Days of our Lives is set in the fictitious Midwestern town of Salem. The core families are the Bradys, the Hortons and the DiMeras, and the multi-layered storylines involve elements of romance, adventure, mystery, comedy and drama. Add to my shows

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Ep. #14028 2021x18

season 2019

Ep. #13755 2019x255
Julie and Doug's New Year's Eve party is crashed by an unexpected couple.  Kristen vows not to let Nicole steal her man.  Stefano blames Gina for his plan not going well and suggests they end their partnership.  Stefano tells Gina about his near misses with Kayla & Hattie.   Gabi & Eli talk about who may have smashed the window.  Brady & Nicole attend the party. Stefano & Gina discuss going as their true selves.  
Ep. #13754 2019x254
Marlena confronts "Hope" about her feelings for John.  Lani takes out her rage on a Gabichic storefront.  Hattie tells a confused Roman that her lips are sealed.  Kate and Stefano worry about his exposure.  Rafe tells "Hope" about the results from the evidence they gathered.  Brady tells Nicole it'd be a bad idea to have sex.  Kristen and Lani rage against their exes.  
Ep. #13753 2019x253
Lani and Kristen return to Salem.  Gabi & Abby taunt each other.  Hattie & Stefano are confused by each other.  Nicole & Brady get a drink.
Ep. #13752 2019x252
Kayla follows "Stefano" and confronts him.  Xander flies out to see Sarah.  Brady comes to cheer up Nicole.  John and Marlena discuss Hattie and then open presents. Kate realizes what Stefano was up to.  Roman is upset at the missing Santa suit, and then gets a surprise guest.  Kate tries to put Kayla off.  Roman hires a new waitress.
Ep. #13751 2019x251
"Stefano" secretly joins the Christmas party at the hospital.  Ciara visits Will, Marlena visits Ben, or so it appears to the guard.  Kayla and Roman have a heart to heart talk.  John comes home to an unenthusiastic "Marlena".  Sonny invites Evan to the Christmas celebration at the hospital.  Kate and Roman are both asked if they're seeing each other.  Kayla flashes back to past Christmases with Steve. Sonny tells Kate about his present from Will. 
Ep. #13750 2019x250
Julie worries no one is going to come to the Horton tree trimming.  Hattie and Eve decorate the prison.  Maggie empathizes with Xander's situation.  Chad reads "A Christmas Carol", while Gabi scrooges it up.  The Deverauxs celebrate together.  Hattie & Eve both get some great news.  The traditional Horton ornaments are hung, from Alice and Tom to the newest addition for Mackenzie. Xander spends a lonely Christmas reminiscing about Sarah, then hitches a ride with Agios Vassileios. 
Ep. #13749 2019x249
Rafe questions why "Hope" and Kate were fighting. Jack & Jennifer get the Christmas tree ready.  John and Abe puzzle over Celeste's reading.  Marlena visits Kate's room, and Stefano is eager to see her.  Kayla & Justin are unsure how to spend their Christmas eve. Abigail convinces JJ to come clean with the whole family. Justin confronts Kate about Kayla, then Marlena confronts her about Stefano's ring.
Ep. #13748 2019x248
Gabi is stunned when she receives a call from Kristen. Kristen & Lani celebrate their 2nd chance at life.  Hope, Rafe & Abe discuss Rolf and Stefano.  Kate wakes up to Stefano in her bed. Roman discovers Kate has an overnight guest.  Chad and Abigail discuss Rolf & Stefano, then JJ. Abe stops by to talk to John & Marlena about Stefano.  Gabi gloats to Chad. Kate and Gina face off.
Ep. #13747 2019x247
Gina is put in the hot seat when Rafe finds her in the secret lair.  Victor questions Justin and Ciara.  Ben and Will talk.  Sonny and Evan bond.  Kate and Kayla square off over Kayla's penchant for her brothers-in-law.  Kate has to help Stefano sneak into the pub.  Rafe wonders if Stefano might be alive. 
Ep. #13746 2019x246
Jack comforts an unsettled Jennifer. Kate and Marlena discuss Hope.  Gina & John discuss their feelings towards each other.   Rafe tries to find Rolf.  
Ep. #13745 2019x245
Lani and Kristen hatch a plan to win back what is rightfully theirs.  Eli tells Julie why he checked JJ into the Salem hospital.  Marlena talks with Brady.  Chad and Gabi exchange barbs.  Chad then accuses Kate of spying for Stefano. Julie updates Brady.  JJ hallucinates.
Ep. #13744 2019x244
Will makes a difficult sacrifice for Sonny's happiness.  Ben gets an ugly present and visit from his father.  Gina is relieved when Abigail uncovers new evidence that makes it look like Rolf pushed Jennifer. Ciara tries to lie to Xander.
Ep. #13743 2019x243
Feeling the pressure, Hope makes plans to leave Salem.   Sarah and Eric prepare to take Mickey to Boston for treatment. Jack checks Jennifer out of the hospital.  Chad is helping Abigail check the footage of Jennifer being pushed.  Xander offers to give up his CEO job for Sarah and Mickey.  Eric lashes out at Nicole.  Ciara offers Xander a shoulder to cry on.
Ep. #13742 2019x242
Kate blasts Sonny when she learns he shared a kiss with Evan. Will happens upon Justin in the jail and talks to him about Adrienne.  Brady tells Nicole the bad news, as Sarah tells Maggie.  Kayla finds Xander going through her office. Maggie sticks up for Xander.
Ep. #13741 2019x241
Eric and Sarah receive upsetting news about Mickey.  Justin moves in with Kayla.Justin & Ciara discussion the situation with Ben and Xander/Victor. "Hope" counsels Abby to stop looking into her mother's attack.  Stefano and Gina discuss the problem of Abigail.
Ep. #13740 2019x240
Lani makes a huge appeal to JJ to spare Kristen.  Kate remembers reconnecting with Stefano. Jennifer revists the scene of her fall.
Ep. #13739 2019x239
Abigail brings Jennifer back to the scene of the crime to jog her memory. Lani & Kristen talk with their Salem visitors. Kate has some interesting conversations. 
Ep. #13738 2019x238
Lani and Kristen are both stunned when they each come face to face with someone from Salem. Sarah makes out with Xander. Brady and John discuss the possibility of Stefano being alive. Sarah, Eric and Xander are upset when Mickey gets sick. 
Ep. #13737 2019x237
Sarah tells Xander that Eric is willing to share custody but on one condition. Roman counsels Eric to forgive Nicole, Kate disagrees. Brady helps Nicole. Marlena and Jennifer talk.  Abigail asks "Hope" to see the evidence from Jennifer's attack.
Ep. #13736 2019x236
Gabi sends Eli off to Rome to thwart Chad. "Stefano" and Gina discuss his plans. Kristen and Lani prepare to take their vows.  Kate's new career is revealed. JJ struggles with his addiction and his anger.
Ep. #13735 2019x235
Ben tries to stop Clyde from hurting Will. Ciara tries to open Xander's briefcase.  Sonny talks to Evan.  Sarah and Nicole try to justify their lies to Eric.
Ep. #13734 2019x234
John and Marlena suspect Stefano is the one who reached out to her.  CIara visits Ben. Clyde stops by Will's cell.  Stefano complains about his new look.  Justin asks Kayla to move in.
Ep. #13733 2019x233
Gina finally finishes her portrait of Stefano. Justin and Sonny miss Adrienne, then invite Evan to join them for Thanksgiving.  Marlena gets flowers from a mysterious admirer.  Eve and Hattie discuss the jail's version of Thanksgiving dinner.  Gina interrupts Marlena and John having a tender moment. 
Ep. #13732 2019x232
Lani finally confides to someone why she left Eli at the altar.  Brady comforts Nicole in the aftermath of her confession. Xander and Sarah get closer.  JJ and Abby discuss Haley's death. The truth about baby "Mickey" comes out to everyone.
Ep. #13731 2019x231
Eric is stunned by Nicole's revelation.  Chad goes to meet Stefano. Clyde & Ben discuss the kidnapper.  Ciara tries to free the baby.  Eli snoops and tries to turn Abby against Chad.
Ep. #13730 2019x230
Eric has a surprise for Nicole. Xander writes out a confession.   Ciara finds the kidnapper. Sarah continues to cry.
Ep. #13729 2019x229
Jennifer receives devastating news from the past year.
Ep. #13728 2019x228
A frantic Sarah tells Xander her baby is missing. Abby confronts Eve. Ciara looks for proof of Xander's culpability. Sonny and Chad bond.  Will, Ben and Clyde faceoff.
Ep. #13727 2019x227
John & Marlena clash over Hope. "Steffy" & Chad play chess. Ciara begins investigating. Clyde & Ben discuss Ben's predicament. Eve summons Abigail.  Sarah loses something.
Ep. #13726 2019x226
Kayla and her new beau reminisce about how they came together.
Ep. #13725 2019x225
Princess Gina makes a move on John; Julie is alarmed when her heart starts to race for no apparent reason; Kristen talks about the incident that caused her to leave Salem; Kayla heads home for a romantic evening.
Ep. #13724 2019x224
Gabi tells Eli she thinks Chad is plotting against her; Chad admits to Abigail he's been in contact with Stefano; J.J. blows up at Brady.
Ep. #13723 2019x223
Ciara and Ben work together to try and trap Victor; Eric realizes that JJ is high; Brady reveals what happened with his and Kristen's baby.
Ep. #13722 2019x222
Things don't add up to Jennifer; Ben insists his innocence in killing Jordan.
Ep. #13721 2019x221
Jennifer wakes up after a year in a coma; Ben recounts what happened to a mystery person in his cell; Sarah, Xander and Nicole live with the knowledge they are keeping Eric from his child.
Ep. #13720 2019x220
Ben makes a horrific discovery; Kristen drops a bomb on Eric; John and Marlena celebrate their one-year anniversary; Gina tries to ensure Jennifer will never wake up.
Ep. #13719 2019x219
Kristen has a pregnancy scare; Jack and JJ investigate Jennifer's fall; Nicole considers telling Eric that Sarah is pregnant; Ben is afraid he will have to kill Jordan.
Ep. #13718 2019x218
Gina has a run-in with Rafe; Kayla and Haley try to save Jennifer's life; Eli tells Julie what happened at the wedding; Lani punches Gabi.
Ep. #13717 2019x217
A double wedding in the town square; Eve causes trouble for Jack and Jennifer; Jennifer makes a shocking discovery; Princess Gina protects Rolf's secrets.
Ep. #13716 2019x216
Lani makes a heartbreaking decision; Gabi forces Lani's hand; Marlena warns Sarah about Xander; Jack and Jennifer hear good news from Justin and Adrienne.
Ep. #13715 2019x215
Lani and Eli's wedding day; Lani suggests a compromise to Gabi; Xander is thrown when Hope doesn't seem to recognize him; Tamara Price returns to Salem for her daughter's wedding.
Ep. #13714 2019x214
Jordan breaks Ciara out of Bayview to wreak havoc on Salem; Tony has a startling revelation for Marlena; Ben gives in to his dark side.
Ep. #13713 2019x213
Xander needles Nicole about Eric's feelings for Sarah; Ciara plays cat and mouse with Jordan; Ben frantically searches for his sister; Lani tries to outmaneuver Gabi.
Ep. #13712 2019x212
Rafe becomes suspicious of Jordan; Jordan attacks JJ; John and Marlena confront Hope; Jack and Jennifer hav a tense run-in with Dr. Rolf.
Ep. #13711 2019x211
Gabi proves to Lani she'll make good on her threat; Haley informs John and Marlena of a strange encounter with Hope; Jordan realizes her plan has claimed an unintended victim; Ciara finds incriminating evidence in Ben's coat pocket.
Ep. #13710 2019x210
Gabi lowers the boom on Lani; Eli and Juli hav a heart-to-heart; Rolf completes his plot against Hop; Ciara suddenly doesn't feel well at David's party.
Ep. #13709 2019x209
Gabi vows to avenge Stefan's death; Jack asks Jennifer to marry him; Ben and Ciara arrive for David's birthday party, unaware of what Jordan has in store; Brady shows concern over Kristen, who insists on attending Stefan's funeral.
Ep. #13708 2019x208
Eli and Lani plan their wedding while Gabi plots to end their happiness; Justin proposes to Adrienne; Brady receives the results of the paternity test; Jack and Jennifer's romantic plans are derailed.
Ep. #13707 2019x207
Kayla and Roman question Hope's odd behavior; Rolf threatens Jennifer; things turn romantic as Ciara helps Ben make a gift for David; Jordan cooks up a deadly plan.
Ep. #13706 2019x206
Xander asks Sarah for a favor in return for keeping her secret; Eve refuses to sign Jack's divorce papers; Jennifer tries to access Rolf's flash drive; Brady supports Kristen during a medical crisis.
Ep. #13705 2019x205
Ben apologizes to Jordan; Hope's strange behavior continues; Nicole struggles to keep the truth from Eric; Kayla reveals to Gabi, Eli and Lani that Julie isn't out of the woods just yet.
Ep. #13704 2019x204
Julie discovers Gabi gave her Stefan's heart; Gabi is furious when she hears Eli and Lani happily making wedding plans; Kate is perplexed by an encounter with Hope; Jack makes amends with Abe.
Ep. #13703 2019x203
Ben and Rafe get new information about Ciara's near hit-and-run; Victor orders a hit on Jordan; Gabi is grief-stricken over Stefan's death; Xander tries to convince Nicole to keep her mouth shut.
Ep. #13702 2019x202
Sarah reveals to Eric that she's leaving Salem; Nicole stumbles onto a secret; Brady and Kristen bond over her pregnancy; John and Marlena fear Brady is making a mistake.
Ep. #13701 2019x201
Xander enlists Rolf's help; Nicole and Eric have a heart-to-heart; Marlena and John become concerned about Hope; Anna is blindsided by Tony.
Ep. #13700 2019x200
Gabi lashes out at Lani for killing Stefan; Doug and the rest of the family prepare to say a final goodbye to Julie; Xander tries to come up with a way to keep Sarah in town; Kayla kicks Rolf out of the hospital lab.
Ep. #13699 2019x199
Will and Sonny try to change Gabi's mind about donating Stefan's heart to Julie; Eli gives Doug disappointing news; Hope struggles to escape from Rolf; Victor is upset when Brady moves Kristen into the mansion.
Ep. #13698 2019x198
Eli pleads with Gabi to save Julie's life; Ciara finds herself in close quarters with Jordan; Ben seeks help from Victor regarding his sister; Rolf lures Hope into a trap.
Ep. #13697 2019x197
Gabi demands Rolf find a way to save Stefan; Eli and Lani contemplate asking Gabi for Stefan's heart; Kristen learns of Stefan's condition; Brady breaks the news about Kristen's pregnancy to Victor.
Ep. #13696 2019x196
Eve runs into a distraught Vivian; Eli comforts Lani; Gabi is devastated when she learns of Stefan's prognosis; Kayla reveals a solution to saving Julie's life.
Ep. #13695 2019x195
Lani is shaken when she realizes what she's done; Julie passes out after she and Doug reminisce about their life together; Jack informs Eve that he got his memory back; Gabi receives horrific news.
Ep. #13694 2019x194
Brady tells Marlena that Kristen is pregnant with his baby; Stefan and Gabi have a romantic night; Ciara and Ben tell Lani they think Jordan tried to kill Ciara; tragedy strikes as Vivian tries to flee town.
Ep. #13693 2019x193
Ciara's life is threatened; Vivian pulls a gun on Kristen; Nicole asks Sarah if she's pregnant; Julie makes a dying request to Doug.
Ep. #13692 2019x192
Rafe warns Gabi about helping Stefan and his mother; Kristen informs Brady she's pregnant with his child; Vivian seeks shelter from an old ally; Xander gives Nicole what sh wants.
Ep. #13691 2019x191
Doug and Hope deliver bad news to Julie; Lucas comes under fire for his decision; Rafe grills Gabi and Stefan about Vivian; Jack and Jennifer share a heartfelt reunion with JJ.
Ep. #13690 2019x190
Jack and Jennifer have an emotional reunion; Gabi is furious when she hears Vivian tell Stefan he'd be better off with Eve; Kristen is thrilled over her stroke of good luck; Sarah decides to keep her baby.
Ep. #13689 2019x189
Jack and Dr. Shah have a showdown over Jennifer; Rolf deliver shocking news to Kristen; Eli and Lani learn Lucas is giving Kate's heart to Julie; Lucas and Will say a tearful farewell to Kate.
Ep. #13688 2019x188
Sarah prepares to end her pregnancy; Julie makes a dying request to Maggie; Jack and JJ continue to search for Jennifer; Jennifer tries to gain Dr. Shah's trust.
Ep. #13687 2019x187
Lucas has Kayla run tests to see if Kate's heart would be a match for Julie; Sarah and Brady try to bolster one another over the havoc Kristen has created; Ben seeks Marlena's help regarding Jordan; Kristen enlists Rolf for an unusual procedure.
Ep. #13686 2019x186
Kristen demands Xander help her win back Brady; Gabi is torn when Will asks if Vivian shot his grandmother; Lucas weighs out options about Kate's life; Brady confesses to Sonny that he's having difficulty fighting off his attraction for Kristen.
Ep. #13685 2019x185
Kristen presses Xander about Sarah's pregnancy; Jennifer tries to contact Jack; Lucas gets upsetting news about Kate upon his return to Salem; Will eavesdrops on Stefan and Vivian.
Ep. #13684 2019x184
JJ and Jack become more worried about Jennifer; Jennifer's captor is revealed; Kristen tries to win Brady over with good deeds; Sarah makes a decision about her baby.
Ep. #13683 2019x183
Anna pleads with Kristen to help Tony win his freedom; Brady confesses to John about Kristen; Jennifer is held against her will; Ben and Ciara are shocked that Jordan's been released.
Ep. #13682 2019x182
Maggie confronts Victor about attacking Ben; Rafe awaits news about baby David; Jordan returns to Salem; Gabi and Julie get into it.
Ep. #13681 2019x181
Nicole and Eric make love; Sarah appreciates Xander's devotion; Jack accuses Eve of trashing the lab at the hospital; Vivian makes yet another attempts on Kate's life.
Ep. #13680 2019x180
Brady finds himself battling temptation; Xander reveals to Sarah that he knows her secret; Eve tries to convince Vivian to speak to Stefan on her behalf; Vivian sneaks into the hospital to finish off Kate.
Ep. #13679 2019x179
Jennifer and Jack are crushed by an unexpected setback; Eric breaks up with Sarah; Brady has tense encounter with Kristen; Eve is determined to destroy Jack's happiness after a tough loss.
Ep. #13678 2019x178
Vivian gives unsolicited advice to Sarah; Eli questions Stefan and Gabi about Kate's shooting; Nicole has an explosive confrontation with Kristen; John issues a stern warning to Kristen.
Ep. #13677 2019x177
Hope reveals to Doug heartbreaking news about Julie; Kayla and Jennifer are shocked by a grisly arrival; Stefan is upset when Gabi wants to call the cops on Vivian; Jack and JJ attempt to make a deal with Dr. Rolf.
Ep. #13676 2019x176
Eric tells Nicole about his relationship with Sarah; Sarah struggles with whether to tell Eric she's pregnant; Vivian makes a startling admission to Stefan; Brady walks in as Victor is about to kill Ben.
Ep. #13675 2019x175
Vivian and Kate come face-to-face; Ciara is suspicious when Brady offers her a job at Titan; Sarah confides in Kayla about her predicament; Victor orders Xander to kill Ben.
Ep. #13674 2019x174
Sarah has an unsettling realization; Eric tracks down Nicole; Stefan and Vivian reunite; Victor plots to get rid of Ben.
Ep. #13673 2019x173
Kayla relays heartbreaking news about Julie's condition to Hope and Eli; Lani reams out Gabi for leaving Julie to die; Eric and Vivian find themselves in a dangerous situation; Doug and Ciara sit vigil by Julie's side.
Ep. #13672 2019x172
Julie fights for her life in the hospital; Doug supports Hope as she reads Ted's letter; Gabi is stunned to learn Vivian is alive; Eric shares new about Nicole and Holly with a conflicted Sarah.
Ep. #13671 2019x171
Eric, Jennifer and Jack uncover a shocking secret; Stefan receives a surprising phone call; Gabi makes a potentially fatal mistake; Ben and Ciara come to Julie's aid.
Ep. #13670 2019x170
Eric and Sarah have an honest discussion about the status of their relationship; Jack, Jennifer and Eric take off for Chicago to find answers; Stefan and Gabi fume when Kate moves into the mansion; Eli and Lani have a heart-to-heart with Julie.
Ep. #13669 2019x169
Eric and Jennifer pressure Jack to make a deal with Kristen; Sarah and Xander have a contentious conversation about Eric and Nicole; Chloe informs Brady she received a life-changing offer; Tripp bids farewell to Salem.
Ep. #13668 2019x168
Eric has an intense confrontation with Kristen; Kate makes a stunning announcement to Gabi and Stefan; Marlena and John enjoy the last hours of their anniversary; Eric breaks the news about Nicole to Sarah.
Ep. #13667 2019x167
Kristen offers to give up compelling information for her freedom; Anna urges Tony to use his knowledge of Gabi and Stefan's whereabouts as leverage with the police; Xander swears to Maggie, Sarah and Eric that Holly is alive.
Ep. #13666 2019x166
Maggie and Sarah blast Xander for his lies; Kristen drops a bombshell on Brady; Tony makes a confession to Anna; Eli and Lani arrest Tony.
Ep. #13665 2019x165
Kristen is finally exposed; a desperate Kristen pulls a gun on Marlena; Brady demands answers; Sarah comforts a reeling Eric.
Ep. #13664 2019x164
An explosive secret is revealed at John and Marlena's anniversary party; Eli receives stunning news regarding Kristen; "Nicole" realizes she must get rid of Susan; Anna and Tony kiss.
Ep. #13663 2019x163
John and Marlena's private pre-celebration is interrupted by a surprise guest; Tony asks Nicole for a divorce; Gabi and Stefan give in to their true feelings for one another; Roman reluctantly goes along with Anna's plan.
Ep. #13662 2019x162
Will suggests to Brady that Kristen could still be alive; Marlena relays to John her strange encounter with Nicole; Gabi questions why Stefan saved her life; Tripp confides to Kayla about his feelings for Haley.
Ep. #13661 2019x161
Gabi figures out Kristen's plan; Brady confesses to Eric that he and Nicole are back together; Kate receives an enticing offer; Will and Sonny break into Xander's secret box.
Ep. #13660 2019x160
Gabi and Nicole have a major showdown; Xander agrees to deal with John and Hope; Bn and Ciara catch Kate making a deal with the devil; Roman gets drawn into Anna's scheme.
Ep. #13659 2019x159
Ben and Ciara team up to find evidence against "Nicole"; John and Hope put the squeeze on Xander; Marlena reunites with Tony; Anna makes a shocking announcement.
Ep. #13658 2019x158
Eve pleads with Justin to be her lawyer as she takes on Jack; Jack confronts Jennifer about an article she wrote about him; Haley has a medical emergency; Eli and Lani are thrown when Julie gives them the cold shoulder.
Ep. #13657 2019x157
"Nicole" loses her cool with Marlena; Hope asks John to help uncover Ted's killer; Anna goes in on Tony for marrying "Nicole"; Eric and Sarah make love.
Ep. #13656 2019x156
John makes plans to surprise Marlena; Chloe sends Marlena to counsel Nicole; Tony and Anna come face-to-face; Stefan asks Ben to investigate Ted's murder.
Ep. #13655 2019x155
Tony declares to Kristen he wants to end their marriage; Anna returns to Salem; Gabi is torn between her love and hatred for Stefan; Eric and Sarah commit to each other; Rex decides to leave Salem.
Ep. #13654 2019x154
Kristen debates revealing her true identity to Brady; Rex lashes out at Eric and Sarah; Gabi refuses to believe Stefan committed murder; Hope makes a surprising discovery.
Ep. #13653 2019x153
Sarah and Eric declare their love for on another; Stefan is arrested for murder; Brady finally gives in to "Nicole"'s advances; Kate faints when she sees a familiar face.
Ep. #13652 2019x152
Eli accepts Jack's offer; Stefan finds himself on the hot seat; Gabi feels guilty for betraying Stefan; Kirsten is caught trying to get rid of incriminating evidence.
Ep. #13651 2019x151
Gabi drops a bomb on Stefan; Rex rips into Eric over his feelings for Sarah; tragedy strikes when Ted confronts Tony and Kristen; Hope grills Kate about her kidnapping.
Ep. #13650 2019x150
Gabi and "Nicole" battle over the DiMera CEO position; Sarah comes clean with Rex about her feelings for Eric; Hope demands the truth from Ted; Kristen decides she must take drastic measures to get what she wants.
Ep. #13649 2019x149
"Nicole" drops a bomb on Stefan and Gabi; Sarah makes a monumental slip of the tongue; Eric is shocked when he learns Nicole get married; Hope makes a stunning discovery in Ted's apartment.
Ep. #13648 2019x148
"Nicole" is furious when Tony pulls a disappearing act; Stefan and Gabi wonder who Nicole plans to marry; Will shares with Hope a curious discrepancy about Ted's story; Lani and Eli celebrate his unexpected good news.
Ep. #13647 2019x147
Stefan and Gabi prepare for their wedding day; "Nicole" ropes an unwitting Brady into her plan; Jennifer and Eve have a heated exchange about Eve's deception; Jack offers Eli a new job.
Ep. #13646 2019x146
Kristen proposes marriage; Gabi urges Stefan to marry her in order to save DiMera Enterprises; Jack demands a divorce from Eve; Jennifer receives upsetting news.
Ep. #13645 2019x145
Tripp tries to help Haley; Jack catches Eve committing an act of betrayal; "Nicole" seeks out someone from the past; Stefan is stunned by Gabi's idea to combat "Nicole".
Ep. #13644 2019x144
Stefan and Gabi strategize on how to deal with "Nicole"; Jack shares surprising news with JJ; Eve takes drastic measures to stop Jack from regaining his memory; "Nicole" shares her plans for DiMera with Brady.
Ep. #13643 2019x143
Jack is surprised when Eve supports him taking the serum; Jennifer is surprised to move on and plans a date; Xander and Rex get i over Sarah; Haley has disturbing visions of Claire.
Ep. #13642 2019x142
Lani questions Ted about the inconsistencies in his statement; Stefan attempts to bargain with Kate; Susan pulls a gun on Kristen; Xander ends his alliance with Kristen.
Ep. #13641 2019x141
Susan is shocked when she encounters a familiar face; Kate accidentally attacks Sarah; Gabi gives Stefan disappointing news; Xander makes Kristen grovel.
Ep. #13640 2019x140
Brady is thrown when Susan hits on him; Will and Sonny experience deja vu when real Susan arrives; Gabi has a showdown with Xander; Ciara finds her mother kissing Ted.
Ep. #13639 2019x139
Hope and Ted kiss; Xander and Kristen play a game of cat and mouse; Will makes a unsettling discovery; Jennifer decides it's time to move on from Jack.
Ep. #13638 2019x138
Gabi has a bizarre encounter with "Nicole"; Brady tries to oust Xander from Titan; Gabi pressures Kate to come clean; Jennifer makes an impassioned speech to Jack about the person he used to be.
Ep. #13637 2019x137
Eric contemplates a big change; Xander gets revenge on Kristen; Ted does his best to throw Hope off track; Gabi suspects "Nicole" is behind Stefan's troubles.
Ep. #13636 2019x136
Xander is arrested; "Nicole" makes a move on Brady; Stefan is completely blind-sided; Lani and Eli share their good news with Abe.
Ep. #13635 2019x135
Julie sees Stefan and Gabi making out in her office; Tripp gets new roommates; Hope follows Xander to the secret room; Kristen reveals herself to Kate and Ted.
Ep. #13634 2019x134
Nicole attacks Stefan; Hope slams Eve for staying quiet about Claire; Sarah catches Maggie in a moment of weakness; Xander rethinks his plans for Ted and Kate.
Ep. #13633 2019x133
Kristen confronts Xander; Ted is honest with Kate; Hope and Eli start putting the pieces together; Ben and Ciara try to come to terms with what happened with Claire.
Ep. #13632 2019x132
Marlena and Ciara confront Eve about using Claire; Claire says goodbye; Shawn and Belle console each other over their daughter's situation; Tripp and Haley reconnect.
Ep. #13631 2019x131
"Nicole" finds something surprising in the secret room; Hope grills Xander about Ted; Rex confesses to Sarah; Brady reveals to Chloe Gabi's plan to destroy Stefan.
Ep. #13630 2019x130
Things heat up between Ted and Kate; "Nicole" and Gabi clash as they try to work together; Hope questions Xander about the necklace he gifted Sarah; Brady and Rex compare notes about Kate and Xander.
Ep. #13629 2019x129
The Bradys and Hortons celebrate the Fourth of July; Jennifer, JJ and Haley have a tense encounter with Jack and Eve; Eli has a romantic surprise for Lani; Carrie confesses all to Roman.
Ep. #13628 2019x128
Belle and Shawn try to console Claire; Ciara, John and Marlena are furious when they learn Eve knew the truth about Claire; Eric makes a shocking discovery; Rex suggests he and Sarah revive a family tradition.
Ep. #13627 2019x127
Marlena tries to get through to Claire; Shawn learns about Claire and lashes out at Tripp; Eve confronts Jack when she realizes he's been hiding something from her; Rafe and Carrie reconnect.
Ep. #13626 2019x126
Claire holds Ciara hostage; Ben, Marlena and Hope desperately try to find Claire and Ciara; Kristen attempts to allay Rex's suspicions about Kate; Ted informs Kate he had a plan to get rescued already in place.
Ep. #13625 2019x125
Marlena gets Ben to talk about his suspicions of Claire; Tripp and Ciara's plan to trap Claire does not go as planned; Kristen tries to avert Hope; Haley and JJ admit their love for each other.
Ep. #13624 2019x124
Claire confesses to Shawn; Tripp and Ciara try to trap Claire; Gabi and Stefan have a romanic night together; JJ gets a surprise.
Ep. #13623 2019x123
Kate lands in hot water; Lani works things out with Eli; Abe does damage control with Stefan; Jack questions Kayla about Dr. Rolf's formula.
Ep. #13622 2019x122
Kate overhears a shocking conversation; Eric says he will marry Sarah and Rex; Eve makes Justin an offer; Jennifer tells Jack that Dr. Rolf's diary has been found.
Ep. #13621 2019x121
Xander bonds with Ted depsite his orders to kill him; Sami confronts "Nicole"; Kate breaks into "Nicole"'s room and snoops around; Rex tells Eric hat he and Sarah are getting married.
Ep. #13620 2019x120
Tripp breaks up with Claire; Hope tries to track down a missing Ted; Kristen orders Xander to get rid of Ted; Rex tells Sarah he wants to get married immediately.
Ep. #13619 2019x119
Sami breaks the news about Caroline to Will; Kayla tells Victor about Caroline's death; Hope has a touching moment with Victor as he mourns Caroline; family and friends gather at the pub to share stories about the beloved Brady matriach.
Ep. #13618 2019x118
Rex and Sarah create an antidote for Will; Ciara and Tripp pretend to believe Ben is guilty in front of Claire; Roman shares devastating news with Kayla; Sami and Lucas pray for Will's recovery.
Ep. #13617 2019x117
Lucas and Sami return to Salem as Will fights for his life; Stefan comforts Gabi about Will; Ciara reveals to Tripp that Claire set both fires; Claire and Eve conspire to nail Ben.
Ep. #13616 2019x116
Will and Sonny get remarried; Kristen, disguised as Nicole, scrambles to hid Ted from Stefan and Abe; Maggie questions Xander why he lied to her; Kate and Gabi discuss Nicole's suspicious behavior.
Ep. #13615 2019x115
Ted reveals a shocking secret to "Nicole"; Sarah, Brady and Maggie question Xander about Rolf's diary; Kate and Hope get into it about Ted; Haley and JJ share an emotional goodbye as she prepares to be deported to China.
Ep. #13614 2019x114
"Nicole" convinces Stefan to give her a job at DiMera; Xander tries to impress Sarah; Ted gets an idea of how to be the hero in Hope's eyes; Kate and Marlena comfort each other about Will.
Ep. #13613 2019x113
Jennifer and Eve have a heated confrontation; Maggie admits to Victor she fell off the wagon; Chloe and Rex grow closer; Stefan has a surprising offer for Abe.
Ep. #13612 2019x112
Sonny and Will share exciting news with Gabi; JJ rushes to the hospital when he hears Haley was rescued from the fire; Ben finds himself at the wrong place at he wrong time; Ciara and Ben conspire against Claire.
Ep. #13611 2019x111
Ben rushes to Smith Island to find the cabin on fire; Tripp and Haley are trapped in a dangerous situation; Sonny demands Eve surrender Rolf's diary to save Will's life; Lani has a realization about her relationship with baby David.
Ep. #13610 2019x110
Ben searches for Claire; Claire tries to kill Tripp and Haley; John tells Sonny about his suspicions of Eve; Eli breaks up with Lani.
Ep. #13609 2019x109
Claire realizes the walls are closing in on her; Ben comes to a shocking realization; Jack makes JJ a deal; Will and Sonny face Will's mortality.
Ep. #13608 2019x108
"Nicole" accuses Eric of attacking her; Maggie bonds with an unexpected someone; Julie blasts Jack and Eve; Stefan blames Gabi for his breakup with Chloe.
Ep. #13607 2019x107
Eric tries to get through to "Nicole"; Maggie shares a shocking story with Brady; Will is given devastating news about his condition; Jack gives Jennifer hope as he shares a small memory from their past.
Ep. #13606 2019x106
Ben asks Marlena to hypnotize him again to recall the night of the fire; Jennifer helps Tripp escape from Jack; Xander comes to Jack's aid; John makes an emotional appeal for Eve's help on behalf of Will.
Ep. #13605 2019x105
Ben shares his suspicions with Ciara and Claire started the cabin fire; JJ and Haley prepare for their escape; John and Marlena try to locate Rolf's diary; Eve confesses a secret to Jack.
Ep. #13604 2019x104
A drunk Maggie has a showdown with Kate; Xander and his partner's plan comes into focus; Will lashes out at Ted and Hope; Sarah and Rex go through his notes from his time working with Rolf.
Ep. #13603 2019x103
Chloe discovers Gabi and Stefan in bed; Brady finds Maggie passed out; Xander is caught red-handed; a major secret is revealed.
Ep. #13602 2019x102
Nicole lashes out at Eric, Sarah and Maggie; Maggie gives in to temptation; Gabi recruits Kate to help her destroy Stefan's relationship with Chloe; Doug and Julie celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.
Ep. #13601 2019x101
Eve sets out to punish Ben; Ben becomes more suspicious of Claire; JJ and Haley grow closer while taking refuge at the Horton cabin; Lani makes a confession to Rafe.
Ep. #13600 2019x100
Claire blames Eve for Tripp breaking up with her; Ben has a tense run-in with Eve; Jack makes a surprising move with his first appointment as mayor; JJ and Haley enlist Tripp's help to evade the authorities.
Ep. #13599 2019x99
Xander's partner is revealed; Maggie comes in on Kate and Victor in a close moment and demands an explanation; Will lashes out at Marlena; John offers to help Marlena find Rolf's diary.
Ep. #13598 2019x98
JJ and Haley go on he run; Xander makes the moves on Sarah; Nicole rips into Chloe; a stunning secret is revealed.
Ep. #13597 2019x97
The mayoral election results are announced; Hope is fired; Ciara comforts a devastated Chloe; Melinda drops a bombshell on Haley.
Ep. #13596 2019x96
Haley and JJ have an emotional moment as they learn Haley's fate; Tripp realizes Claire is in cahoots with Eve; JJ attacks Jack, who tries to reach out to him; Rafe gets divorce papers from Hope.
Ep. #13595 2019x95
Sonny and Will are surprised to learn what caused Will's tumor; Brady makes a deal with Xander to get Nicole a divorce; Sarah tries to speak with Nicole on Eric's behalf; Stefan rejects Gabi.
Ep. #13594 2019x94
Hope sees Rafe has taken off his wedding ring and decides to start divorce proceedings; Lani lies o Ciara to keep Ben away from David; Xander reveals he sill has leverage over Nicole; Sarah comforts Eric over Nicole freezing him out.
Ep. #13593 2019x93
Eve gives Haley an ultimatum; Nicole continues to rebuff Eric; Xander walks in on Brady comforting Nicole; Maggie is tempted to drink.
Ep. #13592 2019x92
Election Day in Salem; Claire delivers the goods to Eve; Kayla has a bad news for Sonny and Will; Jennifer returns from her trip and runs into Jack.
Ep. #13591 2019x91
Nicole lashes out at Eric; Hope and Rafe's marriage implodes; Ben and Ciara break difficult news to Stefan and Chloe; Maggie and Victor have a huge falling out.
Ep. #13590 2019x90
Hope, Nicole and Eric race to the site of the accident; Maggie, Sarah and Rex anxiously await word about Holly; Maggie finds Kate in a close moment with Victor; John and Marlena celebrate their six-month anniversary at the pub.
Ep. #13589 2019x89
Stefan is caught secretly trying to usher Gabi out of the mansion; Brady comforts Chloe over Holly's kidnapping; Victor blames Nicole for Holly's disappearance; Rafe disobeys Hope's orders, which ends in tragedy.
Ep. #13588 2019x88
Rafe and Hope try to find Holly, unaware of Ted's involvement; Maggie has an emotional reunion with Nicole; Marlena comforts a heartbroken Sarah; Gabi continues her plot against Stefan.
Ep. #13587 2019x87
JJ makes a damaging blurt about Jack in front of the press; Abe and Sheila find themselves on the hot seat; Eli and Lani argue over David; Claire lashes out at Tripp.
Ep. #13586 2019x86
Valerie surprises Abe when she shows up for his mayoral debate against Jack; Jack pulls a shocking stunt during the debate; Claire fumes when she learns she must move out of thee loft because of Haley; Eli is thrown by Lani's request.
Ep. #13585 2019x85
Ted's true intentions are made clear; Sarah interrupts Eric and Nicole's reunion with terrible news; Nicole lashes out at Chloe over Holly's kidnapping; Hope realizes Ben and Ciara have taken their relationship to the next level.
Ep. #13584 2019x84
Eric is reunited with Nicole; Chloe is reeling from Holly's disappearance as her captors are revealed; Rafe and Lani grow closer as they bond over baby David; Sheila and Abe test out their feelings for each other.
Ep. #13583 2019x83
Eric finally comes clean with Sarah; a mysterious person kidnaps Holly; Ben and Ciara make love for the first time; Rafe catches Hope and Ted in a tender moment.
Ep. #13582 2019x82
Nicole makes a shocking return to Salem; Sarah tricks Marlena into spilling the truth; Stefan and Chloe have their first date; Ben and Ciara share a night of romance.
Ep. #13581 2019x81
Sarah confronts Eric about his feelings for her; Chloe's suspicious after finding Gabi's button; Will lashes out at Sonny, Marlena and Roman; Maggie and Kate clash over Kate's return to Titan.
Ep. #13580 2019x80
Stefan struggles to keep Chloe in the dark about Gabi; Jack is curious when he interrupts a tense moment between Abe and Sheila; Brady unpacks his relationship woes to Maggie; Hope is surprised to learn Lani spent the night at Rafe's.
Ep. #13579 2019x79
Stefan and Gabi cannot resist each other; Ben comes to Ciara's rescue; Maggie tries to talk sense into Victor.
Ep. #13578 2019x78
Rafe is rushed to the hospital after getting shot; Hope and Ben team up to rescue Ciara; Gabi kisses Stefan; Eli overhears Ted on a mysterious phone call.
Ep. #13577 2019x77
Gabi and Ciara are held hostage by a cartel member; Brady finds Chloe in a dangerous predicament; Rafe confides in Lani about his argument with Hope; Rex confronts Eric about his feelings for Sarah.
Ep. #13576 2019x76
Chloe is furious when she uncovers Brady's deception; Ben learns the cartel is back in Salem; Eric confides in Sarah his regrets about Nicole; Marlena and Sonny wait anxiously for news about Will.
Ep. #13575 2019x75
Brady objects when he learns Kate wants a job at Titan; Will has a scary episode at the hospital; Gabi steps up her efforts to seduce Stefan; Eric learns Rex and Sarah have set a date for their wedding and makes a surprising offer.
Ep. #13574 2019x74
Jack accuses Adrienne of trying to sabotage his wedding to Eve; Jennifer confides to JJ she may have lost Jack for good; Claire crashes Haley and Tripp's wedding; Ben invites Ciara to spend the night at his place.
Ep. #13573 2019x73
Eve worries when she still can't find Jack before their wedding is set to begin; an unexpected visitor makes an appearance at Tripp and Haley's wedding; Claire plots to stop Tripp and Haley's wedding; Ciara comforts Ben.
Ep. #13572 2019x72
Jennifer tries to convince Jack not to marry Eve. Claire makes a huge confession to Eve; Ben meets his nephew for the first time; Haley and JJ share an intimate moment as she forgives JJ for this betrayal; Rafe shares his decision with Hope to take care of baby David.
Ep. #13571 2019x71
Rex and Sarah give Will and Sonny shocking news; Jennifer pulls out all the stops to prevent Jack from marrying Eve; Lani urges Rafe to keep custody of David; Ted presses Hope about leaving Rafe for him.
Ep. #13570 2019x70
Marlena decides to tell Sarah the truth about Eric's feelings for her; Will and Sonny await Will's test results; Claire helps Haley prepare for her wedding to Tripp; Eric offers to help Jennifer stop Eve and Jack's wedding.
Ep. #13569 2019x69
Ted declares his love for Hope; Rafe presses Jordan o reveal the identity of her baby's father; Abe tells Eli he's concerned about Lani's attachment to baby David; Jennifer is stunned when Eve announces she and Jack are getting married.
Ep. #13568 2019x68
Ted makes a move on Hope; sparks fly between Abe and Sheila; Eve drops a bombshell at Jack's rally; Eli is a little concerned when he sees Lani's instant attachment to another baby named David.
Ep. #13567 2019x67
Tripp and Haley struggle to maintain their cover story; Claire feels the heat when JJ questions her about the lighter; Hope tells Ben about Jordan's secret; Rafe returns from California with surprising news.
Ep. #13566 2019x66
Stefan's attraction to Chloe grows, but she keeps him at a distance; Eric is tempted to come clean about his feelings for Sarah; Brady encourages Gabi to take her revenge against Stefan to a whole new level; Maggie puts Rex on notice.
Ep. #13565 2019x65
Maggie questions Sarah about her decision to accept Rex's proposal; Eric gives Brady in answer to his ultimatum; Will and Sonny try to find answers to Will's unexplained medical issues; Kate tells Victor she's interested in returning to Titan.
Ep. #13564 2019x64
Jordan asks Rafe for a huge favor; JJ is troubled by the lighter found in Claire's jewelry box; Hope and Rafe have a tense conversation about Ted; Claire is upset when Eve informs her about the change of plans.
Ep. #13563 2019x63
Jordan reveals a shocking secret to Rafe; JJ starts to have questions about the fire at the cabin last year; Claire secretly records Tripp's admission that his impending marriage to Haley is fake; Ciara and Ben share a moment.
Ep. #13562 2019x62
Eve and Claire set a plan into motion to expose Haley; Rafe gets Ted in trouble with Abe; Sarah reveals to Rex that she kissed in Eric; Hope confides in Jennifer about Ted.
Ep. #13561 2019x61
Claire turns to Eve for help to stop the wedding; Gabi and Stefan share an unexpected kiss; Sarah is livid when Eric tells her Brady's ultimatum; Will is rushed to the hospital after his collapse.
Ep. #13560 2019x60
Leo leaves Sonny and Will with an ominous parting shot; Stefan confronts Chloe about her kiss with Brady; Brady puts the screws to Eric; Ciara exposes concern over Ben's injury.
Ep. #13559 2019x59
John turns the tables on Diana; Leo receives devastating news; Hope gives Ted a stern warning; Stefan and Chloe grow closer, they they are interrupted by Brady.
Ep. #13558 2019x58
Diana is nervous when John wants to question her about Marlena's poisoning; Leo is furious when he realizes Brady turned the tables on him; Tripp drops a bombshell on Claire; JJ fears he's lost Haley for good.
Ep. #13557 2019x57
JJ offers to marry Haley; Rafe and Hope renew their love for one another; Sarah admits to Maggie she kissed Eric and has feelings for him; Eric struggles to fight his feelings for Sarah.
Ep. #13556 2019x56
Ben and Ciara find themselves in a dangerous situation when gunshots are fired at the DiMera mansion; Jennifer puts Jack on the hot seat during a tense interview; Tripp suspects Claire has been lying to him; Haley's fate is decided.
Ep. #13555 2019x55
Eric makes a promise to God to stay away from Sarah if Marlena lives; Diana worries she may have left behind evidence that she tried to kill Marlena; Ciara tries to persuade Ben they should reunite; Leo attempts to get inside information from Brady.
Ep. #13554 2019x54
Kayla and Sarah attempt to revive Marlena; during an out-of-body experience, Marlena encounters a few familiar faces from the past; Marlena is caught in a tug-of-war for her soul; Marlena tries to find out if Kristen is dead.
Ep. #13553 2019x53
Leo gives John a warning about Diana; Marlena takes a turn for the worse; Brady blasts Eric for kissing Sarah; Stefan encourages Ben to give up on love; Julie counsels Ciara about Ben.
Ep. #13552 2019x52
John is thrown when a nurse claims Kristen was the one who tried to kill Marlena; Sarah comforts Eric and impulsively kissed him; Rex confides in Chloe about Eric and Sarah; Leo offers to make a deal with Stefan.
Ep. #13551 2019x51
Diana goes o the hospital to comfort John about Marlena; JJ urges Haley to let him help her; Tripp questions Claire on how authorities knew where Haley was hiding; Leo surprises Brady with news that they are brothers.
Ep. #13550 2019x50
John is horrified when he discovers an unconscious Marlena; Sonny and Will celebrate an unexpected turn of events; Brady warns Rex that Eric has a history of stealing his brothers' women; Stefan and Chloe bond over Holly and their similar upbringings.
Ep. #13549 2019x49
John reveals to Leo they are father and son; Diana carries out her deadly plot against Marlena; Jack uses Tripp to get to Haley; Claire plays innocent when Haley is arrested.
Ep. #13548 2019x48
John breaks into Diana's safe; Diana decides on a way to eliminate Marlena; Jennifer blasts Jack for using Haley as a scapegoat to further his political ambitions; Claire betrays Tripp and Haley.
Ep. #13547 2019x47
Stefan tells Chloe he'd like to pursue a romantic relationship with her; Brady pressures Gabi to team up with him to take down Stefan; Jennifer is upset when Jack announces he's running for mayor; Claire fumes over Tripp protecting Haley.
Ep. #13546 2019x46
Marlena confronts John about Leo's paternity secret; Will and Sonny break into Diana's hotel room; Rex confronts a man with a gun who appears to be stalking Chloe; Sarah doesn't know what to do about Rex's proposal.
Ep. #13545 2019x45
Rafe confronts Ted about making a play for his wife; Tripp hides Haley at the loft; Rex presses Eric to convince Sarah to accept his marriage proposal; Chloe finds evidence that someone may be watching her.
Ep. #13544 2019x44
JJ warns Haley that Eli and Lani are the hospital looking for her; Ben insists he has to break up with Ciara because he's too afraid of hurting her; Kate gives Rafe an earful about Ted; Hope is upset to learn another secret from Ted's past.
Ep. #13543 2019x43
Jack and Eve take advantage of Melinda's scandal; Eli and Lani question JJ about Haley; Ben breaks up with Ciara; Tripp finds something unexpected in Claire's jewelry box and confronts her.
Ep. #13542 2019x42
Sarah has a surprising reaction to Rex's proposal; Rex puts Eric in an awkward position; Victor drops a bomb on Marlena; Chloe interrupts a heated moment between Gabi and Stefan.
Ep. #13541 2019x41
Marlena is thrown when John comes to Leo's defense; Diana brokers an alliance with Victor; Sarah has a steamy dream about Eric; Eric talks to Marlena about his feelings for Sarah.
Ep. #13540 2019x40
Haley blasts JJ for his betrayal; Jennifer rips into Eve and Jack for using Haley as a political pawn; Gabi turns o Brady for help; as Sefan protects Chloe from El Fideo's men, they grow closer.
Ep. #13539 2019x39
Tensions run high as Jennifer moderates the first mayoral debate between Abe and Melinda Trask; Jack drops a bombshell; the truth is finally revealed regarding who set the cabin on fire last year and why; Hope apologizes to Ben for misjudging him.
Ep. #13538 2019x38
Rafe gets Jordan to open up about her recent trauma; Ben admits to Ciara he's not sure he could've stopped himself from killing Jordan; Claire fights jealousy when she realizes Tripp has been hanging out with Haley.
Ep. #13537 2019x37
Abigail and Chad tie the knot in front of their loved ones; Chad and Abigail leave Salem; Stefan unleashes his rage as he realizes he's lost Gabi for good; Eve overhears Melinda and Haley fight over their secret.
Ep. #13536 2019x36
Abigail and Chad make a life-changing decision; JJ urges Jack not to say anything about Haley's immigration status; Eli brings Sonny and Will into the police station for questioning; Marlena blasts Leo for lying about Sonny and Will.
Ep. #13535 2019x35
Chad surprises Abigail with a spontaneous proposal; a manipulative Diana toys with John and Marlena; Leo strikes back at Sonny and Will; Eli and Lani exchange belated Valentine's gifts and grow closer.
Ep. #13534 2019x34
Ciara battles Jordan to save Ben's life; Abigail and Chad reconnect after Charlotte's rescue; Rafe warns Ted to stay away from Hope; Eric tries to help Sarah, who starts to have new doubts about Rex.
Ep. #13533 2019x33
Abigail finally forgives Chad; Ciara and Ben are reunited; Ted kisses Hope; Rex encounters a distraught Jordan.
Ep. #13532 2019x32
Ciara is left to die at the cabin; Ben tries to convince Chad he's innocent; Rafe holds vigil at Kate's bedside; Will and Sonny spend an intimate Valentine's Day together.
Ep. #13531 2019x31
John confronts Diana with his suspicions about Leo's paternity; Leo presses Sonny to sleep with him; Rafe discovers Kate in a precarious state; Ben realizes he's being set up and takes drastic action.
Ep. #13530 2019x30
Jordan silences Kate when she gets too close to the truth; Ben hides incriminating evidence from Hope and Eli; Gabi and Stefan clash over business; Brady is upset to find out Chloe and the kids are moving in with Stefan.
Ep. #13529 2019x29
Jordan urges Ben to check himself into Bayview; Kate has a surprising run-in with Jordan; Chad and Abigail make an emotional plea for Charlotte's safe return; Eve pressures Jack to use Haley's secret to his advantage.
Ep. #13528 2019x28
Chad desperately searches for Charlotte and lashes out at Ben; Jack tries to reach out to Abigail; JJ and Haley share their first kiss; Ciara attempts to trick her captor.
Ep. #13527 2019x27
Abigail discovers Charlotte is missing; Chad confronts Stefan about Charlotte's kidnapping; Brady and Stefan both offer Chloe a place to stay; Sarah tries to make amends with Eric.
Ep. #13526 2019x26
Abigail confides to Jordan about her encounter with Ben; Leo and Diana discuss Leo's big secret; Rex and Sarah recommit to their relationship; John confides to Roman that Leo might be his son.
Ep. #13525 2019x25
Hope accuses Ben of abducting Ciara; Ciara begs Jordan to help her escape; Stefan risks his life to save Chloe's; Julie tries to persuade Abigail to forgive Chad.
Ep. #13524 2019x24
John is shocked to realize he knows Leo's mom; Claire tries to win back Tripp; Chloe and Stefan find themselves in a dangerous situation when Chloe's past comes back to haunt her; Ciara encounters a familiar face.
Ep. #13523 2019x23
Marlena pleads with Diana to stop Leo; Hope searches for a missing Ciara; Leo hits on Brady; Chloe receives a cryptic threat.
Ep. #13522 2019x22
Eli questions Hope about Ted; Ben loses control as he tries to contact Ciara; Marlena runs into Leo's mom; Eli organizes a romantic surprise for Lani.
Ep. #13521 2019x21
Ben tells Tripp about Claire; JJ and Haley argue when he tries to help her; Jennifer pours her heart out to Adrienne about Jack; Tripp and Haley connect.
Ep. #13520 2019x20
Eric is torn when he finds out Sarah and Rex have reconciled; Leo is horrified when his mother comes to Salem; Melinda Trask threatens Marlena; JJ finds out the details of Haley's past.
Ep. #13519 2019x19
Sarah confesses to Rex; Marlena tries to get Eric to talk about his feelings for Sarah; Will gets good news from his grandmother; Xander has leverage over Eve.
Ep. #13518 2019x18
Sarah tries to amends with Eric; Jennifer warns Jack that Eve is using him; Haley reveals her secret to JJ; Brady and Chloe have a close moment.
Ep. #13517 2019x17
Claire makes romantic inroads with Tripp; Haley and JJ grow closer; Chad makes a bid sacrifice for Abigail; Gabi and Stefan declare war on one another.
Ep. #13516 2019x16
Jennifer and Eve have a heated argument over Jack; Jack bonds with JJ, who warns his father about Eve's deception; Haley gets to know Tripp when she treats him at the hospital; Ted asks Kate for another chance.
Ep. #13515 2019x15
Eric flips out over Sarah's betrayal; Kayla gives Jennifer bad news involving Jack; Eve encourages Jack to make a bold career move; Xander tries to pull a fast one on Leo.
Ep. #13514 2019x14
Xander jumps into bed with a surprising partner; Victor makes Brady an offer he can't refuse; Gabi asks Kate of a favor; Eric makes a stunning discovery.
Ep. #13513 2019x13
Rex's stunning admission sends Sarah into Eric's arms; John gives Marlena disappointing news about Xander; Rafe reveals to Hope that he's leaving town to help Sami; Xander makes a deal with Leo.
Ep. #13512 2019x12
Gabi and Stefan get into it over the future of Gabi Chic; Rafe and Hope argue about Ted; Eli and Lani hit a major snag as they build the case against Xander; Abe is furious when he learns Sheila made a costly mistake.
Ep. #13511 2019x11
Eric attacks Xander; Ted tries to get Stefan to turn on Ben; Rex and Chloe get reacquainted; Kate encourages Abigail to forgive Chad.
Ep. #13510 2019x10
Eric explodes when he learns Xander is alive; Will turns to John for help with Leo; Leo presses Xander to accept his indecent proposal; JJ urges Haley to open up about her secret.
Ep. #13509 2019x09
Jennifer tries to reconnect with Jack; Chad and Abigail share a warm moment; Rex asks Eric to help him win back Sarah; JJ questions Haley about her connection to Melinda.
Ep. #13508 2019x08
Chad surprises Abigail with a special dinner with her family; Brady and Chloe share a close moment; Eric and Sarah continue to grow closer; JJ learns Haley has a secret connection to someone else in town.
Ep. #13507 2019x07
Ben and Ciara break up; JJ realizes Haley is keeping something from Kayla; Eve finds Chloe comforting Brady; Eric reveals he's made a decision about Holly's custody case.
Ep. #13506 2019x06
Chad delivers stunning news to Ben; JJ blasts Gabi for her lies; Ciara gets Claire to confess her and Ben's deception; Leo meets Xander for the first time.
Ep. #13505 2019x05
Julie helps Chad plan a special date with Abigail; Kate urges Chad to take over the family business; Abigail and Ciara have a heart-to-heart about Ben; Hope persuades Ted to represent Stefan.
Ep. #13504 2019x04
Ciara questions her relationship with Ben; Hope pressures Stefan to turn on Ben; Jack runs into Kayla and discovers a dark moment from his past; Xander tries to get back in Victor's good graces with a valuable gift.
Ep. #13503 2019x03
Jack confronts Eve about lying to him; Rafe arrests Stefan for espionage; Hope interrupts Ben and Ciara's date to tell her daughter about Ben's role in Gabi's abduction; Abigail blasts chad for betraying her trust.
Ep. #13502 2019x02
Jennifer tries to get through to Jack; Eve's partner in crime is revealed; Abigail helps decide Gabi's fate; Chad gets advice from Julie about winning back Abigail's forgiveness.
Ep. #13501 2019x01
JJ rips ino Eve; Abigail is reunited with Jack; Rafe and Hope clash over Gabi's actions; Will and Sonny realize Leo may have an Achilles' heel.

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