Days of our Lives is set in the fictitious Midwestern town of Salem. The core families are the Bradys, the Hortons and the DiMeras, and the multi-layered storylines involve elements of romance, adventure, mystery, comedy and drama. Add to my shows

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Ep. #14028 2021x18

season 100

Ep #1.11500 100x06
Ep#1.11499 100x05
Vivian and Gus get into a fight on the island. Victor wonders what happened to Vivian. Chad visits Stefano telling him he wants nothing to do with him or his family. Melanie tries to get Daniel to seek custody of Parker but he refuses again. Melanie asks to stay with Daniel and heads over to his apartment because she thinks Chloe has moved out. Melanie and Chloe argue and Melanie runs off to the bathroom when she feels sick. Chloe asks Melanie if she might be pregnant. Nathan confronts Stephanie who tries to come up with excuses. Nathan refuses to believe Stephanie telling her he talked to Ian. Stephanie admits the truth but she did it because she knew he still had feelings for Melanie.
Episode #1.11498 100x04
Vivian and Gus land safely on a deserted island. Vivian vows revenge if they get off the island. Nathan comforts Melanie after hearing about Philip and Chloe. Later, Brady stops by to do the same. Philip confronts Stephanie about her role in the paternity switch but agrees not to tell Nathan. Nathan is standing at the door and overhears the conversation. Nathan looks on the computer and finds an e-mail to Ian. Kayla drops by to help Stephanie get ready for the wedding. Nathan arrives back home while Stephanie is still in her wedding dress. Kate visits Chloe and tells her she will pay her to leave town but she must leave Parker with Philip. Philip arrives and tells Kate to hit the road. Bo and Hope sneak on to a boat and think they have been followed but it is just an old merchant marine friend of Bo's named Leo. Hope uses the Warden's phone number and they see she has made numerous calls to an unknown number. Lee expresses doubts over Jennifer noting to the the Warden that Jennifer ...
Episode #1.11497 100x03
Johnny runs away and is picked up by a squad car which takes him to the police station. Rafe calls Sami to tell her that Johnny is there while E.J. gets a call from Stefano telling him the Johnny is missing. Neither lets on to the other the news they received and rush off. Vivian heads off on a business trip with Gus and Brady changes the flight plan with new pilots. One of the pilots hands Vivian a suit and tells her to jump out of the plane.
Episode #1.11495 100x02
Bo makes a call to Carly at a nearby gas station. Bo tells Carly that she needs to get a message to Roman to call him at that number after Carly hangs up Bo hears a noise on the other end and realizes the hospital line was tapped. E.J. gives Nicole a bracelet and tells her it will track her every move. Mary relays information to Sami. Jennifer continues working undercover at the prison and Rafe sees her when he visits the warden. The Warden tells Dr. Walters that she can't get him any more organs until Bo and Hope are caught. Sami pretends to talk to Brady about using her apartment to be together just for Stefano to overhear.
Episode #1.11494 100x01
Stephanie ignores calls from Kayla thinking she is just harassing her about telling the truth about Parker's paternity. Later, Stephanie listens to Kayla's voice mail telling her that Caroline had a stroke. Melanie wants Daniel to seek custody of Parker but he refuses to take the baby away from Chloe. Kate pretends to know what Maggie is talking about when she runs into her at the Pub. Philip tells Kate that he is Parker's father. Sami and Rafe run into E.J. and Nicole at the Pier New Year's celebration where E.J. announces their engagement.

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