The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings... Add to my shows

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Cumbria 4/5 44x19
Horse-riding hospitality entrepreneur Ash hosts the penultimate party in Cumbria and chooses a menu of personal favourites, including king prawn pil pil, hoping to scoop the £1,000.

season 44

Cumbria 3/5 44x18
Council refuse worker Vicki hosts the third dinner party of the week in and around Cumbria, hoping to impress her guests with an unusual hospital-themed menu.
Cumbria 2/5 44x17
Bricklayer Dale prepares an evening of construction-themed comfort food, including a Great Wall of Chinese Chicken, and Ash's flippant remarks get him in trouble.
Cumbria 1/5 44x16
Part-time social worker Sara hosts the first dinner party from in and around Cumbria, hoping to impress with a menu of Middle Eastern cuisine in homage to her birthplace of Baghdad.
Brighton 5/5 44x15
In Brighton, the final day of the competition sees social worker Ruth try to impress her guests with her Jewish-Irish fusion menu. There's chaos in the kitchen before the guests even arrive, then after a mixed-up main and some unexpected veggies, Ruth's secret family cheesecake has her guests guessing if it lives up to the bill.
Brighton 4/5 44x14
Teacher Jo is the fourth to host in and around Brighton, treating her rivals to a Thai menu. But the hit-and-miss food and a dessert drama leave her in a panic.
Brighton 3/5 44x13
Retired advertising sales director Gill host the third dinner party of the week in and around Brighton, hoping her Middle Eastern menu and fun dress code will impress her guests.
Brighton 2/5 44x12
Copywriter Will serves up a vegetarian meal on the second evening in Brighton, then takes his guests into the living room for a rendition of his own dance track.
Brighton 1/5 44x11
Medical editor and rapper Adam hosts the first dinner party in Brighton, putting his culinary skills to the test with a vegetarian menu he hopes will wow the guests.
Hull 5/5 44x10
The last night in Hull finds business manager Tony hosting with some countryside cuisine. Things don't quite go to plan when he has to stomach a large portion of blunt feedback about the authenticity of his locally sourced supper, dirty cutlery and gloopy gravy.
Hull 4/5 44x09
Hull florist Jayne gives her guests a taste of Spain with her trio of tapas, colourful paella and crema catalana. Tony gets into the spirit by dressing as a matador, but will Jayne dance into the lead will her mix of food and flamenco?
Hull 3/5 44x08
Dog walking entrepreneur Jordanna hosts on the third night in and around Hull, hoping to impress her guests with a Mexican-themed dinner party.
Hull 2/5 44x07
Computer fanatic Matt hosts the second night in Hull, but ends up serving a singed starter, an overly spicy main course, and an inedible dessert that elicits howls of laughter.
Hull 1/5 44x06
Drinks-brand ambassador Dan hosts the first dinner party in Hull, hoping that his classic Greek grub will go down well with his guests and make for a memorable start to the week.
Hertfordshire 5/5 44x05
On the last night in Hertfordshire, party-loving Mark hosts a Greek evening, with saganaki and lamb kleftiko on the menu.
Hertfordshire 4/5 44x04
The fourth host in Hertfordshire, children's nurse and guide leader Nicky plans a menu inspired by her dream visit to Asia, with complicated home cooking and geographical grub.
Hertfordshire 3/5 44x03
Showbiz journalist Benji hosts the third dinner party of the week in Hertfordshire, hoping to impress his guests with a Gran Canaria-themed night featuring airline-inspired dishes.
Hertfordshire 2/5 44x02
In the second night from Hertfordshire, bank clerk Sylvia hosts a 1980s-themed evening featuring a menu of Spanish cuisine and a show-stopping tribute to Madonna.
Hertfordshire 1/5 44x01
Bargain-hunter Heidi hosts the first of five dinner parties in Hertfordshire, hoping her adventurous Asian menu will impress set her on the way to the £1,000 prize.

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