COPS follows police officers, constables, and sheriff's deputies during patrols and various police activities by embedding camera crews with their units. The show's formula adheres to a classic cinéma vérité ethos. With no narration or scripted dialog, it depends entirely on the commentary of the officers and on the actions of the people with whom they come into contact. Add to my shows

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Brush With Trouble 32x13

season 17

Coast to Coast #72 17x36
Coast to Coast #81 17x35
While Sgt. John Mon Pere of the Fresno, CA, Police Department responds to a report of two males fighting, he encounters an injured and intoxicated man sitting on a curb who claims he was involved in a fight with his father. When the investigation moves to the victim's home, the father explains that he and his son were out drinking at a strip club and on their way home they started fighting. Both men are too intoxicated to provide a coherent explanation for the fight and although charges were not pressed, one is sent to jail for public drunkenness. Another segment features Deputy Scott Gould of the San Bernardino County, CA, Sheriff's Department pulling over a vehicle for a traffic violation. After the female driver and her two male passengers are removed from the vehicle for questioning, the officer finds a couple of bags of marijuana. As the officer enforces the law, the driver lets the officer know that she believes the substance is harmless.
Coast to Coast #80 17x34
When a concerned convenience store customer witnesses a suspect stealing beer, the older man chases the suspect. Fortunately, Officer Jeff Garwacki of the Fort Worth, TX, Police Department crosses their path and assists with apprehending the suspect, who, they later realize, broke free from handcuffs when he was detained earlier that day. While following Las Vegas, NV, Metropolitan Police Officer Gibron Smith, cameras capture a domestic disturbance involving a separated couple. The disturbance escalates when the woman is caught selling her husband's work tools for a pack of cigarettes.
Coast to Coast #79 17x33
When Officers James Rosetti and Bryan Craft of the Fresno, CA, Police Department respond to a call involving a man with a knife in a back alley, they encounter a woman with a large bloody knife in her back pocket. After officers locate the injured suspect and question several witnesses about the incident, it is discovered that when the suspect attempted to stab a male victim with the knife, the victim's son hit him with a shovel.
Coast to Coast #78 17x32
When Corporal Pete Enderle of the Hamilton County, OH, Sheriff's Office responds to an animal complaint, a lonely and frightened female resident reports a sneaky snake somewhere in her home. Also featured are Officers Chad Mills and Curtis Miller of the Fort Worth, TX, Police Department, responding to a burglary in progress. At the scene they immediately detain two suspects and one claims that he is a model citizen who regretfully agreed to steal the tires for $500 and a six-pack.
Bizarre Calls Special Edition 17x31
Officer Mike Souder of the Las Vegas, NV, Metropolitan Police Department responds to a vandalism call where a female resident frantically informs a dispatcher that several suspects vandalized her home with toilet paper. Also in Las Vegas, Officer Gibson Smith pulls over a vehicle that was reported stolen. When the owner of the vehicle arrives at the scene, she tells authorities that she met the driver at a casino, and after she agreed to take some erotic photos for him, he later stole her car.
Armed & Dangerous Special Edition 17x30
Officer Chuck Elms of the Santa Ana, CA, Police Department responds to a robbery-in-progress call at a fast food restaurant, and at the scene, the officer questions a customer who witnessed the armed robbery. During the examination, Officer Elms learns that the brazen suspects robbed another establishment and were captured on surveillance, spurring an investigation. Also featured are Deputies of San Bernardino County, CA, Sheriff's Department responding to a shooting at a local residence where it's discovered that the panicked caller accidentally shot himself in the foot during an altercation to collect a debt .
Grand Theft Auto #3 17x29
In the first of two Grand Theft Auto Special Editions, Deputy Kris Nordstrom of the Pierce County, WA, Police Department is in pursuit of a stolen vehicle with a desperate driver speeding through intersections and barreling down dark city streets. Also featured is Officer Ryan Hudson of the Little Rock, AR, Police Department, who pulls over a stolen vehicle and listens to the suspect claiming that a female crack addict let him borrow the car.
Caught in the Act Special Edition 17x28
This episode features a hit-and-run suspect in Hamilton County, OH; a "woman" hiding something that's uncovered when officers patrol a frequent prostitution area in Fresno, CA; and in Pierce County, WA, officers pursue a madman on a motorcycle at high speeds with a devastating conclusion.
Coast to Coast #77 17x27
Officers chase a passenger who bailed out of a moving car in Pierce County, WA; break up a brawl in Covington, KY; and pull over a suspicious vehicle in a high drug-traffic area in Cincinnati, OH.
Coast to Coast #76 17x26
The fan-favorite :"Caught in the Act" theme returns with an episode featuring two men in the midst of a brawl; two women choked up in a lovers' quarrel; and a blood-spattered assault captured on a convenience store surveillance video.
600th Milestone Episode 17x25
The 600th episode is the first of four all-new episodes scheduled to air in a celebratory COPS-a-thon. It's classic COPS in the milestone 600th episode when cameras capture a fleeing suspect, a domestic disturbance involving two "lovers" - not "fighters" - and a family disturbance that threatens to separate children from their father.
Coast to Coast #74 17x24
When Officer Ryan Hudson of the Little Rock, AR, Police Department pulls over a stolen vehicle, the driver claims that a female crack addict let him borrow the car. The victim arrives at the scene and describes how the armed suspect forced her to drive him around for hours before he eventually stole her vehicle. Later, the victim identifies the suspect from a photo spread of possible suspects at the police station.
High Times Special Edition 17x23
The Norwood, OH, Police Department organizes a drug sting operation targeting a local drug dealer. When they close in on him, the dealer is suspected of eating the evidence - close to a quarter-ounce of crack cocaine. Other segments include a Pierce County, WA, deputy teaming with Lakewood, WA, police officers in a high-speed chase, and police officers in Fort Worth, TX, arriving on the scene where suspects are dismantling an "abandoned" truck.
Coast to Coast #73 17x22
In Covington, KY, Police Officer Derek Uhl responds to a neighborhood domestic dispute where a man claims that, after he told a woman that he and her husband had an affair, the husband directed a homosexual slur at him and then threatened him with violence. When interviewed by Officer Uhl, the husband denies both threatening and sleeping with the accuser. Meanwhile, the wife can only confirm the dispute between the two men.
Coast to Coast #75 17x21
When Little Rock, AR, Police Officers Jeff Holt and Matt Murski respond to a domestic disturbance in a neighborhood housing development, they discover a 90-year-old suspect who apparently stabbed the 50-year-old victim, leaving a bloody gash in her arm. The suspect insists that she was defending herself - but it quickly becomes clear she was intoxicated and lost control during a heated argument.
Coast to Coast #71 17x20
Andrew Patzer and Jason Rose of the Las Vegas, NV, Metropolitan Police Department respond to a domestic disturbance call at a local apartment complex. At the scene, the officers interview a man who is clearly annoyed by their inquisition and tells the officers that he had an argument with his girlfriend and insists that everything's cool. However, after getting his girlfriend's version of the story and seeing his hostile outbursts, the police arrest him for disorderly conduct. Meanwhile, when Fort Worth, TX, Police Officer Brian Clark pursues a speeding vehicle that ran a red light, the desperate driver leads the officer to his home, where he bails out of the vehicle, runs into the residence and barricades himself inside the bathroom.
Bad Girls! #7 17x19
When Officer Joey Perez of the Fresno, CA, Police Department spots a suspicious female in an area of heavy drug activity, the officer questions the feisty female, finds drug paraphernalia, and the suspect attempts to flee. After the suspect is wrestled to the ground, she screams that she is 17 weeks pregnant and wants to speak with the sergeant. Meanwhile, Officer Joe Kolp of the Lakewood, WA, Police Department investigates an accident where a car went through the wall of a local bar. Several witnesses describe how the driver raced through the parking lot, hit an unidentified man, and then plowed into the bar. Officers hear conflicting reports from "witnesses" until one finally admits to that after an argument, she accidentally hit her boyfriend and then drove into the bar.
High Crimes Special Edition 17x18
When Officers Joe Kelp and Russ Martin of the Pierce County Sheriff's Office investigate an armed robbery, the victim describes how an armed man broke into the back of his boss' truck. As the search for the suspect begins, officers call for a K-9 unit that ultimately discovers the suspect hiding under a blanket. The hostile suspect becomes combative and refuses to comply with the officers' commands, so law enforcement is forced to use a taser and the K-9 to subdue him.
Resisting Arrest #4 17x17
When Officer Gary Couso of the Santa Ana, CA, Police Department stops a suspicious vehicle coming out of an alley in an area of the city known for heavy drug activity, the officers question and conduct a routine search, and the passenger attempts to swallow a small amount of what is later determined to be crack cocaine. Another segment features Officer Gibson Smith of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department offering assistance on an investigation of a suspicious male who reportedly passed out in his vehicle at a local gas station for four hours. Although the suspect cannot account for a significant portion of his morning, he insists that he was searching for his keys the entire time.
Busts Special Edition 17x16
When Fort Worth, TX, Police Department's Task Force serves a warrant at a residence known for drug dealing, suspects are immediately detained and the routine search surfaces a considerable amount of cocaine rocks stashed inside and outside a bedroom window. When the property owner returns from church, she sadly learns that her son and his friends have been selling drugs out of her home.
Got a Habit Special Edition 17x15
When Officer Jeff Kilby of the Norwood, OH, Police Division assists an undercover unit on a traffic stop of a suspicious vehicle that was allegedly involved in drug activity, suspects are taken into custody and questioned about their suspicious behavior. Officer Kilby was tipped off by the drug paraphernalia and oddly wrapped balls of tobacco found in the car during a search. When questioned about the tobacco, one of the suspects claims that he intended to smuggle it into jail. Later, Officer Kilby responds to a call from a local bank involving a man who was trying to pass a bad check. At the scene, the officer helps several officers take the combative suspect into custody.
Maui Wowie Special Edition 17x14
Ho! Ho! Ho! #2 17x13
When Santa Ana County, CA, Police Officer Jose Gonzales questions a known prostitute, the woman insists that she is doing nothing wrong and claims that she was only escorting her disabled male acquaintance to a nearby fast food restaurant. Another segment features Deputy Steve Sabers and Corporal Brian Shepard of the Hamilton County, OH, Sheriff's Office, responding to a domestic disturbance. At the scene, a man explains that his ex-wife plans to marry a man she recently met on the Internet and move their children out of state.
Las Vegas Heat #1 Part 2 17x12
Las Vegas Heat #1 Part 1 17x11
Coast to Coast #70 17x10
When Officer Terence Hightower of the Jacksonville, FL, Sheriff's Office responds to a call, he finds a male stabbing victim who apparently is a transgender person working as a "stroll girl".
Bad Girls! #6 17x09
When Officer Brett Mills of the Fort Worth Police Department assists another unit on a traffic stop of a stolen vehicle, the occupants are ordered out of the vehicle and taken into custody. During questioning and after informing the jittery suspect that her past has caught up with her, officers face a very belligerent and combative woman and must use force to restrain her. Another segment features Officer Terence Hightower of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, responding to a call where a male victim was stabbed in the arm by his date -- who apparently is a transgender. Each claims to have been attacked by the other and after a long explanation, one admits to the stabbing.
Grand Theft Auto #2 17x08
After a high-speed chase, the suspect gives kudos to the police, especially the K-9 that tracks him down. Another segment features the lengths to which criminals will go when found with stolen vehicles clearly beyond their monetary means.
Tased and Confused Special Edition 17x07
When Officer Erik Nelson of the Norwood, OH, Police Division lends assistance on a routine traffic stop, the uncooperative driver becomes combative and Officer Nelson is forced to use his stun gun, triggering a dangerous high-speed car chase.
Resisting Arrest #3 17x06
Fort Worth Police Officer Sara Straton pulls over a suspected stolen vehicle and becomes alarmed when the driver unexpectedly jumps out of the vehicle and heads toward her. Distracted by the charging driver, the passenger runs from the scene and heads toward a home while the detained suspect claims that he's a schizophrenic. Also featured is Officer Ray Spencer of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, responding to a report of a fight between feuding wedding chapel owners. At the scene, a female complainant, Cheryl, claims that one of her competitors threatened to harm her family and bomb her business.
Coast to Coast #69 17x05
In New Orleans, Officers Lewis and Williams confront several suspects in an area known for drug activity, including one man who tries to discard a crack pipe, and a combative individual who allegedly attempts to swallow evidence. Meanwhile in Riverside County, CA, Deputy Barajas trails a suspicious vehicle traveling on a restricted off-road trail, and later makes an arrest after discovering methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia in the driver's possession.
Coast to Coast #68 17x04
In the second episode of the 17TH season premiere, cameras in Jacksonville, FL, follow Sergeant White as he conducts an undercover "buy-bust" sting operation designed to capture street-level drug dealers, including one who allegedly tries to swallow evidence. In Passaic County, NJ, Corporal Damiano encounters a suspect with a chronic drug habit who turns over some narcotics he recently purchased. Also in Jacksonville, Officer Futch's investigation of a domestic disturbance call leads to the arrest of a 15-year-old female who allegedly assaulted her mother during an argument.
Coast to Coast #67 17x03
In New Orleans, Officers Rose and White encounter an intoxicated bar patron who uses comical karate skills to hold police at bay. Meanwhile in Jacksonville, FL, Officer Eason comes to the aid of a woman who screamed for help after her mother allegedly came close to running her down as she walked along a dark road.
Mardi Gras 2004 #2 17x02
Mardi Gras 2004 #1 17x01

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