The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings... Add to my shows

season 39

West Midlands: Michael 39x55
It's the last night in the West Midlands, and mole-catcher Michael intends to impress his guests with his night of fancy French cuisine. But he faces an uphill battle after he chooses a controversial main course and one of his guests vomits before they've even started eating! There's a hilarious night ahead with bizarre butlers, self-penned songs and animal antics - but who will be declared the winner and take home the thousand pound prize?
West Midlands: Paul 39x54
It's the fourth day in the West Midlands, and 27-year-old college manager and part-time comedian Paul is turning his home into a 'Black Country boozer' as he attempts to pull in the points as well as pulling pints. With some surprising admissions from Michael and a job offer for Marc, plus a black country pub quiz, and Paul's evening certainly has all the elements of a good night down the local. But is his food good enough to keep the punters happy?
West Midlands: Kim 39x53
It's the third day in the West Midlands and 48-year-old teaching assistant Kim is hoping that her summer holiday themed evening means that she will be swanning off into the sunset with the ú1000 prize. Kim and hopes to leave her competitors in the shade by cooking a Greek menu inspired by a recent trip to Rhodes, topped off with Kim's favourite game, 'cheeky darts', but will her night hit the bullseye or just a bum note?
West Midlands: Marc 39x52
In the West Midlands, business guru Marc intends to use his coaching skills to plan a night that will impress his guests and bag the prize. But after annoying his fellow diners the night before, he has a tough job ahead. To win them over Marc has taken inspiration from one of his idols, Frank Sinatra, and is planning a night of swing and classic American dining. But can he cope with the pressure of making three desserts and a cooked-to-order main course, or will his Rat Pack themed night hit a bum note?
West Midlands: Sue 39x51
This week's competition comes from the West Midlands where first host, company director Sue, promises an evening her guests will never forget. Joining her are business guru Marc, teaching assistant Kim, manager Paul and mole catcher Michael. Sue hopes to get things off to a great start, but when her starter reminds Kim of baby food and Marc of toilets, things begin to look bleak. Can she turn it around or will she be waving goodbye to the grand?
Edinburgh: James 39x50
It's the final night in Edinburgh, and pilot James is hoping a touch of sophistication in his high flying menu will see him land safely in first place. But after last night's tension, his main concern is keeping any potential explosions contained. Guests Anne and Larah have a suspicion he could be serious competition. Will James manage to produce excellent food and keep the peace, leading him to victory?
Edinburgh: Anne 39x49
This week's competition is in Edinburgh, and up hosting is security company manager, Anne. Anne is hoping that her homely, relaxed night in will be enough for her to win the ú1000 prize, but with tension building between guests Sindiso and Nutan she might not be having the fun night she's after. With odd collections and weird celebrity crushes exposed, can Anne calm the simmering tension or will it all become too much for the guests?
Edinburgh: Sindiso 39x48
This week's competition is in Edinburgh and next host is South African born family man Sindiso. Sindiso is hoping his night of South African fun will win him the prize, but after his criticisms on the last two nights he's got his work cut out to convince his guests Larah, Nutan, Anne and James. With his Chakalaka at the ready, can Sindiso win round his detractors and walk away with the grand?
Edinburgh: Nutan 39x47
It's the second night from the competition in Edinburgh, and cafe owner Nutan is hoping her happy-go-lucky attitude will have her laughing all the way to the bank. But she wasn't counting on eagle-eyed Sindiso to scrutinise every aspect of her authentic North-Indian menu, testing her hosting skills to the limit. And will Nutan's seemingly infinite joy be depleted when her guests tear into her food?
Edinburgh: Larah 39x46
This week's competition is in Edinburgh, where the first host is 37-year-old Canadian comedian Larah who hopes to bag herself the prize with a night of fine dining. She is hoping to impress 38-year-old pilot James, 37-year-old cafe owner Nutan, 26-year-old salesman Sindiso and 42-year-old security manager Anne. Will an entertaining night of wonderful wigs and celebrity selfies, secure the grand for Larah?
Liverpool: Christine 39x45
On the final night of the competition in and around Liverpool, property developer Christine plans to wow her guests with a Spanish holiday themed dinner party. However the mood is rather more feisty than fiesta as on-going tensions finally come to a head and it's not long before the honesty - and the sparks - begin to fly. Christine might be hoping to win her guests over with a Spanish holiday vibe but will the tensions in the room mean she has to say 'adios' to the ú1000?
Liverpool: 39x44
Liverpool: Toria 39x43
On the third night in Liverpool, gym worker Toria plans to scoop the grand because losing is something that doesn't come easily to her. But the pressure's on. And after a kissing game round the table, could romance be on the menu? Will a night filled with cheesy chat up lines and flaky flapjacks bag Toria the ú1000 prize?
Liverpool: Sam 39x42
It's night two in Liverpool, and the turn of businesswoman Sam to try and impress her guests with her South-African-themed evening, but her food is a bit hit and miss. With a night full of poor pronunciation, fashion faux pas and a bit of mischief over the main, will organised Sam bag the ú1000 prize?
Liverpool: Rob 39x41
This week's competition is in and around Liverpool, where the first to host is 41-year-old taxi business owner Rob, who plans a Scouse themed evening. The guests he is hoping to impress are 23-year-old fitness fanatic Toria, 44-year-old property developer Christine, 40-year-old South African business woman Sam, and 20-year-old student Inzy. Will his Scouse-athon put him in with a chance of winning the grand, or is he living in La-La land?
Leeds: Lynne 39x40
It's the final day of the competition in Leeds, and jeweller Lynne is hoping her night will sparkle with a menu of made of her own creations. While talk at the table turns to plastic surgery and Botox, Andy and Danielle aren't too impressed with Lynne's food. Can she rescue her dinner party with a memorable karaoke performance and sing her way to top spot and bag the thousand pounds?
Leeds: Matt 39x39
The fourth host in Leeds this week is theatre technician Matt, who's planning to scoop the prize with a menu of tried and tested family favourites. The food is a winner for student Danielle and she's even more impressed by his juggling skills. But neither hit the mark for IT director Andy, who declares it the worst night of the week so far and things go from bad to worse for Matt when Alice's dessert ends up on the floor. Meanwhile, Lynne surprises everyone at the table with her choice of celebrity lookalike.
Leeds: Danielle 39x38
It's the third night of the competition in Leeds, and fun-loving student Danielle is hoping her hearty and high calorie menu will bag her the prize. The laughs come thick and fast for sports car fanatic Andy, while account manager Alice finds herself in food heaven. But when Danielle serves dessert in her wedding dress, lighting technician Matt is prompted to propose to sales consultant Lynne and fails spectacularly.
Leeds: Andy 39x37
It's night two of the competition in Leeds, and company director Andy is hoping to win the grand with a menu of fancy restaurant inspired fare. But Alice and Danielle are more impressed with Andy's Ferrari than his food. And Lynne is more concerned with turning out a perfect Mojito in the cocktail making challenge than anything else. Will Andy's posh nosh be to everyone's taste, and can he hold his composure till the end of the night to bag top spot?
Leeds: Alice 39x36
This week's competition takes place in and around Leeds, where the first to host is 24-year-old digital account manager Alice. Alice has never held a dinner party before, but she's hoping her family favourites will hit the spot and win her the grand. She's hoping to impress Danielle, Andy, Lynne and Matt. With gob-smacking revelations, cringe-worthy party tricks and a ginormous Pavlova, can Alice walk away with the prize?
Belfast: Marty 39x35
This week's competition is in Belfast, where the final host is super-foodie fan of the Far East and garage owner Marty. But after a week of endless Bo' Selecta! impressions, Steve is beginning to get on everyone's nerves. It's the end of the week and there is everything to play for, but will the rising tensions stop Marty scooping the ú1000 prize?
Belfast: Cushla 39x34
It's the fourth day of the competition in Belfast, and executive assistant Cushla is at the helm. She's bringing out her serious side and planning to win over the guests with impressive cuisine. She's got scallops and venison on the menu, as well as a very exotic red wine jus, so the pressure is on. Conversation is dominated by Steve's dodgy impressions and a continuing flirtation between Julie and Justin. The question is, will the budding new couple display their affection publicly? And will all the love that's in the air extend to Cushla's score?
Belfast: Justin 39x33
In Belfast, it's the turn of mobile barista Justin to host, and he's hoping to wow his guests with a BBQ extravaganza; even dessert will be toasted on the Barbie. Justin's confident about his grub will win over his guests and he's also keen to win the heart of fellow diner Julie, who he's been flirting with all week. Table talk's dominated with cheesy chat up lines but later, things take a nose dive. Will the tense atmosphere serve as entertainment or will it cost Justin the grand?
Belfast: Julie 39x32
This week's competition is in Belfast, where second to host is flame-haired hairbrush executive Julie. Julie is hoping to charm her way to the prize with an evening of fusion food, drawing on her experiences from living in Japan and Hong Kong. All the talk is of the Far East but will Julie's version of takeaway classics help her win the prize?
Belfast: Steve 39x31
This week's competition is in Belfast, where first to host is 30-year-old mobile phone sales manager Steve. He's hoping a night filled with banter at the top end of the 'craic spectrum' with him as the 'craic conductor' is enough to bag him the ú1000. The guests he is hoping to impress are 43-year-old mobile barista Justin, 47-year-old pocket rocket Julie, 33-year-old straight talking Cushla and car mechanic Marty, who's 38. The evening features impersonations galore, romance in the air and sausage talk dominating the table.
Belfast: Paul 39x25
Third host from Belfast is 57-year-old window cleaning business owner and keen golfer Paul. Debonair Paul has cut a dash already this week with his sense of style and now he's hoping to impress with his fine food. For Ryan and Neil, most of the fancy fare is unchartered territory, and while Cailin and Claire are impressed with his fine dining, he sails close to the wind when he suggests they might like to be his ladies-in-waiting. With his golf club crooner to entertain and his quail and langoustines to please the guests' palates, will Paul have the winning combination to clinch the ú1000 prize?
Belfast: Neil 39x24
On the second day in and around Belfast, it's the turn of carpenter and country boy Neil to do his best to land this week's ú1000 prize. He's hoping some good old fashioned country style cuisine will be enough to tantalise the taste buds of his guests, and with more than a few surprises in store, he's confident he can pull off a winning performance. With a farmyard full of animals joining in the fun, discussions ranging from disabled chickens to eating stinging nettles and a guest performance from Neil's very own creation, 'head in a jar' it's going to be a very weird and wonderful journey out in the countryside.
Belfast: Claire 39x23
This week's competition is in and around Belfast, where first to host is chatty PR manager Claire. She aims to impress with a menu made up of her favourite restaurant dishes, but never having plucked a pheasant before she has a challenge on her hands. The guests she's hoping to impress are DJ Ryan, joiner and part-time inventor Neil, charity events manager Cailin, and window cleaner manager Paul. With a lively first night filled with laughter, music and dancing, does Claire have what it takes to grab the grand?
Leicester: Taj 39x22
The final dinner party in Leicester is hosted by electrician Taj, who throws a night of authentic Punjabi dishes. But it's his first ever dinner party and he's set himself a real challenge.
Leicester: Han 39x21
Third to host in Leicester is 43-year-old home executive Han, who plans to treat her guests like royalty and show them a taste of her South African homeland.
Leicester: Andy 39x20
Builder Andy hosts the second night in Leicester, but two fellow diners fall victim to a fit of giggles, and another demands more salt.
Leicester: Shan 39x19
Dinner lady and dog walker Shan hosts the first night of the contest in Leicester, preparing an evening of traditional Indian recipes and baking her own naan breads.
Swansea: Julie 39x18
Social worker Julie plans a chilled out slumber party for the final night of the week in Swansea. Julie cooks a homely menu, but struggles with the pronunciation as well as the preparation of some of her ingredients, which doesn't surprise Anthony. Everyone's expecting more arguments from Ross, but he arrives wearing a smile with his pyjamas. Will he still be smiling when Kola and Julie share their opinions of him during the main course? Ross baffles the group when he tells them what his dream superpower would be, and they're even more surprised when Julie reveals that, if she could take just one thing to a desert island, she'd take Ross... but why!? And at the end of another eventful evening, who will scoop the ú1000 prize?
Swansea: Tula 39x17
Triathlete Tula brings a taste of the Costa Brava to Swansea, with a Spanish themed menu and dress code. Following the previous night's dispute between Ross and Julie, Tula hopes that a combination of charm and chorizo can help her avoid a punch up over the paella.
Swansea: Kola 39x16
Social carer Kola plans to bring some high-class hip-hop swagger to the contest in Swansea. He rolls out a red carpet welcome for his guests and hopes that his Nigerian menu will educate and impress them, and that he'll do his mum's favourite recipes justice. There are surprises in store when Kola reveals how he earns a living, there's a performance from Swansea's newest hip-hop super group, there are tears and tantrums, and there's one of the most peculiar desserts ever seen on Come Dine with Me.
Swansea: Ross 39x15
In Swansea, salesman Ross plans a night of culinary sophistication to wow his guests, who he thinks lack class. But will his plan to cook everything to his taste, including a very rare beef Wellington, backfire? Ross's guests make some unexpected discoveries while he's cooking, which leave their host with plenty of explaining to do, and leave Kola with some memories that will haunt him for a long time! By the end of the night, there's tension between Ross and Kola, but the mood is lightened when Julie gets the President of America's name completely wrong. It's an eventful evening, but will Ross's guests give him the points he thinks he's earned?
Swansea: Anthony 39x14
The new series continues. In Swansea, performing arts director Anthony plans a theatre-themed menu for his guests, Ross, Tula, Kola and Julie. But straight-talking Tula tries to steal the show with a candid revelation and Julie brings the house down with some frisky fun at Kola's expense. Anthony's plans go awry in the kitchen, but will he earn rave reviews or rotten tomatoes?
Nottingham/Derby: Lesley 39x13
It's the final night of the competition and 57-year-old Lesley is counting on a night of glamour and glitz - plus some good home-cooked food - to win her the prize. But before any food is even dished up, the guests make a surprising discovery about the host. Lesley's main course doesn't exactly go according to plan, and with an evening full of shocks, tears, tiaras, undercooked food and a glitzy awards ceremony, will Lesley's night make enough of an impression to bag her the ú1000 prize?
Nottingham/Derby: Adam 39x12
In this competition from the Nottingham and Derby area, it's 34-year-old customer relations associate and part-time drag queen Adam to host. He is hoping his theatrical night of flamboyance will win him the ú1000 cash prize. But will he be able to up the ante and get his guests begging for an encore? Will Alastair and Lesley ever kiss and make up? Will Adam outdo Kim? And what will his guests think of his secret hobby as a 'UFOologist'?
Nottingham: Kim 39x11
In Nottingham, fun-loving funeral arranger Kim is going all out to win by hosting an evening packed with games galore and a mixed bag menu. Elder stateswoman of the group, 57-year-old Lesley, is again the butt of car salesman Alistair's geriatric jibes and takes great delight in watching him put on the spot during a 'dance-off'. American, Hali, looks on - sometimes speechless - as the fun and games unfold. With a night full of flowing competitive juices, pensioner put-downs and dodgy dance moves, will 'must win' Kim bag the grand?
Nottingham/Derby: Alistair 39x10
This episode from the Nottingham and Derby area is hosted by 28-year-old car salesman Alistair. He's hoping to step the competition up a gear and speed away with the ú1000 prize. But after narrowly avoiding an argument last night with Lesley, the veteran of the group, he's treading on thin ice. Joining them are loud-mouthed Kim, funeral director, customer services manager Adam, and sumo-wrestling enthusiast Hali. Add to the mixing pot a bizarre and risquÚ menu, consisting of chilli soup and prunes, and the evening is set for a huge culinary explosion.
Nottingham/Derby: Hali 39x09
This new competition from the Nottingham/Derby area kicks off at American Hali's house where she's hoping to impress her guests with a travel inspired menu. What will they think of her unusual dessert combination or the starter of Moroccan chicken cigars? With a very gregarious gang the food plays second fiddle to a fun night of impressions, dance moves and kitchen chaos, but will our American mum manage to scoop the ú1000 prize?
Preston: Anthony 39x08
It's the final night in and around Preston, and the turn of confident cook, company director Anthony Smith. He's hoping his mix off finger-licking food and fine dining will bag him the £1000 prize. Will his night of celebrity comparisons, ludicrous licks and gamey games be enough to win him the prize?
Preston: Justina 39x07
In this brand new episode it's the third day of the competition, and fragrance seller Justina is hoping to wow her guests with a vegan menu. She's got a trick up her sleeve and will be performing reiki on her food to make sure she's in with a chance of winning the £1000 prize. It's an entertaining night with support worker Martin and loud Lottie in fits of giggles over Justina's demonstration of an unusual event involving an arrow that could kill a 20-foot bear. Whilst company director Anthony may not be the biggest fan of the meat-free food, he hasn't laughed so much in a long time and the atmosphere is the night's saviour.
Preston: Martin 39x06
In this brand new episode, second to host in Preston is support worker Martin Ainsworth, who hopes his menu of classics with a twist will go down a treat with his guests. The night starts well when men's barber Lottie is pleasantly surprised by the risky black pudding starter. Unfortunately, sales director Anthony's steak is overcooked and the chocolate brownie dessert is dry. The food's not the only thing that doesn't go down well, as vegan Justina finds the noise levels all a bit much, with the main culprit being Lottie. It's a noisy night with some passion and poetry thrown in, but will it be enough to bag Martin the £1000 prize?
Preston: Lottie 39x05
In this brand new episode the culinary competition is in and around Preston, where the first to host is 29-year-old men's barber Lottie, affectionately known as 'Foghorn'. Lottie hopes to bob off with the £1000 prize by hosting a night of fun and flavoursome food. Her guests are family man Martin, vegan reike healer Justina and company director Anthony. With a fancy dress photo booth for entertainment, pungent pillows and a wet dog thrown in for good measure, will Lottie's dinner party bag her the prize?
Lytham St Annes and Southport: Tanya 39x04
Lytham St Annes and Southport: Mark 39x03
Lytham St Annes and Southport: Savannah 39x02
Lytham St Annes and Southport: Ollie 39x01

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