The series taps into a fictional unit mandated by the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate cross-border crimes and ultimately bring global criminals to justice. Crossing Lines is set in the world's most exotic locales, where an elite team of eager cops work to solve the most notorious international crimes. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Obscura 03x12
A former Soviet secret agent, Valentina Michailova murdered the Press officer of the right-wing of the Freedom Romanian Party with a garrote. Since her motives are very personal, the ICC have to hurry to catch the professional killer . Her next victim is Solbak, the head of the Party. Marco takes a new step in the investigation of his missing sister.
Penalty 03x11
The mysterious death of a journalist who is about to give an exclusive to Dorn's unit has to do with the world of counterfeiting and weapons sales.
Enemy of the People 03x10
When the locker room of a football team is bombed, the team assumes a racist motive and exposes a dark secret of the profitable owner.
Expose 03x09
The investigation on the death of key figures of a controversial Hydro-Electric project exposes the secret life of a contractor.
Heat 03x08
During the search for a cargo of lethal polonium, Carine faces a well-respected expert who questions her ability to lead the ICC.
Lost and Found 03x07
An injured girl leads the team to uncover a sex trafficking ring.
Executioner 03x06
The ICC team must race against the clock to find a murder suspect who is infected with a deadly disease.
Recoil 03x05
A killer who escaped justice on a technicality has moved close to the Hague and started killing people. Marco who investigated the original case is incensed, but then the case takes a strange turn when the killer is murdered.
In Loco Parentis 03x04
The team travels to Italy to investigate the assassination of a prominent Judge. Meanwhile, Sebastian finds a lead on Marco's sister's abduction.
Dragon 03x03
After a bus hijacking concludes with the death of the daughter of an American Ambassador, the ICC team must determined if her death was collateral damage, of if she was targeted.

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