Coronation Street is the story of working people and the city street in which they live. The show has been seen all around the world and has remained in the top viewing ratings throughout its long lifetime. Add to my shows

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Friday 31st July 61x120
Gary fights for his life, and Adam senses Sarah is lying about her showdown with her ex. Meanwhile, Alya implores Elaine not to leave as she is the only hope of securing Yasmeen's freedom, and Ed sits down to a virtual anniversary dinner with Aggie via video call.
Wednesday 29th July 61x119
Ed is gutted that Aggie has to isolate at a hotel on their 30th wedding anniversary, and Sarah demands to know if Gary killed Rick, before he is hit by a car. Elaine calls Alya and confirms that she's prepared to give evidence against Geoff.
Monday 27th July 61x118
Yasmeen wakes up after a heart attack, and Brian is annoyed that Bernie found a watch in the woods and sold it to Sarah. Meanwhile, Abi tells Ed that Aggie can use Kevin's car until hers is fixed as the neighbourhood is grateful for putting herself on the front line at the hospital.
Friday 24th July 61x117
Yasmeen collapses on the first day of her trial, and Gary is concerned by Brian's interest in Beacon Woods because of a potential stash of Roman coins. Meanwhile, Ed worries that Aggie is working far too hard at the hospital.
Wednesday 22nd July 61x116
Yasmeen phones Geoff with a surprising message, and Adam suspects that Gary has killed Rick. Nicky informs Daniel they could do more than talk for the money he's paying her.
Monday 20th July 61x115
Geoff uses his hospital radio show to talk about how he has forgiven Yasmeen and wants to help her. Abi moves into No 13, and when Adam spots Sinead's cardigan poking out of his bag, Daniel is embarrassed.
Friday 17th July 61x114
Kevin asks Abi to move in with him and Jack, but, while she is delighted, Seb is angry that she has moved on so quickly from her own kids to Kevin's. Geoff promises Yasmeen that when she comes home, things will be different and he'll seek professional help, while the factory girls are shocked when they realise Carla is once more their boss.
Wednesday 15th July 61x113
Alya fears that Geoff may win Yasmeen back and Kevin urges Abi to meet up with the twins one last time before they leave for Australia or she will live to regret it. Carla calls in at the factory and admits to Nick that she's bored of pulling pints and feels it's time she got back into the business, while Adam tells Gary it's obvious he's involved in some dodgy deal.
Monday 13th July 61x112
Yasmeen is stunned by Geoff's latest move, while Imran tentatively broaches the subject of fostering with Nick and explains how they've put their plans on hold so as not to upset Leanne. Kevin breaks the news to Abi that the twins are emigrating to Australia, while Aggie implores Grace to think twice before ending her relationship with Michael.
Friday 10th July 61x111

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