Days of our Lives is set in the fictitious Midwestern town of Salem. The core families are the Bradys, the Hortons and the DiMeras, and the multi-layered storylines involve elements of romance, adventure, mystery, comedy and drama. Add to my shows

season 45

August 31 2010 45x263
August 30 2010 45x262
Bo makes a call to Carly at a nearby gas station. Bo tells Carly that she needs to get a message to Roman to call him at that number after Carly hangs up Bo hears a noise on the other end and realizes the hospital line was tapped. E.J. gives Nicole a bracelet and tells her it will track her every move. Mary relays information to Sami. Jennifer continues working undercover at the prison and Rafe sees her when he visits the warden. The Warden tells Dr. Walters that she can't get him any more organs until Bo and Hope are caught. Sami pretends to talk to Brady about using her apartment to be together just for Stefano to overhear.
Aug 27 2010 45x261
Stephanie ignores calls from Kayla thinking she is just harassing her about telling the truth about Parker's paternity. Later, Stephanie listens to Kayla's voice mail telling her that Caroline had a stroke. Melanie wants Daniel to seek custody of Parker but he refuses to take the baby away from Chloe. Kate pretends to know what Maggie is talking about when she runs into her at the Pub. Philip tells Kate that he is Parker's father. Sami and Rafe run into E.J. and Nicole at the Pier New Year's celebration where E.J. announces their engagement.
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Philip helps fast-recovering Chloe cover up lies to Daniel by picking up an 'anniversary' gift, but is seen by nosy Adrienne. To her delight, Daniel offers to wed her in the hospital, but Carly insists he must learn the truth first. Nathan is furious at apparently jealous ex Melanie when she tells him about Stephanie's birth control cheating.
Mon Jun 7 2010 45x201
Chloe is recovering well, but Philip worries even more that Carly, who ignores his part, may still betray her infidelity to Daniel, who sort of overhears them. The demise of Hope's beloved grandmother paralyzes the mourning Horton clan. Mother Madeline Woods's obsessive opposition against Chad befriending Will again confronts her with Kate.
Friday June 04 2010 45x200
Rafe and Shane were roughed up as due punishment for their violent escape attempt, but consider it worthwhile as reconnaissance. Brady finds the Hernandez sisters incapable of appreciating his help, being obsessed by his former infatuation for Nicole. Elvis now enjoys Sami's almost-loving gratitude for his perfect fathering, so they consider becoming a regular full-time family. Chloe has fallen into Otis's sabotaged elevator-trap for Carly, whom she prevented from entering, but survives and may pull trough. Victor wonders openly, rudely what renders Vivian so nervous.
Thursday June 03 2010 45x199
Rafe and Shane Donovan set a trap to overpower their jailer and escape. Nathan is shocked when Stephanie finally owes up she has 'missed the pill a few times', insisting on a pregnancy test. Nicole arranges for D.A. Woods to overhear Brady doubting Arianna's alibi, which thus falls trough. Johnny asks both his parents to sleep with him. Chloe can't decide whether to hope she ca stop Carly from telling Daniel about her infidelity or let her die in the hospital elevator which Vivian's henchman 'Otis' already tampered with.
Wednesday June 02 2010 45x198
Nathan ponders in bed how to spend more time at home, maybe moving in with Stephanie, but is called away, like Melanie, for a regular cancer boy patient. Victor grudgingly parts on honeymoon with Vivian, after warning her if Carly comes to any harm in their absence. Chloe considers coming clean to Daniel before their wedding rather then having Carly murdered, but of nightmarish vision of Daniel dumping her rules out truthfulness.
Tuesday June 01 2010 45x197
Elvis confronts Nicole, cleverly forcing her to admit she received Brady's check from Arianna, who she thus must provide an alibi, yet tells her smugly he plans not only to free his client but also to send the real culprit to jail, suspecting that's Nicole. Philip is startled when Daniel asks him to give Chloe away, but accepts as Melanie drops her objections to the hasty wedding. Only Gus knows that Vivian extends an invitation to Chloe, whom she recommends a helpful mystery man to solve the Carly problem if she lures her nemesis into an elevator for a ride to hell.
Monday May 31 2010 45x196
Elvis assumes jailed Ariana's defense, however dismaying to Brady. Insisting her best bid to get out quick is an alibi for one mugging, he learns that Nicole can provide one for Justin's case and guesses he must have a hidden agenda. Learning Daniel plans to wed Chloe the next day, Carly gives her an ultimatum to owe up her infidelity, but the bride convinces Daniel instead to go marry somewhere else that very evening.
Friday May 28 2010 45x195
Given stacked evidence against Arianna, her fingerprints and juvenile criminal record, she remains arrested. The pro-bono lawyer warns her case looks hopeless, but mugging victim Elvis decides to defend her. The Kiriakis kin keep wondering what drove Victor to remarry Vivian, whose bride's bouquet lands with Carly just when Hope arrives. In South American jail, Rafe is warned against the duly beaten-up alleged hired gun to kill the president, who turns out to be a Salem Brady relative and secret investigation veteran Shane Donovan.
Thursday May 27 2010 45x194
Rafe's anxiety when warned by the somewhat sympathizing prison guard for his new cell mate, accused of attempting to kill the president and subjected to rough 'interrogation', turns into delighted interest when he recognizes the 'hired gun' as Sami's uncle , who claims to be framed. Victor is touched that his clan decides to attend his farcical second wedding to she-devil Vivien, just intending to sabotage her presumed intent to isolate him, then makes sure none of it gives his bride any more satisfaction then his openly disapproving exes and loved ones.
Wednesday May 26 2010 45x193
Stefano enjoys playing step-grandfather for respectful Will, who even accepts the unwelcome advice to catch up with maths despite Sami's absurd punishment, which even she realizes was unfair. When Chad arrives, Will presents him to equally polite Stefano, but mother Peterson bursts in to 'ressue' her son, who refuses to accept such utterly unexplained public embarrassment any longer and leaves. Vivian's surprise wedding, to which she tricked the family into attending by faking messages from the butler that Victor be gravely ill, backfires as the unamused groom cancels the charade, stating only he must suffer it. Brady scolds Nicole, who hoped to snatch him up, for enjoying her ex's peril.
Tuesday May 25 2010 45x192
Philip stops Nicole's sanctimonious attempt to plead on air for giving even Arianna the benefit of the doubt, Dr. Baker warns stopping his senior mugging partner while she's jailed may be impossible. Brady can't convince his jailed fiancée that he doesn't doubt her innocence. Victor makes clear to Vivian that their wedding plans practically ruin his family life.
Monday May 24 2010 45x191
Dr. Carrillo refuses to administer the potent stimulant massively enough for Rafe to question Anna. Stefano reinforces his grip on Elvis by pointing out Anna nearly betrayed the kidnapping and asking if his help is wanted, then arranges by phone for Rafe to be arrested as sole suspect, in a country which broke off diplomatic relations with the US, so his FBI status is no trump. Nicole arranges for the police the 'stumble upon' research into Arianna's past, including a closed file about a violent robbery conviction as a teenage junkie, which she claims was a set-up by the street gang leader. Craly having guessed her infidelity, Chloe prepares to owe up to Daniel, but he insists to speed up their church wedding.
Friday May 21 2010 45x190
Will is far from amused that Sami, source of all his practical problems, dares lecture and grounded him for a slipping grade, as she chased his ideal tutor Rafe, yet Elvis and Stefano appease the knave. Dr. Carrillo grants Rafe's urgent request to try an extremely potent stimulant on Anna. Daniel tells father Matt he feels responsible for Chloe's condition. Nathan nor Carly can get the adulterous truth out. Stephanie publicly fights off Melanie's attempt to search her purse in hospital for the absence of birth control.
Thursday May 20 2010 45x189
Kunitz, Aaron & Kunitz, Griffin Johnny DiMera)Philip worries that his misled adultery with Chloe will be exposed after learning Nathan knows, who in fact pleads with Chloe to tell Daniel herself. She refuses, confident she has pulled the wool over her dearly-concerned husband's eyes, but just that bickering is accidentally overheard by Carly, while Melanie is getting suspicious again about Philip's calls with his ex. To Brady's startled dismay, Arianna's fingerprints and DNA match, so she's arrested as multiple mugging suspect. Nicole plays concern to get back into Brady's good books. Dr. Baker wants to run from evil Hope but hasn't looted sufficient travel funds.
Wednesday May 19 2010 45x188
To concerned Daniel's dismay, Chloe refuses to continue therapy, which even made her feel worse, won't open up to him and can't have sex. Dr. Baker protests when he finds Roman hardly carried any cash and contests evil Hope's lead, to little avail. The branded victim is found, without grave injury, as well as the planted fake evidence. To Nicole's delight, Arianna left bed just to late to have an unexpected alibi and is indeed identified by her fingerprints as prime suspect. When Stephanie tells Nathan she stopped drinking, Melanie realizes she's pregnant, but later agrees with Philp hey shouldn't throw stones, no even while both find Daniel and Chloe a bad match.
Tuesday May 18 2010 45x187
To Rafe's shocked surprise, Anna isn't faking but actually poisoned, presumably by impostor waiter Diego, possibly fatally. Stefano is pleased to hear from an accomplice she won't be talking for a while. Elvis is embarrassed by Sami's excessive praise for his paternal excellence and special bond with Sydney. Having found out that Arianna went to bed and shut off her phone after a row with Brady, she urges Dr. Baker to set her up with stolen fingerprints at the next mugging. Evil Hope overhears them and picks as next victim Roman. Magie talks Mia out of leaving Salem high school to study dance in New York.
Monday May 17 2010 45x186
Elvis tells baffled Stefano that he undid his water pipe sabotage, refusing to trick Sami into living with them. Johnny's romping in Rafe's FBI vest spontaneously brings his parents and even big brother Will together, laughing. Rafe frustrates Anna's attempts to escape or have well-tipped waiter Diego call the local police, but despite conceding to reveal the mastermind, she first claims it was Sami to spite Elvis, then faints. Brady fails again to side with Arianna against Nicole, who now also targets her former pub management and collects her fingerprints for Dr. baker to frame her with as the mugger.
Friday May 14 2010 45x185
Stefano assures worried Elvis that he can prevent Will's rift with Sami from driving her away with the younger kids and accepts reluctantly that Johnny keeps the FBI vest Rafe sent. Will and Chad confer and confront Kate viz. Madeline about why they should be kept apart on account of their family, while the ladies were apparently good friends. Brady and jealous Arianna bicker over Nicole's hostile solo-interrogation of Dr. Baker. On the island resort, Anna catches Calliope's wire, but Rafe seems able to convince her she can't run from him but will be left alone, like her friend, if she betrays the kidnapping mastermind.
Thursday May 13 2010 45x184
When Elvis sees Johhny's joy over an FBI vest sent by Rafe and hears how Sami's ex is missed, he fears his son will disown him for not being such a 'good guy'. Judge Madeline Peterson tries to convince D.A. Woods they should prevent any Dimera contact by sending Chad to a college out of state, even just four months before his legal majority, but after hearing from Mia she plans to study dance in New York, he tells his parents he wants to stay in Salem. Rafe's plan seems to work perfectly, but Anna gets suspicious enough to pull off Calliope's bugged broach. Understanding Daniel's apologetic attitude prevents Chloe again from confessing her adultery. Vivian is furious that Victor and Philip care more for sick Maggie then planning a society wedding with her and Gus, so she announces to speed it up.
Wednesday May 12 2010 45x183
Cued by Gus, Vivian starts to convince Chloe that Carly is poisoning her marriage with Daniel. Despite his practical protestations, Nicole blackmails Dr. Baker into helping her to set up Arianna as the mugger, hoping Brady will then take her back. Philip warns Chloe to remain discrete about their adultery, but she still resolves to owe up
Tuesday May 11 2010 45x182
Daniel fails to threaten the truth out of the sleazy motel clerk. Gus informs Vivian this may be the time to fully turn her against Carly and indeed she overhears Daniel telling her he just can't get head or tail of the incompatible stories. Dr. Baker is equally surprised as Nicole when hey bump int each-other and must admit he staged his alleged death.
Monday May 10 2010 45x181
Friday May 07 2010 45x180
Rafe's plan seems to work: once Calliope confides in Anna about her tax troubles, she gets a flood of secret confessions about Sydney's kidnapping. Elvis is happy with Sami, Nathan with Stephanie, who meanwhile bickers over the pre-wedding letter with Melanie, whom maggie warns not to bottle up the crucial past.
Thursday May 06 2010 45x179
Will makes crystal clear he refuses to let Sami back in his life, as she always wrecks everything for everyone, as lately by dumping Rafe and moving n with Elvis, who questions if Kate is really her motive for changing her mind about moving in, then convinces her to stay and pester Kate together. Rafe learns that Calliope's cover isn't very convincing and orders pressed calliope to wear a wire on her next meeting with Anna, who failed to charter a flight off the spa island. Chad refuses to be just told to stay clear from Will on account of the DiMera family and tells him so in their study group, then notices a picture Will accidentally picked up, showing Kate feasting with his mother, judge Peterson, now bitter enemies.
Wednesday May 05 2010 45x178
Brady's chest branding worries and puzzles everyone, but Hope, whose cop persona can't remember anything, believes to recognize it as a Celtic divine triad-symbol, which might suggest a female culprit. Stfeano nor Victor consider her capable to protect their mugged family, so they consider a joint alternative. To Elvis's horror, bickering with Kate makes Sami want to leave the mansion already. While Stefano assures Elvis Rafe can't find Anna, she's already confiding in her South American retreat spa to old friend Calliope Jones Bradford, who reports to Rafe.
Tuesday May 04 2010 45x177
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Ep. #11366 45x163
Shane tells Kimberly he is leaving the ISA. Philip explains to Melanie that he let a great family raise his son. Nicole visits Chloe as she is getting ready to leave the hospital and finds out she didn't marry Daniel yet. Nicole is coming up with a plan when Daniel walks in and nearly overhears that Chloe slept with someone else. E.J. declares his love to Sami. Nicole calls Dr. Baker and threatens him to be careful when Rafe walks up behind her.
Wed Apr 14 2010 45x162
Tues Apr 13 2010 45x161
Mon Apr 12 2010 45x160
Ep. #11362 45x159
Jennifer makes a call to the reverend and finds out that Alice had planned her funeral after Mickey passed away. Kayla arrives at Bo's with Kimberly. Kimberly tells Bo and Kayla that Shane has disappeared and hasn't made any contact with her or their children. When Bo mentions making a call to Carly, Kayla goes off on him. Hope seeks comfort from her dad who tells her that things may be swinging back in her favor for getting Bo back. Shane informs Rafe on the plane that Alice has died. Sami swears revenge on Anna to Carrie and then apologizes but Carrie doesn't condone what her mother did by kidnapping Sydney. Lucas talks with Kate about Allie coming back to Salem for good. Kate worries that Allie could get lost in the shuffle between Johnny and Sydney. Will overhears Lucas and Kate's conversation. Lucas invites Will to come stay with him in Hong Kong but Will doesn't want to change schools. Abe drops by the Horton's to give his well wishes and remembers when he had to arrest Alice. Bill drops by Maggie's and she immediately gets defense about everyone checking up her. Bill tells Maggie that both Alice and Mickey wanted him to look out for her.
Ep. #11361 45x158
Arianna apologizes to Brady for not believing him when he said he didn't drink or do drugs. Nicole tells Brady that she is worried about her job. Brady tries to get Nicole to do a piece on the muggings by she tells him that her boss is not allowing any reporting on the subject. E.J. catches Nicole trying to do a piece on Alice Horton. Carly barges into Chloe and Daniel's wedding with an important announcement. Once Philip and Melanie leave, Carly makes her announcement but it is not about her cheating but that Chloe is pregnant. Daniel runs off to find a doctor to do an ultrasound. Chloe accuses Carly of using her hysterical pregnancy against her by creating a new one. Carly insists she is telling the truth. Carly ends up doing the ultrasound and Chloe is shocked when Daniel tells her to look at the screen because she is indeed pregnant. Lexie goes to check on a patient and is surprised to find Mike Horton who has been in a car accident trying to get to Alice's. Jennifer is frantic when Mike doesn't show up but soon gets a call from Lexie with the news. Will opens to door at the DiMera mansion to find Carrie. Sami and Carrie reunite and all is forgiven over their past. Carrie even apologizes for her mother, Anna stealing Sydney. Madeline gives Mia a letter telling her she has been accepted to the High School of the Performing Arts. Mia never applied but Madeline worked her magic to get her in. Mia ends up deciding that she can't pass up with opportunity and says goodbye to Will and Sami thanking them for their support. Carrie ends up at the hospital and visits Mike. Jennifer arrives and is glad Mike is okay. Mike tells Lexie that he has to get to Alice as soon as possible. Jennifer arrives home hollering for her parents but Maggie comes downstairs crying and tells Jennifer that Alice has just passed away.
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Ep #1.11270 45x117
Whiling wedding guests fill the church, Nathan arranges to be rostered in so he doesn't have to attend. Bridesmaid Stephanie doesn't give him the bride's note and pretends he wasn't even interested. So Melanie prepares for the altar, with Vivian's poisoned comb. Gus is overpowered by Carly, who tricks Vivian to come to them and calls the police. Vivian assures her it's too late to save her daughter.
Ep #1.11269 45x116
Nathan wrongly believes to have calmed down Carly by promising he'll pass a message to the wedding, but before she can slip out, Gus intrudes, disguised as orderly, to drug Carly and wheel her out. Stefano retracts his initial refusal to accompany Kate to the wedding, anticipating an enjoyable disaster. Victor promises Philip, who waved Lucas's fraternal warning against precipitously marrying like he did, unconditional support, having accepted his choice of bride out of paternal love. Vivian insures that her poisoned comb gift will be worn, but the bridesmaids prevent her from fixing it yet.
Ep #1.11268 45x115
Lucas firmly turns down Chloe's request trough Daniel for playing with his daughter as disruptive. Gus helps Vivian prepare the toxic gift trap after she and Philip's arrival convince the bride not to cancel the wedding on account of her feelings for Nathan. Brady proposes to Arianna. Kate's warning to Philip about Vivian only earns her a warning to shut up or be banned from the wedding.
Ep #1.11267 45x114
Ep #1.11266 45x113
Ep #1.11265 45x112
Ep #1.11264 45x111
Elvis serves an eviction notice to Stefano, who still assures Kate things will return to normal once Sydney is found, which Rafe prays and vows to do. Stefano tells Kate to make up with Philip, who demands she shares the maternal place at his wedding with Vivian, who, trough Gus, orders from Mr. Lee in Chinatown a lethal wedding gift. Daniel rebukes Carly's meddling in Nathan's private life and finds it's Melanie she's oversensitive about. Roman is not impressed by Anna's improvised excuse and calls her bluff about visiting Sami.
Episode #1.11263 45x110
Ep #1.11262 45x109
Chad thanks his father for the Olympic Vancouver trip with friends, but after jealous Mia pretends to the DA to of that party, startled Chad hears it's canceled. Indignant ex Nathan finds Melanie unable to stand his touch long enough for a medical examination of his hand. Vivian confides in amused Gus she plans to take revenge on Carly at Melanie's wedding.
Episode #1.11261 45x108
Elvis is furious when he finds Arianna, who came to the mansion to thank him for preventing Troy from strangling her, answering his secured phone. Afterard, Anna is reprimanded for having identified herself. Rafe swears he won't rest until Sydney is found and hopes he and Sami may get back together afterward. Victor, after pulling from her that Melanie is Carly's daughter, forbids Vivian to carry trough the planned execution of, after all, Philip's bride. Brady demands that Roman saves and protects Arianna, won't listen and vows to do so himself. Carly wins Melanie's sympathy by confessing that she had and lost a daughter, not who or how.
Episode #1.11260 45x107
Elvis is delighted, playing the worried-sick father, while the kidnapping causes a breakup between Sami and Rafe, who moves out after she reproaches him to help his drug-dealing sister, over whether the FBI had to be brought in. Nathan assures Stephanie ho no longer cares about Melanie or her marriage with Philip, nor objects to her meeting them. Daniel assures Melanie, to little avail, that he knows Carly as good and Vivian as dangerously evil. Chloe makes Stephanie promise not to tell Daniel she wants his baby desperately.
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E.J. still blames Nicole, yet decides not to cancel the wedding for Sydney's sake and thus even gets still rage-grieving, condolences-collecting Stefano's 'blassing' to use the mansion. Daniel has to perform Chloe's check-up for lack of a suitable colleague within 100 miles. Kate learns to forge his signature. To Nicole's horror, the new hospital staff member is Dr. Baker. Will enjoys bumping into Mia again, tells his gloom stems from Sami's latest stunt, adoption, but for the girl's sake 'promises' to care for his 'new sister' and takes her to visit, and as Sami rushes to Elvis having heard about Tony's death, babysit together.
Thurs Apr 02 2009 45x65
Elvis forbids Stefano to call Nicole a disloyal liar to their faces, but privately repeats that reproach, plus the question what secret business she had fin the convent and calls her bluff on calling off the wedding. Max is hardly surprised that Melanie just wines Tony's death squashing her last hope of making more from Nick's project then $20,000 she already spent on non-refundable sales goods. As first guest in Stephanie's new apartment, Philip sighs it feels as if she was right and he wasted all his energy on a project for Titan that now seems insignificant, even if Victor finally shows some paternal feelings. Kate is relieved when Chloe's pregnancy fear proves false alarm, Lucas already jumped on her offer Chloe can host a TV show for their firm's domestic products.
Wednesday Apr 01 2009 45x64
Stefano, who weeps and even Elvis can barely control their fury over Tony's death, nor their disdain of the ever-bumbling, Brady-prejudiced Salem PD, clearly implying alternative vindictive 'justice'. Philip bitterly marks the irony that now he seems scorned by all others, Victor supportively calls himself proud, yet is relieved when Nicole confirms his innocence, to Stefano's fury, while Elvis suspects a dark motive and swears to decipher Tony's last message, just the letter B. It's Lucas's turn to question Grace's adoption, hinting she must by EJ's baby.
Tues Mar 31 2009 45x63
Rafe can't convince Will that adopting Grace was a rational decision rather then a 'new toy' Sami will neglect in a matter months, yet somehow gets the boy to consider giving them a chance. While the speculations around Tony's accident continue, even leading to Elvis attacking innocent suspect Philip, to whom Victor admits having been too harsh, Tony's heart stops. Roman is puzzled by Sami's adoption, especially the crazy tiling, and questions her secrecy, but lets his ma shut him up in baby Grace's interest.
Mon Mar 30 2009 45x62
Will is far from amused to find that Sami 'brought a new toy' when told that after neglecting her family so long, she suddenly 'adopted' baby Grace. When he walks off, Rafe gently pulls him aside for a confidence. In hospital, Stefano questions whether Daniels should treat Tony, who wakes up just enough to hear sneaked-in Nicole warn him about risks during his recovery. Philip needs her to confirm it was an accident.
Friday March 27 2009 45x61
Stefano rages about ingrate Tony's betrayal, swearing he's no longer his son and will suffer crushing revenge. Elvis tries to calm him, worrying about Tony's daunting reference to Nicole and pointing out Stefano should have expected vindictiveness and fear the power Nick's fuel can bring. Philip has tricked Tony to a meeting at the docks, to no avail, wounding only his own hand in a minor fight. Walking off, Tony slip onto a nail, badly wounded. Nicole saw everything and calls an ambulance on Philip's instructions. Daniels diagnoses mortal danger, rekindling Stefano's.
Thursday March 26 2009 45x60
Tony shocks Stefano by announcing first that he's moving out and taking the only copy of Nick's fuel project, then says he prefers a larger audience for a secret that will hit Elvis even worse. Philip refuses help from Brady, who rebukes Victor's paternal disloyalty. Lucas enjoys his 'honeymoon' while Kate pretends making up with Daniel so she can pump him about the highly toxic cancer medicine that cured her. Rafe finally gets Sami's fl gratitude after she accidentally learns he turned down a prestigious NYPD job to keep watching her.
Wednesday March 25 2009 45x59
Philip is bitterly still surprised that Victor not only fires him as CEO but has hi supervised while clearing his office, finding some comfort with Stefanie. Tony still intends to expose Nicole', so she convinces Brady to help her to leverage by stealing the fuel blueprints, but they can't find them in Tony's room.
Tuesday March 24 2009 45x58
Philip offers Tony a 'scorned sons' Alliance, but is turned down as a spoiled 'entitled boy'. Kate joins Lucas and Chloe on the flight home, contemplating ways to get rid of the newly wed bride, but for now settles for playing appeased. Daniel seems able to tune down Maggie's hostility.
March 23 2009 45x57
Tony planned to expose Nicole during the home drinks after Sydney's christening. He puts that off as EJ overhears Sami at the Phone about picking up her baby and she claims she's adopting baby Grace, supposedly abandoned by someone she met while in witness protection. Rafe is furious about her latest ill-considered risk and bitterly wishes her a good life. Lucas and Chloe are not impressed when, picking up their wedding DVD, they find Kate in the Judge of the peace's office and demanding they get an annulment. Mac brilliantly identifies and solves Theo's irrational ...
Mar 20 2009 45x56
Elvis and Stefano are puzzled by Nicole's stressed bitching at the christening, even fainting, as Tony doesn't speak out but tells her afterward the truth will later suit his lust for jealous revenge, on favorite son Elvis. Rafe urges Sami, who attended to his horror, to reconsider her contacts with the DiMeras. Will meets Mia again, makes up and bonds over being parentally neglected children.
Mar 19 2009 45x55
Stefano and Elvis beam at Sydney's christening. Nicole is terrified as it's too late to replace Tony as godfather, yet he told her to know about Mia's baby. In the convent, Rafe and his orphanage 'mother' sister Agnes banter whether Sami is worth limiting his professional choices for and Grace's future. Will meets Mia, tells her about his homesick year in Switzerland and likes her, until she dashes off without saying goodbye.
Wed Mar 18 2009 45x54
Max is appalled to hear that Melanie stole his copy of Nick's blueprints, only to be duped again, now by Tony, who delivered neither contract nor fat payment, just a $10,000 check he refuses to share in. While questions Sami for having estranged her father straight into alcohol relapse and Chloe's arms, while flirting even in witness protection. When Mia arrives at the DiMera mansion, Tony receives her and learns that Nicole got her baby after a stillbirth. Elvis and Stefano prepare Sydney's christening. Philip furiously arrives after a verbal row with Brady, ...
Tues Mar 17 2009 45x53
Victor and Brady tear strips off Philip on account of the lost fuel project, yet he maintains this time the Dimera's won't get away with it. Max's blueprints copy is stolen by Melanie, who brings them to Tony, but doesn't actually collect 'yet' either check or contract, which remain mere promises. Daniel resigns to having lost Chloe to Lucas. Kate's flight takes forever so by the time she reaches the Vegas justice of the peace endless calls identified, the couple has left, borrowing the senior witnesses' rings, for a hot wedding night, leaving a wedding ceremony DVD.
Mar 16 2009 45x52
Elvis and Nicole, who meanly wonders how Sami could stand witness protection without her children, plan Sydney's parish church christening by father Matt, dismissing Stefano's idea to do it in the convent, where Rafe visits baby Grace and realizes Nicole knows his face. Tony meets Melanie, convincing her to sell him Nick's fuel formula, so she promises him a copy, but Max isn't inclined to let her near it, so she tries spying on the bar safe combination. Lucas agrees to be wed in Vegas, dismissing Chloe's hesitation aboard the plane about not even inviting Kate, whom ...
March 13 2009 45x51
Elvis remains blissfully ignorant when Nicole sneaks out 'shopping' to consult Brady about 'exposure' by vindictive Philip, who fears desperately to be blamed and fired by Victor now Titan has lost all data on the fuel project, including the only hard copy, but finds comfort making up with Stefanie. His suspect is Dimera, Brady's Melanie. Max gets Chelsea to explain she broke up to spare his child-wish but convinces her they could adopt, as their parents all did. Tony overhears Elvis turning away Melanie, who suggests he never intended to produce Nick's green fuel to ...
March 12 2009 45x50
Elvis and Nicole finally enjoy their sex life again in DiMera mansion luxury. Rafe makes Sami's year by announcing he joined the Salem PD, actually after turning down a more prestigious anti-terrorism job, and is amused at her semi-fury that he now believes Roman about the DiMeras after dismissing her 'paranoia'. Daniel's glowing speech about his bride being such a great catch decides Lucas to tell Chloe, who realizes Will won't be such a gullible walk-over, that he's ready to marry where and how she wants. After plotting with Victor, Kate probes Daniel tauntingly ...
March 11 2009 45x49
Rafe's regular application for a Salem PD job is warmly welcomed by grateful Roman, who digs into a long-term research budget to assign him to the DiMera malversations. Will meets future stepmother Chloe, who agrees gold-hearted Lucas shouldn't put himself down by taking the blame for their own faults. Daniel tries to comfort Lucas, who fears Choe's sudden idea to elope to Las Vegas bodes another no-show. Nicole can hardly believe her luck when Dr. Baker drops by, not to blackmail her again but announcing he's leaving the private clinic and her life for a Denver job ...
March 10 2009 45x48
Rafe is not amused when he must stop Sami, who just learned he lost his FBI job, from begging the mayor to hire him in the Salem PD, yet asks Roman for a regular application. Max is pleased finally to get a visit from Will, whom he tells not to worry about his parents. Chelsea overhears Max saying he's looking forward to fatherhood and therefore decides to break up with him instead of accepting an engagement-ring. Lucas waves Sami's distaste for Chloe, Kate proceeds two-faced, playing the grateful mother of the groom while plotting to get Daniel to come clean about ...
March 09 2009 45x47
Elvis feels on top of the world, applauded even by Stefano, now his trap has closed on desperately destitute Melanie. Philip faces a worm virus which has cleared Titan's entire database, the IT specialist doubts if at least the fuel project can be recovered. His vague threat the DiMera's went to far to get away this time is laughed away. Brady is asked again to help Nicole, who fears Sydney and Sami's instinctive bonding may give their secret away. Sister Theresa assures Sami, rather in vain, that Grace is safe regardless of the mystery visitor, who she admits ...
Mar 06 2009 45x46
Elvis feels on top of the world, having closed a Japanse stock deal at better terms then expected and closing the trap by telling Melanie her contract is void due to a non use-clause, which even requires refunding the advance she already spent. Stefano warns him about his bride and Sami meeting, likely to conspire (in fact speculating why he wants Rafe out of the way), and wonders if the Kiriakises will see the ploy. Philip is preoccupied trying to make Stefanie see Melanie never was a rival, but only gets professional loyalty, filling in for the computer whiz, and ...
Mar 05 2009 45x45
Elvis consults Roman whether Rafe will soon be reassigned elsewhere and braves new hostility from Sami in Rafe's defense. Max and Chelsea are lovers again, even ending up in her bed. Bo soon regrets his protest, but she still decides it's time to move out. Jogging, Brady bumps into hangover-afflicted Daniel and sympathizes with what he assumes must be a fellow hopeless love. Nicole helps Chloe pick a wedding dress but isn't allowed to suggest consulting Kate, let alone whether to marry Lucas so soon after her affair with Daniel.
Mar 04 2009 45x44
Rafe visits the DiMera mansion, to surprised Sami's utter delight, soon bantering with initially gracious host Elvis. Nicole ignores she's playing into suggestions she's not a fit mother by absconding again, urgently calling Chloe to a pep-talk meeting. Max is relieved that Chelsea doesn't hold him to a promise of champagne he can ill afford to celebrate Kate's remission.
Mar 03 2009 45x43
After taking full blame for his relapse in alcohol, while she assures it's her fault, Lucas gets Will to accept being his best man, but that fails to lessen his hostility to the bride, whom he openly blames for his father's pitiful state. Elvis visits Sami, allegedly to deliver Johhny's favorite cuddly penguin, but Nicole fears her own rival. Uterings in that direction delight Sami, but not as much as a surprise visit from Rafe. max warns Chelsea, in vain, against imposing her nosy self to Daniel, who rather leaves as he came to drink and forget his heart-ache.
Mar 02 2009 45x42
Lucas is delighted to see son Will visiting in hospital, and agrees to tell him the truth once Sami left, who gets to host him for the present. Elvis assures her he's going to continue putting Johhny first, not behind Syndney, so Nicole must learn to behave or lose her groom. Brady warns Nicole, who tells him to leave her alone as Elvis instructed, her perfect family fantasy can only fall trough. Philip proudly shows Elvis's shredded formula, ignoring it's a ploy, and bitterly scolds ingrate Victor for questioning his CEO job again unless he finds out stat how Melanie...
February 27 2009 45x41
EJ tears up the formula to the alternative fuel project. Bo and Hope reconcile and she prepares to move back home. Bo later gets a vision of Hope in bed with another man. Sami tells Lucas her baby died and later as the two argue over Chloe, Will enters the room.
February 26 2009 45x40
Kate catches Chloe and Daniel kissing in the park. Sami holds Sydney and Nicole is dismayed when she has an emotional reaction to Sydney.
February 25 2009 45x39
Chloe breaks things off with Daniel when Lucas is alright and doesn't remember anything that just happened prior to the explosion. Sami arrives back in Salem.
February 24 2009 45x38
Sami's secret service detail ends. Hope refuses Bo when he asks her to move back home. Lucas doesn't remember anything that happened right before the explosion and Chloe plans to make sure he doesn't find out about her and Daniel.
Monday February 23 2009 45x37
Philip misinterprets the situation when he sees Nicole and Brady talking. He accuses Nicole of having an affair with Brady and questions Sydney paternity. Chloe promises God that if Lucas is okay she will make things work with him.
Fri Feb 20 2009 45x36
Stephanie confronts Melanie about making out with Philip. Chloe is at Daniel's apartment when a drunk Lucas shows up to confront him when a gas leak causes an explosion.
Thurs Feb 19 2009 45x35
Stephanie catches Philip putting the moves on Melanie. Kate's test results come back and she is in remission. Maggie informs a drunk Lucas that Chloe cheated on him with Daniel.
Wed Feb 18 2009 45x34
Philip becomes upset when he learns Brady closed a deal with one of his clients. EJ has his team on trying to figure out the rest of the alternative fuel formula.
Tues Feb 17 2009 45x33
Max soothes Chelsea's jealous anxiety about Stephanie, getting them back on kissing terms. After Roman informs them that Saùi won't be back soon, Elvis she will for Gianni's sake, but reassuring Nicole that he's committed to her and Sydney can't prevent a nightmare of him finding out about the baby swap and unleashing the DiMera revenge. Philip stands his ground, refusing to go easy on Melanie, as Bradya nd Stephanie want, or to grant the scheming thief the elimination of her rival for a promise to remain with Titan.
Mon Feb 16 2009 45x32
Kayla makes an appearance at Hope's hearing and insists that Hope shouldn't lose her badge. Melanie gives EJ half of the formula. Chelsea tells Max that she has feels for him.
Feb 15 2010 45x31
Lucas clearly dislikes Will's crush on Mia, who is delighted by his gift, but the kids ignore him and leave, like Nathan and Stephanie, who go to a ski lodge for a new start together. Elvis is determined that Sami must be utterly unhappy, not consoled by Rafe, who arranges a precinct interview with Anna. Brady nearly proposes publicly to Arianna, but she stops him shyly. After agreeing they want to know the baby's gender, Daniel must confirm the grim echo finding: Chloe isn't pregnant after all. By the time Carly arrives with Hope's gun, Vivian has lured Melanie to the balcony to push her to her death, and in the struggle Carly shoots her daughter, apparently fatally.
February 12 2010 45x30
Philip's wedding finally goes ahead. Lucas bickers with Stephano, Nathan hesitates at the church gate. Gus wakes up, observes Vivian being held at gunpoint by Hope and Carly, pushes a heavy pile of crates over them and thus turns the tables. Hvaing heard Viuctor switched the poisoned comb, Vivian rushes back to murder the bride another way, but meanwhile Carly wrestles loose and takes unconscious Hope's gun. Elvis is furious to see that Rafe won back Sami, who refuses to acknowledge Rafe is to blame for the loss of Sydney or even that it's probably final.
February 11 2010 45x29
Whiling wedding guests fill the church, Nathan arranges to be rostered in so he doesn't have to attend. Bridesmaid Stephanie doesn't give him the bride's note and pretends he wasn't even interested. So Melanie prepares for the altar, with Vivian's poisoned comb. Gus is overpowered by Carly, who tricks Vivian to come to them and calls the police. Vivian assures her it's too late to save her daughter
February 10 2010 45x28
Nathan wrongly believes to have calmed down Carly by promising he'll pass a message to the wedding, but before she can slip out, Gus intrudes, disguised as orderly, to drug Carly and wheel her out. Stefano retracts his initial refusal to accompany Kate to the wedding, anticipating an enjoyable disaster. Victor promises Philip, who waved Lucas's fraternal warning against precipitously marrying like he did, unconditional support, having accepted his choice of bride out of paternal love. Vivian insures that her poisoned comb gift will be worn, but the bridesmaids prevent her from fixing it yet.
February 09 2010 45x27
Lucas firmly turns down Chloe's request trough Daniel for playing with his daughter as disruptive. Gus helps Vivian prepare the toxic gift trap after she and Philip's arrival convince the bride not to cancel the wedding on account of her feelings for Nathan. Brady proposes to Arianna. Kate's warning to Philip about Vivian only earns her a warning to shut up or be banned from the wedding.
February 08 2010 45x26
Melanie makes a play to bring the alternative fuel project to the DiMera's.
Feb 05 2010 45x25
Hope begins pushing Bo away after learning he had a vision of her shooting Kayla and didn't tell her. Maggie confronts Daniel about his affair with Chloe.
Feb 04 2010 45x24
The Brady's are informed that Kayla surgery will requiring stopping her heart.
Feb 03 2010 45x23
The Killer takes Kayla hostage at the hospital. Bo rushes to stop his vision of Hope shooting Kayla from happening but he is too late. Sami isn't ready to leave witness protection just yet.
Feb 02 2010 45x22
Chloe convinces Maggie not to tell Lucas about her affair with Daniel. EJ arrives home from Italy sooner the Nicole expects so she has to hurry to pull off her plan. Kayla calls Hope to the hospital after recognizing a patient as the man who shot Mayor Marino.
Feb 01 2010 45x21
Wounded Rafe is too weak to get up. The unconscious killer is found and hospitalized. Steve reports the the Salem PD he believes to have a link between the mayor's murderer and Stefano. Daniel manages to sooth Chloe, who came scold his change of heart, they even end up having hot sex again. Leaving his apartment when he's called to hospital, she's seems by Maggie. Elvis is eager for news from Nicole, but gets only voice-mail. She's busy blackmailing Dr. baker to help her switch Mia's baby with Sami's, against his better judgment.
Friday January 29 2010 45x20
Elvis is furious when he finds Arianna, who came to the mansion to thank him for preventing Troy from strangling her, answering his secured phone. Afterard, Anna is reprimanded for having identified herself. Rafe swears he won't rest until Sydney is found and hopes he and Sami may get back together afterward. Victor, after pulling from her that Melanie is Carly's daughter, forbids Vivian to carry trough the planned execution of, after all, Philip's bride. Brady demands that Roman saves and protects Arianna, won't listen and vows to do so himself. Carly wins Melanie's sympathy by confessing that she had and lost a daughter, not who or how.
Thursday January 28 2010 45x19
Elvis is delighted, playing the worried-sick father, while the kidnapping causes a breakup between Sami and Rafe, who moves out after she reproaches him to help his drug-dealing sister, over whether the FBI had to be brought in. Nathan assures Stephanie ho no longer cares about Melanie or her marriage with Philip, nor objects to her meeting them. Daniel assures Melanie, to little avail, that he knows Carly as good and Vivian as dangerously evil. Chloe makes Stephanie promise not to tell Daniel she wants his baby desperately.
Wednesday January 27 2010 45x18
Rafe bitterly complains that Elvis's and even Sami's mistrust of the FBi, including him, caused the ransom note to be cleared off fingerprints except EJ's, but he retorts his people checked it and found nothing. While Carly has nightmares of Vivian executing her to avenge Lawrence, he appears to Vivian to insist on cruel revenge, not simple elimination as Victor demands for Bo's sake.
Tuesday January 26 2010 45x17
Rafe sadly reproaches Sami to have wrecked the ransom surveillance by being unable to truly trust him. To Philip's relief, Victors nearly chokes in laughter when asked if he loves seemingly inseparable Vivian. Informed that Roman can't prevent Arianna being jailed again now her undercover mission fell trough, Rafe blackmails the FBI to undo that or face a public scandal. Finding baby medicine in Elvis's coat, Stefano suspects foul play, but Sami helps him by confirming they use it for Johhny. Victor's mood turns grimly gloomy when Vivian shows proof, found by Gus, that not Mia but Philip's bride is Carly's daughter, so they must consider another vengeance object.
Monday January 25 2010 45x16
Troy is facing jail after cocaine was found is his car, but he promises EJ to keep quiet if protected inside. His outcry that Arianna, whom he saw whispering with Roman, must be a narc, aimed at Elvis, arouses suspicion, notably from Brady, about her savior's part. Kate fails to appease Stefano's anger at his son's 'treason' and rekindles Philip's bitter attitude by suggesting he shouldn't allow his bride to consort with 'poisonous' Vivian. Voctor is not amused with the latest theory about Carly's daughter and warns Vivian he'll take over unless he gets results fast.
Fri Jan 22 2010 45x15
Troy's attempt to strangle Arianna is foiled by passing-by Elvis, who pretends not to know Troy. Carly's absurdly-vehement hostility to Vivian for approaching Melanie, whose wedding dress gets coffee-stained in the turmoil, only arouses suspicion she may by Carly's bastard daughter, so Gus is instructed to make sure. Brady is not amused when Chloe insists that jailed Nicole, who told him to stay away, needs his comfort.
Thurs Jan 21 2010 45x14
Elvis is delighted that his plan works, surprising Anna that they don't keep the ransom but Sydney. Rafe is bitter over Sami's lack of trust, she because the FBI may have messed up the ransom transfer. Nathan claims to resign to Melanie marrying Philip. Vivian starts bonding with Melanie over the bridal dress choice but still wonders who is Carly's daughter and if her enemy perhaps returned to Salem just for Bo.
Wed Jan 20 2010 45x13
After the ransom is collected, only a note delivered stating the FBI was warned, so Sydey isn't returned. Elvis's fears as a woman was arrested give way when Rafe must acknowledge her alibi, so he scolds the FBI for 'ruining the exchange'. Preparing for the winter Olympics holiday with Tad, Chad seems happy with Gabi and to leave Mia to Will, but she wines at Grace's grave, feeling wickedly guilty for still desiring both lovable boys. Overheard that Melanie now wants a grand wedding, Philip again turns down Vivian's services as wedding planner. Hope absurdly considers proof that Carly never stopped wanting Bo and returned for him as 'proof' of him faking their wedding vows and allows comforting Justin to kiss her.
Tues Jan 19 2010 45x12
Nathan is puzzled when Stephanie arranged his hospital shift to be covered for a pub meeting with her, pleased when it's to hand him a prize for saving Chloe which grandpa Mikey still got to admire just before his cardiac demise. Philip waves an effort from Vivian, whom Gus can't bring proof so fast, to have him inform 'mother' about Carly, but Brady dares not simply refuse.
Mon Jan 18 2010 45x11
Elvis realizes that Rafe guessed about the ransom and comes clean, tries secretly to warn Znna but can't reach her by phone. Roman calls Arianna from bed fun with Brady to warn that her undercover deal is about to be canceled an he can't prevent that. After two failed attempts to killer her, Troy calls off the hit-man, hoping to do it himself at a trap, so he promises her a meeting where the drug lord may attend himself. Vivian, slapped with a restraining order by Bo, urges Gus to find out if Mia is Carly's daughter and take over tailing her. Melanie openly despises meddling Carly as husband killer and gets Brady to accept giving her away to Philip.
Friday January 15 2010 45x10
Elvis spares no emphasis to talk Sami out of informing Rafe at the last moment, yet when they go deliver the cash ransom, the FBI agent appears there too. Chad can invite three friends to his parents' Vancouver holiday house, so he asks Will, Mia and surprised, hesitant Gabi. Victor isn't impressed when Vivian calls it near-certain that Mia is Carly's daughter, but considers it all the worse given her past with Nicole and orders Vivian to make sure and deal with them 'now'.
Thursday January 14 2010 45x09
Wednesday January 13 2010 45x08
Troy stalks Arianna even in the pub, but Brady assures people he's harmless. She overhears Chloe tells Daniel her theory that Brady will only be interested in her while she needs a savior, just as happened to them in Europe and he became addicted. Philip and Stephanie sense that Nathan and Melanie are hiding something, but let her appease them. Lucas's hug clams Maggie's panic over Mickey's last message being deleted, but Hope screams to the gathered kin when she sees Carly with Bo, so the adultery is outed.
Tuesday January 12 2010 45x07
Elvis assures Anna he'll soon be able to take Sydney home for good. Then he goes to Sami, and allows her, against reason, to tell Rafe about the ransom note, but that changes her mind to following his advice to keep the FBI out of the case. Nathan senses that the surprise kiss with Melanie proves they're not over, but she denies that and tell nothing to Philip, who lets her decides whether to cancel their honeymoon, against family advise. Rafe encourages Will at least to be friends again with Mia now they both mourn Maggie. Hope tells her father Doug it's probably too late for her and Bo.
Monday January 11 2010 45x06
Having failed to persuade rival Philip, Nathan tries to talk Melanie out of 'eloping' to Vegas. Vivian finds out, accepts that 'son' Philip refuses her wedding planner services or any part in his life but gets him to accept an heirloom jewel as 'something old'. Troy instructs his hit-man to find a silencer to eliminate Arianna. Victor and Brady scold each-other for consorting with bitches Nicole viz. Vivian. When Nathan an Melanie here about Mikey's demise, he offers to move back in and she to cut her honeymoon to support Maggie, but she insists not to waste precious marital quality time. Bo's affair with 'ex' Carly escalates into bed.
Fri Jan 8 2010 45x05
Jan 7 2009 45x04
Wed Jan 6 2010 45x03
Tues Jan 5 2010 45x02
Mon Jan 4 2010 45x01

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