Days of our Lives is set in the fictitious Midwestern town of Salem. The core families are the Bradys, the Hortons and the DiMeras, and the multi-layered storylines involve elements of romance, adventure, mystery, comedy and drama. Add to my shows

season 2011

8/5/2011 2011x191
May 23 2011 2011x190
May 20 2011 2011x189
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May 18 2011 2011x187
Tuesday May 17 2011 2011x186
Chloe runs into Quinn, the man who gave her the money thinking she was a hooker. Quinn apologizes but begins asking question until Daniel shows up. Justin gives Jennifer the finalized divorce papers. Jennifer begins having second thoughts about dating Daniel and breaks their date. Later, Hope talks to Daniel at the hospital and Jennifer overhears Daniel wishing that Jennifer would let herself be happy without Jack. Jennifer shows up at Daniel's apartment and asks if he still wants to go on the picnic date. E.J. and Nicole argue and Taylor overhears. Taylor realizes that Nicole is blackmailing E.J. into staying with her. Rafe forgives Sami for sleeping with the impostor. Justin tells Chloe that he changed his mind and will put in a good word for her with Philip.
Monday May 16 2011 2011x185
Rafe questions Sami about her time with impostor Rafe. Vivian decides to use what little she knows about Stefano's basement against him. Chloe asks Justin to tell Philip how well she is doing and advertisers her singing lessons around Salem. Later, Chloe runs into the man who thought she was a hooker. Melanie catches Dario going through a women's person at the bar.
Fri May 13 2011 2011x184
Carly finds out about the new regulations for drugs at the hospital and realizes she can no longer take them without getting caught. Carly is haunted by Lawrence and makes a prescription order in her real name but is nearly caught by Abby. Melanie helps Dario move his futon into his new apartment across from Daniel's. Bo and Hope piece together odd things that impostor Rafe.
Thurs May 12 2011 2011x183
Sami realizes that the impostor was lying to her and she shoots him in the shoulder. Sami tells the Rafe that they can't call the cops because she needs to catch E.J. and Stefano. Brady gets sick of hearing Nicole whining about Taylor. E.J. asks Lexie to give Taylor a letter. Maggie tells Victor she can't be with him if he is going to try and control her.
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Mon Jan 31 2011 2011x101
Lee operates on Jennifer. Bo and Hope try to explain that Warden Smith was involved with something at the prison. Carly gets a hold of Daniel to tell him that Dr. Walters is involved in illegally obtaining organs just as Dr. Walters is preparing to give Jennifer's heart to one of his patients. Nicole is shocked to find Taylor at her doorstep. Stefano unveils his Rafe look-a-like.
Friday January 28 2011 2011x100
Jennifer brings Carly to the infirmary to look at the medical codes because the pictures Jen took were to blurry. Carly notes that each of the patients was marked for organ donation. They overhear Lee and Warden Smith outside talking about killing Bo in a clearing. Carly rushes off to save Bo while Jennifer stays behind and calls Hope. Lee returns and finds Jennifer with the medical records. Stefano quizzes Dr. Walters about any physical injuries Rafe might of sustained in the accident. Stefano tells E.J. that this is a perfect time to put their plan into action. Daniel tells Sami that Rafe might experience memory loss because of the accident. Sami feels guilty and agrees to sign the custody papers. Kate continues to try and convince Melanie to reunite with Philip and raise Parker and her baby with him. Maggie calls Daniel because Chloe is becoming increasingly despondent.
Thursday January 27 2011 2011x99
Rafe finds it easy to make Sami accepts Elvis's terms after Justin spelled out it's the only option for the kids, even generous. Hearing that Johnny loves the cuddly frog he got from Chad, Lexie encourages her half-brother, who still can't find a job, to consider bonding with any DiMeras he chooses, regardless of Stefano. Kate keeps pleading that Philip's kids should be raised together by him and Melanie, not Chloe, who pretends the baby is sick to demand Daniel's attention.
Wednesday January 26 2011 2011x98
Elvis forbids Nicole to check in the basement if the contractor is expanding the wine cellar, as Sir says, or installing a rehab facility for Johnny as she 'guesses', or neither as she concludes. Elvis presents the formal legal version of a generous custody agreement, acceptable to Rafe, but they can't prevent Sami tearing it up because Nicole, as EJ's wife, would inherit step-motherly rights in the event of his death. Kate gets ever fiercely-defensive Melanie to consider that it's in the children's interest to raise her baby with Philip and even his Parker, considering Chloe's unfitness as mother, illustrated to Philip by babysitter Maggie, who shortly later offers to take Chloe in. 'Borrowing' Ben's keys enables Jennifer to consult secret hospital files, but she can't decipher the medical codes.
Tuesday January 25 2011 2011x97
Stefano instructs Marco to oversee top-secret works in the DiMera mansion basement. Only Elvis is consulted, and gives it such priority, as part of the plan to eliminate Rafe, that he lets Nicole pick up the kids and promises Johnny some time at Rafe's when released from hospital. Victor believes everything settled now Brady has returned Vivian and obtained her signature to sign over Titan, especially now she announces a divorce, but the now embittered grandson has his own secret agenda. Chad seeks a job to put himself trough college, although even Gabi suggests accepting some help from Stefano. Bo overpowers the torturing warden, only to be outsmarted by a trooper cahoot. Refusing to believe that Ben must be a crook in the organ trade, Jennifer probes Daniel about him.
Monday January 24 2011 2011x96
Hope visits Nathan to ask how he is involved in what is going on at the prison. Nathan has no idea what Hope is talking about and she tells him she called the phone number that showed up on Warden Smith's call list and he answered. Nathan than explains that he accidentally ended up with Dr. Walters phone. Hope realizes Dr. Walters must be involved and Nathan tells her that Jennifer is getting closer to him. Hope gives Nathan a note to give Jennifer. Jennifer follows the notes instructions and finds Hope on the boat where Hope tells her about Dr. Walters. Brady arrives on the island to rescue Vivian and Gus but he makes Vivian sign papers first. Victor shows Maggie the video of Brady bringing Vivian and Gus back and she agrees to a date. Chloe continues to be in denial over Daniel. Nathan tries to get Melanie to give them a chance even with the baby. Philip visits Kate at the DiMera mansion and he hears hammering from the basement.
Fri Jan 21 2011 2011x95
Nicole is surprised when E.J. tells her that he still wants to marry her. Rafe is still skeptical about E.J. allowing Sami to see Johnny and Sydney. Stefano begins work on his plan for Rafe. Melanie tells Nathan that she is pregnant. Chloe confronts Caroline and it takes Philip to drag her away.
Thurs Jan 20 2011 2011x94
E.J. lays the ground work for Stefano's plan by gaining Rafe's trust when he drops off Sydney. Brady throws Nicole out when she begs for his help to see Sydney. Daniel tells Melanie that she needs to allow Philip in the babies life since she knows what it felt like to grow up without a father. Daniel tells Carly that Melanie is pregnant. Victor asks Brady to bring Vivian home.
Wed Jan 19 2011 2011x93
Chad delights Will and Gabi by inviting them along on a trip he won on a radio show, pretends not to care personally for Johnny when told about the second eye surgery but drops by to meet his half-brother and give him a cuddly animal. Elvis explains to Stefano that he intends to allows Sami back in their kids' lives, as promised to God, but asks his eagerly offered help to dispose of Rafe. Brady refuses to take Nicole back now she expects to be tossed for Sami. Against Nicole's advice, Chloe acts upon he dream to win Daniel back by kissing, but is given final marching orders after key-confiscation.
Tues Jan 18 2011 2011x92
The bandages are removed from Johnny's eyes and the news appears good as he can see short distances but has trouble with the long distances. Bo refuses to tell Warden Smith where Hope is located. Nathan runs into Jennifer and Dr. Walters. Jennifer is asking about volunteering at the prison when Nathan lets it slip that Jennifer volunteers all the time at the hospital. Dr. Walters takes off on a call and accidentally grabs Nathan's phone. Hope gets the number Warden Smith has been calling and is surprised to hear Nathan on the other end. Maggie realizes that Vivian is stranded on an island and tells Victor he needs to rescue her. Nicole promises to remain apart of Sydney's life. Philip confronts Melanie about being pregnant.
Jan 17 2011 2011x91
Stefano surprises Elvis by not objecting to his promise to God to let Sami back into their children's lives if Johhny's eyesight if shared, just asking how long the deal is to run. Elvis nor sarcastic Victor, who is relived to heard about Vivian and Gus's island exile, objects to Kate moving back into the DiMera mansion to support Stefano. Philip isn't impressed by Chloe's plea not to act on Parker being his son in the hope to mend their relationships with Daniel and Mel. Brady stops a cat-fight between Melanie and Stefanie over ruining (each-)other's lives, whose jealous wining is firmly dismissed by Nathan, whom she overhears canceling his Baltimore dream job. On their desert island, rebellious Gus and bossy Vivian's bickering over food and control soon results in a make-up on customary
January 14 2011 2011x90
Sami catches E.J. makes a bargain with God to save Johnny's eyesight. Kate offers comfort to Stefano after running into him of the docks. Rafe asks Nicole what will happen to her if E.J. keeps his end of the bargain to let Sami back in Johnny and Sydney's lives. Johnny comes out of surgery with his eye but the doctors won't know about his sight until the bandages come off. Nathan confronts Philip about hurting Melanie. Stephanie accuses Melanie of having both Philip and Nathan wrapped around her finger and the two get into a physical fight with Melanie ending up on the floor.
January 13 2011 2011x89
Warden Smith takes Bo hostage and gives him a truth serum to find out where Hope is located. Carly worries that Daniel is too distracted to do Johnny's surgery. E.J. and Sami have to agree to let the doctors take Johnny's eye if the laser surgery doesn't work. Stefano tries to get Dr. Walters to get eye's for Johnny if the surgery doesn't work. Dr. Walters tells Stefano they don't have the kind of surgery for eye replacement yet.
January 12 2011 2011x88
Bo finds out about a meeting the warden is having. Hope wants to go along but Bo refuses. When Bo gets to the meeting cite he can see the warden having a conversation with someone but is knocked out. The warden goes to check things out and the person she was talking to is revealed as Stefano. E.J. and Nicole tell Sami that the cancer has spread to Johnny's other eye. Melanie contemplates what to do about her pregnancy. Will sees Gabi flirting with another guy.
January 11 2011 2011x87
Carly faces the ethics revue board for her part in the paternity test. Caroline is released from the hospital and says with Stephanie learning that Nathan has moved out. Melanie lies to Chloe about taking a paternity test and it coming back negative. Stefano tells Lexie and E.J. about Chad. Chad continues to refuse to have anything to do with Stefano. Daniel arrives with a mover and tells Chloe it is time to leave. Nathan tells Melanie he ended things with Stephanie. Nicole notices a white fleck in Johnny's eye and insists E.J. take him to the hospital where they find out the cancer has spread to his other eye.
January 10 2011 2011x06
Vivian and Gus get into a fight on the island. Victor wonders what happened to Vivian. Chad visits Stefano telling him he wants nothing to do with him or his family. Melanie tries to get Daniel to seek custody of Parker but he refuses again. Melanie asks to stay with Daniel and heads over to his apartment because she thinks Chloe has moved out. Melanie and Chloe argue and Melanie runs off to the bathroom when she feels sick. Chloe asks Melanie if she might be pregnant. Nathan confronts Stephanie who tries to come up with excuses. Nathan refuses to believe Stephanie telling her he talked to Ian. Stephanie admits the truth but she did it because she knew he still had feelings for Melanie.
Fri Jan 7 2011 2011x05
Vivian and Gus land safely on a deserted island. Vivian vows revenge if they get off the island. Nathan comforts Melanie after hearing about Philip and Chloe. Later, Brady stops by to do the same. Philip confronts Stephanie about her role in the paternity switch but agrees not to tell Nathan. Nathan is standing at the door and overhears the conversation. Nathan looks on the computer and finds an e-mail to Ian. Kayla drops by to help Stephanie get ready for the wedding. Nathan arrives back home while Stephanie is still in her wedding dress. Kate visits Chloe and tells her she will pay her to leave town but she must leave Parker with Philip. Philip arrives and tells Kate to hit the road. Bo and Hope sneak on to a boat and think they have been followed but it is just an old merchant marine friend of Bo's named Leo. Hope uses the Warden's phone number and they see she has made numerous calls to an unknown number. Lee expresses doubts over Jennifer noting to the the Warden that Jennifer ...
Thurs Jan 6 2011 2011x04
Johnny runs away and is picked up by a squad car which takes him to the police station. Rafe calls Sami to tell her that Johnny is there while E.J. gets a call from Stefano telling him the ...

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