Coronation Street is the story of working people and the city street in which they live. The show has been seen all around the world and has remained in the top viewing ratings throughout its long lifetime. Add to my shows

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Wednesday 17th July 60x154
Sharon is not convinced when Gary claims that Rick has gone into hiding abroad, and Sarah has a suggestion for the Underworld staff regarding the factory's future. Meanwhile, Maria meets up with an internet date.

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Monday 15th July 60x153
Eileen confronts Jan, Sarah confides in Adam about Nick's alibi, and when Kelly tracks Gary down, he drops the bombshell that her dad was actually a loan shark. With the cafe deemed unsafe due to electrical problems, Peter and Carla move into No 1, and Roy moves into No 9 with Tyrone.
Monday 15th July 60x152
Liz finds some worrying information about Jan, and Nick goes to the police with a photo, which he claims proves he was nowhere near the factory at the time of the roof collapse. When Gary calls in to Rick's office, he is rattled to find his daughter, Kelly.
Friday 12th July 60x151
In court, Nick blames his brain injury for his actions, accusing David of being the mastermind behind the theft. Meanwhile, Eileen opens up to Jan about her marriage to Phelan, and Seb calls at the nail bar hoping to take Alina for lunch, but her boss tells him she has quit and disappeared.
Wednesday 10th July 60x150
Nick tells David he plans to take full responsibility for the stolen money, and the consultant gives Sinead the good news that her tumour has shrunk. After returning from Vicky's, Robert lies to Michelle that he got called away to help a young offender.
Wednesday 10th July 60x149
Sinead is called in for her MRI scan, Sarah phones the police after Gail fails to return, and Audrey blames Nick and David for driving her away. Meanwhile, Robert promises Vicky he will be there for the midwife appointment, but is torn when he's left in charge of the Bistro.
Monday 8th July 60x148
Audrey is still frosty with Gail after she abandoned her in the hospital, and Steve gets his licence back but sneakily tells Adam not to tell Tracy. Ryan and Alya decide to play along to Michelle's efforts of trying to set them up.
Monday 8th July 60x147
With Michelle at a fundraiser, Robert arranges to visit Vicky, but soon finds himself torn between the two. Kirk returns with a bombshell for Beth, and Sean confronts Paul, convinced that he was his attacker.
Friday 5th July 60x146
Gail gets the family together to iron out their differences, and when Beth drops the bombshell that Carla has gifted her factory shares to the workforce, Nick is outraged. After the medical centre charity box goes missing, Sean tells Moira he thinks it was Paul, and Geoff suggests Yasmeen is too old to be taking on extra work.
Wednesday 3rd July 60x145
Peter is worried that Carla's psychosis is making her do rash things. Geoff makes out to Yasmeen that he accidentally gave his own bank details to the old insurer for her jewellery payout, and in the Rovers, Maria fails to notice when Ali makes a pass at her.
Wednesday 3rd July 60x144
Peter and Carla return from Carlisle and move back into Roy's flat, and David is angry to hear about Nick's latest attempt to stay out of prison, so he decides to play dirty himself. Elsewhere, Maria's astonished by the raunchy nature of the responses to her dating ad.

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