In the year 2019 the U.S. has become a third world country in the wake of the Pulse - an electromagnetic shockwave unleashed by nuclear terrorists in 2009. This is Max's world, an unforgiving place even for a genetically engineered soldier like her. On the run from her creators and constantly in search of her past, Max joins forces with the idealistic cyberjournalist "Eyes Only". She's a revved-up girl trying to make a run-down world a better place. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Freak Nation 02x21
The hunt for mutants leads to a hostage crisis at Jam Pony, where Max and company face not only violent vigilantes, but also White's killer corps of mutant hunters.
Love Among the Runes 02x20
A bogus transgen lures Max into White's trap, where she learns the truth about the mystery marks appearing on her skin; the Terminal City dwellers mount a campaign to battle the humans hunting them down; Alec learns why Logan has been keeping his distance from his former friends.
She Ain't Heavy 02x19
Max's escape from Seattle is derailed after White sends in her clone to capture the elusive X-452; Logan's Eyes Only compound is attacked; Joshua finds a new home among his fellow mutants; and White takes the stand with a revelation sure to turn the entire nation against the transgens.
Dawg Day Afternoon 02x18
Max must break her vow to avoid Logan after Joshua becomes a target of a transgenic manhunt in the sewers; White leaks news of the human-looking X-5s to the media, leading to a wide-scale attack against the so-called "monsters" running amok.
Hello, Goodbye 02x17
After nearly infecting Logan, Max decides to end their affair for good; Alec's haunted by the sins of his Manticore twin; and White triggers a witch hunt by leaking info about the transgens to the media. Meanwhile, Joshua finds the perfect woman, but can't find the courage to confess his secret.
Exposure 02x16
Max and Logan track Ames' kidnapped son to a small town where the breeding cult is readying Manticore's youngest creations for a mysterious ceremony. Meanwhile, Alec and Original Cindy take it upon themselves to stop Sketchy from uncovering the truth about the transgens running amok.
Fuhgeddaboudit 02x15
A telekinetic transgenic messes with Max's mind to keep her from coercing a meek mob bookie into selling out his boss to Eyes Only. But once the mutant sets her sights on Alec, the stakes are raised, leading him back into the boxing ring to make some money for some not-so-good fellas.
Love in Vein 02x14
Max takes on a cult of superhuman blood addicts led by a Manticore mutant intent on rebuilding an X-5 army. Meanwhile, Joshua falls in with the wrong crowd after Alec dupes him into delivering his packages at Jam Pony.
Harbor Lights 02x13
A stray bullet sends Max to the ER, where her funky blood and DNA tests cause grave concern for the CDC---and Ames White's army. But as Logan races to get his girl to safety, a new threat emerges that could thrust Max into a governmental nightmare.
Borrowed Time 02x12
Max and Logan make a run for romance after an antidote sends her virus into a 12-hour remission. But their hopes for a night of heat are cooled after Joshua crashes their reunion to report that a Manticore mutant is on the loose.

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