Chrisley Knows Best is a real-life family comedy, which broke its ratings record on its second season premiere, follows the entertaining lives of Atlanta-based "Patriarch of Perfection" Todd Chrisley, and his colorful clan including his wife, five children and two grandchildren. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Three Men and a Chloe 07x26
While Chase plays babysitter back at home, Todd shares a hotel room with Nic in an effort to bond.
Beanbags & Bullies 07x25
Chloe has a hair-raising experience at school, Nanny enters a corn hole competition for seniors.
Fish Guts and Glory 07x24
Savannah learns a lesson when she meddles in Nick's career. Nanny takes Grayson and Chase fishing.
Vote for Chrisley 07x23
Faye launches a campaign to legalize gambling. Todd struggles with Chloe's new imaginary friend.
Something Old Something Nude 07x22
Savannah is caught between Nic and Todd when wedding planning. Faye reconnects with an old friend.
Retail Therapy 07x21
Faye's doting over Todd becomes a problem. Savannah misses playing football and joins a team.
Mid Summer Night's Faye 07x20
Todd coaches Faye in an amateur play. Nic and Chase try to surprise Savannah for her birthday.
Bummer Camp 07x19
Todd almost ruins Chloe's first camping trip. Faye and Chase raise cash for a dog charity.
Chickening Out 07x18
Todd confronts his claustrophobia. Nanny gets busted with pet chickens.
Driving Ms. Faye 07x17
Nanny studies for an important DMV test. Todd schemes to get Chloe into an elite new school.

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