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season 62

Friday 7th May 62x92
Corey swears to Asha that he is innocent, but it would be best if she tells the police that he was with her all evening, while Nina struggles to remember anything about the attack.
Friday 7th May 62x91
Worried sick about Seb, Abi asks Kevin to cancel their wedding. Corey covers his tracks by telling Kelly to say nothing, while Asha is oblivious to their involvement in the attack.
Wednesday 5th May 62x90
Roy is stunned to discover that Nina sustained several blows to her head and is undergoing an operation. Asha reels at the news of the assault, while Corey acts shocked.
Wednesday 5th May 62x89
While Abi and Kevin enjoy their respective hen and stag parties, Asha and Summer discover they have been partying in a stolen car, and Seb and Nina suffer a vicious attack.
Monday 3rd May 62x88
Sharon calls Harvey's heavy with details of Leanne's hideout, and Nina mentions to Asha that she saw Corey openly flirting with Kelly in Speed Daal.
Monday 3rd May 62x87
Harvey's heavies watch Carla and Peter meet in a car park, and Abi's day goes from bad to worse with a series of setbacks sending her stress levels through the roof.
Friday 30th April 62x86
Peter gets caught in the crossfire of Simon's escape. Todd receives a poignant reminder of his past. Tyrone accuses Kevin and Abi of snubbing Alina.
Friday 30th April 62x85
Sharon gives Sam a message to pass to Nick. Eileen berates George for dismissing Todd. Simon breaks cover to visit his dad.
Wednesday 28th April 62x84
Sam takes Sharon into his confidence. Peter receives great news about his transplant. Kevin and Abi are shocked at Tyrone's presumption.
Wednesday 28th April 62x83
Sharon helps Sarah to throw Sam a birthday party. Asha enjoys living with Corey. Carla and Peter take advantage of an empty house.
Monday 26th April 62x82
Sharon steals from Gail as pressure mounts. Dev drives Asha further towards Corey.
Monday 26th April 62x81
Sharon sets her plan into motion. Dev arranges a summit meeting with Corey's father.
Friday 23rd April 62x80
Hope reacts badly to Tyrone moving out. Nina catches Seb enjoying a laugh at her expense. Aadi flips upon finding Corey and Asha together.
Wednesday 21st April 62x79
Cathy remains reluctant to return home to Brian.
Wednesday 21st April 62x78
Tyrone's delaying tactics give Fiz false hope.
Monday 19th April 62x77
Craig blames Kirk for his break-up with Faye.
Monday 19th April 62x76
Faye prepares for her court sentencing.
Friday 16th April 62x75
More drama and turmoil from the residents of Coronation Street in the world's longest-running TV soap.
Wednesday 14th April 62x74
Tyrone agrees to return to Number 9 for the girls.
Wednesday 14th April 62x73
Michael worries that Ed is gambling again. Brian reports Cathy's victimisation to Craig.
Tuesday 13th April 62x72
Cathy finds no cause for celebration on her birthday.
Monday 12th April 62x71
Peter informs Carla that a liver transplant is his only hope.
Monday 12th April 62x70
Nick pleads with Leanne not to leave.
Wednesday 7th April 62x69
Leanne confesses to Harvey that she set him up. Roy has more bad news for Cathy.
Wednesday 7th April 62x68
Harvey drags Simon along as he heads into Leanne's trap.
Monday 5th April 62x67
Fiz pushes Tyrone to admit he loves Alina.
Monday 5th April 62x66
Leanne despairs as one of Harvey's dealers take over the flat.
Friday 2nd April 62x65
High drama on the cobbled streets of Weatherfield in the world's longest running TV soap.
Thursday 1st April 62x64
High drama on the cobbled streets of Weatherfield in the world's longest running TV soap.
Monday 29th March 62x63
Todd's manipulations backfire on him. Ronnie's revelation leaves Michael in turmoil.
Monday 29th March 62x62
Todd contemplates moving away to distance himself from Billy.
Friday 26th March 62x61
Leanne covers for Simon in front of the police.
Wednesday 24th March 62x60
Leanne reaches the end of her tether with Harvey.
Wednesday 24th March 62x59
Toyah spots Leanne leaving the flat with Harvey.
Monday 22nd March 62x58
Tyrone confesses his feelings for Alina to a stunned Fiz. Harvey demands more from Leanne.
Monday 22nd March 62x57
Fiz prepares to spring her wedding surprise on Tyrone.
Friday 19th March 62x56
High drama on the cobbled streets of Weatherfield in the world's longest running TV soap.
Wednesday 17th March 62x55
Ronnie stuns Ed with his theory on Michael's parentage.
Wednesday 17th March 62x54
Grace has an upsetting experience while out shopping.
Monday 15th March 62x53
Leanne finds herself dealing with Harvey alone. Asha shocks Dev with a confession. Abi asks Sally to officiate at her wedding.
Monday 15th March 62x52
Leanne resolves to pay off Simon's debt to Harvey. Ed resents Ronnie splashing cash on Michael. Sally takes over Abi's wedding planning.
Friday 12th March 62x51
Wednesday 10th March 62x50
Wednesday 10th March 62x49
Monday 8th March 62x48
Peter fails to persuade Steve to summon medical help. Sean resigns from the factory. Simon warns Leanne not to cross Jacob.
Monday 8th March 62x47
Steve reacts angrily when Peter lets him down. Ken offers Simon a sympathetic ear. Kirk falls victim to Sean's selling scheme.
Friday 5th March 62x46
Leanne shares her concern for Simon with Carla. Tyrone offers Alina a helping hand. Yasmeen makes some decisions regarding the future.
Wednesday 3rd March 62x45
Alya fears for Yasmeen's health. Jenny begs Johnny to give himself a fighting chance. Nina feels thrust into the bosom of the Alahan family.
Wednesday 3rd March 62x44
A county court judgement tips Yasmeen over the edge. Aadi catches Nina lying to Asha. Jenny is unimpressed by a surprise visitor.
Monday 1st March 62x43
Monday 1st March 62x42
Friday 26th February 62x41
Having witnessed an assault, Sam flees with Simon's bags of cocaine. Tim reveals to Sally that according to Geoff's will, he now owns half of No 6 and a quarter of Speed Daal. Elsewhere, Gail and Eileen's bickering leaves George fuming, while Dev and Mary go overboard in trying to impress Nina.
Wednesday 24th February 62x40
Yasmeen suffers a panic attack when she has a meeting with a bank manager. George tells Eileen that she publicly humiliated him and he wants nothing more to do with her. Toyah suggests to Leanne that she needs to start focusing more on Simon.
Wednesday 24th February 62x39
Alya opens the door to find two bailiffs demanding payment of debts. Tim announces he can't go through with driving the hearse, so Eileen tries to save the day. Peter accuses Carla of spending the night with Lucas.
Monday 22nd February 62x38
Unaware that he overheard her conversation with Lucas, Carla is bewildered to see Peter so down. Alya opens the pile of final demands with mounting concern. George gives Steve and Tim a dry run at driving the hearse to see who's best.
Monday 22nd February 62x37
Sarah is pleased when Lucas calls at Underworld to do business, but Carla masks her discomfort. Steve is put out to discover that Eileen's arranged for Tim to drive the hearse at Ted's funeral. Simon shows off to Jacob, telling him about his criminal past as a gang member.
Friday 19th February 62x36
Leanne shows Simon another feather from Oliver and asserts that it's his way of letting her know that he's fine. However, Nick is concerned by her behaviour. Abi and Kevin celebrate their engagement, and the arrival of Ed's brother Ronnie puts Aggie on edge.
Wednesday 17th February 62x35
The Websters are found while Ray makes his getaway. Nick worries about Leanne's state of mind. Paul swallows his pride for Summer's sake.
Wednesday 17th February 62x34
Kevin and Debbie fight to stay conscious. Paul looks for a new job to escape Todd. Jacob offers Simon another delivery assignment.
Monday 15th February 62x33
Abi vows to track down missing Kevin. Simon accuses Leanne of wasting money. Billy takes Todd's good deed at face value.
Monday 15th February 62x32
Abi remains oblivious to Kevin's fate. Tyrone's recent blunder causes heartache. Johnny receives a diagnosis for his condition.
Friday 12th February 62x31
A furious Ray corners Debbie in the Bistro kitchen. Carla convinces Johnny to be honest with Jenny. Fiz regrets asking a favour of Tyrone.
Wednesday 10th February 62x30
Kevin tells Abi that he does not believe Debbie's story.
Wednesday 10th February 62x29
Johnny admits to Carla that his eyesight has deteriorated.
Monday 8th February 62x28
David and Tracy engage in a frenzied bidding war.
Monday 8th February 62x27
Shona attempts to halt the online auction of Number 8.
Friday 5th February 62x26
High drama on the cobbled streets of Weatherfield in the world's longest running TV soap.
Wednesday 3rd February 62x25
Todd feels a pang of guilt at Paul's fall from grace. Dev consults Roy about Asha and Nina. Simon's new mate Jacob comes to his aid.
Wednesday 3rd February 62x24
Billy and Paul's relationship hangs by a thread. Dev is stunned to hear of Asha's date with Nina. Simon's bike is stolen from outside the chippy.
Monday 1st February 62x23
Paul comes clean to Billy in the wake of Summer's accident.
Monday 1st February 62x22
Todd instructs Will to break into Billy and Paul's flat.
Friday 29th January 62x21
High drama on the cobbled streets of Weatherfield in the world's longest running TV soap.
Wednesday 27th January 62x20
Ken picks up the pieces when Carla's plan backfires. Debbie tries to make amends to Kevin.
Wednesday 27th January 62x19
Carla forces Peter to say his final goodbye to Simon.
Monday 25th January 62x18
The residents learn their houses are safe from redevelopment.
Monday 25th January 62x17
Debbie distances herself from Ray's crimes.
Friday 22nd January 62x16
High drama on the cobbled streets of Weatherfield in the world's longest running TV soap.
Wednesday 20th January 62x15
Abi confronts Ray with proof of his bribery. Yasmeen suffers a panic attack at work.
Wednesday 20th January 62x14
Abi strikes lucky while digging for dirt on Ray.
Monday 18th January 62x13
Faye confesses to the police and points the finger at Ray. Yasmeen's house move grinds to a halt. Sean gets to the bottom of Dylan's troubles. 
Monday 18th January 62x12
Faye stuns Craig with her belated honesty. Ray comes under pressure to find some cash. Gail, David and Shona prepare to leave their home. 
Friday 15th January 62x11
Faye plucks up the courage and tells Tim about how Ray tried to rape her, Steve finds Peter unconscious in the ginnel, and Asha reveals she's split from Corey.
Wednesday 13th January 62x10
Jenny tells Peter he needs to find somewhere else to live, as staying in the pub is not helping his alcoholism. Nina urges Asha to not let the likes of Corey bully her, and Tim wonders if Faye knows anything about the attack on Adam.
Wednesday 13th January 62x09
Adam tells Carla that Peter plans to refuse a transplant, the twins are underwhelmed with Dev's birthday present, and a police officer questions Tim about the rucksack found in Gary's possession.
Monday 11th January 62x08
Ken implores Peter to consider Daniel's offer and not to throw his life away, and Simon urges Leanne to see that Nick is suffering too. Faye confides in Maria that living with the guilt is making her ill and she'd rather own up to her crime.
Monday 11th January 62x07
Peter returns from Scotland, and Daniel offers to be his liver donor. Simon tries to encourage Leanne to eat, and Dev tells Asha and Aadi that he's organised a surprise for their 16th birthday.
Friday 8th January 62x06
Simon makes Leanne's wellbeing his priority.
Friday 8th January 62x05
Simon finds Leanne unconscious in the flat. Michael vows to be a part of his child's life.
Wednesday 6th January 62x04
Abi rallies the neighbours to voice their opposition to Ray. Leanne finally reaches out for help. Evelyn informs Tyrone of Arthur's proposition.
Monday 4th January 62x03
The residents reel from their eviction notices.
Monday 4th January 62x02
The council give a ruling on Ray's development. Grace turns up on Michael's doorstep.
Friday 1st January 62x01
Craig's intervention leads to Gary's arrest.

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