park and convinces him to go see Maggie. Hope cannot hold Kristen without more evidence. Marlena tells John she doesn't want to know about what he did with Kristen.
Ep. #12096 48x140
Kristen tells Marlena that John was all over her until she called him off. Eric asks Nicole if she feels comfortable at the rectory remembering Johnny's comment about how she looked at him. Nicole evades the question and demands an apology. Later, Nicole runs into a distraught Brady in the park and keeps him company. Nick admits to Gabi that he was raped in prison and that he blackmailed Will because he was gay. When Sonny and Sami bring Arianna back to the room the nurse comes with the birth certificate. Nick tells her that it will have to be redone so Will is listed as the father.
Ep. #12095 48x139
Kristen tries to lie her way out of the photo saying that Marlena must of photo shopped it. Kristen begs Brady to forgive her telling him that she couldn't go through with sleeping with John for revenge because she realized she loved Brady. Brady points out that she shouldn't have to realize it just now and she was obviously stringing him along. Brady leaves Kristen crying on the floor. Gabi freaks out when she cannot find her baby unaware that Nick took Arianna to see Will. Nick admits to Maggie that he was raped in prison and she encourages him to tell Gabi.
Ep. #12094 48x138
Marlena frets over what to do with the picture finally deciding to show Brady. Brady initially refuses to listen to Marlena but she tracks him to the DiMera mansion. Kristen pulls away from John deciding that she cares to much for Brady to hurt him. Kristen shows up at the mansion just as Brady sees the photo. Nick brings Arianna to see Will.
Ep. #12093 48x137
Brady decides he wants to surprise Kristen at her hotel room but Daniel and Jennifer both convince him to let her have sometime alone. John arrives at Kristen's hotel room and their separate but similar plan to have Brady catch them in the act begins but Brady's has unknowingly dropped his cell phone when he is talking to Nicole. Johnny tells Marlena that he took something from Ciara and he shows Marlena the picture of Kristen paying off the mugger. JJ gets high with one of his friends and they let the air out of Daniel's tires. Nicole supports Eric as he lets out his frustration over permits for the school the church is building.
Ep. #12092 48x136
Sonny sits by Will's bedside as he recovers and tells him his feelings as Sami and Lucas listen at the door. JJ continues to be annoyed by Jennifer and Daniel and Abby confronts him on it. Daniel treats Brady to dinner while Jennifer brings pizza to Kristen to celebrate the night before their wedding. John and Kristen continue to set their traps for each other hoping that Brady will find them in bed together.
Ep. #12091 48x135
Sami realizes that Kate only broke up with Rafe because she really does care for him. Will is barely alive and rushed via helicopter to the hospital. Sonny is able to get Arianna breathing by patting her back. Everyone rushes to the hospital after hearing the news about Will. Nick feels guilty that Will was hurt trying to save him.
Ep. #12090 48x134
E.J. still refuses to tell Sami who he was talking to on the phone. Later, E.J. meets up with Justin telling him his phone call was about his plan to destroy Stefano. Vargas gives Hope information that Jensen used to live on Smith Island. Gabi goes into labor and Sonny has to help deliver the baby. Sami accuses Kate of setting up the attack. Will has to hide when Jensen returns to the cabin. Will takes a chance and tries to knock Jensen out. The two end up fighting over the gun and Will is shot. Just as Jensen is getting ready to shoot Nick, Hope arrives and kills Jensen with one shot.
Ep. #12089 48x133
E.J. is offended when Sami asks him if he had anything to do with Rafe's attack. Gabi and Nick are held up at gun point by Jensen and forced to a cabin with Sonny and Will following. Sonny is able to distract Jensen while Will is able to untie Gabi. Hope finds out that Ciara hid a prison release alert and seeks Vargas help with information. Vargas tells Hope that Nick was attacked by Jensen in prison and when Nick spoke out Jensen got three month in solitary and promised revenge. Chad asks Abby to go to a amusement park with him.
Ep. #12088 48x132
Kristen drops her hotel reservation so John can find it. Eric tells Brady he will not be attending his wedding to Kristen after seeing how the relationship has destroyed Marlena. Nicole tries to change Eric's mind by inviting him to be her date. Ciara and Johnny fight over the envelope and Johnny is able to steal it out of Ciara's backpack. Gabi tells Hope about seeing E.J. at the pub making a mysterious phone call. Sami begins to doubt E.J.'s innocence. Nick and Gabi run into the man that has been stalking around Rafe's hospital room.
Ep. #12087 48x131
Kristen tries to push Brady away after having second thoughts about her plan. Hope continues to investigate Rafe's attacks and E.J. is her number one suspect. Gabi tells Hope that E.J. was at the pub waiting for Rafe. JJ is clearly annoyed seeing Jennifer and Daniel kissing. Daniel lends JJ his iPod he got from Melanie and JJ returns it broken. Sami tells Lucas about Rafe and Kate being an item. A man hangs out by Rafe's hospital room.
Ep. #12086 48x130
Residents of Salem begin to learn of the attack on Rafe. Brady accuses E.J. and Stefano of being behind. Kristen begins to break and tells Brady that she cannot change that she is a DiMera. Jennifer confronts JJ about the real reason he got kicked out of boarding school. JJ tries to stick to his story that it was his roommate but eventually concedes that he gave a friend his roommates contact info so he could buy weed. Marlena tells John that she is done and he tells her to file for divorce.
Ep. #12085 48x129
Gabi gives the okay for the doctors to put Rafe in a medically induced coma. Hope finds the FBI jacket that Rafe was going to give Johnny and suspects the E.J. could be behind the attack. Nick gives a lame alibi when Will and Sonny question him. Abby helps an understaffed Chad at the coffee house. Chad asks Abby if they still have a chance.
Ep. #12084 48x128
Kate finds Rafe beaten in the alley. Will and Sonny think Nick is acting suspicious when they arrive at the hospital with Gabi to see Rafe. Kate confronts Stefano thinking that he had Rafe beat up but after Kate declares she was in a relationship with Rafe it is obvious that Stefano had no idea. Kayla offers Nathan the resident liaison position.
Ep. #12083 48x127
Rafe confronts Nick about trying to prevent Will from being the babies life and that he intends on telling Gabi. Nick in turn confronts Will about telling Rafe and hurries to twist the info for Gabi before Rafe can tell her. The FBI jacket that Rafe wanted comes in and Rafe arranges for E.J. to pick it up. E.J. makes a mysterious phone call. Later, Rafe is attacked. Sami cannot help but talk to Stefano about the evidence. Sonny and Will tell Kate they were saddened to hear she broke up with Rafe.
Ep. #12082 48x126
Nick grabs Sami and demands his money back. Sami continues to act like she doesn't know what he is talking about and even pulls her gun on Nick. Nick pulls out a recording of Will's confession telling her that he had more copies than what was on the flash drive that he knows she took. Sami is forced to hand over the money and Nick goes to work investing it for Vargas. Rafe gets Will to admit how Nick got him to sign over his rights to the baby. Daniel has a hard time figuring out JJ. Jennifer gets a call from the head master telling her JJ was kicked out for selling drugs. Brady nearly catched John in the secret room with Kristen. Later, John takes Kristen's pearl necklace. Abby tells Cameron that she is ready to take their relationship to the next level.
Ep. #12081 48x125
Bernardi refuses to hand over the evidence to Sami. Maggie asks Daniel to talk to Brady about his drinking. Jennifer is surprised by JJ's sudden arrival. Later, Daniel gets a less than warm welcome from JJ. John and Kristen discuss old memories. Vargas harasses Nick about his money.
Ep. #12080 48x124
Sami tries to get her hands on the evidence Bernardi has stolen from the evidence lock-up. Ciara hides and important envelope about a prisoner's release in Hope's office so they are not delayed in going to the zoo. Kristen is shocked by the adoption process Brady has started and feels guilty over her plans for him. Later, Kristen reminisces about her time with John and locking Marlena in the secret room. E.J. finds the gun that Kate gave Sami. Jennifer is surprised to find JJ back in town.
Ep. #12079 48x123
Anne is still intent on destroying Jennifer even with Daniel's warning that he will go to the hospital board with the information Chloe told him. Kristen goads Eric into getting upset and tells her that he won't be attending the wedding. Brady shocks Kristen by giving her paperwork to fast track an adoption. A mysterious person breaks into Jennifer's house.
Ep. #12078 48x122
Sami overhears Stefano telling his mole at the police station to bring all the evidence related to E.J.'s shooting to him. E.J. asks Justin for help in destroying Stefano. Kate breaks up with Rafe after fearing Stefano has found out about them. Gabi tells Nick that she is leaving unless he tells her what is going on Nick is able to talk his way out of trouble with Gabi.
Ep. #12077 48x121
Nick realizes that Sami must of been the one that stole the money when Maggie tells him that Sami, Lucas and Allie were over at the mansion. Nick goes to Sami's office where E.J. has to pull him off of Sami. Gabi arrives back at her room to find it destroyed. Cameron tells Abby that he is going to quit stripping. Nicole warns Vargas not to hurt Eric.
Ep. #12076 48x120
Nicole overhears Vargas calling Nick about the money and Vargas threatens to tell Eric about Nicole having feelings for him. Later, Nicole overhears Abe telling Eric that the success of the prison release program hinges on Vargas. E.J. seems the money that Sami stole from Nick. Cameron's credit card is denied and he tells Maxine he will have to cancel his date with Abby. Maxine tells Daniel about Cameron's situation and Daniel ends up giving his tickets to an all expenses paid dinner to Cameron and Abby. Kate gives Sami a gun.
Ep. #12075 48x119
Sami and Sonny are nearly caught in Nick's room. Adrienne is able to distract Nick along with a text from Sonny himself. Sonny takes all of Nick's jump drives to delete Will's confession. Sami ends up taking the $30,000 from Nick's room. Hope interrupts just as Kristen is getting ready to open Ciara's envelope. After Ciara leaves, Kristen opens it to find a card to Bo. Brady realizes that she must of mixed up her envelopes. John continues to ignore Marlena. John reveals to Victor that his plan is to have Brady catch him sleeping with Kristen. Meanwhile, Kristen tells Stefano that her plan is to sleep with John and be caught by Brady.
Ep. #12074 48x118
The plan to frame Nick is put into action as Stefano agrees to help. Ciara gets in trouble at school for being preoccupied with the envelope. Later, Ciara runs into Kristen in the town square and gives her the envelope. Vargas gives Nick $30,000 in cash and tells him to triple it.
Ep. #12073 48x117
Ciara almost shows Brady the picture of Kristen giving money to Sy when Hope interrupts and scolds her for gossiping. Later, Brady arrives at Kristen's office to find John and the two nearly have it out when Kristen stops them and tells Brady she asked John to come to give him back the jersey. Sami and E.J. decide that it is time to put their plan into motion with Stefano to frame Nick. Sonny gets information on which room Nick and Gabi are staying in. Nick makes a comment to Hope about Sonny and Will but quickly covers.
Ep. #12072 48x116
Jennifer gets her job back at the hospital much to Anne's dismay. Hope has to disappoint Ciara when Bo cannot return home. Brady has to calm Ciara down and Ciara tells him that she knows something about Kristen. Eric asks Nicole to stay working at the church. Kristen gives John back the jersey and John realizes he has gotten under her skin.
Ep. #12071 48x115
Anne is shocked to see Daniel on the stage instead of Cameron. Mr. Burns is annoyed that Anne dragged him to the club but continues to wait. Jennifer and Abby's plan was to recruit Daniel, Brady and Rafe to join Cameron on stage. At the end they hand Mr. Burns an envelope of money for the pediatric wing. Mr. Burns agrees not to fire anyone. Vargas tells Nicole that she used Eric's name but Nicole tries to deny it. Vargas realizes Nicole has feelings for Eric but Nicole gets upset the throws him out. Father Matt also questions if Eric's feelings for Nicole go beyond friendship.
Ep. #12070 48x114
After being alerted to Anne looking for the hospital administrator, Abby tracks them down and over hears Anne telling Mr. Burns that one of the hospital doctors is working at a strip club and wants to drop in on the club to catch him in the act. Jennifer and Abby come up with a plan but need Maxine's help. Ciara recognizes Kristen from the picture. Eric walks in on Vargas and Nicole making out in his office. Nicole gets mad at Eric and storms out. Later, Nicole invites Vargas to her hotel room and the two continue what they started at Eric's office but Nicole calls out Eric's name.
Ep. #12069 48x113
Abby is still worried that Anne will expose Cameron. Annie apologizes to Abby for being rude to her and Jennifer but Abby thinks something is up. Maxine overhears Anne asking to see a hospital administrator about an important personal issue and alerts Abby. Ciara finds the envelope with the picture in it. Kristen tries to track down the envelope and even digs around in the dumpster but thinks the garbage truck already took it away and is happy. Brady confronts John about giving Kristen the jersey from their little league coaching days. Cameron tells Abe to mind his own business when Abe worries about Cameron having an extra job.
Ep. #12068 48x112
Kristen frets over the gift from John and the envelope with the picture in it. Kristen is getting ready to leave the mansion when she runs into an upset Brady. Kristen almost assumes the worse than realizes it is because Stefano moved Brady's car. Caroline recognizes Cameron from the strip club but assures him that his secret is safe with her. Hope confronts John about how he is treating Marlena. Ciara finds the picture of Kristen on the floor of the coffee house. Will tells Brian that he and Sonny are a couple and he needs to stop flirting with Sonny. Abby worries that Anne will expose Cameron.
Ep. #12067 48x111
Sami accepts E.J.'s proposal and the first person they run into is Lucas who isn't happy to hear the news. John gives Kristen a baseball jersey in hopes to stir up memories of their time together. Rafe tells Gabi that he was seeing Kate and later makes a peace offering to Kate. Nick tells Gabi they have to remain on their toes after a ruin in with Vargas.
Ep. #12066 48x110
Caroline helps E.J. set-up his proposal dinner with Sami. Chloe tells Daniel and Jennifer that she is leaving town to seek treatment and asks Daniel to take care of Parker. The envelope with the picture of Kristen paying off the mugger is nearly opened by Victor, Brady and Kristen herself as they are looking at art proposals. Later, Brady runs into Marlena and asks for her help as well.
Ep. #12065 48x109
Sami insists to Rafe that she had nothing to do with Kate's plan to have Gabi sign the papers. Jennifer returns home thinking Abby needs her and finds Daniel. Daniel tells Jennifer that he found out what Chloe did. Chloe shows up at Jennifer's telling Daniel and Jennifer that she knows what she has to do next. Sy has someone deliver the picture to Victor but Kristen intercepts it not knowing that it is a photo of her paying off Sy. Nicole and Vargas kiss.
Ep. #12064 48x108
Daniel is able to talk Chloe out of taking Parker away forever. Abby and Chad work to stop Cameron from going on stage since Anne is in the audience intent on destroying his career as a doctor after he tore into her. E.J., Sami, Will and Sonny strategize about how to bring down Nick. Nicole and Vargas has dinner at the Pub where they run into Nick. Vargas tells Gabi that he was in prison at the same time as Nick.
Ep. #12063 48x107
Sami tells E.J. that if she feels he is getting pulled back in by Stefano they will move back out. Anne over hears Abby and Chad talking about Cameron and shows up at the strip club. Jennifer tells Laura about how she broke up with Daniel and that Chloe blackmailed her. Daniel confronts Chloe about using Parker to break him and Jennifer up. Chloe denies knowing Nancy took Parker to Brazil but eventually admits to it and tells Daniel he has no legal rights to Parker.
Ep. #12062 48x106
Jennifer seeks advice from her mother. Rafe confirms to Daniel that Nancy and Parker were in Brazil and not New York. Nicole confronts Chloe about her involvement in Daniel and Jennifer's break-up and later warns Daniel. Daniel is able to put together that Chloe used Parker to force Jennifer to break-up with him. Will warns Sami that E.J. may of had ulterior motives in having her move into the DiMera mansion. Sonny tells E.J. that he is willing to help bring Nick down. Kate tries to get Gabi to sign a document guarantee that Will can see the baby and his name be on the birth certificate but it ends up blowing up in her face when both Nick and Rafe arrive.
Ep. #12061 48x105
Sy approaches Victor via telephone call that he has information on Kristen. They end up being caught off and when Victor tells Maggie about the call she figures it is about money. When Sy calls back Victor refuses his offer. Kate questions Gabi about Will signing away his rights. Nicole figures out the Chloe was somehow behind the break-up. Daniel sees Nancy's passport and asks Rafe to do some digging. Roman confronts Brady about Kristen. Kristen warns Sy to get out of town now that their is an APB out on him for the mugging.
Ep. #12060 48x104
Hope tells Brady and Kristen that they may have caught the mugger. Kristen worries that if it is Sy he will rat her out for hiring him. Brady doesn't recognize the guy they caught but Kristen insists it is him. Hope asks the two to go through their mug shot book and Brady recognizes Sy. Sy doesn't feel Kristen gave him enough money and prepares to go to Victor with the info he has on Kristen. Daniel ends up finding Nancy's passport. Lucas is thrilled to hear Jennifer broke up with Daniel
Ep. #12059 48x103
Chloe shows up at Daniel's and tells him she saw everything at the hospital and Daniel starts to kiss her but pulls away. Kristen gives John a box of photographs and John wonders what she is trying to tell him. Abby returns to the club for her purse and sees that Cameron is a stripper. Eric worries that he may be transferred but later finds out it was a mistake.
Ep. #12058 48x102
Jennifer breaks up with Daniel in front of several hospital staff including Chloe and Maggie. Lucas arrives at the DiMera mansion angry to find out that she has moved in without telling him first. Lucas threatens to sue for full custody of Allie and Sami has to admit that it was to get Stefano's help bringing down Nick. Later, Sami tells E.J. that she told Lucas and E.J. is upset. Abby and Chad trail Cameron to a club in Chicago.
Ep. #12057 48x101
Sonny is getting ready to tell Will about Rafe and Kate when they both arrive. Kate eventually admits to Will that she is seeing Rafe. Kristen recruits E.J. to help distract Marlena while she takes care of Sy, giving him $5000 in exchange for the photos. Chloe tells Jennifer that she needs to do more to break Daniel's heart. Chad asks Cameron if he wants to spend time with him and Theo that night. Cameron tells Chad he has to work a double shift but later Maxine tells Chad the doubles are against hospital policy. Chad asks Abby why Cameron would lie and he realizes that she has concerns about Cameron as well.
Ep. #12056 48x100
John asks Sami for help in keeping an eye on Kristen while she living at the mansion but Sami turns him down. Kate confronts Nick over how he got Will to sign away his rights to the baby. Sonny admits Rafe and Kate's affair to Will. Sy gives Kristen an envelope with photos to try and get money out of her but Kristen refuses so Sy goes to Marlena. Daniel doesn't understand Jennifer's sudden change of heart and when he arrives home lashes out at Chloe.
Ep. #12055 48x99
Daniel is shocked when Jennifer does an about face and breaks up with him saying things are moving to fast and he could never replace Jack. Will tells E.J. the true reason that Nick is keeping him from his baby. Vargas reminds Nick that he still owes him from their "deal" and he will be collecting soon.
Ep. #12054 48x98
Chloe reveals to Jennifer that she sent Nancy out of the country with Parker and if Jennifer doesn't break up with Daniel he will never see Parker again. Daniel sees Kate's bracelet that she forgot at Rafe's and puts two and two together. Nick has a run in with Vargas.
Ep. #12053 48x97
Chloe uses Parker to force Jennifer to break-up with Daniel telling her that she won't tell Daniel see Parker if he is with Jennifer. Victor stuffs his feelings about Kristen down in order to maintain his relationship with Brady. Kristen is blackmailed by the guy she hired to mug her several months ago. Vargas gets sympathy from Nicole when he has trouble finding employment. Eric offer Vargas a part-time job at the church as a handy man.
Ep. #12052 48x96
Chloe has a new plan that she is putting into motion with Nancy's help. Chloe and Nicole get into a yelling match outside the pub. Daniel goes to talk to Chloe after his romantic time at the cabin with Jennifer. Kristen apologizes for trying to set up Brady, Marlena and John. Brady notices someone lurking outside the DiMera mansion. After Brady leaves the guy Kristen hired to mug her and knock Brady out shows up at the mansion. Rafe and Kate decide to end their relationship after Sonny finds out. Sonny doesn't tell Will that he saw Rafe and Kate together.
Ep. #12051 48x95
Kate slaps Rafe thinking that he knew all along about Will being forced to give up his rights. Once Kate realizes that Rafe just found out the two begin getting closer and Sonny walks in and catches them. Marlena runs into Brady at the town square and the two get into a yelling match when John shows up. Kristen uses Brady's phone to text both John and Marlena and they all meet in the two square. Abby pulls away from Cameron just as things are getting hot and heavy.
Ep. #12050 48x94
Will notices Sonny's hand is hurt and Sonny admits to punching Nick when he called him a homophobic name. Will decides to let Sami help bring down Nick. Kate overhears Sonny telling Adrienne that Will signed away his parental rights. Nick opens up more to Gabi about his experiences in jail including being the cause of Vargas getting three additional years. Cameron nearly misses his breakfast date with Abby.
Ep. #12049 48x93
Chloe is devastated after seeing Jennifer and Daniel together. Nick shows up at the coffee house and he and Sonny quickly get into a physical fight before Nick pulls away realizing that a fight could get his parole revoked. Will tells Gabi she doesn't know know everything about Nick. Kristen tells E.J. and Sami about her engagement to Brady and Sami has to bite her tongue to keep her true feelings inside.
Ep. #12048 48x92
Daniel shows up at the cabin and tells Jennifer what Kristen told him. They both realize that Chloe has been playing them and they make love. Chloe works on her plan to run into Daniel at his medical conference but when she calls the hotel she finds out that Daniel cancelled his reservation. E.J. works on recruiting Sonny into their plan while Sami tries to work Will but he doesn't want to involve Stefano. Gabi demands answers from Nick about how he got Will to sign away his rights. Gabi decides to go straight to Will. Nicole thinks Vargas is at the church to fix the heat and makes comments to Eric about the ex-con coming to live there. Vargas realizes Nicole could be an obstacle.
Ep. #12047 48x91
Brady proposes to Kristen and she accepts. John tries to mend fences with Brady. Abby tells Daniel that Jennifer went to Smith Island to be alone. Kristen shows up at Jennifer's and runs into Daniel. Kristen spills all about how Chloe set it up to look like Daniel and Chloe had slept together and Daniel rushes off to Smith Island. Nicole shows up at Daniel's to put Chloe on notice but gets into it with Nancy. Nick finally reveals to Gabi that Will signed away his parental rights. Hope mentions Nick to Vargas.
Ep. #12046 48x90
At first, Brady doesn't let on that he heard much of what John and Marlena were discussing but soon he explodes and tells them he heard everything. Brady rushes back to the DiMera mansion where he proposes to Kristen. John blames Marlena for Brady finding out his plan. Maggie warns Chloe about messing with Daniel and Jennifer. Abby stops Anne from entering the hospital waiting room where Cameron is exchanging a large sum of money with another man
Ep. #12044 48x89
Ep. #12044 48x88
Brady questions John's motives about being open to him and Kristen. Brady comes to the conclusion that the reason John over reacted on New Years was because he still had feelings for Kristen. Later, Kristen takes the opportunity to shove her and Brady's dinner with John in Marlena's face. Marlena realizes that John is planning something. E.J. asks Sami to move into the mansion with him telling her that it could be the only way to get Stefano to help them with Nick if they need his help. Nick and Gabi are married at Jennifer's house just as Vargas is released from prison. Nicole expresses her concerns over Eric's safety to Caroline.
Ep. #12043 48x87
Sami wants to involve Stefano in their plan to set up Nick but E.J. thinks they should only use Stefano as a last resort. Kate and Rafe continue to sleep together. Brady and John meet up for breakfast and Brady wonders if John is just playing him. Chad drops by the DiMera mansion to see Stefano but is still reluctant to move in. Nick confronts Will about going to see Gabi.
Ep. #12042 48x86
Jennifer slaps an unsuspecting Daniel across the face. Chloe realizes that she must of dropped the pills in Daniel's room and Nancy makes an excuse to go to his room to retrieve them. Chloe heads off to Jennifer's to tell her that when she walked into Daniel's room it wasn't what it looked like and that Chloe was there to get an item she left when she returned Daniel's hospital badge and when she got to his room he was passed out drunk. Kristen sees Brady in the mirror and is able to cover by telling Stefano that she loves Brady. Will considers telling Gabi the truth about Nick but decides against it when he finds out she is marrying Nick the next day.
Ep. #12041 48x85
Chloe sets it up to look like her and Daniel have had sex when Jennifer arrives at his room. Later, Chloe worries that she put to much of Nancy's medication in his drink. Kristen confesses to Stefano to flirting with John as part of her revenge plot when Brady walks down the steps. Rafe returns to the evidence room after recognizing Sami's perfume. Sami suggests to E.J. that they let Rafe in on what Nick is doing to Will but E.J. is not sure Rafe can be trusted to help Will.
Ep. #12040 48x84
Sami tells Lucas her plan to get Nick sent back to prison. Sami and Lucas break into the storage room using Roman's access card. John acts jealous when he sees Marlena with Roman. Kristen calls John on his gift to Brady. Stefano warns Brady not to hurt Kristen. Chloe slips Daniel one of Nancy's sleeping pills and sets it up to look like her and Daniel were together when Jennifer shows up.
Ep. #12039 48x83
John gives Brady a memento from his time with Brady's mother. Roman provides Marlena with a shoulder to cry on just as John enters the coffee shop. Abby confides in Chad about what Chloe said to her about Jack. Anne finds a way to break up Daniel and Jennifer's moment. Later, Jennifer has a run in with Nancy. Daniel is spent after arguing with Jennifer and returns to his hotel room where Chloe visits and takes advantage of a drunk Daniel. Stefano makes his way back to Salem.
Ep. #12038 48x82
Kayla and Maxine push Daniel and Jennifer back together at Maxine's nurse of the year celebration. Anne keeps tabs on the situation for Chloe. Nancy and Chloe plot to break up Daniel and Jennifer but Nancy warns Chloe that even if succeed it doesn't mean Daniel will love her. Nicole continues to evade Eric's questions. Maggie and Victor find out that Brady is moving into the DiMera mansion. John shows up at the mansion just as Brady and Kristen are fooling around.
Ep. #12037 48x81
Sami and E.J. develop a plan to have Nick sent to prison and get the evidence he has against Will destroyed. Will is shocked when Nick admits that he wants to keep Will away from the baby because he is gay not because of Sami. Rafe tells Gabi that when Nick was attacked he told the police he didn't know who did it. Vargas agrees to be a part of the prison release program but he is planning to seek revenge on Nick. Chloe tries to get information on Jennifer from Nicole but Nicole refuses. Chloe realizes that Nicole has feelings for Eric when she notices Nicole misspelled six as sex on a poster featuring Eric.
Ep. #12035 48x80
Ep. #12034 48x79
Ep. #12033 48x78
Ep. #12032 48x77
Ep. #12031 48x76
Ep. #12030 48x75
Ep. #12029 48x74
Ep. #12028 48x73
Ep. #12027 48x72
Ep. #12026 48x71
Ep. #12025 48x70
Ep. #12024 48x69
Ep. #12023 48x68
Ep. #12022 48x67
Ep. #12021 48x66
Ep. #12020 48x65
Ep. #12019 48x64
Ep. #12018 48x63
Ep. #12017 48x62
Ep. #12016 48x61
Ep. #12015 48x60
Ep. #12014 48x59
Ep. #12013 48x58
Ep. #12012 48x57
Ep. #12011 48x56
Ep. #12010 48x55
Ep. #12009 48x54
Ep. #12008 48x53
Ep. #12007 48x52
Ep. #12006 48x51
Ep. #12005 48x50
Ep. #12004 48x49
Ep. #12003 48x48
Ep. #12002 48x47
Ep. #12001 48x46
Ep. #12000 48x45
Ep. #11999 48x44
Ep. #11998 48x43
Ep. #11997 48x42
Ep. #11996 48x41
Ep. #11995 48x40
Ep. #11994 48x39
Ep. #11993 48x38
Ep. #11992 48x37
Ep. #11991 48x36
Ep. #11990 48x35
Ep. #11989 48x34
Ep. #11988 48x33
Ep. #11987 48x32
Ep. #11986 48x31
Ep. #11985 48x30
Ep. #11984 48x29
Ep. #11983 48x28
Ep. #11982 48x27
Ep. #11981 48x26
Ep. #11980 48x25
Ep. #11979 48x24
Ep. #11978 48x23
Ep. #11977 48x22
Ep. #11976 48x21
Ep. #11975 48x20
Ep. #11974 48x19
Ep. #11973 48x18
Ep. #11972 48x17
Ep. #11971 48x16
Ep. #11970 48x15
Ep. #11969 48x14
Ep. #11968 48x13
Ep. #11967 48x12
Ep. #11966 48x11
As Gabi waits in the exam room for her procedure to begin, Will is outside in the waiting area, beginning to have second thoughts.
Ep. #11965 48x10
Ep. #11964 48x09
Ep. #11963 48x08
Ep. #11962 48x07
Ep. #11961 48x06
Ep. #11960 48x05
Ep. #11959 48x04
Ep. #11958 48x03
Ep. #11957 48x02
Ep. #11956 48x01

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