The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings... Add to my shows

season 40

Norwich 40x28
In Norwich, forthright farmer's wife Rachel ends the week on her farm with some high end country cooking, but has she taken too much of a risk serving venison with a chocolate sauce?
East Sussex 40x27
The award-winning series continues in East Sussex, with tears at the table, squeals of delight, and a gravity-defying dessert. But will Kora, Stephen, Maria or Jonny bag the grand?
Hertfordshire - Martin, Amanda, Junior, Susan 40x26
In this episode from Hertfordshire, self-professed funny man Martin, bride-to-be Amanda, recruitment consultant and online socialite Junior, and vegetarian mum Susan battle it out
Glasgow - Jane, Suleman, Jamie, Anna 40x25
In and around Glasgow, Suleman's 'taste of Africa' is hard to swallow. And Jamie causes outrage by bringing a salad as an alternative to comedian Anna's calorie-laden Scottish fry up.
West Midlands - Sandra, Craig, Fraser, Debbie 40x24
In the West Midlands, DJ and gospel singer Sandra plans to put on a night full of good vibes and joy. But foodie Craig, recruitment manager Fraser and theatrical Debbi are unimpressed.
North East - Philip, India, Melissa, Arnand 40x23
From in and around the North East, it's a week of Spanish grub, Indian dancing, personal revelations and a taste of the tropics. But who will grab the grand?
Fife - Nicky, Kerry, Byam, Keith 40x22
First up in Fife is the only non-Scottish native this episode, 41-year-old beauty therapist Nicky, who hopes to impress with some Scottish inspired grub
Essex - Kyla, Lisa, Lee, Chris 40x21
Kicking off the week from south east Essex is 29-year-old pub landlady Kyla. In a week of intercontinental culinary creations, Welsh rarebit, and a shop-bought meal, who will win the £1000?
Cheltenham - Nik, Julian, Georgia, Charlotte 40x20
This episode comes from in and around Cheltenham, where the week begins in exotic style, as wacky first host Nik serves up a South African themed menu to Julian, Georgia and Charlotte
Cambridgeshire - Hollie, Jayne, Matt, Ric 40x19
In Cambridgeshire, it's a week filled with criticism, confrontation and impromptu dancing, but will it be Hollie, Jayne, Matt or Ric who is crowned winner and takes home the £1000?
Lowestoft - Julia, Simon, Jo, Paul 40x18
In Lowestoft, Suffolk, the week begins with feisty host Julia's menu inspired by her native Dominica, and ends with zany musician Paul bidding to triumph with his vegetarian menu
Watford and Hemel Hempstead - Mabs, Sam, Ben, Perdi 40x17
This episode sees four strangers from the Watford and Hemel Hempstead area host their way to the £1000 prize. First up is stay-at-home Mum Mabs, who wants to show her guests an authentic African evening. It's a more traditional fare on night two as freelance journalist Sam aims to impress with his homemade classics while night three sees the turn of super confident part-time radio DJ Ben to try and bag a grand with a menu of international flavours. Boxing enthusiast and teacher Perdi takes over on the last night with her menu of dinner party favourites and some very obscure entertainment. In a fun packed week which includes yodelling, opera and gizzards, who will emerge victorious?
North Kent - Wendy, Sam, Lauren, Michael 40x16
Kicking off the week in north Kent is party loving fifty-five year-old Wendy who wants to take her guests on a food-ical journey - don't ask! Joining her around the table are gas engineer and general geezer Sam, self proclaimed chatterbox Lauren and strongman Michael. It's a memorable start to the week, but will Wendy's guests think her food has started things off with a bang or a whimper?
South London and Croydon - Craig, Thibault, Gill, Rachelle 40x15
In this episode from south London and Croydon, first host is rapper, Craig, who's determined to impress with a Malaysian inspired menu. Second up is advertising manager, Thibault and with French heritage on his side he puts on an impressive evening. Third to host is jazz and blues singer 55-year-old Gill, who has a rollercoaster of an evening filled with surprises. Lastly it's 30-year-old primary school teacher Rachelle who's also cooking a very similar French inspired menu to Thibault but feels she definitely has what it takes to achieve that certain je ne sais quoi. It's a week filled with competitiveness, randomness and musical surprises but who will be crowned winner and take home the £1000?
Staffordshire - Linda, Abbie, James, Thom 40x14
This episode comes from Staffordshire and first up is call centre worker Linda who hopes her home cooked favourites will win her the prize. On night two, it's the turn of nurse Abbie to host and she opts for an international menu to try and win over her guests. It's off to Mexico for theatre lover James' night and business owner Thom rounds off the week with a Brazilian feast. It's a laughter packed week, with a bromance blossoming between James and Thom and James putting his foot in it with Abbie at every opportunity. But who will come out on top and bag themselves the grand?
Birmingham - Chris, Ruby, Adrian, Hayley 40x13
Kicking off this competition in Birmingham is former teaching director Chris, who's decided that a Spanish spread will help bag him the grand. Next host, psychiatric report manager and party girl Ruby strikes an instant friendship with Chris, but cheese maker and international cheese judge Adrian feels Chris's actions are no more than a midlife crisis. Completing the line-up is salt of the earth Estate Agent Hayley, who's relying on her charm and personality to win.
Reading - Victoria, Barry, Kathleen, Lamri 40x12
First to host in Reading is 41-year-old singing teacher Victoria, who's hoping a musically themed menu will help bag her the grand. Hosting over the week are burger bar owner and wind-up merchant Barry, straight talking retiree Kathleen and French waiter Lamri. Will Barry's cockiness prove his undoing? Will Lamri's knowledge of French food steal him the prize or will Victoria sing her way to the thousand pounds? Tune in to find out.
Newcastle - Charity, Craig, Glen, Sanila 40x11
First to host in Newcastle is larger than life nurse Charity, who plans to impress her guests with an energetic night and some Nigerian inspired food. Joining her around the table are voiceover artist Craig, straight-talking rail supervisor Glen and Radio Host Sanila. Craig and Glen both serve north east lad food, while on the final night Sanila attempts to wow her guests with a typical Pakistani menu.
Cotswolds - Daniel, Blanche, Kristian, Rachel 40x10
In and around the Cotswolds, trying to get their hands on the £1000 prize are club DJ Daniel, IT operations manager Blanche, actor and musician Kristian, and professional party planner Rachel. Daniel kicks off the week, convinced his pan-Asian mash-up menu will bag him the cash. On night two, self-confessed bossy boots Blanche is determined that wind-up merchant Kristian will not ruin her night and hopes a menu of her favourite restaurant dishes will keep him sweet. Kristian hosts night three and opts for a Las Vegas themed menu, but he has his work cut out as his guests are determined to give him a dose of his own medicine. Last to host is Rachel, showcasing classic rustic French cuisine.
Bury St Edmunds - Phil, Paula, James, Julie 40x09
Four strangers from in and around Bury St Edmunds attempt to host their way to a thousand pound prize. Forty-five-year-old wedding DJ Phil hopes his evening of West Indian food will secure him the prize, not knowing one of his guests is Trinidadian born Paula, who proves difficult to satisfy. However, Paula is immediately taken with upper-class estate agent James. Final guest is American housewife Julie from Oklahoma, who has ambitions to be the next president of the USA. Night two sees James putting on an evening of fine dining, and on the third night Paula's lacklustre hosting, average food and no fun and games underwhelm her guests. The week finishes with Julie's 'All American Hoedown' featuring devilled eggs, barbecue chicken and her Grandma's pecan pie. Which of the group will scoop the prize?
Glasgow: Lucy, Erica, Anthony, James 40x08
In Glasgow, four rival cooks are hoping to impress their guests. Mum-of-three, and self-proclaimed 'tricky customer' Lucy, a foodie, wants to wow by cooking everything from scratch. Quirky photographer Erica plans to bring a taste of Mexico to Glasgow, despite having never even been there. On night three the guests are treated to some traditional Scottish fayre by host Anthony. Entrepreneur James hosts the final night and he's feeling no pressure, despite his guests' high expectations.
Crewe and Stoke: Sarah, Kevin, Kayode, Yvette 40x07
In Crewe and Stoke, 31-year-old psychology student, sassy Sarah, hopes her Jamaican themed menu will encourage her guests to party Caribbean style. But 48-year-old bicycle shop owner Kevin puts his foot in it. 24-year-old entrepreneur and motivational speaker Kayode wants to inspire his guests but is upset when he feels Sarah disrespects his carrots; luckily 29-year-old nurse Yvette is on hand to calm things down.
Maidstone and Rochester: Jhiselle, Simon, Suzanne, Peter 40x06
Kicking off in Maidstone and Rochester is super organised 28-year-old Jhiselle, who hopes to impress with a Caribbean inspired menu. Next up is competitive recruitment manager Simon who serves an Italian themed menu. Third host, straight-talking 47-year-old Suzanne, surprises her guests with a Vietnamese menu, but it's her life story that captures the crowd. The final night sees Peter offer up a seasonal feast. But how will he handle the non-veg-eating ladies?
London: Caroline, Lliane, Gareth, Callum 40x05
Four strangers from south west London try to cook their way to the ú1000 prize. First up is executive PA Caroline, who gets competitive with her tea themed evening. Next is disabled single parent Lliane, who has a disaster with her prawn starter. Third host, wine buff Gareth, aims to impress with his fine food. And finally it's chilled out Aussie Callum who hopes his night will bring the fun to the week.
Scotland: Jennifer, Rory, Darren & Linsay 40x04
In this new episode from central Scotland, 54-year-old bakery assistant Jennifer hopes her night of hearty home cookery and cookie decorating will impress. She is joined by 40-year-old music producer Rory, 38-year -old operations manager Darren and 30-year-old drama coach Linsay. Night two sees Rory attempt to win over the crowd with his Swedish inspired grub and next up stylish Darren wows his guests. Linsay finishes the week with a trip to 'retroville', but can she keep her bodily functions to herself?
Essex: Sacha, Farazana, Gary & Kelly 40x03
This new episode comes from Essex, and battling it out are confident clothes shop owner Sacha, 44, perfectionist Farazana 30, outspoken disability awareness officer Gary, 42 and cat-loving Kelly, 46. Kicking off the week is Sacha who hopes to win with a gastro pub inspired menu. On the second night, Farzana takes a gamble with a Thai menu she picked by sticking her finger on a map blindfolded. Night three host Gary is out to impress with a hearty menu of personal favourites. Last to host is Kelly who is hoping to win with a moggie themed menu, much to the confusion of the others, but in the end who will win the grand?
Woking and Guildford: Mignonne, Neil, Julie, Daniel 40x02
This new episode comes from Woking and Guildford and kicking off the week is professional cake decorator Mignonne, who's putting on a 1950s themed evening, but will her food leave her guests singing the blues or rocking round the clock? Joining her around the table are part time musician Neil, barmaid Julie and performance manager Daniel. Night two takes us to the continent as Daniel serves up a French menu, while Julie's guests are pleasantly surprised by her relaxed menu. Finally Neil finally gets the chance to shine with his authentic Goan menu but will it be enough to bag Neil the ú1000 prize?
Brighton: Clint, Ndana, Sue and Ed 40x01
The award- winning daytime show is back for a new series. Kicking off this episode from Brighton is flight attendant Clint, who's hoping his Italian inspired menu and his own brand of innuendo-laced wit and repartee will land him the prize. Next, care worker Ndana pulls out all the stops on her night with a pyjama party. Food psychologist Sue hosts night three at the seaside where she's hoping to educate and inspire her guests with the very best in healthy eating. Hosting the finale is football fanatic Ed. Will his hat trick of veggie dishes hit the back of the net?

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