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Latest episodes

Take-Off 02x06
How the take off of a plane is considered the most dangerous part of the flight.
Maintenance Failure 02x05
Maintenance problems can cause the difference between life and death for airline passengers.
Systems Failure 02x04
Different airline accidents are reconstructed in an effort to demonstrate the shocking consequences of major systems failures.
Pilot Fatigue 02x03
The show features three stories of death and destruction involving experienced airline pilots who where tired.
Autopilot Error 02x02
This film explores how the autopilot in planes can sometimes fail.
737 Tail Fin Mystery 02x01
The show takes a look at the investigation into what caused the Boeing 737 jet liner to continuously malfunction.
Pilot Error 01x06
Engineering Error 01x05
Engineering error is an airline’s worst nightmare. CHAOS IN THE SKIES looks at the struggle to eliminate engineering error - from the DC10s that fell from the sky to the Jumbo Jet that blew up in mid-air.
Fire on a Board 01x04
This episode tells the dramatic story of the industry's struggle to combat in-flight fires on commercial aircraft. These are the tragic events that have shaped the future of fire safety on board commercial planes.
Terrorism 01x03
From hijackers to suicide bombers, international terrorists see airliners as their perfect target. Hundreds of potential victims and instant worldwide publicity. Explore the deadly game of cat and mouse, between terrorists and airline security.

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