In Greek mythology, ancient Greece's most powerful god wages an epic struggle against his father for control of the universe. It's the ultimate power struggle as the Olympians challenge the Titans in mythology's greatest showdown. This is a pivotal battle that experts believe may have been ancient code for a real world event--one of the greatest natural disasters the Earth ever experienced.. Add to my shows

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Thor 01x10
Able to wield thunder from his hammer, Thor was the most revered of the Norse gods, from fending humanity from the giants that brought calamity, to his pursuit of the Midgard Serpent. Though, his fate is told to be sealed during Ragnarök, it is actually the invasion of Christianity that proves far more damning to this mighty god.
Monsters of Middle Earth 01x09
An exploration of one of the most detailed modern mythologies, from its basis in other myths and religions to a reflection of author J. R. R. Tolkien's own personal experiences in World War I.
Beowulf 01x08
The epic poem ''Beowulf'' may have been the inspired by a real Norse warrior.
Odysseus: Warrior's Revenge 01x07
Following the Trojan War, a heroic Greek makes a many-year journey home to reclaim his wife and kingdom in Homer's epic tale "The Odyssey."
Odysseus: Curse of the Sea 01x06
In part 1 of 2, we take a look at Odysseus, whom Homer made famous in "The Odyssey," including his adventures in light of astronomical and geographical evidence which bases the story on accurate real events.
Medusa 01x05
An exploration of the monster known as Medusa, who was said to turn people into stone with a simple glance. Included is a study of the possible origins of the creature.
Minotaur 01x04
An examination of the legendary creature known as the Minotaur, half-man half-bull. Includes archeological evidence which suggests that a Minotaur's labyrinth may have been inspired by an actual place.
Hades 01x03
Hades, the Greek god of the underworld, is profiled along with the Greek conceptions of the afterlife.
Hercules 01x02
A profile of the powerful demigod of Greek Mythology, Hercules, including archeological proof that such a man may have existed.
Zeus 01x01
Zeus' epic battles with Cronus, his father, for control of the universe is examined.

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