COPS follows police officers, constables, and sheriff's deputies during patrols and various police activities by embedding camera crews with their units. The show's formula adheres to a classic cinéma vérité ethos. With no narration or scripted dialog, it depends entirely on the commentary of the officers and on the actions of the people with whom they come into contact. Add to my shows

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Brush With Trouble 32x13

season 21

Coast to Coast #157 21x36
Coast to Coast #156 21x35
Coast to Coast #155 21x34
Coast to Coast #154 21x33
Coast to Coast #153 21x32
Coast to Coast #152 21x31
Odd Arrests #1 21x30
Officers in Broward County, FL, chase a suspect into a canal, where he is arrested for grand theft auto and obstruction. In Las Vegas, officers respond to a disturbance call where roommates are being verbally abusive and to an unknown trouble call where three women are alleging assault.
From Bad to Worse Special Edition 21x29
A high-speed pursuit ensues when an officer from the Sacramento, CA, Police Department spots a reported vehicle involved in an armed robbery. Deputies in Seattle, WA, track a known offender and use a Taser to apprehend the perpetrator. In Cleveland, OH, officers pursue a fleeing suspect who stashes his crack.
Police Pullovers #5 21x28
A Las Vegas police officer pulls over a vehicle for a traffic infraction, and upon questioning, the suspect reveals that he has a marijuana blunt in his possession. Officers in Cleveland, OH, are called to the scene of an assault, and the non-compliant suspect flees and disguises himself by changing his clothes. Meanwhile, a detective in King County, WA, pulls-over a vehicle in an area known for drug sales and detains a very emotional suspect.
Coast to Coast #151 21x27
High Crimes #4 21x26
Officers in Minneapolis, MN, pursue a vehicle and the chase escalates when state troopers get involved. Deputies in Harris County, TX, respond to a domestic drunk disturbance that mixes alcohol and a pair of scissors. When deputies in King County, WA, are on a routine traffic stop, a suspicious odor calls for a K-9 unit to sniff around the vehicle.
Dazed and Confused #1 21x25
Police in King County, WA, respond to a disturbance call where an intoxicated suspect feels some liquid courage and wants to fight. In Minneapolis, MN, an officer is forced to use a Taser on a man who describes himself as "lion." In Las Vegas, police are called to investigate a battery charge as a woman tries to retrieve her mother's belongings but ends up with more than she bargained for.
Bad Girls! #12 21x24
Deputies in Harris County, TX, uncover plenty of cracks in a case when they assist in a felony warrant arrest involving a female suspect. Pomona, CA, police officers respond to a domestic-disturbance call where the victim had just admitted to her mother that she got married in Vegas. Also featured are officers in Minneapolis, MN, trying to keep the peace when a quarrel between to two females breaks out.
750th Milestone Episode 21x23
An officer on the graveyard shift in Sacramento, CA, is called to investigate a traffic stop where the driver has passed off illegal substances to the passenger. In King County, WA, officers search the ground from a helicopter to track a suspect who allegedly threatened to kill his girlfriend. In a sign of desperate times, officers in Hillsborough County, FL, question two suspects caught siphoning gas from a car only to discover they had also been snorting cocaine.
On the Run Special Edition 21x22
When Sacramento, CA, police are called to arrest an armed carjacker, he careens the stolen vehicle into a curb and a frantic foot chase ensues. Deputies in Hillsborough County, FL, are flagged down and forced to chase thirsty thieves in the night. Also featured are two undercover narcotics busts in a gang-ridden area of Houston, TX.
Liar Liar #3 21x21
Officers in Cleveland, OH, arrest two young suspects who recklessly hijack a vehicle and cause a crazy car chase. A deputy in Hillsborough County, FL, responds to a call regarding a suspicious vehicle, and upon arrival at the scene, the passenger scrambles to conceal evidence. Also featured is an officer from Sacramento, CA, stopping to a suspect riding a bicycle who disregarded a traffic stop. When the suspect's nervous behavior provokes officers to investigate further, they uncover "something he found" near the highway.
In Denial #2 21x20
Officers in Sacramento, CA, apprehend a suspect who claims he had no idea the vehicle in question was stolen. Officers in Minneapolis, MN, respond to a "suspicious person" call and find a man lurking in an alley. Also featured are deputies from Rancho Cucamonga, CA, arresting a woman who admittedly smoked pot but bakes up a story about her true identity.
Neighborhood Busts #1 21x19
Sherriffs in Broward County, FL, go undercover for a narcotics sting operation and apprehend a suspect who, ironically, is wearing a bracelet claiming "winners don't do drugs." Deputies in Harris Country, TX, respond to a disturbance call where a father and son are going mano a mano in a trailer park. Also featured are deputies in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, stopping an inebriated man riding a bicycle.
Upon Further Investigation Special Edition 21x18
Deputies in Harris County, TX, respond to a call of a suspicious person in a neighborhood, and when backup arrives, one suspect starts to walk away from the scene. Upon further investigation, the suspects are found to be carrying illegal narcotics. Deputies in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, attempt to stop a suspect on a motorcycle for a routine traffic violation. As they approach the bike, the deputies discover the man is intoxicated and take him in on a DUI charge. Also featured are sheriffs in San Diego County, CA, who are called to investigate a grocery store theft that takes the cake.
Coast to Coast #150 21x17
Coast to Coast #149 21x16
Coast to Coast #148 21x15
Coast to Coast #147 21x14
Ho! Ho! Ho! #5 21x13
Officers with the Minneapolis Police Department set up a prostitution sting and catch women that will surely be on Santa's "naughty" list this year. Meanwhile, sheriffs in Harris County, TX, patrol a truck stop known for illicit activity, and officers in Snohomish County, WA, work overtime when they're called to the scene of a disturbance.
Coast to Coast #146 21x12
Evidence? What Evidence? #2 21x11
Deputies in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, attempt to question a suspect who flees and is subsequently captured, but claims the suspicious substance found on him was "planted" in his pocket by law enforcement. While on patrol, officers in Las Vegas hear multiple gunshots and react rapidly to investigate. At the scene, overwhelming evidence has the suspects cornered, but its legitimacy is questioned. Finally, cameras capture sheriffs in Broward Country, FL, pulling over a suspect for driving erratically and cutting off an unmarked police vehicle in the "Evidence.
Liar Liar #2 21x10
Detectives in Broward County, FL, pull over a vehicle on a routine traffic stop and the situation escalates when the driver and his passenger decide to dump the evidence. Things get heated in Las Vegas when officers respond to a domestic-disturbance call to sort out a complicated and confusing love triangle. Also featured are deputies in San Diego making a routine traffic stop when they encounter a suspect with a talent for telling elaborate untruths.
Anger Management Special Edition 21x09
When officers in Las Vegas are called in to assist with a hit-and-run suspect, the challenging suspect claims abuse in attempt to avoid formal charges. Also featured are deputies in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, responding to a domestic disturbance where a frustrated but cooperative suspect has just one request: to be sent to jail. Officers in Las Vegas are at it again when they have to detain an erratic, out-of-control suspect high on drugs.
Morons on Parade Special Edition 21x08
The adrenaline starts surging on this episode when deputies in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, respond to a "shots fired" call and discover a suspect who tries to play dumb. Also featured are deputies in Las Vegas, NV, rushing to the scene of a domestic-disturbance call to sort out a lovers quarrel. Deputies in San Diego, CA, are dispatched to assist in detaining an armed suspect.
What! Who Me? Special Edition 21x07
When deputies in Broward County, FL, respond to a call in an area known for illegal activity and gambling, suspects make a run for their money. Deputies in San Diego County, CA, follow leads from a burglary to pursue suspects, and officers in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, pull over a confused cross-dressing suspect.
Coast to Coast #145 21x06
Black & Blue & White Special Edition 21x05
When officers in Las Vegas, NV, respond to a domestic-disturbance call, they realize this isn't the first time they've been called to this residence, so they decide to use a soft hand with the distraught family once they detain the suspect. Detectives in Broward County, FL, intercept a drug deal and question the suspects. Also featured are law-enforcement officials in Pomona, CA, who must referee a domestic disturbance.
Resisting Arrest #4 21x04
Detectives in Broward County, FL, respond to a routine loitering call that escalates into physical situation and a taser gun must be used on the suspect. Also featured are officers in Las Vegas, NV, who are forced to dodge traffic when a suspect leads them on a foot pursuit down a busy street. Deputies in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, are in hot pursuit of a speeding car.
Stupid Behavior #3 21x03
Deputies in Palm Beach County, FL, set-up a sting in a known drug trafficking area and cameras are there to capture the criminals take the bait one by one. Also featured are officers in Las Vegas, NV, called to a restaurant where a patron gives new meaning to "eat and run." As tropical storm clouds approach, deputies in Palm Beach County, FL, catch a suspect creating a cloud inside his car.
What a Sap Special Edition 21x02
Deputies in Palm Beach County, FL, try to avoid injury when an uncooperative suspect uses his car as a weapon, but things get even more interesting when a tree gets in his way. Also featured are officers in Spokane, WA, on patrol during a busy night and responding to two calls one after another. Also, officers from Rialto, CA, spot a potential drug deal.
Back to Broward Special Edition 21x01
After 20 seasons and over 700 episodes, COPS, one of the longest-running series on television, kicks off its 21st season by taking cameras back to where it all began in the late 1980s Broward County, FL. This entire episode features law enforcement from the same county where COPS captured some of the earliest crimes featured on the pioneering series. Segments include an intoxicated driver fleeing the scene of an accident, drug activity and super suspicious behavior on the season premiere of COPS: BACK TO BROWARD SPECIAL EDITION

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