The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings... Add to my shows

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Blackpool and Preston 5/5 42x70
It's the final day in Blackpool and Preston and health assistant Lisa is banking on her no-faff menu to bag the cash. But it's not going to be easy, especially after the criticisms that have been free-flowing across the week. Tonight home truths are revealed and temperatures soar, especially when Bernard gets the shock of his life as he's labelled boring, and he in turn tells Mark that he has been a drama queen. Lisa realises she needs to act quickly to change the atmosphere or risk losing out on the prize. Will things get too heavy, or has Lisa got enough as a host to pull it back and take the grand?
Blackpool and Preston 4/5 42x69
Fourth to host is 51-year-old parole officer Bernard. He's looking to woo his guests with the classic combination of an evening of Northern Soul and delicious grub. There's a double up on dishes causing a squabble with the starter which overshadows his evening and results in a walk-out during the main course. Can Bernard turn it around with his dance moves and win the £1000 prize?
Blackpool and Preston 3/5 42x68
Third up is cabin crew Mark, 36, who's hoping to wow his guests to an evening of fine dining, first class hosting and will be using all his aerial expertise to treat his visitors to a taste of sky-high service. From duck to venison to gin jelly cake- will Mark have what it takes to win the £1,000?
Blackpool and Preston 2/5 42x67
Second to host in Blackpool and Preston is lady of leisure Jill, 49. She's hoping to wow her guests with an Italian menu and is proud of her Italian connection and the group are impressed that she's fluent in the lingo. Jill's not leaving any stone unturned in her effort to impress her guests; after all she has dined at The Ivy three times. Parole officer Bernard also name drops some of the places he has dined at and Windsor Castle is among them- which has the group in hysterics because it's not all what it seems.
Blackpool and Preston 1/5 42x66
This week the competition is in Blackpool and Preston where first to host is 26-year-old student and barmaid Rachel. She's hoping her American diner-themed menu will win her the £1000 prize. Her menu confuses her guests - health assistant Lis, lady of leisure Jill, parole officer Bernard and cabin crew member Mark. Everyone agrees that her hosting is rockin', but will her cooking be enough to top the leaderboard at the end of the week?
Swindon and Marlborough 5/5 42x65
On the final day in the West Country, retired military police officer Debs plans to treat her guests to a medieval feast of local legends including 'flying Monk', 'fish platter' and 'lamb leg of barmaid gobbled tiger'. Debs is really under pressure after drama teacher and foodie Ben pulled off a cracking Middle Eastern night which saw him fly up the leader board. Vegetarian French tutor Saleha confuses the group again by stating that she wants her life celebrated with oysters and champagne, while singleton business consultant Linda has realised she might not come first after the disaster with her pudding, so hopes for a tidy second place. Meanwhile, super-confident salesman Simon just wants to let the group know how he actually feels about them all. Deep joy.
Swindon and Marlborough 4/5 42x64
On the fourth day in Swindon and Marlborough, drama teacher Ben is putting on a Middle Eastern and Asian inspired menu in an effort to bag him £1,000. Expectations are high, Ben's interest in the preparation of the other meals having led his fellow contestants to suspect he might be a foodie. Meanwhile, brash salesman Simon raises a few eyebrows at the table when he refers to the group as 'vanilla', so Parisienne Saleha decides to get her own back on him after he refused to eat her main course last night. Retired colonel Debs also makes the time to put Simon back in his box. In terms of food, business consultant Linda is suitably impressed by all three courses, but will the other guests agree that Ben's meal is a contender for top spot?
Swindon and Marlborough 3/5 42x63
On day three in Swindon and Marlborough, Parisienne Saleha is hoping to take top spot in the competition by serving up a vegetarian meal... with a side of steak tartare. Brash salesman Simon has a few issues with eating raw steak, but his table manners are the main cause for comment at the table. Retired colonel Debs, and business consultant Linda both find his antics a little over the top, but it's host Saleha that puts her foot down when Simon starts playing with the food. Meanwhile, Ben continues to show himself to be the foodie of the group. Will Saleha's risky menu be a love it or loathe it affair? And will it be enough to take the £1000 prize?
Swindon and Marlborough 2/5 42x62
Second to host in the West Country is business consultant Linda who's looking to impress her guests with a game menu of pheasant, venison and pastry swans. Having got his night out the way, salesman Simon puts the cat amongst the pigeons with his juvenile behaviour and begins to rub ex-military police officer Debs up the wrong way. Meanwhile, drama teacher Ben starts to show his true foodie colours while vegetarian, French tutor Saleha, surprises the others with a story of how she once cooked 'road kill' for her husband. Linda is confident that her menu and skill in the kitchen will help her win the prize, but will a dessert disaster derail her chances?
Swindon and Marlborough 1/5 42x61
This week's competition takes place in and around Swindon and Marlborough, where the first to host is super-confident software salesman Simon. Simon hopes to impress with a fun night full of charm and hearty, home cooked meals. On the receiving end of his charm offensive are French tutor Saleha; drama teacher Ben; business consultant Linda; and retiree Debs. Will Simon's confidence and cooking be enough to bag him the £1000 prize?

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