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season 42

Blackpool and Preston 5/5 42x70
It's the final day in Blackpool and Preston and health assistant Lisa is banking on her no-faff menu to bag the cash. But it's not going to be easy, especially after the criticisms that have been free-flowing across the week. Tonight home truths are revealed and temperatures soar, especially when Bernard gets the shock of his life as he's labelled boring, and he in turn tells Mark that he has been a drama queen. Lisa realises she needs to act quickly to change the atmosphere or risk losing out on the prize. Will things get too heavy, or has Lisa got enough as a host to pull it back and take the grand?
Blackpool and Preston 4/5 42x69
Fourth to host is 51-year-old parole officer Bernard. He's looking to woo his guests with the classic combination of an evening of Northern Soul and delicious grub. There's a double up on dishes causing a squabble with the starter which overshadows his evening and results in a walk-out during the main course. Can Bernard turn it around with his dance moves and win the £1000 prize?
Blackpool and Preston 3/5 42x68
Third up is cabin crew Mark, 36, who's hoping to wow his guests to an evening of fine dining, first class hosting and will be using all his aerial expertise to treat his visitors to a taste of sky-high service. From duck to venison to gin jelly cake- will Mark have what it takes to win the £1,000?
Blackpool and Preston 2/5 42x67
Second to host in Blackpool and Preston is lady of leisure Jill, 49. She's hoping to wow her guests with an Italian menu and is proud of her Italian connection and the group are impressed that she's fluent in the lingo. Jill's not leaving any stone unturned in her effort to impress her guests; after all she has dined at The Ivy three times. Parole officer Bernard also name drops some of the places he has dined at and Windsor Castle is among them- which has the group in hysterics because it's not all what it seems.
Blackpool and Preston 1/5 42x66
This week the competition is in Blackpool and Preston where first to host is 26-year-old student and barmaid Rachel. She's hoping her American diner-themed menu will win her the £1000 prize. Her menu confuses her guests - health assistant Lis, lady of leisure Jill, parole officer Bernard and cabin crew member Mark. Everyone agrees that her hosting is rockin', but will her cooking be enough to top the leaderboard at the end of the week?
Swindon and Marlborough 5/5 42x65
On the final day in the West Country, retired military police officer Debs plans to treat her guests to a medieval feast of local legends including 'flying Monk', 'fish platter' and 'lamb leg of barmaid gobbled tiger'. Debs is really under pressure after drama teacher and foodie Ben pulled off a cracking Middle Eastern night which saw him fly up the leader board. Vegetarian French tutor Saleha confuses the group again by stating that she wants her life celebrated with oysters and champagne, while singleton business consultant Linda has realised she might not come first after the disaster with her pudding, so hopes for a tidy second place. Meanwhile, super-confident salesman Simon just wants to let the group know how he actually feels about them all. Deep joy.
Swindon and Marlborough 4/5 42x64
On the fourth day in Swindon and Marlborough, drama teacher Ben is putting on a Middle Eastern and Asian inspired menu in an effort to bag him £1,000. Expectations are high, Ben's interest in the preparation of the other meals having led his fellow contestants to suspect he might be a foodie. Meanwhile, brash salesman Simon raises a few eyebrows at the table when he refers to the group as 'vanilla', so Parisienne Saleha decides to get her own back on him after he refused to eat her main course last night. Retired colonel Debs also makes the time to put Simon back in his box. In terms of food, business consultant Linda is suitably impressed by all three courses, but will the other guests agree that Ben's meal is a contender for top spot?
Swindon and Marlborough 3/5 42x63
On day three in Swindon and Marlborough, Parisienne Saleha is hoping to take top spot in the competition by serving up a vegetarian meal... with a side of steak tartare. Brash salesman Simon has a few issues with eating raw steak, but his table manners are the main cause for comment at the table. Retired colonel Debs, and business consultant Linda both find his antics a little over the top, but it's host Saleha that puts her foot down when Simon starts playing with the food. Meanwhile, Ben continues to show himself to be the foodie of the group. Will Saleha's risky menu be a love it or loathe it affair? And will it be enough to take the £1000 prize?
Swindon and Marlborough 2/5 42x62
Second to host in the West Country is business consultant Linda who's looking to impress her guests with a game menu of pheasant, venison and pastry swans. Having got his night out the way, salesman Simon puts the cat amongst the pigeons with his juvenile behaviour and begins to rub ex-military police officer Debs up the wrong way. Meanwhile, drama teacher Ben starts to show his true foodie colours while vegetarian, French tutor Saleha, surprises the others with a story of how she once cooked 'road kill' for her husband. Linda is confident that her menu and skill in the kitchen will help her win the prize, but will a dessert disaster derail her chances?
Swindon and Marlborough 1/5 42x61
This week's competition takes place in and around Swindon and Marlborough, where the first to host is super-confident software salesman Simon. Simon hopes to impress with a fun night full of charm and hearty, home cooked meals. On the receiving end of his charm offensive are French tutor Saleha; drama teacher Ben; business consultant Linda; and retiree Debs. Will Simon's confidence and cooking be enough to bag him the £1000 prize?
West Midlands 5/5 42x60
On the last night in the West Midlands, dark horse Digby plans to surprise his guests - who all think he's been playing his cards very close to his chest - with an evening of fancy fine dining. But Digby's biggest challenge may well be maintaining harmony between his guests, with George still upset with Sunita for dissing his food, and with straight-talking Tutsi trying to pay Liz a compliment, which comes across as anything but complimentary.
West Midlands 4/5 42x59
In the West Midlands, social worker Tutsi serves up a mixture of Zimbabwean and English dishes and surprises her guests with a worm-eating competition. But one of Tutsi's guests is harbouring a grudge about some of her previous comments. Meanwhile, some close-to-the-bone nicknames are thrown around the table and there's a very mixed reaction to the surprise worm course.
West Midlands 3/5 42x58
In the West Midlands, 28-year-old male model George asks his guests to come dressed as his favourite word - fabulous - and treats them to a mixture of Greek, Caribbean and Italian food. With flamboyant clothes, some grumbling about gravy, and George eating an olive off one of his guests, it's a fun-filled night.
West Midlands 2/5 42x57
In the West Midlands, half-Egyptian property investor Liz treats her guests to a taste of the Middle East and some startling revelations. Social worker Tutsi gives the crispy kofta starter a blunt critique, and competitive Sunita also wades in but is impressed by Liz's revelation that she has a first class maths degree. Male model George keeps teasing Liz about her older husband, and straight-talking Tutsi even calls her a gold digger, while Digby wishes he could dig a hole to swallow him up when Liz brings out her high-energy entertainment.
West Midlands 1/5 42x56
On the first night in the West Midlands, cheerful 42-year-old teaching assistant Sunita goes all out to stimulate her guests' taste buds with an authentic Punjabi feast full of big portions and bold flavours. Her guests are 39-year-old property investor Liz, 43-year-old social worker and personal trainer Digby, 28-year-old male model George and 37-year-old social worker Tutsi.
Gloucestershire 5/5 42x55
On the last night in Gloucestershire, Sarah Louise pulls out all the stops with an evening of comforting family favourites, including 'roast chicken with a twist', alongside a chance for her guests to glimpse the work of her alter ego.
Gloucestershire 4/5 42x54
Beauty product salesman James serves up a Canadian menu for his four female guests in Gloucestershire, but he's got his work cut out because Debbie and Aisha are looking for revenge after he criticised Debbie's food and snubbed Aisha in mid-conversation last night. Sarah Louise is expecting big things from James, and he's on the charm offensive with Debbie. And when conversation turns to who James would snog, marry, avoid or flirt with, octogenarian otter conservationist Daphne is pleasantly surprised.
Gloucestershire 3/5 42x53
It's night three in Gloucestershire. Hairdresser Debbie's menu is inspired by a love of all things musical and a passion for festivals. But James's opinions of Debbie's food cause consternation at the table. And James also offends Aisha when he shuts her down in mid-conversation. Daphne enjoys the evening's musical surprise but Sarah Louise can't understand the connection with some of the food.
Gloucestershire 2/5 42x52
In Gloucestershire, 37-year-old youth worker Aisha plans an evening dedicated to her Caribbean family favourite foods, with a Jamaican menu and a slice of hip hop. Will her spicy food and the chance to spit, lick and rhyme some fruity lyrics win her guests over? And will last night's dessert deserter Anne return?
Gloucestershire 1/5 42x51
On the first night in Gloucestershire, 80-year-old actor and otter conservationist Daphne hosts an evening inspired by her beloved otter Rudy. Daphne's guests are 48-year-old beauty therapist Sarah Louise, 65-year-old retiree Anne, 37-year-old MC Aisha and 42-year-old beauty product salesman James. It's an entertaining and eventful night of simple fare, furry friends and a disappearing guest.
Essex 5/5 42x50
This week's competition is in and around Essex, and the last to host is 24-year-old recruitment consultant and lover of all things Essex, Grace. Grace is hoping to dazzle her guests with a glamorous party, Essex-style. With a menu full of homemade grub, party games and Essex glamour, has Grace done enough to bag the grand?
Essex 4/5. 42x49
This week's competition is in and around Essex, where fourth to host is 25-year-old recruitment consultant Adam. Adam is hoping to exceed expectations with a menu of posh nosh at his dad's house, on a fun night of jaw-dropping revelations and tremendous talents.
Essex 3/5 42x48
This week's competition is in and around Essex, where the third diner to host is 43-year-old teacher and mother of four, Harmy. Harmy is hoping to spice up her guests' lives and bag herself the £1000 prize by serving up an authentic Punjabi feast. But will her diners find her night too hot to handle?
Essex 2/5 42x47
Second to host is 47-year-old money broker Paul. Paul is out to impress his guests with an evening of fine dining. Will his love of fancy restaurants and posh nosh be reflected in his own cooking and be enough to win the £1000? With Paul travelling over 300 miles to source the finest ingredients for his menu, has he done enough to bring home the prize?
Essex 1/5 42x46
This week's competition is in and around Essex, where the first to host is 46-year-old head teacher Corinna. Colourful Corinna is hoping her royal themed evening will wow her guests, but will her regal cuisine and larger-than-life hosting be enough for her to grab the £1000 at the end of the week? The guests she's keen to impress are 47-year-old year money broker Paul, 24-year-old recruitment consultant Grace, 43-year-old teacher Harmy, and 25-year-old recruitment consultant Adam.
Leeds 5/5 42x45
It's the final night of the competition in Leeds and the turn of Darren to try his hand in the kitchen. His plan is to put a fancy twist on what seems to be a basic menu. Denver still hasn't forgiven Jane to likening her to a goth on the first evening and the fact that Darren is serving goat's cheese is rubbing salt in her wounds. Billy is concerned about the amount of mustard Darren is using in his dishes and mum of five Dionne causes a commotion when she offers up a hug to Jane. Can Darren keep harmony amongst his guests long enough to bag himself the £1000 prize?
Leeds 4/5 42x44
It's day four, and local legend Billy is putting on a tried and tested menu of dinner party favourites, with an appearance from a Frank Sinatra impersonator to top off the night
Leeds 3/5 42x43
It's day three, and drama teacher and DJ Denver is putting on a Spanish menu. With a prosecco van and stilt walkers on arrival, Denver is going all out for an Ibiza experience.
Leeds 2/5 42x42
It's the second night and finance director Jane's turn to host. Her plan to grab the grand is to treat her guests to a fine dining menu of homemade ravioli, pork and panna cotta.
Leeds 1/5 42x41
The week's competition kicks with the first host, 38-year-old choir teacher Dionne, who is hoping to wow with a menu combining European and Caribbean influences
Newcastle 5/5 42x40
It's the final night of the competition from in and around Newcastle, and it's the turn of Mo to host. After two nights with no voice, Mo is back on form with a menu of traditional South African dishes. There's all to play for as the other guests all believe they are in with a chance, except of course for veggie Jude who's realised that her disastrous menu has put paid to any chances of grabbing the grand.
Newcastle 4/5 42x39
It's day four in Newcastle and quick-witted videographer Jude is hoping to win over her carnivorous guests with a decidedly experimental vegetarian menu. However, there's a distinct lack of vegetables, and foodie recruitment consultant Adam certainly isn't impressed by Jude's strange food combinations. And it's an uphill battle to win over nursing student Harriet who is forced to face her worst nightmare - bananas. Meanwhile even though carer Mo has completely lost her voice, she still manages to keep her fellow guests amused. And as laughs fly around the table, ballroom dancing teacher Stuart's confession about his underwear model past leads to a hilarious bottom off between himself and Adam!
Newcastle 3/5 42x38
It's day three in Newcastle and horse-obsessed, nursing student Harriet is throwing a dinner party entirely themed around her equestrian hobby. As an inexperienced cook, her simple menu doesn't sound appealing to recruitment consultant foodie, Adam. But she's got plenty of surprises in store for her guests. Videographer Jude is overjoyed to be welcomed to Harriet's home by a miniature pony, and the surprises continue with a space hopper show jumping competition.
Newcastle 2/5 42x37
It's the second night of the competition from in and around Newcastle, and the turn of Geordie geezer Adam to host. After Stuart's Pride Party set the bar last night, Adam's got it all to do to grab the grand and he's opting for an evening of fine dining and up market gastro pub food to try and wow his guests. But he has a tough crowd to please, with picky eater Harriet and experimental veggie Jude ready to pounce if he gets it wrong.
Newcastle 1/5 42x36
This week's competition is in and around Newcastle, where the first to host is 32-year-old ballroom dance instructor Stuart. Stuart is hoping to dazzle his guests with his rainbow themed night. As a previous winner of Mr Gay World, he plans to bring a Pride Party to his house with a colourful but healthy menu. But will it be enough for him to grab the £1000 at the end of the week? The guests he's hoping to impress are 32-year-old year recruitment manager Adam, 25-year-old student nurse Harriet, 55-year-old carer Mo, and 48-year-old videographer, Jude. With his rainbow inspired healthy dishes and a visit from one of the most famous drag queens in the north east, what more can he do to win his guests over?
Birmingham 5/5 42x35
It's the final day of the competition in Birmingham, and tonight's host is 32-year-old aquarium designer Akil, who hopes to create a splash with his fish-themed menu. With a homemade seafood tempura to start and a double whammy of sea bass and scallops for the main, Akil is going all out to impress. But will his seafood feast see him sail to victory and snag the grand? With three fancy fish themed courses and sparkling chat on the meny, the £1,000 is there for Akil to take.
Birmingham 4/5 42x34
It's day four from the competition in and around Birmingham, and hoping to get her hands on the grand is host 30-year-old youth worker Sonia. Can a selection of her restaurant favourites tickle her guests' taste buds or will it leave a nasty taste in their mouths? After three nights of vegan chat from Martha, Sonia makes a secret pact with her guests to ban any mention of the subject on her night. There's a packet palaver when the ladies get into a spat over the use of fresh ingredients and Sonia is forced to come clean over her cooking shortcuts. Later, Martha is accused of being a fun sponge, and as the evening draws to a close, Martha finds Sonia's cremated cake hard to swallow, and the guests are left open mouthed over some questionable table manners.
Birmingham 3/5 42x33
Flexing his culinary credentials on the third night in Birmingham is 46-year-old Mark, and his menu of classic comfort food. After a spot of flirting earlier in the week, our smitten host is desperate to impress the apple of his eye, fellow diner Martha. Will his food hit the spot and win the vegan's vote and more importantly her heart? During the drinks reception Mark's attempt at wooing Martha falls at the first hurdle, and things go from bad to worse when he forgets a key ingredient. Later Mark's rendition of a Robbie Williams classic hits a bum note and as the evening draws to a close, Mark's choice of who to throw out of a sinking hot air balloon creates a bit of a stink with one diner in particular.
Birmingham 2/5 42x32
It's day two of the competition in Birmingham, and tonight's host is 37-year-old shopping channel producer Martha. Martha is hoping to educate - as well as entertain - her guests with a fully vegan feast. But will the lack of meat and dairy prove unpopular, or will her vegetable-based extravaganza be enough for her to grab the £1000 at the end of the week? With a three course vegan meal and a chance to find out more about enigmatic Martha, what more could she possibly do to win her guests over?
Birmingham 1/5 42x31
This week's competition is in and around Birmingham, where the first to host is 53-year-old personal assistant Lisa. Self-proclaimed domestic goddess Lisa is hoping to impress with a menu straight from her Malaysian roots, albeit with a few shortcuts. The guests she's keen to impress this week are 32-year-old aquarium designer Akil, 30-year-old intervention worker Sonia, 37-year-old TV producer Martha, and 46-year-old landscape gardener Mark. With her Malaysian inspired menu and an exchange about extra-terrestrials, will it be enough for Lisa to clean up and scoop the £1000 prize?
Reading 5/5 42x30
It's the last night of the competition, and 66-year-old John serves a menu inspired by his love of all things Spanish. But will he have to work extra hard to keep his guests sweet?
Reading 4/5 42x29
It's the penultimate night, and the turn of telecoms manager Susan to host. Will her intriguing Chicken Mole tickle everyone's taste buds?
Reading 3/5 42x28
It's the third night, and the turn of self-professed supermum Lydia to host. How will her fellow diners react to her 'taste of the Savannah' Kenyan menu?
Reading 2/5 42x27
It's day two, and hoping to finish the week a grand better off is 42-year-old music merchandiser Rob, who serves a selection of his restaurant favourites
Reading 1/5 42x26
The first host, 54-year-old events organiser Sarah, attempts to wow her guests with a French-themed evening, and she even makes her own pastry for her lemon tart
Brighton 5/5 42x25
It's the final night in and around Brighton, and time for 50-year-old 'love doctor' Monti to try and cast his love spells over his guests in an attempt to win the £1000 cash prize
Brighton 4/5 42x24
It's day four, and personal trainer Hannah hopes to reveal a lot more about herself. And there's no shortage of surprises as layer after saucy layer is peeled away...
Brighton 3/5 42x23
It's day three and the turn of Dutch pilot Tim to try and host his way to the prize. Tim's taking advantage of his worldly travels with a truly international menu.
Brighton 2/5 42x22
It's the second day in and around Brighton, and bubbly 26-year-old Emma is hosting a beach themed dinner party, but there's a last minute disaster when dessert lands in her lap
Brighton 1/5 42x21
This week's first host, 47-year-old radio presenter Guy, hopes his musical and Mexican-themed menu and an air guitar competition will be a hit
Surrey 5/5 42x20
It's day five of the competition in Surrey, and uber-competitive businessman John is banking on his 100% home cooked menu to bag him the prize
Surrey 4/5 42x19
56-year-old music teacher Caroline is hoping to wow her guests by putting on a bright and beautiful night with food full of charisma and charm
Surrey 3/5 42x18
35-year-old hairdresser Ben is hoping to wow his guests by putting on a Mexican fiesta. Will a night of mariachis and pinatas win his guests over?
Surrey 2/5 42x17
Nail technician Myle hopes her traditional Vietnamese food will help bag her the prize. Extra pressure is applied when Myle's mother shows up in the kitchen.
Surrey 1/5 42x16
The first to host is 38-year-old chauffeur James, who is eager to bring a taste of the tropics to Surrey with his Caribbean inspired menu
Edinburgh 5/5 42x15
It's the final night, hosted by food and fashion conscious Bruce, who has a taste for the finer things in life. Tonight will prove if he can put his food where his mouth is.
Edinburgh 4/5 42x14
It's day four, and American writer Harry hopes to warm his guests' hearts and stomachs by serving up a menu inspired by his family. Will his homely menu be enough?
Edinburgh 3/5 42x13
Its It's day three, and glamorous solicitor Aisling plans to nab the top spot by throwing a traditional Irish party. All the stops are pulled and there's even a piper at her doorstep.
Edinburgh 2/5 42x12
The second host is 69-year-old grandmother Katy, who hopes that her 'Xmas Tartan' themed evening will put her guests in a yuletide mood and get her an early Christmas present
Edinburgh 1/5 42x11
The first to host in this week's competition is 27-year-old interior designer James. James is banking on blowing away his guests with his spicy Mexican menu.
Cardiff 5/5 42x10
It's the last night, and restaurateur Giovanni is cooking a menu from his native Italy as he bids to scoop the prize. Will Giovanni's competitive steak get the better of him?
Cardiff 4/5 42x09
The next host is sales rep and football referee, Scott, who is playing it safe with his menu of family favourites, with each course featuring cheese
Cardiff 3/5 42x08
The third host of the week is beautician Claire. On the menu are all of her favourite dishes, but instead of boring old plates Claire is going to serve everything on... planks.
Cardiff 2/5 42x07
Accountant Charlotte splashes the cash on a menu of luxury ingredients in her bid to win the prize. But her floodlit pink house and fancy champagne raise eyebrows.
Cardiff 1/5 42x06
In this week's competition, first host, 26-year-old IT architect Anna, hopes to wow her guests with a culinary journey that celebrates classic British cooking
Greater Manchester 5/5 42x05
It's the final night, and events boss Sharon hosts with her hearty decadent menu. Her skills and decorum are put to the test with Cleona - who will bag the week's £1000 prize?
Greater Manchester 4/5 42x04
Next to host is Australian radio content director James. He hopes some Chinese cuisine and his mum's cake recipe can create harmony and win his guests' approval.
Greater Manchester 3/5 42x03
Budding author and mum-of-five Cleona is next to host. She's confident a menu based on her Jamaican roots will get her guests onside. But will it be enough to bag the £1000?
Greater Manchester 2/5 42x02
Voice artist and film extra Matt hosts. He cooks up a Jewish Friday night supper, including his mum's traditional chicken soup. Will it be meaty enough for his guests?
Greater Manchester 1/5 42x01
This week the first host is 55-year-old DJ and hairdresser Mozz from Bury. He makes garlic stilton mushrooms and poached pear - will he impress the guests?

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