COPS follows police officers, constables, and sheriff's deputies during patrols and various police activities by embedding camera crews with their units. The show's formula adheres to a classic cinéma vérité ethos. With no narration or scripted dialog, it depends entirely on the commentary of the officers and on the actions of the people with whom they come into contact. Add to my shows

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Brush With Trouble 32x13

season 28

Sidewalk Licker 28x33
Two very different troublemakers get caught up in a prostitution sting. A cop quickly finds his hands full when he questions a cagey lady. An argument in a parking lot draws the attention of a vigilant patrol officer.
No Helmet, No Ride 28x32
A lack of safety equipment calls attention to a lawbreaker. After a man waves a gun around, officers search homes in the surrounding area. Suspects detained after a car crash have trouble explaining how they know each other.
Carjacked Up 28x31
An armed suspect's bloody state takes officers by surprise. The driver of a stolen car bails when he is pulled over. Officers apprehend several suspects after they spot a pair of carjacked vehicles.
Trouble in Paradise 28x30
A homeless man decides to test the police when he thinks there's no escape. Good Samaritans catch a man breaking into their neighbor's car. Officers do their best to resolve a dispute between newlyweds.
What's in the Box? 28x29
A homeless man puts up a serious fight to maintain his freedom. A suspicious man and woman in a parked car catch an officer's attention. A lovers' squabble draws attention to an outstanding warrant.
Front Door Felony 28x28
Cops use city cameras to track a suspected motorbike thief. A K-9 unit combs a dark hilltop when officers suspect a man of wrongdoing. A concerned citizen steps in to thwart a pair of would-be mail burglars.
Crying Over Spilled Milk 28x27
A suspected car thief ditches his ride when police spot him. Officers are called to a bar when an enraged man pulls out a knife. An argument over a bit of milk takes a violent turn.
Love Gone Bad 28x26
A suspect plays it cool when officers try to match an abandoned gun to his empty holster. Poor choices in a parking lot inspire a life coaching moment. Cops respond to a disturbance call and learn that good neighbors do exist.
All Shook Up 28x25
A man jumps from a moving vehicle in an effort to escape the police. A car chase ends with a call to paramedics. An agitated man confuses threatening actions with heroism.
Bible Buddies 28x24
A teen leads officers on a dangerous chase yet shows little remorse once captured. A report of a person in distress helps officers identify a group of lawbreakers. An unsuccessful robber has a moment of honesty.
Nothing to See Here 28x23
A man with a felony warrant does his best to escape arrest. Things get weird when an agitated man tries to reveal everything to the police. A young man makes poor choices that lead to a broken home.
Undeniably Fishy 28x22
After a night out on the town, a man loses his friend and finds trouble. Officers stop a vehicle that they believe was involved in an officer-related shooting. A young couple in a parked car strikes officers as suspicious.
Two in the Bush 28x21
One offender tries to make the rules after deputies place her in cuffs. An unlicensed driver speeds away from a checkpoint with devastating results. Officers do their best to learn the truth from a couple of evasive suspects.
Party in a Box 28x20
A review of surveillance footage catches one suspect in the act. After a dangerous chase, officers divide and conquer. A suspicious character accuses the cops of being an untrustworthy bunch.
Second Time Around 28x19
Deputies are shocked when they recognize a repeat offender. When confronted by the cops, a desperate man shows no love for his girlfriend. Officers bring in a canine unit to complete a vehicle search.
Too Many Cooks 28x18
A lawbreaker's polite and respectful demeanor surprises deputies. Suspicious activity at a gas station leads one officer to rely on her instincts. An argument over dinner results in a call to the cops.
The Young and the Reckless 28x17
A man with multiple warrants puts up a fight when faced with a trip to jail. A desperate driver makes a last-minute attempt to hide his crime. A teenager is forced to join the workforce after he makes a costly error.
Mom Still Loves You 28x16
An entitled young man thinks that he can tell the police what to do. A known lawbreaker eludes deputies long enough to cause serious damage. Emotions run high when a mother confronts her handcuffed son.
Fighting to Lose 28x15
An after hours search of a park turns up a young couple in a port-a-potty. An extremely combative man refuses to surrender to officers. A heated argument between best friends catches the attention of the cops.
Dishonest Dudes 28x14
A young couple attempts to give the cops the slip during a storm. A motorist tries to resist deputies, but his moves are as outdated as his accessories. Police encounter a suspiciously sweaty man on an eerily dim street.
Highway to Jail 28x13
ATV joyriders lead officers on an unwieldy chase. An attempt to check on some expired tags ends with a young couple at gunpoint. A motorist gives deputies his brother's name in hopes of avoiding jail time.
Smooth Move 28x12
A suspected copper thief plays dumb when the cops catch up to him. A jittery cyclist tries to get away with a slippery maneuver. A couple takes their bout of domestic violence to the streets.
Pants Party 28x11
A reckless driver tries to bail out of a checkpoint but outmaneuvers himself instead. Fingers are pointed fast when cops interview a peculiar group of people. Deputies have to do a little digging to get to the bottom of things.
Four Felonies and a Flat Tire 28x10
The temptation of being on camera proves to be too much for one car thief. In order to catch an oblivious driver's attention, officers are forced to disable his car. A woman tries to evade arrest by giving deputies a fake name.
Dead End Dash 28x09
One suspect takes his chances in a ravine after he leads deputies to a dead end. A quick vehicle search turns a family outing into a trip to the slammer. The cops inspect a domestic disturbance between a dad and his teenage son.
Pinky Promise 28x08
A sleeping motorist greets deputies with a foul mood. The cops respond to reports of a suspicious person, only to uncover much more. A young woman tries to promise her way out of a trip to jail.
Thick as Thieves 28x07
Officers chase a pair of car thieves through town and into the bushes. A friendship crumbles quickly when the cops begin to ask questions. A deputy stops a man who insists that he lets homeless people use his car for storage.
Drive and Dash 28x06
A man tries to throw the cops off his scent by running through a shower. Deputies are called when a belligerent man violates a restraining order. A husband and wife give the police conflicting stories during a traffic stop.
That's My Grill 28x05
A handcuffed teen makes a run for it when deputies turn him over to paramedics. During a traffic stop, a suspect does his best to keep his lips sealed.
Brotherly Love 28x04
A man behind the wheel of a stolen vehicle leads deputies on a wild pursuit. When a man threatens his brother with a knife, Mom calls the cops. A young couple tells deputies conflicting stories about the car in their possession.
The Blame Game 28x03
A woman bursts into tears when her boyfriend gets pulled over by police. During a sketchy traffic stop, one nervous passenger is quick to cooperate with deputies. A suspect blames the contents of his wallet on a stranger.
Sittin' in the Dark 28x02
Cops nab a suspect who tries to escape by hiding in plain sight. A man fires away when he believes his dog is in danger. Paramedics are called when an officer encounters a distraught woman and her catatonic partner.
Cats and Dogs 28x01
An armed trespasser uses a young dog as a shield. A woman under the influence goes on a rampage, tearing into homes and people. A cat lady calls the cops when her neighbors get nosy.

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