Coronation Street is the story of working people and the city street in which they live. The show has been seen all around the world and has remained in the top viewing ratings throughout its long lifetime. Add to my shows

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Monday 24th September 59x217
Liz offers to fund Hannah's treatment. Steve's behaviour arouses Tracy's suspicions. Peter contemplates selling his share of the factory.

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Friday 21st September 59x216
Jim and Hannah begin to doubt each other. Gina praises Tim for defending Sally's honour. Abi persuades Steve to be her private dancer.
Friday 21st September 59x215
Tim looks for someone to blame for Sally's predicament. Tracy's fairytale wedding goes up in smoke. Claudia comes to Ken's rescue.
Wednesday 19th September 59x214
Imran and Sally engage in a war of words in court. Simon convinces Peter to change tactics with Vicky. Geoff resorts to sabotaging Brian.
Wednesday 19th September 59x213
Sally learns the truth about Sophie and Paula. A humiliated Imran gives Leanne the sack. Carla ignores Peter's wishes regarding Vicky.
Monday 17th September 59x212
Leanne and Toyah teach Imran a lesson. Peter is outraged when Carla employs Vicky at the factory. Ryan reunites with an old friend.
Monday 17th September 59x211
Sally makes a sensational discovery about Imran. Peter confronts Tyler's mother on Simon's behalf. A face from Adam's past seeks a favour.
Friday 14th September 59x210
Evelyn declines Tyrone's offer of hospitality. Toyah inadvertently gives Imran the wrong impression. Kevin goes on a date with Paula.
Friday 14th September 59x209
Steve and Tracy do some digging on Hannah. Leanne and Toyah hide the same secret from one another. Sally intervenes to keep Gina and Kevin apart.
Wednesday 12th September 59x208
Evelyn is reluctant to answer Tyrone's questions. Liz turns to Michelle for advice. Ryan and Ali embark on a wild goose chase.
Wednesday 12th September 59x207
Tyrone tracks down his grandmother. Liz has an emotional reunion with her daughter. Ryan's memory blank could cost him dearly.

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