Days of our Lives is set in the fictitious Midwestern town of Salem. The core families are the Bradys, the Hortons and the DiMeras, and the multi-layered storylines involve elements of romance, adventure, mystery, comedy and drama. Add to my shows

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Ep. #14027 2021x17

season 2020

Ep. #14010 2020x255
Anna and Abigail find incriminating evidence in Gwen's bedroom; Gwen lures Chad into a trap.
Ep. #14009 2020x254
Gwen's schemes come to a head; Philip gets jealous when he finds out Chloe is Brady's date.
Ep. #14008 2020x253
Sarah tries again to get the goods on Philip; Abigail shares a stunning revelation with Jennifer.
Ep. #14007 2020x252
Steve and John work together to uncover the truth; Claire catches Charlie in an inopportune moment.
Ep. #14006 2020x251
Marlena encourages John to work it out with Steve; Steve tells Kayla about his new theory.
Ep. #14005 2020x250
The Bradys and Carvers celebrate Christmas Day in Salem; Lani's labor kicks in; Valerie returns.
Ep. #14004 2020x249
The Horton family hangs ornaments on Christmas Eve; Claire gives Ben a gift from Ciara.
Ep. #14003 2020x248
John and Marlena's family celebrates Christmas Eve; Nicole tells Allie a secret.
Ep. #14002 2020x247
The Kiriakis family celebrates Christmas Eve; Xander brings a surprising date to the festivities.
Ep. #14001 2020x246
Tony and Anna return to Salem as the DiMera family celebrates Christmas Eve.
Ep. #14000 2020x245
Ava finds herself in danger; Allie and Steve talk about the night she was assaulted.
Ep. #13999 2020x244
Chloe confides in Brady about Philip; Steve warns Tripp to be careful about Ava.
Ep. #13998 2020x243
Ava uncovers the truth; Kayla and Steve question Joey about his future.
Ep. #13997 2020x242
Steve and Kayla bring Joey home from prison; Allie seeks help from Belle.
Ep. #13996 2020x241
Steve and Kayla tell Joey that Ava's alive; Kate advises Allie on her next move.
Ep. #13995 2020x240
Steve and Kayla visit Joey in prison; Gwen and Kate put each other on notice.
Ep. #13994 2020x239
Kayla is horrified to find Ava making herself at home; Nicole blasts Tripp.
Ep. #13993 2020x238
Chad catches Jake in a lie; Gwen has a major fit; Bonnie toys with Jack and Justin.
Ep. #13992 2020x237
Ava tries to bargain with Steve; Philip is pleasantly surprised to run into Chloe.
Ep. #13991 2020x236
Kayla tells Steve she needs him to ask Tripp to move out; Tripp is stunned to discover Ava is alive.
Ep. #13990 2020x235
A desperate Allie takes a page from her mother; Steve and Lucas have a tense confrontation.
Ep. #13989 2020x234
Allie gets upsetting news; Kayla and Steve get into a heated argument about Tripp and Allie.
Ep. #13988 2020x233
Xander grills Kristen about her visitor; Charlie becomes wary of Claire's friendship with Ben.
Ep. #13987 2020x232
Gabi's shocked to find Jake and Kate in bed together; Roman updates Rafe about Hope.
Ep. #13986 2020x231
Rafe returns to Salem and discovers much has changed; Gabi is determined to reunite with Jake.
Ep. #13985 2020x230
The Hortons gather to celebrate Thanksgiving; Abigail and JJ rally around Jennifer.
Ep. #13984 2020x229
John attacks Jan; Charlie comforts distraught Claire; Philip finds a surprise in his bedroom
Ep. #13983 2020x228
Jan makes a shocking demand at Shawn and Belle's wedding; Claire realizes Jan betrayed her.
Ep. #13982 2020x227
John and Shawn give Charlie the third degree; Shawn and Belle's wedding ceremony begins.
Ep. #13981 2020x226
Belle has a request for John and Marlena regarding her wedding to Shawn; Jan manipulates Claire.
Ep. #13980 2020x225
Jennifer and Kate have a confrontation; Gwen shares the next phase of her plan with Rolf.
Ep. #13979 2020x224
Brady confesses to Kristen; Lani confronts Eli about his deception; Gwen sees Jake and Kate kissing.
Ep. #13978 2020x223
Ava visits a friend; Steve and Kayla argue over Tripp; Lani demands the truth from Brady.
Ep. #13977 2020x222
Allie receives upsetting news; Lani confronts Abe and Eli about their furtive conversation.
Ep. #13976 2020x221
Sarah becomes more suspicious of Philip; Belle has a big romantic surprise for Shawn.
Ep. #13975 2020x220
Chad searches for Abigail; Jake accuses Gwen of orchestrating the evening's chaos.
Ep. #13974 2020x219
Jennifer slaps Jack; Gwen lies to Chad about how Abigail found the letter.
Ep. #13973 2020x218
Abigail upends Jack and Jennifer's party; Jennifer is rocked by a stunning revelation.
Ep. #13972 2020x217
Jack and Jennifer's friends and family help them celebrate their anniversary.
Ep. #13971 2020x216
Abigail throws a party honoring her parents; Jake bails Ben out of jail.
Ep. #13970 2020x215
Allie tells Nicole the DNA results came back; Justin tells Bonnie he forgives her.
Ep. #13969 2020x214
Tripp is shocked and angry when he learns from Allie that Kayla ran a DNA test.
Ep. #13968 2020x213
Eli wakes up to find himself in the hospital with Lani; Ben confirms that Vincent killed Ciara.
Ep. #13967 2020x212
Jennifer and Jack find a stunning letter from Hope; Doug and Julie mourn Ciara.
Ep. #13966 2020x211
Kayla is horrified by Rolf's demands; Chad becomes suspicious of Gwen.
Ep. #13965 2020x210
Kayla is thunderstruck when Rolf reveals his latest scientific endeavor.
Ep. #13964 2020x209
Orpheus and John face off; Allie and Nicole report Henry's kidnapping.
Ep. #13963 2020x208
Orpheus reveals his plan for Marlena; Clyde tricks Allie into letting him into her apartment.
Ep. #13962 2020x207
Belle is afraid when she finds Jan in her house; Clyde tries to save Ben from himself.
Ep. #13961 2020x206
Rolf threatens to kill Chad; Belle checks on John; Gwen faces an unexpected dilemma.
Ep. #13960 2020x205
Eli tries to keep the truth from Lani; Orpheus asks Marlena for help; Chad is stunned to see Rolf.
Ep. #13959 2020x204
Ben has a vision; lights go out in Salem; Clyde and Orpheus form an alliance; Jake confronts Gwen.
Ep. #13958 2020x203
Kayla and Steve keep a secret from Tripp; Marlena tries to calm John; Sarah and Xander argue.
Ep. #13957 2020x202
John blasts Steve for defending Tripp; Philip succeeds in pushing Xander over the edge.
Ep. #13956 2020x201
Nicole reluctantly gives Lucas devastating news; Tripp amends part of his story.
Ep. #13955 2020x200
Hope and Shawn receive new evidence regarding Ciara; Kristen makes a shocking decision.
Ep. #13954 2020x199
Lani makes an emotional plea to Melinda on Kristen's behalf; Gwen sets a new plan into action.
Ep. #13953 2020x198
Melinda tries to unnerve Kristen; Eli struggles with his huge dilemma.
Ep. #13952 2020x197
Steve and Kayla are shocked when they learn what Allie said about Tripp.
Ep. #13951 2020x196
Bonnie attempts to gain Justin's forgiveness; Allie gives Claire shocking news about Tripp.
Ep. #13950 2020x195
Vincent reveals Ciara's fate to Ben and Hope; Allie tells Lani what happened in London.
Ep. #13949 2020x194
Melinda puts Eli in a tough spot; Ben and Vincent have a heated encounter.
Ep. #13948 2020x193
Eli warns Lani her past actions may come back to haunt her; Kate offers to keep an eye on Jake.
Ep. #13947 2020x192
Sarah lays into Xander for his role in Philip's arrest; Belle comes to Philip's aid.
Ep. #13946 2020x191
Philip's welcome home dinner takes a surprising turn; Jan files a complaint with Shawn.
Ep. #13945 2020x190
Allie and Tripp have a tense encounter; John continues to have mood swings.
Ep. #13944 2020x189
Sami and Nicole argue before Sam's departure; Tripp asks for Kayla's blessing.
Ep. #13943 2020x188
Justin confides in Jack about Bonnie; Gwen plots against Abigail; John lashes out at Steve.
Ep. #13942 2020x187
Eric and Nicole say goodbye; Sami presents Allie with a compromise; Kristen's past haunts her.
Ep. #13941 2020x186
As Lani visits with Kristen, they get a surprise when Eli stops in to try to see his wife. Meanwhile, Brady tries to convince Victor to go along with his plan to say that Brady was the one who stabbed him. Eric lets his parents and Belle know that he's leaving for a special mission in Africa. As Allie goes to see Nicole, in an attempt to get her and Eric to raise her baby, Katie tries to convince Sami to not use the baby to get Allie to go back to Italy with them.
Ep. #13940 2020x185
Allie is upset with Sami for going against her wishes; Shawn finds Belle with Philip.
Ep. #13939 2020x184
As Phillip and Xander have a run in with one another at the office, a stunned Belle finds Jan comforting Claire. In John's room at the hospital, Marlena walks in on Sami and John fighting. Nicole goes to see the baby while Lucas is watching him. Eric gets a surprise visitor.
Ep. #13938 2020x183
Lani and Brady are upset about Eli arresting Kristen. Brady asks Belle to represent Kristen. Upon learning what happened to Ciara, Victor informs Maggie that wants revenge against Ben. Eli, Shawn Douglas, and Hope continue with their search for Vincent and eventually get a promising lead as to his whereabouts.
Ep. #13937 2020x182
John wakes up to a relieved Brady and Marlena, unable to remember what happened and who they are. As Hope tells Eve the latest with the search for Ciara, Ben dreams of his wife. As Lani continues to care for Rachel, Eli goes to arrest Kristen.
Ep. #13936 2020x181
Eli shares upsetting news with Lani; Marlena scolds Sami for her actions.
Ep. #13935 2020x180
Hope, Shawn Douglas, and Ben frantically try to save Ciara from the fiery explosion at the airfield. At the DiMera mansion, Jake issues a warning to Gwen, and later Chad issues one to Jack. Gwen apologizes to Abigail for what Abigail walked in on when she came home. At the hospital, Sarah gives Xander a pep talk about working with Philip. After getting off the phone with her mother, Belle gets a surprise from Phillip.
Ep. #13934 2020x179
Jake suggests to Abigail that something is going on between Chad and Gwen; Tripp and Claire catch up; Shawn, Ben and Hope's frantic search for Ciara continues; Ciara finds herself in a deadly predicament.
Ep. #13933 2020x178
Jack and Shawn uncover the truth about Vincent; Ciara turns the tables on Vincent; Abigail's return prompts a shocking reveal; Tripp informs Steve why he's back in Salem.
Ep. #13932 2020x177
Eli is upset to learn Lani is helping Kristen; Steve and Kayla are surprised by an intruder; Kristen and Brady argue about her coming to Salem; Gwen tries to play on Chad's sympathies.
Ep. #13931 2020x176
Ben recalls a key piece of information; Vincent makes a shocking confession to Ciara; Belle and Sami have a huge showdown; Kristen returns to Salem.
Ep. #13930 2020x175
Marlena helps Ben get answers; Ciara's fate is revealed; Nicole takes a major hit in court; Shawn and Belle are confronted by an old foe.
Ep. #13929 2020x174
Sami brings in a surprise witness to bolster her case; Will and Sonny say their final goodbyes to Salem; Philip and Xander battle for the title of Titan CEO; Brady and Marlena catch up.
Ep. #13928 2020x173
Philip reunites with Kate and Lucas; Bonnie comforts Justin after he discovers Sonny is leaving Salem; Victor is faced with a difficult decision; while sitting vigil with John, Marlena is reunited with a loved one.
Ep. #13927 2020x172
Ben has an explosive confrontation with Eve; Gabi is forced to make a heartbreaking decision; Gwen blows up at Jake; Rafe and Gabi say farewell to Salem.
Ep. #13926 2020x171
A fearful Hope questions Ben; Gabi and Jake give in to their feelings for each other; Sami betrays Eric in order to nail Nicole; Eduardo puts Rafe in a tough spot.
Ep. #13925 2020x170
Sami makes a bold move at her grandson's custody hearing; Jake and Gabi kiss; Ciara is trapped in a dangerous situation; Rafe grills a surprising intruder in his home.
Ep. #13924 2020x169
Ben struggles to overcome his brainwashing; Eve has a vision of Paige; Rafe and Hope make an important decision about their future; Nicole stirs the pot.
Ep. #13923 2020x168
Hope and Rafe get a tip on Eve's whereabouts; Ciara is unnerved when Ben takes her to a creepy location; Eric tries to find a compromise with Belle; Sami confesses the truth to Marlena.
Ep. #13922 2020x167
Steve sits vigil for John; Kayla and Jennifer give Hope advice about Rafe; Ben comforts Marlena; Eve marks the anniversary of her daughter's death.
Ep. #13921 2020x166
Gwen tries to use Chad to make Jake jealous; Gabi doesn't react well to Will and Sonny's big decision; Rafe comes to Hope's rescue; Vincent puts the final nail in Ciara's coffin.
Ep. #13920 2020x165
Marlena receives grave news about John's condition; Xander is threatened by Philip's unexpected return; Sami keeps the truth from her family; Sonny is offered an opportunity he cannot refuse.
Ep. #13919 2020x164
Nicole and Eric have a heated confrontation with Sami; John collapses; Philip returns to Salem; Xander gets good news.
Ep. #13918 2020x163
Eric and Nicole receive a restraining order from Sami; Marlena and Kate argue over what's best for Allie's baby; Sarah and Xander share a romantic afternoon; Victor and Bonnie spar.
Ep. #13917 2020x162
Ben encounters Vincent in Marlena's office; Eve pleads with Claire not to turn her in; Gabi and Jake get surprising news; Gwen kisses Chad.
Ep. #13916 2020x161
Ben has a nightmare of strangling Ciara; Rafe and Hope share a close moment; Eve arrives in Salem; Jake and Gwen fight over his relationship with Gabi.
Ep. #13915 2020x160
Sami, Nicole and Eric search for Allie; Sami seeks help from Belle; Sonny and Will work on their relationship; Claire covers for Allie.
Ep. #13914 2020x159
Ben hides his unease from Ciara; Gabi and Jake have a huge blowup; Kate recounts to Abe her bitter rivalry with Vivian; Justin has a surprise for Bonnie.
Ep. #13913 2020x158
Ben is haunted by his brainwashing; Will and Sami reconcile; Claire and Marlena discuss Claire's plans for the future; Allie leaves a letter with a shocking request.
Ep. #13912 2020x157
Nicole encourages Allie to see her son; Eric gives Sami advice about her children; Sarah and Xander reconnect, Gabi enlists Jake's help to get Shin on her side.
Ep. #13911 2020x156
Gwen spies on Gabi for Chad; Eli and Lani discover surprising news about her pregnancy; Xander admits to Jack he's worried he's going to blow his second chance with Sarah; Steve and Kayla's romantic evening gets thrown off course.
Ep. #13910 2020x155
Hope and Ciara find Ben; Sonny is upset to learn of Will's betrayal; Steve and Kayla strengthen their bond; Bonnie asks Justin to be her lawyer.
Ep. #13909 2020x154
Ben attempts to make his escape; Chloe provides key information about Ben's captor; Allie makes a decision about her baby's adoption; Sonny blasts Sami for her interference.
Ep. #13908 2020x153
Ben's torment begins; Hope, Shawn, Ciara and Claire arrive in New York to look for Ben; Sami tells Belle she is angry at Nicole for coming between her and Allie; Nicole blabs to Sonny and Will.
Ep. #13907 2020x152
Ciara and Claire come to a stunning revelation; Ben is horrified when his captor reveals their diabolical plans; to Sami's dismay, Nicole helps Allie deliver her baby; Gwen and Jake move into the DiMera mansion.
Ep. #13906 2020x151
Ben's past comes back to haunt him; Ciara and Claire decide to team up; Allie goes into labor; Chad learns Gabi has been making inroads at DiMera behind his back.
Ep. #13905 2020x150
Nicole exposes Sami's machinations to Allie; Will and Sonny share their good news with Ari; Ciara shares a new theory with Rafe about Ben; Ben's captor reveals their identity.
Ep. #13904 2020x149
Will and Sonny move forward with their adoption plans.
Ep. #13903 2020x148
Steve and Kayla return to Salem.
Ep. #13902 2020x147
Rafe makes a decision about Allie's offer.
Ep. #13901 2020x146
Chaos erupts at Ben and Ciara's wedding.
Ep. #13900 2020x145
Belle realizes Claire lied to her.
Ep. #13899 2020x144
Hope and Allie help Ciara get ready for the wedding.
Ep. #13898 2020x143
Gabi delivers tragic news to Jake.
Ep. #13897 2020x142
Will takes Ben out for drinks the night before his wedding.
Ep. #13896 2020x141
Allie drops a bomb on Sami.
Ep. #13895 2020x140
Nicole and Eric's wedding comes to a halt when Sami interrupts.
Ep. #13894 2020x139
Gabi accuses Chad of being interested in Gwen.
Ep. #13893 2020x138
While away from Salem, Kayla and Steve reconnect.
Ep. #13892 2020x137
Claire offers to help Ben with a very special task for the wedding.
Ep. #13891 2020x136
Kayla confronts Steve.
Ep. #13890 2020x135
Justin stuns Kayla with a huge confession.
Ep. #13889 2020x134
Steve makes a big announcement to John and Marlena.
Ep. #13888 2020x133
Xander confides in Jack about Sarah.
Ep. #13887 2020x132
Eric gives Will and Sonny disappointing news.
Ep. #13886 2020x131
Jake and Gabi reel over his DNA test results.
Ep. #13885 2020x130
Chaos erupts at Lani and Eli's wedding.
Ep. #13884 2020x129
Kristen and Brady reunite!
Ep. #13883 2020x128
Lani receives help from someone unexpected.
Ep. #13882 2020x127
The morning of her and Eli's wedding, Lani gets a surprise visitor.
Ep. #13881 2020x126
Allie tells Nicole and Eric she plans to give her baby to someone in Salem.
Ep. #13880 2020x125
Eli throws a wrench in Brady and Victor's plot.
Ep. #13879 2020x124
Sarah makes a confession to Xander.
Ep. #13878 2020x123
Chad and Gabi get into a heated exchange.
Ep. #13877 2020x122
Gabi takes action to prove Jake is Stefan.
Ep. #13876 2020x121
Xander makes a heartfelt gesture to make things right with Sarah.
Ep. #13875 2020x120
Ben and Marlena go to Bayview in search of Gwen.
Ep. #13874 2020x119
Eli and Lani demand the truth from Jake.
Ep. #13873 2020x118
Claire insists to Ciara she wants to make amends.
Ep. #13872 2020x117
Allie drops a bombshell on Lucas.
Ep. #13871 2020x116
Eli and Lani make a big decision about their wedding.
Ep. #13870 2020x115
Eric and Nicole get an unexpected visitor.
Ep. #13869 2020x114
Claire privately anticipates Ben and Ciara's wedding.
Ep. #13868 2020x113
Sonny and Will arrive at the garage to question Jake about Gabby's disappearance, Belle and Shawn Brady arrive in town to discuss Claire being released from Bayview with their respective parents. At the hospital, Claire tells Gwen all about her plans after she gets released.
Ep. #13867 2020x112
Jake reveals to Ben and Ciara that Gabi has been kidnapped!
Ep. #13866 2020x111
Lani and Eli share exciting news with Abe and Julie.
Ep. #13865 2020x110
Claire pleads with Marlena to help her gain early release from Bayview.
Ep. #13864 2020x109
Sarah lays into Victor for what he did to her.
Ep. #13863 2020x108
Steve witnesses Justin's proposal to Kayla.
Ep. #13862 2020x107
Xander confronts Brady about stabbing him in the back.
Ep. #13861 2020x106
Justin visits Adrienne's grave to ask her permission to marry Kayla.
Ep. #13860 2020x105
Eli proposes to Lani!
Ep. #13859 2020x104
Orpheus has one last trick up his sleeve for Marlena and John.
Ep. #13858 2020x103
Eric asks Nicole to marry him!
Ep. #13857 2020x102
Abigail and Chad make difficult decisions about their future.
Ep. #13856 2020x101
Lani arrests Gabi!
Ep. #13855 2020x100
Victor asks Brady for forgiveness.
Ep. #13854 2020x99
Xander desperately attempts to revive Maggie.
Ep. #13853 2020x98
Marlena and Rafe compare notes about Orpheus.
Ep. #13852 2020x97
Orpheus delivers horrifying news to Marlena.
Ep. #13851 2020x96
Evan and his family arrive in court for his verdict.  Abby tries to fight off the hallucinations.  Gabi is determined to restore Stefan - by any means necessary.  Lani & Eli discuss her situation.
Ep. #13850 2020x95
Gabi seeks answers from Rolf about Stefan.  Abby's family freaks out about her disappearance.  Abby communes with Stefano and tries to rescue Abe from "Gabi".  Ciara & Ben celebrate their fortune cookie engagement "under the sheets".  Hope is not thrilled at the news. 
Ep. #13849 2020x94
Ciara accepts Ben's proposal. Justin and Steve remember Adrienne's passing.  Brady & Xander come across Rex.  Sarah refuses to accept reality and sobs to Kristen that she will not give up "her" baby. Kristen and Brady face a difficult decision about the future.
Ep. #13848 2020x93
Sarah prepares to disappear forever with "her" daughter.
Ep. #13847 2020x92
Ciara tends to an injured Ben.
Ep. #13846 2020x91
Gabi kisses Jake!
Ep. #13845 2020x90
Lani helps Kristen track down Sarah's location.
Ep. #13844 2020x89
Xander breaks devastating news to Maggie.  Kristen is on the run with an ally.  Sarah tries to justify her escalating crazy actions.  Eli grills Brady.
Ep. #13843 2020x88
Sarah pleads with Rex to keep her secret.  Gabbi is shocked to see her former husband.  Abby has another attack.
Ep. #13842 2020x87
Kristen is alarmed when she learns Victor has woken up.
Ep. #13841 2020x86
Gabi faints when she sees "Stefan." Nicole and Eric both suspect Brady isn't the one that stabbed Victor.
Ep. #13840 2020x85
Steve and Kayla share a moment as she helps him put back on his patch.
Ep. #13839 2020x84
Abigail and Chad learn the reason for her hallucinations.
Ep. #13838 2020x83
Brady goes to extremes to protect Kristen.
Ep. #13837 2020x82
Chad and Abigail gloat over Gabi losing control of her company and being able to run DiMera the way he sees fit. Xander tries to get Sarah to come home to discuss his deception in person. Kristen confronts Victor over his part in the baby switch. Ben and Ciara run into a bit of bad luck while looking for jobs. Gabi continues to see visions of Stefan. At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny is shocked to find a slumped over Victor in his chair. Later, as Brady tells Kristen about Victor's involvement in the baby switch, he is surprised to learn she already knew.
Ep. #13836 2020x81
Kristen attacks Victor!
Ep. #13835 2020x80
Brady, Kristen, Eric and Nicole wait for word on Sarah and the baby.
Ep. #13834 2020x79
Gabi goes up against Chad.
Ep. #13833 2020x78
Steve makes a surprising decision regarding Kayla.
Ep. #13832 2020x77
John breaks the news to Marlena about Orpheus; Rafe and Orpheus face off over David; Justin informs Steve that he will fight for Kayla; Kayla is torn between Justin and Steve.
Ep. #13831 2020x76
Ep. #13830 2020x75
Eric confronts Xander about the baby switch; Sarah makes a shocking decision; Jack encourages Steve to fight for Kayla; Will and Sonny discuss expanding their family.
Ep. #13829 2020x74
Hope and Steve commiserate together; Gabi goes up against Chad; Kayla tells Justin her decision about their future; Kate applies for a job with Abe.
Ep. #13828 2020x73
Ep. #13827 2020x72
Sarah gets the shock of her life; Kristen struggles with her pain; Marlena tries to help Steve; Steve wakes up from his surgery, but there's a hitch.
Ep. #13826 2020x71
Justin confides in Jennifer about his fear of losing Kayla; Victor and Xander share a touching moment; Eric and Nicole intercept Sarah on the day of her wedding; Kayla sits vigil with Steve after his surgery.
Ep. #13825 2020x70
Kayla and Sarah encounter an unexpected complication during Steve's surgery; Eric shares a tearful goodbye with Mackenzie; Xander has a surprising request for Sonny; Evan meets with Ben face-to-face.
Ep. #13824 2020x69
Stefano makes one last request to see his children; Eric prepares to tell Brady and Kristen the truth about their daughter; Kayla makes a bold decision in order to get Steve back; Abigail and Anna voice their concern over Chad and Tony.
Ep. #13823 2020x68
Nicole reveals the truth about Mackenzie to Eric; Xander makes plans for his and Sarah's nuptials; John nervously awaits news about Marlena's surgery; Stefano is determined to thwart Kayla's attempts to end his control over Steve's body.
Ep. #13822 2020x67
Eric confronts Abe about Nicole; Kristen and Tony bond over their feelings about their father; Hattie says farewell to Salem; Brady is perplexed by Mackenzie's birthmark.
Ep. #13821 2020x66
Eric realizes Nicole lied to him; Nicole confronts Dr. Raynor; John tricks Rolf to get what he wants; Eli and Lani have a frosty encounter with Gabi.
Ep. #13820 2020x65
Nicole is stunned when someone from her past shows up on her doorstep; Sheila returns with a big surprise for Eli; Clyde turns Ben's world upside down when he escapes from prison; Leo returns and has an intriguing offer for Will and Sonny.
Ep. #13819 2020x64
Abigail tries to break Stefano's spell over a brainwashed Chad; Kayla and Justin discuss the fate of their relationship; Anna creates complete chaos at Stefano's hideout; Ben and Ciara discuss their future.
Ep. #13818 2020x63
Brady is shot; Stefano urges Marlena to end John's life; Anna and Abigail attempt to rescue their loved ones; Abe helps Nicole track down Dr. Raynor.
Ep. #13817 2020x62
Abigail makes a shocking discovery. Tony and Kristen are stunned when Stefano reveals he and Marlena are getting married tonight.
Ep. #13816 2020x61
Stefano proposes to Marlena; Anna and Abigail grow suspicious of Chad's behavior; Hattie makes a surprising decision about her future; Chad convinces Tony and Kristen to attend a very special family gathering.
Ep. #13815 2020x60
Nicole confides her suspicions to Abe; Hattie presses Roman about his feelings for her; Eric expresses concern to Sarah about Xander's role in Mickey's life; Ben and Ciara enjoy a day of romance.
Ep. #13814 2020x59
Ben is released from prison and reunites with Ciara; Kayla fills in the gaps for Hope; Maggie says goodbye to her loved ones before going to prison; Nicole gets answers about Mickey.
Ep. #13813 2020x58
Chad struggles to hide the truth from Abigail; Kate and Gabi find themselves trapped together; Stefano attempts to connect with Marlena; Sonny urges Evan to do the right thing.
Ep. #13812 2020x57
Nicole picks a fight with Kristen; Hope presses Kayla to learn what other damage she caused while she was Gina; Stefano makes headway with Marlena; Chad attacks Kate and Gabi.
Ep. #13811 2020x56
Stefano instructs Chad to organize a family reunion; Xander warns Victor that Nicole is on to them; Kristen and Brady comfort one another as they reminisce about Rachel; Nicole takes steps to prove her suspicions.
Ep. #13810 2020x55
Hope is shocked to learn Rolf turned her into Princess Gina; Clyde reveals to Ben how he was partly responsible for Jordan meeting Evan; Rafe grills Evan; Jennifer and Kayla reveal devastating news to Hope.
Ep. #13809 2020x54
Clyde is thrown when Ben tells him Evan's real name; Ciara delivers bad news to Ben; Gina makes one last plea to Rolf to save her; Lani and Eli help Rafe search for David.
Ep. #13808 2020x53
Nicole reels as she realizes Mackenzie could be Brady and Kristen's child; Xander proposes to Sarah; Evan conspires to keep David; John questions Kristen about Stefano.
Ep. #13807 2020x52
Evan meets up with someone unexpected. Kristen asks Eric if she can hold Mickey. Nicole starts to put the pieces together regarding Mickey and Rachel. Will and Sonny recommit to their marriage.
Ep. #13806 2020x51
Will lays into Victor. Kristen and Brady reminisce about Rachel. Rafe and Sonny confront Evan. Suspicious Nicole questions Xander about Dr. Raynor.
Ep. #13805 2020x50
John apprehends Rolf. Gina taunts Shawn and Ciara, insisting they will never get their mother back. Kate's unaware her life is in danger. To Rafe's dismay, Evan scores a legal victory.
Ep. #13804 2020x49
Chad receives orders to kill Kate. Stefano tries to reconnect with Marlena after Dr. Rolf's procedure. Justin confides in Jack his fear about losing Kayla. John seeks Gina's help to find Stefano and Marlena.
Ep. #13803 2020x48
John, Justin, and Kayla find themselves in grave danger. Marlena tries to talk her way out of Rolf's procedure. Chad attempts to smother Gabi. Ben thanks Ciara for saving his life. Rafe apologies to Ben & worries about finding David.
Ep. #13802 2020x47
John and Justin's plan goes horribly awry; Lani & Eli reconnect; Chad prepares to carry out his father's deadly wishes, and Julie blasts Gabi for her actions.
Ep. #13801 2020x46
Justin and Marlena meet with Stefano to negotiate Kayla's release; Roman blasts Kate for aiding and abetting Gina and Stefano. Jack tells Chad that Abigail is staying with JJ and then warns him against falling under Stefano's spell.  Jennifer confronts Gina.  Shawn D. takes Gina for an MRI.
Ep. #13800 2020x45
Ben's execution has begun. Kristen regrets killing Nurse Chen. Nicole happens upon the baby-switching doctor telling Xander she feels guilty.  Ciara breaks into the prison hysterically brandishing a gun. Rafe runs into the Kiriakis mansion looking for David, reminding Will & Sonny to look for him.  Maggie keeps trying to explain to Victor how she feels. Under extreme duress, Evan confesses.  Nicole tries to ferret out Xander's secret.  Victor and Xander plot to keep the secret quiet.  Rafe runs into the prison, also with a drawn firearm and demands to know where David is. 
Ep. #13799 2020x44
In a race against time, Ciara and Will work to exonerate Ben.  The preparation for the bone marrow transplant begins.  The doctor who Xander threatened to make the baby switch is back in Salem and runs into Brady & Kristen.   
Ep. #13798 2020x43
Evan reveals his secret to Sonny.  Kayla encourages Rolf to brag about his technique to implant Stefano's 'essence' into Steve.  John asks Justin why he's not at the prison for Ben's execution and Justin tells him why.   Stefano catches Kayla trying to escape.  Will and Marlena support Ben.  Ciara runs into the prison shouting her story.  Roman balks at Justin & John's plan, because it would endanger Hattie.
Ep. #13797 2020x42
Ciara receives key information about Jordan's killer.  Stefano demands more from Justin. Kayla is suprised to see Dr. Rolf.  Marlena and John discuss the news about Maggie & Will.  Rafe confronts Evan about his name change. Sonny & Will reunite. Ben has a heart to heart with his dad and Marlena.    
Ep. #13796 2020x41
Ben prepares for his execution.  Evan continues to hide something in his background.  Justin transfers the ransom money to Stefano. Maggie comes over to apologize to Justin.  Stefano drugs Chad.  Gabi returns home.  Sonny tells Evan the news.  Ciara pesters Rafe for an update on her "hail mary" illegal search to find David's dad. "Steven-o" confronts Gabi.  
Ep. #13795 2020x40
Eli and Lani reunite!  Sarah is hysterical over the DAs refusal to budge and desperately begs Abe for help.  Justin faces Stefano.  Sonny overhears the news about Maggie.  Chad comes to gloat and hears Gabi's news.  
Ep. #13794 2020x39
Maggie confronts Xander and Victor about the night of Adrienne's death.  Abe confronts Lani about her lack of trust in him.  Eli bemoans his inability to see Gabi for what she really is.  Evan and Sonny talk about Sonny's divorce & both their kids losing a mother.   Eric & Sarah react to Gabi's demands.
Ep. #13793 2020x38
Victor begs Will not to say anything.  Gabi uses a stunning revelation to her advantage.  Ben turns himself in to help Ciara.  Maggie starts remembering.  Rafe tells Ciara how crazy her plan is. 
Ep. #13792 2020x37
Sarah's shocked when she learns the identity of Mickey's bone marrow match. Ciara and Ben are caught and Ciara makes a striking decision.  Sonny dresses down Gabi over her actions.  Will & Maggie discuss the night of Adrienne's death.  Eric discovers Xander and Sarah are together.
Ep. #13791 2020x36
Ciara shares her theory about Jordan's killer with Ben. Sarah & Kristen dream about their babies. Victor comes home from the hospital and finds Rafe waiting.  Will gets a visit from Sonny.  Brady and Kristen confront Victor and Xander with questions.
Ep. #13790 2020x35
Kayla is shocked by "Steve's" revelations.  Rafe tells Gabi she is in trouble.  Kate and Gabi compare crimes.  Hattie stands up for Kate with Roman.  Marlena is upset at receiving more gifts from Stefano.  Eli pushes Lani away.   
Ep. #13789 2020x34
Jennifer receives sad news about a loved one.  In front of all the wedding guests, Gabi acts on her threat to Lani and kills Julie.  Doug reminisces about his past and with Bill Horton.  
Ep. #13788 2020x33
Lani crashes Gabi and Eli's wedding.  Sonny & Will remember last Valentine's day.  
Ep. #13787 2020x32
Gabi and Eli's Valentine's Day wedding begins.  Julie got her new pacemaker put in. Brady invites Kristen to the wedding.  Ben and Ciara are discovered. Gabi remembers Stefan and his death. Abe and Valerie greet each other.  Lani takes a drastic action.
Ep. #13786 2020x31
Shawn confronts Princess Gina and tries to get through to his mother.  Julie awaits her new pacemaker, while Gabi schemes to replace it with another she can control.  Lani tortures herself about Eli's wedding.  "Steve" tells Kayla she can't leave the hideout and she lets him have it.  JJ is certain the wedding won't happen. 
Ep. #13785 2020x30
Kayla smuggles "Steve" out of the hospital.  Justin visits with Victor.  Ciara assists Ben's escape.  Brady sees the "Steve" portrait in Kristen's room. Sarah, Xander, Nicole & Eric get the results of the tests. 
Ep. #13784 2020x29
Stefano threatens Abigail.  Chad, Abigail & Hattie get locked inside the lair. Shawn Douglas tells Jack & Jennifer about Princess Gina.  Rafe and Kate revive John.  Marlena tries to reach Hope.  Kayla finds an injured "Steve" in her office.  Roman confronts Gina, but she gets away.  Rafe is fooled and in danger of harm. 
Ep. #13783 2020x28
Marlena makes a sacrifice to save John's life.  Ben & Clyde start their escape, but plans go awry - Clyde makes a suprising decision.  Chad & Abigail continue to obsess over the portrait of Steve, which leads them to a shocking confrontation.  Kate confirms Rafe is right and offers to help, but he has questions.  Hattie foils Stefano's plan and may suffer the consequences.  Ciara agonizes over whether to help Ben.  
Ep. #13782 2020x27
"Steve" reveals his true identity to Marlena, but she has a surprise for him too.  John hallucinates and Gina tries to take advantage of his confusing her with Marlena.  Chad & Abigail confront Kristen.  Rafe catches Kate up. Clyde & Ben start their escape. 
Ep. #13781 2020x26
Ciara hits upon a new theory regarding Jordan's killer.  Rafe and Roman discuss theories about Gina & Stefano with Tony & Anna.  "Steve" shows Marlena proof of John's death.  Clyde offers again to help Ben.  Gina tricks John.
Ep. #13780 2020x25
Sarah and Xander have a romantic evening.  Julie is excited about Eli & Gabi's wedding and tells them she's getting a new pacemaker.  Maggie talks to Brady & bemoans her drunken blackout.  Eric & Nicole continue to make out.  Kristen visits Lani.  
Ep. #13779 2020x24
Eric and Nicole reconcile.
Ep. #13778 2020x23
Gina consoles John over Marlena's "death."  "Steve" tries to console Marlena over John's "death".   Eric & Sarah make out.  Abigail finds some odd artwork.  Xander tries to get the real parents tested. Rafe & Roman try to figure out where Marlena could be.   Sarah tells Xander how  she feels about him.
Ep. #13777 2020x22
Believing Nicole is with Brady, Eric turns to someone else for comfort.  John finds himself locked up with "Hope".  "Steve" pretends to find Marlena tied up in Gina's art studio.  Chad & Abigail talk about Stefano and their living conditions. Xander is desperate to find a donor.  Gina & Stefano break the bad news to John & Marlena.
Ep. #13776 2020x21
John grows suspicious of "Steve."  "Hope" tells Marlena that they have to leave. Rafe and Shawn Douglas suspect Hope has been brainwashed and turn to Roman for help.  Chad proposes an alternate living arrangement.  Kate confides in Hattie. Rolf kills one of the Salemites.  
Ep. #13775 2020x20
Kate confronts Gina about her and Stefano's plans for John and Marlena. Shawn Douglas tells Rafe "that woman" is not his mother.  Stefano snaps at Anna in front of Tony and John.   Marlena tells Kayla about John and "Steve's" mission and that he lied about loving another woman.  
Ep. #13774 2020x19
"Stefano" listens in on a loving call between John and Marlena.  Eli dreams about Lani, while Lani learns of his upcoming nupitals.  Gabi and Eli set a date.  Kate & Marlena talk. Rafe confides in Shawn-Douglas.
Ep. #13773 2020x18
Will is stunned to learn from Ciara that Maggie was responsible for the car accident that killed Adrienne, but Xander and Victor covered it up. Kristen and Brady mourn their loss.  Kristen tells Eric that Brady & Nicole are together now. Sonny goes to Evan for sympathy and sex. 
Ep. #13772 2020x17
The events from last Mother's Day continue to unfold:JJ comes to tell Abigail that Adrienne is dead.Abigail tells JJ that Haley is dead.  Everyone grieves the multiple deaths.
Ep. #13771 2020x16
The events of last Mother's Day continue to be revealed:Victor and Xander make a fateful decision.
Ep. #13770 2020x15
The flashback to last Mother's Day continues...As Kristen prepares to give birth, a complication arises.  Justin remembers his love with Adrienne across the years.
Ep. #13769 2020x14
The flashback to last Mother's Day continues:Tragedy strikes Adrienne and Sarah. 
Ep. #13768 2020x13
A flashback to how several Salemites celebrated last Mother's Day - which also happened to be the last day of Adrienne's life and an important day for Sarah & Kristen.
Ep. #13767 2020x12
Will gets several surprising visitors.  Xander pressures Ciara to keep her mouth shut.  Maggie worries over Victor.  Brady and Kristen talk. Nicole is surprised to see Eric.  Xander is delighted to see Sarah and the baby.  Brady & Nicole make out at the office to upset Kristen.  Eric & Sarah get bad news.  
Ep. #13766 2020x11
Lani enlists Kristen's help.  Kayla notices a discrepancy during Julie's tests.  JJ tells Eli he can't marry Gabi.  Rafe finds "Hope's" cigarettes.  Stefano & Gina move forward with their plan to kill John & Marlena.  Abe asks Lani for the truth.  Rafe talks to Kayla about his concerns about Hope. Kristen comes back and talks to JJ, then distracts Gabi.  
Ep. #13765 2020x10
Gina and Stefano devise a new plot to break up John and Marlena.  "Steve" visits Rafe.  Gabi has a nightmare.  Abe is shocked at Eli's revelations. JJ tells Lani he'll stop Gabi. John tries to reassure Marlena.  Kayla gives Julie a checkup.
Ep. #13764 2020x09
Eli proposes to Gabi!  Jack and Jennifer discuss her new piece for The Spectator. Lani moves in with JJ.  Kristen struggles with "Steve's reveal".  Chad asks Kate to sell her stock.  Abigail shows up to Kristen's room.  
Ep. #13763 2020x08
Ciara is blown away when Xander and Victor's secret is revealed.  Kristen rejects "Steve's" big reveal.  Clyde suggests he and Ben break out of jail.  Clyde derides Ben for thinking Ciara's teen sleuthing will free him.  Chad and Gabi discuss Ben.  Will is sad.
Ep. #13762 2020x07
Ciara delivers bad news to Ben.  Victor & Xander talk. John and "Hope" discuss Stefano.  Marlena and Kayla talk.  "Steve" visits Kristen.  Clyde offers Ben his assistance.    
Ep. #13761 2020x06
Jack rips into "Steve" and is perplexed by his brother's behavior.  Nicole breaks the news to Brady about their new coworker.  Justin and Ciara exchange updates on Victor & Ben.  Kristen tells Chad she is stringing Gabi along. Nicole & Brady rub their "relationship" in Kristen's face.  
Ep. #13760 2020x05
Lani confides in JJ, who offers his help.  John offers support to Brady.  Kristen informs Nicole about her new job title - Nicole taunts Kristen by saying that she and Brady are together.  Gabi gets defensive when Eli tells her Lani blamed her.  Kate scolds Will for not fighting for his marriage, while Sonny and Evan kiss.  Sonny and Evan discuss their future.  
Ep. #13759 2020x04
Kristen uses Gabi to get what she wants.  Xander accuses Ciara of harming Victor.  Gabi threatens to kill Julie. Eli goes to confront Lani.  Gabi & Kristen work out a deal.  Xander informs and comforts Maggie.  Ciara cries to a comatose Victor about Ben. John lets Brady know about Victor and Brady goes to the hospital.  Julie and JJ talk. 
Ep. #13758 2020x03
Ciara's confrontation with Victor takes a stunning turn!  Xander pays Ben a visit.  "Hope" fires Rafe.  "Steve" tells Kayla that the man she knew is gone, and that he's in love with another woman.  Sonny and Evan discuss Will and Ben. Rafe tells them he's adopting David.  Sonny & Evan kiss. 
Ep. #13757 2020x02
Ciara supports Ben on the day of his final appeal.  Kayla has a confusing dream.  Hattie grills "Steve".  Xander and Victor discuss Ciara's snooping.  Rafe tells Roman his concerns about Kate and Roman sees proof in her interactions with Kate and Hattie. "Steve" tells Kayla he's in love with another woman.
Ep. #13756 2020x01
NYE is rung in with kisses.    The party is shocked to see "Hope's" guest.  Kristen attacks Nicole & tells Brady she wants him back.  Eli, Lani & Gabi square off.  

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