The third edition of the CSI franchise sets up shop in the Big Apple, where taciturn former Marine, Detective Mac Taylor leads a crime-solving team of police officers and forensics specialists. In the city that never sleeps, CSI: NY never rests, and while people may lie, the evidence rarely does. Add to my shows

season 9

Today is Life 09x17
A riot threatens to break out at a Manhattan precinct after an officer shoots and kills an allegedly unarmed black man during a chase.
Blood Actually 09x16
The team solves three separate murders which occur on Valentine's Day. The CSI team and detectives all have their own valentine's celebrations.
Seth and Apep 09x15
With the help of D.B. Russell from the Las Vegas crime lab, Mac is able to identify the people who kidnapped Christine. But will he get to her before it's too late?
White Gold 09x14
A pizza shop employee is killed over a package he was smuggling that was mistaken for drugs.
Nine Thirteen 09x13
The team tries to figure out who killed a pick-pocket who fell from a building balcony onto a car, and Jo gets a visit from a man who has shocking news related to her dead sister.
Civilized Lies 09x12
A police officer is killed during a robbery, but is a gunshot victim in police custody a reluctant eyewitness or one of the robbers?
Command+P 09x11
Two people are shot and killed with a gun that was printed from a computer, and Jo tries to uncover the identity of an anonymous philanthropist who is giving away millions of dollars to random New Yorkers.
The Real McCoy 09x10
CSI tries to figure out who killed one of the owners of a modern-day speakeasy, and Adam tries to get through unresolved issues while taking care of his sick father.
Blood Out 09x09
The team discovers that a Dominican gang member found cut in half by a chainsaw has a connection to Flack's new partner.
Late Admissions 09x08
The team connects the murder of a high schooler to a classmate who was dealing his prescription meds, and Lindsey returns home to take care of some unfinished business.
Clue: SI 09x07
The team must solve a series of murders whose victims, locations, and murder weapons all resemble elements of the board game "Clue."
The Lady in the Lake 09x06
While searching for a gun, the team stumbles on a dead body at the bottom of a Central Park pond.
Misconceptions 09x05
A 20 year old cold case involving a missing boy is reignited when the suspected killer is murdered after returning to the old neighborhood.
Unspoken 09x04
CSI searches for the shooter at a political rally, and the gun that he discarded in an alley afterwards is used in the accidental shooting death of a young girl.
2,918 Miles 09x03
A homicide on the Brooklyn Bridge leads Mac and Jo all the way to San Francisco to find a missing teenage girl, but they are not sure if she is dead or alive.
Where There's Smoke... 09x02
Arsonist Leonard Brooks strikes again, but CSI discovers that his mission this time is very personal.
Reignited 09x01
Mac needs the help of a convicted arsonist recently released from prison to investigate the death of one of his FDNY firefighter friends.

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