Corporate is a dark, satirical workplace comedy that follows Matt and Jake, two junior executives-in-training who are forced to do the dirty work of the higher-ups at one of the world's largest corporations, Hampton DeVille. Add to my shows

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Good Job 03x04
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The Importance of Talking Shit by Oscar Wilde 03x03
As the employees of Hampton DeVille gossip and take passive-aggressive approaches to workplace conflicts, they create unlikely bonds and new adversaries.
Black Dog 03x02
Matt grows increasingly worried about Jake's bleak outlook on life. Hampton DeVille brainstorms a new company logo.
Pickles 4 Breakfast 03x01
Hampton DeVille attempts to rewrite the finale of a fan-favorite series. Jake learns a disturbing truth about a beloved children's show.
The Fall 02x10
Hampton DeVille goes all in on marketing end-of-the-world preparedness, leading Matt to quit and Jake to take on a secret project.
Vacation 02x09
While Matt's off on vacation, Jake is forced to share their office with an unsettling new deskmate.
The Tragedy 02x08
When a national tragedy happens, everyone in the office competes to see who has the most incisive and heartfelt social media post.
Labor Day 02x07
Matt and Jake get up to mischief while working on Labor Day, until they discover they are not the only ones in the office.
Mattchiavelli and the Piss Detective 02x06
Things get out of hand fast when Hampton DeVille starts tracking when people leave their desks.
The Expense Report 02x05
Jake, Matt, John, and Kate get grilled by a dogged Hampton DeVille accountant after eating an expensive dinner.
Thanks! 02x04
Matt's broken exclamation point key strains his relationship with John and Kate; and Jake convinces Grace to help him get rid of the office dog.

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