The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings... Add to my shows

season 43

Essex 5/5 43x05
It's the final day of the competition and the turn of fish salesman Dean to host. He feels none of the meals served to him this week have met required standards, so he firmly believes his restaurant style menu will help bag him the grand. However, his choice of main course surprises all the group and some of the ingredients in the starter are unexpected. Dentist Amarinder feels there's no point in going tonight as he's still confident about his night. A delay in serving the main course leaves the group rubbing their tummies. All is not lost as Dean has a little trick up his sleeve to win back the group with his bizarre entertainment, which turns out to be the highlight of the evening for Donia.
Essex 4/5 43x04
It's the fourth day in Essex, and child talent agency owner Donia has created a rod for her own back after calling flamboyant dentist Amarinder her only competition last night. Donia's chosen an Egyptian themed evening to reflect her heritage, but neither straight-talking shop owner Alison or events planner Natalie were happy about Donia's comment last night so they are expecting big things. Dean isn't impressed with the simplicity of the Egyptian menu but Amarinder enjoys the chance to embrace the evening. Has Donia delivered food fit for a pharaoh or is it a dinner party disaster?
Essex 3/5 43x03
This week's competition is in Essex and it's time for Bollywood loving dentist Amarinder to host his dinner party. Amarinder is feeling upbeat about his Bollywood themed evening, but trouble ensues when he discovers Dean is averse to spicy Indian food. Meanwhile, standards queen Donia creates an awkward moment when she states that Amarinder is her only real competition, much to the surprise of Natalie and Alison. Although Amarinder's food is presented well, will the flavours be enough to propel him into top spot and win the £1000 prize?
Essex 2/5 43x02
In Essex, the second host is bridal shop owner Alison. Alison's no-nonsense, take-it-or-leave-it attitude has dentist Amarinder a little worried, but she's confident her minimum effort and maximum taste menu will bag her the £1000 prize. The group discover Alison's job is a bridal shop owner to the surprise of Dean who had thought she was a police officer. Donia shocks the group with the announcement that she would be happy to spend above and beyond for a wedding dress, leaving events planner Natalie to believe Donia isn't short of a few bob. With a night full of surprises, divided food opinions and even an impromptu singalong, will it be enough for Alison to take home the cash?
Essex 1/5 43x01
This week's competition comes from in and around Essex, and first to host is Essex-proud events planner Natalie. She's hoping that a homely night with some tried and tested dishes and a decent dose of banter will wow her competition - but will it be enough for her to clinch the £1000 cash prize? For that, she'll need to impress straight-talking business woman, Alison, excitable dentist Amarinder, child talent agency owner Donia and fish salesman, Dean. With a menu cleverly designed for ease, channelling her events planning experience and a sprinkle of good ol' Essex charm - will Nat have done enough to bag herself the grand?

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