COPS follows police officers, constables, and sheriff's deputies during patrols and various police activities by embedding camera crews with their units. The show's formula adheres to a classic cinéma vérité ethos. With no narration or scripted dialog, it depends entirely on the commentary of the officers and on the actions of the people with whom they come into contact. Add to my shows

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Brush With Trouble 32x13

season 18

Coast to Coast #108 18x36
Coast to Coast #107 18x35
Coast to Coast #106 18x34
Coast to Coast #104 18x33
Coast to Coast #103 18x32
Coast to Coast #102 18x31
Palm Springs Weekend Special Edition 18x30
Officer William Hutchinson of the Palm Springs, CA, Police Department joins a high-speed chase that ends abruptly when the driver crashes into a fence. As the chase concludes, a naked male driver jumps the fence and takes off on foot while officers question a tearful female passenger with torn clothes. The driver is quickly apprehended and brought back to the scene in a police car, where the investigation proceeds. Also featured from the Palm Springs Police Department is Officer William Hutchinson, checking out a vehicle parked outside an apartment complex. As Hutchinson approaches the car, he observes two men seated inside. When the driver opens his door, a cloud of marijuana smoke begins to billow out, prompting the officer to remove the men from the car.
650th Milestone Episode 18x29
Bad Girls #9 18x28
Officer Derrick Pendergrass of the Chattanooga, TN, Police Department responds to a call where a bleeding woman has passed out on the sidewalk. At the scene, it becomes obvious that the woman is extremely intoxicated and cannot recall anything. When the woman refuses to sit still, she attempts to bite Officer Pendergrass. In another segment, when Deputy Heather Savage of the Martin County, FL, Sheriff's Office spots a woman walking down a strip of highway known for heavy drug and prostitution activity, she stops her for questioning. The woman claims that although she has been arrested in the past for prostitution-related crimes, she was only on the way to cash her welfare check. A routine search of the woman's possessions turns up crack cocaine, and after being detained, the woman reveals that she has a crack pipe in the crotch of her underpants.
Drug Arrests Special Edition 18x27
Officer Mike Goodwin of the Palm Springs, CA, Police Department detains an uncooperative man who has active warrants. Meanwhile, the suspect hands off a speed pipe to a female acquaintance. Another segment follows Detectives Bill Dowdy and Chris Conrad of the Martin County, FL, Sheriff's Office pulling over a suspicious vehicle after the driver makes an illegal turn. While the occupants are questioned, a nude and hysterical passenger is arrested for heroin and drug paraphernalia found in her purse and in the vehicle.
Coast to Coast #101 18x26
Coast to Coast #100 18x25
Coast to Coast #99 18x24
Coast to Coast #105 18x23
Coast to Coast #98 18x22
Coast to Coast #93 18x21
Coast to Coast #94 18x20
Las Vegas Heat #3 18x19
While on routine patrol, Officer Peter Connell of the Las Vegas, NV, Metropolitan Police Department observes a female pedestrian allowing a male stranger to kiss and fondle her in public. When the officer questions the couple about their conduct, the inebriated woman becomes annoyed and alleges that the officer is harassing them. Another heated segment features Officer Ryan Cook of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department spotting a woman brushing a man off before he gets in his car. Concerned for the woman's safety, the officer stops the vehicle and questions the occupants. Upon questioning, the uneasy driver tells the officer that he got into a fight with his girlfriend because she believes that he's a "loser." Meanwhile, the woman confirms her boyfriend's account and allows the officer to search the vehicle, where he finds several open containers and roach clips.
Coast to Coast #97 18x18
Coast to Coast #95 18x17
Coast to Coast #92 18x16
Coast to Coast #91 18x15
Coast to Coast #87 18x14
Coast to Coast #86 18x13
Ho! Ho! Ho! #3 18x12
When Detective Jason Lando of the Pittsburgh, PA, Bureau of Police investigates suspicious activity in a parking lot frequented by drug users and prostitutes, the parked driver claims to be waiting for her daughter. As the investigation continues, officers recognize the driver's daughter as someone they encounter frequently. The shaky young girl is found with drug paraphernalia and the situation becomes very emotional as she is detained in front of her mother. On the other side of the country, Sgt. Tom Jenkins of the Las Vegas, NV, Metropolitan Police Department stops a young female behaving suspiciously on the legendary Las Vegas strip. After the female suspect lies to Sgt. Jenkins, she eventually breaks down and admits to working the streets. Another segment features Officer Derek Bishop of the Spokane, WA, Police Department, responding to a call where a female suspect claims to be hitchhiking. Although she was ticketed several weeks before for prostitution, she maintains her innocence. When officers begin to question her credibility, some arresting surprises surface and the suspect attempts to bargain with officers.
Coast to Coast #84 18x11
Coast to Coast #83 18x10
Las Vegas Heat #2 18x09
When Officer Peter Connell of the Las Vegas, NV, Metropolitan Police Department spots two males plucking a pink flamingo from a hotel on the legendary Las Vegas strip, he detains the childish suspects, who claim they were executing a prank and got "cold feet." More lewd suspects are featured when Officers Mark Cirkosz and Peter Connell of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrive at a traffic stop where officers are already questioning the suspicious occupants. After a routine search of the vehicle uncovers 10 cell phones, several pairs of women's shoes, numerous credit cards and a little "black book," these suspects get more than they bargained for.
In Harm's Way Special Edition 18x08
When Officer Arthur Anderson of the Anchorage, AK, Police Department responds to a disturbance call, he has to deal with an intoxicated and suicidal male suspect who begs officers to shoot him. After apprehending the disturbed man, officers locate an unloaded gun inside the suspect<#s trailer home. Also featured is a drug deal bust when undercover Officer Will Jeffries and Sgt. Craig Campbell of the Pittsburgh, PA, Police Bureau pull over an vehicle with three suspects inside. The female driver is nabbed with heroin and admits that she needs help while the male passenger, although in cuffs, asks officers if he can roll one last cigarette before going to jail.
Bad Girls! #8 18x07
When officers Aaron Williams and Pete Miller of the Chattanooga, TN, Police Department respond to a call where a woman is wielding an open switchblade knife, they discover a crack pipe. According to the male suspect at the scene, the woman was selling sex. Another segment features Anchorage, AK, Officers Robert Blanton, Arthur Anderson and Sgt. Lee Rohwer responding to a call regarding a hit-and-run accident. The male and female suspects have fled the scene, but once both are apprehended, we learn from eye witnesses that the couple was focused on each other and making out while driving. As a result, they steered into a parked vehicle.
Coast to Coast #85 18x06
Coast to Coast #82 18x05
Coast to Coast #90 18x04
Coast to Coast #88 18x03
Officers in Gwinnett County, Georgia, are called to a motel where a domestic disturbance involving three people is taking place.
Coast to Coast #96 18x02
Coast to Coast #89 18x01
When Detectives Rudy Reynoso and Juan Gonzalez of the Las Vegas, NV, Metropolitan Police Department respond to a call regarding the discovery of a human skull in a local park, they conduct an extensive and cautious search. With the assistance of a forensic anthropologist, they find additional human bones and discarded clothing in the immediate area. After an exhaustive day, the remains are identified when the serial number from a cell phone is traced to a man who has been reported missing. Another segment featuring the Las Vegas, NV, Metropolitan Police Department follows Officer Christopher Curtis responding to a domestic disturbance call. At the scene, the officer interviews a woman who claims that her unstable ex-boyfriend tried to break into her apartment. The ex-boyfriend confirms the woman's account and eventually comes to the emotional realization that he loves a woman who does not feel the same.

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