Coronation Street is the story of working people and the city street in which they live. The show has been seen all around the world and has remained in the top viewing ratings throughout its long lifetime. Add to my shows

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Monday 19th November 59x265
Ali's erratic behaviour arouses Ryan's suspicions. Nick refuses to give in to Carla's threats. Gina's blind date turns into a nasty experience.

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Friday 16th November 59x264
Nick admits to Leanne that he hasn't been entirely honest. Abi goes to prison and meets an old mate. An encounter with Duncan proves unsettling for Gina.
Friday 16th November 59x263
Nick and Leanne's celebrations attract attention. Seb must choose between Abi and the twins. Sinead employs devious tactics to get rid of Daniel.
Wednesday 14th November 59x262
Abi gets herself arrested to protect Seb. Simon ignores Leanne's concerns about him joining the Navy. Maria gives Claudia the brush-off.
Wednesday 14th November 59x261
Abi's momentous decision leaves Seb enraged. Peter and Leanne fail to see eye to eye. Sinead takes an interest in homeopathy.
Monday 12th November 59x260
Abi seeks help from Tracy as she hits rock bottom. Audrey and Maria regret allowing Claudia to come between them. Nick and Leanne agree not to have secrets.
Monday 12th November 59x259
Abi decides that the twins are better off without her. Claudia surprises Audrey at the Stylists' Awards, and Amy forces Steve and Tracy to abide by the contract.
Friday 9th November 59x258
Elsa confronts Carla about Nick. Amy lays down the law to her warring parents. Gina's date throws Tim off the scent.
Friday 9th November 59x257
Nick juggles the demands of three women. Steve is on the verge of winning round Tracy. Tim lets Gina know exactly where she stands.
Wednesday 7th November 59x256
Geoff is given food for thought regarding Gina. Evelyn realises she has outstayed her welcome. Nick offers Carla an explanation.
Wednesday 7th November 59x255
Paula hopes to secure Sally's freedom. Kate springs a surprise on Rana at their engagement party. Fiz shares her suspicions about Evelyn.

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