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Ep. #14028 2021x18

season 44

Ep. #11203 44x253
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Ep. #11201 44x251
Ep. #11200 44x250
Rafe sets out to find the proof he needs that Sydney is Sami's daughter. Bo seeks Justin's help with Carly.
Ep. #11199 44x249
Rafe tells Arianna about his theory that Sydney is Sami's baby and realizes that Grace must of been Mia's. Mia tells Will and Chad that she slept around and Chad probably isn't Sydney's father. Will thinks that Mia made up the lie to get Chad to back off the paternity test but Mia tells Will that it is true and Will breaks up with her. Chad visits Sami and tells her what Mia told him and Will and the two rush off to find Mia. Stefano explains to Nicole that they need Mia's lie in order for the paternity test to come back without them getting involved in changing the results. Nicole returns home with Sydney and tells E.J. about Mia sleeping with several guys and encourages him to accept Sydney back into his life. Brady tells Victor that he got back with Arianna and Victor reveals to Brady that Ari is a drug dealer.
Ep. #11198 44x248
Ep. #11197 44x247
Ep. #11196 44x246
Carly tells Bo all the details about Lawrence. Bo insists that Carly stay with him but Carly doesn't think it would be a good idea since someone is bound to drop by and recognize her. Maggie shows up and Carly hides but Maggie thinks that she saw Hope and Bo tells her that he has a house guest. Maggie heads to the Kiriakis mansion to discuss the scholarship committee with Hope and leaks that she saw a woman at Bo's. Hope heads back home and wants to know what friend is staying with Bo. Chad barges into the DiMera mansion demanding to see Sydney. Mia and Will show up to plead with E.J. to help Nicole keep Sydney. Stephanie accidentally slips that Melanie and Nathan are seeing each other to Nurse Maxine but the two over and deny they are an item. Nicole decides to beat Stefano to the punch and tell Sami the truth about Sydney. Sydney starts to cry and Nicole goes to check on her asking Sami to not go anywhere. Sami doesn't listen and takes off to confront Stefano.
Ep. #11195 44x245
Bo is shocked to discover Carly breaking into his house. Carly tells him that she is endanger because she killed Lawrence. E.J. finds Nicole in Stefano's room and demands to know what the two are discussing. Lexie kicks both of them out and Nicole tells E.J. that Stefano is delusional. Lucas offers to let Nathan stay at his place. Maggie tells Nathan and Melanie that she over reacted and Nathan can stay but Nathan tells her that it is her place and he needs to be independent. Victor calls Bo and demands he come to the mansion and work things out with Hope.
Ep. #11194 44x244
Arianna flashes back on being busted for drugs but can't bring herself to tell Brady the truth about her past. Bo pleads with Hope to not take Ciara away and is angry when Hope announces that she is moving in with Victor. Carly attempts to seeking Justin's help but scratches that plan when Justin isn't home. Carly breaks into Bo and Hope's house and Bo tackles her to the ground and is shocked when Carly reveals herself. Stefano wants to see his grandchildren when he wakes up at the hospital. E.J. and Lexie inform him that they found out Nicole had a miscarriage. Stefano calls Nicole and demands she see him right away but Nicole is already on the plane heading to Rio. Stefano pulls some strings and has the plane stopped and Nicole has to get off and visit Stefano. Sami can't find any money in her purse and realizes she should of kept some of the money she gave to Nicole for herself. E.J. comes in and overhears Sami talking to herself. Sami thinks Nicole's plane is already taken off and tells E.J. that she helped Nicole leave the country.
Ep. #11193 44x243
Ep. #11192 44x242
Ep. #11191 44x241
Sami nearly has success persuading Chad to let Nicole raise Sydney by discussing having a child when she was young. Maggie drops by Java and accidental reveals that Will is the son Sami is talking about and Chad reaffirms that he will doing anything to get his daughter. Later, Chad's dad just happens to be D.A. Charles Woods and though he thinks that Chad shouldn't pursue custody he gives him the name of a lawyer. Rafe continues mumbling about a baby while on the boat. Nicole attempts to get Brady to run away with her by telling him that she still has feelings for him. Brady realizes that she is trying to lose him and offers to help in any other way then leaving the country with her. Carly steals some antibiotics from the hospital and stops when she sees Bo talking to Nurse Maxine in the hallway. Maggie drops by the hospital and spots Carly but doesn't recognize her completely and asks Lexie if there is another female doctor on the floor. Nurse Maxine returns and tells Bo that someone broke the lock on a medical supply cabinet and all they took was antibiotics. Victor warns Arianna to stay away from Brady. Mary drops off Sydney to Nicole outside the Brady Pub. Nicole calls Chloe and leaves a message asking for help. Sami tells Nicole that she will do whatever she can to help her.
Ep. #11190 44x240
Nicole attempts to seduce Chad in order to press charges against him for attacking her but her plans falls through when Chad realizes that she was in porn. Carly insits that Omar drop her off on the docks so she can get medical supplies to help Rafe. At the hospital, Carly nearly runs into Bo who is discussing his situation with Hope with Lexie. Roman tells Arianna not to worry about Victor threats and tells her that she cannot quit the undercover assignment or she will be sent back to prison. Sami attempts to persude Chad to let Nicole raise Sydney.
Ep. #11189 44x239
Ep. #11188 44x238
Ep. #11187 44x237
Ep. #11186 44x236
Carly works to save Rafe's life as she fights the Lawrence her imagination has created. One of the crew members on the boat pulls on a gun on Carly. E.J. confronts Brady about helping Nicole lie about the baby. Chad overhears Mia say Nicole adopted a baby and figures out that Nicole's baby is his daughter. Chad leaves and heads to the DiMera mansion announcing to E.J. that he is Sydney's father. Chloe and Daniel are taking care of Sydney and whenever Chloe mentions having kids Daniel avoids the subject or acts all weird. Sami visits Grace's grave and later runs into Brady telling him that she was surprised to learn of his involvement with Nicole lies but she understands why Nicole did what she did because of her experience with E.J.
Ep. #11185 44x235
Ep. #11184 44x234
Hope asks for Justin's help in getting Bo to sign admission forms for Ciara to go to a private school. Lucas calls Chloe to make sure she got the annulment papers and asks her not to see Allie anymore. Kate accuses Chloe of harassing Lucas when she overhears them on the phone but Chloe informs her that Lucas called her. Nicole returns to the DiMera mansion with Sydney and briefly tells Sydney that he loves her but forces Nicole out of the mansion. Victor shows Bo the paper with the headline that Lawrence is dead. Bo wonders about Carly and Victor wonders what Hope will think if Carly or Bo get in contact with each other. Carly talks with her friend Omar who is letting her stay on his boat about killing Lawrence.
Ep. #11183 44x233
Ep. #11182 44x232
E.J. informs Lexie of Nicole's lies and that he is cutting off ties with Nicole and Sydney. Lexie tells E.J. that he can't take his anger out on an innocent child. Nicole visits Stefano who is still unconcious and worries about if she should tell E.J. that Sydney is his daughter with Stefano. Sami still can't get ahold of E.J. or Nicole to come home for Sydney so she packs Sydney up and heads to the hospital. Philip stands up to Kate when she goes after Melanie for the sex tape. Stephanie tells Maggie that she had some interest in Nathan but he is interested in Melanie. Philip wants to take Melanie up in a hot air balloon and tracks her down to the Cheatin' Heart where he realizes that she is on a date with Nathan. Brady worries when he can't get in touch with Nicole.
Ep. #11181 44x231
Nicole tries to get E.J. to stay but he says he can't because he is not her biological father. Stefano has a heart attack and passes out while out to dinner with Kate. Everyone figure Kate has poisioned Stefano like she did Chloe. Carly calls Bo from the airplance but gets disconnected when the plane hits trublance. Carly flashes back to her arguement with Lawrence and thinks back on happier times with Bo and Lawrence. Bo can't figure out why he recognizes the woman's voice and Justin thinks it must be Hope. Sami visits Grace's grave and later Will shows up.
Ep. #11180 44x230
Ep. #11179 44x229
Bo seeks advice from Justin about making sure he is able to see Ciara. Justin discourages Bo from getting the courts involved because it tends to make things messy. Bo agrees but asks Justin to talk to Hope since he has Hope's ear. Philip gives Chloe the annulment papers from Lucas. Will sees Chad and Mia together and realizes that Chad wasn't lying. Brady runs into Mia and learns that she told Will about the baby and that Sami knows as well. Carly watches as Lawrence falls to the ground after she stabs him. Carly grabs her passport and luggage and boards a plane back to Salem. Nicole admits to E.J. that she had a miscarriage. E.J. demands to know where she got Sydney. Sami asks Maggie for a job at Tuscany but Maggie has nothing available. Maggie says she could get her a job in the office but Sami doesn't want a hand out.
Ep. #11178 44x228
Nicole brings Brady to the DiMera mansion so Brady can tell E.J. he had a relapse and what he said was just a result of him being high. E.J. doesn't buy it and Brady leaves. E.J. confronts Nicole with the pregnancy pad but Nicole tries to tell him that she bought it to buy maternity clothes. E.J. continues to tell Nicole that he knows all the details of Dr. Baker's clinic and the night she came home crying was because she lost the baby. E.J. plays the tape of her and Brady talking about her miscarriage. Nicole tells E.J. the miscarriage was a few years ago. E.J. doesn't buy anything Nicole is selling. Arianna calls Meredith to meet up but Meredith tries to talk her out of it. Ari refuses to take no for an answer before Ari can leave the pub she runs into Brady who wants to talk. By the time Ari gets to the house Meredith is missing but she sees the brick wall Meredith was building. Mia tells Sami that she got back together with Chad. Sami knows something else is going on with Mia. Will doesn't believe Chad when he tells him that he and Mia are back together. Sami runs into Roman on her way to a job interview and he tells her that Ari asked him to find information on Meredith as well. Sami goes on her job interview but it doesn't go so well. Brady tells her that he can help her out if she like and suggests opening a day care. We hear Carly telling Lawrence that she can't believe she married such a monster and he tells her that he can't believe he married such a bitch then slaps her. We then see Carly stab Lawrence in the stomach.
Ep. #11177 44x227
Nicole demands answers from Brady as to why he blurted out that the secret is out without knowing for sure if she was the one answering her phone. Brady tells Nicole that Ari knows she had a miscarriage at one point. Brady agrees to take the fall about pretending he had a relapse. E.J. listens in on part of their conversation, over hearing that Nicole had a miscarriage. E.J. doesn't let on to Nicole telling her that she will find out when the time is right. Maggie warns Nathan to not date Melanie because of her feelings for Philip. Later, Maggie lays into Philip about using Melanie.
Ep. #11176 44x226
Arianna runs into Meredith and notices that she has mortar and wonders why she needs that. Meredith tells Arianna that she is fixing up her parents house to rent. Ari and Meredith talk and Meredith shows signs of being unhinged. Ari asks Roman to run a check on Meredith. Chad agrees to drop getting his daughter back if Mia gets back together with him and dumps Will. Sami tells Mia that she thinks she is very brave for giving up her child. Mia tells Will it is over because he broke her trust by telling Sami about her baby. E.J. and Nicole arrive home after Sydney receives a clean bill of health. Nicole is shocked to discover that Stefano married Kate.
Ep. #11175 44x225
Meredith sends Arianna and Sami messages from Rafe phone. Nicole and E.J. are on their way back to Salem when Sydney falls ill. Victor reluctantly accepts that Daniel is making his own choices. Chad demands that Mia tell him where his daughter is but she refuses.
Ep. #11174 44x224
Rafe tries to talk Meredith out of doing anything crazy. E.J. demands answers from Nicole after hearing Brady say the secret is out. Nicole tries to cover and say that she thinks Brady is using again. Brady tells Mia that people know about Nicole's miscarriage and she calls Will who has just told Sami. Chad overhears Mia talking and realizes the baby was his. Daniel tells Victor the good news but Victor isn't supportive of Daniel marrying Chloe.
Ep. #11173 44x223
Arianna tells Brady that she knows about Nicole's miscarriage. When Brady tries to call Nicole to warn her E.J. picks up and with all the static he tells E.J. that the secret is out. Lucas agrees to enter rehab and his first step is to apologize to Chloe and to her that he understands that she fell in love with Daniel. Daniel proposes to Chloe. Philip tells Kate that thanks to her Lucas went on a drinking binge. Kate makes her way to the hospital where she overhears Lucas tell Philip that he never wants to see Kate again.
Ep. #11172 44x222
Lucas is rushed to the hospital after passing out in front of Will and his friends because of drinking to much. Arianna tells someone on the phone that if she doesn't meet the leader of the drug ring soon she is taking her business elsewhere but runs into Brady as he is entering the Pub. Victor offers to give Kate away at the wedding. Stefano and Kate are married as Philip angrily looks on. Meredith takes an unconscious Rafe out of Sami's apartment.
Ep. #11171 44x221
Philip warns Kate that if she marries Stefano he will never speak to her again. Lucas falls off the wagon again and hallucinates that Chloe and Daniel are taunting him. Chloe tells Daniel that she can't sleep with him until she divorces Daniel.
Ep. #11170 44x220
The charges against Daniel are dropped. Roman tells Kate that the hotel room is incredibly clean, so clean that it shows no traces of ANY human being. Lucas and Lexie both think each of their respective parents are crazy for marrying each other. Brady tells Victor that Kate tried to kill Daniel which sets him off.
Ep. #11169 44x219
Stefano's help come with a hefty price tag for Kate when he tells her that in order for him to keep his mouth closed about her poisioning Chloe, she will have to marry him. Hope moves out with Ciara. Philip bails Melanie out much to Nathan's annoyance.
Ep. #11168 44x218
Ep. #11167 44x217
Chloe wakes up and insists that Daniel couldn't of been the one that tried to kill her. Nicole tries to convince E.J. to move to Paris. Kate considers injecting Daniel with the drug as he is tied up. After getting the call from Lucas that Chloe is alive, Kate rushes off to seek help. Will forgives Mia for lying. Sami calls Rafe and tells him that Grace was brought out of the room after she was born because she was having trouble breathing. Rafe calls the nurse and demands answers about Dr. Baker and she finally admits that Dr. Baker was buying and selling babies. Rafe starts to put all the pieces together and realizes that Nicole had her miscarriage a few months before Grace's birth and that she must of known that Sami was pregnant with E.J.'s baby. Rafe realizes that Sydney is Sami's baby and not Grace.
Ep. #11166 44x216
Nicole freaks out upon learning that Mia told Will about having a baby. Will talks to E.J. about Mia lying to him. Lucas tells Lexie that Melanie and Nathan were just in Chloe's room and they admit to injecting Chloe with the drug at Daniel's request. Kate turns the tables on Daniel and knocks him out. Chloe begins to wake-up.
Ep. #11165 44x215
Arianna informs Rafe that she over heard Brady on the phone with Nicole months prior and he acted all defensive accusing her of eavesdropping. Nathan and Melanie are caught in Chloe's room by Lucas. Chloe flatlines and is brought back by Lexie. E.J. finds out about Nicole's restraining order against Rafe and demands answers as to why she didn't inform him that Rafe was bothering her. Daniel gets Kate on tape confessing to trying to kill Chloe and setting him up. Mia decides to confess to Will that she isn't a drug addict and had a baby. Sami agrees with Sister Claire about Rafe.
Ep. #11164 44x214
Arianna begs Roman to let her out of the program to bring down the leader of the drug ring. Roman tells her that if she drops out he will make sure Brady finds out about her past. Daniel convinces Nathan and Melanie to inject more of the drug into Chloe's IV. Daniel is offered a deal by the D.A. of no contest. Sister Claire tells Sami that she is worried by Rafe's actions. Nicole slaps Rafe with a restraining order.
Ep. #11163 44x213
Ep. #11162 44x212
Hope figures out that Dean was the other person involved in Ciara's kidnapping when Ciara acts extremely frigtened of him. Hope tries to play it cool but Dean realizes that she knows. Bo looks into leads about the person seen with Brenda but comes up empty. Bo and Justin get into an arguement over Hope giving the reward money to Dean. Justin goes to tell Hope that the money has been transferred and Dean demands that she get Justin out of there or he will kill Ciara. Justin realizes that Hope is acting odd and after she gets rid of him, Justin runs into the house and Dean and Justin struggle over the gun before it goes off. Rafe drags Nicole to the convent but Sister Theresa has just left. Later, Nicole finds out the Stefano arranged for Sister Theresa to be called away.
Ep. #11161 44x211
Hope insists upon giving Dean the reward money even though it goes against Salem PD policy. Dean realizes that he accomplished something when he witnesses the tension between Bo and Hope. Ciara again hears Dean clicking his lighter and runs to Hope saying "it's him." Philip tries to blame Melanie for the videotape but Bo tells him that Melanie had nothing to do with it and she was the reason Ari and Brady went to the motel to get the tape off the internet. Victor summons Ari to the mansion where he tells her that he knows she is involved in dealing drugs and demands that she never see Brady again. When Brady arrives home, Arianna feeds him a line about always rushing to a woman's aid but Brady is confused what brought all this on. Nicole shredds the letter sent to Mia and thinks she is free. Sami arrives and Nicole tells her that she thinks Rafe is going to far by constantly harassing her. Rafe visits Sister Theresa and finds out that Nicole visited the convent under the name Mary and was the one that recommend Dr. Baker. Rafe then questions Nicole about her alias. Sami asks Roman for advice on Rafe.
Ep. #11160 44x210
Rafe suspicous of Nicole continue to grow when he finds her at Sam's place. Chad nearly gets his hands on the letter addressed to Mia but Maggie interrupts him. Victor tells Arianna he needs to speak to her and orders a full background check on Ari. Brady and Arianna get the sex tape of Philip and Melanie off the internet but Stephanie already has seen it.
Ep. #11159 44x209
Ep. #11158 44x208
Ep. #11157 44x207
Ep. #11156 44x206
Ep. #11155 44x205
Rafe arrives in the Dominican Republic at Dr. Baker's hotel room and sees Dr. Baker with a rope around his neck suddenly two masked men run in and leave Rafe unconcious with the rope in his hands. Sami arrives and wakes Rafe up and the two realize Dr. Baker has been killed. Sami sees a card in Dr. Baker's wallet for a lawyer and two jump out the window when the police arrive. Brady demands to know why Arianna was talking with Troy but Ari tells him that Troy was apologizing for attacking her and is getting help for his addiction. Brady tells Ari that the mansion is empty tonight and the two head off to have some alone time. Melanie finds Daniel on the pier and tells him that she found someone that can help them, Nathan. Melanie then tells Daniel that Lucas might be taking Chloe off life support. Nicole frantically calls Stefano and when E.J. overhears he demands answers. Stefano enters and tells E.J. they were just planning a surprise party for him. E.J. leaves and Nicole wants to know what is going on. Stefano tells her that Dr. Baker has been taken care of and Nicole tells him that Dr. Baker left a letter revealing everything if he died. Kate tries to convince Lucas to honor Chloe's living will. The two head to the hospital so Lucas can start the process for taking Chloe off life support. Melanie distracts a security guard so Nathan can slip into Chloe's room and unlock the adjoining door. Daniel slip in and talks to Chloe outside Kate nearly enters the room but Daniel is able to inject some of the poison to reverse the effects and slip back out.
Ep. #11154 44x204
Craig returns to Salem to visit Chloe. Lucas gives him Chloe's living will and asks for his advice. Craig tells him the chances of recovery are slim but asks for time alone with Chloe. Later, Craig tells Lucas that he and Nancy will stand up whatever Lucas decides. Daniel attempts to break Kate but it doesn't work. Sami shows up at the DiMera mansion and tells Nicole that Dr. Baker called her and she had to tell him that Grace died. Arianna tries to talk Rafe out of going to the Dominican to track down Dr. Baker but she realizes he won't quit until he finds out what is going on and she hands over her credit card. Later, Arianna meets up with Troy in the park and Brady interrupts them demanding to know what is going on. Sami drops by the Pub looking for Arianna but he tells her that Ari left after Rafe and he was heading to the Domincan Republic. Sami runs home and quickly packs telling herself that she is going to find out what Rafe is up too.
Ep. #11153 44x203
Nathan walks in on Kate visiting Chloe and notes that something seems weird with Kate. Brady asks Melanie to help Daniel with Chloe and she agrees. Ciara is brought to the hospital and gets a clean bill of health. Hope insists that Lexie look at Bo too since he hit his head. Later, Bo and Hope are getting ready to leave with a sleeping Ciara and when Dean starts flicking his lighter like he was doing at the shed, Ciara flitches in her sleep.
Ep. #11152 44x202
Dean shoots Kyle and Brenda tries to reason with him to not shoot her and they can run away to Canada together. Brenda thinks she has gotten through to Dean but he ends up shooting and killing her. Bo and Hope figure out that Ciara must be being held at the shed and make their way their as they arrive they hear gunshots. Dean ends up making it look like he was the hero and was shot by Brenda while trying to save Ciara. Dr. Baker ends up calling Sami but after Sami tells him that Grace died Dr. Baker doesn't fill her in and ends up calling Nicole wondering why she didn't tell him about Grace's death. Chad tries to stop Mia from getting in a car with Kinsey because she is drunk and luckily Mia follows his advice and doesn't get in the car because Kinsey runs into a wall ruining the passanger side. Rafe visits Nicole and swips her cell phone while she is distracted.
Ep. #11151 44x201
Roman is able to figure out that the man who took Ciara must of had an angel tattoo since Theo keeps saying "Ciara and Angel" and starts tugging on Abe's arm. Dean starts to get desperate and removes his pictures from the hotel room. Hope finds out that a man staying at a nerby hotel is a registered sex offender.
Ep. #11150 44x200
Stefano has to pull some strings when E.J. wants to have DNA testing done on Sydney. Bo turns the tables on the kidnappers by putting the $5 million as a bounty and annoucing it on television. Later, Hope is furious with Bo for putting her on the spot on TV. Dr. Baker warrans Nicole to send more money or he calls Sami.
Ep. #11149 44x199
Rafe meets a former nurse for Dr. Baker and gets more information on the patients that Dr. Baker saw. Melanie decides not to tell Stephanie about sleeping with Philip. Roman realizes that Theo must of saw who talk Ciara when he keeps repeating "Ciara and Angel," which Kyle has a tattoo of on his arm. The motel manager watches a tape of Philip and Melanie having sex.
Ep. #11148 44x198
Rafe begins digging into Dr. Baker by visiting his old clinic. Philip breaks Melanie's heart after Stephanie wants to possibly see where things go.
Ep. #11147 44x197
Melanie is left devasted when Philip opts to work this out with Stephanie. Bo has a vision of Ciara being shot when Hope drops off the ransom money and stops Hope from completing the transaction.
Ep. #11146 44x196
Philip and Melanie sleep together. Bo and Hope continue to search for Ciara.
Ep. #11145 44x195
Bo and Hope receive a ransom note. Philip denies the Kiriakis way.
Ep. #11144 44x194
Bo and Hope search for Ciara. Rafe continues digging into Dr. Baker's past and connection to Nicole and Sami.
Ep. #11143 44x193
Rafe starts to put the pieces together surrounding Dr. Baker, Nicole and Sami. A stranger lures Ciara away from the park.
Ep. #11142 44x192
Daniel asks Lexie to adminster the same drug that put Chloe in the coma to her again. Abe makes a citzens arrest.
Ep. #11141 44x191
Daniel is released from jail. A familiar face returns to town.
Ep. #11140 44x190
Nicole becomes Sami's shoulder to cry on when she shows up not long after Rafe stormed out. Chad interrupts Will and Mia's kiss and then informs Will that he will be going to Salem High when the new school year starts. Stefano shows some of his human side when Lexie and Abe visit with Theo and Theo becomes upset over losing his toy and can't verbalize his thoughts. Rafe informs Arianna that he is leaving town and she figures out that he and Sami have broken up. Arianna ends up sneaking out of the Pub and visiting Sami where Sami shows her the letter Meredith sent after Arianna reads the letter she doesn't deny the accusations and leaves quickly. Sami decides that she needs to give Rafe a chance to explain his side of the story.
Ep. #11139 44x189
Nicole and E.J. argue over Sami and E.J. insisting Sami pay for keeping Grace a secret. Will is upset for Mia's new of not being a virgin and realizes it was with Chad. Rafe talks to Will about forgetting Sami's past and Will decides to do the same with Mia. Chad finds Mia in the park and he worries he did something to upset her. Will ends up interrupting the conversation and Chad leaves. Sami receives the letter from Meredith and confronts E.J. over the contents. Rafe is upset that Sami would believe something from someone she barely knows over him and he leaves. Lucas visits a comatose Chloe at the hospital and tells her that he can't forgive her for sleeping with Daniel. Before Daniel's bail hearing, Bo informs him that he might not make bail because he is a flight risk. Later, Daniel is returned to his cell and Bo was right about him not making bail. Bo apologizes that the D.A. has it out for him and didn't believe his testimony to help Daniel. Bo leaves and Victor arrives telling Daniel that he talked to the judge and was able to arrange his release. Daniel realizes that Victor paid him off and doesn't think Victor truly believes he is innocent. Victor tells Daniel that he of course knows he is innocent and Daniel wants to know what Victor knows.
Ep. #11138 44x188
Maggie tells Melanie that she needs to let people in instead of shutting them out after she witness Melanie brush off Nathan. Kinsey and Chad team up to break up Will and Mia. Meredith informs Stefano that she sent a letter to Sami with all the details of Emily's death. Nicole informs Sami of the gravestone and Sami and Rafe visit the grave before heading to the DiMera mansion where Sami confronts E.J. Mia informs Will that she isn't a virgin.
Ep. #11137 44x187
Kate taunts Daniel at his jail cell. E.J. has Grace's headstone changed. Arianna gets a shipment from her dealer at the Pub and has to cover when Brady shows up.
Ep. #11136 44x186
Hope walks in on Kate talking to Chloe and questions Kate. Lucas demands answers from Kate and starts to believe that she may be behind Chloe's poisioning after remembering her knocking the deviled egg out of his hand. Arianna talks with a drug dealer in the park before meeting Brady who nearly finds her stash. Melanie has to cancel her plans with Nathan because she has to work and Nathan asks Stephanie to go instead. Philip's bodyguard is shot and bleeds to death as a result of Philip trying to call a private doctor first. Bo lays into Philip about the 'family business.'
Ep. #11135 44x185
Victor is on to Kate and Brady and Nicole begin to put pieces together because neither think Daniel could harm Chloe. Daniel and Lucas argue in Daniel's prison cell about Kate being the one that poisoned Chloe. Meredith writes a letter to Sami informing her about Emily's accident and Rafe's involvement.
Ep. #11134 44x184
Ep. #11133 44x183
Ep. #11132 44x182
Ep. #11131 44x181
Ep. #11130 44x180
Ep. #11129 44x179
Ep. #11128 44x178
Ep. #11127 44x177
Nicole takes action against Chad. Daniel becomes a suspect in Chloe's illness.
Ep. #11126 44x176
Sami meets Meredith, Emily's sister. The two discuss loss and Sami digs for more information on Emily. Sami finds out that the park she choose to meet Rafe in is also Emily's favorite spot. Kate informs Chloe that Daniel is leaving town that night and they need to film the show before he leaves. They all arrive as Maggie's house for the shoot and Kate gives them alone time to talk. Chloe tells Daniel that she is leaving Lucas and the two kiss. Chloe then informs him that she fell ill again and had hallucinations of him. Melanie meets up with Nathan at the Pub for their date but Nathan is called away to the hospital on an emergency. Phillip exits a board meeting at the hospital and flirts with a pretty woman as Stephanie looks on. Nathan figures that he must be the ex that Steph was upset about. Phillip arrives at the Pub and sees Melanie sitting alone and asks if she would like a ride in his new car. Sami asks Roman to look into Meredith Hudson and her family. Kate uses Chloe's phone to make a call to Maggie, when Maggie answers all she hears is the conversation between Chloe and Daniel that Kate edited together to make Daniel look suspicious.
Ep. #11125 44x175
Arianna apologizes to Brady for how she reacted to his news about being a recovering addict. Brady says that if she felt something it might be different and Arianna stumbles on the idea when Brady wraps her into a kiss. Chad asks Will about Mia story of being an addict and tells Will he doesn't buy it. Later, Chad talks to Mia about it and wants to know what changed because she was always upset if he got high. E.J. knows that Stefano and Nicole are hiding something from him. Maggie tells Mia that she should write a journal after Maggie finds Mia's notebook of short stories. Sami tells Rafe to meet her at her special spot and when Sami arrives she sees a woman crying and calling out Emily's name.
Ep. #11124 44x174
Nathan talks Melanie out of cheating on her nursing exam and she ends up passing by studying. Brady tells Victor about his trouble with Arianna and Victor tells Brady that Arianna doesn't know what she is missing. Sami asks Nicole for a truce and Nicole agrees. Stefano gets information on Rafe.
Ep. #11123 44x173
Bo and Hope throw Ciara a birthday party in the park. A stranger watches them from a far and when Ciara is left alone, he approaches and gives her a lollipop. Daniel gives Lexie his resignation. Lexie can't figure out why Chloe keeps muttering for Daniel to stay away from her. Philip and Stephanie are both annoyed at Melanie for trying to set them up but they both understand she was just trying to help. Maggie questions Chris about Daniel quitting the show over Chloe.
Ep. #11122 44x172
Chloe passes out on the pier and dreams of Daniel. Chloe is rushed to the hospital where she mumbles to Lexie to keep Daniel away from her. Stephanie gets the job at the hospital. Melanie arranges for both Phillip and Stephanie to be at the Horton cabin. Daniel quits the show and decides to resign from the hospital. Kate realizes this will help her plan because it looks like Daniel is running away.
Ep. #11121 44x171
E.J. drops the custody suit but promises Sami he will find out all he can about Rafe. Kate plants evidence in Daniel's apartment.
Ep. #11120 44x170
Kate is nearly caught trying to plant evidence in Daniel's apartment.
Ep. #11119 44x169
The gang plays strip poker at the Horton Cabin. Ciara finds a stuffed animal that looks just like Tommy Bear.
Ep. #11118 44x168
The gang plays strip poker at the Horton Cabin. Stephanie decides to tell the truth about E.J.
Ep. #11117 44x167
Brady and Arianna are annoyed to learn that Melanie has set them up. Rafe tells Sami some information about Emily.
Ep. #11116 44x166
Chloe is rushed to the hospital. Max says his good-bye to Salem. Sami continues digging into Rafe's past.
Ep. #11115 44x165
Kate's plan is finally a success. Melanie plays matchmaker with Brady and Arianna.
Ep. #11114 44x164
Kate sets her plan into motion. Rafe gets angry with Sami for asking about Emily.
Ep. #11113 44x163
Nicole uses Johnny to stop Rafe from questioning her. The DiMera's try to work the Judge.
Ep. #11112 44x162
Daniel unknowingly helps Kate further her plan. Melanie thinks she is helping Stephanie by returning her pills. Nicole worries when Rafe starts asking questions.
Ep. #11111 44x161
Bo has a vision of Zack warning him about Ciara. Daniel found Stephanie passed out. Nathan realizes that Melanie was involved in why Nick went to jail.
Ep. #11110 44x160
Stephanie tells Sami that she cannot help her.
Ep. #11109 44x159
Sami seeks Philip and Stephanie's help. Kate's plan is nearly foiled.
Ep. #11108 44x158
Kate begins her devious plan against Chloe and Daniel. Sami is devastated when Will sides with E.J. about Johnny.
Ep. #11107 44x157
Grace's funeral is held. E.J. takes the first step in payback against Sami.
Ep. #11106 44x156
Sami prepares for Grace's funeral.
Ep. #11105 44x155
Kate refuses to accept no for an answer. Melanie meets Maggie's new house guest, Nathan.
Ep. #11104 44x154
Mia moves into Maggie's house. Philip and E.J. meet to discuss the truce. Stephanie hallucinates that Owen is at the mansion. Max tells Melanie that he is moving to London.
Ep. #11103 44x153
Bo and Hope receive word that Owen has escaped from prison. Victor tells Philip that Stephanie cannot implicate E.J. having anything to do with Owen. Stephanie doesn't like the idea of lying to Bo and Hope but agrees when she realizes it will keep the peace between he Kiriakis and the DiMera's. Rafe tells Arianna that Grace was Sami's biological daughter. Arianna warns Rafe to not let the same thing happen with Sami that happened with Emily. Later, Arianna runs into Brady at the cemetery and she visits a grave marked Emily. Nicole is shocked when E.J. returns home and tells her Sami told him the truth about Grace. Stefano reassures Nicole that everything will be okay. Will is upset to learn about Grace and even more upset upon learning and Lucas knew the whole time. Stephanie visits a doctor and is prescribed pills to help with her anxiety.
Ep. #11102 44x152
Rafe refuses to allow E.J. to scream at Sami. E.J. asks the funeral director to see Grace where he has a heartfelt good-bye. Sami writes an emotional obituary for Grace. Sami has to tell Will the truth that she was the biological mother of Grace. Daniel tells Chloe he can't keep going back and forth with her. Lucas questions why Kate needs liquid vitamins. Lucas informs Kate that him and Chloe got into a fight about Sami and Kate figures out that Sami must be the biological mother of Grace. Kate then thinks that Lucas is the father and he tells her he isn't and Kate deduces that it must be E.J.'s. Victor proposes a truce with the DiMera's.
Ep. #11101 44x151
Kate lies to Daniel about being in the on call room, she tells him that she just wanted to check in on him after hearing about Grace. E.J. loses it on Sami after realizing that Sami never would of told him if Grace had not of died. Chloe is still upset with Lucas for keeping Grace a secret and tells him that there is always a third person in their marriage and that is Sami. Max shows Chelsea the acceptance letter he got from a medical school and she excitedly reads that he got a full ride. Chelsea is half disappointed because she doesn't expect him to turn down this offer to go to London with her. Max surprises her by saying that he plans to go with her back to London. Kate meets with a man resembling Daniel and hands him the prescription note and he goes to the pharmacy to fill it. He returns and tells Kate that the pharmacist informed him that this vial is pretty toxic. Kate thanks him then hands him an envelope filled with cash and tells him to go on a very long trip. Chloe runs into Daniel taking a swim and tells him about Lucas keeping secrets from her and wonders if they can work this out. Daniel wants to know why she is so ready to call it quits after just one lie. Rafe begins making the funeral arrangements when E.J. shows up. E.J. punches Rafe in the face as Sami walks in. E.J. questions the two about what happened while Sami was in the safe house and becomes increasingly angry upon learning that Sami just left Grace with the nuns. E.J. grabs Sami and screams at her, "you killed my baby! You killed her!" Lucas arrives at the mansion and questions Kate about the vile but she tells him that it is liquid vitamins.
Ep. #11100 44x150
Sami reads a story to Allie and Johnny trying to explain that Grace has passed away but she can't get through the whole story and Will takes over. Later, Will takes Allie and Johnny out to breakfast so Sami can be alone. Arianna tries to comfort Rafe on the docks. Stefano tells Nicole she made the right decision switching Sami and Mia's Babies. Chelsea surprises Max by returning to Salem and surprising him in bed. Chelsea tells him that she is going to make London her permanent home and wants Max to join her. Arianna runs into Brady outside the Pub and she breaks the news that Grace died to him. Arianna also tells Brady that she thinks Rafe and Sami are hiding something. Sami has a nightmare about Grace and she wakes up. E.J. arrives to check on her and Johnny. Sami ends up telling E.J. that Grace was their child. E.J. is confused and Sami tells him to do the math from the time Grace was born and he realizes that two slept together nine months prior and that Grace is his daughter. E.J. is extremely upset with Sami and she tries to tell him her reasons for not telling him sooner. Rafe arrives at the hospital to make the arrangements for Grace but the nurse won't release anything to him because he isn't listed anywhere in the paperwork. Nicole arrives and vouches for him but the nurse still refuses until Nicole tells her that she is a DiMera and the nurse immediately rushes off to finalize everything. Rafe wonders why Nicole is so upset over a child she barely knew. Chloe fantasies about Daniel and Lucas returns to bed. Lucas tells her that he doesn't want anymore secrets between them and reveals that Grace is Sami and E.J. biological child. Daniel is asleep on a cot at the hospital when Kate comes in and steals a prescription note from his pad. Daniel wakes up and wants to know what Kate is doing there.
Ep. #11099 44x149
Will takes Mia's advice and holds Grace. Caroline has Father Matt come to give Grace her last rites, which initially upsets Sami but she eventually has Father Matt come into the room. Sami and Rafe talk to Grace about how happy she made them and Grace's monitor flat lines. Daniel comes in and turns the monitors off and tells the family in the waiting room that Grace has passed. Daniel finds a place alone and breaks down. Lucas tells Will that Sami is going to need him to lean on and that he will be there for Will to lean on. Chloe locates Daniel in the Chapel and tells him he is a good doctor but Daniel is reluctant to believe that. Lexie arrives at the mansion and is angry that Stefano left the hospital against orders again. The next day, Nicole informs E.J. that Grace passed away. Mia tells Will that she feels like a part of her is gone. Victor summons Brady to the mansion and asks for forgiveness and Brady eventually agrees. Sami and Rafe arrives home and Sami breaks down upon seeing Grace's toys and playpen. Rafe consoles Sami when she insists Grace's death is all her fault because she was so wrapped up in her own drama to notice Grace's fever. Sami tells Rafe she needs to see Johnny and Allie to tell them about Grace. Rafe tells her he will arrange having them brought over. Rafe calls Will and asks him to pick up Allie and Rafe heads to the DiMera mansion to pick up Johnny. E.J. is initially hostile to the thought of Rafe taking Johnny but Nicole tells him that he should let him go for Sami. Sami asks Rafe for time alone with her children and he leaves heading to the pier where he runs into Arianna and informs her of Grace's death. Stefano scares Nicole and tells her they need to finish the conversation they started in the chapel.
Ep. #11098 44x148
E.J. walks in on Stefano threatening someone and isn't fooled when Stefano tries to change the subject on the call to one about his exercise program. Stephanie has trouble sleeping due to the trauma of what she went through with Owen. Will gathers up the family to come to the hospital to support Sami. Sami and Rafe are in the Church's Chapel when Daniel finds them. Daniel tells them they should spend every second they can with Grace. Sami is in denial that Grace will pull through this. Meanwhile, Nicole lies to the ICU Nurse that Mia is the mother and allows her to spend time with Grace. Mia holds Grace and when Nicole tells her they need to leave, Mia says she can't put Grace down. When Sami and Rafe return to Grace's room the ICU nurse is confused and asks for identification. Daniel arrives and clears the misunderstanding up and alerts hospital security of the incident. Chloe is with Lucas when she makes a call to Nicole to ask about Grace and Nicole tells her things don't look good and the two rush to the hospital. Nicole pleads in the chapel to punish her and not Grace. Sami and Roman share a touching moment in Grace's room as Sami begins to realize Grace doesn't have much time left. Mia tells Will that he needs to visit Grace and hold her because he will regret it if he doesn't.
Ep. #11097 44x147
Nicole attempts to evade Stefano's announcement that he knows about the baby switch but eventually realizes that it's no use. Daniel tells Sami that Grace has bacterical meningitis and things do not look good for her. Mia takes Grace being sick extra hard.
Ep. #11096 44x146
Daniel tells Sami that he needs to do genetic testing to rule out other things that could be wrong with Grace. Sami tells him that won't be necessary and just as she is about to reveal that Grace is her and E.J.'s biological daughter, Nurse Maxine interrupts and tells Daniel that Grace's fever has spiked again. Daniel tells Sami that he needs her permission to do a lumbar test. Sami is extremely upset and still can't get a hold of Rafe. E.J. comforts her as Nicole looks on. Will and Mia race off to get to the hospital and on the way Will calls Lucas just as Chloe is getting ready to reveal her affair with Daniel. After Lucas leaves to go to the hospital, Chloe imagines what would happen if she told Lucas the truth. Roman tells Stephanie that he wants her to leave the Kiriakis mansion but she refuses. Stefano shocks Nicole but revealing that he knows the Grace isn't Sami's biological child.
Ep. #11095 44x145
Sami dials 911 after noticing Grace is having a seizure. Sami leaves several messages for Rafe but he has turned his phone off because he started his new job. Rafe gets visits from Arianna, who tries to warn him about adopting Grace and Nicole, who thinks adopting Grace is a great idea. Daniel fantazies about Chloe before he goes into work. E.J. tries to reassure Nicole that he loves her no matter what and he heads to the hospital to visit Stefano and sees Sami there upset. Sami tells him that Grace had a seizure and when the nurses don't have any information, E.J. steps in to demand they go get some. Daniel tells Sami that Grace seems okay now but they want to run more tests. Lucas continues to warn Will to stay away from Mia but he refuses. Mia overhears and she tells Will that she is moving to Minneapolis. When Maggie arrives, Will asks her if she knows anymore Mia could stay with but Maggie can't think of anyone. Maggie doesn't think it is a good idea for Mia to move while she is recovering and then she offers to let Mia move in with her. Later, Chloe talks with Maggie about telling Lucas the truth about the night of the expolsion. Maggie thinks that it is a good idea to be truthful before Lucas remembers on his own.
Ep. #11094 44x144
E.J. is released from jail and Nicole informs him of Rafe intent to adopt Grace. E.J. becomes angry stating he doesn't want Johnny to have another surrogate father but Nicole thinks it is jealousy over Sami. Rafe surprises Sami with all the forms to adopt Grace. After Rafe leaves, Sami makes an appointment for Grace because she is still running a fever but drops everything when she sees Grace has taken a turn for the worse. Bo and Hope locate Brady and Melanie and let them out of the tomb. They tells Bo and Hope that Owen has Stephanie in the morgue and Philip is in there too and they rush off to find them. Owen has Stephanie and demands that Philip get back in the drawer. Philip lies to Owen to Stephanie is pregnant and it distracts him enough so Steph can get away and Philip starts beating up Owen. Mia and Will are studying at the Brady Pub when Lucas arrives. Will steps outside to take a call and Mia and Lucas talk. Lucas sees a 12-step program flyer in one of her books and she tells him that she is a recovering addict. Lucas goes to say good-bye to Will and tells him that he wants him to be careful around Mia. One of the first things they learn in any 12-step program is not to rush into any new relationships but Will refuses to give up on Mia.
Ep. #11093 44x143
Philip and Stephanie realize they are in body drawers next to each other. Owen lets Stephanie out and announces they need to leave but Steph tries to stall and Owen realizes she is up to something and pulls gun out. Philip hears the exchange and begins to kick his door open. Melanie and Brady are locked in the Kiriakis tomb and can't get service on their cell phones. Brady uses some flowers and Melanie's bra wire to get a connection but the battery's on both their phones die. Melanie makes a crack about the tomb Brady took the flowers from and Brady tells her that it is his mother's grave. Bo and Hope tell Henderson to meet them at the Brady Pub for questioning. Once there, Henderson tells them he saw Brady and Melanie at the funeral home on his way into work. Bo and Hope head out to check things out and find Melanie's hospital ID badge on the ground and figure she dropped it on purpose. Kate catches Daniel and Chloe hugging and wants to tell Lucas all but Daniel convinces her not to. Lucas is starting to suspect that people are keeping things from him.
Ep. #11092 44x142
Lucas questions Maggie about the night of the explosion but she evades his questions. Kate arrives back from London to hear the news about Philip and Stephanie. Walter attempts to refuse the body because he doesn't have it on his list. Inside the bag Philip worries that their plan is falling apart but the men dropping the body off convince Walter is would be bad for business to refuse a body. Will and Mia nearly kiss on the docks but are interrupted by Mia's cousin, Jamie. Will leaves and Jamie informs Mia that her lease is up and that is leaving Salem. Daniel has to call Chloe to get in touch with Lucas to tell him Victor wants him at the mansion. Victor acts extremely rude to Chloe calling her the town slut and Chloe seeks comfort in Daniel's arms and are caught by Kate. Owen forces Brady and Melanie into the Kiriakis tomb where they can't get any cell reception. Maggie comforts Mia when she finds her crying.
Ep. #11091 44x141
Nicole meets up with Mia and asks her to stay away from Will but Mia refuses. Brady asks Nurse Maxine if she has seen Melanie and she tells him that Melanie is late for her shift. Another nurse tells Brady she saw Melanie on another floor with a gurney. Melanie is helping Philip get into a body bag in order to sneak him into the morgue when Brady walks in. Brady tells the two of them that he is going to help them and Philip agrees because Melanie can't do it all on her own if something goes wrong. Abe and Stefano get into an argument in Stefano's hospital room. When Lexie gets Abe out he is harassed by some reporters. Stephanie convinces Owen to untie her and then tries to grab Owen's gun. Steph tries to tell him that she doesn't like guns and just wanted to move it but he doesn't believe her and he makes her drink something and she passes out and he shoves her back in the drawer. Mia explains her living situation to Will. Owen sneaks up on Brady and Melanie in the cemetery and knocks Brady out.
Ep. #11090 44x140
Caroline demands answers about Stephanie from Victor. Sami tells Caroline the news about Rafe adopting Grace and she also doesn't think it is a good idea. Melanie goes to the funeral home under the guise that her grandmother just died and tries to figure out if Stephanie is there. When he shows her the basement morgue she sees Stephanie's other earring on the floor. Owen informs Stephanie that Melanie was there but Steph covers telling him that she thinks Melanie's grandmother is really sick and she wouldn't be helping Stephanie out. Mia and Will hang out at Java cafe where Will has a run in with Kinsey.
Ep. #11089 44x139
Tensions mount between Bo and Victor after Bo confronts him about the fued. Melanie tells Philip about her suspicions of Owen. Owen overhears their entire converstation and rushes back to Stephanie where he finds Stephanie passed out due to lack of air. Bo arrests E.J. Lexie pours her heart out to a comatose Stefano. Victor demands that Brady leave the mansion and never return.
Ep. #11088 44x138
Lucas begins to have memories about the night of the explosion. Owen tells E.J. he is not meeting up with him to give him Stephanie. When E.J. finally makes it to the dock he realizes that E.J. doesn't have Stephanie and the two start fighting. Bo and the police arrive on the scene thanks to Brady's tip. Brady is with Melanie when he gets the call from Bo and thinks they have found Stephanie but really they have found Stefano. Daniel considers taking a leave of absence and Nurse Maxine tries to talk him out of it. Owen has gone to the Kiriakis mansion to retrieve some of Stephanie's clothes and locks her back in the drawer. Stephanie is frantic and realizes she is losing air and passes out. Melanie arrives at the Kiriakis mansion and shows Philip the earring she found on the terrace.
Ep. #11087 44x137
Will and Arianna are not happy to hear the news that Rafe wants to adopt Grace. Philip and E.J. agree to meet in one hour to exchange Stefano and Stephanie but E.J. cannot get a hold of Owen because his phone is outside where he dropped it while Stephanie was trying to escape. Owen informs E.J. that their have been a change in plans. Brady informs Bo of his suspicions that Stephanie is missing.
Ep. #11086 44x136
E.J. worries that his plan could be falling apart when he hears Stephanie screaming. Nicole reassures him that everything is fine since he hasn't heard from Victor or Philip. Philip informs Victor that E.J. has Stephanie and he wants to do a trade. Victor is upset that the DiMera's have the upper hand but he doesn't think they would do anything to Stephanie. Stephanie makes an escape but Owen stops her and knocks her out. Sami is suprised that Rafe wants to adopt Grace but doesn't think it is possible without them having to reveal she is her real mother. Later, Rafe tells Arianna is intentions to be a father to Grace and she doesn't like the news.
Ep. #11085 44x135
Rafe tells Sami that he wants to be a father to Grace. E.J. tells Philip that he will trade Stephanie for Stefano. Stephanie tries to get on Owen's good side. Later, she tries to grab the phone as it rings to yell for help and E.J. hears her. Melanie finds Stephanie's gold earring and tries to call her in order to return it but when she doesn't hear back Melanie thinks about selling it for cash.
Ep. #11084 44x134
Sami and Rafe finally make love. Philip frantically calls everyone he can think of to track down Stephanie, including Owen. Victor taunts E.J. with the deadline and that Stefano has been given the last of his insulin. Stephanie freaks out when she wakes up inside the morgue. Owen takes her picture to send to E.J. who uses it when he meets up with Philip on the docks. Arianna and Brady flirt.
Ep. #11083 44x133
Owen is not sure what he is supposed to do with Stephanie Arianna warns Rafe about Sami but he tells her that she doesn't even know Sami. Will overhears Mia telling Brady that she doesn't want her friend to know, but Will figures it must be something related to AA. Philip tries to call Stephanie to apologize and then he passes out. Daniel finds Philip on the floor and once to have him checked out but Philip refuses. Sami arrives at E.J.'s and demands to see Johnny and wants to know why there are so many guards around. E.J. tells her it is just precautions. The two continue to argue and when E.J.'s phone rings Sami grabs it and breaks it. Owen is freaking out over E.J. not answering his phone and doesn't know what he is supposed to do with Stephanie now. Brady has a rocking first meeting with Arianna.
Ep. #11082 44x132
Maggie prepares her house for the AA meeting. Will runs into Mia at the cafe and wonders why she isn't returning his calls. Mia tells him that she thought he didn't want anything to do with her anymore. Will asks her about her addiction and she just says drugs and alcohol and he tells her that his Dad is a recovering alchoholic too and everyday is a struggle for him. Mia lies to Will and tells him that she goes to a meeting every night and he offers to go with her tonight. The two head back to the penthouse where Sami is taking off to visit E.J. who doesn't want to send Johnny over for his visit. Mia quickly looks up a meeting location and the two head out. When they arrive at Maggie's, Mia enters alone and Maggie is shocked to see her. When Maggie says this isn't a good time because he is having a meeting, Mia tells her that is why she is there. Brady is also at the meeting and is surprised to see Mia there. When Will enters, Mia discovers Will and Maggie are releated. Mia asks for time alone and tries to think of a way to leave when Brady enters and wants to know what Mia took during her pregnancy so he can tell Nicole. Mia tells Brady that she is an addict but had to lie to Will so he wouldn't learn the real truth. Philip and Stephanie get into an arguement and Stephanie thinks it is because Philip is exhausted and tells him to sleep as she sits on the terris. Owen comes up behind Stephanie and places a cholofrom towel over her mouth and knocks her out. Owen puts Stephanie into his yard clipping pile to wheel her out. Melanie realizes that her bracelet is missing and after calling Max who hasn't seen it realizes it must be at Philip's. When she calls Philip rudely tells her it is on the terris but he won't go find it. Melanie goes over and the bodyguard helps her find the bracelet and they run into Owen who acts extremely strange.
Ep. #11081 44x131
Owen looks on as Philip drinks the glass of drugged lemonade that is meant for Stephanie. Philip starts to react to the drugs and drinks some coffee. Melanie drops by to visit Philip with flowers she swiped from the hospital. They inform Melanie that they are engaged and she fakes happiness for them. Eventually, Melanie starts to annoy Philip and he has a bodyguard drag her out. Henderson finds a bracelet that he thinks belongs to Stephanie but she says it must be Melanie's and that she will return it to her. Philip grabs the bracelet and throws it not wanting to deal with Melanie anymore. Bo and Hope are at the pub when Max brings Ciara down and tells them they couldn't locate Tommy bear. Bo thinks he knows where it will be and asks if Ciara was outside with him but Hope says she doesn't think Ciara was outdoors with him. Max comes back and has located Tommy bear. Hope realizes Bo had another vision and he isn't sure what to make of it. Victor has Stefano make a call to E.J. to hurry up the process.
Ep. #11080 44x130
Sami is worrying that Dr. Baker will reveal that she is really Grace's mother but Rafe tells her that he will go and talk to him. Nicole tries to drive Dr. Baker home but he refuses. Dr. Baker is on the docks when two men approach him and start to beat him up over his gambling debts. Rafe arrives on the scene and scares off the two thugs. Rafe asks Dr. Baker to keep quiet about Sami and Dr. Baker assures him that he doesn't discuss his patients and that he is planning on leaving town anyway. E.J. calls Owen and reads him the box number and requests a meeting him with. When the two meet up, Owen tells E.J. he has been working for the Kiriakis for two years and knows everything about them. Sami is at the cafe with Grace when she goes to heat up a bottle. Nicole calls in with Sydney and is playing with Grace when Sami yells at her. Sami tells her she only did that because she wanted to teach Nicole a lesson since Nicole is always freaking out when Sami goes near Sydney. Arianna arrives and Nicole lashes out about Sami to her.
Ep. #11079 44x129
Dr. Baker prepares a letter for his lawyer to read in case of his death. Nicole finds E.J. in the living room with cuts on his face and wants to know what happened to him. When he informs her of Victor's plan, she tells him that he needs to find away around giving Victor what he wants. Nicole rushes off the hospital and sees Dr. Baker and Sami in the same lobby. Sami is there with Rafe and Grace for a doctor's appointment and freaks when she see Dr. Baker. E.J. thinks back to a converstation he had with Stefano and remembers him telling him what to do if Stefano was in trouble. E.J. pulls Stefano's portrait off the wall and break the back to find an envelope with names and numbers in it. Caroline arrives at the Kiriakis mansion and is not happy with the engagement news, because she is worried by Stephanie and the fighting betweenthe DiMera's and Kiriakis. Caroline eventually tells Stephanie that she is happy for her and they toast the couple. Later, Owen the gardener gets a call from E.J.
Ep. #11078 44x128
Chloe informs Daniel that Kate confronted her about their affair. Daniel tries to reason with Chloe that she shouldn't stay with Lucas out of obligation. Dr. Baker accuses Nicole of trying to kill him. E.J. is shoved into a room by Victor's thug and sees a white sheet clearly over a body and pulls it back to reveal Stefano. Victor arrives and tells E.J. not to worry. Stefano is alive, but barely. Victor calls in a nurse to Stefano some of his insulin and she tells him that it is not enough. Victor tells her it will do for now and informs E.J. of his demands. E.J. must sign over ALL of the DiMera assests to the Kiriakis. Once it is complete, Stefano will be free and in the meantime Stefano will be kept barely alive. Lucas tracks down Kate at the mansion as she is preparing to leave for London. Kate tells Lucas that Billie has developed a secondary infection and Chelsea is stressing out. Lucas questions is mother about her firing Chloe and didn't like the approach she took. Max sits down with Bo and Hope to ask if they talked to Chelsea about the latest news. As they discuss their worries, Chelsea calls and speaks with Max and Bo. After, Bo and Hope prepare to leave when Bo sees Ciara's teddy bear and has a vision of himself in the park calling out Ciara's name and seeing the bear lying on the ground.
Ep. #11077 44x127
Philip proposes to Stephanie. E.J. meets up with Victor, who reveals his new plan. Nicole contemplates letting Dr. Baker die on the floor but Mary walks in and starts CPR. Maggie makes conversation with Mia, not knowing she knows Will.
Ep. #11076 44x126
Rafe brings Sami on a romantic date at the lakeside, where Sami ends up in the lake. Will and Mia are watching Grace and studying at the cafe when Tad brings a friend of his from West Salem. Kinsey says she knew Mia from their old school but Mia tries to play that she doesn't remember and leaves the group. Kinsey tells Will that Mia suddenly left in the middle of the semester. Philip is released from the hospital and arrives home with Stephanie. Victor makes a comment and Stephanie fires back. E.J. summons Dr. Baker to the mansion and when he arrives E.J. begins questioning him. Later, Nicole tries to plead with Dr. Baker to leave and agrees to pay with $15,000 but Dr. Baker wants $50,000. As the two are heading up the stairs Dr. Baker and Nicole are arguing and he grabs her arm, when Nicole pulls away and Dr. Baker falls down the steps.
Ep. #11075 44x125
Chelsea says her final good-byes to Bo and Max.
Ep. #11074 44x124
Hope arrives at the hospital and when Melanie mentions a new nurse checking in on Philip, Hope's becomes suspicious and rushes to his room to find the nurse with a pillow over Philip's face. Kate runs into Chloe on the pier and Chloe is taken aback by Kate's increasing anger. Finally, Kate tells Chloe she knows all about her affair with Daniel and fires her from the show. Lucas overhears and wants to know why Kate is firing Chloe. Chloe jumps in and says things are just not working out. Kate continues to throw jabs at Chloe. Nicole is surprised to learn that Dr. Baker is being investigated by E.J. or by Stefano. Nicole calls Dr. Baker to meet up with her at the cafe. Nicole has to play it off that they just ran into each other for the bodyguard E.J. has with Nicole at all times. Nicole tells Dr. Baker that he should leave town again and this time informs with that the DiMera's are looking into him. Stephanie and Chelsea are sharing their last moments as roommates when Melanie calls to inform Steph of the attack on Philip. Chelsea follows Steph to the hospital and runs into Hope, telling her that she is leaving tonight. The two share a tender moment when Hope tells her that she thinks of her as her daughter, too. Chelsea worries that Bo may not make it back to Salem to say good-bye to her. Stephanie runs over to the DiMera mansion and demands that the attempts to kill Philip end.
Ep. #11073 44x123
When Stephanie asks Philip to take off with her and he refuses, she gets upset and leaves. Daniel warns Kate not to go after Chloe. Lucas walks in on Chloe talking to Father Matt about secrets in a marriage, but he assumes it is about E.J. and Nicole. Sami sees Rafe and Arianna embracing and goes off on Rafe after Arianna leaves. Rafe tells Sami that Arianna is his sister, which leaves Sami embarrassed. Max arrives at Chelsea's apartment and notices her suitcase. When she tells him that she is going to England to be with her mom, he offers to go with but she refuses. Chelsea heads to the hospital to get her last paycheck and check in on Philip. Stephanie is upset to learn from Max that Chelsea is leaving so soon. Stephanie also tells him about Philip and the two talk things out and Steph returns to the hospital. A nurse comes in and tells Stephanie to leave. The nurse pulls out a syringe and begins to inject it into Philip's IV.
Ep. #11072 44x122
Kate and Chelsea argue over who will go to London to be with Billie and Chelsea eventually wins the argument. Later, Chelsea runs into Abe, Lexie and Theo at the hospital and tells them the news. Arianna and Rafe play catch-up and she is dismayed to learn he quit is job and she figures it out it must be over a woman. Sami confides in Lucas and Will is upset when he overhears Lucas tell Sami that her secret is safe with him. Chloe runs into Father Matt on the pier and tells him some secrets are best left secret between a husband and wife, which Lucas overhears. Kate tells Daniel that she knows Chloe cheated on Lucas with him.
Ep. #11071 44x121
Stephanie wants to go to Greece in order to keep herself and Philip safe. E.J. envisions Sami as he and Nicole are in bed. Sami and Rafe argue over her unresolved feelings for E.J. Melanie catches Chelsea looking at medical school applications on the computer and tells Dr. Baker. Later, Chelsea receives a call that Billie has been in a pretty bad car accident in London.
Ep. #11070 44x120
Brady leaps to Chloe defense when she tries to visit Philip and the guard stops him. EJ interrupts Sami and Rafe as they are headed to the bedroom. Hope tries to get Nicole to spill anything she knows about Philip's shooting. Mia has to fend off Tad's questions about her old school.
Ep. #11069 44x119
Lexie gives Stefano the news on his test results, he wasn't poisoned he has diabetes. EJ isn't thrilled when Stefano decides to skip town. Sami reveals her feelings to Rafe, but he still makes is way to his plane. Rafe ends up changing his mind and comes back to Sami and the two head back to her penthouse making out. Philip demands Lexie get out of his room. Stephanie does not like the way Philip acted with Lexie. Max receives a letter from a medical school in Chicago, his application has been received. Max suggests that he and Chelsea move to Chicago is he gets into school there, but Chelsea isn't pleased that Max is making big life decisions without him.
Ep. #11068 44x118
Stefano suspects that he has been poisoned by Victor. Brady confronts EJ over his beating and Philip's shooting. Mia tells Dr. Baker she held Sydney, but she didn't feel any emotional connection to her. Dr. Baker tells her that is because she never bonded with her baby. Mia then informs Dr. Baker there is another baby that she does feel connected too. Dr. Baker wonders who that baby could be after Mia leaves. Sami rushes to the airport to stop Rafe from leaving town.
Ep. #11067 44x117
Roman informs Sami that Rafe has taken the job in New York and he is leaving today. Stefano wakes up on the floor of the living room and wonders what could of happened to him. EJ tells Nicole that she will need a bodyguard from now on if she wants to leave the house, which upsets Nicole. Nicole runs into Mia on the docks when she is out with Sydney. Mia asks to hold Sydney and Nicole reluctantely agrees.
Ep. #11066 44x116
Philip's condition improves, much to EJ and Stefano's dismay.
Ep. #11065 44x115
Philip's life hangs in the balance.
Ep. #11064 44x114
Stephanie comes out of the bathroom to see Masi shooting Philip and he takes a shot at her but misses. Just as Father Matt is ready to pronounce EJ and Nicole husband and wife, Sami enters and announces she has something to say. EJ ushers her out of the church followed by Nicole. Just as Sami is getting ready to tell EJ that Grace is his daughter, Lexie rushes out and announces she has to leave because Philip has been shot. Sami realizes right away that the DiMera's had something to do with it and leaves with Grace. EJ and Nicole get back to their wedding where they are finally announced as husband and wife. Victor rushes to the hospital after receiving Stephanie's call. Brady is just being released from the hospital when Philip is carted in and Stephanie is overcome with emotions but Melanie comforts her. Lexie reveals Philip's prognosis to his family telling them that he survived surgery and was able to say one word, "Stephanie." Victor questions Stephanie about what happened and she tells him that she didn't even hear the first shot and Victor realizes it must of been a silencer. Stephanie is allowed to see Philip and he briefly wakes up before all the monitors start going off. Stefano makes his way to the hospital and Victor confronts. Sami returns to the wedding after it has wrapped up and EJ wants to know what was so important that she interrupted the wedding.
Ep. #11063 44x113
Melanie is walking on the docks yelling at the phone company about her phone service when she trips over a beat up Brady. Melanie brings him back to the Pub, where Sami has returned after hearing the bells and figuring the wedding is over. Max has told her that it might not mean the wedding has even started by Sami seems to have given up. Sami insists that Max make sure Brady sees a doctor and she leaves heading off to the wedding. Mia interrupts the wedding but only says that Nicole has been very good to her and she wishes her happiness. EJ starts to get upset that she interrupted the wedding for no reason and Dr. Baker steps in and escourts Mia out. Mia blames Dr. Baker for lying to her about Nicole. Stephanie and Philip are basking in the after glow of love and Stephanie ties Philip up as she goes off the restroom. Philip hears something and Masi pulls the trigger and Philip lies bleeding to death. Back at the wedding, Father Matt is just about reading to announce EJ and Nicole as husband and wife when Sami walks in announcing she has something to say.
Ep. #11062 44x112
Sami rushes into the Pub asking Max to fix her tire so she can make it to EJ and Nicole's wedding. Max tries to fix the tire but her spare is also flat. Sami rushes to grab her stroller because she is going to walk leaving Grace with Max. When Sami returns, Max tells her that he thinks Grace is sick because she seems to have a fever. Sami insists that she is just a little warm and she will be fine. Brady arrives at the Church and Chloe tells him to leave before EJ sees him but he refuses. Nicole isn't thrilled to see Dr. Baker make an appearance at her wedding. The wedding begins and Brady mouths "Good Luck" to Nicole as she walks down the aisle and he slips out. EJ motions to a man to follow him out. Father Matt asks the age old question if anyone objects and first it is quit then Mia enters the room. Philip arrives at the hotel to meet with a client to only discover that it is really Stephanie. The two make love as Masi lurks around the hotel.
Ep. #11061 44x111
Melanie realizes that Brady is talking about Nicole and warns Brady that EJ can get pretty scary when he is mad. Chloe gives Nicole a necklace which breaks and freaks Nicole out because she thinks it an omen of things to come. Stefano wants to go ahead with the plan to get even with Philip but EJ doesn't like that it will be on his wedding day. Stefano insists that this is the perfect day because his guard will be down. EJ eventually agrees after meeting the hitman, Masi. Lucas arrives at the penthouse and Sami informs him that Grace is really her daughter. Lucas is upset that she lied to him again but wonders if it is the right thing to tell EJ about Grace.
Ep. #11060 44x110
Bo is upset to learn that the police don't know what happened to their informant and has to track down Roman and Hope on his own. Bo is able to locate them at the motel and sees Hope in a robe. Hope explains to him it was because she spilled coffee on herself. Bo realizes that his vision was just of Roman and Hope on a stake out. Chelsea arrives at the Pub and sees Max holding Arianna, the new waitresses hand after she hurt herself. Chelsea realizes it is nothing though Melanie tries to make it out to be more. Later, Melanie encourages Brady to tell the woman he loves how he feels before it is too late. Nicole is able to convince Mia to let her keep Sydney. After Mia leaves, Brady arrives at the Horton cabin and admits to Nicole his feelings but she shoots him down
Ep. #11059 44x109
Kate's plan looks to be unraveling when Kate learns the studio burned down but Maggie jumps in and offers the use of Chez Rouge for filming. Bo becomes frantic after finding out that Roman and Hope are working together on a sting, which just happens to be at a local motel. Mia confronts Nicole over her past and tells her she wants her baby back. Nicole gives Mia the worst case scenario if she tries to get Sydney back.
Ep. #11058 44x108
Nicole realizes she recognizes Rafe as the cable guy that was at the Mansion a few months ago and she immediately returns home to tell EJ. Sami arrives to tell EJ that Grace is his child but he confronts her about Rafe being at the mansion and tells her to leave. EJ tells Nicole that he is impressed she immediately told him the truth about Rafe. Will informs Mia of Nicole's sorted past and Mia is left shocked. Brady helps Melanie out of a jam at the cafe.
Ep. #11057 44x107
Nicole has a nightmare about her wedding being ruined when Dr. Baker reveals all about the baby switch. Sami talks to Caroline about not telling Bo that Victor was his father. Lucas doesn't want Chloe to take the job and ditch Kate and the talk show. When Lucas informs Kate of Chloe's job offer she is at first upset but then decides a worn out Chloe would do just as well for her plan. EJ runs into Mia at the coffee shop and Mia doesn't realize it is him until she sees the wedding announcement in the papers. Rafe talks to Sister Theresa about Sami and soon heads back to Sami's to work things out. Nicole is the hall and recognizes Rafe from somewhere. Daniel's date with Irene doesn't go as planned when she decides she shouldn't get involved with someone she works with.
Ep. #11056 44x106
Nicole proceeds with her wedding plans but freaks the wedding planner out enough that she calls Chloe. Max and Chelsea have a run in with an angry EJ on the docks. Later, Stephanie walks in on Chelsea and Max making out on the couch and Max informs Stephanie that EJ is planning revenge on Philip and she should be careful around him which infuriates Steph. Maggie offers to set Daniel up on a date which he initally refuses but soon changes his mind and agrees. Chloe meets up with Lucas where she gets a phone call about being offered a part in an opera.
Ep. #11055 44x105
Stephanie throws Philip out and after talking with Chelsea changes her mind and heads to the Kiriakis mansion. Nicole overhears Sami and EJ arguing and wants to know what is going on. Sami wonders how Nicole could stay in the house when it is clear Stefano is planning revenge for Tony's death. After Sami takes Johnny home, EJ confronts Nicole about changing doctors for Sydney without confronting him. EJ then suggests that they put off the wedding and take some time apart. Mia runs into Dr. Baker at the coffee shop and Will questions who he is. Sami contemplates telling EJ about Grace but Rafe thinks it is a bad idea when Sami tells Rafe that its not up to him. Rafe ends up misinterrupting what Sami said and leaves.
Ep. #11054 44x104
Chelsea isn't pleased that Stephanie has allowed Philip to move in without asking her. Chloe worries about being able to pull off giving homemaker tips but Kate does her best to silence her fears. Maggie is upset when she sees that Chloe has an appointment with Daniel but Chloe explains he is the only doctor in the area qualified to take her case. Melanie's job as a candy stripper is off to a rocky start. Daniel turns down a date with a fellow doctor. Victor apologizes to Philip and asks him to come back into business with him and Stephanie is upset the Philip would even consider it. Stefano talks to a mystery man about Philip.
Ep. #11053 44x103
Nicole tries to threaten Dr. Baker but he tells her if she says anything he will tell everyone about the baby switch. Stefano and Philip have a run in at the Pub. Sami nearly tells EJ about Grace but changes her mind after Stefano burges in. Will asks Mia if she wants to hold Grace and she is at first reluctant. Nicole summons Mia to the docks and tells her if she stays in Salem there are rules she has to follow in order to keep everything quiet. Stephanie invites Philip to stay with her as long as he wants after he moves out of the mansion. Philip wonders if Chelsea would be okay with this.
Ep. #11052 44x102
Bo tells Roman to stay away from Hope. Brady questions that it might be for the best if Nicole and EJ's wedding doesn't continue forth. Later, Nicole asks EJ if the wedding is off and he says no. Stefano gives his blessing though it's clearly not whole heartedly. Chloe arrives for her doctor's appointment and discovers Daniel is her new doctor. He tells her the closest person he trusts with her care is over 100 miles away. Nicole is equally shocked to learn that Sydney's new doctor is Dr. Baker. Mia and Will spend time together babysitting Grace. Sami questions her actions with not telling EJ about Grace remembering what she did with Will when he was a baby.
Ep. #11051 44x101
Max breaks the news to Melanie that Tony has dead and she is upset because this means she has truely lost everything. When Max tells her Philip was involved she rushes off to the hospital where Stephanie tells her to leave. Chelsea vents to Max about Stephanie being unable to make up her mind about Philip. Stephanie lets Philip come back to her apartment. Chloe takes the pregnancy test but it malfunctions so they have to buy more but Kate is unable to stay for the news and rushes off to the hospital upon hearing about Philip. Chloe takes the test and finds out she is not pregnant and Kate makes sure Daniel knows about Chloe's scare. Stefano unleashes is anger at Nicole and EJ comes to her defense but later he tells Nicole she should of lied to get Philip thrown in jail. Anna arrives at the mansion and slaps Stefano and tells him if anyone is to blame for Tony's death it is Stefano.
Ep. #11050 44x100
Chloe arrives home prepared to take a pregnancy test when Kate shows up. Kate tells her about her big plans for Chloe, to develop a show with Chloe as hostess. Really, Kate's plan is to build Chloe into a superstar then destroy her. Kate notices the pregnancy test and worries her plan is going to fall apart. Sami introduces Lucas to Grace and he wonders how she was able to adopt a baby after just having a hired killer after her. Lucas eventually comes around and even notes that Grace doesn't look like her or EJ. Stefano goes to see Tony and promises revenge for his death. Nicole tells Hope the truth about what she saw on the dock but Stefano is angry.
Ep. #11049 44x99
Sami introduces Roman to Grace and he doesn't think adopting a baby was a good idea. Caroline leaps to Sami's defense and Roman eventually comes around. Rafe talks some sense into an upset Will. Tony tries to inform EJ of Nicole's scheme. Nicole doesn't cooperate with Bo and Hope's investigation. When Nicole enters Tony's room is heart monitor begin to go off. Lexie rushes in and clears the room but there is little she can do and Tony dies after suffering a heart attack. Stefano promises revenge on Philip.
Ep. #11048 44x98
Stefano demands that Lexie take over Tony's case because he doesn't trust Daniel but she tells him she can't because she is his sister. Nicole aggravates Tony and his heart stops beating. Daniel is able to revive Tony and EJ is allowed to see him. Philip gives his statement to Bo and Hope. Hope questions Daniel about Tony's injuries. At Grace's christening, Father Matt reveales Grace's middle name as Rafaela which humbles Rafe. Later, Sami brings Grace to the Brady Pub and Will arrives. Will is irriated that Sami never said anything about adopting a baby sooner and that she outright lied to him when he overheard her mention Grace on the phone.
Ep. #11047 44x97
Hope questions Bo about why he bailed on their date night. She realizes that he knows who the other man is in his vision. Chloe can't see a doctor because her's retired. At the Pub, Chloe realizes she forgot to take her birth control one day and all her symptoms point towards pregnancy. Nicole watches as Philip and Tony continue to argue and Tony pushed Philip and he hurts his hand. As Tony tries to leave up the stairs he loses his balance and the railing gives way. Tony falls directly on a sharp object. Nicole comes out of hiding and calls 911. When Philip asks her what she saw she says most of the fight but then plays coy when he says it was an accident. Stefano is irrate over Tony and says he is dead to him. EJ then gets a call from Nicole and they rush to the hospital where Daniel informs them things do not look good for Tony. Sami asks Sister Agnes about what Rafe was like as a boy. Later, Sami asks Rafe to be Grace's godfather and they christen Grace.
Ep. #11046 44x96
Sami runs into Abe at the Brady Pub and he tells her that Rafe gave up a job with the NYPD to stay in Salem. Sami thanks Rafe for staying and the two share a kiss. Later, the two head to the convent to pick up Grace. Brady is shocked to learn the Philip has been fired for Titan and tells Victor he doesn't want to be named CEO. Kate questions a nurse about a drug that is hard to detect in the blood and ends up stealing some. Lucas brings Chloe to the hospital because she was feeling under the weather and she has a run in with Daniel. Nicole confronts Mia about telling Tony about Sydney. Mia agrees to go along with Nicole's plan to deny everything. When Tony informs Stefano that he is leaving town, Stefano gets angry and then seems to have some heart trouble as he grasps his chest for a moment. Downstairs, Tony tells EJ and Stefano that he is obtained the only copy of the blueprint left. He nearly tells EJ about Sydney but decided he needs to wait for an audience to reveal the news. Philip tricks Tony into meeting him at the docks and the two argue with Nicole watching for a hiding spot.
Ep. #11045 44x95
Victor fires Philip from Titan. Bo stresses out over his vision of Hope with Roman. Chelsea informs Bo she will be moving into an apartment with Stephanie. Nicole tells Brady that Tony knows about Sydney and convinces him to help her steal back the blueprints in order to stop with from telling EJ. Their plan backfires when Tony figures out Brady only called him to meet so Nicole could sneak aroudn the mansion.
Ep. #11044 44x94
Bo has an interview with a local newspaper. Later, he tells Hope more about his vision of her with another man. When Roman and Bo bump fists, Bo sees the other man....Roman. Brady talks to Daniel about Chloe and about Philip. Kate ends up across the aisle from Chloe and Lucas on the plane ride home and she keeps fantazing about getting her revenge on Chloe. Philip demands Tony give him the plans back and even makes an offer which Tony refuses. When Tony arrives back at the DiMera mansion, he says to himself that he has a plan with will shake both the DiMera's and Kiriakis'.
Ep. #11043 44x93
Brady runs into Rafe at the Brady Pub where he tells him that Sami is always being saved by some man. EJ overhears Sami telling Sister Theresa she is bringing Grace home. Sami explains to everyone gathered in the DiMera living room that she is adopting a baby she became close to while in witness protection. Lucas and Chloe are surprised to find Kate at the justice of the peace office when they go to pick up their wedding video. Kate wants them to annual their marriage but they refuse. Daniel asks Maggie to forgive Chloe. Max meets up with Chelsea and Theo. Tony keeps his bomb about Sydney to himself after Sami's is revealed.
Ep. #11042 44x92
Nicole collaspes at the Christening but refuses to go to the hospital. Will confides to Caroline about Mia. Nicole thinks Tony wants money to keep quiet about Sydney. Sami becomes emotional at the Christening. Lexie tells Nicole she ran into a young girl when she went to take a phone call. Rafe tells Sami they have to be careful about how Grace is brought to Salem because if EJ finds out it is his child he could use her leaving Grace at the convent against her. Sister Theresa informs Sami that Grace is out of milk and her rash has gotten worse and Sami tells her she is coming for her and EJ overhears.
Ep. #11041 44x91
Will tries to comfort Mia on the docks and tells her to stop by the Brady Pub. Later she does show up and her and Will talk after Mia notices Bo and Will tells her he is the police commissioner she ends up taking off without saying good-bye. Nicole insists to Tony that Sydney is not Mia's. Rafe visits Sister Agnes and she wonders if he is jumping into things with Sami like he did with another woman in the past. Stephanie and Brady search for Philip.
Ep. #11040 44x90
Melanie realizes that she has been played when Tony tells her the contract isn't ready yet. Max realizes the blueprints are gone and calls Melanie. She tries to give him his half of the money but he refuses. Melanie thinks she knows a way out of her current mess and heads to Philip. She tells Philip everything and Philip takes off to find Tony. Mia arrives at the DiMera manison and admits to Tony that she gave her baby to Nicole. Sami shows up to the christening but isn't happy when Johnny isn't there due to him not feeling well. Sami holds Sydney for EJ and he says the two look perfect together. Will runs into a upset Mia on the dock.
Ep. #11039 44x89
Kate rushes to stop Lucas and Chloe's wedding but she is too late. Bo becomes jealous when he sees Hope with Daniel. Melanie uses the camera on her phone to catch the combination to unlock the safe and steal the blueprint. Brady asks Bo if he has any leads on the Titan computer's being hacked and Bo tells him he didn't even know about it. Victor is upset that Philip didn't call the police.
Ep. #11038 44x88
Chloe starts to have second thoughts about eloping because she doesn't want Kate to be upset. Kate vows to stop the ceremony and tell Lucas the truth about Chloe and Daniel's affair. When Stefano hears that Nicole and EJ are planning Sydney christening he suggest The Covent of the Holy Cross as a location. Later, he question Nicole because he knows she was at the convent and she covers that she is working with pregnant teen girls. Tony continues to work with Melanie to get the alternative fuel project plans. Melanie asks Max for the copy Nick sent him but he refuses. Melanie watches him open the safe and rushes back out to Tony. Sami calls Sister Theresa and hears Grace crying and has to send Rafe out to drop some more off. After Nicole wonders how Sami could be away from her children while in witness protection, Sami calls Rafe and tells him she needs her daughter back. Mia heads back to Salem from Japan.
Ep. #11037 44x87
Tony proposes a partnership to Melanie.
Ep. #11036 44x86
Daniel lashes out at Lucas for acting weird when it comes to Chloe wanting to elope. Victor demands that Kate tell him what Chloe did that has Kate playing revenge. EJ and Nicole make love for the first time in months and while he is sleeping she gets a phone call. Kate goes to Daniel and tells him she heard that Chloe is having an affair. Rafe turns down a job offer to stay in Salem. Sami tries to make a plan to bring Grace home without anyone knowing its her daughter. Rafe tells her the only way to keep her and her children safe is to bring down the DiMera's.
Ep. #11035 44x85
Abe tells Hope that he filed an appeal and she has been reinstated. At the station, Rafe fills out a job application and when Bo sees him with Hope he has a flash of her with a man. Chloe tells Lucas she wants to elope but he isn't sure because he doesn't understand why she keeps changing her mind. Chloe heads to the cabin and Will arrives. The two bond over the fact that they can't tell Lucas anything without him blaming himself. Daniel and Lucas talk at the Cheatin' Heart, where Lucas tells him he doesn't understand Chloe constantly changing her mind. Dr. Baker informs Nicole that he had to shut down the clinic and has some job offers out of town.
Ep. #11034 44x84
Kate continues with the plan to destroy Chloe by planting doubts in Daniel's head about Chloe and Lucas. Stephanie helps Chelsea move out of Bo and Hope's house. Steph tells her that she can imagine herself with a future with Philip. Chelsea tells her about her and Max being caught by Bo and Hope. Max calls Chelsea to visit him at the Cheatin' Heart. Will drops by to visit Max and the two discuss Allie and Johnny, which triggers Max to say he can't wait to have kids. Chelsea overhears this and leaves and ends up at the hospital chapel where Daniel is. She asks him if there is any way she would be able to have children one day. Daniel tells her it is unlikely due to the infection she got after the surgery. Chelsea heads back to the Cheatin' Heart, where Max tries to give her a gift but she refuses telling him they have to end things. Daniel realizes he should of gave Chelsea hope. Sami calls Abe to try and get Rafe a job but he doesn't like her interferring. Later, Rafe drops by the Station to talk to Roman about a job.
Ep. #11033 44x83
Sami rushes to the convent to ask Sister Theresa who the women was that held Grace. Sister Theresa tells her it was a woman named Mary, but she was sure the she was lying about her name. Sister Theresa eventually calls down Sami. Roman calls Stefano asking him to come in for more questions on Mayor Marino's killer but Stefano refuses. Nicole tells EJ that Sami talked to her about him being jealous over her and Rafe. Philip and Stephanie can't figure out what is wrong with the computer and call the computer guy who tells them it was a worm. Philip immediately realizes that EJ had to have something to do with it and rushes over and confronts him. Nicole isn't pleased that EJ mad Philip anger and worries he might tip EJ off about something going on between her and Brady. Brady spends time trying to cheer up Melanie when he gets the call about the computers and has to tell Melanie that everything is gone from the Titan computers including the fuel project. Sami meets up with Roman and asks him to put in a good word for Rafe and then asks if he loses his job because of her could Roman get him one at the Salem P.D. Roman tells her things are tight at the station right now then he informs her that he doesn't like her living alone and that he thinks Stefano was the person calling the shots for Marino's killer.
Ep. #11032 44x82
Kate moves ahead with her plan to destroy Chloe and pretends to casually mention how Daniel is in bed. Nicole demands Sami put Sydney down then the two discuss EJ. Sami asks Nicole to keep EJ out of her business. Stefano happens to see the two together and informs EJ. Stefano tells his thug to go back to the convent and see exactly why Nicole was there. Melanie confronts EJ about dropping the project. She later interupts Stephanie and Philip in his office. When Stephanie tries to log into the Titan computer they realize the entire database has been emptied. Sami calls Sister Theresa to check in on Grace and becomes worried when Sister Theresa tells her a woman was at the convent and Grace took to her immediately.
Ep. #11031 44x81
Hope tells Bo that only reason he was probably having his visions was because they were seperated. Max goes to leave Bo and Hope's after spending the night with Chelsea but is caught by Bo, who is none to pleased the two are back together. Chelsea gets upset with Bo and decides to go stay with Stephanie for a few days. Hope runs into Daniel on the docks and congratulates him on being named one of Salem's "Most Eligible Bachelors." Meanwhile, Bo has another vision of Hope with another man. EJ goes to Roman to ask why Rafe was allowed to form a tight bond with Sami and Sami overhears and accuses EJ of being jealous. Nicole and Chloe try on wedding and bridesmaid dresses. Later, the two get a bite to eat at the Pub, where Chloe gets a call from the saleslady about leaving her credit card at the store. Chloe goes to retrieve her card by taking the docks where she sees Daniel and tries to turn around but runs into Brady. Brady already knows that Daniel is in love with someone he can't be with and appears to put two and two together. Nicole allows the waitress, Michelle to hold Sydney while she makes a call. Sami sees Sydney and goes to hold her which Nicole sees from outside.
Ep. #11030 44x80
EJ is jealous when he witnesses the bond Sami and Rafe formed when she was in witness protection. Nicole visits Sister Theresa and hold Grace and ends up coming up with a plan so Grace won't be alone. Stefano has Nicole followed and the Thug reports back to Stefano that Nicole went to a convent. Bo tells Hope about his vision of her with another man. Chelsea and Max enjoy a night out but Chelsea is having trust issues not with Max but with herself.
Ep. #11029 44x79
Chelsea runs into Daniel at the Cheatin' Heart and tries to talk to him because he is obviously upset. Max doesn't like Chelsea hanging around Daniel. Daniel tells Chelsea that Kate is in remission and she should have fun in Max. Lucas tells Will to apologize to Chloe for blaming her for the acciden. Chloe tells Lucas that it is partly her fault. Nicole is upset to learn that EJ has gone to visit Sami. EJ and Sami discuss Johnny's future and he tells her that they have to let Johnny make his own choices when he is older. Rafe drops by to visit Sami.
Ep. #11028 44x78
Ep. #11027 44x77
After Nicole accuses EJ of only caring about Sami and not about her and Sydney, EJ tears up the fuel project formula. Nicole immediately calls Philip and meets up with him to tell him she got EJ to give up pursing the fuel project. Bo and Hope reconcile and she makes him promise to tell her about any visions he may have. After Hope leaves, Bo has a vision of Hope in bed with someone. Kate vows revenge on Chloe. Lucas wonders where Sami's baby is and she lies and tells him the baby didn't get a chance to live. Lucas reveals to Sami he fell off the wagon and Sami blames Chloe. Lucas tells her that he started drinking when Sami wouldn't allow him near Will. As the two argue, Will enters the room and the two are surprised. Philip attempts to talk to Stephanie but she will have none of it. Philip accuses Steph of using him.
Ep. #11026 44x76
After Kate tells Lucas that she is going to try to make things work with Daniel, she heads out to find him but catches him and Chloe in the park kissing. Kate returns to the hospital and Lucas is surprised to see Kate has done a 180 and is now telling him that Chloe is no good. Before Kate can tell him why, his BP monitor goes off. Sami and Nicole continue their bickering and Nicole worries when Sami has an emotional reaction to holding Sydney. As Sami is leaving with Johnny, EJ tells her that Lucas is in the hospital and Sami heads off to visit him. Philip agonizes over messing things up with Stephanie.
Ep. #11025 44x75
Chloe tells Daniel it is over between them because of the promise she made to God. Philip continues his "blackmail" of Nicole. Brady tells Philip there is nothing going on between him and Nicole. At the hospital, Philip runs into Stephanie and she tells him she still loves him. Sami is back in Salem and drops by to see Johnny much to Nicole's dismay.
Ep. #11024 44x74
Nicole is still worried about EJ going head-to-head with the Kiriakis and he become extremely upset with her. Sami and Rafe share good-byes as the Secret Service detail ends. Bo asks Hope to come home again but to no avail. Lucas wakes up and doesn't remember anything after having a drink at the pub. Chloe thinks this is her chance to start over with Lucas.
Ep. #11023 44x73
Philip overhears Nicole and Brady discussing their secret but he doesn't get all the details and he thinks Nicole and Brady are having an affair. Philip even questions the paternity of Sydney. A heater causes an explosion at Daniel's apartment and Chloe doesn't think Lucas is breathing. She prays that if God lets Lucas live she will give up Daniel and marry Lucas. Lucas comes to and Daniel arrives and they bring him to the hospital where he has suffered no injuries from the explosion. Stephanie and Melanie get into a cat fight that is broken up by EJ. Later, Melanie goes to Stephanie and tells her that Philip still cares for Steph and was only using her for the fuel project. Nicole worries the the Kiriakis will come after them if EJ continues going after Melanie and the fuel project.
Ep. #11022 44x72
Stephanie catches Melanie and Philip making out on Maggie's kitchen table and forces Philip to choose and he chooses Melanie. Stephanie runs into Chelsea on the docks and tells her what happened and decides she isn't going to take any of this and she heads back to Maggie's, where she slaps Melanie. Nicole questions Brady's feelings for her but he denies their is any. Maggie tries to get Lucas to sober up before he goes off and confronts Chloe. Chloe is at Daniel's house and Lucas shows up and pounds on the door. A gas leak outside Daniel's apartment causes an explosion putting both Lucas and Chloe in danger.
Ep. #11021 44x71
Tony warns EJ about messing with the Kiriakis'. Philip puts the moves on Melanie and Stephanie catches them. Chelsea tells Stephanie that her and Max kissed and that their is something still between them, which Stephanie accepts. Daniel gets Kate's test results back and Kate is in remission. Chloe seeks advice from Father Matt and he tells her to pray. She asks God for helping choosing betweening Lucas and Daniel. Lucas continues to get drunk and Maggie rushes to stop him. When Maggie finds him she tells him that Chloe is having an affair with Daniel. Abe and Lexie bring Theo to his OT appointment.
Ep. #11020 44x70
Victor tells Philip that Brady was able to close a deal that had been one of Philip's clients. Victor also informs Philip that Brady will be handling PR on Melanie. Chloe has a converstation with a Priest. Lucas falls off the wagon. EJ informs Melanie that he has people working on figuring out the rest of the alternative fuel project. Philip thinks Brady is talking to EJ about the project. Philip confronts EJ at the DiMera Mansion.
Ep. #11019 44x69
Max and Chelsea share their feelings for each other and a kiss. Melanie encourages Philip to break up with Stephanie. Roman informs EJ that Sami isn't coming home just yet. Nicole is upset that EJ didn't inform her that the killer had been killed. Nicole has a nightmare that EJ has found out about the baby switch.
Ep. #11018 44x68
Hope has her hearing about Kayla's shooting. Kayla insists on testing on Hope's behalf. But Hope loses her badge anyway. EJ has the first part of what Melanie was able to write down from memory of the protype and it works. Philip catches EJ and Melanie on the docks. Brady realizes that he doesn't have all the information about Sydney. Mia calls Nicole asking about her baby and Nicole tells her to never call again. Max expresses how he feels about Philip to Chelsea and Stephanie over hears. Chelsea admits to Max that she has feelings for him.
Ep. #11017 44x67
Nicole is not pleased when EJ shows her the wedding announcement in the paper. Philip tells Brady and Stephanie that he fired Melanie. Max refuses to give Melanie the blueprint plans that Nick sent him. EJ gives Nicole $10,000 to spend on a wedding dress which she uses to pay back Brady. Sami see the announcement in the paper and realizes that her and Nicole gave birth on the same day. Brady confronts Dr. Baker. Melanie uses her photographic memory to copy half of the formula for EJ.
Ep. #11016 44x66
Philip catches Melanie breaking into a Titan computer to steal the blueprint. Brady gives Nicole that $10,000 to cover Dr. Baker and Victor walks in. Kate immediately assumes the Lucas was at fault for Lucas calling off the engagement. Chloe asks Daniel to run away with her. Nicole covers for being out of the house by buying a sleeping apnea monitor. Melanie refuses Max's help to get a lawyer to fight the injunction. Victor is furious with Philip for not having Melanie arrested. Max shows Melanie that Nick sent him the blueprints.
Ep. #11015 44x65
Dr. Baker demands $10,000 cash from Nicole or he will tell everything about the baby switch. Chloe ends her engagement with Lucas.
Ep. #11014 44x64
At a fundraiser for the hospital, someone donates $100,000 in Kate's name. Lucas donates a $1,000 for Chloe to sing. Lexie is able to diagnose Sydney with just some reflux. Stefano realizes that something is not right with how Nicole is acting. Lucas and Chloe set a Valentine's Day wedding. Philip gets an injunction to stop Melanie from proceeding with her plan to sell that patent to the DiMera's. Melanie calls EJ to meet her and he is none to pleased.
Ep. #11013 44x63
Hope visits Kayla at the hospital and Kayla tells her is wasn't her fault. Hope tells Kayla that Bo had a vision about the shooting and had told Steve about it. Sydney stops breathing and is rushed to the hospital. Nicole thinks she is being punished for her actions. Stephanie is not pleased with seeing Philip's other side. Hope tells Bo she is moving in with Doug and Julie at Alice's house because she needs time to think. Max warns Melanie about messing around with the Kiriakis' and DiMera's.
Ep. #11012 44x62
Brady tries to reason with Nicole. Melanie decides she wants to take the alternative fuel project to the DiMeras.
Ep. #11011 44x61
Maggie confronts Daniel on his affair with Chloe. Stefano meets his granddaughter. Hope is still upset with Bo over not telling her about his vision and starts to push him away.
Ep. #11010 44x60
Kayla needs emergency surgery after being shot and they will need to stop her heart. Melanie fantazies about Philip.
Ep. #11009 44x59
Hope accidently shoots Kayla when the Killer takes Kayla hostage. Hope is even more upset to learn that Bo knew because of his visions. Rafe gets the call that the Killer has been killed but Sami is not ready to leave yet. Philip and Stephanie are undressing when Steph gets the phone call about Kayla.
Ep. #11008 44x58
Kayla recognizes The Killer from a sketch Steve showed her and The Killer attacks her. Daniel helps Kayla sedate The Killer and Kayla calls Hope to come to the hospital. Bo has been desperately trying to keep Kayla and Hope seperate after the vision he had about Hope shooting Kayla. Nicole has to pull her plan together quickly because EJ has arrived home from Italy early. Rafe manages to make it back the convent but is bleeding from a stab wound. Sami books it out of the clinic because she worries someone might find out about the baby if she stays to long. Maggie rips into Chloe about cheating on Lucas but Chloe manages to convinces her not to tell Lucas yet.
Ep. #11007 44x57
Nicole convinces Dr. Baker to switch Mia and Sami's babies. Maggie catches Chloe with Daniel. Bo has another vision where Hope has accidently shot Kayla.
Ep. #11006 44x56
Sami gives birth to a baby girl and she is rushed from the room before Sami can see her. Kate annoys Daniel by dropping in on him again. Maggie gives Chloe advice on her relationship with Lucas.
Ep. #11005 44x55
Sami gives birth to her baby but things don't seem to go as planned. Melanie considers playing hardball with the patent. Max tells Philip to be nice to his sister or he will make sure she leaves Titan with the patent.
Ep. #11004 44x54
Nicole helps Mia give birth at her apartment. Sami and Sister Theresa rush to Dr. Baker where he tells he the baby is in distress.
Ep. #11003 44x53
Bo has more visions which lead him to want Hope for the murder investigation. Mia and Sami both go into labor.
Ep. #11002 44x52
John and Marlena renew their wedding vows and head off to Switzerland. EJ has to leave town to deal with business. Nicole arrives at the convent and overhears Sami's plans for her baby. Daniel and Chloe continue their romance.
Ep. #11001 44x51
Nicole is outraged when she learns Chloe knew that Sami was pregnant with EJ's baby. Rafe refuses to tell The Killer where Sami is hiding. Daniel nearly tells Lucas about him and Chloe.
Ep. #11000 44x50
Chloe gets a job offer in Canada. Charlotte attacks Marlena and John comes to her rescue. Sami calls Lucas which angers Chloe. Chloe accidently reveals that Sami is pregnant to Nicole.
Ep. #10999 44x49
Kayla informs John of Charlotte's odd behavior. Rafe tells Sami that Hilda was murdered and Sami informs him that Hilda had just visited her. Charlotte's figures out that the video was sent via e-mail to John. Nicole tries to cover her tracks when EJ questions her about the teen center. Marlena digs into Charlotte's past. Mia goes into false labor.
Ep. #10998 44x48
Melanie questions Maggie about EJ. Nicole finds out the sex of Mia's baby. Charlotte continues to act hostile towards Marlena. Later, Charlotte realizes someone has been on her computer and saw John's session. Tony realizes Nicole is up to something.
Ep. #10997 44x47
Nick says his goodbyes to his friends. Brady breaks into Charlotte's office and is surprised by what he finds. John calls Marlena, "Doc." Nicole brings Mia to the Mansion.
Ep. #10996 44x46
Chloe and Daniel make love and Kate shows up. At Nick's sentencing Melanie speaks up on his behalf. Nicole tells Mia the truth.
Ep. #10995 44x45
Lucas and Chloe's awkward engagment party continues. Chelsea and Max continue to fight off people thinking they are a couple.
Ep. #10994 44x44
Sami sneaks out as Rafe is asleep, to visit Sister Theresa. Daniel and Chloe are nearly caught making out by Lucas. Stephanie wonders what is going on between Chelsea and Max.
Ep. #10993 44x43
Lucas informs Chelsea that Kate and Daniel broke up. Sami attempts to use Rafe's phone but is interrupted by Hilda.
Ep. #10992 44x42
Brady refuses to help Nicole. John tells Dr. Taylor he will be doing the hypnotherapy though Marlena doesn't seem to trust her. Max and Chelsea discusses their situation.
Ep. #10991 44x41
Ep. #10990 44x40
Nicole tracks down the woman who was going to give up her baby. Theo is rushed to the hospital after his fall.
Ep. #10989 44x39
Nicole demands a second chance from Dr. Baker. Philip is warned about hurting Stephanie.
Ep. #10988 44x38
Nicole thinks her options maybe running out. Stephanie and Philip ring in the New Year together.
Ep. #10987 44x37
Ep. #10986 44x36
Ep. #10985 44x35
Ep. #10984 44x34
Ep. #10983 44x33
Ep. #10982 44x32
Ep. #10981 44x31
Ep. #10980 44x30
Ep. #10979 44x29
Ep. #10978 44x28
Ep. #10977 44x27
Ep. #10976 44x26
Ep. #10975 44x25
Ep. #10974 44x24
Ep. #10973 44x23
Ep. #10972 44x22
Ep. #10971 44x21
Ep. #10970 44x20
Ep. #10969 44x19
Ep. #10968 44x18
Ep. #10967 44x17
Ep. #10966 44x16
Ep. #10965 44x15
Ep. #10964 44x14
Ep. #10963 44x13
Ep. #10962 44x12
Ep. #10961 44x11
Ep. #10960 44x10
Ep. #10959 44x09
Ep. #10958 44x08
Ep. #10957 44x07
Ep. #10956 44x06
Ep. #10955 44x05
Ep. #10954 44x04
Ep. #10953 44x03
Ep. #10952 44x02
Ep. #10951 44x01

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