Coronation Street is the story of working people and the city street in which they live. The show has been seen all around the world and has remained in the top viewing ratings throughout its long lifetime. Add to my shows

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Monday 27th January 61x21
Daniel discovers Bertie barely conscious in his cot and urges Peter to call an ambulance. When Charlie reveals she's moving into the Rovers, a stressed Tim begs Abi to help him come up with a way to get rid of her. And Maria insists Gary should go to Bristol without her.

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Friday 24th January 61x20
The police wonder if Fiz can shed any light on Jade's assault, Daniel panics as he takes Bertie's temperature, and Bernie tells Paul that she is moving on. Meanwhile, Tim's plan to send Charlie on her way doesn't work out as planned when he finds her working at the Rovers.
Friday 24th January 61x19
Yasmeen finds Jade lying unconscious in the ginnel, and Fiz looks like the prime suspect. Charlie tells Tim how much cash she wants before she will sign any divorce papers. Bethany discusses career options with Daniel, but he suggests she might be best to leave Weatherfield altogether.
Wednesday 22nd January 61x18
Fiz shows the police the passports and ferry tickets, convinced Jade has abducted Hope. Carla tells an appalled Bethany how Ray made Michelle sign a gagging order, and Charlie returns to No 4 with her bags and explains she's been evicted.
Wednesday 22nd January 61x17
Tyrone and Fiz are horrified to discover the back door unlocked and Hope gone. Tim's shocked to find Charlie on his doorstep, and she tells him he can forget about the divorce as she cannot afford the legal fees. Bethany is gutted when Alya reveals that Ray has made her the bistro's new manager.
Monday 20th January 61x16
Fiz returns home following Hope's disclosure, and Christine questions Jade, but she sticks to her story, accusing the flame-haired mum of abusing her daughter. Chesney arrives home to find flames licking at the door, David seeks Max's understanding, and when Kevin makes a snide remark about her landing herself a sugar daddy, Abi storms out.
Monday 20th January 61x15
Tyrone and Evelyn are shocked when Ruby reveals that Jade put the bruises on Hope's arm with make-up, while Billy urges Paul to accept that Kel may never be punished for his crimes and to move on with his life. As an exhausted Gemma takes a nap with the quads, someone pushes a burning rag through the letterbox and a fire quickly takes hold.
Friday 17th January 61x14
Realising he's been set up by Bernie, Kel makes a grab for her phone. Jade confronts Fiz in the street, and tells her she never intended for her to lose her kids, but she's only got herself to blame. Over their game of chess, Roy puts pressure on Nina to move in.
Friday 17th January 61x13
David's thrilled when Shona regains consciousness and tries to speak, until it becomes clear she doesn't recognise him. Paul's horrified when Sean reveals Bernie's plan, and Geoff suggests Yasmeen should steer clear of Speed Daal for a while as she might be tempted to have a drink.
Wednesday 15th January 61x12
Yasmeen listens in disbelief as Peter talks about alcoholism and invites her to join him at one of his meetings. Fiz apologises to David for unwittingly bringing a loaded gun onto the street. Bernie confides in Sean how she's been posing as a 14-year-old boy online to get justice for Paul.
Wednesday 15th January 61x11
When Brian expresses his concerns for Yasmeen to Geoff, he's quietly seething and makes out that Yasmeen is an alcoholic. David is relieved when the consultant confirms that Shona is slowly emerging from her coma, and Nina warms to Roy when he chats about Hayley.

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