COPS follows police officers, constables, and sheriff's deputies during patrols and various police activities by embedding camera crews with their units. The show's formula adheres to a classic cinéma vérité ethos. With no narration or scripted dialog, it depends entirely on the commentary of the officers and on the actions of the people with whom they come into contact. Add to my shows

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Spinning Out 31x33

season 19

Coast to Coast #129 19x36
Family Ties #1 19x35
After chasing a suspicious speeding vehicle to the driver's home, Officer Bill Wagner of the Wichita, KS, Police Department questions a trio of suspects and discovers evidence that is cause for all three suspects to be placed under arrest. Also featured is Officer Brian Kinney of the Lowell, MA, Police Department, who detains a man driving a motorcycle without a license.
Street Crimes Special Edition 19x34
When Officer Mark Longworth of the Cincinnati, OH, Police Department stops a vehicle for a simple traffic violation, the suspect takes off on foot and Officer Longworth is forced to use painful measures to stop him. Also featured is Officer Evan Rosenthal of the Las Vegas, NV, Metropolitan Police Department, who responds to a Code Red call where a group of adults are not on their best behavior.
High Crimes #3 19x33
When Officer Evan Rosenthal of the Las Vegas, NV, Police Department joins fellow officers in a high-speed pursuit, drastic measures are taken to stop a motorist suspected of driving under the influence. Also featured is Officer Gary Smallwood of the Covington, KY, Police Department. After he pulls over a vehicle on a routine violation, the driver becomes paranoid when the officer smells something suspicious.
Coast to Coast #128 19x32
Coast to Coast #127 19x31
Coast to Coast #126 19x30
Coast to Coast #125 19x29
Ohio Drug Arrests Special Edition 19x28
After Officer Mike Harper of the Cincinnati, OH, Police Department follows a vehicle out of a bar parking lot, the suspect refuses to pull over. The driver leads Officer Harper into a dead end, where the pursuit turns into a foot chase. Officers arrest him, but not before the suspect tries to ditch the drugs hidden in his shoe. Also featured is Corporal David Hill of the Hamilton County, OH, Sheriff's Office, responding to an unusual domestic disturbance call.
High Crimes #2 19x27
While on patrol, Corporal Michael Green of the Brevard, FL, County Sheriff's Office investigates a vehicle occupied by two suspicious females. When he discovers drug paraphernalia as well as illegal pills while questioning them, the women quickly turn on each other. Also featured is Officer Mike Goodwin of the Palm Springs, CA, Police Department, who investigates a drug deal at a motel and catches a couple red-handed .
Police Pullovers #2 19x26
As Officers Michael Harper and Mark Longworth of the Cincinnati, OH, Police Department inspect a suspicious vehicle, a dangerous situation surfaces when the passenger reaches for a gun. Also featured is Officer Ryan Cook of the Las Vegas, NV, Metropolitan Police Department, pulling over a woman who happens to be in a bikini and has a busted taillight.
Police Pullovers #1 19x25
When Deputy Brandon Gish of the Brevard County, FL, Sheriff's Office pulls over a vehicle whose driver matching the description of a battery suspect, the desperate driver panics and attempts to eat a pinch of pot. And Officer Brian Binks of the Fontana, CA, Police Department is shocked when a suspect explains why he led officers on a high-speed chase.
Coast to Coast #124 19x24
Coast to Coast #123 19x23
Coast to Coast #122 19x22
Coast to Coast #121 19x21
Coast to Coast #120 19x20
Liar Liar #1 19x19
When Officer Donny Meece of the Cincinnati, OH, Police Department pulls over a vehicle in a known drug area, the passenger jumps out of the vehicle and leads Officer Meece on a foot chase that ultimately concludes with a Taser gun. Also featured is Deputy Jason West of the Brevard, FL, County Sheriff's Office, who arrests a teen after he uncovers a large amount of pot and prescription pills in the vehicle during a routine search.
Tough Takedowns Special Edition 19x18
When Officer Brian Lee of the Boise, ID, Police Department responds to a domestic violence call, he discovers a suspect who had been arrested four hours prior and had returned to his house and apparently threatened his wife with a knife. Also featured is the crack-eating suspect detained by Officer Derrick Pendergrass of the Chattanooga, TN, Police Department. After admitting to swallowing the crack, the suspect is taken to the hospital in police custody.
Florida Heat #2 19x17
When Deputy Jim Haman of the Brevard County, FL, Sheriff's Office patrols a known drug area, he pulls over a car for a simple traffic violation. However, the charge quickly worsens when the officers find that the suspect is packing crack in his mouth. Also featured is Deputy Dan Frend of the Palm Beach County, FL, Sheriff's Office, arresting a suspect in possession of crack rock and black tar heroin.
Coast to Coast #119 19x16
Coast to Coast #118 19x15
Coast to Coast #117 19x14
Coast to Coast #116 19x13
Ho! Ho! Ho! #4 19x12
When Officer Ryan Cook of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department detains a man and a woman in an area known for prostitution, he discovers drug paraphernalia in the woman's purse. Soon Officer Ryan discovers a lot more then he bargained for when he finds out the female suspect is actually a transsexual. Also featured is Officer Derek Pendergrass of the Chattanooga Police Department questioning Misty, a 21-year-old prostitute, after she bumps into him twice in one evening.
Coast to Coast #115 19x11
Coast to Coast #114 19x10
Bad Girls! #10 19x09
When a female suspect is pulled over for speeding in an area known for drug activity, Deputy Todd Holland of the Brevard County, FL, Sheriff's Office searches the suspect's car and deals with an upset mother. Also featured is Deputy Andrea Eagon of the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, pulling over a suspect after he flags down a male cross-dresser by the name of Pocahontas at a traffic stop.
Police Chases Special Edition 19x08
When a suspect ditches a stolen vehicle, Deputy Todd Holland of the Brevard County, FL, Sheriff's Office comes to the aid of another officer and joins the wild foot pursuit. Also featured is Officer Cary Carrillo of the Palm Springs, CA, Police Department, teaming with several units in a dangerous high-speed chase through populated areas and a business district on the all-new COPS: POLICE CHASES SPECIAL EDITION
Florida Heat #1 19x07
When Corporal Brian Adams of the Brevard County, FL, Sheriff's Office pursues a vehicle with three suspects inside, the situation takes a turn for the worse when the suspects flee on foot. Also featured is Officer Roy Bevell of the West Palm Beach, FL, Police Department, who pulls over a suspicious SUV that matches the description of a stolen vehicle.
Drug Arrests #2 19x06
When Officer Cary Carrillo of the Palm Springs, CA, Police Department attempts to stop a suspicious man riding a bicycle erratically in traffic, the man refuses to stop and leads police on a pursuit though an apartment complex. Also featured is Officer B.L. Dolson of the Atlanta, GA, Police Department, who spots two men involved in a drug transaction at a truck stop.
Coast to Coast #113 19x05
Coast to Coast #111 19x04
Coast to Coast #110 19x03
Coast to Coast #112 19x02
Coast to Coast #109 19x01

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