The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings... Add to my shows

season 41

Glasgow 41x20
First up in this episode from Glasgow is pescatarian Chris, who is out to impress with his fish menu. Joining him are joker George, small but feisty Lucky and 'all about the bling' Linda.
Belfast 41x19
Ultra-competitive foodie Sarah hosts first in Belfast, hoping her homemade food and unshakeable self-confidence will bag her the £1000
Sheffield 41x18
Richard hosts a Britney Spears-themed evening, Jo promises restaurant-quality food, Anthony serves up traditional fare and Christie plans a middle-eastern menu
Birmingham 41x17
Fisherwoman Natalie serves up an experimental menu inspired by her Far Eastern travels on the first night in Birmingham
Nottingham, Derby and Leicester 41x16
Dylan offers a home from home experience, Sam treats her guests to fine dining, crystal healer Angela goes booze-free, and mod Aaron ends the week with a bang
Swansea 5/5 41x15
Final host, GP and keen tennis player Janine is hoping to serve up an ace with a tennis themed evening, and the guests turn up dressed up for centre court
Swansea 4/5 41x14
It's the fourth day of the competition in and around Swansea, and sales manager and bodybuilder Rob is hoping his 'simple but tasty' Thai themed menu will win him the £1000 prize
Swansea 3/5 41x13
It's the third night in and around Swansea, and beautician Natalie's hoping her night goes with a Wham! as she's pulling out all the stops with a George Michael themed evening
Swansea 2/5 41x12
This week's competition is in and around Swansea, where second host, cafe bar owner Tino, is hoping to wow her guests with an African banquet inspired by her homeland of Zimbabwe
Swansea 1/5 41x11
This week's competition comes from Swansea, and the first host is DJ Kevin, who is hoping to win his guests over with an evening themed around his favourite holiday destination, Benidorm
Episode 10 41x10
It's the final night from in and around Newcastle, and the turn of Essex boy Mark to impress his new Geordie chums with a menu of deep fried brie, slow cooked lamb and a passion fruit pavlova. Debs, again, struggles with the menu but also lets out her personal feelings about the group. Art teacher Karen gets it in the neck for ruining other people's nights, Mark is accused of being boring, and David settles for bringing a very weird noise to the table. But who will bag the grand?
Episode 9 41x09
It's the fourth day of the new competition from in and around Newcastle, and the turn of Ibiza loving, young at heart 64-year-old David to host. His plan to win the grand is an elaborate Ibizan style menu of tapas and paella. But the menu is all a bit much for Mark, plus there is still the issue of Karen's bruised leg and bruised ego to deal with.
Episode 8 41x08
It's the third day of the competition from in and around Newcastle, and it's mobile hairdresser and amateur musical songstress Debbie's turn to host. Her plan is to bring a bit of the showbiz razzle dazzle to her night after Karen's art themed evening failed to turn into a masterpiece. But there's a shock in store for Karen, lots of humble pie for Mark and some very unusual dumplings for barista Delph and Ibiza-loving David to try.
Episode 7 41x07
It's the second night of the competition in and around Newcastle, and art teacher Karen's turn to host. She's looking to impress her guests with a ginger themed menu; each course will include her favourite spice. Fussy eater Debs is unexcited at the prospect of goat's cheese or salmon en croute and is more concerned whether Karen has made her own pastry, and while vegetarian Delphinium is underwhelmed by Karen's menu, she really gets stuck into Karen's art class entertainment. Software salesman Mark is keen to put the cat among the pigeons by winding Debs up about 64-year-old ladies' man David who likes to shock the group with his antics in Ibiza.
Episode 6 41x06
This brand new competition comes from in and around Newcastle, where first up is 25-year-old barista Delphinium, who's eager to prove that vegetarians can win with her travel inspired menu. The guests she's hoping to impress this week are 64-year-old financial advisor David, art teacher Karen, development manager Mark and 34-year-old mobile hairdresser Deborah. It's an unusual evening complete with strange food, shocking name reveals and dessert taking an unexpected turn.
Episode 5 41x05
It's the final night of this new competition in Devon, and detective Steve is counting on a menu of bold and experimental flavours to win him the prize. But he has to keep one eye on bickering guests Tina and Rhys as the tension between them threatens to boil over. Steve's feast of bold flavours goes down a storm with most of the guests, but it also sparks a pavlova row between Tina and Holly, and the friction doesn't end there. With an evening full of fun, friction, feuding and some experimental food along the way, will Steve's night make enough of an impression for him to win the £1000 prize?
Episode 4 41x04
It's day four of this new competition from Devon, and flexing her culinary credentials is 28-year-old HR manager Holly, with a menu inspired by her restaurant favourites. But will she have to work extra hard to keep her guests sweet? Guests are left open-mouthed when Holly dishes out the rules regarding the use of the loo, and eyebrows are raised further when the boys discover a very revealing portrait in the lounge. But will the growing tension at the table affect Holly's chance of walking away with the grand?
Episode 3 41x03
In this new competition from Devon, tonight's host, 43-year-old pilot, Rhys, is hoping to take the competition to new heights. But will his guests think his locally sourced menu is first class or economy? During the main course, detective Steve is called on to solve the case of the missing stuffing. An interesting find in a wardrobe leads to our host being mistaken for a stripper, and Rob has a major foot in mouth moment during a chat about cannibalism. Later, Holly gets the hump when she is thrown out of an imaginary lifeboat and there's a palaver over a pavlova.
Episode 2 41x02
It's the second day of the new competition in Devon, and Essex geezer Rob is pinning his hopes on an Italian themed menu - and some artful entertainment - to land him the grand. With a night of pasta, pizza and pudding a-plenty, art fan Rob gets his guests to draw each other, but will the no-holds-barred sketching session erase Rob's chances of winning the cash prize at the end of the week?
Episode 1 41x01
This brand new series kicks off in Devon, where first to host is 51-year-old community nurse Tina, who is hoping to wow her guests with a menu incorporating all of her favourite dishes: a seaside-inspired starter, a Thai main and an old favourite to finish. But will her flair in the kitchen be enough to secure her the grand? The guests she's vying to impress are 47-year-old airline pilot Rhys, 39-year-old site manager Rob, 28-year-old HR manager Holly, and 40-year-old police constable Steve. Will glam Tina's menu of tried and trusted dishes impress her guests?

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