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Ep. #14028 2021x18

season 42

Ep. #10693 42x255
At Sami and Lucas’, EJ tells Sami that their marriage has to happen immediately because Stefano returning to Italy soon. Later EJ demands to see his son, Sami is able to convince him to let the baby spend one last night with his sister. After he leaves, EJ meets with Stefano, who insists that his grandson will not be raised by the Brady’s. Meanwhile, Sami has a vision of Colleen, who asks her about her feelings for EJ. As this is going on, Lucas goes to Stefano, in attempt to get him to stop the wedding between EJ and Sami. While they share a drink at the pub, Bo tries to convince Shawn not to rush in marriage. After vowing to Kate that he will steal Belle away from Shawn, he discovers that will be married on Thanksgiving.
Ep. #10692 42x254
At the Cheatin’ Heart, everybody is enjoying a party when Jett arrives with news that Ford’s rape case could get thrown out of court. Meanwhile, Ford arrives and when he asks Stephanie for a drink she promptly starts calling him a pig and starts having flashes of being raped. At Bo and Hope’s, she is able to calm Bo down after telling him about Belle’s affair. Elsewhere, Shawn learns why Belle wrote the letter to Commander Flynn and forgives her for doing so. He then announces that they should get married right away since they’ve waited long enough. Meanwhile, as Sami and Lucas spend time together with the twins, EJ shows up, demanding to take his son with him, but Sami refuses, stating he can see their son anytime he wants since he lives across the hall. He then says that once they get married tomorrow, she will too.
Ep. #10691 42x253
At the police station, Shawn meets with Bo and Commander Flynn about starting at the academy. After hearing that he won’t be starting right away because someone wrote a letter against him, Shawn immediately suspects Phillip is out to make him look bad in Belle’s eyes. Meanwhile, Phillip goes to the pub, looking to get Belle to admit she wants to be with him instead of with Shawn, but she refuses to play his games. Shawn eventually arrives and tells her about Phillip sending the letter to the commander and soon discovers it was Belle who wrote it. Elsewhere, Hope tells Kayla about that Belle slept with Phillip when Bo shows and finds out what happened.
Ep. #10690 42x252
At the DiMera mansion, Kate learns of Stefano’s plans to raise Sami’s son in Italy. Fearing that Sami won’t like his idea, Kate tells him to not make Sami angry. At Steve and Kayla’s, an angry EJ learns that they won’t let him see his son, even when he returns with Stefano. After finding EJ’s letter, Lucas fears that EJ and Stefano will keep him out of the boy’s life. At the college, everyone fears something bad happened to Morgan when she hasn’t returned from Ford’s dorm room yet. After finding out where Ford’s dorm room is at, Max and Jett go save Morgan and grab Ford. When they arrive back at the sorority house, Cordy identifies Ford as the campus rapist.
Ep. #10689 42x251
At the sorority house, Stephanie talks to Max about her new job at the Cheatin’ Heart and asks if he’s alright with it. Later, a drunken Ford shows up, and at seeing him, makes Cordy extremely uncomfortable. After Morgan decides to give him a ride home, Cordy eventually admits to Chelsea and Stephanie that Ford raped her. Elsewhere, Kate tells EJ that according to the DNA test results, the baby boy is his son. When he tells Kate that he wants to see his son, she lets him know that she doesn’t know where he is. Later, EJ gives Stefano the news that he is the father of Sami’s son. Meanwhile, Sami and Lucas get their divorce in Santo Domingo. Sami then gets a letter from EJ and learns that he is the father of her son.
Ep. #10688 42x250
At the pub, Marlena asks Bo and Hope to try and stop Sami’s wedding since John isn’t there to do that. After Bo tells her that he’ll talk to Sami for her, Marlena confides in Hope about the fantasies she has about killing EJ. At the hospital, Belle admits to Sami about sleeping with Phillip when she goes to ask for some marriage advice. Elsewhere, EJ and Kate put their plan into action. Later, Kate goes to the DiMera mansion to remind EJ that Lucas can never know about what they did. Back at the hospital, Bo unsuccessfully tries to convince Sami to not marry EJ.
Ep. #10687 42x249
At Steve and Kayla’s Stephanie shows up and has a heart to heart with her parents about Max’s relationship with Morgan. A little while later Steve calls Adrienne about giving Stephanie a job at the Cheatin’ Heart. At the warehouse, Nick rescues Chelsea, but then begin to panic when the bomb starts to beep. Oomar then shows up and leads them to safety. Billie and Jett then show up and Chelsea tells Jett that she’s back together with Nick. At the sorority house, Max is helping Cordy move her things when a drunken Ford shows up with another girl. Max then is able to throw him out and soon tells Morgan that he suspects the reason Cordy is leaving school has to with Ford.
Ep. #10686 42x248
At the hospital, Lucas tells Sami that he doesn’t want to go through with the divorce. However, when Sami has a nightmare that her family died if she didn’t marry EJ, she tries to make Lucas understand their divorce has to happen. While looking at the twins in the nursery, Kate reluctantly agrees to help EJ convince Lucas to give Sami her divorce. At the sorority house, Max tells Nick about what happened with Chelsea and they soon learn that she got set up by some unknown person. While Nick is looking for Chelsea, he gets a call from her kidnapper with instructions on how to get her back. Following their meeting, Nick gets locked in the same room as Chelsea and makes a startling discovery.
Ep. #10685 42x247
Ep. #10684 42x246
Ep. #10683 42x245
Ep. #10682 42x244
Ep. #10681 42x243
Ep. #10680 42x242
Ep. #10679 42x241
Ep. #10678 42x240
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Ep. #10675 42x237
As everybody continues to commend Sami for not backing down to EJ, Caroline finds a note from Shawn, saying he went to the hospital. She then shows the note to Bo and Hope, fearing he might do something rash. At the hospital however, Shawn tries to kill Andre, but can’t do it. Andre then reaches out and turns off his machines. When the doctors are able to get into the room, they are unable to save him. Later, Bo and Hope arrive and learn of Andre’s death and how Stefano blames Shawn. As EJ spies on Belle, he gets a call from Sami. Before leaving, he says to himself that Belle just got saved by her sister. Meanwhile, Belle realizes she locked her keys in the car and calls her parents for help. John and Marlena eventually arrive at where Belle parked her car and soon discover the passenger side door was unlocked. As they chuckle about it, a car slams into John and rushes off. After Marlena calls for help, she calls Sami to let her know about John, making her fear that the DiMera’s are behind what happened.
Ep. #10674 42x236
At the pub, Lucas calls a family meeting regarding Sami’s annulment. When she arrives, everybody makes her see that she’ll only be sacrificing herself and children, instead of ending the vendetta. Later, EJ arrives and when he hears the news, he begins making veiled threats about Will and causes Sami to panic. At the hospital, Shawn runs into Stefano when he goes to visit Andre. As they face off about the past, Stefano reveals that he used Shawn to destroy Colleen. After Shawn leaves, EJ walks in begging Stefano for help in getting Sami to marry him, but gets told to handle his problem alone. They eventually leave, giving Shawn the opportunity to sneak into Andre’s room with murder on his mind. At the Cheatin’ Heart, Phillip tells Belle of his plan to find out where Mrs. Meyers placed Tyler. However, Belle talks him out of it and tries talking to her for Phillip. After a little while, Belle leaves for class, unaware EJ is following her.
Ep. #10673 42x235
At the Cheatin’ Heart, Stephanie gets jealous when Morgan buys Max for five hundred dollars. As Morgan questions Chelsea about Max, Stephanie encourages Cordy to buy Ford for three hundred dollars, only to worry that he’s going to go on the date with her because she bought him. As Stephanie tries to warn Max about Morgan, Morgan tells Chelsea that because their auction was so successful, they’ve made it into the sorority. At the station, Kayla tells Steve that Pocket got taken away from them. Phillip and Mrs. Meyers eventually meets with them, letting them know that they could be charged with child endangerment. At the pub, Stefano gives Sami and Lucas their annulment papers after talking with EJ. After Stefano leaves, Lucas tries to convince Sami not to make a rash decision about ending their marriage. At hearing this, EJ confides in them that after Andre and Stefano die, he’ll make sure the vendetta continues.
Ep. #10672 42x234
At the hospital, Belle, Shawn, Billie, and Phillip talk about where Tyler could be. After some thinking, they realize that he must have been left at the hospital and that Tyler must be Pocket. Upon hearing this, Phillip rushes off to find his son. In another part of the hospital, Kayla and Steve arrive with a sick Pocket. Mrs. Meyers eventually arrives with news that the child services department is taking the baby away from them. At the Cheatin’ Heart, the majority of the frat guys aren’t interested in auctioning themselves off to help Stephanie and Chelsea. However, when the girls meet Ford Decker, he offers to help them out, as does Max. At hearing this, Morgan places a large bid on Max. Meanwhile, Sami and Lucas are arguing at the pub over her plan to divorce Lucas. It is at this point when Stefano arrives to talk to Shawn, but finds EJ there instead. As Stefano tells EJ that he had annulment papers drawn up for Sami and Lucas, they walk into the room and learn what he did.
Ep. #10671 42x233
In the Brady Pub, Sami cleans the kitchen up when EJ shows up, wanting to talk about their upcoming wedding. When he says that it has to be a real wedding to fulfill Santo’s final wishes, Sami refuses to go along with EJ’s plans and eventually throws him out of the kitchen. After he leaves, Hope walks into the kitchen and they have a heart to heart about why Sami is choosing to divorce Lucas to marry EJ and if they’re fated to be together. At the bar, EJ is fixing himself a drink when Tony walks in. As they talk about EJ’s feeling for Sami and how the vendetta has to end, EJ eventually decides to go along with Sami’s plan for how they plan to spend their married life together. At the hospital, Phillip watches as the doctors’ work on saving Lauren, hoping she will survive and let him know about where the baby is at. However, all she is able to tell Phillip is that he is alive. Phillip then goes to Shawn’s room to let him and Belle know that Lauren died. Billie eventually shows up to discuss why she was back in Salem and they begin to suspect that Phillip’s son could be somewhere in Salem.
Ep. #10670 42x232
At the Cheatin’ Heart, Adrienne and Kayla are talking about Steve when Phillip shows up to talk to Belle about his search for Tyler. When it sounds like Phillip is getting ready to give up his search, Belle encourages him not to quit. Meanwhile, Shawn spots Lauren at the hospital and calls Phillip. Upon his arrival at the hospital, Lauren runs when she spots Phillip and ends up falling down the stairs. Elsewhere, Will confronts Sami about her plans to divorce Lucas and marry EJ. When she explains her plans and how it should end the vendetta, Will surprises Lucas and Sami by saying he supports her decision. At the police station, Stefano arrives, intent on making sure the cops throw the book at Steve. Kayla eventually shows up and stands up to Stefano, saying he should do right by Benjy’s memory and drop the charges against Steve.
Ep. #10669 42x231
At the pub, EJ and Sami talk about their upcoming wedding. Lucas eventually walks in and sees them together, but leaves without confronting them. Eventually EJ and Sami start arguing and she calls off their wedding, saying that Lucas is the man that she’ll always love. At the police station, a furious Stefano tells Steve that while he may have saved Roman, he got Hope killed since Andre escaped with her as a hostage. As Steve gets arrested, EJ arrives and talks to Stefano about what Andre’s actions means to their plans. On the roof, Bo tries to get Andre to accept his deal if he were to let Hope go. However, Andre refuses and Bo shoots him, ultimately causing Andre to fall off the roof. In serious condition, Andre gets taken to the hospital. In Roman’s room, Sami goes to visit him and they talk about EJ’s plan to end the vendetta when Lucas and Will show up. Meanwhile, Max shows up at the Cheatin’ Heart, to ask Adrienne for a job as a bartender. While he’s there, Stephanie and Chelsea ask Max if he’d participate in their auction.
Ep. #10668 42x230
After getting called to the sorority house, Chelsea and Stephanie learn that the pledges will be competing in a contest to raise the most money for the charity of the house’s choice. Morgan then gives the girls an extra incentive by saying that the team that raises the most money will automatically become sorority sisters. Stephanie and Chelsea then go to the Cheatin’ Heart to think of a fundraising idea. At the hospital, Bo, Hope and Lucas find out that Andre decided to defuse the bomb on Roman and plans on taking him to Steve at the news station. As everybody meets up at the station, a confident Andre gloats that the vendetta will never end since EJ and Sami won’t get the chance to marry. When Bo tries to attack Andre, he takes Hope hostage and eventually flees with her. Back at the pub, EJ and Sami are tied up in the kitchen, where Andre turned the gas on. EJ is eventually able to get them free, but is unable to turn the gas off before passing off. After turning the gas off, Sami holds EJ in her arms, begging him to hold on.
Ep. #10667 42x229
Outside the hospital, Kate stops Lucas and tries to make him understand that she was not part of Stefano and EJ’s plan to have Sami divorce him. Not believing her, Lucas tells her that he plans on changing his last name from Roberts to Horton and that he’s cutting out of his life. At the cemetery, Hope arrives and learns of Benjy’s death and how Steve is taking it. When Bo finds Stefano’s guard walking toward him, he realizes that Steve is now with Stefano. Back at the hospital, a furious Steve tells Stefano that Andre killed Benjy. He then leaves the hospital with Stefano and when Bo and Hope arrive, they wonder where Steve took him. It is at this point when they see Steve on the news, demanding Roman’s safe return or else. Meanwhile Andre shows up with Roman and sets the detonator on the bomb. When Sami tries to think of a way to save her father, everyone sees Steve holding Stefano hostage on the news, demanding Andre to bring Roman to him or Stefano dies.
Ep. #10666 42x228
When Bo arrives at the cemetery, he learns of Benjy’s death. Since he and Abe are worried of what Steve might do in retaliation, Abe decided to post a guard outside Stefano’s hospital room. EJ then shows up to talk to Bo and finds out that Benjy was killed. He then tells Bo that Roman should be arriving home soon and they then start discussing the vendetta. When EJ tells Bo that Sami plans on marrying him to end the feud between their families, Bo refuses to let Sami do that. Meanwhile, Sami tells an unhappy Lucas about how she’s going to marry EJ in order to save her father and end the vendetta. Andre eventually shows up with Roman, who has a bomb strapped to his chest. Meanwhile, Kate goes to see Stefano at the hospital, wanting answers to how Sami and EJ are going to end the vendetta. Lucas eventually shows up and seeing his mother with Stefano, thinks she was in on the DiMera’s plan to get Sami with EJ. Steve soon shows up, trying to get past the guard to see Stefano.
Ep. #10665 42x227
Ep. #10664 42x226
Ep. #10663 42x225
Ep. #10662 42x224
Ep. #10661 42x223
Ep. #10660 42x222
Ep. #10659 42x221
Ep. #10658 42x220
Ep. #10657 42x219
Ep. #10656 42x218
Ep. #10655 42x217
Ep. #10654 42x216
Ep. #10653 42x215
Ep. #10652 42x214
Ep. #10651 42x213
Ep. #10650 42x212
Ep. #10649 42x211
Ep. #10648 42x210
Ep. #10647 42x209
Ep. #10646 42x208
Ep. #10645 42x207
Ep. #10644 42x206
Ep. #10643 42x205
As Steve and Kayla visit with Hope at her house, Benjy arrives, wanting to tell Bo that someone is following him and fears that Stefano is out to hurt him. Hope promptly decides to let him hide out with her and Bo, but when he goes to put his car in the garage, he never returns. When Steve goes to investigate, he finds a bloody shirt that belongs to Benjy. As a doctor checks out Roman, Bo catches EJ when he arrives in Stefano’s room, begging him to donate part of his liver to Stefano. Stefano eventually agrees to turn Andre in and lets Bo know where he can be found. Later, Bo gets a call from Sami, letting him know that something might have happened to Lucas when he went after Andre. While Sami is waiting for Bo and her father to show up, a Gym worker orders her to leave when EJ shows up to help Sami out, only to be caught by Andre. Back at the hospital, Stefano has a ghostly visit by his father.
Ep. #10642 42x204
At the pub, Max and Stephanie talk about their kiss while Jeremy asks Jett for help in going to the cops about his smuggling operation. Elsewhere, Sami and Lucas try unsuccessfully to get the folio from Andre at the Salem Gym. After they cause a scene, Roman gets called and orders Sami and Lucas to go home or else. Later at Bo’s, Roman arrives to talk to his brother about Stefano’s imminent death. Bo then comes up with a plan to use EJ to get Stefano to turn Andre in. At the hospital, as EJ gets prepped for the liver transplant when Bo and Roman arrive to arrest him. When Bo goes to break the bad news to Stefano, EJ stabs Roman with a sedative.
Ep. #10641 42x203
Ep. #10640 42x202
At the pub, Bo, Hope, and the other continue to read Santo and Colleen’s letters. In a flashback to Santo’s hotel room, Colleen almost gets caught when Sister Mary Anne arrives, requesting a donation to the church by Santo. She then asks him if he has seen Colleen that night and becomes suspicious when he says no. Later, the sister notices Colleen’s scarf and ten toes under a curtain and decides to leave. After Sister Mary Anne leaves, Colleen fears she was found out and decides to leave after realizing she shamed her family. Upon her return to the church, Father Mallory and Sister Mary Anne demand answers about her time spent with Santo. At the hospital, EJ comes to visit Lucas and Sami when he gets a call from Tony regarding Stefano’s declining health. He then goes to visit his father when Kate comes to check on Lucas. During her visit, she gets a call from Stefano, asking her to pick up a folio from Andre.
Ep. #10639 42x201
At Bo and Hope’s, John and Marlena, and Doug and Julie arrive to read more of the letters written by Santo and Colleen. After reading one of Colleen’s letters, Marlena mentions that maybe Sami’s interpretation of Colleen’s intentions where correct. There is then a flashback to when Colleen when to visit Santo in his hotel room and how she asked Shawn to lie to Sister Mary Ann and Father Malory about where she is going later that night. Meanwhile, Belle and Shawn continue to argue about moving over the pub and why Phillip is willing to let them stay at the mansion rent-free. Belle then goes over to talk to him to about why he wants to be apart of Claire’s life now that Lauren is keeping his son away from him. At hearing this, Belle goes back over to Shawn and agrees to his plan to move into the pub, but with one condition: that Phillip can continue to be apart of Claire’s life.
Ep. #10638 42x200
Upon Belle’s arrival at the pub for her romantic dinner with Shawn, she learns of his newest plan: moving out of Philip’s place and into the pub and become the night mangers. At hearing this, Belle refuses to go along with his plan and tells Shawn that she has no intention of moving Claire out of the stable environment of Philip’s house. In Vegas, Stephanie demands answers about what his business is and learns that he is transporting illegal aliens and is trying to make things right. He then goes on to proclaim his love for Stephanie, which catches her off guard at first. In the elevator, Max learns that Jenna got paid by Mr. Lowell to pay him back. Meanwhile in the suite, Chelsea learns that Nick has to take care of China Lee’s kids while she’s in jail. She then yells at him for putting everybody else’s problems over their own relationship and dumps him. Later, Max escapes the elevator and makes his way to the suite. Learning of Nick’s predicament, Max offers to help him out.
Ep. #10637 42x199
In their suite, Kayla disappoints Steve when she won’t let him watch Pocket while she goes to discharge Roman from the hospital. After she leaves, Steve calls Adrienne for some parenting advice. At the hospital, Roman and Bo talk about how to catch Andre before Kayla arrives to discharge him with strict orders on when he can return to work. Back at the suite, Kayla apologizes to Steve for not trusting him enough to watch the baby. In Vegas, Chelsea asks Stephanie about her feelings for Max, despite going out with Jeremy. Elsewhere, Jett tries to explain his actions to Chelsea. In the suite, Nick finds out that China Lee got arrested and is less than thrilled at having to watch her kids.
Ep. #10636 42x198
When Tony sees EJ unhappily sitting at the bar in the Brady pub, he goes to see what’s wrong. When EJ tells him that he wants to find a way to get Sami to love him, Tony suggests using the folio Andre stole in Ireland as leverage. At the hospital, Sami is less than thrilled when a good looking nurse comes to give Lucas a sponge bath and talks her into checking on the other patients while she takes care of her husband. Later, EJ arrives with news on how to end the vendetta. In Vegas, China Lee agrees to give Nick his annulment. In the hot tub, Stephanie and Max almost get caught by Jeremy and Jett.
Ep. #10635 42x197
At the hotel suite, Chelsea and Stephanie talk about what happened on the plane and then about how Jeremy possibly is cheating. Chelsea then gets a surprise when she finds Nick there with China Lee and her sons. When Chelsea learns that Nick plans on winning the cash to give to China Lee, she tries to talk him out of it. Meanwhile, Jeremy asks Jett to be honest with him after his and Max’s confrontation with Rawlings. Elsewhere, Max goes to check on Stephanie and they eventually share a kiss. At the hospital, Sami and Lucas have several run-ins with Nurse Crimmins while Roman and Anna have a heart to heart about her relationship with Tony. In another part of the hospital, Tony has a run in with Stefano and Dr. Rolf.
Ep. #10634 42x196
On their way to Vegas, Stephanie has a run-in with a passenger who starts harassing her. While she is trying to deal with him, Jett tries to get Max to implicate Jeremy in what he is flying to Vegas, but Max refuses to cooperate. Meanwhile, the passenger starts to get rough with Stephanie, and Max starts to beat him up to save Stephanie. In their suite, Steve takes care of Pocket while Kayla goes through Stephanie’s old baby clothes. At the hospital, Lucas regains consciousness while Roman and Sami fill Kate in on how Lucas was saved; unaware that EJ is listening in on their conversation. EJ then goes to check on Lucas and offers to let Sami stay with him while Lucas is recovering but gets shot down. Later, Roman warns EJ to back of Sami and Lucas.
Ep. #10633 42x195
After talking to Stephanie outside the pub, Jeremy comes clean to Max when he comes outside. Hearing Jeremy’s side of what’s been going on in Vegas, Max tries to convince him to talk to the cops, but Jeremy is hesitant to do so. As Steve and Kayla get the baby settled into the suite, Stephanie stops by and gets a little jealous that they’re foster parents. After she runs out, Steve goes out to have a heart to heart with Stephanie. Back inside the pub, Chelsea and Nick confront China Lee about her blackmail attempt and soon wonder how they’ll get rid of China Lee once and for all. As Bo detonates the bomb in the truck, Hope is able to open the tabernacle, and immediately gets attacked by Andre.
Ep. #10632 42x194
At the hospital, Kayla is able to convince the CPS woman to let her and Steve to become foster parents to the baby with the help of Abe and Lexie. When Abe and the woman make the arrangements for them, Steve lets Kayla know how unhappy his about Kayla springing becoming foster parents on him. After a while, she agrees that it would be a bad idea to do this, but eventually agrees to take the baby in. When Billie and Phillip return to Lauren’s apartment, they smell perfume, but before they can investigate, Belle and Shawn arrive to let them know about what Shawn knows about Lauren. After Phillip finds out that Shawn got involved to help Mimi out, Phillip gets furious and lashes out at Shawn and says at least one of them is able to provide for Belle and Claire. When Phillip goes to make a call to the detective helping him and Billie out, Shawn tells Belle that they should move out since he made things worse with Phillip. In Ireland, Bo and Hope arrive at the church and find Tony disguised as a nun. When they try to open the tabernacle, a boy shows up to let them know the father will see them soon and eventually leaves. They soon discover he forgot his backpack and discover a toy truck in it and that it is ticking.
Ep. #10631 42x193
After Shawn arrives at the pub, Belle eventually tells him the truth about who bought her all the clothes. At first Belle is surprised that Shawn isn’t mad, but eventually agrees with him when he says that Phillip is trying to be the one to take care of her and Clare. Shawn then admits that he was going to Indianapolis and what he was doing with Lauren. Meanwhile, Billie and Phillip break into Lauren’s apartment in Indianapolis and find some baby things. When Phillip tells Billie that he suspects Shawn is helping Lauren to keep him distracted when it comes to Belle, but Billie tells him not to think like that. After they leave the apartment Lauren sneaks back in. Realizing that he left his phone in the apartment, Phillip and Billie return to find it. Back in Salem Kayla asks Abe if she and Steve can be foster parents to a baby left at the hospital. In the alley, Sami and EJ return to the truck where Lucas is stuck in. After Lucas makes some noise inside, Sami and EJ are able to save him. EJ then tries to convince what happened was Andre’s doing and that he is going to talk to Stefano about it.
Ep. #10630 42x192
After finding Shawn on the beach, Belle again asks him about where he was on the 4th, and he promptly gets mad to think Belle suspects he is apart of the blackmail plot against Phillip. Shawn then explains that Mimi called him that day to let him know that their divorce is finalized. Shawn then suggests that Belle go get them a table at the pub and he’ll catch up in a few minutes. After she left, Shawn meets with Lauren about her blackmail plans. At the pub, John, Marlena, Bo, and Hope learn the key opens a tabernacle in Ireland. Later, Belle arrives and tells her parents about her plans to go back to school. As they talk, Marlena tells her that she should be honest about where the clothes came from. While Lucas and Sami visit Roman in the hospital, he gets a text message from Kate and goes to meet her. After he leaves, Roman tells Sami that she should leave ending the feud to the rest of the Brady’s. Meanwhile, Lucas gets caught in a trap by EJ and when Sami learns that Kate hasn’t talked to Lucas for a while, she fears something bad happened to her husband.
Ep. #10629 42x191
After visiting with Roman at the hospital, Belle tells Shawn she wants to go back to school to become a nurse. Thinking it’s a bad idea since she won’t be able to spend time with Claire, Shawn tries to talk Belle out of that, but she refuses to listen to his arguments, saying that Shawn’s feelings are a result of competing for her with Phillip. In another part of the hospital, Phillip meets with Billie with a note from the blackmailer regarding his son. After some investigation, they are able to discover a pill bottle in a photo with the name Kiriakis on it. It is at this point when Belle and Shawn come across Phillip and fills them in on what’s going on. At hearing what’s going on, Shawn gets nervous. Seeing how he reacted to the news, Belle asks Shawn if he know what’s going on, but is told no. While Nick and Chelsea are talking on the beach, they get an unexpected visit by China Lee with surprising news. Outside the pub, Lexie and Abe have a heart to heart about their relationship.
Ep. #10628 42x190
While walking on the pier, Nick runs into Stephanie. When he tells her that he got questioned by the cops in Vegas about Jeremy, Stephanie promptly defends Jeremy to Nick before walking away. Later, when she talks to Jeremy, she lets him know that she found out that cops are investigating him Vegas. As this is going on, Kate meets with Chelsea and they talk for a little while before Kate gives Chelsea the money from Nick. After Chelsea thanks her for the money, Kate suggests she forgive Billie and Nick for what happened. Nick then shows up and they go to the beach to talk. At the hospital, Jett arrives to check on an unconscious Roman and finds Abe there. They then start talking for a little while before going to the pub, where Abe runs into Lexie. Later, Kate arrives to see Roman and tells him about what happened with Stefano. It is at this point when Roman wakes up and can’t believe what Kate told him.
Ep. #10627 42x189
At the mansion, Stephanie lets her parents know she plans on moving in with Adrienne. After she leaves, Steve feels it is his fault for Stephanie’s recent actions. As everybody continues to read Santo and Colleen’s letters, Tony arrives to tell them about Bart’s death. When Tony, John, and Bo arrive at the DiMera mansion, they get surprised at finding Kate there with Stefano.
Ep. #10626 42x188
At the pub, Bo, Hope, Doug, Julie, Marlena, and John read the latest batch of Santo and Colleen’s letters. In flashbacks, Santo reveals to Colleen that his wife died recently and is now free to pursue who and what makes him happy. Santo then challenges Colleen to kiss him before he will let her walk away. They then get into an argument and Santo accidentally falls over the cliff and gets saved by Colleen. At the mansion, Tony drugs Stefano with some morphine in an attempt to steal the key. When it looks like he’s going to get out of the mansion with out being noticed, Tony gets stopped by Bart and Stefano is able to snatch the key away from him and throws it to Bart, who in turns swallows the key. At this point Andre shows up and duels with Tony. On the pier, EJ is drinking his problems away and dreams of being with Sami when Kate shows up. After making some cryptic remarks to Kate about Lucas, he decides to get rid of Lucas to have a clear shot at a future with Sami.
Ep. #10625 42x187
Back at the pub, Stephanie meets with Jeremy to let him know she is moving out and would like to live with him. After he tells her that it would be a bad idea to move in together right now, Stephanie decides to call her aunt Adrienne to see if she could move in with her. On the pier, Nick shows up to see Chelsea. After finding out what Jett told her about Jeremy, he offers to help Chelsea out in her mission. Jeremy then shows up with her paycheck and advises her not to believe all the rumors about him. As Roman gets taken to the operating room, Sami decides to pay Stefano and Andre a visit to finish the feud once and for all, but gets stopped by EJ. Marlena and Lucas then show up at the mansion and tell Sami that killing Stefano won’t help her twins. At hearing this, Sami decides to hold a family meeting to find out how the vendetta started.
Ep. #10624 42x186
At the pub, Steve confronts Jeremy on his rap sheet and refuses to hear Jeremy’s explanation. When he tries to get Stephanie to dump Jeremy because of his past, Stephanie tells her father that she has no intention of doing what he says and that she already knew about Jeremy’s past and reminds Steve that he has a past he isn’t proud of either and then walks away. On the pier, Jett tries to talk Chelsea into spying on Stephanie to find out what she knows about Jeremy, but she is reluctant to get her friend in trouble. At hearing that Jeremy may take Stephanie down with him, Chelsea reluctantly agrees to help out. She later runs into Stephanie and learns she plans on moving out on her own. At the hospital, Nick confronts Kate and lets him know he got fired. In Romans’ room, Belle and Sami talk about bringing down the DiMera’s for what they did to Roman. Later, some monitors go off and Roman has to be taken in to emergency surgery.
Ep. #10623 42x185
At the police station, numerous reporters arrive for the latest news on Roman’s condition as paramedics prepare to transport him to the hospital. At the pub, Steve and Kayla talk while they wait for Jeremy and Stephanie to show up. While talking about raising another child, Steve lets Kayla know that he had Bo do a background check on Jeremy when he shows up with Stephanie. Later Bo show up with what he found on Jeremy and tells Steve and Kayla about what happened to Roman. At Sami’s apartment, Nick lets Sami and Lucas know he made a mistake on the earlier DNA test on the twins and that EJ isn’t the father. They then get news on Roman’s stabbing and rush to the hospital. On the pier, Chelsea is confronted by Jett and learns that he is an ISA agent and investigating Jeremy.
Ep. #10622 42x184
As Chelsea walks into the pub, she finds Jett and Danielle talking. Furious to think the pair is still playing her for a fool, Chelsea promptly confronts them, when Jett and Danielle try to explain what’s going on. Not wanting to hear their excuses, Chelsea storms off and Danielle tells Jett that he should go find her before Chelsea talks to someone else. Back in Vegas, Nick remembers the night before and starts counting his money when Max staggers into the suite. Max then tells Nick about what’s going on with Jeremy when Nick remembers that he got the results of paternity test of Sami twins. Back in Salem, Roman calls Stefano’s plane and vows he won’t get away with harming Sami and her twins, with Lucas and EJ making similar threats. Tony then arrives, offering to help. Elsewhere, Bo and Lexie catch who they think is Andre, only to discover it may be Tony instead. After he calls Roman to let him know what’s going on, the real Andre pulls a knife on Roman and stabs him. On Stefano’s plane, Bart stops Dr. Rolf before the procedure begins to let them know the twins aren’t a match for Stefano.
Ep. #10621 42x183
In the casino, Chelsea argues with Nick over his marriage proposal. After insisting she has no intention of marrying him, Nick tells Chelsea that it doesn’t matter to him, he’ll just find someone else to marry. While this is going on, Stephanie confronts Jeremy about his one night stand. He explains that Chelsea got it all wrong, he was just helping that girl get to Vegas, and Stephanie promptly believes him. Later, when Chelsea is talking to Jett, Nick runs into a girl named China Lee and asks her to help make Chelsea think they’re getting married. Up in Max’s room, he tries to get Ilsa to talk to him about how she knows Jeremy, but she is hesitant to do so. He then gets attacked by some thugs and soon gets questioned by Jeremy’s partner. Back in Salem, Lexie arrives at the police station and agrees to help Roman, Bo, and John in trapping Andre. After sending a text message to him, Bo leaves to go trap Andre at the docks. At Sami’s apartment, Lucas and the others are waiting on news about where Stefano took Sami when Tony arrives to let them know Stefano is holding her captive on his private jet, intending to take the twins stem cells over international waters.
Ep. #10620 42x182
In Vegas, when Max notices Jeremy following Ilsa, he decides to tail them. When he overhears Jeremy furiously tell Ilsa that she should be doing her job and avoid the casino, Max confronts them to find out what’s going on. At hearing this, Jeremy asserts that he has no idea why Ilsa is in town, but Max doesn’t believe him and tells him that he wants to end their partnership. In another part of the casino, Chelsea tries to convince Nick not to gamble when she finds him at a blackjack table, but gets the brush off. Nick then meets a gambler named Pete, who soon helps him win $50,000. Meanwhile, Chelsea finds Stephanie sitting at a bar and decides to let her know Jeremy’s been cheating on her, but she refuses to believe Chelsea. In Salem, Kayla tries to convince Steve that they should adopt a child, but he thinks it would be a bad idea. However, after working on him for a little while, Kayla finally gets Steve to consider it. Elsewhere, Shawn surprises Belle when he proposes to her. At first she is hesitant to accept, but soon decides to do the proposing and is happy when Shawn says yes.
Ep. #10619 42x181
In Vegas, Chelsea is less than thrilled at seeing Nick. He then starts questioning her about why she’s with Jett when they were supposed to have a date. She then asks what happened to make Nick act so strangely and is told by Jeremy that he took a bump to the head. Nick then goes to his room, not to rest, but change and goes down to the casino. Meanwhile, Max runs into Ilsa, who is there with an older guy, who starts a fight when Max tries to talk to her. Jeremy then shows up and gives Max some more money, and to Stephanie as well. When she tries to suggest they make plans to have dinner with her parents, Jeremy blows her off. Back in Salem, Phillip asks Billie for help regarding his mysterious phone calls. He then meets with Belle at the pub and surprises her with some clothes. While this is going on, Shawn is talking to Bo about proposing to Belle. Shawn then arrives at the pub to pick up Belle and take her to the beach, where he proposes. At Sami’s, she and Lucas think there’s a bomb in EJ’s briefcase when they hear beeping in it. When EJ opens it up, they get knocked out when a gas sprays out of it. After regaining consciousness, EJ and Lucas discover that Sami is gone and soon learn that she was taken by Stefano.
Ep. #10618 42x180
Upon his arrival in Vegas, Nick barges onto Jeremy’s plane, surprising him. It doesn’t take long for Jeremy to see how strange Nick is acting and soon finds out what’s going on when Maggie calls him about Nick and promises to keep an eye on him. At the suite, Jett and Chelsea are in the hot tub when he tries to explain about how he was using her to get over Danielle. They then get caught in the tub by Nick and Jeremy. At the hospital, EJ confronts Andre and Stefano. As Stefano distracts EJ, Andre is able to sneak something into EJ’s briefcase before he leaves. Tony then arrives and vows to stop their reign of terror. At Sami’s, Roman tries to convince Sami and Lucas to go to a safe house, but they refuse, saying that they don’t want to run. At hearing this, Roman reluctantly agrees, but he is going to post more guards outside. EJ then arrives to apologize for what Stefano did to them. He and Lucas then start arguing when EJ notices something beeping in his briefcase. When Bo and Hope find out that Tony is back, Hope tells Bo that Roman won’t like that, but he is certain Roman won’t have a problem with it. Later, when Roman arrives at the pub to see them, he gets a call that Andre escaped from the hospital.
Ep. #10617 42x179
On their way to Vegas, Max asks Jeremy again to see the merchandise when they land, but Jeremy says no since it’s the same as last time. Later, Max lets Jett know about Jeremy shooting him down about looking at the cargo. Elsewhere, Stephanie continues to bug Chelsea about the feelings she has for Jett. Shortly after that, Max finds Chelsea to let her know about Jeremy cheating on Stephanie. Back in Salem, Bo and Hope are reading some more of Santo’s letters to Colleen, and are soon taken back to a shore where Colleen took Shawn to play with Stefano. While the boys are playing, they talk about Colleen’s calling to the church and what the world outside Ireland is like. Later that night, Colleen meets Santo again and the pair share a kiss. At Sami’s, she realizes that there is a bomb in with the flowers. Nick then pushes Sami inside the apartment, and she has Lucas call for help after the bomb goes off. Nick eventually regains consciousness and only remembers his date with Chelsea. After sneaking out of the apartment, Nick calls Hope to find out where Chelsea is at and decides to follow her to Vegas when he finds out she is there.
Ep. #10616 42x178
On the island, Marlena and Tony continue to reminisce when Anna shows up. At first she is excited to see him but eventually pulls a gun on him, certain this is a fake Tony. He eventually is able to answer some questions correctly and proves he is really Tony and not a fake. After this, he agrees to go back home to help the Brady’s put an end to their family’s feud. While Max is working at the pub, Stephanie walks over to him and asks if he is going to go on with them later that night to Vegas. Max then tells her that he plans on pulling out of his partnership because he doesn’t trust him. At this point Jeremy shows up and when he finds out about Max’s plans, is able to talk him out of it. Elsewhere, Nick and Chelsea are enjoying a night together on the beach when Jett shows up, asking Chelsea to get ready for another flight. Nick and Chelsea eventually get into an argument about her job and she soon leaves him. She then leaves to get ready for work and Nick gets a call from the lab with the results of Sami’s paternity test and rushes over to tell them the results.
Ep. #10615 42x177
As John and Marlena get ready to take off, Anna barges into the jet, determined to go and identify Tony for them. After they eventually arrive on the island, Anna gets held up when the heel of her shoe gets stuck in the sand. When John and Marlena arrive at a shelter, they think it might be Tony’s, but begin to wonder since nobody is there. Tony eventually rushes there after finding a plane on the island and is elated at seeing Marlena there. After introducing John, they get down to business about how to end the vendetta between his family and the Brady’s. Back in Salem, Dr. Rolfe brings Stefano to the pub to be questioned by Bo. Shawn eventually walks in and says that the feud will never end and leaves after Stefano makes a startling revelation. Stefano then vows that the feud will end the way he wants and leaves. As Sami talks to Hope about her feelings toward EJ, he arrives at Sami’s apartment in an attempt to make peace with Lucas. When Sami returns home, she learns of their deal and then spends a romantic evening with Lucas; unaware Dr. Rolfe is leaving a vase of flowers outside their door.
Ep. #10614 42x176
On the roof, Bo is filling John and EJ in on what happened with Andre when Phillip arrives, asking for help with some mysterious phone calls he’s been receiving. Bo then tells Phillip that since he’s not being blackmailed, call a P.I. for help. Not long after Phillip leaves, Roman arrives with Bart and they find a map of the South Pacific on his back. John then says he will go to the island to see if Tony is there. At the pub, Belle asks Shawn why he didn’t go to the interview and he tells her that he didn’t want to leave her and Claire alone while being on the road 5 days a week. Phillip eventually shows up and tells Belle that Shawn didn’t even go to Cleveland. Elsewhere, Marlena, Hope and Sami read through more of Santo’s letters to Colleen. When they start wondering what Santo looked like, John arrives to tell Marlena about his trip and to give Sami an envelope with a picture. When they open it, Sami is shocked to discover Santo looks like EJ.
Ep. #10613 42x175
In Vegas, as Jeremy asks Max what Jett was questioning him about, Chelsea breaks the news about Danielle to Jett. Mad that she went snooping around in his personal life; Jett tells Chelsea off and goes to make a call. Chelsea then finds him on the plane and Jett soon apologizes to her. Back at the suite, Jeremy and Stephanie are enjoying themselves in the hot tub. At the pub, EJ calls Tony to set up a meeting, hoping he can help Bo and Roman in catching Tony. After Bo leaves, Sami arrives, and is less than thrilled at seeing EJ at the pub. They then start talking and agree to be civil to one another. Meanwhile, Tony and Bart arrive on the roof, hoping to trap EJ, and are immediately caught by Bo. After Bo gets Bart to leave, he tells Tony that he knows that he’s Andre and that he intends to arrest him, but Andre threatens to jump and the Brady’s will never know what island Tony’s on. He then slips and when Bo tries to save him. Andre then says “Bart’s back” and falls to the ground when Bart arrives to help. Upon Bo’s arrival back at the pub, he tells Roman and EJ what happened and what Andre said. At hearing this, EJ figures out the clue to where Tony is at is on Bart’s back.
Ep. #10612 42x174
On the plane, Max asks Jeremy to see what he’s transporting in the trunks and shows him one that has clothes in it. After Max leaves, Jeremy’s partner asks him what if Max wants to see what’s in the other trunks, but is told not to worry about that. In the suite, Stephanie and Chelsea find out that Danielle is married and Chelsea promptly decides to tell Jett that he’s been lied to. Back in Salem, Bo, Hope, John, Marlena, Roman and Kayla are discussing the possibility that Andre is passing himself off as Tony. Later, Anna walks in and says that she knew after kissing Tony that he wasn’t the same man she was married to. Meanwhile, Stefano meets Tony in his car and is less than thrilled at hearing of EJ’s “death.” Steve eventually gets in the car and lets Stefano know that EJ is fine and lets them know that the Brady’s think Andre is pretending to be Tony. At hearing this, Tony orders him to get out his car and Steve promptly goes back inside the pub with a hair sample for John to run a DNA sample on to find out who Tony really is.
Ep. #10611 42x173
At the safe house where, Tony and Bart tie EJ up to the bed and rig up a gun to go off when the door opens. Not long after this, John and Steve show up to check things out, and Steve is able to save EJ before John opens the front door. When Roman shows up to where Sami, Lucas, and Marlena are at, they are shocked to learn that EJ saved them from Tony and Bart’s trap. Before being taken to the new safe house, Lucas has a heart to heart with Kayla about EJ. Meanwhile, Roman confides in Marlena that Anna believes that an imposter is posing as Tony. As they are leaving the safe house, Bart tells Tony he doesn’t think Stefano will take EJ’s death well since he was his favorite child, but Tony doesn’t care what Stefano will think. After having a run in with Jeremy at Bo and Hope’s house, Max begins to suspect he is up to no good. He later finds Chelsea and shares his suspicions with her. He then runs into Jeremy again when their plane takes off for Las Vegas and vows to find out what he’s transporting in his trunks.
Ep. #10610 42x172
As Anna kisses Tony outside the pub, EJ is inside; trying to convince Roman that Tony is trying to use him to find out where Sami and Lucas are. Once Anna leaves him alone, Tony has Bart disable the alarm in Roman’s car so he can break in to download the GPS system in it to his PDA. It is at this point when Tony and Bart are confronted by EJ and the promptly kidnap him. When Marlena visits with Lucas and Sami at the safe house, she tells them about Grandpa Shawn going back to Ireland to face his past. At hearing this, Sami blames herself for bringing up the past. As Marlena tells Sami to not give Stefano the babies’ stem cells, she gets a call and gets ready to take them to a new safe house. In Ireland, Shawn admits to Bo and Hope that he is to blame for Colleen’s death.
Ep. #10609 42x171
When Bo, Hope, and Roman arrive at the pub, they find an upset Caroline and the note Shawn left her. After some investigation, Bo and Hope discover Shawn went to Ireland and decide to follow him there. Before leaving, they tell Roman to work on ending the feud with the DiMera’s. While they’re talking, Anna shows up, looking to have breakfast with Roman. He gets rid of her for the time being, and soon has a meeting with EJ about how to end the feud between their families. Later, when Anna goes back to the pub, she runs into Tony, who is spying on Roman from his car. He tries to get her to leave, but Anna soon pulls Tony into a kiss. Meanwhile, after Shawn arrives at the church in Galloway, he thinks back to the time when he, Stefano, and Santo where boys.
Ep. #10608 42x170
As several members of the Brady family read through Santo and Colleen’s letters, they begin to have flashbacks to the couple’s time in Ireland and begin to learn the story of how her father tried to keep Colleen away from Santo. Meanwhile at the Brady Pub, Shawn is looking at a picture of his sister and starts to feel she has come back to haunt him. He then writes a note to Caroline, asking her to run the pub for him while he goes home to Ireland.
Ep. #10607 42x169
Jett, Danielle, Jeremy, and Stephanie are having a late night party on the beach. When Jeremy and Stephanie are swimming, Jett and Danielle stay behind and start talking and he eventually thanks Danielle for pretending to be his fiancée. When Jeremy and Stephanie get back to the beach, they suggest going to Las Vegas so Jett and Danielle can elope. While they try to talk the couple out of that idea, Nick and Chelsea get in an argument at Bo and Hope’s about Jett. In the backyard, Bo and Hope start reading Colleen and Santo’s letters with Doug and Julie, in an attempt to figure out how the feud between the DiMera and Brady families. Roman then decides to send some of the letters to Sami and Lucas to see if they can help solve the mystery.
Ep. #10606 42x168
At the Cheatin’ Heart, Jett tells Nick about his suspicions about Danielle seeing another guy. In the restroom, Chelsea continues to listen in on Danielle’s phone call and eventually goes over to Nick with what she heard. While on the beach, Marlena, John, Bo and Hope are starting their Fourth of July party when Marlena notices Belle with Phillip. After a little while, she goes over to her daughter and shares her suspicions that Phillip is just trying to get her back. As this is going on, Lexie shows up and Hope suggests she go visit Abe since she is back in town, but is hesitant to do so. Meanwhile, when Kayla learns that Shawn won’t come to the party, she goes to the pub and tries to talk him into going over to Bo and Hope’s.
Ep. #10605 42x167
At the Cheatin’ Heart, Jeremy, Nick, Chelsea, and Stephanie are hanging out when Jett shows up with Danielle. While they’re sitting around talking, Steve shows up and is less than thrilled at seeing Stephanie with Jeremy. A little while later, Danielle breaks a nail and goes to the bathroom to fix it. While there, she makes a call to her “baby” and tells him she can’t wait to be back in his arms, unaware Chelsea is overhearing. Elsewhere, Bo runs into Phillip at the pub and accuses him of setting up Shawn’s job interview. Later, Belle shows up and is less than thrilled at Phillip letting Victor spend time with Claire.
Ep. #10604 42x166
At Bo and Hope’s, Roman admits to them that he slept with Anna the night before and decided to leave before she woke up. As Hope tells Roman that she’s surprised at his actions while he admits he likes Anna. Later, Anna shows up and asks why Roman left without waking her up and eventually insists they go back and redo their morning together. Elsewhere, when Belle returns to the pub, she is less than thrilled when Shawn wants them to move in with his parents. He then gets a call about a job interview in Cleveland and thinks that if he gets the job, he and Belle can live by themselves. At the safe house, Lucas and Sami try to get intimate with one another, but fear their security guards are listening. Upon EJ’s arrival at the mansion, he informs Stefano about possibly being the father of Sami’s twins. At hearing this, Stefano and Tony insist the babies be raised as a DiMera no matter what Sami has to say.
Ep. #10603 42x165
After Roman takes Sami and Lucas to the new safe house, Marlena arrives with the DNA results she receives from Nick. When they find out EJ is the father, Lucas vows to treat the twins the same way he treats Will. Later, Kate goes to the mansion to give EJ the good news about Sami having twins and that he is the father. Roman then shows up after being called by EJ and lets him know Sami and Lucas are in a safe house and that nobody can get to them. Elsewhere, Shawn takes Claire to see Bo and Hope. When Shawn tells them he fears that he is losing Belle and Claire to Phillip, Hope suggests they move in with them. Elsewhere, Belle asks Phillip if he can help Shawn find a job and eventually sets up an interview for him in Cleveland. Back at Bo and Hope’s, Roman shows up and admits that he slept with Anna. Back at the hospital, Nick decides to actually run the DNA test to see who really the father of Sami’s babies is.
Ep. #10602 42x164
When Stefano finds Hope in the mansion, he demands to know what she did to Tony and Anna. Standing outside, Steve tells Bo that he’ll take care of the situation and goes to tell Stefano that he’s having an affair with Hope, but he doesn’t believe his story. After Hope leaves, Tony and Anna recover and she thinks that Tony drugged her and soon leaves. When Tony asks why Hope was there, Steve says she was trying to get the letters Santo wrote Colleen while in Ireland. Later, after Bo and Hope arrive at home, Anna shows up and sees Roman there. After begging Roman to sleep with her, he offers to take Anna back to her hotel. At the hospital’s lab, Kate goes to see Nick with one of the board of directors in an attempt to put pressure on him. After they leave, Nick tries to call Chelsea to tell her about Kate’s actions, but she’s too busy at work and promises to call him back tomorrow. In Vegas, Jeremy arranges to have Max meet Linkin Park, in an attempt to get his mind off backing out of their business deal.
Ep. #10601 42x163
At the pub, Nick meets up with Billie and soon lets her know about Kate blackmailing him about the hairbrush. At hearing this, Billie starts to feel bad, since she told Kate about what happened between Nick and Chelsea privately. She then calls Kate to ask her to come to the pub so she can confront her. Upon her arrival, Kate immediately claims she didn’t blackmail Nick, she just simply hoped out loud that EJ would be the father of Sami’s children and Nick misunderstood what she said. Not believing her, Billie threatens to tell Lucas and Sami about what she’s doing, causing Kate to find Nick and tell him that it was a mistake to tell Billie. While on the plane to Las Vegas, Jett apologizes to Chelsea for what he said about Nick. In another part of the plane, Max tells Stephanie about his suspicions of Jeremy, who soon catches them talking. Upon their arrival in Vegas, Max decides to end their partnership and asks for his money back. Back in Salem, Anna arrives at the mansion to see Tony and they are soon drugged by Bo and Hope.
Ep. #10600 42x162
During her exam, Sami learns she is carrying twins and that each child might have different fathers. It is at this point when she turns to Lucas and asks if he’ll be alright if it turns out that EJ is the father and tells her that he doesn’t know yet. In another part of the hospital, Nick tells Kate that he won’t be bought into changing the DNA, but soon reluctantly goes along with her plans when she starts blackmailing him. When Marlena shows up, asking if she could find out the results of the tests first, so she could tell Sami first if there’s any bad news. After she leaves, Nick tries to call Chelsea about Kate, but she shows up again and stops him. Elsewhere, Stefano doubts EJ’s loyalty and has him do a job for Tony to prove where he stands in the family. When Tony arrives later, he is less than thrilled at finding out what Stefano did. At the airport, Max is talking to Jeremy when he finds out that he’s working with the DiMera family.
Ep. #10599 42x161
At Bo and Hope’s, Nick tells to Chelsea that he wants to make love to her again, but she tells him they should wait, since they have to get to work early the next day. He then leaves and Chelsea calls Stephanie over to talk, and admits that while in bed with Nick, she didn’t feel no chemistry. Chelsea then starts to consider seeing Jett after Stephanie suggests she start dating new people. As Sami gets ready to have her amnio test, Marlena tries to comfort when Sami fears she will lose Lucas if the baby is EJ’s. Sami then gets a shock when the doctor lets her and Marlena know she is pregnant with twins. Meanwhile, Kate and Billie are talking at the pub about Sami’s baby when Lucas shows up. He then pulls Billie aside, unaware Kate is listening in, and confides in her that if the baby is EJ’s, he doesn’t know if he would be able to raise it. Nick then walks in and unintentionally gets Kate in trouble with her kids. She then runs into Nick at the hospital and asks him to make sure Sami’s lab reports to show that EJ is the father of the baby to get Sami out of Lucas’ life.
Ep. #10598 42x160
At the pub, everybody is arguing over who will go to the mansion to pick up Santo’s letters. When Steve shows up, he offers to go and get them, but everyone says no. After some discussion, Anna agrees to go, with Hope as her back up. Meanwhile at the mansion, EJ is speechless over the similarities between Santo and himself. Before having an episode, Stefano tells EJ that he and Sami hold the key to ending the feud between their families. Stefano then asks him to make peace with Tony, but Tony would rather kill his brother than make peace with him. Later, Stefano learns of Anna’s visit to the Brady’s and sends EJ to the pub to find her. Steve eventually shows up to let him know that the Brady’s are looking for Santo’s letter’s to Colleen. While at the hospital, Lexie is reluctant to see Abe since he is having some bad headaches and a fever. Celeste then snows up and is able to talk her into seeing Abe.
Ep. #10597 42x159
As the Brady’s discuss the feud with the DiMera’s and how it could be connected with Colleen, Lucas and Sami arrive with Anna. Everyone is surprised over the fact that Anna has some letters written by Santo to Colleen, and that she wanted to give it Sami anonymously. Later, when they are shown the picture of Colleen, Lucas and Sami get spooked out at seeing her resemblance to Sami. After this, Bo and John ask Anna if she is willing to go to the DiMera mansion to get the letters for them. She agrees, but for a price. At the DiMera mansion, EJ and Tony are looking at a photo of Colleen and Stefano claims it is their great aunt. Celeste soon arrives and vows she won’t allow Lexie to attend their family meeting and threatens to kill them if they should hurt her daughter. Tony and EJ then start fighting over Sami and Stefano demands that they stop since they’re brothers. He then talks about ending the feud, and Tony is less than thrilled at the prospect of mending fences with the Brady’s.
Ep. #10596 42x158
As everybody is enjoying the party on the beach, Jeremy leaves to run some errands. Not long after he left, Chelsea goes over to Max and admits that she doesn’t trust him, ultimately causing Max worry about lending Jeremy money. After a little while they notice Nick arrived and Chelsea lets Max know they have broken up. Nick then goes over to Jett to confront him about what he said to Stephanie, while Chelsea goes over to them and asks Nick to stop acting like a jealous boyfriend and soon leaves, with Nick not far behind. Meanwhile, Jeremy is back at Bo and Hope’s with a girl. When they hear Chelsea and Nick arrive, they duck out the back door. Eventually, Stephanie realizes Jeremy is gone and asks Jett if he’s cheating on her. At Doug’s, Roman questions Stefan and Tony about the bomb and is shocked to learn Tony planted it. While on the pier, Lucas and Sami get a call about the family meeting at the pub and agree to be there. They then find a woman planting an envelope for them to find.
Ep. #10595 42x157
At Bo and Hope’s, Nick finds Chelsea sneaking out, to meet up with friends on the beach. Before she leaves, Nick tries to tell Chelsea that Jett is trying to make a move on her, an idea Chelsea promptly shoots down. While on the beach, Jett, Jeremy, Stephanie, and Max are celebrating the launching of their airline. After a little while, Jeremy yells at Stephanie to leave him alone so he and Max can talk, so she decides to talk to Jett about Chelsea. Meanwhile, Jeremy asks Max to back him in a side business in selling fake designer clothes, which he reluctantly agrees to do. In the garbage bag, Sami and Lucas suspect there is a bomb in it, but the ticking they hear is an alarm clock. After finding a disk in it, they get some clues to finding out the root of the DiMera-Brady family feud. At Doug’s, everyone is surprised at the photo of Colleen and how she looks like Sami. After Bo gets tended to, John and Marlena decide to meet at the pub to discuss what’s going on and ask Grandpa Shawn to answer any questions they might have.
Ep. #10594 42x156
In Chicago, Belle decides to sing Claire’s favorite song, and promptly causes the child to cry out in excitement. As Shawn and Phillip continue their search for her, Claire runs out of the room and immediately finds Belle. When Evelyn tries to escape, she eventually gets caught by the cops. When the guys find Claire in Belle’s arms, the toddler chooses to go to Phillip instead of Shawn, making him feel unwanted. At Sami and Lucas’s, EJ tries to see Sami but Lucas won’t let him. However, after Lucas goes on an errand, EJ is able to sneak into the building to see her. At Doug’s, John rushes out to help Bo detonate the bomb in the tunnel when Hope tells everyone what’s happening. However, they don’t detonate it in time and Bo’s leg gets pinned in some debris. After being saved, Bo and John share their suspicions that what happened was a warning sent by Stefano.
Ep. #10593 42x155
Ep. #10592 42x154
Ep. #10591 42x153
Ep. #10590 42x152
Ep. #10589 42x151
Ep. #10588 42x150
Ep. #10587 42x149
Ep. #10586 42x148
Ep. #10585 42x147
Ep. #10584 42x146
Ep. #10583 42x145
Ep. #10582 42x144
After Shawn returns from Willow’s apartment, he is less than thrilled when Belle tells him that Phillip is offering them a place to live while they’re looking for Claire. Shawn then tells Belle that he doesn’t want to be indebted to Phillip and the Kiriakis family and that he doesn’t trust him. Eventually Belle is able to convince Shawn to trust Phillip during their search and they move in together. Elsewhere, EJ lets Sami know that Tony refused to accept her deal and that she could be in danger. After Bo takes EJ to the police station for questioning, Marlena, Sami, and Hope talk about the feud between their family and the DiMera’s. Sami then remembers bringing home a letter written by Santo and asks Hope if she can translate it. Sami then takes the letter to Salem U. to see if an Italian professor can translate the rest it, but get stopped and drugged by Bart. Meanwhile EJ is surprised to see John there to identify him as the person who shot him at the boathouse, but EJ doesn’t believe him. EJ then tries to warn them that because of the feud Sami might be in danger.
Ep. #10581 42x143
As Phillip warns Willow to give Shawn some space, Shawn tells Belle about Willow being pregnant and that he is the father. After getting over her initial shock, she tells Shawn that since the baby is going to be apart of him, she’ll love it unconditionally and that he should try to be nicer to Willow. Elsewhere, Tony and EJ meet in an alley to talk about Sami’s ultimatum. When EJ learns that Stefano rejected the plan, he reluctantly calls Sami up to schedule a meeting, and is soon caught by Bo. He then requests to talk to Sami in private to let her know what Stefano decided and that he is out for the blood of the Brady family.
Ep. #10580 42x142
At the hospital, Marlena and Hope are helping John walk around his room during his physical therapy session. John eventually gets his voice back when he yells out in pain. When Dr. Tucker learns of this, he agrees to let Marlena take John home, but warns that some side effects might plague him from time to time. Before they leave, Roman shows up, hoping John can finger EJ as his shooter, only to find out that John remembers everything about that night until their confrontation. In Belle’s room, she tells Shawn that her dad remembers his dream about Claire being alive. Later, Shawn lets Belle know that Willow is pregnant and he is the father. After finding out that Nick failed to get rid of Willow, Chelsea decides to work as a flight attendant with Stephanie, since she won’t have anyone else to hang around with during the summer.
Ep. #10579 42x141
After Tony and EJ fight over what to do with Sami’s baby, EJ and Sami leave the warehouse. Thinking she got her family in more danger from the DiMera’s, Sami tries to make a truce between her family and EJ’s in exchange for her baby’s stem cells if he talks to Stefano. Inside John’s room, Marlena and Belle are ecstatic over the fact that John is responding to Belle’s voice. Dr. Tucker then decides to run some tests on him when John opens up his eyes. In another part of the hospital, Hope listens in on Shawn and Willow’s argument over the paternity of her baby. At hearing Willow vow she will never let Shawn go near their child, Hope walks over to Willow and slaps her.
Ep. #10578 42x140
Upon their arrival at the hospital, Belle tells Shawn that she believes Claire is alive, but he isn’t so sure. After Shawn tells her that he won’t believe the dream she had about Claire, she storms off to see John. Before she walks into his room, Marlena pleads with John to wake up and shoots down Dr. Tucker’s idea of sending him to a special facility. When Sami wakes up, she realizes that she is laying on a gurney and that EJ is planning on taking her baby’s stem cells. After telling him that she has no intention of going through with the procedure, Sami learns Tony is calling all the shots and plans on taking the fetus in Stefano needs more stem cells in the future. At Nick’s, Chelsea gets a surprise when Willow shows and admits the panties she found were hers and that Nick is giving her an apartment. At hearing this, Chelsea tells Nick to stand up to Willow or he will have to choose which girl he wants to be with.
Ep. #10577 42x139
At the pub, Hope and Marlena are mourning Claire’s death when Victor walks in. Upon seeing Victor, they angrily go over to him and ask why he is there. Bo and Phillip then arrive when Victor announces he has a team working to find Claire, and is soon told not to bother by his son. Marlena and Hope then leave to comfort Belle and Shawn at the hospital and learn that Belle had a dream of John telling her Claire is still alive and to not give up hope in finding her. Elsewhere, EJ gets a surprise when he finds Tony at the warehouse with Stefano. As Sami gets lured into a trap by EJ, Celeste arrives at her and Lucas’ room to let him know that EJ is the father of Sami’s baby and that it was conceived to save Stefano’s life.
Ep. #10576 42x138
In their cabin, Kayla injects Steve with some medicine that will help him relax. At first, Steve fights Kayla’s attempts to get him to relax, but she puts her foot down and vows she will break the hold EJ has over him. On another part of the island, Bo and Gabby wait for news on whether Shawn and the others were found. They are thrilled at hearing Belle, Shawn and Phillip where found, but Claire was washed away from them by a wave. They then learn the rescue team has started a recovery mission to find the baby’s body, ultimately causing Belle to break down. At the pub, Maggie has Hope confront Chelsea about sleeping with Nick, since she found a pair of panties under his bed. While they are talking, they get a call from Bo and learn that Claire is lost at sea. While this is going on, Willow guilt trips Nick into giving her the apartment he found after finding out that he has two places to stay while she is living on the streets. She then has to sneak out of his room when Chelsea arrives to confront him about the panties she found.
Ep. #10575 42x137
As Phillip, Shawn, Belle, and Claire ride out the typhoon on their boat, Bo reluctantly agrees to give Steve the statement Shawn signed, but tells him that it is in the safe at the cabin. Upon their arrival there, Bo decides not to hand the paper over, causing Steve to attack him. Kayla then shows up and begs Steve to leave Bo alone. She then decides to stay on the island with Steve in an attempt to cure him. Elsewhere, Sami and Lucas return home, wondering how to tell Will about their recent actions. Kate eventually shows up and accuses Sami of turning her company into the SEC, only to be shocked that Lucas did that in an attempt to take EJ down. In New Orleans, EJ and Celeste perform a voodoo ritual to determine who the father of Sami’s baby is.
Ep. #10574 42x136
On the boat, Shawn tries to overpower Phillip in an attempt to take charge of the situation. However, when his wound re-opens Phillip takes Shawn down below to be patched up. Phillip then starts the boat, hoping to outrun the typhoon, but burns up the motor as a result. Elsewhere, Steve pulls a gun on Bo, demanding that he give him the statement Shawn signed. In an attempt to get Steve to put down his gun, Bo tries to get him to remember about their past, and says that EJ only sent Steve after him in order to kill Bo. However, Steve refuses to listen and threatens to crash the plane if Bo doesn’t give him Shawn’s statement. While in New Orleans, Sami refuses to have the amniocentesis in order to find out if the baby’s father is Lucas or EJ. Elsewhere, Celeste and EJ get news from Tony that Stefano’s health is rapidly declining and that he needs the stem cells as soon as possible. Upon hearing this, Celeste tells EJ that he should run with Sami in order to save their baby from Tony and Stefano.
Ep. #10573 42x135
Ep. #10572 42x134
Ep. #10571 42x133
Ep. #10570 42x132
Ep. #10569 42x131
Ep. #10568 42x130
Ep. #10567 42x129
Ep. #10566 42x128
Ep. #10565 42x127
Ep. #10564 42x126
Ep. #10563 42x125
Ep. #10562 42x124
Ep. #10561 42x123
Ep. #10560 42x122
Ep. #10559 42x121
Ep. #10558 42x120
Ep. #10557 42x119
Ep. #10556 42x118
Ep. #10555 42x117
Ep. #10554 42x116
Ep. #10553 42x115
Ep. #10552 42x114
Ep. #10551 42x113
Ep. #10550 42x112
Ep. #10549 42x111
Ep. #10548 42x110
Ep. #10547 42x109
Ep. #10546 42x108
Ep. #10545 42x107
Ep. #10544 42x106
Ep. #10543 42x105
Ep. #10542 42x104
Ep. #10541 42x103
Ep. #10540 42x102
Ep. #10539 42x101
Ep. #10538 42x100
Ep. #10537 42x99
Ep. #10536 42x98
Ep. #10535 42x97
Ep. #10534 42x96
Ep. #10533 42x95
Ep. #10532 42x94
Ep. #10531 42x93
Ep. #10530 42x92
Ep. #10529 42x91
Ep. #10528 42x90
Ep. #10527 42x89
Ep. #10526 42x88
Ep. #10525 42x87
Ep. #10524 42x86
Ep. #10523 42x85
Ep. #10522 42x84
Ep. #10521 42x83
Ep. #10520 42x82
Ep. #10519 42x81
Ep. #10518 42x80
Ep. #10517 42x79
Ep. #10516 42x78
Ep. #10515 42x77
Ep. #10514 42x76
Ep. #10513 42x75
Ep. #10512 42x74
Ep. #10511 42x73
Ep. #10510 42x72
Ep. #10509 42x71
Ep. #10508 42x70
At Bo and Hope’s, he tries to throw Chelsea out of the house after discovering she tried to break up Bo and Hope. After Chelsea leaves, Hope calls Billie to let her know what happened and then admits to Bo that she feels Chelsea actually changed and asks him to give his daughter another chance. Later, Billie is able to find Chelsea with the help of Nick, but he leaves when she starts lashing out at him. When he arrives at work, Dr. Rebert lets Nick know he plans on hiring Chelsea to work at the lab. At Max’s garage, Abby starts helping him change oil to catch up with all his backed-up work. To show his gratitude, Max decides to take her out to dinner, where both Max and Abby admit to having feelings for one another.
Ep. #10507 42x69
As Billie is settling into her apartment, she is surprised to find out that she and Chelsea got evicted by Victor. She then goes over to Sami and Lucas’s apartment to find out what’s going on. While Billie and Lucas try to figure out what to do, EJ tries to find out if Sami is pregnant by offering her some alcohol to drink or by asking if he could smoke near her. At the hospital, Nick admits to Dr. Rebert about sending Chelsea his photo and claiming that he was Shane Patton and is relieved that he isn’t mad. He then goes to find Chelsea in order to apologize, but runs into Billie instead and admits to what he did. While they are talking, Chelsea goes over to Bo and Hope and tells them about what Nick did. On the ship, Phillip tries to talk Belle into going back with him while the captain is checking out everyone’s stories. As Willow and Shawn talk in the hallway, she stuns him with the news of her pregnancy.
Ep. #10506 42x68
At the hospital, Chelsea gets puzzled when Dr. Reiber tells her that he isn’t Shane Patton. Billie then suggests that maybe Chelsea has a secret admirer pretending to be Shane and suggests that she go ask Nick for help in solving her mystery. Upon her arrival at Nick’s, Chelsea realizes that Shane Patton is actually Nick and promptly gets mad at him when he gets home. At the police station, EJ arrives to let Steve know that he’s dropping the charges while Kayla hopes they never have to see EJ again. Elsewhere, Sami tells Lucas that she can’t accept his proposal, but eventually changes her mind. EJ eventually stops by and asks why there is a stuffed toy in their apartment. Meanwhile, the cruse ship captain tells Shawn and Belle that he has to detain them when Phillip and Willow arrive on the ship, demanding they hand over Claire.
Ep. #10505 42x67
On the cruse ship, Shawn and Belle try to relax, but start panicking when they see an article about themselves. They then start packing and try to find a way to get off the boat when the doctor and captain show up at their cabin, letting them know that something is wrong with their passports. At Abe’s, he asks Celeste to move in to help take care of Theo. Elsewhere, Nick lets Max and Mimi know that the DNA test confirmed that the skeleton they found is indeed Mimi’s father and that Bonnie and Connor could be involved with his death. After they leave, Nick gets surprised that his boss put an ad was put in the newspaper for a lab technician. He then calls Abby, concerned that Chelsea would find out. Later, when Chelsea and Billie move into their new place, she notices the ad in the paper and decides to apply for the job. Upon her arrival at the hospital, Chelsea sees Dr. Reiber and thinks it is Shane Patton.
Ep. #10504 42x66
When Lucas goes to the mansion to ask Victor for his job back, the old man orders Phillip to throw Lucas out. Before Lucas leaves Phillip gives him some cash and promises to hire him back when Victor is gone. Later, Willow shows up with confirmation that she’s pregnant, but is unable to determine whether Shawn is the father. They then start going through some records to find what Shawn and Belle’s alias’ are while on the cruse ship. While this is going on, Shawn and Belle lie to the doctor on the cruse ship when he asks about Claire’s immunization records. Elsewhere, Bo and Kayla talk about Steve and how they suspect he was tortured, possibly by the DiMera’s. They then get a call that Steve broke out of the Psych ward, and suspect he went after EJ. When they arrive at EJ’s, he claims Steve tried to attack him and has Bo take him to jail while Kayla vows to make EJ pay for what he did to Steve.
Ep. #10503 42x65
After Belle and Shawn get settled in on the cruse ship, Shawn wants to go look around and have a little fun, but Belle is hesitant. She then becomes worried when she notices that Clair has a fever. When the ship’s doctor checks her out, he learns Claire doesn’t have her immunization stamps yet. At the hospital, Steve gets hypnotized and finds out that E.J. has tortured him the past. Later, Steve sneaks out of the hospital to go find E.J. At Mythic, Kate gets angry at Sami for switching the DVDs as E.J. tries to do some damage control. After Billie talks to her mother about her fling with E.J., she confronts Sami about she did at the office when Sami gets sick. When she realizes Sami is pregnant, Sami begs her to keep it quiet, causing Billie to think she cheated on Lucas. Later, when E.J. notices that Sami looks sick, he suspects she is pregnant.
Ep. #10502 42x64
While Kate is getting ready for her press conference at Mythic, Lucas shows up, hoping to get her to stop going after Sami for lying. Meanwhile, Sami eventually shows up and is surprised at seeing Billie there with E.J. After Sami warns her to be careful around E.J., Billie assures her that she knows what she’s doing. Billie then tells Lucas the same thing when they run into each other. Sami then switches the DVD Kate was going to show about her with one that has Kate and E.J. having sex. Meanwhile, as John and Marlena talk in her dream, he tells Marlena to give Steve a message about his past with the DiMera’s. When a doctor wakes her up in John’s room to let her know Kayla and Steve are there, Marlena remembers the message John gave her.
Ep. #10501 42x63
At the hospital, Marlena finally agrees to send John to the rehab center. Before going home, she gets a message from John that they will meet in her dreams. Following Steve’s arraignment, Kayla arrives with a doctor from the hospital to help get him ready for the transfer to the psych ward. Still hesitant to go to the hospital, Kayla pressures Steve to go along with her plans to be hypnotized. Elsewhere, Sami arrives at the station to answer Roman’s questions. After assuring him that E.J. didn’t help her save Lucas, Sami gets an opportunity to find out Kate’s secrets. Meanwhile, E.J. meets Billie when she is moving in to her apartment. They then start talking about new business ventures and eventually find their way to Mythic offices.
Ep. #10500 42x62
At her apartment, a worried Sami calls the network to find out when they are going to air her documentary. She then learns that Kate set her up in an attempt to prove she wasn’t able to save Lucas by herself. Meanwhile, Kate arrives at the station to show the video to Roman. When Kate shares her suspicions that E.J. helped Sami, Roman calls Sami up, asking her to come in for questioning. Kayla then arrives at the station to see Steve, begging him to get checked in the psych ward in order to find out what’s causing his episodes. Later, E.J. calls the police station to let them know about how Steve attacked him and intends to sue him and Kayla as a result. Meanwhile in Canada, Willow goes back to Phillip’s room to let him know she’s pregnant with Shawn’s baby. After agreeing to support her, Phillip finds out from Willow that Shawn and Belle left the country.
Ep. #10499 42x61
When Kayla and Steve are having dinner, they are less than thrilled at seeing E.J. approach them. As Steve tries to get answers about why he can’t remember anything, E.J. pretends he doesn’t know anything, causing Steve to attack him. Elsewhere, Sami and Lucas arrive at the cabin so Kate and her crew can tape how Sami was able to save Lucas when he was under the beam. Later, as Sami and Lucas are talking, Kate learns Sami is pregnant and thinks she finally has enough dirt on her. In Canada, Phillip gets thwarted in his attempts to take Claire away from Belle. At the police station, Nick is able to get Shawn freed. Chelsea and Merle show up with news on a new ship they could leave the country on. Meanwhile, Willow gets kicked out of Phillip’s hotel room for stealing his things.
Ep. #10498 42x60
When Kate has Sami meet with a producer for a show called “Heroes Among Us,” Lucas finds EJ to tell him that he can’t work for him, even after EJ offers him numerous gifts. Later, when Sami returns home, she finds out what he did and comforts Lucas by saying they’ll find a way to make ends meet somehow. In Canada, Phillip and Willow arrive at the police station to see Shawn. They then offer to bail him out of jail for information on where Belle and Claire are, but Shawn refuses to help them out. In a little while, Nick and Chelsea arrive, hoping to bail Shawn out of jail, but find out that he is being now being held for kidnapping. As Shawn warns them that Phillip and Willow are in town, they arrive at the safe house and demand Belle to give Claire to them.
Ep. #10497 42x59
While Nick and Chelsea fly to Toronto, she finds out that Nick isn’t a virgin anymore and starts to question him about who he was with. At the safe house, Belle and Shawn wonder what to do to keep away from Phillip and Willow. However, he soon gets arrested when the cops raid the house, leaving Belle to meet up with Nick and Chelsea to bail Shawn out of jail. Back in Salem, Phillip is furious at being held by airport security. Victor soon arrives to help his son out, and promptly gives Phillip a warning about working with Willow.
Ep. #10496 42x58
When Shawn goes to get some medicine to help Claire with her teething, some cops are called to the safe house when a couple guys start playing some music loud. As Chelsea and Nick drive to the airport, the find out that Willow and Phillip are following them, intent on finding out where Belle and Shawn are. Elsewhere, Sami and Lucas are having dinner with Kate when EJ shows up, interesting in offering Lucas a job. After thinking for a little while, Lucas tells EJ that he’ll take the job, only if he moves out of the building. After agreeing to Lucas’ demands, EJ leaves, pleased with his plan to keep him nearby so he can spy on Sami.
Ep. #10495 42x57
While Max is working at the garage, Phillip show up, demanding answers on where Belle and Shawn are. Despite being bribed, Max refuses, resulting in Phillip’s hasty departure. Abby then shows up to let Max know that she is quitting in so she can go to school full time. At the pub, Bo allows Chelsea to bring Shawn and Belle the money, but only if she has a chaperone. When Nick volunteers, he goes to see Maggie to let her know he’ll be gone for a while. At Chez Rouge, Willow arrives to see Hope. When Willow tells her that she is pregnant and that Shawn is the father, Hope doesn’t believe her. Nick then arrives to tell Maggie of his plans, and is overheard by Willow. Meanwhile, Steve agrees to see Marlena about his episodes.
Ep. #10494 42x56
After Mimi and Max take the bones back to Roman and explain where they were found, Connor and Bonnie refuse to answer any questions. Before they go home, Bonnie asks Roman to do a DNA test on the bones to identify who they belong to. In the safe house in Canada, Shawn calls the pub. When Chelsea answers the phone, she goes to get Bo so they can talk. Meanwhile, he and Belle learn a boat is leaving for Africa and need cash to get on it. After attempting to sell her ring, Belle learns Phillip reported it stolen. Shawn and Belle then call their family back at the pub and let them know about the predicament they’re in. Once Bo agrees to find a way to send them the money; Chelsea and Nick offer to take it to them in Canada.
Ep. #10493 42x55
In Canada, Belle and Shawn hide out at the Safe House when they realize they need cash. When Belle suggests selling her wedding ring, Shawn doesn’t like the idea and decides to call home for help. As Sami visits E.J., she asks him about what happened with Lexie and Tek; he promptly denies having any part in their disappearance and in John’s shooting. He then asks her if she is pregnant with his child, and Sami quickly tells him no. Elsewhere, as Victor demands Lucas go to Canada to get Claire, Lucas refuses and is fired and blackballed by Victor. Upon his arrival home, Lucas tells Sami what happened with Victor. At the hospital, Nick’s boss asks him if he knows of anybody to be interviewed for his assistant but is reluctant to recommend Chelsea. At the pub Abby agrees to attend college full time with Chelsea when Nick arrives. As Chelsea asks Nick if he knows who her mom’s mystery boyfriend is, he tells her he doesn’t know.
Ep. #10492 42x54
When Mimi returns home, she begins to suspect how uptight Bonnie and Conner have been acting. She then goes outsides to see what they’re hiding and discovers they stole the skeleton she found with Max. She then gives them an ultimatum to tell her what happened with the corpse or she’ll go to Roman in the morning. While Chelsea tries to talk Abby into attending college full time with her, Billie and Nick continue their talk about their last meeting. He then goes to find Chelsea and discovers she has feelings for him. Meanwhile, Roman arrives at Sami and Lucas’ to let them know E.J. is back in town and is told by Sami she is pregnant. Elsewhere, Kate goes to see E.J. at the police station and tells him she is thinking dissolving their partnership.
Ep. #10491 42x53
As Steve continues to drive Shawn and Belle to Canada, he starts having his attacks, causing Shawn to take the wheel of the truck. In order to slow down the cops, Steve decides to jump out of the truck while Shawn and Belle continue on their way out of the country. Phillip then goes to the police station to accuse Roman of letting Belle and Shawn leave with Claire. E.J. then arrives to turn himself in. As he proclaims his innocence, he tells Roman that John deserved getting shot. While Lucas is out of the room, Sami gets a call from E.J., telling her he’ll see her soon. Upon Lucas’ return to the room, he is convinced that Sami doesn’t want the baby. Elsewhere, Chelsea apologizes to Abby and Nick for the way she treated them before. Billie then shows up and talks to Nick about their night together.
Ep. #10490 42x52
While waiting for news from Steve, Kayla has Marlena lay down to get some rest. After having a dream with John in it, she tells Kayla about it and soon learns about the attacks Steve has been having. At the church, Steve knocks Phillip unconscious so Shawn and Belle can escape. Elsewhere, as Sami and Lucas talk, they learn from Roman that Lexie and Tek disappeared and fear E.J. is behind it. Later, Sami becomes queasy and rushes to the bathroom, only to realize she is pregnant.
Ep. #10489 42x51
Upon Steve’s arrival back in Salem with E.J.’s travel visa, he and Roman revel in the fact that he will now have to come back to Salem to face attempted murder charges in John’s shooting. When Kayla finds out that Steve is back in town, she confronts him about lying to her about going to Mexico. After Lexie reveals the truth about her relationship with Tek, Abe doesn’t believe her when she says she stay with him, not Tek. Abe then has to break the news to Bo that their case against E.J. collapsed because of Lexie and Tek. At Max’s garage, Phillip arrives and demands Mimi to tell him where Shawn and Belle are. Meanwhile, after Max confesses to Shawn and Belle that he can’t get them past the roadblocks, Shawn calls Steve for help in escaping to Canada.
Ep. #10488 42x50
After running into Kayla, Bo is surprised to learn that Steve went down to Mexico with asking her go with him. In Mexico City, Steve manages to find E.J. and tries to convince him into going back to Salem with him, but is unsuccessful. They eventually get into a fight, but when Steven starts having another headache, E.J. steals his wallet and cell phone. At the hospital, Belle goes to John’s room to tell him goodbye, only to be overheard by Marlena, who showed up to help Belle and Shawn in their plan. Meanwhile, Phillip wises up to Shawn and Belle’s plan and bursts into the pub demanding answers about who’s helping them out.
Ep. #10487 42x49
After having another episode, Steve asks Bo about getting him a job at the police station, hoping it will aid in overcoming his episodes. At hearing this, Bo decides to have him go to Mexico to find EJ, but only if he brings Kayla along. While they are talking, EJ surprises Sami by calling her, and as a result, she begs him to stay away and not ruin her life. Elsewhere, Chelsea decides to instant message the “Lonely Splicer” to let him know she found out his true identity thanks to a friend. As a result, Nick is unsure about how to make Shane Patton go away so he can have Chelsea all to himself.
Ep. #10486 42x48
After saying a tearful goodbye to Stephanie, Steve has another one of his episodes. Elsewhere, Bo goes to Kayla for advice on what to do with Shawn after what happened at the courthouse. Upon learning that he isn’t returning Bo’s calls, Kayla agrees to call Shawn and offer to help out with asking any questions. When Shawn arrives at the hospital to see Belle, they soon get a call from Mimi and learn Phillip intends on taking Claire out of the country. They soon meet up with Mimi and Max and eventually think of a way to get Claire away from Phillip and Victor. As a result, Shawn calls Kayla to ask her for the favor she offered.
Ep. #10485 42x47
During her visit with John, Marlena, she vows to him that she has no intention of giving up on him. Sami then shows up apologizes to her mother and John for how she treated him over the years. She and Marlena then start talking and Sami then learns how Belle and Shawn lost custody of Claire. Meanwhile, as Lucas is being discharged from the hospital, Kate tries to make him see that Sami is lying about saving him. Later, Mimi arrives at Victor’s to talk with Phillip. After she tries to convince him that taking Claire away from Belle is wrong, Phillip lashes out at Mimi saying she’s as much at fault as he is. She then learns that Phillip plans on leaving the country with Claire. After meeting with Willow at Chez Rouge, Shawn learns how Victor paid her off to lie. As a result, Maggie fires her.
Ep. #10484 42x46
Before leaving town, Stephanie stops by Max’s garage to let Nick, Abby, and Chelsea that she is leaving Salem. After saying goodbye, she takes one last dig at Chelsea and walks out of the garage. At the hospital, Sami, Lucas, and Will spend time together, discussing the life they’re going to have after Lucas is released from the hospital. In the courtroom, Phillip takes the stand and removes his bandages. At first Shawn and Belle claim that he isn’t Phillip, but Victor provides proof to Phillip’s identity. After hearing Phillip’s testimony, the judge awards Phillip temporary custody of Claire and orders Shawn and Belle to take parenting classes.
Ep. #10483 42x45
When Abe and Lexie arrive at the morgue, they learn the skeleton was stolen the night before. As they are getting a sketch made up of the suspect, Bonnie and Conner arrive home with the bag of bones and hide them in the basement until they could properly dispose of the evidence. While Max and Mimi get ready for the court hearing, Abe and Lexie show up to let them know about what happened with the bones. Meanwhile, as everybody is gathering at the courthouse for the custody hearing, Marlena shares with Hope that she doesn’t know what to do with John. After the hearing begins, Victor begins laying out the evidence against Belle and Shawn. After defending themselves, Shawn and Belle’s lawyer mentions Phillip hasn’t been around Salem for months, giving Victor the opportunity to announce that his son is back in town. It is at this point a soldier with a bandaged face is wheeled into the courtroom.
Ep. #10482 42x44
As things start to get hot and heavy between Max and Mimi, Shawn shows up and asks them to be character witnesses in the custody trial. While Shawn is on his way home, Belle goes to see John, hoping to get a sign that he can help her and Shawn out against Victor. Shawn then shows up and begins to comfort Belle, making a promise that they won’t lose their daughter. At her penthouse, Roman is keeping Marlena company. After she vows to not give up on John, Roman starts to worry about her mental health when Marlena, claiming she heard John’s voice, almost fell off her balcony. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Conner go down to the morgue and steal the skeleton Mimi and Max found.
Ep. #10481 42x43
As Mimi is venting to Max about her family, he offers her a place to stay to calm down. It is at this point when Abe shows up to update them about the skeleton they found. He then asks Mimi to think of anything that can help out in identifying the ring that was on the body. While at Chez Rouge, Abby and Nick are still talking about Chelsea and Billie. He begs her not to tell Chelsea about what he did with her mom and that he still has feelings for her. Abby then tells him to be honest with Chelsea and come clean about Shane. In another part of the restaurant Kayla and Steve are having dinner with Stephanie. She then tells her parents that she got a job offer in another town and will be leaving Salem. Meanwhile, Lexie runs into Tek when she goes to identify John’s shooter and asks him if he is sure it’s E.J. Lexie then gets downtrodden when he confirms E.J. is the shooter. Later, Billie meets with Bo to tell him about sleeping with a younger guy.
Ep. #10480 42x42
At Max’s garage, Nick tells Chelsea that he won’t do what she wants anymore, even though he admits to Abby he still loves her. After he goes to help Maggie put her Christmas decorations away, Abby and Chelsea stay behind and Chelsea tells her about the one night stand Billie had. Abby then leaves to go see Nick at Chez Rouge. When she questions Nick about what Chelsea told her, Abby learns that Nick slept with Billie. At Beverly’s office, she threatens to call the cops when she finds Steve trashing her office, but Bo is able to talk her out of doing so. Meanwhile, Shawn and Belle are meeting with a lawyer who tells them their case against Victor looks bad. When Kayla is visiting with Hope and the baby, Billie comes to see them when Chelsea comes to find out she has a new little sister. Upon Bo and Steve’s arrival back at the pub, they learn that Shawn and Belle plan on skipping the country with Claire if Victor wins their case.
Ep. #10479 42x41
Upon their arrival at the pub, Belle and Shawn inform the Brady’s that they lost custody of Claire when Steve and Kayla walk in and explain how Victor is suing for sole custody. Victor then arrives at the pub to make a deal with Belle and Shawn. At this point, Steve and Bo go to see Beverly and accuse her of working for Victor, only to have her deny the charges. Elsewhere, Nick and Abby are arguing about what he told Chelsea about her secret admirer. When she urges him to tell Chelsea the truth, he refuses. At the hospital, Kate hates how Sami is getting so much attention for saving Lucas. When Billie shows up, Sami and Kate learn she and Chelsea got evicted and is offered Lucas’s apartment. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Mimi go to the police station to get Connor.
Ep. #10478 42x40
When Beverly arrives at the hospital to take Clare, Shawn barricades Belle, the baby, and himself in the chapel. Upon learning of what’s going on, Steve and Kayla go over there in an attempt to get Belle to give Clare to the woman. As Roman attempts to comfort Marlena, the doctor tells her that the second round of tests that were done had the same results as the first. When Abby goes to see Max at the garage, she gets mad at him for considering her to be a sister to him instead of someone he could be romantically involved with and storms off. Meanwhile, Bonnie meets Billie and Chelsea at the pub and asks them to move out in to make room for Conner when he arrives home. Upon hearing about their situation, Caroline offers them some rooms to stay in for a while. Later, Bonnie gets worried when Conner hasn’t got home yet and learns that he is in jail.
Ep. #10477 42x39
When Marlena and Belle learn from the doctor that John will most likely not come out of his coma, they refuse to put him in a long term care hospital. Elsewhere, Steve and Kayla go visit Hope and Bo. It is during their visit that Steve goes into a trance that leaves Kayla worried about his health. Meanwhile, Hope suggests having a naming contest among their family and friends to help them pick out a name for the baby. Meanwhile, Shawn takes Clare to Max’s garage to apologize for his actions towards Max and Mimi and to ask for his job back. After Max rehires him, they get to work while Mimi takes Clare for a walk, only to be photographed. Later, when Shawn goes back to the hospital with Claire, he tells Belle that maybe she was right about Beverly.
Ep. #10476 42x38
When Bonnie arrives at the police station, she becomes panicked at hearing Mimi found a skeleton with Max. She asks Mimi to go see Patrick with her, to tell him goodbye before he gets sent to prision for a long time. In Hope’s room, Marlena goes to apologize for her actions towards Bo after John got shot. While waiting for news on John, Belle notices the woman she saw at the Java Café and rushes to another part of the hospital. While she’s gone, Shawn and Bo have a discussion about making their families closer. Upon Belle’s arrival to where Shawn is, she tells him that the woman she saw is a CPS agent that could be investigating them. When a doctor comes out of surgery with John he tells the family that John is in a coma. As Chelsea walks in the house, Nick tries to get out but is soon caught by her, thinking he is there to talk to her about her internet admirer.
Ep. #10475 42x37
When Willow arrives at the restaurant, she gets mad that Maggie hired Chelsea on a trial basis in her job. Maggie’s response is that she thought Willow was in jail but will hire her back if she trains Chelsea. After she agrees, Willow and Chelsea begin arguing about how to do her job. When Chelsea drops a tray, Maggie promptly fires the girl and sends her on her way. As Billie and Nick make love, Chelsea drives up and Nick has to make a quick exit. As Tek meets with Lexie about E.J, she isn’t thrilled that he isn’t leaving her alone. Meanwhile, Max and Mimi are being questioned by Abe about the skeleton they saw at the gas station. When Lucas regains consciousness, Sami tells him about how she saved him, not realizing Kate is overhearing it. At this point Kate runs into Roman and tells him she doesn’t believe Sami’s story.
Ep. #10474 42x36
At the Java Café, Abby is able to convince Nick to talk to Chelsea about their relationship. As he goes to find her, Chelsea is at Chez Rouge hoping to get a job there. Unsure of how she’ll do, Maggie agrees to give Chelsea a trial chance that night. While this is going on, Lexie and Abe are having dinner when he voices his concerns about going blind again, especially now after the shooting. After Sami brings Lucas to the emergency room, she gets questioned by her father about how she rescued him and if she saw E.J. Elsewhere, Steve collapses after he looks at the death card from the tarot deck, leaving Kayla to worry about his health. Meanwhile, saddened after reading the letter from Steve, Billie turns to alcohol to deal with her feelings. When Nick shows up looking for Chelsea, they ultimately share a kiss after talking for a little while.
Ep. #10473 42x35
Sami finally convinces E.J. to help her save Lucas, but before he'll help her, he demands something in return -- Sami's body. Sami reluctantly agrees, worrying that if she doesn't Lucas will die. Meanwhile, Roman interrogates Lexi about who shot John and Lexi debates whether or not to lie as Tech told her to. As John lies dying in the hospital, Marlena places the blame of John's injuries on Bo. Patch is delivered a mysterious message at the hospital and Bo and Hope reconnect over the birth of their daughter.
Ep. #10472 42x34
As Hope is being held hostage by Patrick, Bo and Roman argue with Patrick over his demands -- $100,000 and a jet or Hope dies. However, Patrick is forced to reevaluate his plan when Hope's water breaks. Meanwhile, Sami, trying to find help for Lucas, is threatened into helping E.J. escape and Lexi and Tec argue over how to go about getting E.J. into custody.
Ep. #10471 42x33
As Chelsea wonders if Nick will tell her about his investigation into the Lonely Splicer, Roman decides to make his move on E.J. While Lucas and Sami are on their way to ski, they get caught in a blizzard. When Hope and Patrick are talking, she refuses to go away with him, which causes him to kidnap her. Later, when Bo gets a call from Chelsea, he realizes that he lost the trail of Patrick. After E.J. and John pull guns on one another at the boathouse, Marlena and Will learn that John went after E.J. Elsewhere, Nick and Abby are concerned that Chelsea will learn they’re an online couple.
Ep. #10470 42x32
Bo and Hope discuss how the fact that Patrick is the father of Hope's child will affect both their relationship and Bo's relationship with the unborn baby. At the Horton's, everyone gathers for the annual ornament hanging and painful emotions are brought back with the hanging of Zach's ornament, as well as Jen and Jack's. Steve reads the Christmas story at the hospital where Bo plays Santa to the kids. Steve and Kayla head to Dune for Clay Aiken's concert, but they're too late. However, when Clay can't find his ride to the airport, Steve offers to take him in exchange for a song.
Ep. #10469 42x31
Ep. #10468 42x30
Ep. #10467 42x29
Ep. #10466 42x28
Ep. #10465 42x27
Ep. #10464 42x26
Ep. #10463 42x25
Ep. #10462 42x24
Ep. #10461 42x23
Ep. #10460 42x22
Ep. #10459 42x21
Ep. #10458 42x20
Ep. #10457 42x19
Ep. #10456 42x18
Ep. #10455 42x17
Ep. #10454 42x16
Ep. #10453 42x15
Ep. #10452 42x14
Ep. #10451 42x13
Ep. #10450 42x12
Ep. #10449 42x11
As the residents of Salem are celebrating Thanksgiving, the Brady family is less than thrilled at seeing Chelsea arriving with Nick. When Chelsea tells Nick that they won’t even give her a chance at making a good impression, he tells her that take the holiday as an opportunity show how she has changed. As she attempts to apologize to Hope, Chelsea gets brushed off when Hope goes to talk with Steve and eventually leaves. Later, when Max arrives with Mimi, Bo attempts to warn him that Mimi is nothing but trouble. At the Carver’s, Lexie attempts to get Celeste to tell her what she knows about E.J.’s dealings with the DiMera’s. Upon Chelsea’s arrival at home, she finds Kate and Billie celebrating Thanksgiving alone and then sets out on sending Hope and Kayla a photo of Bo and Billie together.
Ep. #10448 42x10
As Bo tries to convince Shawn to stop working for E.J., he refuses to listen to his father because he doesn’t believe E.J. is a shady businessman. As this is going on, E.J. is holding a press conference where he announces his intention of suing the police station for tarnishing his good name if they don’t drop their investigation of him. Upon finding the tarot cards in his safe deposit box, Abe turns to Celeste to find out what they mean. After showing Max the newspaper photo of the Marine, Belle begins to wonder if it could be Phillip. Meanwhile, Frankie tells Shawn and Caroline that since he got a job in Washington D.C., he’ll be moving over there. Meanwhile, Chelsea is downtrodden at the prospect of Nick being invited to the Brady family Thanksgiving celebration while she wasn’t.
Ep. #10447 42x09
As Sami and Lucas talk in her apartment, things start to get hot and heavy, but Sami stops for a moment to ask if the only thing they have in common is sex or if it means they have more feelings for one another. Elsewhere, when Abe goes to the bar, he becomes furious at seeing Tek talking to Lexie when things get physical between them. Meanwhile, Shawn goes to ask Hope for advice, but when he doesn’t get the answers he’s looking for, he turns away from her.
Ep. #10446 42x08
After Abe turns down Tek’s idea of searching E.J.’s safe deposit box without a warrant, he goes to a bar to drown his sorrows, and runs into Lexie. However, once Tek leaves, Abe tells John he can since he isn’t apart of the police department. After Will leaves for school, E.J. shows up at Sami’s apartment to talk with her. As they talk for a little while, he begins to manhandle Sami a little, but Lucas eventually comes to her rescue. When Belle drops off Claire for her visit with Victor, she gets stopped by Kate and is shown a picture of someone Kate believes to be Phillip. Meanwhile, Victor takes Claire into a secret room to see someone wrapped in bandages.
Ep. #10445 42x07
After being reunited with Marlena, John refuses to go along with her wishes to stop investigating E.J. At hearing this, Marlena turns to Bo for help in deterring John. Meanwhile at the station, Abe asks Roman and Tek to go through E.J.’s banking records when John arrives, requesting that Abe deputize him to help with the investigation. Before being released from the hospital, Kayla thanks Steve for his help in saving her life. To show her gratitude, Kayla offers to let Steve walk away from their relationship if he wants. As Bo moves back in with Hope, Steve has a heart to heart with Hope, unsure of whom he wants to be with: Billie or Kayla.
Ep. #10444 42x06
At the hospital, Steve encourages Kayla to stay awake by reciting a reading from their wedding. As a result, Steve starts having a flashback of their first kiss, but gets brought back to reality as Kayla flat-lines. After Dr. Myers and the medical team declare Kayla is dead, Steve is able to bring her back to life with a kiss, giving Bo the opportunity to give Kayla the medication John was getting. As they are talking with John, Roman and Abe let him know that it appears the gears on the plane have evidence of tampering. Meanwhile, Marlena gets a surprise that the person who saved her is Smokey Robinson. As he takes care of her, Smokey calls the Salem Police Department to let them know where Marlena is at. Elsewhere, after Victor refuses to show Claire’s room to Shawn; Shawn shares his suspicions with Belle that the old man is up to something.
Ep. #10443 42x05
When Dr. Myers lets Steve know he can be discharged, he is reluctant to do so since Kayla is still in critical condition. Elsewhere, Patrick is less than thrilled when Hope lets him know that she is letting Bo move back home. At home, Billie warns Chelsea to not spread any rumors about her having a relationship with Bo. Meanwhile, as John and Marlena’s plane continues to lose altitude, she decides to grab a parachute and jump out in an attempt to lighten the plane’s load, eventually landing in a snowy area. As John forms a rescue crew to search for her, Marlena gets rescued by a stranger holding an axe.
Ep. #10442 42x04
When Steve sees Benjy from outside his quarantine room, he has a flashback of his past. As Victor takes Claire to see a bandaged man at the mansion, Belle tells Shawn she doesn’t want Claire around Willow due to her unstable personality. Meanwhile, as John and Marlena are flying to Canada, the plane starts hits an area of turbulence.
Ep. #10441 42x03
In attempt to give John an opportunity to save Kate, Bo talks Sami into keeping E.J. occupied. Once they get Kate out of his apartment, Bo makes Sami feel good by praising her for helping. Elsewhere, E.J. is telling Will that he and Sami are back together, and that he and Lucas can’t break them up. Upon his arrival at home, John shows Marlena the ring he found at E.J.’s that resembles Stefano’s. After Dr. Myers goes over Kayla’s failing vital signs, he tells the Brady’s that she needs the antidote as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Steve sees a person who helps spark some of his memories.
Ep. #10440 42x02
When Hope tells Patrick that Dr. Bader plans to do an amniocentesis, he promptly tells her he won’t allow her to, fearing it will come out that Bo is the father. As a result, the doctor pulls him aside to demand more money. Elsewhere, Bo tries to pressure Roman to check out Patrick’s stuff in greater detail. Sami and Lucas think back to the day they spent with Will before he asks her about her relationship with E.J. Lucas then runs into him and tells him to leave Sami and his mother alone or else. Later, as Kate searches E.J.’s apartment, John is meeting with him. Steve is reluctant to continue in pretending he remembers Kayla when she begins to have breathing problems.
Ep. #10439 42x01
To cap off their fun day at the amusement park, Sami, Lucas, and Will have dinner at the Penthouse Grill. While they are enjoying dinner, Lexie notices them together and can’t believe that Sami is able to enjoy a care-free time with her family after ruining her career as a doctor. When Will notices Lexie having dinner with Abe, he suggests to his mother to go apologize to the doctor. When she goes over to Lexie, she tells Sami where to take her apologize and then pours some champagne over her head. At the bar, Nick and the bartender make a deal. Meanwhile, Belle and Shawn meet with Victor to return their checks to him. Before he’ll take the checks back, he asks if he can spend time with Claire. After Belle allows him to spend time with their daughter, she tells Victor he’ll do so on her terms, leaving Shawn furious.

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